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Found 2 results

  1. An entry for the 4th Kasarberang Story Non-Contest CW: sexual violence, lack of consent, sexual assault, force feeding, lactation, consuming bodily fluids Curtain Call Kyle Mayfield smirked as he took a splash of coffee. It was a light roast, bitter. He enjoyed bitter things. He leaned back in his chair nonchalantly, next to him a black-haired woman in a prim business suit. Across the table, her and her lawyer, some fat chump with a combover. He looked overwhelmed. “You can’t just buy my silence,” she muttered. Kyle cocked his head. She was dressed conservatively today. A high collared dress and a long flowing skirt that did little to show off her body. Of course Kyle didn’t need her to show off her body. He remembered what she looked like. The thought of taking her right now and having her shriek like she did that night was enough to give him a rumble in his belly, and somewhere else. He tipped back in his chair, resting it on two legs so that his bulge was visible. “You’re right, I shouldn’t have insulted you. Add another zero Elizabeth.” The woman called Elizabeth sitting next to him turned her head slightly, “I’ll handle this Kyle. And sit that chair down on the ground.” With a smirk, he complied and let his chair come back to a rest. “There can’t be enough,” the girl on the other side ofd the table replied. “This is going to court.” “We’re prepared to-“ Elizabeth began. Kyle cut her off. “Add another zero.” The girl was still staring at the table but Kyle caught her send a side eye across the table at the sheet in front of Elizabeth. “Still not quite enough? Elizabeth, add another zero.” “This is…” the girl swallowed “Life changing, right?” Kyle winked. “All you have to do is sign the form and its yours. The funds are already in escrow which even a lackwit like your council can verify.” “…ok…” the girl’s voice was small. Her face flushed beat red. Was it shame? Embarrassment? Whatever, the reaction was making Kyle almost as hard as when he’d had her naked ass over a pool table. She’d given in again. “Just sign here please ma’am,” Elizabeth said as she slid the document over to the girl. She continued to stare at the form again, perhaps counting the zeroes on the quoted figure. After a moment she plucked the pen from Elizabeth’s hand and added her signature to the bottom of the page. Elizabeth quickly snapped up the document, slid it neatly into her briefcase, and locked it inside. “You know it’s funny,” Kyle continued smirking. “You’ve been acting so high and mighty about this whole thing, as if you’re a victim somehow. But in the end, you’re just another cheap whore who took money for sex.” She glanced up at him, fury in her face. Hate rocketed from her eyes in a futile attempt to disintegrate him on the spot. Kyle could do nothing but continue smirking. As he stood up, he stole one last look at the girl, “Well, it’s been a pleasure. Call me after you’ve been tested for the clap, ok?” Once they’d dipped into the limo, Kyle made himself comfortable with a drink and promptly slid his hand down Elizabeth’s blouse. She grimaced slightly but her protests ceased quickly. “Call ahead to the airport and have the jet fueled” he whispered into her ear. “I feel like a trip to the Bahamas after that nasty business.” Elizabeth reached up and put her hand around his, trying to lift it. The movement only encouraged him to work his way past her bra and begin to fondle her. This elicited another moan from his lawyer. They always like it. “You’re not trying to tell me no I hope.” “N-no sir…but how can I call ahead if…” “Well, get to it,” Kyle leaned back to give her some space. His had didn’t leave her shirt though. As she dialed her cellphone, his free hand navigated to her skirt. By the time she’d had the pilot on the line to give instructions, Kyle was massaging her in all the places that would make her squeal. “You know,” he chuckled as he continued fondling the woman, “You are cheaper than most of the useless sluts I pick up.” * * * The beachfront villa opened onto a private stretch of beach with only the sound of the waves. In a way Kyle pitied the poors, scrounging away at their pathetic jobs, shacking up in tiny apartments that were probably infested with bugs. Then again, he thought as he took the cocktail in his hands to his lips, if they weren’t utter trash as humans, they wouldn’t have been born poor. Kyle nearly gagged as he downed the cocktail. “Liz, get your ass out here!” His attorney appeared from inside the house. She was wearing a thin, wavy dress that still managed to cover most of her assets. Kyle would have to remind her later that it wasn’t her body to cover. “Yes sir?” “What the hell is this? You’re supposed to balance the alcohol, not double it.” “Oh, I used that Van Winkle 25 Year you picked up last month,” “Tastes like dog shit,” he muttered as he took another pull from the glass. “Why do people buy this rotgut?” “Because it’s rare?” Liz asked as she stepped out onto the deck. The wind had picked up and her dress fluttered ever so slightly around her. Kyle had to admit that he could appreciate watching his attorney’s gown billow around her, hinting at her curves. The sun must have been getting to him. A heat was spreading across his chest. He tilted his head back and drained the glass, stubbornly powering through the bitter tasting alcohol. Kyle wasn’t shallow like so many of his friends, just tossing bad tasting liquor or ugly women aside. He was a consumer. Once he set his mind on consuming something, he did it. “Damn,” he muttered after a