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Diapers and Denial: The Tale Of Two Friends

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So I've had some free time and felt inspired to create another short story. I'm still working on creating an eBook (for anyone interested) that will have all of short stories I've created. For now let me know what you think of this short story and if I get enough support I'm thinking of creating a full story that will start with Alex's 18th birthday. 


Diapers and Denial: The Tale Of Two Friends

Alex and Mike have been best friends since first meeting each other in elementary school. Both have been avid gamers and consistently have been found sitting in the living room glued to the TV screen. The boys would spend so much time  in their spots that their mothers would joke about the living room rug having permeant indentations from where they were sitting. From Need for Speed Underground to Overwatch 2 both Alex and Mike have played the games together. 

In this alternative world, potty training doesn’t begin until the ripe age of 19. Adults young as 18 can start potty training but in reality most adults don’t get fully trained until 20 to 21. Alex and Mike are bit embarrassed about their situation. A large portion of their peers have already expressed interest in potty training while some have even started wearing pull-ups. To Alex and Mike, they feel like they were the only ones who still needed diapers and are at risk of becoming outcasts.

On a rainy afternoon over at Mikes house we find the two friends in Mike’s room glued in front of the TV. Mike is playing the latest Call of Duty while Alex sits close by watching and doom scrolling on his phone. As Alex continues to doom scroll he feels his stomach rumble in an ominous way alerting him that a messy diaper is on the horizon. This wouldn’t be problem for Alex or even Mike as they’re both wearing diaper. But since Alex’s last birthday he has begin feeling new emotions, one of which is embarrassment when doing his business. As a result, Alex has begin the phase of hiding when doing business to lessen the embarrassment. 

"Hey, Mike, I’m to go to grab a drink from the kitchen. Do you want anything?,” he said, trying to sound casual.

But Mike knew what was really going on. "Do you need to poop?" he asked, noticing the telltale potty dance Alex was doing along with him holding his stomach. Silent farts that Alex had been releasing that was now filling the room was also a good indication of what was coming.

Alex blushed while crossing his arms over his stomach.


Mike could easily tell that Alex was going to mess his diaper soon just by his body language alone but didn't mind. He was used to it by now and did the same type of actions when he need to go as well. However, Mike wasn’t the one for modesty and had not yet begin feeling the same level emotions that Alex had been experiencing. Mike was contempt on squatting wherever he was at and pushing a load into his diaper before retuning to what he was previously doing.

To Alex, the thought of messing his diaper while Mike was nearby was too embarrassing. He tried to play it cool, but the rumbling in his stomach was getting worse and he knew he had to go soon.

"Well, I'm going to get a cold juice box and enjoy the cool air in the kitchen for a few minutes because your room hot as hell ," Alex said quickly before getting up from the floor and walking towards the door.

Mike noticed Alex's sudden change in behavior and realized Alex maybe embarrassed by what was going on.

"Alex, wait. You don’t have to feel embarrassed about using your diaper around me.”

“I do it all the time around my parents and I know you see me squatting when I go” 

“If you want, you can hide beside my bed and I won't watch if that makes you feel better?” Mike side looking over to the small space occupied between his bed and dresser. 

Alex felt his cheeks turn red with embarrassment.

"No, no. I don’t need to poop, ok, I'm fine. I'll be right back," he said before quickly leaving the room.

He made his way to the living room, where he knew there was a hidden spot behind the couch. He silently crawled behind the couch, and squatted. Alex listed for any noises that could indicate that Mike or even Mike’s parents were coming close his location.

He pushed down with his tummy muscles resulting in a small load filling the seat of his diaper with an audible wet fart. Taking a moment to listen for anyone, he pushed down more with grunt causing his diaper to balloon out. With one final push Mike finished pooping his diaper before releasing a small stream of pee adding to the mix. 

After he was finished, he felt immerse relief. He couldn't believe he had just hidden behind a couch to mess his diaper as the norm last year was the same as Mike. He stayed there for a while longer to ensure he was done while also, trying to gather the courage to go back to Mike's room.

Eventually, he took a deep breath and made his way back to Mike's room, trying to act as if nothing had happened. But Mike noticed the smell right away and could see the bulge in Alex's pants from the load he had deposited. Not too mention Alex didn’t have a juice box and his obvious potty dance posture was now replaced with relaxed look.

