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Nikki & Sarah 6 - Hidden truths in plain sight

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I know it's still a couple of months until halloween, but we can have fun a little early.  Can't we?

If this is your first Nikki & Sarah story, you might want to read the previous ones first.  Here's a list: Nikki & Sarah - Index thread




Hidden truths in plain sight

Part 1 of 4



"You want to dress up as what?!?"  Sarah looked incredulously at Nikki who just continued eating the slice of raspberry pie in front of her.  They were sitting in a corner booth at a diner, having lunch after doing some Saturday shopping


"Oh come on, it'll be fun," Nikki said around a mouthful of pie.  "Plus, couples' costumes are really cute."


"But Tinkerbell and Wendy?  Tinkerbell and Peter Pan makes sense.  Or Peter Pan and Wendy.  Tinkerbell and Wendy just barely get along."


"That's the whole point."  Nikki tapped her temple with a finger.  "I have a plan."


"Oooo-kaaay," Sarah said warily.


"What?  Don't you trust me?"  Sarah put on an exaggerated hurt expression and pouted, causing Sarah to chuckle.


"Of course I do."  Sarah reached across the table to stroke Nikki's cheek.  "But some of your plans are kinda embarrassing."


"Maybe, but you like it."  Nikki turned her head and kissed Sarah's palm.  "Don't you?"  A blush crept up Sarah's face.  "Well?"


"Yes Ma'am," Sarah whispered, barely audible.


"Good girl," Nikki said and lifted the final piece of pie to her mouth.


A minute later, after having finished the last of her coffee, Nikki took Sarah's hands in hers.  She leaned closer across the table and whispered: "Do you need to be changed yet?"


Sarah's blush was renewed.  Wearing a diaper while going shopping on Saturdays had become a more and more regular occurrence the last couple of months.  The only times Nikki didn't insist on her wearing them was when they were getting something that Sarah needed to try on without the diapers. 


However, she never wet the diapers until they were back home or, on a few occasions, in the car on the way back.  That didn't stop Nikki from asking if she was dry while they were out.  In some cases she even insisted on checking.


"You know I'm dry.  I'm always dry," Sarah whispered back.


"Don't take that tone with me, little girl," Nikki said sternly.  "I have four feet of paracord and a carabiner in my bag.  I will hook a leash to that collar of yours if you don't behave."


Sarah knew it was an empty threat, but just hearing it made her conscious of the collar around her neck.  It was still one of their ground rules that if Sarah wore her diapers, she would also wear her collar.


During the summer months, hiding the collar had become an exercise in futility, so they had switched to a narrow cloth choker with a little cameo brooch on.  Sarah liked it so much that she had taken to wearing it when she didn't have to wear a collar.  She had even worn it to work a few times. 


But now that the weather was chilly enough to justify sweaters and that meant that hiding beneath Sarah's turtleneck was the plain leather collar they had bought last winter.


"I'm sorry Ma'am," she said contritely.  "I'll behave."


"Good, because we're not leaving here until you actually do need a change."


"You want me to..." Sarah paused for a moment, "...wet myself right here?  In public?  Why?"


"Because you're a good little girl and I'm your..."  Nikki let go of Sarah's hands.


"You're my mommynatrix," Sarah finished with a sigh.  Nikki smiled at the silly title.


"Damn straight.  And good little girls do what they're told."


"Yeah, but here?  The car is one thing.  We're alone there.  But there's people here.  They'll notice.  And what if there's a leak?  And..." Sarah rambled.


Nikki put a finger to Sarah's lips.  "Shhh."  She took Sarah's hands in hers again.  "Look at me sweetie.  Nobody's going to notice."


Sarah closed her eyes and Nikki could almost see her brow furrow with concentration.  After a while she sighed.  "I can't do it," she said and slumped back in her seat.


"Don't be upset sweetie," Nikki said.  Then she slid around the table to sit next to Sarah.  "Just sit back and relax."  Sarah leaned against Nikki and rested her head on her shoulder.  She took Sarah's hand and gave it a reassuring squeeze.


"Do you have to go?" Nikki asked.


"Yeah, but I just can't do it here."


"That's OK sweetie."  Nikki just stroked the back of Sarah's hand with her thumb.  "Just relax; don't try to force it.  Try to think about something else."


"Like what?  It's a little like telling me not to think of pink polar bears."  Sarah emptied her glass of water in two gulps.  "Tell me the plan."


"What do you mean?"


"Why do you want to dress up as Tinkerbell?"


Nikki laughed.  "Sweetie, I'm not Tinkerbell.  You are.  I'm Wendy."




"You know how Halloween is a chance to let a different side of you out?"




"Well, you've read Peter Pan, right?"


"Nope.  Only seen the cartoon."


"Same thing.  You know how Wendy basically becomes a substitute mother for Peter and the lost boys?"


"I suppose," Sarah said warily.


"I want to show off our secret side without anybody figuring it out."


"So you're going to be Mommy Wendy, but why would I be Tink?  And how does she fit into this?"


Nikki shrugged.  "Well, when she's jealous of Wendy, she does behave like a bit of a brat.  I'm pretty sure that both Peter and the lost boys would think she's being really childish."


"So you want me to wear...?"


"Yep."  Nikki nodded.  "Big ones."


"But people will see them."


"That's the whole point.  That's why we have the whole Mommy Wendy and Bratty Tink explanation.  Nobody's going to expect you to have real diapers on underneath the costume ones."


