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Daddy seeking DL LG for DD/LG RP


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       I'm a Daddy type seeking a Roleplay partner who would play the Daughter-type or LG in a DDLG type RP.

Absolutely has to be a female character you’re playing.  I prefer longer, more detailed responses; a lengthy paragraph or couple of paragraphs each time.  I would prefer doing it via private messages but I have a RP going in the forum at the moment, so I'm not against that if that's what you prefer.  I tend to lean towards romance being an element in my RP’s as well, so just putting that out there.  My interests lie mostly in female characters who probably need diapers but aren’t into them yet (women having accidents or nearly having them quite frequently), and the RP involving them getting into diapers in some way, shape, or form.  Be it by their own will or being forced into them.  I guess you can say my interests lie a bit more on the DL side than the AB side, but I’m not against regression being an element in the RP and it becoming somewhat AB-oriented as long as the regression is part of the story.  Other things I like in roleplays are humiliation (for the female character), women peeing, pooping, and farting, light bondage, somnophilia (sleep sex, being taken advantage of in my sleep or the other way around).  I very much enjoy role reversal type scenarios.  In this case, probably a woman in a position of power over my character either taking something submissive like being diapered and making it more she’s the one controlling him, OR slowly having the tables turned on her and finding herself dependent on him.  Giving spankings, giving enemas, voyeurism/exhibitionism, ENF (Embarrassed Nude Female) / CMNF (Clothed Male Naked Female), and others which I’ll try to come up with if you’re curious and ask.  Here are most of my kinks: https://i.imgur.com/Pmbclfk.png  If you PM me, let me know what you’re into, what you’re not into.  I don’t need to have all of my turn-ons included by any means, so no pressure if there are things you’re really not comfortable with. 

If what I’m putting down interests you, then below I’m going to have a handful of RP scenarios for you to choose from.  If you’re interested, send me a message with the RP you chose as the message subject, and we’ll discuss things.  Doesn't have to be verbatim one of the scenarios, could be an idea you came up with that you think I might like, or a tweaked version of one of mine, or a combination of two or more of them.  If I get one scenario going, I might turn others down who come to me with the same RP scenario chosen.  Discussing the RP before just starting RPs is probably the way to go.

Here are the scenarios:

1. Cranky Boss: A high-ranking executive businesswoman, probably the daughter of someone even higher-ranking, goes to great lengths to deliberately make her new shy personal assistant uncomfortable because she has so much fun watching him clench up.  However, when her ‘pranks’ start involving diapers and having him change her, she finds herself softening up and no longer doing it for the reasons she started.  Is she falling for him or just enjoying the pampering and diapers more than she expected?

2. Bully-Turned-Daddy: A meek high school girl with a reputation of running to the girl’s restroom every time she needs to go…finds herself being diapered by a bully.  She can’t take the diaper off herself, thanks to some super glue the bully utilizes in the tape of the diaper, so she has to embarrassedly report to him at the end of the day so he can remove it and give her her panties back.  An unusual romance develops however, when the bully ends up becoming an unexpected Daddy figure in her life and the diapers (as well as someone she can talk to about these issues) wind up being exactly what she needed. 

3. Baby Girl’s Trusted Sidekick:  The city’s beloved superheroine has a rather unusual origin story.  Her bodily fluids and solids actually depower her, weaken her, and at their peak build-up, make her a regular ordinary woman.  Unfortunately, the substances within her have chemical properties that are harmful to the world around them and can only be handled in a, undergarment made of material fabricated specifically for her that, regrettably, she can’t physically handle herself for Kryptonite-esque comic book reasons.  Her often overshadowed partner, often ridiculed as merely her ‘sidekick’ by others, has to be the one to clean her up and pamper her in order for her to be as effective as she is.  Will this secret ever be revealed to the public?  Does the sidekick become more than just a sidekick to her?

4. Private Tutoring: A rather kinky teacher with a lust for showing herself off finds herself a boy in her class she thinks she can have a lot of fun with.  His eyes linger whenever her short skirts flutter a bit, and he shifts a bit in his seat when she stands right beside him at his desk with her panty-less, miniskirt-covered crotch is mere inches from his face.  Being a psychology teacher, she knows full well this boy is struggling to keep his grades up because he clearly is attracted to her, not that it bothers her in the slightest.  Private tutoring just gives her more opportunities to have fun with the boy, and even test out some of her more out-there kinks.  She’s always wanted to freely wet herself in front of someone, and how naughty to do it with a student who would never turn her in?  Surely that’s bold enough, but she keeps going further, until the day comes when she’s having him change her diaper for ‘extra credit.’

5. Not From Around Here: Whether she’s from an alien race that can look human or from some Wonder Woman-esque land outside of average society, this woman finds herself exiled from her people and naively trying to understand the world she now has to live in.  Where she comes from, they’re more open with their bodies and a lot of the things typically done behind closed doors are done more openly.  She bumps into a man with a womanizing past, admittedly trying to better himself, who takes it upon himself to try his best to help her adjust to the new world around her.  Seemingly no longer can she walk around without any clothes on, relieve herself wherever she stood, or pleasure herself whenever and wherever she felt the urge.  She might not need to get used to toilets however with the freedom diapers still provides her.  Sometimes it’s a dream come true to have a beautiful open woman roaming about the house, while other times she’s a handful.  Can he make it work? 

A few more ideas I had to get creative juices going.  Happy Thanksgiving to my U.S. friends on here.

