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"Awe, what's wrong little sissy," my mommy asked me as we pulled into the driveway. 

"I don't want to do this," I replied. 

"What," Mommy said. "You've been saying for months how much fun it would be to have a sissy play date. Now that I've set one up for you, you want to back down?"

"Yes," I answered. "I know I said that, but I meant like watching cartoons and coloring with another person in diapers and dresses. This is a sleepover, and you won't even be there!"

"Well too bad sissy. Now get going," Mommy said as she stepped out of the car. "Everything is already set up, and I have plans tonight that I will be late for if you keep dragging your feet. So unless you want to come home to a punishment tomorrow you'll put some pep in your little sissy steps."

Mommy took me by the hand and led me up the walk to the house's front door. She rang the doorbell, holding my hand in a vice-like grip. A diaper bag was slung over her other shoulder. 

The door was answered by an older woman, hair starting to gray. She and Mommy embraced in a warm hug. Mommy then handed her my diaper bag.

"Hi Kathleen," Mommy said. "Everything little sissy Brian needs is in there. Sorry he isn't wearing anything. He is nervous about his sleepover with Sam tonight, and was being fussy so I didn't have much time to get him ready. Thank you so much for doing this tonight though."

"I don't worry about. You know I love dressing up sissies," Kathleen said. "You didn't need to pack all this though. You know I have plenty of diapers for the two little sissies." 

"I know, but I didn't want to take advantage. I will be by to pick him up tomorrow at 10:00 though," Mommy said. Turning her attention to me, she said, "now Brian, you be a good sissy tonight and listen to everything Aunty Kathleen tells you. She has my permission to punish you any way she sees fit, and if I hear you needed a punishment, you can bet it will be worse when you get home tomorrow. Now give me a kiss goodbye. "

Chastised and blushing, I gave Mommy a kiss before being pulled into the house by Kathleen. Kathleen then closed the door, causing Mommy to disappear from my view. "Now, should we get you properly dressed?" Kathleen asked me.

"Yes Ma'am," I replied. Kathleen then took me by the hand, leading me deeper into the house. We headed up a flight of stairs, stopping outside of A soft pink door. Kathleen opened the door, revealing an adult baby nursery that every sissy baby dreamed of having.

A crib with a twin sized mattress dominated one corner of the room. A changing table with diapers stacked underneath dominated the opposite corner. Both were covered in restraints that could completely immobilize anyone using the furniture. A large rocking chair occupied a third corner of the room underneath a large window, and sex and baby toys were scattered across the floor of the rest of the room. 

"Once you are properly dressed you can go play with Sammy. Does that sound fun Brianna?" Kathleen asked me. She started undressing me instantly, so I don't think my answer mattered beyond avoiding punishment for being rude. 

So I responded, "Yes, Ma'am."

Kathleen untied my shoes first, making me rest my hand on her back while she pulled my shoes and socks off my feet. She then unbuttoned my shorts, pulling them and my underwear down in a single smooth motion. Kathleen made me rest my hands on her again for support as I stepped out of the leg holes. I wanted to cover myself with my hands in one last act of modesty, but as my arms moved down Kathleen caught them and lifted them up above my head. Then, she pulled my t-shirt up above my head and I was naked.

Once undressed, I was ushered up on top of the changing mat, and Kathleen buckled a single strap across my waist, holding me onto the table. "Your momma would be so upset if something happened to her little sissy, so I need to take extra special care with you, don't I?"

This time, I left it as a rhetorical question and didn't respond. Kathleen bent below my eye site for a second, returning with a diaper thicker than any I had ever seen before. Kathleen set it on my chest. So I could stare right at it, while she pulled out the other supplies she needed. 

I wondered how badly I would be waddling in the diaper until I felt something cold around my balls. The diaper blocked my view, but I could tell that Kathleen was putting my chastity cage on me. 

Chastity was a kink that my wife and I often indulged in with one another. But having your wife lock away your cock was one thing, and an older woman who had never touched you intimately before was entirely another. Normally, I was hard as a rock and my wife had to use a cold washcloth or another trick to get me into the cage. This time, I was so timid about being locked up by Kathleen that my cage was almost too small for me. 

"I have no idea why your mommy said I should expect trouble getting your cage on you," Kathleen said as she sealed my dick in with a click. "You have such a well behaved sissy clitty for me."

Kathleen then lifted my hips up, slipping the diaper underneath me. A liberal cloud of powder soon coated my chastity cage and butt crack. I turned and twisted on the table as Kathleen rubbed the powder into my diaper area. Sam often had a bruised ass when I hung out with him, so I knew Kathleen wasn't shy about delivering a spanking. Because of this, I tried to stay still, but it was also deeply embarrassing having Kathleen touching my genitals so thoroughly and business-like, as if I were nothing more than a child she was babysitting. Satisfied that my nether regions were thoroughly protected from diaper rash, Kathleen then taped the diaper up with the same efficiency.

Kathleen then ran her fingers through the waist and leg bands, checking the fit of the diaper. Satisfied, she slid a pair of plastic locking panties up my legs. Once they covered the diaper, Kathleen released me from the changing table, so she could roll me onto my side to lock the plastic panties on with a click. I wasn’t allowed off of the changing table until she had given the panties a few test pulls to make sure they wouldn't come off.

After the diaper and plastic panties were put on me, Kathleen went digging through Sammy's sissy closet for an outfit for me to wear. She was in there for a minute before she popped back out with an armful of clothes.

First, Kathleen had me put on a simple white camisole. Then came a very frilly pink dress, with ruffles and frills on both the skirt and shoulders. Kathleen made me raise my arms above my head while she slipped it over my head. She then zipped it up my back. A small click indicated she had locked the dress around my neck when she had fully zipped it up my back. A bright white corset was then wrapped around my torso. Since it was more decorational than for waist shaping, Kathleen only tightened the corset until it was mildly uncomfortable. Next, Kathleen snuck a matching pair of bloomers up my legs and over my diaper. Lastly, two petticoats were slid up my legs and around my waist, adding a nice poof and flair to my outfit.

"You make such a lovely little sissy Brianna," Kathleen said. "Now you just need a lovely little wig and something to cover up that unfortunate addition God put on your throat. You be a good sissy and stay right there."

Kathleen left the room, leaving me alone. She was gone for a while. At least long enough for me to be bored, and start swishing my skirt and petticoats back and forth, watching them twirl around my waist. 

Kathleen caught me off guard as she reentered the room. "A sissy and her skirts," she said as she walked back in, a box in her arms. I blushed, embarrassed, while she pulled a blonde, ringlet wig out of the box. "We discovered, Sammy is more of a brunette than a blond, so he doesn't wear this one much."

Kathleen placed a wig cap on my head, then slid the wig into place. A few adjustments and a pink headband later she was finished with my hair. To complete my outfit, a pink ribbon was tied around my throat to cover up my Adam's apple. 

"Now you look like such a darling little sissy," Kathleen said. She didn't let me look at myself in the mirror though. Instead, she took me by the hand, leading me out of the room and back downstairs to her living room. 

*Part Two*

Set up in the center of the room was a large playpen. Another sissy sat in the center of the playpen, half heartedly pushing two teddy bears around in front of them while baby cartoons played quietly on the tv. 

The sissy in the playpen was Sam, or Sammy, the person I was having a "sleepover" with. They were dressed in a yellow baby party dress, wearing a brunette bob wig with a small bonnet tied around their chin. As Kathleen helped Sammy stand up out of the playpen, I saw his skirt was stiff enough and accompanied by enough petticoats that the bottom of his diaper and plastic pants just peeked out between his legs.

It was interesting, seeing Sammy and Kathleen so close together. Unlike my mommy, who was only a few years older than me, Kathleen was older than Sammy by a couple of decades. The marked age difference and between Sammy and Kathleen, and his appearance, truly made Sammy appear to be a child, even though he was only two years younger than I.

"Now, doing each other's makeup and nails is a classic sleepover activity for girls. I was thinking you two sissies would love doing that for each other, wouldn't you?" Kathleen said. 

"Yes mommy," Sammy said.

I simultaneously said, "Yes aunt Kathleen."

"Alright, both of you be good and sit on the floor, while I go and get the makeup," Kathleen said. Sammy and I knelt on the floor as Kathleen left. We sat there in awkward silence, neither of us sure really how to start a conversation in our present state. 

