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Found 2 results

  1. "I told you we turned a wrong turn Justin!! This doesn't seem like the right path. It's almost midnight and we still need to hit some houses before Halloween is over!!" Cody yelled. Justin just ignores Cody then sees a path through this cool pumpkin patch. Justin saw a sign that said "do not enter". Justin then said "hey Cody check out this path!! It looks totally sick and I feel like we could probably see more houses if we went this way". Cody then says "it says do not enter but it is halloween and does look pretty awesome. Hmm sure why not it is halloween so why not, I'm sure it won't hurt to take this path, what's the worse that could happen". Cody and Justin then walk down the pumpkin patch. They see lots of small and big pumpkins that looked already carved and kinda spooky. Something seemed a little bit odd. Fogged started to form more around the pumpkin patch and sounds from the ground started to form. There was then a scent of baby powder in the air which seemed very strange. "Hey Justin you hear that, I hear like sounds coming from the ground and idk why but it smells like baby powder all of a sudden, maybe we should turn back" Cody shivered. Justin laughed "come on Cody, it's probably just the wind or something. Don't be such a baby, I think I can see the houses from here". Cody then looks at his phone and the time then hit midnight. All of a sudden the jack-o-lanterns started to glow green. Vines started to come out of the ground from the pumpkins. The jack-o-lanterns rised from the dirt. One big giant one rose up behind Cody and Justin. "Oh my gosh this isn't real what's going on!! We are surrounded by big giant pumpkins. What you want from us!!". Cody shrieked. The big giant pumpkin smiled then Vines started to wrap around Cody and Justin's feet. "Hey get off us!!". The pumpkins did not stop. Vines then wrap around the twos arms. Leaving them fully defenseless and then decending in the air. Cody and Justin out of fear start to wet their pants. Other vines started to rip off their clothing one by one shirts, pants, socks, undies until they were fully naked on display. Both blushed in embarrassment. "No way they just stripped us naked!! Come on please let us go we will do anything and we won't say anything. We are sorry for trespassing!!". Justin pleaded. The pumpkins just ignored their crys of mercy and continued the himulation even further. Wet wipes then appeared from out of the ground. Wiping their bums and crotches from the wetness of pee they made. Both Cody and Justin felt the wipes rub again their dicks and then started to get hard and aroused."This is so embarrassing!! They are actually cleaning us with baby wipes and ugh I'm getting so hard. I can't be enjoying this". Cody blushed. The vines then held the two with their butts in the air. Then two big vines came across their touching them. Then *SMACK SMACK SMACK*. The vines then swatted against Cody and Justin's butt like a whip. "OUCH OUCH PLEASE NO STOPP!!!". The two were spanked till their butts were red roses and and cried with each swat. The vines then stopped spanking the boys. "Please we learned our lessons just let us go!!". The pumpkins still did not listen. Then they saw from a distance vines bringing over some familiar items from when they were super young. When it got closer and closer. Cody yelled out "Wait no, you can't be serious... DIAPERS!! No please we don't need those we arnt babies". The two were laid down across the ground and then all supplies like the baby powder rash cream came by. The two legs were lifted up by the vines, fully exposed red butts from their spanking. The vines slipped the diaper under each of their butts. Then the baby powder was applied to their butts. The boys just blushed and had no words on what was happening. They just wished this nightmare would be over but it was just beginning. The tapes of each diaper were now fastened. And all they could hear was the thick diapers around them crinkle and blush of how they are now big babies. The vines then held them up in the air and the big pumpkin then smiled like it had another plan. "Listen we promise we will never come through here again!!" They both pleaded again. The pumpkin didn't give no response. They then saw really smooth and soft vines slithering up their legs like snakes. Cody and Justin could not do anything from the other vines wrapped around their legs and feet. They just watched in horror as the vines started to slither up and then entered through the leg holes of their diapers. The smooth vines just felt around exploring inside their diapers. Some were going against their butt cracks and some were moving and twisting around their cocks. Cody and Jake started to feel horny and hard. "No we can't be enjoying this, we must resist this. No way am I going to give into this pleasure" Justin pleaded. The pumpkin then smiled even more and then some of the vines from