moment. The heat was really beginning to bake him. He could feel beads of sweat pouring down his forehead. His chest heaved back and forth painfully. His vision seemed a bit fuzzy. He blinked, trying to clear his sight. His skin seemed pale, rather the opposite of to much sun exposure. “You feeling alright?” Elizabeth sat down in the deck chair next to him, crossing her legs. She had a glass of white wine in one hand. “Not really,” Kyle admitted. “The sun must be getting to me. Can you help me up?” Liz stood up and walked over to him. Kyle reached out to grab her but his arms clumsily flailed against the air. He was aware of her kneeling next to him but his vision was becoming extremely fuzzy. “I wish I could share this moment with all of them” she whispered into his ear. “I’ll have to content myself knowing I got to see it at least. Good bye Kyle.” He barely processed the words. Good Bye…? His vision faded out. * * * Blinding light exploded in Kyle’s vision, stirring him from the stupor he was in. He was lying in the middle of the living room in his villa. Light continued to pour in and he could see palm trees swaying gently in the breeze outside. Glancing down, it appeared that he’d traded his beach shorts and tank top for the suit he’d worn that morning when he’d still been in New York. Odd. “Oh, you’re awake.” That voice! It was her. Kyle honestly couldn’t remember her name. Monica? Marissa? Monique? Something with an M. There were so many girls just like her. She seemed taller somehow, granted he was on the floor and she was standing above him but as his eyes rolled up her legs, he was struck by her raw physique. He had been taller, stronger. He was always taller and stronger, that’s why he always got what he wanted. He stayed away from girls that were tall or muscular themselves. “Mommy,” she said. “Excuse me?” “You were wondering what my name was,” the girl replied. “You can call me mommy.” Kyle snorted as he pushed himself up into a sitting position. “Yeah right, I’ll get right on top of that.” It was somewhat perplexing how she had found out where he lived, or even where he was going, since it had been a spur of the moment thing. In fact, outside of Liz and his pilot, no one should actually have known he was in the Bahamas. Sitting up, it certainly occurred to him something was wrong, Mona, he’d decided that was a good name for her since that’s what she had been doing the last time he’d had his way with her, certainly appeared to have put on some muscle. She had on a floral pinafore dress that exposed her arms and legs, all of which were considerably massive. While she did have heels on, without them she probably would have still stood a head above him. On the plus side, her chest was considerably more buxom then he remembered. Mona’s hand shot out and grabbed his ear. She twisted it sharply and forcefully, which caused him to cry out. It was a cry more of surprise than pain. The pain came when she pulled the ear hard enough to pull him into a standing position. “Excuse me young man, I don’t think I heard you correctly.” Her voice had dropped an octave. It was almost menacing. “What did you call me?” “Oh fuck you,” Kyle snapped as he tried to shove away from her. With considerable alarm he discovered that she was holding him tight. His ear felt like it might rip from his head before her grasp was weakened. Mona twisted his ear again, this time so sharply that he did squeal in pain. “One more chance little boy, what is my name?” “Please,” Kyle snorted. He was trying to put on a face of bravado but it was rather concerning that she was so strong. It couldn’t be the same girl. He had seen her this morning. She had been tiny, weak, pathetic. Money had bought her off. She was a joke. This girl looked like her but was massive. “What are you going to do? Spank me?” “A tempting thought,” she whispered into his ear as she ran her finger over his chest. She ran her hand down to his pants and slowly undid his fly. Kyle couldn’t help but sprout to attention at the handsiness. He had to admit that he didn’t hate the idea of her going to town on him. His manhood easily erupted past his pants. By Kyle’s own estimation, one of just his many admirable qualities was how well endowed he was. Even a Shezilla like this girl would scream in delight. “But a little pecker likes yours,” she whispered, “would probably like that to much.” Her hands brushed against him. He could feel a surge of excitement as the tips of her fingers began to probe around his pants. A sizzle erupted from her touch and rocketed through him. At first it felt wonderful. It was only after he realized he was screaming that he also recognized a pain so overwhelming his mind had gone blank was rocking through his groin. The excitement had gone, he had shriveled up. Something else was wrong though. He could bring his legs together and while it was there, it wasn’t….in a panic, Kyle reached for his belt, unbuckling it, tugging down. He looked. “What the fuck is this?” She smirked as she placed her hand on his exposed thigh, “looks to me like you’re just a baby down there. See, you don’t even have any hair now.” “What the fuck did you do to me?” Kyle tried to push himself up, to shove her away from him. Her hands pushed against his shoulders, pinning him to the ground. He felt caught in a vice grip, as if he was pushing against a boulder. He squirmed under her iron grip, trying to wriggle away from her but he could not move. “Now little boy, if you want up, you’ll have to address me properly,” she said. “What’s my name?” “YOU FUCKING BITCH!” Kyle shrieked. An unrestrained desire to