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Found 3 results

  1. Hey guys, ifs been about 3 years since I wore diapers, but I recently got back into it and I ordered some patterned diapers I liked for now, but now after using one again I am looking into ordering a big box. Since I now have no rent going forward for a few years, I have more money to spend...elsewhere (hehe) so I was wondering what would you guys recommend? I'm looking for the best i can get for the fairest price for a bag, but I'm also open to suggestions of any kind. I only wet, so that's my main priority. I want it to be comfortable and able to hold a lot (preferably without smelling). I don't mind wrinkles, often I enjoy them; but I'm not necessarily looking for that. Just mainly comfortable, leak proof, can hold a lot, and I'd prefer patterned ones of some kind. Though I'm okay with blank ones as i can always draw my own designs. Anyways I'm off to finish filling this tie-dye-per to the brim and head to bed
  2. The story is about 22 years old Husky named Maike and her 20 years old Bunny boyfriend named Yuyu. Maike developed a strong diaper fetish out of her bedwetting times as a teen and now freshly moved in together with her still pokemon-obsessed boyfriend Yuyu, who is accepting her liking in diapers but doesnt want to get involved in it. This story was my idea but was wrote by two other people. I took some inspiration from the sadly unfinished story "How daring". When the whole story is posted i will add there furaffinity accounts and patreon of the authors. Chapter 1 by PoodlePamps These are so cute! Maike, a red and white husky, thought. Clad in a cushy diaper of her own, she surfed through her notifications on an ABDL art website. Her favorite artists were uploading in rapid succession today. Cute anthro and feral characters in pamps. A lot of the art was wholesome. While others were… Maike exhaled. Some of it was just downright kinky. Art of intense bondage that emphasized helplessness but still showed how poofy and soft the diapers were. Men, women, or both getting dominated by others or by plushies. Or just simple diaper humping. One image, in particular, had her aroused. A short stack Cinderace laying on its back while a beefcake of an Arcanine plowing its butthole through the diaper’s tailhole. She dipped a few fingers into her diaper, playing with herself. In her head, she reimagined that the image was her and her boyfriend. The Arcanine turned into a rabbit slightly shorter than Maike. Meanwhile, the Cinderace turned into her. She moaned and panted as her boyfriend’s diaper humped her own. Maike’s tail wagged as she let out small breaths. My cute little diaper pet. Bet you love getting diapey humps, right? The imaginary version of her boyfriend teased. She nodded, her fingering bringing her closer to the edge. Her imaginary lover and herself, both fantasy and real-life versions, were nearing their climax. Sadly… “AH COME ON! THAT’S FUCKING BULLSHIT!” Maike heard from the living room. Her boyfriend’s outburst left an annoyed expression on her face. In the living room, she saw a grumpy white rabbit watching Pokemon. She hopped over to the couch and sat next to him. “What happened?” Maike asked. “Mega Metagross, a steel-type, was beaten by Pikachu’s Iron Tail, a steel-type move! And Pikachu can control its Z-Move?! Pure plot armor,” Yuyu, Maike’s boyfriend, complained. Right as he replayed the scene, he noticed his girlfriend’s current underwear. Eyebrow raised, he asked, “Diapers? Are you a little too old for that?” Maike smirked, making her way onto his lap. She wrapped her arms around him, wiggling her pamp rump against his crotch. “Maybe but-” Maike kissed her boyfriend’s forehead then finished, “Isn’t Pokemon for little kids?” “Hey!” “Besides,” she side-eyed the laptop, “how’s the job search going? Send any resumes or get any interviews lined up?" The Husky took a delightful chuckle from her boyfriend’s response. “Well, uh… you see… I was uh… about that…” Yuyu stammered on and on incoherently about his failed job search. Recently, thanks to a new job, Maike and Yuyu moved to a new city. The money from her new job dwarfed what they were making prior so Yuyu, naturally, quit his prior job. Sadly, the job search was… going poorly. Either he got a ‘you’re not what we’re looking for’, ‘we’ve found a better-suited candidate but will keep your information on file,’ or, the most disheartening, no reply at all. After a week, Yuyu had, more or less, quit job searching. He still sent an application or two a day to any low-skilled job, though that was just false hope. Fortunately, Maike’s new job paid more than enough to cover their cost of living expenses. Although, Yuyu wished that didn’t include… “How’s about a bet?” Maike proposed, cutting off Yuyu’s thought. “Huh?” “I’ve been thinking and… I want to wear diapers 24/7,” Maike admitted. Yuyu’s eyes widened, speechless as she added, “and I’d love it if my jobless bf joined me. So… if you can find a job before we both end up incontinence, I’ll give up diapers.” “And if you win?” “Then we’re both wearing 24/7!” Maike answered. Yuyu blinked. This… didn’t seem fair. “Wait so all I’m getting the privilege of not wearing diapers when I don’t wear them already. I gonna need a bit more than that,” That was a fair point. As it was, her deal was completely one-sided. She gave it some thought before remembering the various Pokemon plushies he’d had since childhood. Along with her boyfriend’s very adamant fanboyish behavior towards Pokemon. “How’s about a Pokemon-themed apartment? And I’ll even get the largest plush of your favorite Pokemon. Fair?” Maike offered a paw. Yuyu didn’t give it any thought. He simply shook her paw. Maike squealed, smothering her boyfriend with kisses. Oh, this is gonna be so much fun! She thought. But first… When she stopped kissing him, ground rules were laid