"What?!?"  Sarah sat up and looked at Nikki.  "Are you serious?"


"That's why we're doing this," Nikki said calmly.  "Look, we both know you like wetting your diapers.  Right?"


Sarah blushed.  "Yeah," she admitted sheepishly, casting a quick glance around the nearly empty diner to see if anybody could hear them.


"And this is like the one day of the year when you can get away with wearing giant diapers in public.  And using them."


"But you know I can't do it.  I mean, at home or in the car is one thing, but in public?"


"That sweetie," Nikki kissed Sarah's forehead, "is why we're practicing."




"It's two weeks until Halloween.  Every day between now and then, I want you to wear a diaper and wet it while you're out in public," Nikki said quietly.


"Every day?"




Sarah looked mortified at what Nikki said.  "But... but..."


"Can you think of another way of getting over that particular mental hurdle?"


Sarah sighed.  "No," she admitted.


"So are you going to be a good little girl and do as you're told?"


"Yes Ma'am," Sarah said demurely.  "But can we go outside?  Maybe it's easier to do it while standing?"


Nikki considered what Sarah said.  "OK," she finally said, "but then you're not getting changed until we're going to the car."


"And how long is that?"


"I'm not telling you.  Do we have a deal?"


Sarah nodded hesitantly.  "OK."


Nikki signaled the waitress for the check and while they waited, she moved back around the table.


"So, do you really have paracord and a carabiner in your bag?"




"It just makes me wonder how you run your office."  Sarah grinned mischievously.


"See?  This is why you'll be perfect as a little bratty Tinkerbell."  Nikki paid and left a generous tip before getting up.  "Now, come along."






A while later, Nikki and Sarah were leaning on the railing of the mezzanine, looking at the people milling around below them.  They had been making up little stories about them, each one more outlandish than the one before.  A couple walking arm in arm were suddenly adulterers cheating on their respective spouses, a woman in a big, fuzzy jacket became a closet furry and a man checking out the window display in a Victoria's Secret store became a cross-dresser who acted out scenes from Rocky Horror Picture Show with his collection of dolls in his bedroom.  Sarah had been particularly proud of the chuckle she got out of Nikki with that last one.


"Nikki?" Sarah said.  "I've been thinking."


"Oh that's never a good start," Nikki replied with a smirk.


Sarah stuck out her tongue.  "Seriously."


"OK, What've you been thinking about?"


"My safeword.  I think I might need another one."


"You want to change it?  It's not like that's a big deal.  What do you want instead of 'Mongolia'?"


"No, not a new one; an extra one."


"Huh? Why?"


"Well," Sarah said, all of a sudden looking painfully awkward.  "When I say 'Mongolia', that's a signal to stop right away."


Nikki nodded.


"But what if I want to keep going, just not take it further.  Like, if we're at 8 and you're about to take it up to 9 and I don't want to, 'Mongolia' would stop he whole thing, but I want to keep going at 8, just not escalate.  Does that make any sense or am I just rambling?" Sarah finished, almost out of breath.


"I see what you mean.  You want something that says 'Don't stop, but don't take it further'.  Sort of half a 'Mongolia'."


"Exactly."  Sarah nodded.


"OK, how about we just pick one of Mongolia's neighbours then?"  Nikki pulled out her phone and googled Mongolia.  "That'd be Russia or China."


"I don't know.  Those would just feel weird to use."


"Yeah," Nikki agreed.  "Well, it almost borders on Kazakhstan."


"Yeah, the thought of Borat doesn't really keep me in the mood for our kind of fun.  How about 'Attila'?  That'd work, right?"


"Sure, but not to be nit-picky; Attila wasn't Mongolian.  That was Ghengis Khan."  Nikki grinned, finally having out-triviaed Sarah.


"Whatever.  Attila is easier to remember."


Nikki nodded slowly.  "OK, just to be completely clear: Mongolia means 'stop everything' and Attila means 'don't stop, but don't go any further'?"


"Yeah," Sarah's gaze went back to the people below.


Nikki noticed a stick-thin woman who exited a bakery carrying several cake boxes stacked on top of each other.  She was just about to reveal the woman's secrets which involved naked pie fights and numerous cans of whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles, when she noticed that Sarah had become uncharacteristically quiet.  Not wanting to lose track of her next story target, Nikki glanced quickly at Sarah.  The faraway look on Sarah's face made her forget about the woman below.  She inched closer until their shoulders almost touched and nudged Sarah gently.


"Are you...?"  she asked.


"Mm-hm," Sarah replied dreamily, her eyes half-closed.


Nikki waited until Sarah recovered, then she whispered so none of the passers-by would hear, "Do you need to be changed?"


Sarah shook her head.  "No, not yet.  It was just a little."


"OK."  Nikki paused, then she realised something.  "You're going to do it again, aren't you."


Sarah blushed.  "At home it's a lot easier once the diaper is already a little wet.  I want to see if it's the same now."


It was.

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Hidden truths in plain sight

Part 2 of 4


Sarah's phone buzzed briefly and she discreetly pulled it out and looked at the screen.  When she saw that the text was from Nikki she was suddenly really grateful for the work-mode that changed some of her contact names.  It would have complicated things at work immensely if anybody sitting next to Sarah had seen that she just got a message from "Mommynatrix".



having fun doing ur daily assignment?


Sarah smiled and quickly wrote a reply.



Still at work. Meeting. Will text when done.


