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Kaitlin Bennet (Parts - one, two, and three)

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Kaitlin Bennett

the Kent State Diaper Girl


Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.


Part ONE


Kaitlin Bennett was laying in her bed crying. She wanted to get on her phone, but she couldn't handle that right now. Not that she needed social media to remind her of the nightmare she was living. She could still hear them. They're mocking chants lived rent free in her mind.




Kaitlin is known as the Kent State Gun Girl. Well she was… Now it seemed like she was best known for shitting her pants at a frat party. Kaitlin was a very avid gun activist, but her last few rallys had been overrun with trolls chanting about her embarrassing accident. 

She finally worked up the courage to check her phone. The first email she opened was from the NRA, explaining their desire to distance themselves from her till this all blew over. She threw her phone, and started crying harder. How could this be happening? She spent her whole life as an activist for the 2nd amendment, and now because a bunch of liberals are teasing her it's over… It wasn't fair.

There was a knock at the door. It startled Kaitlin, almost making her spill her glass of wine. When she opened her front door she saw a UPS driver running back to his truck, and found a large package at her feet. 

There was a note inside, and a smaller package dressed in childish wrapping paper.

The note read, "thought you could use these. ?"

She tore the wrapping paper from the mystery delivery. Kaitlin let out an agonized scream after realizing what it was, and threw the package across the room. The pack of diapers hit the wall and fell to the floor with a thud. She started to cry again. Last week she was getting the newest ammo to test from distributors. And now she was opening packages of diapers.

After several minutes of absolute hysterics, Kaitlin regained some composure. She caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror. Face red, drenched in tears, snot running from her nose, and drool from her mouth.  she couldn't help but to admit her infantile state. "Maybe they're right! Maybe I am a big baby!" She huffed as she fell to the floor, and started balling again. "Just a big dumb baby!" She whimpered, as she stuck her thumb into her mouth. Surprisingly, it calmed her down rather effectively.

Kaitlin didn't even bother standing all the way up when she made up her mind. She just rolled over, pulled herself onto her hands and knees, and crawled across the room like the baby she was. Eventually reaching the package of diapers. 

"Am I really about to do this…" she thought as she ripped into the package of diapers, and took one out to examine it. It wasn't your average depends adult diaper. It was like a giant baby diaper, decorated with a babyish teddy bear pattern.  "Well… I better decide soon. This wine is going right through me!" Kaitlin answered herself, as she felt a familiar tingling sensation...



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part TWO

Kaitlin didn't think about it anymore. She ripped off her jeans and panties, and proceeded to diaper herself. "I obviously have had too much wine tonight." She thought as she fastened the last tape around her hips. "I can't believe I'm even doing this." 

She stood up, and expected to pee immediately. She had to go so very badly a few moments ago. She had no idea how hard it was going to be to pee herself on purpose. She really had to focus. She closed her eyes, and relaxed every muscle in her body. She felt herself finally let go, and her diaper started to get warm. She could hear the muffled hiss of the flood she had just released. She let out an heavy sigh of relief as the last bit of pee trickled out. "That was so much more enjoyable than when I did it at the party." She thought.

She was a little annoyed at how much she enjoyed it. After all the ridicule shes endured over this exact thing, constantly having to defend herself against rumors that she wore diapers. "Well, they aren't rumors anymore… fact check this shit Lib-Tards!" She thought. Her cat jumped onto the couch near her. "Look at me Ms. Kitty!" She said pressing her wet diaper against herself. "I'm a big baby!" She yelled. "GOO GOO GA GA!!!" She yelled even louder as she started to clumsily stomp around the room, acting like a toddler. Her sudden outburst scared Ms. Kitty, and sent her running across the room, jumping on the desk as she made her way to her cat tower. Kaitlin was to busy to notice the monitor kick on, as Ms. Kitty hit the keyboard in her frantic run for safety. She was also too busy to notice that Ms. Kitty had accidentally started a live stream on Facebook too.