down. “First, no toilet. I’m gonna buy a lock and some rope so neither of us can use it. Also to keep you from cheating,” Maike softly booped Yuyu’s nose, “I’m gonna get some locking rubber pants so you have to use them.” Yuyu had a pouty expression on his face. Logically, that rule made sense. It would prevent him from just going somewhere else to use the restroom. “Next?” “Second, you can’t change yourself. Only I can change your diapers.” Before Yuyu could interject with a potential problem, Maike continued, “But I will unlock your padding if I have to leave for more than an hour.” Yuyu puffed his cheeks but nodded. At least, he wouldn’t be in a messy or wet diaper for too long. “Any more?” Yuyu asked. Maike’s, already wide, grin got even wider. Her tailed started wagging even faster than before. “Two more. Third, every night while we sleep, I’m gonna play some hypno files that’ll make us slowly lose control.” Yuyu suppressed a grin. Despite what mass media may say through books, movies, tv shows, etc. hypnotism isn’t all too effective. Simply because you cannot hypnotize someone to do something that they don’t want to do. Which left the last rule. Albeit, in retrospect, was pretty oblivious. “If either of us gives up, the one who didn’t give up wins.” Perfect. Yuyu wouldn’t even need to do anything. After a few days, Maike would get sick of this and call it off. Easiest bet I’ve ever won. After the pair shook on it, Maike hurried out of the living room. She then returned with a bottle of baby powder, baby oil, and an opened pack of diapers. “Alright, drop those pants! Our bet begins now!” Maike ordered. Blushing, he slowly took off his pants and then Pokemon-themed underwear. He laid on the couch, eyes closed. It’d been years since he’d last had to wear a diaper. And here he was, trying to win a bet with his girlfriend by wearing diapers. Not exactly how he thought his day would go… “Such a cute widdle bunny!” Maike cooed in a babyish tone. Yuyu scrunched up his face. Wearing a diaper is bad enough but, the babyish prattle felt insulting. Sensing his discomfort, Maike pouted as she slid the diaper underneath him. Yuyu lowered his bottom onto the soft padding. Some combination of a blush and surprise appeared on his face. He’d seen pics of fictional characters in diapers. As well as skimmed through whatever diaper-themed stories Maike texted him. All of them described diapers as being overly soft and thick. Yuyu… felt disappointed. The diaper was certainly soft but it didn’t look too poofy. His disappointed face was met with a scrunched-up face and grunt from Maike. “One day we’ll have fetish-style diapers!” Maike declared with a paw raised to the sky. Yuyu got a little chuckle from this. Sometimes you’re such a dork, Maike, Yuyu thought. Maike, holding a bottle of baby oil, lathered her paws with it. She took her oily paws to his crotch, embedding his groin area. Every stroke of his cock caused it to erect up slightly. Yuyu lightly moaned beneath his breath. He could never understand how, no matter when, Maike’s paws always knew the right way to get him aroused. Not that he was complaining about it in the slightest. It didn’t take long for him to be sporting a full-on erection. The scent of his arousal was strong. Pre-cum shot out of his cock in small spurts. Maike didn’t stop, rubbing her oil and pre-cum soaked paws against his dick. She grinned, saying, “Seems like someone’s enjoying themselves?” Yuyu’s moaned and nodded. He clutched his feet, curling his toes. He could feel himself getting closer to the edge. In a hazy daze, he threw his head back and screamed… “I’M CUM-” he stopped midsentence. Right as he was about to reach an orgasm, Maike stopped. Looking towards her, he saw her now sprinkling baby powder onto his crotch area. The sweet scent of baby powder mixed with his arousal’s scent. He narrowed his eyes while she whistled innocently. That’s for ruining my fantasy, Maike thought maliciously. Though outwardly, she kept an innocent-looking face. Besides, it was much too early for that. But that little taste… would be useful down the line. She tapped the diaper firmly around his waist. Yuyu looked at her with a puzzled face. It was certainly soft. The scent of baby powder wrinkled his nose a little. Getting up, his legs were spread apart slightly. Walking wouldn’t be difficult but he’d have a nice strut. There was also a noticeable crinkle sound whenever he moved. It wasn’t loud but definitely, someone close by could hear it. Honestly, he didn’t see what Maike saw in this. Speaking of which, she looked positively giddy at the sight of her boyfriend in a diaper. “Oh my god, you look so cute! My adorable diaper bunny!” Maike gushed. Yuyu blushed rubbing the back of his head. His discarded pants are thrown onto his lap. Smiling, she ordered, “Come on, we’ve got to go shopping.” “Shopping?” Yuyu asked, confused. Maike sat on the couch, surfing the web on her boyfriend’s laptop. In a matter of minutes, she had a pair of baby blue rubber pants on screen. There was one more noticeable feature. Around the waistband was a rope with a locking accessory. “There’s a shop a couple of miles from here that sells this. So come on, let’s get going!” Maike ordered. He would’ve questioned how she knew to find it so quickly. Or even how she of a nearby place that sold them. Instead, he didn’t. Mostly for fear of the answer. “Damn it, it’s not gonna fit…” Yuyu realized as he struggled to pull his pants up. He could get his pants over the diaper. It was just he couldn’t button his pants or zip them up. Eventually, with help from Maike, he was able to button and zip up his pants. Although, if Yuyu had hoped to keep his diaper a secret, that would be impossible. His bulky padding was visible for all to see. He cringed, proposing, “Yeah… I’m gonna probably wear sweatpants.” After a quick wardrobe change, the pair set off to the store. To