6.  Cursed:   A bratty popular girl pisses off the wrong roaming spiritualist.  This gypsy woman places a curse upon her head, which the girl initially writes off.  When she wakes up in the morning however, she finds herself diapered.  Cruel prank?  Apparently the cruelest, she can't get the diaper off!  Nothing seems to work, not even scissors or tearing it away.  She has to go to school, however, so she does her best to hide it.  Finding the gypsy woman after a rough day at school, she is told the only way the diapers can come off is if the person she's been the cruelest to grants her the kindness.  A boy she's always picked on, whether because she kinda likes him and doesn't know how to show it or because she genuinely felt he was lesser than her, turns out to be the key to this curse.  She can't take the diaper off, but he can!  All seems well until the next morning, when she wakes up with another diaper on.  With the gypsy woman nowhere to be found, she finds herself having to seek him out for the embarrassing task of removing her undergarments.  Curses are never simple, however, are they?  She doesn't even realize the curse gets more complicated as time goes on.  Will the curse ever be broken?  If so, how embarrassing and vulnerable will she have to be before it is?  Will she grow a newfound appreciation for the boy she's mistreated along the way?

7.  Novice Wizard:  Being a novice at a school for magic-wielders in training is pretty tough.  What's even worse however is when a rival of hers is one of the best and uses his mastery to make you look rather foolish on a regular basis.  At any given moment she can suddenly start wetting herself and be completely unable to stop the flow of her bodily fluids, no matter where she is or who's nearby.  After a number of such incidents occur, it becomes harder and harder to tell if she's still the victim of a prank from one of her rival's spells, or if something is genuinely wrong with her.  The diapers he puts her in without her even realizing seem necessary if they weren't so humiliating.  If only she could get him back!  But how could she?  She spends so much time being on the defensive for such cruel pranks, she doesn't have time to master spells the way he does.  Will she ever surpass him?  Or is she doomed to be the school baby girl against her will?  Or maybe the story goes in a completely different direction, and an unusual romance develops between them.

8.  Guy on the Train:  She had always heard stories about what goes on during crowded subway commutes, but she was never warned about the kind of thing that happened to her.  It started like how she was warned: a guy standing behind her getting a little handsy.  He lifted her skirt, pulled her panties down and completely off.  A living nightmare.  Suddenly, something soft was being pulled up her calves, knees and thighs.  She was now wearing something cushiony underneath her skirt.  Before anything made sense, the man was gone, and she had reached her stop.  It was a diaper.  But why?  Why diaper a woman on the subway?  If she still had her panties, she would've changed back into them at the nearest bathroom, but instead she had to wear the dang thing home.  She found herself pondering it more and more.  Another commute, it happens again, only on the way to work.  Seemingly the same guy, only now she has to wear it all day at work, and on the commute home later.  The commute home gets worse...does he want her to USE it?  Why does he want this?  Why her?  Will these questions be answered, does it go in a story-driven direction, or is it just a weird couple instances?

9.  A Superheroine Humiliated:  A superheroine's arch-nemesis (or perhaps just a new villain on the rise), is on the loose: The Humiliator.  His name doesn't really describe his abilities but more his M.O., how he leaves the police officers who try to foil his petty, immature schemes.  Unfortunately, he's too much for even the mightier superheroines, and your character finds herself puzzled by how quickly and easily he's bested her.  Before she knows it, she's being forced into a diaper in front of a crowd of citizens and law enforcement.  If that's not bad enough, what he did to her during that time has seemingly caused her to have accidents in her day-to-day life.  Despite how embarrassing as it was to be diapered in front of people, she finds herself needing diapers.  The only person with answers as to why she needs them seems to be her new-found nemesis.  Does he turn over a new leaf and help her, will she always need the diapers, or will something else come of their future encounters?  Depending on how she feels about the diapers as time goes on, the RP could go in different directions.

10.  The Eccentric Billionaire: Your character gets a job as a cleaning lady for a rather reclusive billionaire.  He's very particular, however, and has had a lot of employees steal from him in the past.  And since he doesn't want the bathrooms she just cleaned to be soiled or dirtied after being cleaned, he insists she doesn't use the bathrooms while on duty.  His solution?  Her work dress code involves her wearing a diaper all about the house.  And being forbidden from using the bathroom means she must use the diapers.  He feels the need to inspect her before she leaves anyway, just to make sure she's not leaving with anything of his, so she finds herself in the odd position of being changed by him during the day.  He has a lot of food to eat in the fridge during her breaks, but there's something off about how they taste, and she can't help but wonder that she desperately needs to go to the bathroom the longer she works there.  Is it possible her food and drinks are laced with muscle relaxers, diuretics, and laxatives?  Would her boss really do that?  Despite his eccentricities, there's potential for an odd romance here I'd be curious in exploring if anyone's up for it.

11.   Blackmailed Teacher:  A high school teacher finds herself struggling to hold in her pee and bowel movement while watching over a lone student in detention.  She had been warned not to leave him alone for a second as he was very wily and not to be trusted.  When she approaches the boy and tells him she needs to step out for a second, caving and deciding to leave him alone despite the warnings she had been given, she discovers approaching the boy was the biggest mistake she'd make.  Rather than letting her go to the bathroom, he pulls her pants down/skirt off in a single motion, and the sudden jolt of losing clothing is enough for her to let loose right in front of the boy.  Things go from bad to worse when he's quick enough to whip out his phone and get footage of it recorded.  The image of her with her panties on full display to him at the start of the video would give people cause to believe an attempt to inappropriately seduce her student only resulted in a rather embarrassing accident.  He of course won't share the video but only because he has humiliating plans for her to have more accidents in the future and become his Baby Girl, diapers and all.  But as long as none of them are revealed to the other students, it's all worth it, right?  Right?

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