bite, spit, fight, do whatever he could to shove her away flooded his mind. All he could imagine was violently tossing her aside, beating her into submission. Not stopping even after she begged. She simply smiled as he continued to struggle. She smiled and held him against the floor. At some point, his squirming slowed. He was exhausted. His muscles ached from pushing against her, his breath was short from screaming in anger, and his brain had a dull buzz from blanking completely as fury overtook him. “Is your little tantrum over now?” She asked. “Look, what is it you want?” Kyle asked after a minute. He stopped moving, let his head fall to the side. He couldn’t look at her. She disgusted him. Or rather, it wasn’t that she disgusted him. He was disgusted with himself for being afraid of her. “Money? I have plenty of that. Just name your price and get the fuck out of here.” “I told you what I want,” she said. She still had him pinned to the ground. She lifted one hand, grabbed him by the chin, and yanked his head up so that he had to stare into her eyes. They were a faint watery blue, almost silver in hue. She brought her head so close to his that he could see himself reflected in her eyes. The reflection staring back at him was afraid. “I’m not calling you that,” he replied weakly. Her hand slithered down to his throat, wrapping around it, She squeezed softly, just enough to restrict his airflow for a moment, causing him to gag. “You’re not my fucking mom.” The pressure again, this time for longer. A hint of panic welled up in his throat. Was this the end? He could feel an explosive pain in his chest. “Fu…hack!…ck youuuu….” The words were slurred, mixed partly with saliva. She was straddling him now, pinning him from the chest down. “You are such a stubborn little brat, one little word sweetie and the pain stops. Doesn’t that seem like a good idea?” She bent over him, pressing her lips against his forehead. The saliva left behind chilled against the air conditioned room. The f-word was on his lips again, but before he could say it, she swiped her hand across his face, cutting his cheek with her nail. “Or is it that you like pain?” Kyle wasn’t a fool. He knew she was fucking with him in an attempt to break him down. She wanted him to call her that word because it would be as if he was giving into her. But in the end, only I know if I’m giving into her or not. If the pain would stop; if he could get her away; then maybe, just maybe, he could get himself out of this situation. Even as he said the words, he imagined coming back with the Glock he kept in his safe. As his mouth moved, he pictured himself blowing her brains out. He wasn’t giving in, “No….mommy.” She pulled herself up into a sitting position. The satisfied smirk painted across her face was just the look he had predicted she’d show him. She thinks I’m giving in but I am still in control of this situation. “I know that was hard my darling,” Mommy said as she stared down at Kyle, “But didn’t admitting it feel so good?” Not especially. He wondered if he should play it of as if he was already broken or if he should push back against her, as if she had just given him a little nudge. An arrogant girl like this, who thought she was in control, would probably think he was done already. “Y…yes mommy…” There we go, just stutter slightly and have this dumb bitch eating out of my hands. She got off him, dropped her hands to his, and pulled him up. His pants, unbuckled, fell around his ankles but mommy helped him step out of them. “Now that the hard part is over darling, let’s get you dressed more appropriately. Ok?” Sure, whatever. This was some sort of kink game apparently. He’d been set up in some fashion, the only question was how? Where was Liz? She had to have been involved in this somehow. Had she found a lookalike for that dumb girl just to mess with his head? Kyle had to shake his head as he was led into the hallway. When he first looked down the hall, it was distorted and bent. He could not discern an end but an innumerable number of doors seemed to be set on either end of the hall. When he finished shaking his head, the hallway was the hallway in his house. The room he was led into was certainly not one his guest rooms though. Someone had redecorated. Someone had redecorated with a very specific fetish in mind. “Don’t you like it sweetie?” Mommy asked. “Look, I even have baby monitors set up so I can keep an eye on you when you’re playing by yourself!” Sure enough, there were cameras mounted on the ceiling. So that’s it, that’s the game. Get humiliating footage of me in a giant nursery. “Let me help you out of that shirt,” she said, without giving him a chance to respond. Her hands seemed to linger on his muscles as she pulled his shirt off. Kyle made sure to keep himself toned. As her hands ran across his chest and arms, he felt a bit of a warm glow all over his body. Instinctively he turned into her touch and let her explore wherever she wanted. “So much more compliant now,” she whispered as she tugged at his underwear. His alarms should have been going off. He was naked now, in a fetish nursery filled with cameras, but her touch continued to be electric. It would be easier to concentrate if he could get some satisfaction. If she was planning to play with him, he’d be happy to play with her. “Let mommy show you in the mirror. Come here.” There was a floor length mirror on the room. As soon as Kyle glanced into it, he convinced himself it was some sort of funhouse mirror. The reflection staring back at him was skinny, bony almost, with no obvious muscle tone. And while the