Yuyu’s good fortune, the halls of their apartment were clear. The same applied to their building parking garage. Although thanks to their crinkling diapers, he was completely spared any embarrassment. He had noted that Maike had changed her wardrobe too. Though mostly trading in her pants for a skirt that barely hid her diaper. Once they arrived, Yuyu was once again grateful for the near lack of cars. Hopefully, they'd be in and out quickly. For now, he couldn’t help but smile. Maike held his paw, practically skipping with every step, tail wagging. Honestly, Yuyu couldn’t remember a single time she was ever this excited. And… that worried the rabbit. She’s got something planned, he realized. With that thought in mind, he needed to strategize. Once inside, both took in the sight before them. The shop’s interior was roughly the size of a Walmart or Target. As well as a similar layout. Except… replace the things you’d find in a convenience store with fetish gear. Perhaps the closest thing to normal either saw was maternity clothes and medical diapers. Everything else in some way, shape, or form was catered to some kind of fetish. Maike squealed from the sight of it, “OMG, I’ve always wanted to come here!” “And we’re welcome to have you too,” an employee, a brown skunkette, said as she approached them. Besides her nametag reading ‘Fay’, the couple immediately noticed something. Like Maike, she was diapered too in a skirt that barely hid her diaper. Yuyu blinked a few times before asking, “Is it… appropriate for you to be wearing a diaper to work?” “My bosses don’t mind. And,” Fay then held her face in a bashful way. On her face was a lovey-dovey sort of smile, “my wonderful boyfriend adores me wearing them. And just for him I-” Fay stopped herself by lightly slapping her forehead, “Sorry I didn’t mean to be weird. How I can help you two?” “We’re looking for a pair of locking rubber pants or plastic pants,” Maike answered. At this moment, Yuyu smirked maliciously. “Make it two pairs!” Yuyu added. Maike’s heart skipped a beat at Yuyu’s requests. When her tail started wagging again, Yuyu gulped. Despite the smile on his face from Maike’s abrupt kiss, he felt himself sweat a bit. Had he made a mistake? “Well, it’s only fair. It’s no fun if I’m the only dominant one. Oh! We should pick out one for each other,” Maike suggested with a knowing smirk. Yuyu’s ears drooped. Nope, definitely made a mistake. “Well if you need any recommendations, I am more than willing to help,” Fay informed. Maike smiled from ear to ear, gesturing in the direction of the ABDL section. “Lead the way,” During their short walk, Maike gushed over everything she saw. Particularly a wall of wooden paddles. She quickly snatched a paddle off the rack. Or… she would’ve if Yuyu’s stern glare hadn’t made her reconsider. “Spoiled sport,” she grumbled under her breath. Her enthusiasm returned when she saw the ABDL section. All the standard ABDL diapers (Rearz, Tykables, Bambino, etc.), as well medical diapers (Depends, Megamax, etc.), plus some store brand ones. There were displays of playpens, cribs, and bassinets. All sorts of clothes ranging from simple monotone t-shirts and jeans to colorful onesies, overalls, skirtalls, etc. Bottles, juice, milk, and laxatives were in their own aisle. Fay chuckled and Yuyu gently lowered his head. They watched Maike ogled over everything in the area. “Oh, I want this!” Maike, stars in her eyes, pointed to a cute pair of flowery overalls. “But this is so cute!” Now she focused on a purple and red onesie. “I haven’t even heard of this brand!” She marveled over a diaper named ‘Monster Egg Diapers’ with the diapers patterned around dragon eggs. Fay glanced over to the embarrassed Rabbit. She noticed his annoyed expression and his diaper bulging pants. “You’re wearing one too right? I’m a bit surprised-” “Maike and I made a bet. I’m hoping to try and get her out of this diaper fetish,” Yuyu answered. The skunkette employee shrugged her shoulders. She’d heard odder and even outright lies from other patrons. Thinking of her boyfriend, Fay went into another lovey-dovey face. “Just like my boyfriend,” she mumbled, then said out loud, “Perhaps you should give it an honest try. It took some time but my boyfriend absolutely adores keeping me in diapers. He loves playing with his widdle skunky ‘Faye-Faye’.” Ignoring the fact she was with a customer, Fay gave her diaper a firm squeeze. She was wet in more ways than one. Remembering she was at work, Fay straightened her composure. Fay coughed into her paw and said, “All I’m saying is give it a try. Life is too short to not enjoy simple pleasures. And who knows,” she patted Yuyu on his diapered bum. His body stiffed, blushing from the sudden spank. "You may discover something about yourself along the way." Yuyu didn’t have long to process this. Maike returned with some yellow locking rubber pants, a few packs of diapers, and a music box. The music box stood out the most. “Uh…” “It’s a Hypno Music Box. Do I really need to explain what it does?” Fay asked, curious. Yuyu shook his head. Clearly, it would be how Maike would play those Hypno files she mentioned. With her items in tow, Fay led the pair over to a register to pay for their things. Once paid for, Maike and Yuyu were on their way. Although, the rabbit reflected on the last thing “You may discover something about yourself along the way.” Yuyu shook off the thought. It was highly unlikely that he’d go to enjoy diapers. All of this was gonna fail and Maike would give up this weird kink. But once he saw himself in the bathroom, he rethought his chances. Bouncy Bunny Baby is written in sparkly dark blue letters on the seat of his rubber pants. He tried to tug it off but the chain keeping it around his waist was stronger. “Didn’t they have any regular yellow ones?” Yuyu asked. Off to the side, Maike locked the toilet with a rope and some chains. A