She put the phone back in her pocket and returned her attention to Mr Ross as he droned on and on about how schools and parents should be working hand-in-hand to eliminate the massive societal problems primarily caused by sagging pants.


By the time the meeting was done, Sarah was exhausted.  Her colleagues quickly left the room before Mr Ross found something else to talk about and reconvened the meeting.  She leaned back, cracked her neck and stretched before pulling out her phone.   Switching it off work-mode, Sarah smiled as the wallpaper changed from an inoffensive picture of a baby orangutan to a picture of her and Nikki snuggled up on the sofa.



OK, the meeting is done. The boss had a lot to say today.


She didn't have to wait long for the reply.  As she left the room, the phone let out an R2-D2-sound.



so im guessing ur still dry



Not even home yet.  And I don't keep any at work.  Will call when I'm home.



Ill b waiting w/ dinner. want updates from last cpl days


Sarah smiled and shook her head.  She really needed to kidnap Nikki's phone and turn on the autocorrect.  Her texts had worse spelling than some of the dimmer bulbs in her classroom.  She quickly tidied her desk and locked the desk drawers before heading for the wardrobe to get her jacket.  Looking out the window, Sarah saw the lead-grey clouds covering the sky.  A quick check of the weather app on her phone confirmed her assumption.  It was going to be pouring down all afternoon.  Sarah quickly shot off another text to Nikki.



Looks like it's going to be pissing down all afternoon (No pun intended).  Any chance of getting a rain-check on my assignment? 😉




unless u have a diaper with u, i guess we r going for a walk aftr dinner


Sarah rolled her eyes and sighed.  "I guess we're going for a stroll then," she said to the empty room.  She put on her jacket, grabbed her backpack and made sure her locker was locked before walking out.


The weather outside was cold and damp and even though there was barely a breeze, it clawed its way through Sarah's clothes as she hurried towards the parking lot.  She felt the first couple of raindrops just as she got to her car.  By the time she was halfway home, the windscreen wipers were working overtime.  Luckily, Sarah managed to find a parking space close to her door so she only had to endure the downpour for a few seconds as she sprinted from the car to the front door.


As Sarah opened the door to her apartment, the mouth-watering smell of tomato soup hit her.   She kicked off her shoes and took off her jacket before heading for the kitchen.  The sight that met her as she entered, brought a smile to her face.


Standing by the stove, stirring a steaming pot of soup, was Nikki, wearing only panties, a big apron and Sarah's bunny slippers.  Sarah couldn't help herself.  She walked right over to Nikki, slipped her arms around her and gave her a hug.  The fact that she also just happened to grope her left breast was just an accident.


"Hey there sweetie," Nikki said.  She turned her head and gave Sarah a quick kiss.  "You sounded like you needed a little TLC today."


"Yeah," Sarah murmured into the side of Nikki's neck.  "That meeting was exhausting."


"Wanna talk about it?"


"Not really.  I'd much rather just stay like this."  Sarah rested her chin on Nikki's shoulder.


Nikki put the whisk on a plate next to the stove and turned around to face Sarah.  "So," she slipped her arms around Sarah and gave her butt a little squeeze.  "Unless you're getting really good at hiding your diapers, it feels like we're going for a little walk after dinner."


"Aww, do we have to?" Sarah whined.  "Can't we just stay in?"


"You had a choice," Nikki reminded her.


"Yeah right, like I'm going to keep diapers at work."


"About that..."  Nikki broke loose from Sarah's embrace and walked in to the living room.  She returned moments later with a plastic bag.  "Now you might think this is crazy, but would you at least give it some thought?"


"Is that 'you're so crazy'-crazy or 'we, the jury, find the defendant'-crazy?"


Nikki suddenly looked a little awkward.  "It might be Mongolian-crazy, but promise me you won't be mad."  She pulled something wrapped in plain brown paper out of the bag and handed it to Sarah.


Sarah sat down at the kitchen table and unwrapped the package.  It was a small metal cash box with a combination lock.  If there was anything in it, it didn't make any sound or shift noticeably when Sarah shook the box gently.


"O...kay?"  Sarah looked up at Nikki.


"The combination is 1524."


Sarah fiddled with the small number dials.  One of them seemed to be stuck, but after a few tries it loosened enough to be turned.  Taking out the tissue paper that Nikki had put on top, Sarah suddenly understood why Nikki had seemed so awkward.  Lying neatly folded in the box was one of her diapers.  She looked back up at Nikki.


"You have got to be kidding."


"Please don't be mad.  I just though you might want... you know, someplace safe to keep a backup.  You know, just in case."


"Nope."  Sarah shook her head.  "Not happening."


Nikki saw Sarah's expression and crouched down in front of her, taking her hands.  "I went too far again, didn't I.  I'm sorry."  She kissed Sarah's knuckles.


Sarah leaned down and rested her forehead against Nikki's.  "Honey, It's not... I mean, if I were to keep diapers at work, this is definitely the way I'd do it, but..."


"Yeah, I know.  I promised I wasn't going to make you wear them to work and I'm keeping that promise, but now at least you have the option if you change your mind."


"Yeah, I still don't see it happening."


"Well, then at least you have the most secure lunch box," Nikki said, getting a laugh from Sarah.  That relieved the tension.  "So you're not mad?"


"Maybe a little, but I'll forgive you this time."  Sarah kissed Nikki's forehead.


"Wonderful.  Dinner is almost ready, so why don't you go get changed while I set the table."


"What do you mean?  What's wrong with these clothes?"