inside the diaper started to ooze out this muddy mushy orange slime that started to fill their diaper up. "Eww what is this stuff !! It's so slimy and and.. oh.. ahh... omg this feels so uhh.. good.." Cody then just couldn't help but smile with pleasure from the ooze and vines and Justin's diaper started to do the same. They then started to feel one of the vines slither toward their butt holes then entered a little just enough to give them pleasure inside. Both Cody and Justin moaned loudly from now being fucked. They couldn't even complain anymore or plead them to stop. It felt so good. Then they felt the slime ooze in their butts from the vines. It felt like they were being cummed inside. The vines then slowly exited their butt holes and then Cody and Justin just filled their diapers by pooping out the orange ooze inside them. The orange slime started to leak out of the leg holes of the diaper. The vines then started to have a nice soft grip on their wieners and started to stroke them. They just moaned in pleasure and enjoyed. The soft vines from the backside of their diapers then went back inside their butts filling more orange ooze but the vines this time went in and out of their butts like dildos. "Ahhh omg fuck yes!! It feels so good. All this slimy ooze in my hole and in the diaper. I can't stop enjoying this. It feels amazing and I think... I think.. I'm about too... AHHH CUMMM!!!". Cody then shoots and full load of cum in his diaper. Then Justin moaned out load and Cody could already tell he was climaxing. The vines still stroked their dicks till all the cum was out. "Wow I can't believe that!! Best orgasm ever but ewww now I can't stand this slime in my diaper. I need out of this". Cody said the vines then put the two down and untapped their diapers. Cody and Justin blushed from how much they cummed and all the mess in their diaper. One vine came over then changed shape and started to suck like a vacuum all the slim off and cum. The baby wipes then came and wiped their bums and crotch area again. "Gosh well at least thats over". Both butt naked they really just wanted to leave. They got up butt naked and tried walking away saying "well hey we are really sorry about walking in here and well did enjoy the pleasure you gave us but we best be goin......". Justin and Cody were cut off with vines then grabbing their legs and make them fall on the dirt ground. They both were being dragged back butt naked and then saw vines holding more diapers and then cried out as they were being dragged "please no I don't want to wear another diaper I'm not a baby!! ". They were then put in both another diaper this time super babyish with little cute Halloween designs on them. High chairs then rised from the ground and then were both picked up then restrained in the high chair. The high chair had shackles and locked their hands in place so they couldn't do anything. The vines then brought over jars of baby food and then a vine then shapped into a spoon and scooped a nice big yucky slimy bit from the jar. "No please we arnt hungry and espically don't eat baby food". The vines just came closer with the food and tried to feed them but both resisted. Two vines then pinned each others noses and they were forced to open up and then fed a big chunk of baby food. It tasted so gross but couldn't do anything at all about it. Then two big giant baby bottles of milk came and the vines held them and this time Cody and Justin resisted and whined really hard. The vines then slipped in the back of their diapers then went up their butt holes again and then Cody and Justin couldn't help but moan then open their mouths from the pleasure. Then the milk enter their mouths. They were defeated and kept drinking the milk. The vines then exited their butts after done drinking. Then both boys tummy started to make noises and farts started to escape their butts. "No please get me out of this!! Slime is one thing but please I don't want to poop my diaper". Both struggled to keep themselves from shitting their diapers but then the vines pushed on their belly. *FURP PFFT*. A big messy load then started to enter their diapers and to make it worse they were still sitting and the mess started to spread to the back and front. "Eww gross!! I can feel it again my butt cracks and privates. I'm still going too!! " Both kept filling till their diapers were nice and brown. Finally was over but then the vines took them out of their seats and had their butts positioned in the air. "Wait no they arnt going to do what I think there going to do!!". The vines then came down hard spanking the dirty diapers and the boys just felt all the mess squish all over and smush up again their butts. The smell even got worse. It stinked so bad. The vines then put them on a old fashioned teeter totter and had them bounce up and down on it. "No please stop this is so embarssing!! And gross. Get us out of these diapers!!". Justin yelled out. The vines then took them and changed