thick padlock would keep either of them from reaching the toilet. “They did but that looks way cuter,” Maike placed one hind paw on the toilet. She made sure to give Yuyu a full view of her diapered behind. In a cutesy and seductive voice, she said, “How do you feel about my rubber pants?” Written on her bottom was Husky Dumper in bright sparkling letters. No matter how many times it’d happen, she’d always chuckle from Yuyu’s blushing. He rubbed the back of his head, averting his eyes from her. “Well it looks…cute,” Yuyu answered. She wiggled her rump, brushing it against Yuyu’s crotch. His red face, which of course, was Maike’s goal all along. She swiftly turned around and kissed his nose. “Alright, now I’m gonna head off and mail the key to ourselves,” Maike announced. Yuyu raised an eyebrow. Why exactly would… “Just one last measure to keep one of us from cheating.” That grin Maike had all day slipped. It was gonna be difficult to find a shipping rate that would take some time for it to be delivered. Oh well, that was her problem. “Alright, I’ll be back. Gonna head to the post office a few towns over to mail this,” Maike informed. Yuyu nodded. It made sense. Doing this kept it out of their paws. As well as keep this bet to themselves as much as possible. There was also one other caveat to this. Yuyu would be left alone, only able to use his diaper. Maike had the key to his rubber pants and vice versa. When she left, Yuyu shrugged. Simply not using the toilet wouldn’t be hard. For now, he rested on the couch and loaded up his save file of Pokemon Sword. He picked up on his starter-only run with his Scorbunny, now Cinderace. He’d just beaten Milo and was on his way to the next city. Time went on, before he knew it he’d already claimed the third badge against Kabu. The fight was tough but with a Max Airstream and two Max Knuckle, it wasn’t too difficult. Yet, despite all the time that had passed, Maike hadn’t returned. Which wasn’t a good thing considering how much he needed to go. He rushed to the toilet, forgetting it was locked. As well as that the only key to it was in the process of being mailed to their apartment. Although, rather than fight it, Yuyu exhaled. It was going to happen eventually. So he relaxed, applying pressure on his bladder for him to pee. Certainly, a more difficult feat than he realized considering how ingrained potty training is. To help, he stood in front of the toilet with his eyes closed. HISS! A steady stream of pee flowed into his diaper. Yuyu tried to stop it but his body worked against him. His padding absorbed the urine, inflating with every second. Not too absurd fetish levels. Though his diaper did balloon. It swelled, sagging slightly, but didn’t show any signs of leaking. By the time it was done, Yuyu exhaled. He could feel the soggy padding brush against his crotch. The rabbit gently poked it a few times. Then, while groping it, couldn’t ignore how squishy it felt. He fought the urge to keep squishing it. His paws are forced away from his padding. For the moment, he went to his phone. Waiting for him was a text from Maike. I’m sorry. Had to go one state over to mail it. Should be back in an hour or so. Such a text would concern anyone in Yuyu’s situation. Fortunately, due to how close they were to the next state, it would be an hour's drive to and from. Regardless, Yuyu made a face. “Oh, she’s definitely spending the night in that diaper. I don’t care how much she whines,” Yuyu declared. Blushing once more, he sat on the couch. SQUISH! His soggy padding pressed against him. Yet, despite how full it felt, it didn’t leak. While grateful for that, he wasn’t grateful for the budding erection. “Oh god, do I like this stuff?” he wondered. NO! Yuyu shook his head in defiance. If he gave into it now, Maike would never let him live it down. So he grabbed his controller and returned to his game. It was the perfect distraction tool. Even if, once or twice, he gave his padding a firm squeeze. As promised, an hour later, Maike returned. She had a bag of Chinese food in one paw, and a large plush in the other paw. Specifically a Scorbunny plush. The Husky looked at her boyfriend sheepishly, “Sorry about the wait. But I got us your favorite from that Chinese place down the street. And I got you a plush of your favorite Pokemon.” Yuyu turned to her, an eyebrow raised. “Are you trying to buy my forgiveness?” “Is it working?” Yuyu said nothing. He simply took the Scorbunny plush and hugged it. All the while, maintaining a serious face. Maike giggled at how cute he looked. Though that serious face dropped when he realized she saw his swollen diaper. “Someone’s a soggy bun-bun!” Maike teased in a sing-song voice. “Wu-wu-well yeah! What else was I supposed to do when you have my key?!” Yuyu fumed. Maike leaned in and kissed his cheek again. Now that she was closer, he smelt more than just the Chinese. Looking down, he saw a sizable lump in her padding. Now it was his turn to smirk, “For being late, you’re not gonna get a change until tomorrow!” Her jaw dropped! To his surprise though, her tail wagged. Laying the food on the table, she threw her arms around him. “Thank you! I’ve always wanted to sleep in a used diaper!” Maike announced. Yuyu sighed. Of course, that would backfire. She briefly saw his closed laptop and asked, “How many applications have you sent out today?” Yuyu’s ears, if they hadn’t drooped already, drooped. He’d become so caught up in his game and wet diaper that he hadn’t sent out a single one. “Well, ya see…” Yuyu stammered, unable to come up with a reasonable fake number. Thanks to this display, Maike already knew the truth. “Thought so. Well come along and eat, Soggy Bunny-Bun,” Maike said in a sing-song voice. Yuyu grumbled something under his breath but complied nonetheless. After a dinner of shrimp fried rice, chicken and broccoli, and a few spring rolls, it was time for