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  1. Chapter I: Switch Responsibilities Rachel and Monica sit on the couch, sipping their coffees. Monica looks frazzled, while Rachel seems unusually calm. Rachel: Monica, I've been doing some thinking. I think it's time for us to take a break. Monica: A break? What are you talking about, Rach? Rachel: I can't handle all your demands and control anymore. I want you to know how it feels to be treated like a baby. Monica rolls her eyes, dismissing Rachel's idea. Monica: Oh, please! You can't possibly... As Monica finishes her sentence, Rachel pushes a pacifier into Monica’s mouth. She then takes Monica’s hand and pulls her to the restroom. Pulling out a diaper-mat and diaper out of her bag, she lays her down on the diaper mat and begins replacing her panties (which turn out to be wet), into diapers. Across town, at Maclearen’s Pub, Robin sits at the bar sipping her drink as her best friend, Lily enters. Robin: You know, Lily, now that the guys are away, I think it's time for you to experience what it's like to be treated like a baby. Lily: What? Are you serious? Like At Central Perk, Robin pushes a pacifier into Lily’s mouth, before Lily could finish her sentence. Robin: You're going to use this. Let's see how it goes. Monica and Rachel’s apartment - Phoebe enters, looks at Rachel and then at Monica and starts laughing. Rachel: What’s so funny? Phoebe: My patient, Robin told me she’s also treating her best friend like a baby this weekend Rachel: Seriously? Do you think you can schedule a playdate? Monica: (being ignored) - No, I don’t want a playdate, I’m a grown-woman! That afternoon, Rachel and Monica enter Central Perk, Monica now wearing a diaper and sucking her thumb. They spot Robin and Lily, seating with Phoebe at a nearby table. Like Monica, Lily is dressed in a diaper, and sucking a pacifier as she seats on Robin’s lap. Phobe: Oh, hey, guys! Look who I found! Rachel: So, Robin, what made you decide to treat Lily like a baby? Robin: Lily, while motherly, she has always been immature, and acts like the baby of the group. She’s also a kindergarten teacher,who always wondered what her students go through. We had agreed awhile back to give her a chance to experience childhood, in order to better connect with her students. Why are you treating Monica like a baby? Rachel: Well, Monica is way too uptight and I just felt she needed to relax a bit. Also, she’s been treating me like a kid for some time, so maybe it’s good payback. As Robin and Rachel talked, Lily suddenly said: “mommy, I’m hungry.” Like a good mother, Robin pulled out a jar of baby food and began feeding Lily. When Monica was hungry she made the mistake of saying: “Rach, I’m hungry”.. Instead of taking a baby bottle, or a jar of food to feed Monica, Rachel had a surprise for her. Rachel laid Monica down on her lap and began to breastfeed her. Not only was Monica in shock, but also were Phoebe, Robin and Lily. Rachel: I believe Monica deserves the full baby treatment. And anyways, she knows she isn’t supposed to call me Rachel. Central Park, Sunday Morning Lily and Monica in their respective strollers, one sucking her pacifier, while the other sucks her thumb. Phoebe: Alright, ladies! It's time for some outdoor fun. We're going to the park! Lily: Can we play in the sandbox, please? Robin: Of course, Lily! Go ahead, have fun! Lily and Monica quickly drop to their hands and knees and crawl into the sandbox, relishing the freedom of being carefree and childlike. Rachel: Look at them go! They're like little kids again. Robin: I have to admit, it's pretty adorable. The friends watch Lily and Monica play, their stress melting away as they embrace the simplicity of the moment. Phoebe: Monica, you look adorable with that thumb in your mouth. Are you enjoying your little baby experience? Monica: Maybe, just a little Phoebe: And you, Lily? Lily: I love being treated like a baby! Lily and Monica, exhausted from their playful adventures, lie down in the shade, using their strollers as makeshift beds. Rachel: Aw, look at them. They're tuckered out. Robin: Yeah, it's been quite the adventure for them today. Random Kid: Something smells stinky, I think those women pooped their pants Robin and Rachel check, and find that while Lily only wet herself, Monica did in fact go number 2. Like a good mother, Rachel cleans and changes Monica, while Phoebe and Robin provide a layer of privacy. Back home, Monica wakes up, only to learn that she had peed and pooped herself while sleeping. Chapter II: Monica has Issues Rachel anxiously sits in the waiting area with Monica on her lap. Monica looks unwell, her thumb still in her mouth. They are surrounded by colorful toys and child-friendly decorations. Rachel: Hang in there, Mon. The pediatrician will see you soon. Monica: I don't feel so good, Rach. I'm glad you're here with me. As the pediatrician calls them into the examination room, Rachel carries Monica and walks in, still keeping her close. The pediatrician, DR. WILSON, a kind and gentle woman, greets Rachel and Monica warmly. Dr. Wilson: Hello there! What seems to be the trouble today? Rachel: My friend, Monica has been feeling unwell