Kathleen finally returned, makeup caboodle in one hand and a bag of makeup brushes in the other. Setting the items down, she said, "Ok, which one of you wants to be made up first?"

After an awkward silence, I eventually raised my hand. "Good sissy Brian," Kathleen said. She sat on the ground in between Sammy and I, and began unpacking all of the things she had brought down. First, she directed Sammy in applying foundation to my face, then eyeshadow, blush, and lip gloss. Once Kathleen was satisfied with Sammy's work, she had me do the same, following the same steps of dabbing the foundation onto Sammy before gently coloring his eyes in a yellow eyeshadow to match his dress. Then a forced smile so that I could brush foundation onto the apples of his cheeks. Finally, strokes of lipgloss left a pink glittering shimmer on his lips. 

Kathleen showed us the results of our makeovers in a small hand mirror. Overall, they weren't great. I knew I could have done a better job with my makeup myself, and I knew that I didn't do a great job either on Sammy's makeup. It had been the first time I had put makeup on another person though, and I am sure Sammy was in a similar boat. 

Painting each other's nails went much better though. This time, Sammy went first. He was much more confident with the nail brush than makeup brushes, painting my fingernails in smooth baby pink streaks. Once my fingernails were coated in the delicate pink lacquer, my toenails received the same treatment. I then had to sit, hands and toes spread while my nails dried. The process was then repeated, as Sammy applied a second coat. When he was finished, my nails were a solid, baby pink color, and, unaccustomed to regularly having my nails painted, the paint gave my fingers an unusual weight. 

When my nails were finally dry, it was my turn to paint Sammy's nails. Kathleen had me paint his nails in a bright red that stood out when contrasted against his dress. As I finished the first coat, Kathleen had me gently sprinkle a little glitter across his fingernails, so that it got stuck in the nail polish. The second coat then sealed the glitter in, giving his nails a nice sparkle in addition to the red color. 

As we waited for Sammy's second coat of nail polish to dry, his stomach began to grumble with hunger. "Awe, is someone's tum-tum saying it wants din-dins," Kathleen teased. "Well don't you worry. I'll make a nice dinner for my two little sissy babies. Now I only have one high chair, and since his tummy is growling, I am going to feed Sammy first, is that ok Brian?" 

"Yes aunty Kathleen," I replied. 

"Such a helpful little sissy. No wonder you're Mommy never has to punish you. Unlike this one," Kathleen said, pinching Sammy's arm playfully. "Since you are the better behaved sissy, I am going to leave you here while I put Sammy in the high chair. Then I will put you in the bouncer so you can work up an appetite for dinner. Will you be good and sit here quietly while I do that?"

"Yes Aunty Kathleen," I said again. She then helped Sammy stand and led him into the kitchen. Kathleen was gone for fifteen minutes before she returned, a padded, harness-like object in her hands. 

There were two long straps on the thing in her arms, which she connected to two pulleys suspended from the ceiling. I then stepped into the harness, holding my skirts and petticoats up, at Kathleen's command. She then lifted the harness up around my waist, gently tucking my petticoats and skirts intonthe waistband of the harness. A set of straps then went across my chest, holding the harness tight against my diaper, and holding me tight between the two straps connecting me to the ceiling. Kathleen then tightened the straps, so that it was just uncomfortable to stand flat footed on the ground. My wrists were then placed in two cuffs attached to the straps. She then unrolled a black mat, spreading it out underneath me. Two pads were connected to the mat, which she stuck just inside the leg bands of my bloomers. 

"From what your mommy has told me, you will enjoy this as much as Sammy, even if you won't admit it. It will also make sure you are nice and ready for dinner," Kathleen said as she plugged a cord extending from the mat into an outlet. 

As soon as the prongs connected, I jumped into the air, feeling an electric shock jolt through my legs. It happened again and again, and without any active effort on my part I was soon bouncing away. Kathleen had a smirk on her face as she left to feed Sammy. 

It didn’t take too long for me to connect that the pads on my legs and the mat I kept landing on were making a circuit that was providing the shocks. They weren't painful, so much as an unpleasant sensation in my legs. I couldn't tell if it was the sensation, the surprise of the shock, or a reaction from my legs but each shock launched me into the air, keeping me bouncing away. I tried curling my legs underneath me, once, to try avoiding the shocks. All this brilliant idea accomplished was giving me a diaper wedgie that crushed my balls and rammed my chastity cage unpleasantly into my crotch. 

I had no concept of time while bouncing away, but eventually I was able to collect my thoughts and think about something other than the shocks. The actual bouncing sensation felt rather good, causing my diaper to rub against me in a way that soon had my dick straining against its cage. I could also feel my diaper and the harness putting pressure against my butt. I was eventually wishing I had something inside of my ass, so I could fuck myself to orgasm while I bounced away. 

When Kathleen finally returned, she was leading Sammy from behind, who, in addition to his previous outfit, was sporting a massive bib covered in baby food and a pacifier bobbing in and out of his mouth. Kathleen unplugged the mat and pads from the wall, letting my feet land and stay on the ground. My legs were shaky as they landed on the ground. I realized that I was panting for breath, exhausted from my constant bouncing. 

Kathleen released me from the cuffs and harness, and I dropped on the floor, legs wobbly from the bouncer and exhaustion. I stayed on the floor, panting and trying to get the feeling back into my legs, until Kathleen had Sammy strapped into the bouncer. She then led me away into the kitchen while Sammy sucked a pacifier while bouncing away.

Kathleen brought me into the kitchen, where a pink polka dot padded high chair with a white plastic tray was set against an island. Water streaks drying on it indicated it had just been thoroughly wiped down. Kathleen pulled the tray off the high chair, and helped me into the seat, fluffing my skirt and petticoats so that they would sit just right and not be ruffled by the tray. She then buckled straps across my shoulders and waist. Two more velcro straps pinned my arms firmly against the sides of the chair. Two final straps, one over my thighs, one over my ankles, bound me firmly to the chair. My legs could do little more than shuffle along the footrest while my arms could only wriggle at my sides. Kathleen then clicked the white tray  into place. 

Kathleen started by affixing a bib, more akin to a hairdresser's cape, around my neck. It was so large it used multiple buttons to secure it around my neck, rather than tying in the back like a normal bib. She then placed two large baby bottles of milk on my tray. Next came a bowl of a thick, white pasty substance. Lastly, Kathleen placed three jars of baby food on the tray. Reading the labels, I could see the contents were peas, squash, and carrots. Kathleen opened each of the cars, stirring them into the bowl with the white substance using a large soup spoon. 

Kathleen then dipped the spoon into the mushy mixture. Her mouth opened to start making a noise, but before she made a sound I opened my mouth to swallow the heaping spoonful. "Such an obedient sissy," Kathleen said as I wrapped my lips around the spoon. I coughed and sputtered trying to choke it down. It had an unpleasant taste combined with a vile mouth feel. Remembering the mess across Sammy's bib, I guessed that he enjoyed his dinner as much as I did. 

Kathleen was unphased by my reaction. She giggled to herself as she scooped up another spoonful bringing it to my mouth. I swallowed it, if only because I was determined not to get as messy as Sammy had clearly gotten during his feeding. While I was technically successful in this goal, I still got much more baby food on me than I liked. Kathleen would waste just long enough for me to choke down most of a spoonful, before feeding me the next. This made it inevitable,  with each spoonful, that my mouth wouldn't be ready to receive it, and the food would smear onto my face or be scraped off the spoon and down onto my waiting bib. 

Kathleen didn't let me have any milk until I had eaten all of the bowl of mush. She then held the baby bottles to my lips. While I could control the rate at which I suckled, short air breaks were the only reprieve I had from anything other than drinking down the milk.

I felt bloated by the time I had finally finished everything. Thankfully, Kathleen quickly wiped my face off and removed the bib. My Mommy must have shared with Kathleen how much I hated to be dirty and that it would remove me from subspace.

Kathleen left me in the high chair while she washed the bowl and baby bottles. She then inserted a paci gag into my mouth, buckling it behind my head. I was then freed from the numerous restraints, and led back into the living room. Once Sammy was freed from the bouncer, Kathleen helped both of us into the playpen, where we were left to color in some coloring books.

Part 3

"Wha vas hat groth pace?" I asked Sammy once Kathleen had left the room. 