their messy diapers as they wished. A big giant crib started to form and then once both were wiped cleaned and change into thick diapers. They were then put in onesies that said "mommy's little pumpkins". Both just blushed and they were both put down in the crib and they tried to get out but then the pumpkins placed two pacifiers in their mouth. It was weird they didn't spit them out. They just sucked on them and slowly fell asleep. Morning then came. "Hey you big stinky babies wake up!!". Both Cody and Justin opened their eyes slowly and saw two pretty girls infront of the crib they were trapped in. The pumpkins were gone and disappeared. "Well well well if it isn't Cody and Justin. You two have always been teasing and pranking us at school. And now it's our lucky day for payback. Looks like we see two big babies with two stinkyfilled up diapers that probably need two mommy's and we been looking for the perfect baby dolls to play house with" the girls laughed and smiled. Cody yelled "no way we arnt going to be your stupid dumb diaper filling babies". *click*. Both girls holding phones up taking pics then giggled "oh really well how about we send these pics of you two in your dirty diapers in a crib dressed up as babies and send them to the whole school or you can come with us and be our babies forever and we will won't show anybody these pics". Both knew they didn't have any other choice. They wanted to keep their dignity at school so they agreed to the terms. "Great now how about you two jump in these strollers that happen to be here and we will go home and get your diapers changed. We got lots of plans in store for you two stinkers and we have friends that are willing to help making the new nursery for you two". Both Cody and Justin blushed and got in the strollers and started the beginning of their new life now. (Art by diaperpailarkham)
  2. Hello All, Most of us have other kinks outside of of ABDL. One of mine is slimes. The tentacles, forced feedings, breeding, etc. I find them all erotic, but I thought some of you might enjoy a combination of slime and ABDL. I don't plan on developing this story any further, however, if you all end up liking this I'd be willing to write more. Let me know. Slime Mommy The night was cold and the air whipped past Reina’s curled, fiery hair. Her motorcycle hummed with a steady rumble as the trees passed her by in a frenzy. Autumn was at its end and the cold winter nights were coming to her small farming town. Though she had stayed in the town she had grown up in, the feeling of wanting to travel to greater places always seemed tantalizing and the bike she now rode was the first purchase she made as an adult. All in the hopes of riding it to greener pastures one day. Fantasies of it carrying her away always crept up in her dreams, but the right time never seemed to present itself. Slowing down she banked towards a dirt path she had stumbled upon many years ago. A road less traveled that led to a pleasant hill with an old oak tree at its top. Friends, lovers, and just her thoughts had been her company to this wonderful little get away out here. Removing her helmet and making sure the kickstand was firmly in the ground Reina made her way up to her usual spot at the base of the old tree. Her leather jacket easily kept her warm enough and as the sun fully set she found a quiet peace in the twilight around her. “I’m not sure if I’m ever going to be able to leave this place.” She mumbled to herself as the first stars began to show themselves. Out here, the light pollution was minimal with the closest city being half a state away. The smell of forest was still barely present and the feel of soft grass below her beckoned her to lay a while and enjoy the view. The hum of crickets and the dancing of fireflies around her was like a lullaby to her work weary body and slowly she closed her eyes to rest for a moment. Staying out all night here would have been a bad idea, but a quick rest before going home would be perfectly fine. The dreams were covered in mist as she remembered her time in highschool, her first kiss, and then more passionate memories. It had been a while and her subconscious was all too happy to remind her of her time spent in warmer beds. The comfort of a plush carpet and the smell of herbs was pleasant in her dreamlike state. Reaching down she could feel the warmth radiating from underneath her. “God, why can’t all dreams be this pleasant?” Thinking to herself that the time to wake up was now, she began to flex her muscles and extended her fingers to dance upon the grass. Instead the plush carpet of her dreams met her fingers. Sitting bolt upright, the young girl tried to gauge her surroundings. Gone was the grass field. Replaced with a confusing union of plush white carpet and shiny metal roof. The room she found herself in looked like a half dome from some modern science fiction film. The soft glow of various colored lights dotted the ceiling with the very