"Well..."  Nikki slipped a hand down to Sarah's crotch, causing her to jump in surprise.  "Something seems to be missing here.  And besides, I'm not eating like this."  Nikki rose and hooked her thumbs inside the bib of her apron, pulling it away from her chest and giving Sarah a glimpse of her bare breasts.


"So, Ma'am," Sarah looked up at Nikki and gave her the most innocent smile she could manage.  "Thick or thin?"


"Oh, unless you want to go outside with one of your thick diapers..."  Nikki grinned.


"Damn, I was hoping I was off the hook for that.  Fine, thin it is."


"Of course, If you want a thick one  after our little walk, I'd be more than happy to help you out with that."


Sarah rose and walked over to Nikki to stand behind her.  She slipped her arms around her and leaned in to kiss her neck.  "Actually Ma'am," she whispered, "I was kind of hoping we could do something a little less diapery tonight."


"Oooh, feeling frisky, are we?"




"Well, if you're a good girl, maybe you get a treat.  We'll just have to see, won't we.  Now go get changed."  As Sarah let her go and turned to leave, Nikki gave her butt a playful swat.

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Hidden truths in plain sight

Part 3 of 4


"And you're still not telling me which movie we're going to?," Sarah said.  She and Nikki were standing in line to get tickets at the cinema.  "It's an all-horror line-up tonight.  You know I'm not crazy about horror movies."


"I'll have you know this is one of the most romantic movies I know," Nikki said, her voice full of mock indignation.  Then she leaned closer and whispered, "and it's not like we haven't taken precautions against jump-scares, right?"  She grinned and gave Sarah a little nudge.


"Nikki!" Sarah hissed.


"Oh relax, will you?  There's no way anybody can see it.  If they notice anything about you it's going to be that giant hockey jersey of yours.  You look ridiculous."


Now it was Sarah's turn to feign outrage.  "How dare you mock the greatness that is the Montreal Canadiens?  Go Habs!"


"Sweetie, you're not Canadian.  You don't even like hockey."


"Yeah," Sarah leaned in and kissed Nikki's cheek.  "But it's the biggest thing I had that wouldn't be too warm tonight."  Since the rainstorm two days earlier, the weather had done a complete reversal and gone from cold and rainy to unseasonably warm and almost muggy.


Just then, it was their turn at the ticket counter.  "Two tickets for 'The Mummy'.  Tenth row if you have any."  The pimply-faced teenager on the other side of the glass confirmed that there were plenty of vacant seats.  Nikki paid for the tickets, handed one to Sarah and they walked through the door into the crowded lobby.


The air-conditioning was obviously struggling because the room was sweltering.  Sarah immediately regretted even the thin fabric of the hockey jersey.  She found a spot right by one of the vents blowing a slightly less warm air and sighed with relief.


"I'm getting some popcorn," Nikki said.  "Do you want anything?"


"Just a Sprite.  If they're cold."


"OK.  I'll be right back."


Sarah just leaned against the wall, letting the slight breeze wash over her while Nikki disappeared into the crowd.


"Sarah? What are you doing here?  I thought you hated horror movies."


Sarah turned in the direction of the voice and felt her mouth go dry.  "Oh, hi Todd," she said as she saw one of her colleagues making his way through the crowd to her towing a cute blonde that looked significantly younger than him along.


If there was ever a person who was a living example of the stereotypical spoiled frat boy from an 80s movie, it was Todd.  He was one of those entitled golden boys who nobody really seemed to actually like, yet somehow he always managed to get ahead in life.


"My girlfriend convinced me to give them a shot, so we're seeing 'The Mummy'."


"Really?  Us too.  Claire here is a huge Tom Cruise fan, aren't you babe?"  Todd slipped an arm around the blonde and Sarah was pretty sure he gave her butt a squeeze based on the way she jumped.


"Oh, we're seeing the original."


"Why?" Todd asked incredulously.  "The special effects in that are soooo 1990s.  The wall of sand that comes after the plane looks like it's from a Playstation 2 game."


"No, the 1930s one.  With Boris Karloff."


"Why would anybody see that?  It's like, almost a hundred years old."


Sarah was just about to answer when Nikki showed up, carrying a large box of popcorn and two bottles of soda.  She had taken off her jacket and was wearing a t-shirt with 'The Mummy' and Boris Karloff's face on it.  She handed one of the bottles to Sarah and looked at Todd.  "So, who is this?" she asked


"This is Todd.  He teaches history at my school.  Todd, Nikki; my girlfriend."


Todd looked at Nikki.  "I guess that answers that question," he finally say cryptically.


"What do you mean?"  Sarah asked.


"I knew you had a girlfriend, but I never thought you'd be the man."  Todd nodded towards Nikki.  "I guess that t-shirt answers that."


Nikki stared at Todd.  First confused, then in disbelief.  "Todd?" she finally said, "you're an fucking arse."  She took a step closer and tipped the box of popcorn over his head.  Then, without another word, she took Sarah's hand and walked off, leaving the shocked and significantly more greasy Todd to the puzzled stares of the crowd.


"That guy is an absolute moron," Nikki said as she and Sarah rounded a corner and was out of sight.  Sarah looked like she was ready to cry, so Nikki embraced her and gently stroked her back.  "Are you OK sweetie?"


Sarah nodded, still shocked.


"Well that really killed the mood for date night," Nikki said.  Then she looked at Sarah and added "And not just for him."  That earned her a small smile from Sarah.