"Wice pudding," Sammy gurgled out from behind his pacifier. I noticed he wasn't gagged, just obedient by not removing his pacifier. 

"Do you eath thath othen?" I continued. 

"Mothly on weethends. Mommy wets me eath normal fooths on worthdays, buth on weethends iths nether anyfing sowid," Sammy continued. 

I didn't ask him any more questions after that. The lisping induced by the pacifiers put an unfortunate damper on the ease of conversation. So instead we colored with our crayons in silence. We could hear Kathleen cooking dinner for herself in the kitchen. It smelled far more delectable than our meal. 

The smells of the kitchen though were replaced by a less pleasant odor as time wore on. I couldn't believe that Sammy had just let loose, messing his diaper like that with me right next to him. I knew toilets would be off limits with Kathleen as our caretaker, but I figured he would at least have tried to go when Kathleen could change him right away. From all of the milk I drank at dinner though, I did wet my diaper fairly well dur8ng our time in the playpen.

Around half an hour later she returned to the living room, but didn't even comment on the foul odor that now hung in the room. Instead, she said, "You two have been such good sissy babies for me. How would you like a reward of going out for ice cream?"

Sammy said "Yes please mommy," with excitement. I couldn't tell if his enthusiasm was real or fake. 

I suspected that we would be going out for ice cream dressed as we were, and I could feel my stomach start to rumble. I knew Inwould be soon doing the same action Inhad judged Sammy for about ten minutes earlier. For these reasons, I stupidly said. "No tank you pwease. I don wantha go outhide wike dis."

"Oh, and you were being such a good little sissy Brian," Kathleen said, before brusquely yanking me out of the playpen and back up to the nursery. I put up no resistance, partly because I was deep in a submissive space at this point, partly because I was worried all of the walking would make me poop myself sooner.

Kathleen sat down in the rocking chair in the nursery, and almost immediately afterwards had me down across her knees and the arms of the chair. Before I had a second to prepare myself, I felt a paddle slapping into my diapers with a loud WHACK. The diapers offered some protection, but soon the pain of the paddle was coming through and I was dancing across Kathleen's lap from the whacks and swats. She was merciless in her punishment, the blows coming hard and fast. Just when I thought my ass could take no more, she switched to my thighs, delivering a series of blows to my left, then right thighs. I doubted I would be sitting at work much Monday after this spanking. 

"Now, choose your next words carefully, sissy," Kathleen said, her tone adopting an iciness that broke nothing but fear. "Is there something you would like to ask me?"

On the verge of tears, I stuttered out around my paci-gag, "Pwease Aunthy Kaffween, can I go outh for ith cream in my pwetty dwess, ethen though I hath been a bad thithy?"

Kathleen's tone changed instantly, and she responded in her normal motherly voice, "why of course you and Sammy can go out for ice cream in your pretty dresses, and you haven't been a bad sissy dear."

Kathleen then led me back downstairs, me awkwardly waddling in her wake. She slipped a pair of high heels on each of our feet, and fhen asked "Is it ok if Brian sits in the car seat Sammy, since he's our guest?"

"Yeth mommy," Sammy responded. 

The car seat was impressive, and like the bouncer, made my submissive sissy heart do summer saults with glee. In Kathleen's van, one of the seats had been removed and replaced with a car seat that had extra padding, pink of course, with a hard frame that fully enveloped a person from their head to their butt. A five point harness kept them held tight against the chair, while two cuffs prevented anyone from freeing themselves on their own. It took almost no time for Kathleen to have me hooked and bound within the car seat. In fact, it took her a longer time to tie Sammy to his seat in the car, immobilizing him as well.

With us two sissies bound and restrained in the back of the car, Kathleen pulled out of the garage and onto the road. She drove for nearly an hour, taking us to a place far outside of town. During the car ride, I messed my diaper several times. Each time, I thought I would be feeling the urge to go soon, but before I could control it, I would feel myself messing my diaper. I suspected that Kathleen put something into our food, since normally it took an abnormal amount of effort for me to mess my diaper. I noticed from a few grunts and moans that Sammy too was continuing to use his diapers.

I really did enjoy the bondage of the car seat, but I would have enjoyed it more under different circumstances. My bottom was extra sensitive from the thrashing it had received, and every time I added to my diapers load, either through wetting or messing, it just irritated it more. I spent the majority of the long car ride fighting the restraints trying to find a comfortable position. 

Nearly an hour later, as it was just growing dark, we pulled into the parking lot of an ice cream stand out in the country. Before freeing Sammy and I, Kathleen went tonthe back of the van, and removed what turned out to be a life size stroller. She then removed the pacifiers from our mouths, and freshened up our lipstick. I was the first one freed, released from the car seat only to be sat in the stroller. It was almost identical to the carseat in terms of restraints and bondage. The only real difference was that my seat was now made of a thick canvas and I was angled at sixty degrees. I had a feeling this was a subtle way of Kathleen preventing me from standing while we got ice cream. With me restrained in the adult stroller, I could do nothing but continue to helplessly fill my diaper in small amounts and feel it smear against my sore bottom. Sammy was prevented from having too much freedom for himself via a collar and leash that were placed around his neck and tied to the stroller, respectively. Kathleen parked us near the van, at one of the farther away picnic tables, before leaving to go order us ice cream.

"Does her baby food usually make you mess your diapers like this?" I asked Sammy.

"Yeah. That's why I only am fed it on weekends." He replied. "Also, don't worry, Mommy brings me here a lot. The owners are kinksters too, and so are a good majority of the customers. There are a few vanilla customers that discover the place and wanded in, but they only really advertise this place in the kink community as a place you can go for some light public play."

"That's good." I said, trying to be nonchalant. Actually, this was a massive relief to me. I was always self conscious about going out as a sissy, even to kink spaces. I had never worn a diaper to a kink party, and outside of a few ageplay events at private homes, had never been a sissy baby in public before. If I wasn't so deep into sub space at the moment, I probably would have been having a mental breakdown. 

Kathleen returned, carrying two bowls of ice cream and a milkshake for herself. She pulled out two baby spoons from her purse, sticking them into the bowls of ice cream. She then handed one of the bowls to Sammy, who was allowed to feed himself. I had to be slowly fed the ice cream by Kathleen. Normally, I inhaled ice cream. Having to use these small spoons and take such delicate little bites made it take forever to eat the ice cream. About halfway through our bowls of ice cream, a large bear of a man came over.

"Is that Kathleen and little baby Sammy I see over here," the man said as he approached. "Why, I barely recognized you in the dark. Oh, and it looks like you have another little sissy. Who is this?"

"Hi Robert," Kathleen said. "This is Sissy Brian. He is having a sleepover with baby Sammy tonight. Since they were such good little sissies, I thought I would take them out for ice cream. Sammy, aren't you going to greet Robert?"

Sammy sat his ice cream down, then stood up, needing to take a step nearer to me on his heels to not be choked by the collar and leash. Robert obliged Sammy, taking another step as well. Robert would have towered over Sammy, were it not for his heels. These gave Sammy just enough height to kiss Robert on each cheek before giving him a kiss on the lips. "Hello Sir," Sammy then said.

Robert then leaned down toward me, his face a few inches from mine. I knew he wanted a greeting from me as well. The welts from my previous paddling were acutely noticeable in my dirty diaper, so I complied, not wanting to receive another punishment. I strained against the restraints of my stroller, reaching up to give him a soft kiss on each cheek before one on his lips, which went longer than I intended. I don't know if that was my subconscious doing or his. "Hello Sir, nice to meet you," I said to Robert.

Robert's face was bristly from his beard, and his lips were dry and chapped, whereas I don't think stubble could be felt on my soft face and lips. The contrast between us at that moment truly had me feel like a simpering, pathetic, pantywaist, and my cock was straining against its cage to become hard as a rock.

Robert sat down where Sammy had been seated, scooping the sissy up onto his lap. He gave the sissy a few bounces on his knee, making Sammy blush and moan. Then, he struck up a conversation with Kathleen, and began feeding Sammy the rest of his ice cream. I was curious just how familiar Robert was with Kathleen and Sammy, being that he could just start feeding him without asking him, or even Kathleen if they were ok with it.

