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Introductions (read Me Before You Post Please!)

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Introductions are for telling people who you are and maybe a little about yourself and why you joined the board. If you need to say anything else please find and use the appropriate forum.

If you are looking for friends, want a date, need a mommy or etc.. post it in the forum called "The Meeting Place"

If you need help, put it in the forum called "Daily Diapers Support" if you are here to chat it goes into whatever topic you want to chat about. If your thread gets moved somewhere else, I DID IT, I am responsible for Sorting out the threads and if they need to be sorted, they will be.

If you desperatly can not find what I moved, please message me and I will be happy to help you, or click on the 'Search' link under the banner on the top of every page. Please attempt to search for it before contacting me as I am not always here.

If you are here looking for a playmate, friend, buddy, mate, mommy or daddy DO NOT post it in the Newbie Forum!

The Meeting Place is Located Here


This forum is only to tell people about yourself, not to look for someone else or for questions. Daily Diaper Support will answer board questions, and General Discussion is where we talk about everything, please look over the board BEFORE you post to see where your question/topic is the most apporpriate.

Thank You!

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