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Love to make so new friends!

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My name is opal, I’m 22, Lesbian and in Darmstadt Indiana. I’m a little 2-4, who would love to make some new friends. I’ve never had a mommy/caregiver/little friends, so I am pretty new to all of this. I love the outdoors, stuffies ?, coffee , animals, flowers ?  baking ?, fruits ? coloring ?️‍?, going on walks, apple juice ? I have the cutest doggy ? My favorite colors are baby blue ? & baby pink ? I love fuzzy stuff ? Some of my favorite shows are Steven Universe, Avatar the last Airbender, Rick and Morty, Studio Ghibli and Rupauls Drag Race ? I love just about every kind of music but Motionless in White is my favorite band ? Giraffes ? Doggies ? and Elephants ? are my favorite animals. I’d say I’m on the androgynous side ? Dislikes are yelling ?, belittling, the dark ?, racist/sexist ?, cheaters and lying! I also have a few health problems and anxiety ? I’d love to play outside and just having fun together! ??Nobody actually knows about this side of me and I would like friends I’d be able to talk to openly!?????


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2 hours ago, OpalDominique said:

Hewwo! It’s nice to meet you to! 

Thank you, hope all is well. Feel free to send me a private message anytime.

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Welcome! It's always great to have new people join. I'm also a fan of Rick and Morty so:

welcome Memes & GIFs - Imgflip

I hope you like it here and this is more than a 20 minute adventure for you!


Little Tomás

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