Robert dominated most of the conversation, talking about some recent trip of his to Boston. I didn’t know him, and calling the conversation vanilla would indicate it was more interesting than it was, so I zoned out, losing myself in my own little world of eating small bites of ice cream, feeling a twinge in my stomach, and filling my diaper a little more. I wet my diaper a couple of times as well while eating ice cream, which was a weirdly pleasurable experience. As I sat, I wondered how my diaper was holding up. I never used my diaper this much with my Mommy, and it was safe to say this was the most I had ever filled one. 

My musings on the structural integrity of my diaper were interrupted by emptying my bowl of ice cream. I was embarrassed to re enter reality, with Kathleen gently rocking me back and forth in the stroller while Sammy was once again being gently bounced up and down on Robert's knee. 

"It's getting late. This little one almost fell asleep here on us. I better get these sissy babies into their crib for the night," Kathleen said.

"Good idea," Robert agreed, setting Sammy on his feet on the ground. "They could also use a bedtime bath too, boy do these sissies reek." Sammy and I turned a crimson shade of red from the comments about the state of our diaper. Robert gave Sammy a goodbye kiss, before giving Kathleen a hug and patting me on the head before heading back to his own car. 

Kathleen took us back to ours, transferring me once again from the stroller into the carseat, and tying Sammy into his chair, before taking us home. I woke up to Kathleen gently rubbing me awake. Apparently, I had passed out as soon as the car started moving, and was sleeping deeply the entire car ride, despite my bondage and the state of my diaper. 


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Part 4:

Once again, Kathleen freed Sammy and I from our car bondage. We then waddled behind her in our loaded diapers up to Sammy's nursery. One piece of raiment at a time, Kathleen undressed us until we were in nothing but our diapers and locking plastic panties. 

Because I was the guest, Kathleen took me into the bathroom first, having me stand in the shower. Kathleen started by undoing my plastic panties and pulling them down my legs. To my shock, there was only a small amount of pee in the bottom of them, and they were otherwise fairly clean. Next, the tapes were swiftly pulled off of my diaper, and the mess fell away, hitting the shower floor with a disgusting plop. Kathleen quickly sealed the mess into a garbage bag. 

She then took the shower head from its holder, and washed the mess off of me. When she was satisfied that I was sufficiently clean, Kathleen shut the water off and wrapped a towel around my waist. I was then led back into the nursery, where Insat on the floor wrapped in the towel while Sammy received the same treatment. 

Once we were both cleaned up from our soiled diapers, Kathleen led us into her bedroom and the Master bathroom. Inside of it, there was a massive, beautiful clawfoot bathtub that could easily hold several people. Kathleen began filling the tub with warm water and bubble bath, and ushered Sammy and I into the tub.

Sammy and I sat relaxing in the warm water and pleasant scents of the bathtub while the water filled the tub. Then Kathleen pulled out a bristly bath brush, and began sudsing it up. She started with Sammy, scrubbing him down in a rough, business-like manner. When she was finished with Sammy, Kathleen turned her ministrations to me. 

Being washed by Kathleen wasn't painful, per se, but it couldn't be described as gentle. She scrubbed firmly with the brush, roughly washing every inch of my chest, armpits, and butt crack. Like Sammy, I let out a whimper as Kathleen washed my balls with the brush. When Kathleen decided that our bodies were satisfactorily clean, she put the scrubbing brush away. She then grabbed two washcloths, wetting them and using them to wipe the makeup off of our faces, scrubbing hard to get it all off. 

When she was finished, Kathleen opened the linen closet in the bathroom and pulled out a box. Kathleen showed us that the box was filled with a variety of skin care and beauty products. Kathleen started with face masks, applying one first to myself, then Sammy. Sammy's had a picture of a rabbit on it, while he said that mine had a picture of a piece of cake. The face mask was interesting. I thought it would feel slimy or heavy on my face, but mostly it was just cool against my skin. 

Kathleen let the masks sit on our face for a minute before she began the next step of our sissy sleepover bathtime beauty treatment. She opened and dipped her fingers into a jar of hair mask, gently massaging it into our hair. It was relaxing, as Kathleen worked the substance into my hair, firmly rubbing my scalp, easing away tension while enjoying the warmth of the bathtub.

Kathleen left Sammy and I alone to enjoy the bath after she finished applying the hair masks. Sammy and I sat in the water for a minute, before Sammy broke the silence.

"Are you having a good time?" he asked nervously.

I sat for a moment, enjoying the warm water against my body, before sitting up to respond. "Yes. I am actually having a really good time," I said.

"Oh good. Cause I know tonight has already been a lot, and you never mention messy diapers whenever you talk about scenes you do with your mommy, so I didn't know if that was too much for you, or what," Sammy said, still nervous and pushing a pile of bubbles around. 

"Yeah. My mommy hates messy diapers. Usually I am given an enema before we play so I can't make one," I replied. "Is that normally what your diet is like?"

"Sort of. Mommy feeds me adult, err I mean normal food on weeknights when I have to go to work," Sammy blushed at his original choice of words, a Freudian slip that revealed his mental self image. "Mommy doesn't mind changing my messy diapers, or has me take a shower if it is really bad. She really likes doing things that make me helpless though, like messing my diaper uncontrollably, or being forced to bounce, or all of the bondage."

"Who was that guy at the ice cream place?" I asked. I had the feeling that if I had been able to see his face, Sammy would be blushing bright red.

"Umm, ugh, Mommy thinks I should date him too, so I can have a daddy." Sammy stammered, seemingly embarrassed about the words he was saying.

"Oh," I said, a little surprised. I had no idea that Sammy was interested in men, or polyamory. "You don't seem so interested?"

"I don't know. The guy seems ok, as far as men go," Sammy said. "You know?" Unfortunately, I did. I had downloaded Grindr for all of 1 day, clueless at how to explore my bisexual curiosity.  The messages and dick pics I received that day convinced me that I was only a horny little sissy, and not actually interested in men.

"Yeah, I know exactly what you mean," I said, relaying my experience on Grindr to him. We talked more as we sat in the water, discussing the appeal of having a strong daddy that could manhandle you about, or bounce you up and down on your knee like Robert had done with Sammy. We discussed naughtier fantasies too, of sucking real cocks and being fucked in the ass. Of not knowing whether we were actually bi or pansexual, or whether all of the sissy porn just made it seem like an appealing thing to try.

During a lull in our conversation, Kathleen re-entered the bathroom. "Have my two little sissy babies been enjoying their bubbly bath?" Kathleen asked us.

"Yes mommy." "Yes Aunty Kathleen." Sammy and I said in unison.

"Good, but I think you two are clean enough. Let's get you out of the tub and into your nighttime diapers." She said, before peeling the face masks off of us. Kathleen poured warm water into our hair, massaging the hair masks from our scalps.

When Kathleen was sure that all of the products were rinsed from our skin and hair, she drained the water from the tub and helped us onto our feet. We were then wrapped into warm, oversized, fluffy pink towels that felt like they had come straight from the dryer. I don't think I had ever felt so relaxed in my sissy space, and wondered if Kathleen was trying to lull Sammy and I to sleep with such a pampering treatment. 

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Part 5

Sammy and I were taken back to the nursery after we were dry. There was an old fleece blanket spread out on the floor, where Kathleen had us lay side by side. As soon as both of our butts were on the blanket, Kathleen locked our wrists together in a pair of handcuffs.

As the final click of the cuffs closed around my wrist, Kathleen said, "that should keep you two little babies from squirming all over the place while I get you into your night time diapers."

She then went about setting up all of the supplies for our night time diaper. I was nervous to see that this included a large butt plug for Sammy. I got more nervous when Kathleen opened the diaper bag my mommy had left for her, and pulled my favorite dildo out of it. 

I started to protest, but Kathleen shushed me with an intimidating stare, and a gesture towards her collection of spanking implements. Doubting I could take another session over Kathleen's lap, my protests quickly subsided. To ensure there where nonfurther protests though, Kathleen opened a nightstand drawer and pulled out two ball gags, to ensure there would be no further protests during our nighttime diaper change. 

Kathleen started with me, forcing the soft silicone ball between my lips. Once it was nestled between my lips, slightly forcing my jaw open, Kathleen buckled the strap closed behind my head, holding it in my mouth. A strap over my head and one under my chin ensured I would not be able to spit the ball out, and the only sound that would pass from my lips would be grunts and groans. After Sammy was similarly gagged, I gave him a look that tried to communicate, I'm sorry. I get a similar head nod that I assume meant he understood. 