lately, experiencing some discomfort. Dr. Wilson: I see. Let's have a look, shall we? Rachel helps Monica sit down on the exam table. Monica continues to suck her thumb, finding comfort in the familiar gesture. Dr. Wilson: Monica, sweetie, can you tell me where it hurts? Monica: My tummy hurts, and I don't feel good. Dr. Wilson examines Monica, checking her temperature and listening to her heartbeat. Dr. Wilson: Well, Monica, it seems like you might have caught a little bug. Nothing too serious, but we'll need to keep an eye on you. Monica: But I cannot move my legs and am having trouble going to the potty. Noticing a decline in Monica’s language with every word, Dr. Wilson explains Monica's condition to Rachel. As the two discuss Monica’s regression, Monica starts squirming uncomfortably. Monica: Mommy, I need potty Rachel: Ok Monica, give me 2 more minutes to finish the conversation with the doctor Monica: I cannot mommy, I go now. Not caring who sees, Monica sits down on a potty chair in the room with her pants still intact. Noticing this, Rachel rushes to Monica’s aid, pulling her pants down just in the nick of time. Rachel: Thank you Dr. Wilson, I’ll make sure we update you on Monica’s status. EXT. PEDIATRICIAN'S OFFICE - DAY Rachel and Monica exit the pediatrician's office, relieved that Monica's discomfort has been addressed. Rachel: See, Mon? We handled that situation like champs! As Monica sucks her thumb, she nods her head in acknowledgement to Rachel’s comment. Chapter III: Going Home As Rachel helps Monica walk home from the doctors office, it’s clear that Monica’s discomfort is once again increasingly evident. Monica: Mommy, I need potty Rachel: Oh no, not again. Can’t you hold it? Monica, sucking her thumb nods her head from side to side. Rachel: Ok, lets see if we can find you a public restroom to use. As Monica begins to cry, Rachel notices a dribble of urine coming down Monica’s leg. Noticing a drug store Rachel drags Monica into it, and locates the diaper aisle. After purchasing the diapers, Rachel takes Monica to the restroom, and removes her soiled cloths with a fresh diaper. To Monica’s horror, Rachel opens the door. Monica (in a moment of relapse): Rachel, I’m only wearing a diaper Rachel (As she turns to hug Monica): it’s either the diaper, or those soiled pair of pants Holding Rachel’s hand, Monica walks out of the bathroom, with nothing but a shirt and a diaper Random Kid: Look mommy, that woman is wearing a diaper. In the shock and overwhelming situation she now faces, Monica takes a step back as she regresses, she begins to cry and suck her thumb once again. In order to get home quickly Rachel drags Monica through the NY subway system, as they get off the subway, a block away from home, Rachel notices Monica’s diaper has been sagging a bit. Rachel: Monica, sweetie, did you have another accident? Monica stares blankly at Rachel as she sucks her thumb. Understanding that Monica has regressed farther, Rachel grabs her hand and walks home; with the understanding that neither of them has any idea what the future holds. Chapter IV: Babysat at Home The next day, Monica wakes up, not remembering what happened. She’s surprised by the fact that her thumb is in her mouth. As Monica removes her thumb from her mouth, she tries to get up, only to stumble and fall. Clearly, her legs are still not working properly… Monica: Rachel, Rachel, come help me I cannot get up. Phoebe: I’m coming Monica, one second Monica: Phoebe?! What are you doing here? Phoebe: Morning, sleepyhead! I'm here to babysit you today since Rachel had to go to work. Isn't it exciting? Monica blinks, still trying to process the situation. Monica: Babysit? But I'm not a baby, Phoebe. Phoebe: Oh, I know that, Mon, but sometimes even adults need a little extra care. Don't worry; I've got everything under control. As Phoebe helps Monica to the living room, she notices a kids potty chair. Monica: Hey, Phebs. What’s the potty chair for? Phoebe (excitedly): Well, I talked to Rachel, and she thought it would be a good idea for you to have a potty chair since we're using diapers. It's a little more grown-up than diapers, right? She Rahcel asked that you ask me whenever you need to go to the bathroom. Monica: But I’m an adult Phoebe: Are you? Really? I mean look at you? Monica didn’t even notice the wet diaper around her waist, or that she instinctively began to suck her thumb again. Mid-day Monica: I need to go potty Phoebe: ok, one second Monica: I need to go potty, now! Phoebe (walking into the living room): Uh Monica, did you go potty already? Monica looking at Phoebe and down at herself began to cry. Without thinking, Phoebe took Monica and began to change her diaper, acting as if this was all natural; and explaining that accidents happen. Seeing that Rachel and Monica were short on diapers, Phoebe got Monica and took her down stairs. Having a hard time dragging the grown adult, Phoebe decided to stop by the local Baby’s R Us and purchase a few things. With each thing on the list Monica tried to make a point she’s not a baby. Phoebe: We need diapers Monica: I’m a big kid! I go potty by myself Phoebe: Monica, you’re wearing a diaper and clearly using it for both