"What do you say we just skip this and go home.  We can watch the movie there and we won't have to worry about running into that arsehole again."


"Yeah," Sarah said quietly.  "Just one moment."




"Chores," Sarah said and grinned.


"Are you...?"




"You know you don't have to," Nikki started.


"A little too late for that now," Sarah said.  "At least we both know what we'll be doing once we get home."


Nikki only smiled in response.


Suddenly Sarah's smile vanished.  "One more thing..."


Nikki turned to see where Sarah was looking and saw that Todd and Claire had come around the corner, still picking kernels out of his hair.


Sarah marched up to them, blocking their way.  "Claire?" she said, "This guy is a complete prick and you deserve better than to be his seventh ex-girlfriend this year."  Then she turned back around, grabbed Nikki's hand and headed towards the exit.





"You know, this is far superior to the sticky theatre seats," Sarah said.  She and Nikki were snuggled up under the huge blanket on Sarah's sofa, watching Boris Karloff setting up for a resurrection ritual on the TV.


"Yeah."  Nikki absent-mindedly played with Sarah's hair.  "So what do you think of the movie so far?"


Sarah ate some popcorn.  "If this is supposed to be a horror movie, people must have been really easy to scare in the 30s."


"Maybe, but come on.  It's a romance spanning the centuries; a love that could not even be stopped by death itself," Nikki said grandiosely.


"It's a bit stalker-y," Sarah said and reached for the soda.




"Well, it is.  Imhotep is like the ultimate clingy boyfriend."


"Pfft.  You just don't appreciate good movies." 


"At least I wasn't suggesting we see the remake," Sarah said defensively.


"Yeah, you'd have to be a real bonehead to pick that over this."


Sarah snuggled closer and gave Nikki's neck a kiss.  "If he only knew how badly he misinterpreted your t-shirt, his head would explode."


Nikki grinned.  "What do you mean 'misinterpreted'?  I think it's perfectly accurate for me to wear a mummy-t-shirt.  It's not my fault that he thought you had one that said 'Daddy' and not 'Baby' under that hockey jersey."


"I'm not a baby."


"Said the girl wearing the diapers."  Nikki tried to take a sip of her soda, but found that the bottle was empty.  "Why don't you be a good little girl and go get us some refills?"


"Yes, oh great and powerful mistress."  Sarah said with mock seriousness and slipped out from under the blanket.


"You're such a little brat," Nikki said and gave Sarah's diapered butt a playful slap.  "I'll have to do something about that."


"Promises, promises."

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Hidden truths in plain sight

Part 4 of 4


It was Saturday afternoon and Sarah was in the kitchen.  She had just put a chocolate cake in the oven and was cleaning up when she heard her front door open.


"Sarah?" Nikki's voice called out from the hallway.  "Wanna give me a hand?"


Sarah dried her hands and went to help Nikki.  When she saw the large cardboard box Nikki had awkwardly under one arm while trying to get through the door she couldn't help smiling.  She grabbed one end of the box, allowing Nikki to move to the other end and get through the door.  The box wasn't very heavy, so when Nikki let go of it to close the door, Sarah had no problems holding it.


"So, curious about the costumes?" Nikki said and nodded towards the box.


"Actually, a little more worried than curious," Sarah admitted.


"Worried?  Why?"  Nikki kicked off her shoes.


"Seriously?  In a couple of hours I'm going to go out in public with my diapers showing."


"Well, technically your diapers aren't showing, only your costume is."


"Potato, tomato," Sarah said and rolled her eyes.


"That's not how... oh never mind.  Come here."  Nikki wrapped her arms around Sarah and pulled her close.  She kissed her way from Sarah's lips, along her jaw and down the side of her neck, not stopping until she reached the collar hidden underneath the sweater.


"And you're already dressed for the occasion," Nikki murmured, slipping a finger between the collar and Sarah's throat and giving it a gentle tug.


Sarah moaned softly.  "Mmmm.  Yes Ma'am," she whispered.


Nikki's other hand slid down Sarah's back to give her butt a squeeze.   "And no diaper?" she asked.


Sarah smiled impishly.  "I thought maybe you wanted a little grown-up time before I have to go all bratty and childish for the party."  She wiggled closer to Nikki.


"Do you really think we have time?"  Nikki felt her resolve and her domme mindset crumbling.


"The cake needs another twenty minutes in the oven.  And besides, we can be fashionably late."  Sarah turned around and picked up something from the kitchen counter.  When she turned back around, a long piece of string dangled from the ring in her collar.


That did it for Nikki.  She let out a groan and grabbed the string.  "You're lucky you're so adorable."


"Yes Mistress," Sarah said, making a lousy attempt at seeming demure.


"Oh, so that's how you want to do it?"  Nikki gave the string a little tug downwards and Sarah kneeled in front of her.  "I'm going to go get something.  You stay just like this."


"Yes Ma'am," Sarah said, not faking it this time.


The next minutes were some of the longest in Sarah's life.  Her mind was racing, playing out one scenario after the other and rejecting them all.  She glanced at the timer on the stove.  It had only been two minutes since Nikki left.  Sarah's stomach felt like it was full of butterflies and she almost felt a little dizzy.  The noisy drone of the fan above the stove drowned out whatever noise Nikki might be making so Sarah was left without any clues as to what she went to get.  She tried to do a quick inventory of what she might be finding, but quickly had to give up.  Nikki had proven herself fiendishly inventive when it came to kinkifying everyday items around the house so she could be getting anything.  She had once joked that she could turn a bag of jelly beans, a bottle of coconut oil and a small, handheld vacuum cleaner into the tools of a whole evening of depravity.