center dominated by a light that shined down upon the entire area. Was she still dreaming? No. The warmth of the floor and the clearness of her surroundings was too realistic. In a panic Reina rushed to the edge of the room. Hands slapped against cold steel as she frantically searched for the exit. Running along the circle it had to be the size of a baseball diamond, but with no way out. Frantically she began banging on the walls, “Hellllooooo! Is anyone there? What is this place?” Silence met her calls and the fear began to creep up on her. Curling up into a ball she began to try and make sense of the situation. In the midst of her panic a squelching sound came from the opposite side of the room. Between the cracks in the panels a green substance was oozing out. Horrified, Reina could only watch silently as the ooze continued to pour through until a large mound, the consistency of jello and the size of a small car formed from it. Nothing happened for what felt like minutes until suddenly the goo began to swirl around itself. It compressed into a cylinder standing over 8 feet tall before splitting apart into various tendrils. Certain areas seemed to darken, mostly towards the top, and eventually the slime sculpture was complete. A curvaceous giant woman stood before the frightened girl with dark green hair, light green eyes that glowed, and…...nipples? Finishing it’s human form the slime woman stepped towards Reina who began to shake violently. As it approached she felt a warmth spread from her crotch. Unable to take her eyes of the giant figure now casting a shadow on her tiny frame, the fact that she had just wet herself barely registered. A piercing scream came out of the redhead's mouth as the two translucent arms reached down towards her. The feeling of solid liquid surrounding her midriff and under her arms was unlike anything she had felt before. She felt in equal parts like she was both trapped and could slip through the substance at any time. Tears streamed down her face as in terror as she was pulled towards the monster. One of the arms seemed to reach down and hold her by her bottom as her face was pressed into the shoulder/neck of slime. She’s going to eat me! The horrifying thought screamed in her mind as she waited to be pushed into the green ooze, however, once her face actually met the surface of the creature, she could feel the surface resisting. Almost like a waterbed she felt her right cheek squished into the slime woman. Still scared for her life, Reina continued to cry and shake, desperately hoping something would save her from this monster. She felt a slight change in gravity suddenly as her vision went up and down. The hold on her butt was pushing her slightly up and then letting her slide down. Is she bouncing me? Like a mother carrying her infant, the slime woman was bouncing the young girl up and down gently in her arms and began pacing back and forth along the length of the room. Fear began to subside as Reina was now filling with questions. “Ummmm. Can you understand me?” Silence. If this thing could understand her then it gave no indication. Reina decided that instead maybe someone watching this would be able to help. “Hello. Ummm. Whoever you are. Could you maybe let me in on what's going on?” Silence. “Helllllooooo!” Silence. Now she was getting mad. What the fuck was actually going on? Suddenly, she felt a fizzy bubbling sensation down where the rapidly cooling seat of her pants were. Obviously concerned Reina tried to pry herself away from the weird creature trying to comfort her. Its grip was like iron though and the best she could do was crane her neck an inch or so. The hand that had wrapped around her bottom had thinned out and spread over most of her pants. She watched as it continued to travel down her legs toward her boots. Underneath the surface of the ooze small bubbles were forming along her pants and gently floating upwards. The color of her jeans changed in one spot which began to grow. A deep black could be seen on her left butt cheek through the slime. Then another spot appeared close to her lower back. Once the spots were big enough Reina realised with horror that it wasn’t a spot, but a hole! This stuff was eating her jeans and now her black boy shorts were becoming completely visible. Reina began to thrash against the slime and shouting up at its nearly featureless face, “Hey! Stop that. What do you think you're doing with my pants?” But it wasn’t just her pants. Soon the bubbling reached her skin through her panties. A soft bubbling could also be felt along her toes as the boots she was wearing were now filled with the ooze and were suffering the same fate as her pants. Hoping that anyone would hear her and come to help, she began yelling as loud as her throat could handle. “HELP! HELP! Please someone. Anyone! HEEEEEELP! Heeee...mmmmm!” With her mouth open, a sudden rush of liquid quickly silenced her. She could feel it push her cheeks out with force, but