bed. Maike, still in her used padding, wagged her tail as she set up the Hypno Music Box. She inserted one of the discs she bought into the disk drive. Yuyu tilted his head, curiosity piqued. “What’s this Hypno file gonna do?” he asked. Maike flipped over to the back cover of the disc’s case. “This disc plays a universally appealing sound that indulges bedwetting. Constant nightly exposure, more than a week, can make results permanent. Should be used only for pranks,” Maike read. That description was a bit worrying for Yuyu. If it was universally appealing then an avenue of winning went out the window. Then again, remembering how aroused he was in wet padding. It might still work. Regardless, he met Maike’s smirk with narrowed eyes. “Let’s do it!” The file she played was different than what either expected. There wasn’t a voice gently speaking a soothing chant. Soft music, not unlike what a baby mobile or a normal music box might play, was played. Quickly, the pair were lulled into sleep. Both unaware of the consequences of their actions. Chapter Two (and following by Diaper_Plush) “Man...he really used another Swords Dance instead of Baton Passing?” Yuyu chuckled under his breath, wearing a sardonic smile of disbelief as he watched the streamer’s Mawile faint from the opposing Pokémon's high roll. “Very, very greedy. That’s gonna be a lot of cleanup. I wonder if he wipes here...” The white-furred rabbit rubbed his chin, watching the Nuzlocke challenge with renewed interest. He couldn’t help but wondered if the streamer had ‘thrown for content’, as the meme so often said. Yuyu should’ve been looking for places to apply for work instead of watching people play videogames online, but...he’d already received five different rejection letters this week so far, and there was only so much disappointment that he could handle. He’d stop slacking off a little later tonight. He just wanted to spend some time doing the things that he liked for a little while. On the subject of things that he liked...as he leaned back in his chair, the garment he wore underneath his shorts gave an audible rustle, along with a simultaneous squeak. He was in the midst of a bet with his girlfriend, a beautiful, red-furred husky by the name of Maike. Between the two of them, Maike was the one who far and away enjoyed wearing adult diapers on the daily more. Yuyu didn’t completely loathe the idea of wearing the crinkly garments—which, of course, was why he’d been suckered into this bet in the first place—but neither was he completely in love with the idea of either of them wearing full-time. But, that was exactly what the bet was about. Maike had been the one to lie down the rules. A few days ago, they’d started wearing diapers around the clock, with the toilet strictly off-limits. The boyfriend was also required to wear a pair of locked rubber pants around the clock, which was the source of the frequent squeaks that came from under his clothes. Maike had the only key to the rubber pants, and therefore, her boyfriend had no choice other than to soil himself and not cheat on the challenge. The way that they’d get out of wearing and using them would be for Yuyu to find a job before they both ended up becoming incontinent and reliant on the disposable underwear, at which point they’d likely be doomed to wear them forever—something that really only appealed to the husky. And if the rabbit was able to find work before he permanently lost control over his bladder and/or bowels, then Maike would treat him to a wide variety of Pokémon merchandise to basically overhaul the apartment in which they lived. And, since Pokémon was far and away Yuyu’s favorite franchise to ever exist, it seemed like a bit of a sucker’s bet. Even if it took a while, the bunny was certain that he’d be able to get a job somewhere before he became dependent on these weird, crinkly undergarments. Then, he’d have a Pokémon-themed apartment, and he’d never have to pee in another diaper ever again. For him, it was a win-win! His tall, rounded ears twitched as he heard movement coming from the hallway. He muted his stream and looked over his shoulder, seeing his girlfriend stepping into his man cave—or, as she called it, the ‘geek room’. The husky had a sweater on over her pink blouse, and a knee-length skirt that concealed her diaper well. Maike had taken to wearing skirts much more often since their bet had began the other day, as it allowed for easier diaper checks—just like how she was the only one who could change Yuyu, the same was true vice versa. While the rabbit had initially shied away from the idea of changing his girlfriend’s diaper, especially the messy ones, it had actually turned out to be a lot of fun. He’d even given her an orgasm or two in the middle of previous diaper changes. Diapers were a very large part of her kinky, sexual side, after all. “Hey, Yuyu! I’ve gotta make a quick run to the store. There’s some stuff that we have to stock up on.” Yuyu narrowed his eyes curiously. “What could we possibly need, Maike?” he inquired, suspecting that he already knew the answer. “Wipes? Powder? More packs of diapers?” To his surprise, Maike snickered and shook her head. “No, silly butt! Not every shopping trip is diaper-related, you know. Even though I'm sure that’s what you’d prefer.” “H-hey wait, you’re the one who—” “It’s just a routine grocery run,” the husky stated, her diaper rustling loudly as she wagged her tail. Unlike her boyfriend, she didn’t wear anything locked over her padding, since she was the one who enjoyed wearing and using them every chance that she got. “Dinner and lunch stuff, mostly. Anything specific that you can think of that we need?” Yuyu licked his lips, pushing aside his bashfulness about being accused of enjoying the act of soiling his diapers. Even though she hadn’t directly said that, he suspected that it was exactly what Maike was trying to imply. “I