"Such fussy little babies after their bath time. While I won't take away your special treat tonight, you have both definitely earned a maintenance spanking tonight," Kathleen said. I bit nervously into my ballgag. I knew my butt would be smarting tomorrow from my first spanking. I wasn't keen to find out what Kathleen considered a maintenance spanking. "Now, let's finally get you two little sissies ready."

Kathleen grabbed a large bottle of nighttime baby lotion, and pumped a large handful into her hand. She started with Sammy, rubbing the lotion into every nook and cranny of his body. A series of pleasurable moans came from around his ball gag as she rubbed it into his chest, face, and arms. The moans turned from pleasure to begging and desire as Kathleen worked her way lower, rubbing it into his taint and balls poking out from the ring of his chastity cage. The begging moans continued as she finished with his diaper area and continued down his legs.


I was less composed when it was my turn. Kathleen knew how to use her hands, and her motions were just as pleasurable as any professional massage as she worked the lotion into my upper body. A line of drool slipped out from my mouth and down my jaw as Kathleen worked on me. She giggled as she grabbed a nearby cloth and wiped it off of me. I understood Sammy's begging as Kathleen reached my crotch as well. The entire day had been a tantalizing sissy ecstasy that would have had me hard as a rock the entire time, had I been able to get hard. It was easy to ignore in my cage, but having my balls actively played with was an undeniable pleasurable that had me begging for the ability to cum through moans and grunts around my ball gag.

When every inch of skin on our fronts had been moisturized with the baby lotion, Kathleen made Sammy and I roll over onto our bellies. This was a little tricky because we were handcuffed together, but with a change of place we were able to accomplish it. 

Kathleen wasted no time once we got back into position. I felt a cool glob of lotion put right on top of my ass crack. Kathleen gently rubbed the lotion into all of the nooks and crannies of my butt. Once Kathleen finished rubbing the lotion into the surface of my butt, she squirted a glob of lube into my ass crack, and gently began fingering my asshole, readying it for the intruder that was coming. I tried to let out a moan around my ball gag as Kathleen gently circled my rosebud with her finger, before gently pushing it into my asshole. 

Satisfied that I was relaxed and loose enough, Kathleen grabbed the dildo. I felt the dildo's head rest against the rim of my asshole for a second before Kathleen began inserting it. I grunted and moaned around my ball gag, curling my fingers and toes as I felt the dildo spread my anus as it slid further and further inside of me. I involuntarily arched my back and humped the ground a little as the dildo hit my prostate and slid past, trying to get more stimulation from the intruder. 

Kathleen didn't finish until the base of the dildo was pressed against my asshole, unable to insert another millimeter. After all of the day's sexual stimulation, having my ass stuffed with the dildo felt wonderful. That familiar fullness was quickly making me actively horny, and I wanted to feel it rubbing against my prostate and sliding in and out of my asshole. A quick harsh slap to my ass from Kathleen let me know though that I had to lie still on the blanket while Sammy received a similar treatment with a large butt plug. It was agony, being filled with something that could provide such wonderful relief from my sexual yearnings, yet having to lie there still and silent. Kathleen only increased the torment by insisting on rubbing lotion into our backs as well once she was finished filling Sammy's ass with a buttplug.

Kathleen then made us get back onto our backs. As we were changing positions once again, I noticed that a small stream of precum was leaking out of both Sammy and I's cages. Once on our backs again, Kathleen rubbed a healthy amount of diaper rash cream into our balls and butt cracks. After a liberal dose of baby powder, thick night time diapers were taped around our wastes, and a pair of locking plastic panties ensured that we wouldn't be sneaking off to use the toilet in the night. 

With our diapers on, we were released from the handcuff holding Sammy and I together. Kathleen then dressed us in our bedtime outfits. I was put into a satin footed sleepover. It was pink, with ruffles covering the butt. The sleeper also zipped up the back, and the small click of a lock meant I would wear it until Kathleen decided otherwise. To complete my look, a frilly white bonnet was placed on my head and tied underneath my chin. Sammy was put into a blue baby doll sleeper with frilly matching panties that went over his diapers. A sleeping cap was the finishing touch to Sammy's outfit.

“Now, would you two little sissy babies like to have some fun before bedtime,” Kathleen asked in a sensual tone, stroking the fronts of our diapers. Sammy and I nodded our heads affirmatively. This made Kathleen smile and say, “then why don't you show me just how much you sissies love each other.”

Sammy understood what Kathleen meant, trying to pull me into an embrace. I recoiled though, not sure what to do. It was starting to feel like sex, and I was only allowed to do that with my mommy. Kathleen seemed to innately understand my hesitation. She pulled out her cellphone and sent off a quick text. 

A minute later, she was showing me the screen. On it was a text from my mommy. It read, What a good sissy you are, baby. It's ok to play with Sammy. Kathleen is going to send me a video, so do something hot with Sammy for Mommy. 

Kathleen then took a video of me saying “Yes Mommy. I'll make cummies with my sissy friend Sammy” to send to my mommy. Speaking around the ball gag, I don't think a single word was intelligible, but the act had my cock straining in its cage and I was ready to play with Sammy.

Instead of letting us get back to playing with one another immediately, Kathleen made us go down to the living room, where she claimed she could more comfortably watch. After settling on her couch, Kathleen pointed the camera of her phone at us. “Ok sissies, show me just how hot you think each other are.”

This time, I followed Sammy's initiative. On our knees, we crawled to one another. Sammy wrapped his arms around my waist, while I supported myself by placing my hands on his diapered butt. We pulled each other in close, touching the balls of our gags together. We nuzzled each other's faces for a few more moments, then began touching each other's diapers, one hand rubbing the front while the other massaged the butt, trying to move whatever was stuffing our butt.

After a few minutes, Kathleen stopped us. “I know, you two need some sissy kisses don't you. Let me help.” Kathleen took my bonnet and Sammy's cap off, before freeing us from the ball gag harnesses. Kathleen then grabbed a tube of lipstick from an end table, and applied it to Sammy and I. When she was finished, she said, “Now, why don’t you too show me how much you love sissy kisses?”

Sammy and I embraced again, giving each other short, quick little kisses. Kathleen giggled at our timid behavior, but made no other comment. That was enough to encourage Sammy and I though. Our kisses slowly grew longer and longer, until our tongues were exploring each other's mouths. 

Our kisses stoked Sammy's sexual desires. Soon he was laying me on my back and climbing on top of me, grinding his ass into my crotch to make the buttplug fuck him. After a few minutes of him on top, we traded places, and I began humping up and down on Sammy, feeling the dildo gliding in and out, stimulating my asshole and prostate. 

Eventually, we worked out that if Sammy laid on his stomach, and I sat reverse cowgirl on top of his diaper, I could rock back and forth and pleasure both of us. It took nearly ten minutes of constant motion, but I was able to cause both Sammy and I to have a sissygasm. I knew Sammy came first because he started shifting underneath me and his toes curled up. 

When I came, it was heaven. I don't know if it was the effort required to reach orgasm or that I just felt like such a sissy in that moment, working myself up to a sissygasm while being recorded for my mommy to see, but it was one of the most intense orgasms I had ever experienced. The feeling of my dick trying to convulse in its cage and gently was oddly wonderful, and the way my ass just felt filled in that moment was bliss. I slumped off of Sammy, lying on the floor panting for breath next to him.


 We lay on the floor, collecting ourselves for a while. Kathleen roused us from our post orgasmic daze, gently rubbing life back into us. Kathleen helped me to my fight, and led me back over to the baby bouncer. As she strapped me back into the baby bouncer, Kathleen explained, “You and Sammy have your fun, and I've sent the video off to your mommy for her to enjoy. Now though, it's time for me to have some fun with Sammy. So I am going to put you in here to make sure you stay entertained and don't get into any trouble.”

I didn't object to being put back into the baby bouncer, even though I really didn't want to be put back into it, primarily because I didn't want a spanking. Having the ball gag harness put back on me also added some considerable difficulty to complaining. In addition to the ball gag, a blindfold and headphones were also put on me. 


Then the electricity started again. This time though, it was considerably lower, and instead of having me forcefully bounce up and down from the sensation, it caused a gentle pulse that triggered a gentle spasm in my leg muscles that made me lightly rock in the harness. 