Sarah looked at the timer again.  Three and a half minutes.   She felt the beginnings of a cramp in her left foot and shifted her weight a little.


"Ah-ah-ah," came Nikki's voice from behind Sarah.  Crap!  How the hell did she sneak around me?  Sarah felt Nikki come closer to stand just behind her left shoulder.   As Nikki slowly stroked her hair, Sarah turned towards her.


"Did I say you could move?"


Sarah quickly turned back.  "No Ma'am," she said.  "I'm sorry."


"That's better."  Nikki ran her fingers through Sarah's hair, closed her fist and pulled her head back.  Sarah closed her eyes and let out a low moan.  There was a metallic click and when Sarah opened her eyes, she saw the Nikki had clipped the leash to the ring on her collar.  She gave the leash a little tug upwards and Sarah rose awkwardly, her left foot tingling and half asleep.


"OK, hands behind your back."


Sarah put her arms behind her, resting the backs of her hands against the small of her back.  Handcuffs?  That's new.  Sarah wasn't sure if she liked that idea or not.  But no cold metal encircled her wrists.  Instead, it was Nikki's warm hands.


"Now, you're going to keep your hands there, right?"


"Yes Ma'am," Sarah whispered.


"That's a good girl."  Nikki let go of Sarah's wrists and moved to stand in front of her, letting her hand linger on Sarah's butt as she moved.


The compliment, along with Nikki's lingering caress, filled Sarah with a mixture of excitement and nervous anticipation.  It wasn't that they hadn't done anything like this before, but for some reason it always felt like she was fourteen and going on a first date.


"Come along now," Nikki said and gave the leash a little tug.  Sarah swallowed and then meekly followed Nikki towards the bedroom.


The bedroom seemed warmer than usual.  Nikki pulled the duvet off the bed and just let it fall to the floor.  Next she sat down on the bed.  And with a perplexed expression she ran her hand over the smooth cotton sheets.


"Plastic sheets?" she asked as she felt the fabric slide smoothly across the mattress.


Sarah felt her cheeks warm as she blushed.  "just a precaution, Ma'am," she said, answering the unasked question.


Nikki smiled and pulled Sarah closer.  Then she began to slowly unbutton Sarah's top.  She undid the front clasp of Sarah's bra before slowly sliding everything off her shoulders and down her arms.  Sarah had to close her eyes and bite her lip to stay still.  The leather of the leash making a cold line from her throat, down her chest and stomach.  Next Sarah felt Nikki's warm breath against her stomach as she leaned in to give it a soft kiss and her knees went a little wobbly.  Nikki undid the button of her jeans and slowly pulled the zipper down.


Sarah's mouth felt dry and she let out an involuntary moan as Nikki traced the edge of the waistband of her panties with a finger.  Using just her thumbs, Nikki eased the panties and jeans past Sarah's hips and down.  Then she paused.


"Well that's new," Nikki said, running her hand down Sarah's hairless mound.


Sarah swallowed at Nikki's touch.  Finally she managed to force out a "Yes, Ma'am."


Nikki got up and helped Sarah lie down on the bed before pulling the jeans and panties the rest of the way off her legs.  She sat down on the bed next to Sarah and began stroking her stomach, every stroke extending a little further down.


"So why'd you shave?" she finally asked.


"I read somewhere..." she began, but lost her train of thought when Nikki's hand strayed a little too far south.  "I read somewhere," she tried again, "that hair increases B.O. since it gives sweat more area to evaporate from."  She took a breath and fought to maintain concentration despite Nikki's best attempts to distract her.  "And I figured I didn't want to risk anybody smelling anything tonight at the party."


"I don't know if it works quite like that with diapers," Nikki said.  "So was that the only reason?"


Sarah didn't answer.  She only sighed and wiggled her hips a little.


"I said,"  Nikki flicked a finger at Sarah's stomach, making her jump.  "Was that the only reason."


"Mm-hmm" she answered dreamily.


Nikki removed her hand and pulled the leash again.  "Good little girls don't lie.  And you're a good little girl, aren't you?"


"Yes, Ma'am," Sarah said.  "I am."


"Well?" Nikki said with her patented raised eyebrow.


"I also wanted to see what my diapers felt like like this," Sarah admitted, almost whispering.


"And what did it feel like?"


"Don't know.  Only did it this morning."


Nikki slid off the bed.  "I guess we'd better find out then," she said and went to the dresser to find one of Sarah's thick diapers.


Sarah, seeing the diaper, realised that the 'no sex'-rule would be in effect as soon as she was wearing it.  "Aww, already?  But I thought we-"


"Shush now," Nikki interrupted.  "We don't have time for that and you know it.  Now be a good girl and help me get you into your costume."


"But can't we-"


Nikki leaned in and shut Sarah up with a kiss.  "If you're a good girl tonight, maybe you get a treat when we get back home."


"OK"  Sarah, knowing that protests would be futile, sighed and raised her hips to let Nikki slide the diaper in place.


Once Sarah was diapered, Nikki slipped the loop at the end of the leash over one of the bed posts.  "Now don't go anywhere," she said with a smile and left the room.  She returned with the big cardboard box and put it at the foot of the bed, out of sight for Sarah. 