think we’re running low on milk,” he said, after thinking for a moment. “Almond milk, please, not the nasty regular stuff that expires in three hours after opening it. That’s the only thing I can think of.” “Got it!” hummed Maike, already on her way out of the room. Yuyu quickly stood up, his legs spread apart by his bulky undergarments. “Do you want me to come with you?” he offered to his girlfriend. “Nope, that’s okay!” the canine answered, continuing towards the front door, though Yuyu continued after her. Her skirt flared up every couple of steps, giving him a momentary glimpse of her diaper. Her purse, once she’d shouldered it, hung down towards her skirt, which would help to keep it smoothed down in public. “It’ll be quick and easy, I should be back within an hour.” Yuyu pursed his lips, smirking as he reached out to lift up his girlfriend’s skirt, giving the crinkly padding in between her legs a few groping squeezes to check it. Though it was still quite dry, he couldn’t help but tease her by saying, “Well, what if you need your diaper changed?” Maike flicked an ear, hesitating for several moments. She knew the implications of his question. What if she had a significantly large accident in her diaper that rendered it very difficult to conceal? The both of them hadn’t risked much public contact since starting their mutual challenge, since they hadn’t needed to go much farther than their apartment complex’s mailbox, which they took in shifts. But the grocery store was quite an adventure—and one that Maike had undoubtedly been looking forward to. Yuyu wouldn’t be surprised if she wanted someone to notice that she was wearing a diaper like a big baby, though he wasn’t sure if this was entirely the truth. She stuck her tongue out at him, swishing her tail playfully. “Then you’ll just have to change me when I get home! I’ll text you if I need anything, okay?” “And I'll do the same if I think of something else that we need,” Yuyu agreed, nodding to his girlfriend. “Drive safe!” Maike gave him a thumbs-up, playfully flashing her diapered bottom at him as she left the apartment. The rabbit snickered as he returned to his stream. He fully expected the husky to return home in a rather full diaper, once the breakfast that he’d laced with laxatives took effect. He hadn’t been expecting her to go out so soon after eating their first meal of the day, but he was thrilled that she had. A helpless, public messing would be just the thing that the husky needed to realize that wearing and needing diapers all day, every day wasn’t quite as appealing as it sounded... ---------------- Maike was humming a song under her breath as she pulled into the parking lot of the local grocery store. It was the one that was closest and most convenient to shop at, though the prices tended to be somewhat steeper than the supermarket in the next town over. Typically, the extra cost of gas outweighed the savings that would be made for a long excursion, so they saved said supermarket for extra-large shopping trips; as it stood, Maike and Yuyu only needed a few items today, so the local store would serve just fine. The canine licked her lips as she shut her car’s engine off, quickly glancing around to ensure that no one was nearby as she lifted her skirt, checking to make sure that she hadn’t had an absentminded accident in her diaper yet. Thankfully, the padding remained white, the picture of a cartoonish lion upon her crotch remaining unfazed about the fate it could suffer at any moment. As she’d left the apartment, she had tried to put on a brave face in front of her boyfriend—who, while generally very supportive of her and her interests, wasn’t too keen on the thought of her staying in diapers permanently. It wasn’t a complete turn-off for him, but it often threw him for a loop when he grabbed her butt or pulled off her pants to find a diaper wrapped around her waist. She usually abstained from them when she knew things were going to turn intimate between them, but she did quite enjoy the look of surprise that crossed his face whenever he discovered her crinkly underwear. That being said, this was a big step for her. She rarely went out in public with a diaper on underneath her outfit, especially not to somewhere as crowded as a grocery store. While she was comfortable wearing them around someone who was aware and okay with it, the thought of someone catching a glimpse of her crinkly underwear was something that unnerved her greatly. She’d spent all of her life worried about what people might think about her if they discovered something about her that they didn’t like—even though coming out to her boyfriend about her interest in the ABDL scene was something that had to happen, it had still been a bigger step than she’d ever taken before. He was the only one who knew about this side of her, and she wanted to keep it that way for now. Especially when strangers were concerned. She took a deep breath as she grabbed her purse off of her passenger seat and stepped out of the car, locking it behind her. “I can do this...I can do this,” she murmured quietly to herself, making sure that her skirt remained down as a faint breeze blew by. The sooner she got into the store, the sooner she could get things over and done with. Hoping that the faint rustling of her diaper was audible only to herself, Maike chewed on her lip and made her way to the store’s entrance, focusing hard on keeping a waddle out of her stride. There weren’t too many people close by in the parking lot, but she knew that would change as soon as she stepped foot in the store. “Alright...here we go...” she whispered, the automatic doors opening as she drew near to them. There was no turning back now. Not until she had what she came for. She fished her phone out of her pocket as she went to retrieve a shopping cart from the repository. She hadn’t been planning on texting her boyfriend already, but she could use whatever distraction she could find to still her racing heart. ‘This is scarier than I thought it’d be,’ she typed out on her digital keyboard, keeping an eye ahead of her as she made her way towards the first aisle, pushing her cart largely with her chest as she texted. ‘I’ve never worn in public before.’ She wondered how Yuyu would respond to her message. Would he try to reassure and encourage her? Would he tease and torment her further? Call her brave, or call her a diapered baby-butt? She knew that she’d only have to wait for a minute or two, since he was usually glued to his phone. Still, though, the anticipation was killing her. She was searching for the bread that they typically ate when her phone buzzed in her pocket, prompting her to pull it out once more. ‘Welcome to the 24/7 life, like you wanted,’ Yuyu had responded in one message, though an ellipses icon said that he was still typing. The message she received a few moments later read, ‘Don’t worry yourself, Maike. People aren’t going to look for you wearing a diaper unless you try shoving it under their noses.’ The husky glanced around fervently, worried that someone was close enough to see the word ‘diaper’ on her phone’s screen, as if it stood out any more than the rest of their message history. Keeping her device close to her chest, she hastily texted back, ’I know, I know. I’ll be careful.’ Maike returned her focus to the task at hand after sending the message, though she felt a bit bad about being so curt with her boyfriend. She hadn’t expected her nerves to be as on edge as they were right now. She was sure that he’d understand, if he was even upset by her response in the first place. The husky retrieved the bread that they needed—as luck would have it, it was on a lower shelf, prompting her to slowly bend her knees to lower herself down without risking her skirt flagging up—placed it in her cart, and continue down the aisle. She grabbed peanut butter along the way, since they seemed to go through it a lot faster than jelly. Then, she made a U-turn to make her way down the second aisle. This was how she usually did her shopping trips, weaving down each and every row of goods and grabbing what she needed along the way, essentially walking through every part of the store before checking out. Today’s trip, however, was going to feel very long, with the canine constantly worrying that her diaper was somehow peeking out from underneath her long skirt. Things went as any other normal shopping excursion would for the next several aisles, with the exception of Maike becoming noticeably tense whenever she passed someone by—which, in hindsight, was probably the last thing that she wanted to do if she wanted to appear like any other casual customer. As she was picking out a few frozen meals for nights that neither she nor her boyfriend felt like cooking, humming one of the catchy tunes to his Pokémon shows that sometimes wound up stuck in her head, she felt a sudden warmth that was quite out of place in the midst of the cold aisle of freezers. It was a warmth that she knew very, very well. Centralized around her crotch, rapidly spreading around her inner thighs, creeping up her bottom. All accompanied by a faint trickling sound that was just barely audible to her sharp hears amidst the humming of the coolers around her. Maike’s eyes went wide, her jaw going slightly slack as she stood very still, staring at the frozen dinners in front of her, the cool mist from the freezer washing over her body. She was peeing. But she hadn’t even felt that she’d needed to go. She was having an accident. And she couldn’t stop herself! Her heart hammering in her chest, she glanced to either side of her as she spread her legs ever so slightly, biting her lip as her diaper became warm and squishy underneath her skirt. Thankfully, the only other people in the aisle were a pair of families, each at opposite ends of the row. This meant that she was free to pee her diaper in peace, but...she couldn’t believe that this was happening! She was having a real, public accident! It must’ve been the combination of nerves that she’d been feeling, along with the hypnosis files that she and her boyfriend had been listening to every night since they’d started their challenge, and had only half been expecting them to even work. Well, they certainly worked—but of all the places to find this out, why did it have to be here!? The husky let her breath out slowly, shivering from the cold freezer and the relief of voiding her bladder involuntarily. Realizing she’d been standing and staring straight ahead for the better part of a minute now, she hastily grabbed up two of the frozen meals that were ‘buy one, get one free’ at the moment, stepping back to her cart to put them inside and continue along as if nothing had happened. But with each step that she took, she could feel exactly what had happened. Her diaper had become swollen from her pee, and it felt as though a warm, wet towel had been tucked in between her legs. It felt amazing, of course—she enjoyed wetting her diapers in private very much, and it often led to intimate times between herself and a vibrating toy. But the shock of having an accident in public hadn’t worn off just yet, and her heart was thumping hard as she continued into the next aisle, praying that her waddle wasn’t as obvious as she thought it was. Thankfully, she could see in some reflective surfaces that her soaked diaper wasn’t sagging down underneath her skirt, but she imagined that there was less room to work with before it would become visible. Bending the wrong way, her tail catching the garment as it swished, absentmindedly rubbing at her upper leg...there were many, many things that could happen to expose her secret. Not sure whether she was seeking comfort or further thrills, she whipped out her phone to text Yuyu again, chewing on her tongue as she typed, ‘Well, I think the hypno stuff works. Totally peed myself like a pup a minute ago.’ She continued moving through the aisles, holding her breath as she passed by other shoppers, hoping that no one with a particularly sharp nose would catch the mingling scents of plastic, powder, and piddle as she walked by. They were scents that she knew just as intimately as her own—and, well, the combination of all of them together wasn’t terribly uncommon. Her phone buzzed as she made a detour to the produce section, trying to determine which variety of apple would be the best to purchase at this time. The text she received from Yuyu made her brow narrow with suspicion. ‘Peed your padding again, huh? So...are you ONLY wet?’ She bit her lip, her thumbs hovering over the digital keyboard as she tried to think of a response to the unusual inquiry. It wasn’t normal for Yuyu to ask something like that, even since they’d started their bet. In fact, she usually had to shove her diaper under his nose—to quote his earlier text message—in order to get something as simple as a check. Why would he suddenly be so interested in whether or not she’d done more than wet herself? Was it just because she was having a public outing? Or was there— Grrrrrgle. The sudden pressure in her abdomen nearly made the husky drop her phone. She looked around hastily, mildly relieved that no one had seemed to hear the abrupt, strange noise that her stomach had just created. But her body was soon crying out for a very different form of relief. Trembling, she hastily, instinctively drove her cart over to an area that wasn’t as crowded, which happened to be near the bananas. The hypnosis tapes were only supposed to induce wetting, not messing! She tried not to pant as she stood rooted to the spot, feeling as though she would completely lose control over her bowels if she took one more step. What on earth had she eaten? All she’d had today was waffles for breakfast, provided by her boyfriend... Maike’s heart sank as she put two and two together. Yuyu had made her breakfast, and now was wondering if she’d only wet herself, seemingly out of the blue...he’d laced her food with laxatives! At just about the same time she’d made the realization, she knew that there was no holding back what was about to happen. She inhaled sharply, her tail going rigid as the muscles of her abdomen contracted harshly, setting things into motion. She crouched down, unable to stop herself from doing so as she lost control of her bowels, though she tried to disguise this as her lowering herself to the ground to fidget with her shoelaces. Hopefully, anyone nearby would simply assume that she was tying her shoes...and not filling the seat of her diaper. Maike’s blood felt cold, her head light, her heart racing as she pushed a warm, heavy load into the back of her soggy diaper. Much like wetting herself, she’d messed herself more times than she cared to count. She’d made a habit of scrunching up her face, puffing out her cheeks, and moaning loudly and obviously whenever she made her padding mushy. It was something that made her feel small, and she always enjoyed the immediate results very much, even if the cleanup that later ensued was less than glamorous. Having her boyfriend change her diaper and doing it in return for him was a lot easier than trying to change her own. Now, she was messing herself in public. And she had to make a very deliberate effort to not make a show of it, to not puff out her cheeks or moan loudly or stick her butt out as far as she could make it go. All while the seat of her diaper grew warmer, mushier, and heavier with each passing moment, with a foul odor already beginning to rise into the air around her. The husky shivered, continuing to fidget with her shoelaces, praying that no one would come near her until she’d finished having her accident. Her blood wasn’t entirely frozen anymore—her cheeks felt hot enough to start a fire, aglow with her embarrassment. Even though she was in the very midst of doing it, she couldn’t believe that she was pooping her diaper in the middle of the store! Where people could see her! On the drive, she’d been toying with the idea of maybe wetting herself just a little bit if she found an unoccupied aisle, until that decision had been made for her. And now, this! All because she thought that her boyfriend was being nice for her by making breakfast for them! The nerve...! Shivering again, Maike let out a breath as she felt that she’d finally finished having her second accident in the span of a few minutes. She slowly rose back to her feet, her mouth dry as she looked around, hoping that no one had seen what had just happened. Even though she’d been as discreet as she could’ve possibly been, it still felt like she’d put on quite the display that was easily noticeable to any onlookers. Thankfully, it seemed to be all in her head—none of the other shoppers in the produce area, nor the employees, had batted an eye. So, she hadn’t been caught. Not yet. Now, there was the matter of finishing her shopping trip and driving back home in a very wet, very messy diaper without anyone noticing the garment sagging heavily underneath her skirt. It felt incredibly warm, and the squishing that resulted from each step that she took must’ve been audible to someone other than herself. It felt amazing, but utterly embarrassing and terrifying at the same time—all three emotions compounding and feeding off of one another to make them each feel far stronger than they actually were. Maike took several deep breaths as she tried to steady her heartbeat, feeling her mush smushing around on her backside as she finished up in the produce area. Her hands trembling, she pulled out her phone once more. Biting her lip, she managed to finally respond to Yuyu’s inquiry about whether or not she was only wet. ‘Um...not anymore...’
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