thankfully it seemed to only fill her mouth. Instead of drowning in whatever material this was she instead was just effectively; gagged. Crossing her eyes she could see the hand that had been holding her back had split into fairly detailed fingers, with nails and even knuckles. Two led to her mouth and she could see little bumps slowly leading towards the tips almost like a 90s cartoon firehouse. The filling of her cheeks stopped after a short minute and as the creature pulled back its digits a shield formed at the entrance to her mouth that just touched her cheeks and nose. A tentative bite down was met with a rubbery flex that once she relaxed pushed her mouth open again. Several attempts to bite, chew, and tear through the gag proved useless. While she was preoccupied with her mouth, the slime on her pants finished its job and retreated back towards the hand holding her up. Embarrassment filled Reina as she realised she was completely bare down below. The feeling of slime moving across her cheeks, down her crack, and then finally covering her sensitive areas was a shock. Fearing the dissolving from before would also eat her skin made her blood run cold, however, the feeling of flesh melting never came. Instead the ooze continued to roam and cover her entire bikini area and up slightly towards her lower back and belly button. It was almost like high waisted underwear. However, using her eyes to follow the arm that was causing this new garment to appear on her she could see the bulges similar to the ones that gave her the gag continue to pump material downward. She could feel her legs pushed apart as the relatively thin slim panties began to inflate like a balloon. After several minutes the bulges stopped, as did the pacing and bouncing. The arms holding her close relaxed and slowly lowered her back down to the carpet. As her feet touched down and she began to hold up her own weight, she suddenly lost her balance. The bulk of the slime had caused her to lose her center of gravity and she began to flail, trying to regain it. Like a bolt of lightning, a green flash passed her vision and she felt a giant firm hand hold her back and push her back to a straight upward position. Looking up, the eyes of the slime creature thinned and its head tilted to the side. Almost like it was miming, “There you go. Be careful.” Bow legged and mouth firmly sealed Reina watched as the creature gracefully walked off towards another part of the room. It began touching the panels of the wall. Curious if it was going to squeeze itself out, the young girl watched as instead a pink ooze began to come out of the walls. The creature waited until a fair bit had come out, before moving its arms in a sweeping low arc. The pink slime followed the path and moved along as the woman directed it over closer to the center of the room. Once they had reached the apparently preferred destination the woman began to build the pink slime up into what looked like a box. With smooth flowing motions slots were cut out and different sections took on a glass like rigid look before becoming opaque. Pink bars began to appear and slowly Reina began to recognize the shape. Is that a crib? Looking down at the balloon of slime at her waste and the shield covering her mouth, the pieces began to fit together. Realizing what they were brought a pink blush to her cheeks. That thing made me a diaper and pacifier! Satisfied with the crib the woman returned to the wall and began to lead another section of pink slime to another area, before beginning construction on another object. Why the hell did it put me in a diaper? Oh. The recent memory of wetting herself and then screaming/crying came to mind as the blush deepended from pink to deep red. Being put into a diaper made of slime was one thing, but in a small way deserving it, was infinitely worse. Maybe if I convince this thing that I’m not a baby, it’ll help me figure out what the hell is going on. She stumbled taking her first step but quickly picked up an exaggerated waddle as she made her way over towards the creature and its newest invention. Unsure of how to get its attention, Reina felt her ears burning as she did what any child would do to get Mommy’s attention; she gripped its leg and gave it a soft tug. The thing must have some sort of sensors on its “skin” as the tug had the desired effect. It rose to its full height before turning around and looking at the small human in front of it. Now what do I do? It would be nice if I could talk to it. Gotta get this thing out of my mouth first. Reaching up with her hand, she pointed at the shield of her pacifier and mumbled as well as she could, hoping the message would get through. The creature stared at her for a moment before closing its eyes, something Reina took as its way of smiling….maybe? Its arms reached down once again, picking her up and bringing her close, this time in a cradle. Once she was secured in the crook of the slime’s arm she felt herself