"Don't you think these'll look great on you?" Nikki asked and held up a huge diaper.


"You're kidding!  They're fucking ginormous."


"Ah-ah-ah.  Language."  Nikki gave her a stern look.


"I'm sorry, Ma'am," Sarah said contritely.


Nikki proceeded putting the giant diapers on Sarah and when she was done, she helped her off the bed.  Sarah found she was forced to waddle whenever she tried to walk normally.


"Where do you even find something like this?"


"Oh you'd be surprised at what's available online."  Nikki smiled and held up a bundle of green cloth.  "Now let's get the rest of the costume on."


Within minutes, Sarah was dressed in a bright green dress that was so short that it left no doubt about what she wore underneath, but not so short that it actually exposed the diapers as long as she stood upright.  Her auburn hair was hidden under a blonde wig done up in a bun, on her feet were green slippers with big, white pom-poms and her collar had been switched out for the more discreet cameo choker.


"My god, you look absolutely adorable."  Nikki gently stroked Sarah's cheek.  "We have to get somebody to take our picture tonight."


"Do we have to?" Sarah asked, reluctance evident in her voice.


"Of course we do.  When else would you get away with having your picture taken in diapers?"  Nikki gave Sarah's thickly padded butt a little slap, making a poofing sound.  "Now you go wait in the living room while I put on my costume."


Sarah waddled out the door and headed for the kitchen to check on the cake.  It was only a little over a minute left on the timer, so she checked if it was done.  It was, so she took the pan from the oven and put it on the counter to cool off.  Then she went to the living room and sat down on the sofa.  It took her a moment to realise that she wasn't sitting on a cushion.  Sarah leaned back and tried to relax, the giant diaper making her spread her legs in a decidedly unladylike manner.  She rested one hand on her crotch, the thick padding of the costume diaper making it impossible to even feel that touch.  She grabbed the fabric in an attempt to relieve the tension that Nikki's teasing had built up in her, but the thick cloth made her efforts frustratingly hard.


"What are you doing?"  Nikki's voice jolted Sarah out of her reverie.


"Nothing," she lied.  "Just adjusting the diaper a little."  Her eyes focused on Nikki standing in the doorway with her arms crossed.  She was wearing a plain, light blue dress with quite a lot more cleavage and legs than Disney ever showed.  Nikki's breasts also seemed to have jumped from her usual B's to D's in order to show off that cleavage.  And to top it all off, she had a wig with a large, light blue bow in the back.  In short she looked like Wendy Darling drawn by a fifteen year old Walt Disney.


"Riiiiiiight."  Nikki turned around and went back to the hallway.  She returned only moments later.  "OK, come here sweetie."


Sarah got off the sofa and awkwardly waddled sideways around the coffee table to stand in front of Nikki.  Nikki gave her a quick once-over, tucking a few strands of hair back under the wig and adjusting the dress.


"We'll wait with the wings until we get to the party.  We don't want them to get squished in the car, do we?"




"Good.  Now hands behind your back."


When Sarah did as she was told, she felt something tighten around her wrists, realising that Nikki had tied her arms.


"What?!?  Hey, what are you doing?"


"It's obvious that you're a naughty, little girl who can't be trusted to keep from playing with herself.  So I'm making sure you behave yourself until we get to the party."


"What do you mean?  I can't go out like this," Sarah protested.


"Of course you can.  We'll put a coat over your shoulders and nobody'll be the wiser.  And I'll untie you when we're at the party if you promise to behave yourself..."  Nikki wrapped her arms around Sarah, pulled her closer and gave the back of her neck a kiss.  "And play along with our little story about Wendy and Tinklebell."


"Don't you mean Tinkerbell?"


Nikki's hands slid down to give the giant diapers a pat.  "No.  I think it's Tinklebell.  And Tinklebell's going to be wet before she leaves the party.  If she is, this story's going to have a happy ending.  Now come along."  Nikki took Sarah's arm and led her to the front door where she took off the slippers and helped her put on regular shoes.  Next she draped a coat over Sarah's shoulders and put the sleeves of the coat in the pockets.


"There you go.  Totally incognito."


Sarah looked at herself in the mirror.  "I look like a flasher," she said as Nikki put on her own jacket.


Nikki put on her boots before straightening up and and looking at Sarah.  "Yeah, you kinda do, but the car is right outside and besides, it's Halloween.  Nobody's going to care."  She put an arm around Sarah and guided her out the door.


Getting into the car proved trickier than they had thought.  Nikki had to move the seat back so Sarah could get her much bigger butt inside.  And getting in without having her hands made it extra awkward.  When they were both inside the car, Nikki had to reach over to help Sarah with the seat belt.


The twenty-minute drive took almost double that and by the time they were parking, Sarah was fidgeting almost non-stop.


"What's wrong sweetie?" Nikki asked as she undid Sarah's seat belt.


"My shoulders are cramping up."


"Oh I'm sorry.  I didn't think the drive would take so long."  Nikki undid the top buttons on Sarah's jacket.  "Lean forward."


Sarah leaned forward as far as she could.  Nikki slipped the jacket off her shoulders and pulled it down.  Then she reached behind Sarah's back and untied the rope.   Sarah slowly eased her arms forward rolled her shoulders to work out the stiffness.  "Thanks."


They decided to not try to work Sarah's arms into the sleeves of the jacket but just button it back up the way it had been, seeing as it was only a couple of minutes from where they had parked to the party and Sarah didn't feel like showing her costume to the world.  Nikki got out and opened Sarah's door, helping her out.  Then she grabbed a box that looked like an oversized pizza box from the back seat and locked the car.