peeing and pooping. Lets get some just in case Phoebe: We need a stroller Monica: Why? Me walk Phoebe: You asked for a piggyback ride all the way here Phoebe: and finally Pacifiers Monica shakes her head no as she sucks her thumb. On the way home with the goodies, Monica now sits in a brand new stroller, her thumb in her mouth, and a big teddy bear Phoebe got her, for being a good girl. Not far from home, they met up with Rachel, who Monica was more than happy to see. Rachel and Phoebe decided to grab a cup of coffee at Central Perk and Monica slowly drifted off to sleep in her stroller. Chapter V: Babysat at the Park That “one weekend” of babying between Lily and Robin turned into an ongoing-event. This weekend though, Robin had a late shift at work, and asked Phoebe to watch Lily for a bit. Phoebe: Hey Rachel, it’s Phoebe Rachel: Oh, Hey Phoebe what’s up Phoebe: I’m babysitting Lily today and am planning to take her to the park later. Does Monica want to come? Rachel: I’m not sure, I mean Lily is aware that she’s really an adult, and Monica, well, you know, Monica has regressed beyond her years. Phoebe: Oh come-on it’ll be fun! Rachel: fine! EXT. PARK - DAY Phoebe leads Monica and Lily through the park, enjoying the warm summer weather and the playful atmosphere. The sound of laughter and children playing fills the air. Phoebe: "Here we go, on our summer adventure, Monica and Lily, together forever!" Monica giggles, finding Phoebe's joyful spirit contagious. Lily: Phoebe, you're like the coolest babysitter ever! Phoebe: Well, thank you, little one. I always try my best! As they continue their walk, Robin arrives at the park to pick up Lily, who runs excitedly toward her. Lily: Mommy! Robin: Hey, sweetie! How was your playdate with Monica and Phoebe? Lily: Mommy, can I have my pacifier now? Robin chuckles and reaches into her bag, pulling out the pacifier. Robin: Alright, Lily. Just for a little bit longer, okay? Rember, we promised Marshall that by the time you get home, you’ll act like an adult again. And anyways, we said that you’re a toddler this weekend. Lily happily takes her pacifier, feeling comforted by its presence. INT. MONICA AND RACHEL'S APARTMENT - MONICA'S BEDROOM - Evening Monica, exhausted from the day's activities, lies down for a nap. She instinctively sucks her thumb, finding solace and comfort in the familiar gesture. Phoebe: She had a bit of an accident earlier, Rachel. I think she did a number 2 in her diaper. She seemed embarrassed and started sucking her thumb. I think she was also kind of jealous of Lily. Rachel looks concerned but also understands that accidents happen. Rachel: Poor Mon. Let her rest, Phoebe. I'll take care of her when she wakes up. INT. MONICA AND RACHEL'S APARTMENT - LIVING ROOM - Next Day As Monica is seating on Rachel’s lap, Rachel recalls her conversation with Phoebe from last night. Rachel: Hey Monica Monica nods yes as she stares at a kiddy show infront of her. Rachel: Mon, I've been thinking. Since you've been having accidents in your diaper, maybe it's time we try something different. What if we start repotty training you? Monica: Wha? Rachel: Monica, I know you’re in there, and I need my best friend back! Monica: Mama! Rachel: I know, Mon, but accidents happen, and I believe in your ability to regain control. It's not about treating you like a baby but rather helping you become more aware of your body's signals. And I'll be here to support you every step of the way. Rachel: From now on, whenever you feel the need to go potty, you let me know. We'll work together to help you regain control. It's all about open communication. I promise only Phoebe or I will take you to the potty. Fair? Monica: Yes, mommy. Over the next few days, Monica does remember to say “potty”, but rather than before, it’s usually right when or after she had already gone. Chapter VI: Monica and Rachel accept Monica’s Fate Seating at Central Perk, with Phoebe, Robin and Lily, Rachel was bouncing Monica on her hip. Monica: Mommy, me need to go potty Robin: Rachel, I see that you’re talking to Phoebe, would you like me to take her? Rachel: Sure Monica: Only mommy Rachel: It’s ok Mon, aunt Robin will take good care of you! As Robin walking with Monica towards the restroom, she heard a loud wet fart. Turning around, Rachel saw that Monica had done a number in her pants. Rachel: Monica we talked about this, you said you wanted to be a big girl. Now, this doesn’t look like a big girl, does it? Monica sucked her thumb as she began to cry. Rachel: What should I do? Phoebe: you know my thoughts, if monica wanted to be an adult she’d at least try Robin and Lily: I agree Rachel: Monica do you want to be a big kid or a baby Monica: baby Rachel: do you know what that means Sucking her thumb Monica wobbled hear her in yes motion Understanding Monica’s desires and state of her diaper, Rachel pulled out a diaper mat, no longer caring who sees Monica in this state. Over the next few days, Phoebe and Rachel began to notice increasing regression with Monica. She was no longer the responsible motherly figure of the friends group, but rather nothing more than a diaper wearing baby.
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