Kathleen left me like this in my own little world. The headphones played a trickle of sissy hypnosis, gentle music with a computer voice saying how wonderful things like chastity, buttplugs, and makeup were. The combination of the weight of my body in the harness and the motions produced by the electric pad shocking my legs were enough to reinvigorate my sexual arousal. Unfortunately, the long day of sissy play had taken its toll on me. I tried to bounce forcefully enough to fuck myself into another orgasm, but I didn't have the energy to overcome the rhythm set by the electricity or bounce hard enough to be truly satisfying. 

This meant my second round in the bouncer was a frustrating edging session. I don't know how long I spent in the bouncer, but it was enough time to make my legs go numb and the bruises from my spanking start to sting again. It sounded like multiple different hypnosis tracks played through the headphones, though I couldn't tell how long each track lasted. While I was in the bouncer, I thought I heard moans in the living room, but there were some interspersed in the hypnosis tracks as well, so it was hard to place their exact sounds.

When Kathleen freed me from the bouncer again, I noticed that the lipstick had been completely wiped off of Sammy's face. I swore there had still been some color on his lips before Kathleen had put the blindfold on me.


Kathleen took us back upstairs to the nursery. Kathleen took a seat on the padded rocking chair in the room, and patted her lap. “Now Brian, Sammy gets a maintenance spanking every night to help ensure he stays a good little sissy. He will get one first, and then I think it will be good for you to get one too. Then you too can say your thank you’s, and we can have you in the crib for the night.”

I am hoping this is the part that everyone likes.

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Final Part of story:

Sammy crawled onto Kathleen's lap, positioning himself so that his butt was within easy reach of Kathleen's hands. She spanked him on his diaper with her open palm for about five minutes, before helping him off of her lap.

Reluctantly, I replaced Sammy across Kathleen's lap. I wasn't eager to receive another spanking. I also had to pee badly. I settled into the same position Sammy had assumed. Kathleen gave me a comforting pat on the back, before the first spank landed on my diapered butt with a loud thwack. The diaper absorbed most of the impact, and I don't think it would have hurt much had I not had the prior spanking. Nevertheless, it definitely served its purpose, driving home the lesson that Kathleen was a disciplinarian not to be trifled with.

I quivered as Kathleen finished the spanking. I think she believed it was from the spanking. Actually, it was because I was desperate to pee, but didn't want to relieve myself in her lap. Unfortunately, because of her misinterpretation, she pulled me more into her lap, one hand holding me to her bosom, the other reassuringly rubbing my diapered bottom. Unable to move and incapable of holding it any longer, I urinated into my diaper on Kathleen's lap, a rush of pee flowing into my thirsty diaper. Kathleen let out a knowing chuckle as I relieved myself. Undoubtedly, her hand could feel the sudden warmth and sodden padding spreading throughout my diaper.

Kathleen continued to hold me against her, saying to Sammy, “why don't you get started on your good night thank yous dear? I think this other little sissy needs to be cuddled first.”


I was able to change my position just enough to be able to see Sammy out of the corner of my eye. He was on his knees, holding onto the crib, in a pose similar to how a child might pray before bedtime. Only, instead of a prayer, Sammy listed off a laundry list of things that had happened to him during the day that he was thankful for. “Thank you mommy for keeping me in such a soft warm diaper, and for letting me have a sleepover with Brian, and for letting us make sissygasms, and for feeding me in the high chair, and for taking me out in public for ice cream in my pretty dress…” 

As Sammy went on, I noticed that Kathleen stopped rubbing my butt, her hand shifting to her crotch, where she was gently stroking herself. Held in her lap, I noticed Kathleen's breath would become deeper whenever Sammy mentioned something particularly embarrassing. I surmised that the pleasure Kathleen was receiving right at this moment was the reason for their nighttime ritual, and wondered if she would be doing more than lightly touching her vaginal area through her pants if I wasn't there.

When Sammy finished, Kathleen set me back on the ground. By now the warmth in my diaper had left, but the liquid had expanded the padding of the diaper, particularly in the crotch. As we traded places, the thickness of the padding and the dildo still in my ass made it easier to just crawl over to the crib. I basically repeated the same list of things that Sammy had listed, trying to add my specific touches such as getting to use the carseat and stroller for our trip to get ice cream.

Kathleen seemed satisfied with what I said as she had a smile on her face as she led Sammy over to the crib. Kathleen lowered the bars, before helping Sammy into the crib first. She then helped me into the crib, giving me a boost on my diapered butt to get into the crib. She then raised the side back up.

The crib would have been a comfortable fit for one, but with both of us in the crib, it was a bit of a tight squeeze. Kathleen left us to get comfortable ourselves, returning with four baby bottles. She handed two to each of us, and then clipped a pacifier to each of our collars. Lastly, Kathleen once again put the sleeping cap on Sammy, and set the bonnet back on my head, tying it tightly in a large bow underneath my chin.

“Now you two don't stay up too late. I want you to finish those bottles and then go straight to sleep. I have the baby monitor turned on so I will know if you are trying to get into trouble,” Kathleen said. She then pulled out her cellphone. “Before I go though, I want to get a picture of you two giving each other a nice goodnight kiss.”

Kathleen made Sammy and I kiss each other, planting our lips firmly on each one anothers. A kiss itself wasn't so bad, since we had been making out and humping each other through our diapers not long ago. Embarrassingly though, Kathleen made us hold the kiss for several minutes as she took photos from multiple angles, adjusting our headwear and making other small changes to make us more photogenic. 

When she was finally satisfied, she had us get up on our knees to give her a kiss goodnight, before leaving and turning out the light. Yawning, Sammy and I began suckling on our baby bottles as fast as we could to finish them. I wet my diaper once again as I worked on the second baby bottle. 

Stomachs full and bodies exhausted, Sammy and I didn't do anything else once our baby bottles were finished. We shifted in the crib a little bit, getting under the covers and trying to get comfortable. After a few attempts, we found that lying back to back, our bodies touching from shoulder blades to diapers, was the most comfortable. As we settled in to sleep I took in all of the sensations: being tucked under the princess comforter and pink sheets, head wrapped in the soft satin of a bonnet, ass filled with a dildo, the feeling of my diaper pressed up against Sammy's. Although it was a little cramped, this was the coziest I had felt in sissy space in quite some time. The last thing I remembered was popping the pacifier into my mouth as I wet my diaper one last time. 

I awoke to Kathleen standing over the crib, snapping away photos on her phone. Coming to my senses, I was surprised to discover that at some point in the night, Sammy and I had started cuddling. His head was close to mine, and his chest lay underneath my arm. I was also impressed that I had sucked on my pacifier the entire night, and that it was still firmly in my mouth now. 


My subtle motions as I regained consciousness accidentally awoke Sammy as well. Feeling him start to stir, I naturally turned to look at him. Sammy came to consciousness with Kathleen and I both looking at him. When he realized that he had slept in my arms, he turned a bright shade of crimson behind the pacifier that was still in his mouth as well. 

Now that both of us were awake, Kathleen lowered the side of the crib. Since I was closest to the railing, Kathleen helped me out first. First she took off my footed sleeper, then pulled the plastic panties down off my legs. Realizing I was about to get a diaper change, and wanting to be in a dry diaper for as long as possible, I quickly peed into my diaper, releasing everything that had built up in the night. Kathleen must have heard the gush of pee, because she paused until I finished.


When I was done wetting myself, Kathleen helped me onto the changing table. She buckled both my arms and legs into the cuffs attached to the table, and brought the strap across my waste pinning my torso to the table. Once I was immobilized, Kathleen untaped my diaper. 

Once the diaper was removed, without warning Kathleen quickly pulled the dildo out of my ass. I let out a cry as the dildo unceremoniously slid out of me. Kathleen ignored my perturbed cry, wiping the excrement off of the dildo without comment with a few baby wipes. She then began cleaning me off, swabbing every inch of my diaper area with the cool wipes. As Kathleen worked, I realized my ass felt an empty sensation, as if it missed being filled with something. This made me feel like a sissy, and that of course made my penis squirm in my chastity cage.


Satisfied my diaper area was clean, Kathleen then pulled out a cloth diaper from underneath the changing table. She then pulled a second diaper out of the diaper bag my mommy packed for me. Kathleen unfolded both diapers, then made me assume as much of a bridge pose as I could given my current restraints. She then slid the cloth diaper under me, and then placed the disposable from my changing bag on top of that and under me.