reflection wore his face, his most prized possession between his legs was laughably small. It certainly wasn’t him in the mirror. Mommy’s hand gently pressed against the back of his head, pushing forward, sending his gaze down. As he looked down, he saw his neck attached to a pasty skinned boney body with no muscles and between his legs, just barely visible… Kyle screamed. * * * At some point he’d been walked to a changing table, which he was now resting on. The plastic mattress was covered by a thin blue sheet. At least his head was resting on a pillow. He still couldn’t believe his new body was his. He wiggled his fingers and his toes. Those worked. ‘Mommy’ was humming as she busied herself gathering up supplies. She had a diaper, powder, lotion. She seemed to take great pleasure in lining each item up for Kyle to see. He should have leapt from the table and fled but his brain simply could not process what was happening. Somehow this giant woman who looked just like the girl that he’d ra-enjoyed and shrunk him and obliterated his muscles with nothing but a touch. It was like a hallucination. But he could remember the iron grip she had pinned him to the floor with. She was definitely stronger than him. The diaper was unfolded. She grasped both his legs and lifted as if he weighed nothing, smoothly sliding the diaper under him with her free hand. As he came to rest on top of the dry, crinkly padding it finally dawned on him what was happening. This woman was planning to put him in a diaper like he was a two year old. He pushed himself up into a sitting position, ready to leap from the table and was immediately thrown back as she rested the palm of her hand on his chest and shoved him back against the mattress. “Ahhh ahhh, going somewhere?” “You can’t do this to me, I won’t let you,” Kyle growled. “Hmm, that’s funny,” Mommy smiled. “What’s funny?” “I didn’t actually think you knew what ‘no’ meant,” she replied. As soon as she moved her hand, he tried to get up again. Fuck you fuck you fuck you. The hate spewed through his brain so quickly that his vision began to tint the world in various shades of red. “Settle down,” she called as she put her hand back. “I need to get this on before you have a little accident.” A plastic nipple appeared in his vision. Mommy was holding a baby bottle. She forced the bottle in between his lips. “Go on now, drink up. It will calm you down.” Well, I’m not nursing from a fucking baby bottle. He glared at her as she reached her free hand around the back of his neck, pushing his head against the nipple. Her other hand still held the bottle in place. “Drink up,” she tapped the bottle again, pushing the nipple further into his throat. “You’re not going to make mommy force you, are you?” Kyle hoped his eyes sufficiently conveyed his response. Mommy sighed, “Such a fussy little boy.” She rocked the bottle back and forth until liquid squeezed out of the nipple on its own, flooding Kyle’s mouth. He nearly gagged as the fluid hit his tastebuds. Far from being creamy, whatever was in the bottle was sticky and salty. “Do you like it?” She asked with a smile. “When mommy helped you downsize between your legs, all of those reserves just had to go somewhere.” With one hand wrapped around his neck and the other firmly holding the bottle in place, Kyle had no choice but to swallow or drown in his own fluids. She continued rocking the bottle back and forth, expelling more and more of the bottle’s contents into his mouth. Bile rose in the back of his throat. The taste was repugnant. His entire mouth felt sticky, like it had a film coating it. Stomach fluids bubbled up his throat, coating the top of his mouth. Still he had to swallow. He had to gag everything back down or choke to death. His throat was on fire and the smell seeping from his mouth made him want to vomit all over again. “Almost done sweetie.” The flat salty taste leaking from the bottle almost came as a relief. The residue still in his mouth made it taste awful of course but with each swallow, his throat seemed to dry out a little bit more. By the time the bottle was empty, it occurred to him that at some point he had begun sucking on the nipple willingly, trying everything to get rid of the horrendous taste. As she pulled the bottle away, Kyle remained in shock. The experience had ended and he breathed in slowly, trying to regain his composure. He was aware that she was doing things to him but he had no energy with which to resist. Just rest for a moment, then I can get away from this crazy bitch, just one moment…he could feel mommy running her hands over his groin, his thighs, and everything there. Her hands were slick, with lotion. She gently massaged the cream into his skin. It felt cool and invigorating. He could feel himself responding but he still hung limply. Even her fingers against that area wasn’t enough to coax him to attention. The lingering feeling of her hands against his skin only began to fade as the scent of fresh powder finally blotted out the stench emanating from his mouth. The diaper, white, with a teddy bear pattern across the front, was brought up between his legs. Only as the front of the padding touched him did he finally spring up. Even as mommy taped the diaper securely to his waist, he could feel himself throbbing against the padding. She smirked as she patted the front of his diaper. “It looks like my little boy likes having his diaper on.” “No, I….” Kyle lifted his head up, trying to catch sight of her. He could see the white plastic of the diaper looming over the top of him. The leg cuffs were digging into him. Every time he shifted