falling with the giant as it fell backwards into its new addition to the room. Once it was seated, the slime pushed with its legs and began to rock the both of them back and forth. First a crib and now a rocking chair, I have to stop this quickly. Once again she pointed to her pacifier, this time trying to act out a pulling motion as she grabbed at the edges. The arm not holding her reached up and touched the shield covering her mouth. YES! Success. She could feel rubbery material squirt past her teeth and out of her mouth. Able to once again breath through her mouth, Reina took a deep breath. Thankful for the opportunity she plotted her next words carefully. As she was finally prepared the slime must have sensed her intention as it turned Reina face to face with the young girls right cheek pressed up against the sizable breast with its...unsettling areola also in view. “Ummm. Hello. I think that there’s been a mist…..” Once again she felt her body shift as the hand that had just removed the pacifier was now at the back of her head pushing her face directly into the slime’s massive boob. With her mouth open the teat, easily the size of a cow udder, was jammed into her mouth. “MMMMmmmmm! MMMMMMMMmmmmmmm!” Ew. Ew. Ew. Gross. Ew. Reina struggled once again. Shoving her hands into the boob now forcefully held against her face. The entire teat went well into her mouth and the thought of what was happening made her want to vomit. Suddenly, the skin of the slim seemed to give way as her hands were pushed into the mammary before stopping and being held at her wrists. Trying to pull her hands out proved useless as she was now fully attached to this massive breast. Trying to pull her head away, she was shocked as liquid came squirting out and hit the back of her throat. Fear of drowning once again filled her mind as she attempted to close her throat. Instead of her mouth filling, however, the liquid seemed to have its own mind, as it forced her throat open and pushed down into her stomach. She could feel gush after gush push itself down her throat as tears came down her eyes. She was being force fed some kind of liquid from a living giant slime woman out of its boob. The liquid was warm as it filed her stomach. Her constant struggling caused it to slosh and coat her insides as she was quickly becoming full, yet still it came. Just as she was feeling ready to burst, the gushing stopped and a pop could be heard echo through the room as she was pulled away from the suction of the breast. Breathing heavily she could only lay in the crook of this slime's arms as her distended belly hung out below her breasts. Wait… when did my shirt and jacket come off? Unaware of anything but the gallons of slime being forcefulled breastfed to her, the giant woman had taken the time to also dissolve the rest of her clothes. “Wha… what are you doi…” Once again the feeling of slime entering her mouth stopped her questions. Instead of going down her throat, the pacifier from before was reformed from the tops of the woman’s fingers. Looking up in a pleading fashion, Reina hoped that whatever this was would relent. While she lay there helpless and full, she also noticed something strange. Are her boobs smaller now? In hindsight, it made sense. The liquid now resting heavily in her stomach had to come from somewhere, but the thought nearly made her want to gag. In fact she could feel the usual feeling in her throat that meant bile was on the way. However, the feeling just...stopped. Whatever was in her seemed to want to stay inside her. At least it was warm. Like a thick creamy soup, her stomach seemed to radiate heat. She could feel it course through her all the way from her head to her toes. Her skin even warmed as she could feel the comforting warmth tingle across her skin. She could feel every inch that the slime woman touched as her hand once again reached down to her diaper. The hand melded with the diaper and the familiar bulges came racing down to inflate the diaper even further. Before she could try to comprehend what was going on, the increase stopped and the hand traveled up past the diaper towards belly. Electricity danced across her skin at the very touch of the giant hand. As it slowly flowed up past her belly button and up towards her chest she could feel every nerve it passed light up with a fiery passion. She couldn’t help but let out a deep moan behind her pacifier as the hand spread out to cover both of her breasts. The feeling of the warm slim rushing past her nipples was unlike anything she had ever felt before. Arching her back she looked on in the throws of arousal as the bulges returned and allowed a thick membrane to form over both her breasts. While not particularly proud of her pert B cups, she was shocked to see that once the hand was removed, she had easily grown to Ds if not DDs. The slime on her chest retained its clear green color, but seemed to adhere to her skin in a way that left no ridges or bumps. As she