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Hi, I'm new to this site, so as a way of introduction I thought I'd share my wetting fantasies

I am a mature man. My fantasy is to take a girl out for dinner or drinks. On the way home she wets her knickers. When we reach home I take her knickers down and spank her bottom for being a naughty girl. Alternatively I would wet my pants and then she spanks my bottom for being a naughty boy. Also I'd like a girl to sit on me and pee her knickers over my crutch. 

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OH yeah, I can relate to some of your fantasies. I also would love to take a woman out for dinner etc. and have her pee her pants...or have her sit on my lap to do it. That would be such a turn on. But I would then also want her to be diapered for the night and just use her diaper during the night when needed. She would be very physically satisfied for doing that for me! :)

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