his weight, a loud distracting crinkle echoed throughout the room. The absolute worst part? He could not deny how aroused he was. “Hmm,” mommy glanced at him. “I had a cute shirt and short combo for you but I think maybe we’d better get a onesie. I just don’t think I can trust you not to slip your little hand down the front of your diaper and play with yourself the moment my back is turned.” He did have a problem he needed to take care of and just as mommy predicted, the second she turned about, he greedily stuffed a hand down the front of his diaper. The touch sent pulsing waves of pleasure through his body. Kyle could not believe how turned on he was, not by the sight of a girl, not by doing what he wanted to her, but just by having a diaper wrapped around him. Concerns about the fact that there was a camera pointed directly at him vanished as he gave in to the desire flooding his brain. He knew she was watching him as he rubbed. She’d come back into his sight holding a light blue shirt that ended in a snap bottom. His eyes rolled into the back of his head though and he started groaning in pleasure. “I should have known better,” she said. “Wh…what am I doing…?” Kyle was asking himself more than Mommy. He knew what he was doing was wrong but he couldn’t stop. “You’re making stickies in your diapee sweetie,” Mommy offered helpfully. “Can you say that? I’m making stickies.” “I’m…” Kyle huffed. Why was he repeating it? Somehow the chant seemed right. As he spoke, his hand started moving faster. “Making…” the world went black as his brain fogged up with pleasure. He was only aware of the sensation in his diaper. Everything else had vanished. “Stickies!” He screamed the word as his pleasure exploded. He could feel the diaper and his hand splattering. His entire body trembled as the pleasure shook through his body. “There now, don’t you feel better?” Mommy asked. “You better clean your fingers off. Go ahead and stick them in your mouth.” “What?” Kyle blinked. Now that he was coming down from his pleasure high, his brain was starting to operate again. He had just masturbated in a diaper! While a girl watched and laughed at him! He certainly wasn’t going to stick his cum-stained fingers in his… “Stick. Them. In. Your. Mouth.” It was a voice that he had to obey. So he did. The same salty sticky taste flooded his throat again as he slurped on his fingers, trying to wipe away the evidence of what he had just done. “Ahh look at my little boy, slurping his own cum off his fingers after he milked himself.” She leaned in close, running her tongue along his ear. Her hot breath blew against him. “You just love cumming in your diapees don’t you little boy? He did. God he did. “Yes mommy…” * * * Things happened after that but it was almost like a slideshow. It was as if Kyle was on a tram moving through a presentation. Flashes of light, images, memories, none of it made sense. He was unable to recall anything that happened. Yet he had the distinct feeling that time had passed. So finding himself sitting in the living room of his beach house, in a light blue onesie, with a diaper (wet) and playing with alphabet blocks seemed to make perfect sense. Mommy had left him here to play after breakfast. How long had this been going on? Why hadn’t he tried to escape? Wasn’t Liz here? It wasn’t just him and mommy. He knew Liz had been here that morning. Or several mornings ago. Or however long it had been since Mommy had made him make stickies in his diapee. He could remember her ordering him and he hated it. “Make stickies!” She’d say and he’d instantly get hard. Even as he was screaming no, his hands wouldn’t obey him and he could only watch as he abused himself. But something about that didn’t make sense. He could remember doing it clearly the first time, when mommy had put his first diaper on him. He knew he had done it at her command many times since but he couldn’t remember the details of those times. Agh, I just can’t think straight! Fortunately, mommy had attached his pacifier to the collar of his onesie. He grabbed it and stuffed it in his mouth. The gentle sucking cleared some of the gunk from his brain. Which led him back to the big question on his mind: where was Liz? “Sweetie, I have a surprise for you!” Mommy called from the hall. Kyle dropped his blocks on the ground and turned around. It was if he had conjured her! There was Liz standing next to Mommy. But something was… Liz’s hair was braided into two twin tails that hung down behind he head. She wore a pink and white ruffled dress that ended in a skirt so short that her underwear was half visible. And her underwear consisted of a pink and white diaper that had puffed up and was heavily sagging across the middle. She wore frilly white socks and black buckled flats. Her right arm, a stuffed horse wedged between her arm and body, was raised up and her thumb was stuffed in her mouth. “Look Kyle! Your sissy is ready to play with you!” Kyle was having trouble standing but he was able to brace himself against the couch and pull himself up. He stretched his arms out slightly to maintain his balance as he waddled over to mommy and Liz. “Wizzy! Are you ok?” “Yeah…” Liz blushed and glanced down. Her thumb was still in her mouth. “Ummm hiii Kyle” She seemed like she needed a hug so that’s what he did. As he wrapped his arms around her, she fell against him. She was shaking. Kyle could remember what mommy had done to him so he could only imagine what she had done to Liz. Was he actually worried? Maybe. Liz was weak. After all, she let him do whatever he felt like to her. She wasn’t strong like him. “Well, you