reached up to examine her new figure, the sensitivity of her skin seemed to extend to the slim. Closing her eyes in rapt arousal, she could barely tell the difference between what was skin and what was the newly formed slime. She could barely help it as she tweaked the newly formed bumps coming out of the slime boobs only to feel her own nipples were being lavishly sucked on. She felt herself being lifted up off the chair along with the creature and then carried over to the fully formed crib. At some point a mattress had formed with some kind of fur like sheet fitted over it and as she was lowered down onto it, the soft feel of fur across her skin was like a million fireworks dancing across her skin. Completely consumed by a primal sexual drive she thrust her entire body along the sheets to feel the white hot sensation tickle her entire body. Turning over onto her back the feelings continued as she grabbed both of her enlarged breasts with her hands and began furiously kneading the sensitive mounds. A gasp left her mouth as she felt movement from below. Looking down in shock she could see the opening of her womanhood slowly spread apart within the diaper. The feeling of a thick girth penetrating her left her desperately gasping for breath from behind the pacifier. The slime began to fill her completely before withdrawing. The slime seemed to mix with her own lustful secretions as it easily glided back in. The penetration only increased in speed as she could just barely see the outline of a massive cock sliding through the thick slime. She felt like she might explode at any second as each thrust was met with her own desperate need to rub as much of her body with her own hands and against the mattress below. Her climb towards pleasure was suddenly halted as yet another opening down below was slowly being spread apart. No. Not there! She reached down and desperately tried to grab at her bottom, but the diaper easily kept her hands from reaching what was happening. Suddenly a filling sensation had her desperately arching her back as the ooze began to trickle into her now gaping bottom. She flung herself over to her stomach to try and claw at the slime. As she did though, her full stomach let out an ominous noise as the pain caused her to bend her knees and relieve the weight on her stomach. With legs spread, face down, and bottom up she continued to try and stop the slime from filling her like an enema. The diaper didn’t seem to take any notice as once again, the semisolid cock was plunged deep into her slit. Thick beads of sweat rolled down her sides as the churning in her bowels were met with a sinking sensation in her gut. There’s no way. That’s way too quick. No matter what the poor girl thought. The dinner from before, provided graciously via breast from the resident slime giant, was making its way past her stomach and into her digestive system to meet the enema she was currently receiving. Horny, sweaty, sensitive all over, full on both ends, and desperately confused with all these feelings Reina looked up towards the towering figure looming over the side of the crib. Only able to desperately moan towards the creature that had put her in this predicament she prayed that she would be able to find release in one form or another. What had now been labeled as a smile, the woman slightly closed her eyes before reaching down towards the desperate girl’s face. Touching its fingers to her pacifier she was hoping that it would be removed. To her shock and horror, more bumps appeared along the slims arm and as the rubber inside her mouth inflated. It was now taking on a longer form moving towards the back of her throat. However, instead of the gushing feeling like the breast feeding this was more solid. As the hand was carefully pulled away, the shield also seemed to thicken. Looking up in confusion she suddenly gagged as the pacifier pushed itself deep into her mouth and then into her throat before withdrawing. The front of the pacifier was pushed out like a spring cord before plunging back in. She was being face fucked! As the pacifier pushed its phallic bulb back and forth in time with the cock in her pussy, she was left part way between moaning and choking. The sensitivity only seemed to be increasing as well as the fire that danced across her skin began to make the violation its own form of twisted pleasure. Throwing herself into the waves of ecstasy, Reina abandoned all hope of stopping what was happening and tried to match her own rhythm with that of the slime. Sitting up she began to grind her crotch into the mattress as she once again returned her hands to her chest. The sudden shift in position had another unintended consequence as her bowels also seemed to loosen. The spreading feeling of her anus completely dissipated, leaving her feeling completely filled throughout all of her insides, but without any more going in. Rather, it all seemed to want to come out. Stopping her gyrations she attempted to