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Very First ABDL video!!!

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I run dates gone wrong and actually have a little bit of a like to being made to wear diapers i guess. it really puts me in a submission state that i just cant explain. Maybe because its hard to be dominant while a girl is making you wear a diaper. Finally i decided to film a scene with Goddess Tangent a few weeks ago were she tricks me and gets me to pee my pants and then puts me in diapers and spanks me and turns me into her little. It was truly exciting and nerve racking at the same time, but the scene came out great and will be shooting more soon; so go check it out and if you have any ideas please feel free to email me. The site is Datesgonewrong.com and there is a link below. 

Please feel free to leave comments of what you think if you get to watch it. 

Goddess Tangent Tricks Date Into Diapers
Story Line: 

Goddess Tangent and Toby Springs are just getting back from the movies when Toby explains he really needs to use the bathroom do to all the soda he had drank at the movies. Trying not to wet his pants in front of his date he begins to cross his legs, but that had little affect on his bladder because he began to wet his pants right in front of Goddess Tangent. As she laughs and scolds him for peeing his pants like a little boy , Tangent shows him that she had the key to the door the entire time. Standing in his wet pants shocked at the situation that he is now in, all Toby can do is listen to Goddess Tangent and stay outside till she gets back. Soon Goddess Tangent returns but she begins taking pictures and explains that he will do everything she says or everyone will see. Next thing Toby knows, he is being told to strip naked and lay on the floor . As Goddess Tangent kneels down she reveals the diaper she is about to put him in. First she wipes him clean and then is powdering him up and tapping his new diaper on nice and tight. As Toby begins to complain she shoves a pacifier into his mouth. Now freshly diapered and sucking on a pacifier, Goddess Tangent spanks his diapered butt and informs him from now on she is going to be his mommy instead of his future girlfriend.

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