two have fun. Elizabeth, I just changed you so you’re gonna have to sit in that wet diaper for awhile and think about why piddling right after you get changed is a dumb idea that only useless babies would have.” Kyle helped her over to the play area. In the back of his head it seemed like they should probably sit on the couch but sitting on the playmate seemed like the smartest thing to do. He used his foot to kick the blocks out of the way so Lizzy would have a place to sit and then he sat down next to her. She clutched her horse closer to her chest, drool running between her thumb and lips and coating her chin. “Wizzy?” Lizzy didn’t say anything for a couple of moments, then a light hiccup introduced a stream of tears as she began to bawl. She fell against Kyle’s chest. “Kywle, she did terribwe tings to me!” Kyle didn’t really know what to do. She needed to be comforted, he guessed. She seemed to like the hug earlier but it had made him feel a bit awkward. And now she was crying. What was he supposed to do? “She did stuff to me too,” he finally said clumsily. “No, you dun understand Kywle…she chwanged me…” Lizzy trailed off. He did understand though. She had changed him too. Somehow she’d taken away his physique and his endowment. On the outside, Lizzy looked the same. Kyle couldn’t help but wonder what mommy had changed in her. “Seewiouslwy Wizzy, me too!” He finally said. He tried to flex his arm, “Wook, my muscles.” Lizzy rubbed her hands across her face to wipe away tears. Her thumb finally slipped out of her mouth and she looked at Kyle. After a moment she gasped, “Oh but…thas not as bad as what she did to me…” “Well, what did she do to you?” Kyle asked. Lizzy didn’t say anything. Her cheeks turned deep scarlet and her head fell to the ground. “Umm…uhhh…stuff…” After a moment she picked her head up, “so, umm, did she make you a baby too?” “Huh?” Kyle looked at himself. Well kind of. I’m dressed like one anyway. “Well she made me wear this junk but I’m not baby. And neither are you!” “I twied to tell myself dat…” Lizzy trailed off. “But she made me need my diapees.” “Need ‘em?” “I don’t know when I hafta potty!” Lizzy said. “Im just…wet.” “Well that hasn’t happened to me yet, I…” Kyle didn’t need the diapers. Right? He could remember, he let her put a diaper on him just to get away. Why hadn’t he gotten away yet? Why hadn’t he… “Umm Kywle?” Kyle put his hands over the front of his onesie. He didn’t know why, the cloth hid the diaper at least. And yet he could feel it. He could feel the plastic crinkling and expanding. His thighs were slick with wetness. He hadn’t felt himself peeing but now he could feel the results. He hadn’t wet himself before had he? But he also couldn’t remember how long he’d been wearing diapers. “No!” “Kywle?” “NOOO!” He shouted, banging his hand against the floor. “I’m. Not. A. Baby! I dun care what mommy says!” “Shhhh!” Lizzy put her finger up to her mouth. “Dun yell! Mommy will come back and we’ll be in twouble!” Kyle was mad now. He was mad at this whole stupid situation. And his chest was on fire. Pain seemed to radiate from it. He swore he could feel his heart aching as if it was going to rupture. He couldn’t stand on his own. He couldn’t walk without stretching his arms out like a two year old. Now he couldn’t even choose when to pee. “Wizzy, dis is bullshit!” “Naughty talk!” Lizzy clamped her hands over her ears, her stuffed horse falling into her lap. She began rocking back and forth, “Mommy I didn’t say naughty talk! Mommy I didn’t say naughty talk!” Kyle open his palm, pulled it back, and slapped her as hard as she could. The blow sent her tumbling to the ground. He absolutely could not stand it when women got emotional. “Pull yourself together Wizzy!” Lizzy sat back up. Her bangs hung low over the front of her head but as she tilted up to look into Kyle’s eyes, he gasped. Mommy was staring back at him. “Mo….mmy?” “Kyle sweetie, it wasn’t very nice of you to slap your sissy, was it?” Mommy asked. “But I guess no one ever taught you that hitting was bad, did they?” Kyle scrambled back from her, “What about you? You’ve hit me, scratched me, choked me. You’re no saint mommy!” “No, that’s true,” Mommy agreed as she stood up. Her face was hers but her body was still Lizzy’s: dress diaper, shoes. “I like to think of myself as retribution.” She cleared the distance between herself and Kyle, diaper crinkling as it swung between her legs. “Do you want to see what changes I made to your sissy?” “Wh..what?” Kyle asked. “Changes. I need you to be a good little boy from now on. Your sissy’s going to help with that. You want to see how, don’t you?” Mommy asked. Kyle didn’t but seeing Mommy possess Lizzy was enough to frighten him into near silence. Mommy put Lizzy’s hands to the neckline of the dress and tugged, letting the top fall down around the skirt, exposing her breasts. Mommy/Lizzy’s breasts had grown in size. Kyle found he couldn’t quite break his gaze. He always had enjoyed a nice chest, although he seemed to recall Lizzy’s being a little smaller than his preference. “I know how much you like breasts Kyle,” Lizzy/Mommy spoke. It was as if both women were in the room speaking to him at the same time. He heard one voice made up of both voices. Mommy/Lizzy reached her hand up and gently squeezed her breast. A pearl of milk worked its way out of her nipple and began trickling down her bare skin. Kyle could feel the saliva in his mouth building up. He couldn’t possibly want that. Another change that Lizzy/Mommy had somehow made. “Come here Kyle,” they said as they gestured at Kyle. “You’re hungry, aren’t