clench down on her sore anus. The sweat from her brow dripped past her eyes as she tried to concentrate, however, the cocks penetrating her mouth and pussy had no such concerns. They continued on pushing her further and further over the edge. Without warning there was a sensation of a wet tongue at her asshole, as the slime slid across her sensitive backdoor. The motion repeated itself, beckoning the deluge of waste outward. Desperately horny and desperately trying to prevent herself from embarrassing herself furth, she was caught with a choice; find sweet relief and fulfill the burning desire of her loins or hold back the inevitable. The choice was made for her as she felt large firm hands on either shoulder, pushing her down, before relaxing. She looked up as she was bounced up and down on the mattress in rhythm with the thrusts. Completely giving in, a wave of pleasure built inside as she relaxed her clenched cheeks. As she could feel the slimy poop gush out of her bottom, an orgasm unlike anything she had ever felt before washed over her entire from. Wave after wave of heated pleasure crashed down on her sweaty exhausted frame. The bouncing continued as all the muscles in her body went limp and let the process continue. The pleasure didn’t stop as she could feel her pussy bursting with juices for wave after wave. Never before had she squirted with such force. Were it not for the diaper sealed around her lower half, she was sure whatever bedding she was on would be ruined. Eventually the bouncing stopped and the slime cocks that had penetrated her receded. She was lowered onto her back desperate for air as she looked up at this strange alien creature that had just given her the most pleasurable experience of her life. She looked up with exhaustion, confusion, and maybe even just a hint of appreciation at what she was just given. Looking down at herself she could just see past the massive slime boobs towards the equally large slime diaper. Brown chunks were floating amongst the sea of green. Disgusted at first, Reina watched as they were quickly dissolved, much like her clothes, until there was nothing left but pure slime. The slime woman reached down to wipe some of the sweat from her brow and then to softly caress her cheek. Reina welcomed the kind jester until she felt the hand slid down her face and cup the side of her head over her ear. Too tired to stop it, Reina shuddered as she felt something trickling into her ear. She could feel the slime enter into her hearing canal and make its way gently past her eardrum. The feeling was entirely disgusting and fear gripped her heart, but the look from the slime woman felt almost reassuring. Sure, everything had been weird, but she hadn’t been harmed, and in fact had ended up enjoying the sexual play that she had just encountered. Reina fully relaxed her body and let the warm feelings that were creeping across her body continue to spread. Unlike the arousal from before, this heat was one of comfort. Never before had she ever been this relaxed. The warm smile from Mommy above was reassuring, her diaper was comfortable, and the suckles she performed on her paci kept her nice and calm. No more worrying about adult responsibilities. Just Mommy, booby time, and playtime came to the progressively altered mind of the young girl. Maybe Mommy will let me make more cummies. I love cummies, and I love Mommy. A gurgle could be heard behind the pacifier and the suddenly energetic Reina kicked her feet aimlessly while enjoying the soft cot below her. Her legs were spread apart from the bulk of the nappy around her bottom as the crotch area began to grow. A small orb was forming as the rest of the diaper shrank to its first size. Once the orb was fully formed, the surface split and the newly formed slime ball fell forward off the diaper. Smiling at this development, Slime Mommy retracted her tentacles from the infantilised mind of the baby woman squirming in her cot to pick up the slime ball. As she raised it to her face and let out a joyful hum as two eyes formed on the orb. “A successful reproduction!” Slime Mommy thought to herself. “And on the first try.” Looking down at the babyfied human in the cot below the translucent alien was giddy at her thoughts of the future, “This race of humans might just be what we are looking for. So compliant after just the smallest alterations. I might not even have to change anything with how this one reacted to positive stimulus all on her own.” Reina rolled back onto her stomach and began to crawl forward, inspecting all the crib had to offer, much to the amusement of her captor.Looking down at the newly formed slime in her arms, the alien felt her own excitement building. “Gotta get this new one to the incubator to develop.” Walking away from the cot, Slime Mommy began to prepare her body to leave the nursery. “I’ll have to tell my sister’s of this planet.” End. Thanks for reading!
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