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After 14 Days In Diapers...

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So i am taking a two day break from diapers after 14 straight days.  The break is because my wife got me some sexy panties she wants me to wear for valentines day.  I was wearing a lot of higher quality diapers that didnt require a change after a single wetting.  Was changing maybe every third. 


In this time I got really used to just wetting when I had to go (not every single time there were a few occasions where i still had to use a toilet). Not so used that i was wetting myself without my diaper on, but used to it enough that i am finding it to be really inconvenient to have to go to the toilet, especially when out and about.  I can't wait till tomorrow to pad up again for at least another two weeks!

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Oh yeh I can so relate to what you have just experienced. When I started wearing diapers 24/7, I was in a diapers for over a month to wear I took a break from diapers.  Found myself too taking frequent trips to the restroom.  Taking a break during a road trip was not a good idea, will say on the second day I was back in diapers. Wore diapers for over a year after that little break.... 


I wear off and on now, more so in diapers than out of diapers.  


Enjoy the diapered life....

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