you?” “No, I….” But Kyle found himself crawling towards them. They sat on the mat, stretching their legs out and be popped right up onto their lap. Their diaper crinkled against the weight of his body as he faced their chest, leaning against it. “Go on,” they encouraged. Kyle’s mouth opened as the exposed nipple got closer and closer. His tongue wrapped around their breast, teasing out droplets of milk. Unlike the bottle feeding this was sweet, creamy, and warm. He lapped at the breast hungrily, eliciting gentle moans from Lizzy. It was just Lizzy now, Mommy was gone. He opened his eyes and looked, mommy’s face had vanished. It was just Lizzy’s face now. Her eyes had rolled up and she continued to make pleasurable chirps as Kyle continued to lick at her breast. As he finished, he moved to the second breast. A gentle hsss erupted between their legs and he could not tell if Liz or himself had wet again. He knew only that she seemed to be loving feeding him as much as he loved being fed. The milk offered clarity. Diapers weren’t so bad. Feeling good wasn’t bad. No! Fuck this! Kyle tried to pull himself away but found his lips locked around Lizzie’s breast. “I’m sowwy…” Lizzy whispered as she ran her hand through Kyle’s hair. He had finished and picked his head up. He couldn’t make out any of the furniture in the room. It seemed as if they were sitting in a white void. “Mommy made you…” “Its ok Wizzy,” he whispered. “I wike it…I tink.” “So mommy isn’t going to hafta force you anymore?” “I don’t think so,” Kyle replied. “Dats da milk…mommy said it would help you tink…” Mind control. That’s what it was. Kyle knew Mommy had been messing with his brain ever since she’d come to his house. There was something in Lizzy’s breastmilk that was making him like this. Making him like everything. Could he keep resisting or should he just give in. The milk had made him like wetting himself. Resisting. He had to keep resisting. He would never accept this. But why was everything white? It was like he was in a void. And the pain in his chest was intensifying. “Lizzie, I don’t feel very good…” He looked up but Lizzy wasn’t there. No one was there. It was just him in the void. “Neither did I,” a voice called out. Kyle twisted his head around. A woman was standing there. He didn’t recognize her immediately. Then a faint recollection occurred to him. She had been the first one. When he’d figured out paying them off meant he could do whatever he wanted. “Neither did I,” a second voice called out. Another woman appeared. And then another. And another. And another. Mona was there too. Not Mommy, just Mona, the scared girl whose silence he had bought. He recognized every woman standing in the void with him. They had all been women he had abused. “Losing your ability to consent must be terrible,” Mona said. “You were responsible for this all along, weren’t you?” Kyle glared at the girl. “Are you looking for an apology? Because even after all of this, I’m not sorry.” “We know you’re not,” Mona said. The women began to disappear. One by one until Kyle was alone. He was still small, the way mommy had made him. “Hello?” He called. “Hello?!” He would have settle for mommy. He would have settled for Lizzy. Anything but being in a white void, alone. Whatever light was illuminating the void began to fade and as his vision grew darker. “Hello?” He screamed into the void for what seemed like ages. At some point the screams turned into cries. No one was talking to him. No one was paying attention to him. Was this the final test? If he just submitted, would mommy show herself to him again. “I….” He trailed off. It was a hard thing to say. “…I consent….mommy.” “Mommy? Don’t leave me alone.” “Mommy…” * * * While electrical activity only lasts for a few minutes after death, brain cells have been known to die slowly over the course of hours or days.
  2. This was a story I wrote back in 2022 as a gift to someone, I decided to re upload it here. I hope someone here enjoys it! ----------------------------------------------- Girl's Day Out The two figures of Rose Lalonde and Jane Crocker sat silently in their respective stroller seats. They didn’t say anything because of course they couldn’t. They both had their pacifier gags in their mouths. Although their legs and arms were already strapped to the sides of the large baby stroller, The looming figure of the Condesce leaned over them to strap seat-belts over their bodies. “Now, isn’t that betta?” She said. “Not gunna be getting no trouble from you two anymoray!”. She explained. The woman couldn’t do anything but squirm, glaring up at their captor, resenting every moment of this while the troll on the other hand was relishing every moment. Rose and Jane wore matching outfits, bows in their short cut hair, purple and blue onesies along with fuzzy gloves an booties that made their hands and feet practically useless. Around their necks were bibs that caught whatever drool that might have come from their mouths. The most damning feature about the pair was the thick crinkly padding around each of their waists. They both wore large thick diapers that fit tightly around their waists, spreading their legs and making it impossible for them to close their legs. Jane gave an undignified moan through her pacifier gag as the troll placed the seat-belt across her waist. “Now don’t be whining or I’ll make ya something to whine about!”. The Condesce said as she held up a small remote, flicking it on. Each of them had a vibrator bullet pressed up to each side of their crotches, not directly on their private parts but just close enough for them to feel every sensation from the toys and have them driving up the wall. Jane and Rose both gave out respective groans upon feeling the vibrators start up. “That should carp you two quiet for a while!”