“Do you feel better now that you, cooled off?" Mike asked, trying to hide his smirk knowing that Alex did not get a juice box.

Alex felt his face turn even redder. "No, I mean yes. I'm fine," he said, lying.

But Mike knew better. He didn't say anything, though, knowing how embarrassed Alex was feeling. He just continued to play the game, pretending like everything was normal.


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Here is a mini update to the story, thanks everyone for the views. 


As Mike returned playing call of duty, Mike's mom came home from her errands. She walked into the house and was greeted by the lingering smell of a dirty diaper. She knew somebody either has a dirty diaper and went on the hunt. She assumed the smell was probably coming from Mike not knowing that Alex was the culprit as Mike usually did his business and went about his day. If Mike is engrossed, like he usually is, she would have to pull him away like a fussy toddler to get a diaper changed.

Walking into his room and she saw both boys sitting on the floor, one glued to the TV screen and the other to his phone. She immediately smelled a ripe dirty diaper and asked Mike if he needed a change.
Mike quickly responded without looking away from his game,

"No, Mom, it's not me. I'm clean."

She then turned to Alex and asked,
"Alex, do you have a poopy diaper?"

Alex's face turned bright red, and he stammered,

"No, it's not me either."

But Mike's mom was persistent and knew from the smell that one of them had indeed pooped. Without a word she walked over to Mike first and checked his diaper by pulling back the exposed diaper from where he was sitting finding it to be clean. Mike being engrossed in his current match paid no attention and acted if his mom wasn’t there.

Turning to Alex who was bright red now with embarrassment knowing that Mike’s mom knew he is the culprit.

“Alex honey, it's okay," she said, reassuringly.

"It happens to all boys that aren’t potty trained”.

“There isn’t anything to be embarrassed about or anything new”

“You’ve been doing in diapers for as long as I remember”


“Let's get you cleaned up and changed."

Alex felt embarrassed but also relieved that Mike's mom was understanding.

“Come on, lets get that poopy diaper changed”

She said gesturing to the changing table that sit at the foot of Mike’s bed. The changing table had small step to make it easier to get up onto of the plastic covered memory form bedding. The plastic covering which had been recently changed featured star wars characters and space ships. At the very end, a small pillow with the same matching plastic covering lays to make changing more conformable. Attached to the changing table on the left side featured a phone holding attachment so that while getting your diaper changed can you attach your phone for hands free viewing.

Alex stepped up and laid down onto the changing table mat. He placed his phone into the phone holder and reseted his had on the pillow knowing this change may take sometime. Mike’s mom pulled out one of Alex’s diaper from underneath table along with some diaper wipes and some rash creme..

“Alex honey, how long ago did you go poopy?”  She asked as she sit the changing supplies on Alex’s chest.

“About half an hour ago” Alex answered as he set his phone into the phone holder.

“ Ok I’m going to put some rash creme on your bottom so it might be cold” 

She replied as she pulled off Alex’s shorts down to his ankles exposing his full diaper.
Wasting no time, Mike’s mom pulled both tabs open on the diaper before opening it to the mess Mike had created.
“Phew, you are sure one stinky boy today” she said as he begin using the front to get most of the mess removed.

Thoroughly, she used the diaper wipes to remove the mess and tucked them into the dirty diaper. Once finally clean, Mike’s mom rubbed in diaper creme into Alex’s diaper region before fanning out the new diaper and taping him into a clean one. Alex unbothered, happily watched YouTube on his phone while Mike’s mom finished up.

“Ok honey, raise your bottom a bit so I can get your shorts back up”

As they finished up, Mike's mom reminded him that there was no need to be embarrassed about wearing diapers. She explained that some people take longer to potty train, and that's okay. The most important thing is to be comfortable and feel good about yourself.

Alex raised his butt to complete the change, while still laying on the changing table Alex listened as Mike’s mom took his dirty diaper and dropped it into the diaper genie beside the changing table.

“Ok boys, I’m going to go wash my hands and start dinner. I expect both of you to turn off the game and wash you hands when I call you.” Mike’ mom said sternly as she walked out of the room.

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