She spent the better part of an hour toddling in and out of the camera's frame wearing nothing but a diaper and her sports bra, acting like a baby. The people watching might not have known she had pissed herself if she hadn't been openly admitting it so boisterously. Her phone was on silent, and still laying under the couch, from when she had thrown it earlier. So she was unfortunately not getting notifications from any of her friends, warning her of her mistaken solitude.

Kaitlin came crawling into view on all fours. "I'm a big dumb baby! I still go potty in my pants!" Goo Goo Ga ga!" She continued to Babble like a baby. "Uh oh! I have to go poopy!" She shouted. To be honest she had been trying to push one out since she strapped herself in, it took this long to build up enough pressure. She spread her legs, arched her back, and lowered her butt. "Hmmmpff… hmmm… hmmf" Kaitlin grunted as she pushed a huge stinky mess into the seat of her diaper. "I went poopoo!" She shouted. "I go potty in my pants!" She let herself fall back, landing on her butt. I'm a baby! Im a baby!" She shouted one more time, before shoving her thumb into her mouth. She was bouncing around in her mess, when she heard Ms. Kitty meow from behind her. She spun around. "Kitty!!! I want kitty!" She stretched her arms towards her cat. Then her heart sank. She finally noticed the computer monitor. And herself on screen…


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Kaitlin lept towards her computer. "No. No. NOOO!!!!" She wailed, as her worst fears were realized. She'd been streaming live almost the whole time she was playing in her diaper. There were thousands of comments, and shares. Even though she shut it off there is no way to scrub it from the internet forever. It was out there now. Her life was over. She grabbed her phone, and started to cry as she scrolled through all her missed texts. Then her heart dropped again. A text from her mom. Saying that she was on her way over. 

Before she could even think about cleaning herself up, she heard a key at the door. "Shit. Shit. SHIT!!!" Kaitlin scrambled to find something to cover herself with, but failed to do so in time. 

"Jesus Fucking Christ, Kaitlin!" Her mother screamed. "What the actual fuck?"

Kaitlin was crying again. "I'm sorry! It was an accident!!! I didn't mean to!"

"Didn't mean to what? Shit yourself, and broadcast it to the internet? All you needed to do was stay under the radar for a few weeks. And it all would have blown over." Her mother was obviously livid. "I just got off the phone with Tammy, at Remington. They are pulling your endorsements."

"What!?! Why?" Kaitlin cried.

"Why? Why you ask? Maybe they don't want they're brand associated with a… what did you say… 'a big dumb baby'..." Her mother's words stung. 

"I… I don't know what to do! Mommy I'm so sorry!"

"There isn't much you can do now. That was most of your income. Why Kaitlin!?!"

"Some jerks sent me the diapers… I was just… I just… she started balling again. "I guess I am a big dumb baby!" She was beyond embarrassed. Mortified. But she couldn't stop thinking about how great that evening had been up to this point. How refreshing, and free it felt to just be a little baby. Kaitlin started to wonder if she even wanted to "grow back up". I mean, her life as she knew it was already over.

"Are you even listening to me!?!" Kaitlin realized her mom has still been yelling at her.

"Huh? I'm sorry mommy." She whimpered, as she was ripped from her thoughts. 

"I said go get yourself cleaned up! I can't believe this!" Her mother repeated. 

"I... no know how…" Kaitlin squeaked.

"Excuse me?" Her mom barked.

"I…" Kaitlin thought about what she was going to say next. There was a split second where she almost stood up, headed to the shower, and put her big girl clothes back on. But that just seemed like the worst thing in the world at the moment. She didn't want to be a big girl anymore. Not after getting a taste of diapered bliss. Maybe it was all the wine she had drank, or maybe it was what she really wanted. Either way she made a choice. "I… went poopoo, mommy! I need my diapwer changed!" 

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  • BabyDenton changed the title to Kaitlin Bennet (Parts - one, two, and three)

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