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Absence as of late

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Hi everyone.
I'm sorry I haven't been updating anything or on much more than lurking. To be honest, I have had a really bad time for the last two and a half months. Shortly after I posted my last update, I had to move and the moving process has been hell. After searching around our area and trying everything we could, my fiancee and I are living with my future mother- and father-in-law. It isn't ideal in anyway. We are on an air mattress and I don't sleep as well as I used to. I have been sick at least twice since moving and have had very bad internet reception, including either being in the path of the hurricanes coming or having my ISP and electric company being in their affected area.
On top of that, I had to leave my job and have had a lot of opportunities that have fallen apart. I don't currently have any work. Most of my time has been spent applying around or doing anything within my power to keep my depression and anxiety issues in check.
I'm sorry that this is so personal, and I'm sorry that, after all of the wonderful comments and feedback, I suddenly vanished. I want to be better, but I couldn't  control what happened over the last few months.
All of that to say, I'm behind and, after trying to make a schedule, I haven't kept it. I owe it to you and to myself to get back to it and make more works. The commission I had before is half done and I need to do another 10,000 words for the commissioner, but I am going to be doing more than that, either in just more on the single story or by making another part to it. I don't know which it will be on the second story, of which I don't have a title, but Brian and Cindy will be receiving a part two sometime before the end of the year. I will make sure that the second part of the commission is also finished by the end of the month.
November is basically here. That means that I have missed 11 stories. I am going make that up. By the end of November, I will be releasing, not only the two 10,000 word stories that were paid for, but also a minimum of 25,300 words worth of material. Some of it may be longer than what I normally write, some may be shorter, and some of it may actually be safe for work. If the number seems arbitrary, it's only because the first story I wrote ended up being over 2500 words and I didn't want to change it or split it. I am going to make sure the content is released, but following November, I am going to go back to my schedule of one story every week on Sunday.
I am also changing my commission and Patreon if you are interested. The prices for commissions are changing slightly, I am changing the reward tiers for Patreon, and I am going to add another tier.
If you don't want to read anymore of my work from everything that has happened, I understand. I hold no grudge if you don't trust that I will do everything that I have said above. The internet is full of a lot of people who just want attention. I want it too. But I also want to make sure that you have something to read as often as I can make it. If you all are kind and generous enough, I might even be able to turn this into a career and make more then I am now. Until that happens, I'm not going to stop writing once a week unless it is absolutely necessary. If that happens, my fiancee is going to be given access to all of my accounts to make these updates.
Thank you all so much. I will make as much as I can.

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