As they walked down the street, the passed a group of children trick or treating.  Sarah couldn't quite decide whether the grown-ups accompanying the kids looked relieved that they didn't have to dress up or if they were jealous.


When they arrived at the apartment building where the party was, it took four tries before anybody answered the buzzer, and when they did, it was hard to hear anything over Ghostbusters blaring in the background.  They were quickly buzzed in and once they saw the state of the elevator, they decided to take the stairs.


"I hope they're not going to to play the music that loud all night," Sarah said as they trudged up the stairs.


"Probably not," Nikki answered.  "It's just that that movie is Mike's claim to fame.  He was an extra in it."


"How old is he?  That movie is like thirty years old."


"He was two at the time."




After a couple of more flights of stairs they walked down the hallway to the last couple of lines to the song and stopped outside a door decorated with spiders and bats and a couple of weird-looking books.  One of them was a pretty good copy of the Necronomicon from the Evil Dead movies.


"What's the deal with the books?" Sarah nodded towards the decorations.


"Oh, Mike's wife Amina works at some publishing company.  That's why they're doing a literary theme for the costumes tonight."


Just as Nikki said that, the door was opened by an overweight, black man with a deerstalker hat and an oversized pipe.  "Nikki!" he roared and wrapped his arms around her to give her a hug.


"Hey hey hey, careful!" Nikki said and squirmed out of the hug.  "Do you mind if we finish the costumes?"  She held up the box.


"Sure, use the guest room.  We're putting all the coats there anyway."  "But afterwards, you owe me a proper hug."


Nikki steered Sarah to a small room where there was a big pile of coats on a bed.  "Sorry about that," Nikki said once the door was closed.  "I should have warned you.  Mike's big on hugs."


"Yeah, I kinda figured.  Now what's this about finishing the costume?"


Nikki opened the box to reveal a pair of insectlike wings made from cellophane and steel wire and sprinkled with glitter.  "You can't really be Tinkerbell without the wings, can you?"  She helped Sarah take off the jacket and attach the wings to the back of the dress.


They were just finishing when there was a knock at the door and a muffled "Are you two decent in there?"


"Yeah, sure," Nikki said and made some final adjustments to her wig.  The door opened and an olive-skinned woman in a suit and tie and with a huge moustache walked in.


"Oh no Amina," Nikki said, "please don't tell me you're Doctor Watson."


"Of course not," Amina said with mock indignation and a pretty good Scottish accent.  She pointed to the red and white name tag sticker on her jacket that said  "Hello. My name is ARTHUR".


Nikki stared blankly at her until Sarah sighed heavily.  "Sir Arthur Conan Doyle," she said and rolled her eyes.


"At your service," Amina said.  "And who might you two be?"


"I'm Wendy Darling," Nikki said and curtsied.  "And this is Tinklebell."


"Tinkerbell," Sarah corrected.


"Oh no.  It's Tinkle-bell," Nikki said, emphasising the first part of the name.  "Peter and the lost boys though she was being very childish when she was jealous of me.  So very very childish."


"I can see that."  Amina smiled.


"So until she can be more mature..."  Nikki gave Sarah's diaper a little pat.


Amina chuckled and rummaged through her pockets to come up with a black marker and a some blank name tags.  Before Sarah had a chance to protest, she had a name tag saying "Tinklebell" stuck to her dress and Nikki had one saying "Wendy".


"Now come on," Amina said and took Sarah's arm.  "There's somebody you just have to meet.  Oh, and Nikki, Mike said something about you owing him something."






"Where have been hiding these people all this time?"  Sarah was walking down the street holding Sarah's hand.  "I mean, they were fun."


"Sure, today they are, but most of the time they're depressingly serious."




"The guy who was dressed up as one of the musketeers; the one that kept flirting with you all night..."


"Mort, right?"


"Yeah.  He's an accountant and he is just as boring as that sounds every other day of the year."


Sarah looked at Nikki disbelievingly.  "Really?"


Nikki nodded.  "I hope I didn't ruin everything for you."


"Nah.  It was still a fun party.  And I think what's-his-name, the tall, skinny guy dressed in that white fish costume has a serious crush on you."


Yeah, Jean-Luc.  We went on a single date years and years ago.  I must have made one hell of an impression on him."


"Well, you are very impressive."  Sarah leaned in and gave Nikki a quick kiss.


"Oh you ain't seen nothing yet."


"Oh ree-hee-heally?" Sarah asked in her best Jim Carrey impression.


"Oh grow up."


Sarah pouted.  Then she leaned in close.  "But I was a naughty little girl.  I'm all wet and squishy in my diaper," she whispered with an exaggerated lisp.


Nikki laughed out loud.  "Yeah, I still can't believe you did that in front of Caroline.  She's the most uptight person I know."


"And she dressed up like a slutty librarian?  Makes you wonder what she's hiding."


"Who knows."  Nikki unlocked the car and gave Sarah a hand getting into the car before getting in herself.


"So, when we get back home, I guess you want to get changed right away?"


Sarah grinned.  She took Nikki's hand hand placed it on her diaper, holding it there while looking deeply into her eyes.  "I don't think that's a question, Ma'am.  I think it's just your way of saying that you want to get me naked so you can have your way with me?"


Nikki smiled back and started the engine.  "That depends.  Is it working?"

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