My nethers were then smeared in a thick coating of diaper rash cream, followed by a liberal dousing of baby powder. The two diapers were then taped up between my legs. Kathleen didn't free me immediately though once the diapers were snug against my waist and crotch. Instead, she added additional cuffs to my arms and wrists, and clipped leather straps to rings attached to each cuff. Then, I was freed from the changing table, though Kathleen had a firm hand on me ensuring I would not run off as soon as I could get up from the table. 


Kathleen strong-armed me down to the floor on my belly, and began pulling my arms and legs together. She used the leather straps to connect my arms and legs together, leaving me hogtied on the soft carpet floor of the nursery. Kathleen left me for a moment, walking out of my line of sight and returning with several items. The first was a roll of packing wrap. She wrapped several layers around my mouth, ensuring I couldn't spit out the pacifier. The next item was a tens unit. She attached the pads to my belly, then switched it on. Immediately, I began wriggling and squirming on the floor from the small electric shocks stimulating my stomach muscles. 

“Now Brian, you enjoy tummy time while I change and feed Sammy, ok?” Kathleen said. She then left me alone, going to the crib and bringing Sammy out. While I wriggled and squirmed on the floor, Sammy received the same treatment I had, being undressed down to his diapers, before being bound to the changing table and placed in two thick diapers. Kathleen placed a pair of thick printed plastic pants over his diaper. She then led him out of the nursery, and left me alone to enjoy my tummy time. 


The shocks from the tens unit weren't set high enough to cause pain. They only stimulated my stomach muscles, keeping me constantly moving on the ground. My situation felt like I was humping the floor, not that the angle or my chastity cage actually let me get pleasure. It certainly made me think about humping though, and that, plus the empty sensation from no longer having my ass stuffed, made me incredibly horny. I knew I would be willing to do anything my mommy wanted when she picked me up if it meant I would get sexual relief as a part or consequence of it.

I was a sweating, tired and horny mess when Kathleen returned. It felt like she had been gone a while, but I had no way of knowing how long I had actually been in tummy time. Kathleen swiftly shut the tens unit off, and pulled the pads from my stomach. My arms and legs were then freed from the hogtie, but the packing wrap keeping my pacifier in was not removed. Kathleen helped me onto my feet, and led me out of the nursery. She took the packing wrap, restraints, and tens unit with her. 


We entered the kitchen, where Sammy was still held in the highchair. Kathleen undid one of the wrist straps from the highchair, and took my hand, moving it under the tray of the highchair and buckling it into the strap. This was an awkward position for me because my hand was right on Sammy's diaper, and I had to get on my knees to find a position that didn't strain my arm or back. Kathleen left us like that, as she went to the living room and returned with the playpen. Kathleen set it up in an empty area of the kitchen.

“Sammy woke up a grumpy little bug today and decided he wanted to be a troublemaker,” Kathleen explained to me. “So he is going to spend his tummy time where I can keep an eye on him.” 


Kathleen then gave Sammy's nipple a hard twist to show her displeasure with him. She then began releasing him from the high chair. He was then marched to the playpen, where Kathleen bound him in a hogtie as well. As the tens unit began working on Sammy, I thought his movements were a bit larger and more violent than mine. He was also letting out squeaks and moans around his pacifier, so I suspected that Kathleen had turned up the voltage on the tens unit to punish Sammy. The playpen had padding, but not a lot, so I had the feeling that Sammy would be quite sore when he was released. 

With Sammy taken care of, Kathleen focused on me. I was sat in the highchair properly, and fully restrained once again. Kathleen then began assembling my breakfast. She set a large bowl of oatmeal in front of me, and another three jars of baby food. One was mashed bananas, one was berry blend, and one was prunes. She opened all three jars, emptying the contents into the oatmeal and then mixing it together.

Now that Kathleen was ready to feed me my breakfast, she finally unwrapped the plastic wrap keeping my pacifier lodged between my lips. As soon as the base of the pacifier was free, the nipple was yanked from my mouth, and a spoonful of the breakfast mush was on its way towards my mouth.

I opened my mouth as far as I could and swallowed it all as fast as possible. I had never really played or done any kink related things with Kathleen before today, so I didn't know if this was her in a good mood, bad mood, or maybe even a horny mood. I wasn't in the mood to see what she wanted to do with me if I pushed her though, so I obediently swallowed spoonful after spoonful of the breakfast slop. 

It actually wasn't that bad. The oatmeal outweighed the baby food, which masked most of the taste and consistency of the baby food. Plus, Kathleen was also having fun at breakfast whenever “I” would miss the spoon, having large globs end up on my face that would drop onto my chest and make me squirm. So it wasn't like I had to eat the bowl. In fact, “my accidents” while eating were the main reason I was glad when the bowl was finished. Kathleen then held an adult sized baby bottle full of milk for me, which I had to suckle all in one go. Once again, I was feeling extremely full from a meal in that high chair, and I could already feel my stomach starting to rumble again as well. 

Kathleen wiped all of the baby food covering my face and chest off with a warm washcloth. Kathleen was overly thorough washing me off, scrubbing every accessible inch of me with the warm, wet fabric. When she was finished, Kathleen left me bound in the highchair while she released Sammy from tummy time and marched him upstairs.


I was left to sit, bound in the highchair. There wasn't much I could do, unable to move completely. Still feeling horny from my tummy time, I sat there wishing that I had something vibrating either against the front of my diaper or in my butt. Maybe some nipple clamps? At the very least a pacifier, but preferably something bigger to suck on. Alas, I had none of those things, so I could only fantasize, and the only feelings I got were my sissy clitty fighting in its cage. 

That is, until more pressing urges replaced my sexual ones. The feeling of needing to poop again slowly grew, but I was able to ignore it for a while. When the need to pee also arose, my thoughts became singularly focused on these bathroom related urges. I wet my diaper, feeling the warmth spread into the crotch. It wasn't very much, so the feeling of wetness was only for a second before the thick diapers soaked everything up. Wetting was apparently the signal my body was waiting for to release everything else as well. 


With no conscious effort on my part, I released a fart, before filling the seat of my diaper. I probably shouldn't have been too surprised. It was probably more impressive that I held it as long as I did when you consider the combination of the high fiber meals, possible laxative, and having my ass lubed and stretched all night. Still, it was embarrassing to uncontrollably poop my diaper like that. Worse, being strapped into the highchair, it instantly spread everywhere around the diaper, and I couldn't do anything to relieve the feeling of the mess pressed against my body. 

Finally though, Kathleen returned with Sammy. He had been dressed in a pink onesie that had “Mommy’s Little Sissy” embroidered within a white heart over the chest. He then had on matching white socks and gloves, and a pair of mary jane shoes. Completing his look was a pink bonnet.


Kathleen held my outfit in her arms. It was one of my onesies, light blue and covered in stars. There were also a pair of striped white and blue socks that probably came from my diaper bag as well. To complete the look and make me match Sammy, Kathleen had also brought down the bonnet I had worn all night and a pair of blue riding gloves. 


Kathleen released me from the highchair. As I stepped to the ground, she gave my butt a firm pat and a squeeze, checking its contents. Maybe the thickness was too great for her to tell, maybe it felt like there was more in my diapers than there really was, or maybe she just didn’t want to comment. Either way she said nothing about the state of my diapers after she mushed the mess around again with her aggressive diaper check. 

She then began dressing me, sliding the onesie over my head and buttoning it over my thick diapers. Then came the socks, gloves, and the bonnet for last. My tennis shoes were then slipped onto my feet and tied tightly. Kathleen then handcuffed Sammy and I to one of the wrist cuffs in the highchair so we couldn't run off while she went and got something. 

When Kathleen returned, she had two sets of baby reins. Sammy got the more restrictive reins that ran around his shoulders, around the chest, and had a crotch strap between his legs that all met up in the center of his back. My reins on the other hand, only ran across my shoulder and chest. 

Once we were both harnessed, Kathleen walked us outside to the backyard. The backyard had a lot of trees and pushes, isolating it from the neighbors and providing privacy for Sammy and Kathleen to have their mommy and sissy time outside. It seemed clear that they did it fairly often as well. There was a small pink plastic childs table and chairs set next to a patio set. There was also a child's playground in the yard, but Kathleen led us over to a pink pole in the center of the lawn. 

She clipped our baby reins to leashes connected to the poles. “Stand tight, sissies,” Kathleen said as she left us standing there. Kathleen was gone about five minutes, returning with a plastic box and a blanket stacked on top. Kathleen spread the blanket out on the ground so Sammy and I could sit on the lawn without getting grass stains on our clothing. She then opened the box revealing its contents to be Disney princess dolls. 

“Have fun playing with your dolls sissies. I am going to go have my breakfast. I want to be able to see you playing with your dolls whenever I glance out here now,” Kathleen said before leaving us to play with the dolls.

I had rarely played with dolls in my life, and the last time I could remember had been well over twenty years ago. Sammy apparently did regress, something I also struggled with, so he seemed to know what he was doing. I tried playing with dolls with him for about five minutes, before losing interest. Thankfully, I found a Rapunzel doll with very tangled hair, and a small comb, so I combed the doll's hair while Sammy moved the dolls around. Inside the house, Kathleen was out of earshot, so Sammy and I caught up with each other on vanilla things in our lives as we “played” with the dolls. Breakfast also worked its way through both of us, and I could tell we both added more to both the fronts and backs of our diapers.

Nearly half an hour later, Kathleen came back outside accompanied by my wife/Mommy. When they reached us I hopped up and gave my mommy a hug. She hugged me back, wrapping one arm around me while the other reached down and gave my diaper several firm pats, checking the state of my diaper. 

“Did my little sissy have a fun sleepover?” My mommy asked as she hugged me. 

“Yes mommy,” I said, “I had a great time. This was a lot of fun.”

“That's good baby,” my mommy said. “It certainly looked like you had a lot of fun playing with Sammy last night, based on the video Aunty Kathleen sent me.” I blushed a deep shade of crimson from those words.

“Would you like some tea or something to eat?” Kathleen asked my mommy.

“Yes please,” my mommy replied, “I was already running late and didn't have time to eat anything.”

With that Kathleen led my mommy back inside, leaving Sammy and I to continue playing with the dolls. The ladies were only in the house about ten minutes though this time before they returned. Each was carrying a tray laden with items as they exited the house and walked over to the patio furniture. 

Kathleen set her tray down on the table, and walked over to free us while my mommy began unloading the trays and setting things up. Kathleen untethered Sammy and I from the pole, and then led us by our baby reins over to the patio. My mommy had set out on the patio a plate with an omelet, a plate of cookies, two coffee cups, and a carafe of coffee. On the child's table, there were four baby bottles filled with juice, and another plate of cookies.

Kathleen handed my reins to my mommy, and then Sammy and I's respective caregiver led us to a seat at the plastic childs table. We each sat in a chair, and then they ran a rope underneath the chairs that connected to our reins, preventing us from getting up out of the chairs. We were then handed a bottle of juice and a cookie, a childishly humiliating mockery of the omelet breakfast my mommy was eating while chit chatting with Kathleen. 

Sammy and I didn't say anything to one another. It felt embarrassing to try and carry on a conversation while in so infantile a state when contrasted with my mommy and Kathleen, who were busy gossiping about the bachelorette party my mommy had spent the night at. Instead, we silently drank our bottles of juice and ate cookies. Of course, we also wet our diapers, and, thanks to Kathleen's cooking, continued to have small, diarrhea-like messes in our diapers.

After I couldn't help but let out a particularly loud fart, my mommy remarked to Kathleen, “wow, I didn't know my little sissy liked to mess his diapers so much. He really seems to be a little pamper-packer today.”

“Yes,” Kathleen agreed, “I don't know if he was nervous about the sleepover, or just wanted me to wipe his little tushy as much as possible, but he's been loading his diapers all weekend.”

I thought I was feeling shamed and emasculated beforehand, but their words sent me into a deeply embarrassed sissy state. The way in which they talked about me in such a matter-of-fact tone as if I weren't there was a humiliating and erotic ecstasy for my little sissy heart. 

Eventually, my Mommy finished her omelet, and she and Kathleen ran out of conversation topics. Looking over and addressing me, my Mommy said, “Well sissy, should we get you changed and then get out of their hair?”

I was ecstatic to get out of my diapers, but thought it would be rude to be too enthusiastic to leave. So I slowly nodded yes while sucking on one of my bottles of juice. 


“Feel free to try out the changing table in the nursery,” Kathleen offered as my mommy unstrapped me from my seat.


“Thanks, we will,” my mommy said as she helped me up and led me back into the house. I had to lead her by my baby reins through the house to Sammy's nursery. 


“This is just adorable. We should really do something like this for you sissy,” my mommy said upon seeing Sammy's nursery for the first time. She led me over to the changing table, boosting me up before looking at all the restraints. With a glint in her eye, she bound me to the table. I wasn’t exactly thrilled with how familiar this position was becoming for me. While I was tied down, Mommy took her time examining the room in detail.

When she was finished, she came back over to me, unsnapping the buttons on my onesie. I apparently hadn't wet as much as I thought I did, because the cloth diaper poofing out my padding was barely damp when mommy pulled it off me. By the way she wrinkled her face though, the mess inside my disposable diaper must have been pretty bad. Using a copious number of wipes, my Mommy cleaned my diaper area up so that I was squeaky clean. 


It was at this point that I assumed that my mommy would free me from the changing table, and help me get dressed in normal clothes. My assumption was mistaken. Mommy took out two thick disposable diapers from my diaper bag, unfolding them and laying them beneath me. 

“Oh, all your messy diapers look like they are giving you diaper rash. Let mommy take care of that for you baby,” she said, coating my ass and crotch in the white cream. She rubbed it in slowly, noticing how her touch was stimulating a reaction in my chastity cage that made my whole body squirm in its restraints. She wiped her hands free of diaper rash cream before coating a finger in lube. She slid the finger gently in my asshole, and began finger fucking me. 

“From the video Kathleen sent me, it really looked you had fun fucking yourself and Sammy to sissygasm. Did you enjoy that sissy,” my mommy asked me as she continued to stimulate my prostate with her finger. 

“Yes mommy,” I cried out as I squirmed in the restraints. 

“Do you want to be a good boy and wear a buttplug with your diapers while we are out today sweety? Do you want to loosen up your asshole so you can take Mommy’s strap-on?” Mommy continued. With her free hand, she grabbed my balls, and began sensuously stroking and squeezing them in her hands. Her hands felt wonderful, working my prostate and balls. “Maybe, if you are a good enough little slut, and you do a good enough job fucking mommy's cock, I will unlock you and do the same to me. Maybe since I would fuck your little rosebud, you could do the same to mine. What do you say sissy?”

With her hands working me over like that, bringing me close to another sissygasm, I would have agreed to anything. I nearly came again though, Mommy's idea sounded so hot, so I said in a pleading tone, “Please put a buttplug in me Mommy so I can be your good little slut and take your strap-on tonight!”

Mommy smiled, withdrawing her hands from me. She then opened up my diaper bag, pulling out a vibrating butt plug. She gave it a light coat of lube before easily slipping it inside of me. Mommy then pressed the button, turning it on. My diapers were going to be wet with more than pee today. 

Once I was plugged, Mommy washed her hand off a second time, before giving me a very thorough coating of baby powder. She giggled some more as she made sure to rub it into every inch of my skin, not even missing a single wrinkle on my balls, while I continued squirming and fighting at my restraints from the tickle and arousal of her touch. 

For the third and final time, she cleaned her hands free of the baby powder, and then taped both diapers up against me. My legs were temporarily freed as Mommy pulled out one of the pairs of plastic pants we owned, wiggling them up my legs and over my diapers to ensure there would be no leaks throughout the day. The buttons on my onesie were then pulled down over my diapers and buttoned closed. 

Mommy released me from the changing table, and slipped my feet into a pair of overalls as I got off of the table. The overalls would cover up most of my onesie. The hoodie that mommy then slipped over my head ensured no one would ever know about my childish outfit. 

Mommy and I then gathered our things and headed downstairs. Kathleen and Sammy were waiting to see us off. I gave Kathleen a quick hug and peck goodbye, but at Mommy and Kathleen's insistence, Sammy and I shared a much more intimate farewell hug and kiss. We were then out the door and into the car, off on our way to accomplish the errands Mommy had planned out for the day.


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