. The Condesce said with a cackle, watching the two girl’s face’s flush red from the sensation. The walked away and returned to with large bottles of milk. “Now, let’s get ya both proper filled up!”. She said. When she said “Proper filled up”. She really meant it as well. Starting with Jane who she seemed to have more of an affinity for- she took turns feeding the human’s bottles of milk, removing their pacifier gags and holding the nipple in their mouths until every last drop of the liquid was down their throats. Rose felt that her stomach was full, but was forced to drink the entire bottle, giving a few little series of coughs when she was done, and spitting milk up onto her bib as she did so. “Please no more m-MHMMHPM!”. She would say before the pacifier gag was unceremoniously placed back into her mouth. The Condesce gave a tutting sound as she waved her finger. “That’s not how good little babies speak to their mothers!”. She said, flipping the switch of the vibrator on once more. Jane tried to squeeze her legs together upon feeling the motion of the toys inside her diaper. It was safe to say that if one of them even thought of acting up or saying anything out of line, then the other girl would feel the repercussions of their actions together. “Now, what say I take you boat on a nice stroll through town huh?”. She asked the pair, not waiting for a response. The two humans couldn’t do anything as they were strolled down a busy street, blushing every time a troll would pass them. Some would make embarrassing and downright degrading comments, sometimes right to their face. But no matter how much they hated it, they knew that any complaining from either of them would face punishment. “You betta be getting use to this little ones, because we are going to be doing this for a long time!”. The Condesce said to them, stopping the stroller in front of what looked like an alien shop. “Stay right here, I’ll be right back!”. She gave a cackle as she entered the building, leaving Rose and Jane alone. Both of them gave a gasp almost instantly as they felt the vibrators start up again on the inside of their thighs. “Oh, almost forgot!”. The troll would be heard saying as her footsteps once again disappeared. Rose closed her eyes, her face and neck going bright red as she felt the pressure from the vibrators on her crotch. She didn’t know if the Condesce would be able to hear her or not, but she kept as quiet as she possibly could, only small gasps and whimpers escaping her mouth. Jane on the other hand was very noisy, squirming in her seat, and moaning and making lots of noises through her own pacifier gag. She squeezed her legs together, the crinkling of the diaper only contributing to the noise and feeling of the vibrator. Of course this spectacle wouldn’t go unnoticed by anyone walking past and soon a small crowd would form around the two humans in the crib. Rose tried to ignore the feeling of all those yellow alien eyes watching her, but it was very hard when people were constantly reaching to touch you. “Ah, I see you met my babies?”. The voice of the Condesce would be heard again as the pair would feel the handles of the stroller being taken once again. The small crowd all cooing and started taking pictures of the pair. Rose and Jade would feel the prying eyes and hands on their bodies, rubbing their stomach and hair as well as their diapers. This only caused further embarrassment to them both, Rose jerking her head away from the hands on her body. “Now, behave your two!”. The Condesce told them, turning up the vibrators up another notch. Jane let out a muffled staggered moan, her body stiffing up as she would be the first to orgasm in her diaper. Rose’s eyes widen as she squirmed in her seat, leaning her body away from Jane. The girl’s head flipped up and her face went bright red as her chest heaved up a down. Rose squeezed her legs together as well as she felt pleasure run through her own body. Soon joining Jane as she would orgasm in her own diaper, cute stifled noises and moans coming from her mouth. The Condesce smiled down at them. “I think ya’ both had a big enough day, let’s get you back home”. She said, pushing them down the street and back to were she came from. The pair were both exhausted from the result of the toys, the humiliation, and the length of the day. Soon Rose found her eyes fluttering as she begin to drift off to sleep. She woke up a while later, not sure how much later but she found herself still in the stroller. The sudden pang from her bladder was what jolted her fully awake. She squirmed in her seat, looking over at the face of the Condesce. “Aww, does someone need to go?”. She said, reaching down to press on Rose’s crotch. “Don’t worry. Let it allll out!”. She said, encouraging her. Of course once her bladder was pressed on so suddenly she couldn’t help herself and the entirety of what she had been drinking earlier emptied out into her diaper, a faint hissing sound the only thing that was heard for a solid minute as she felt the padding sag and swell up around her waist. All she could do was close her eyes, waiting for it to be over. Then to the Condesce's delight, Jane let out a muffled noise of her own, hearing the same noise coming from her as she would join Rose in wetting her diapers. Soon they would both be completely soaking the padding around their waists. Their diapers now stained a light shade of yellow. “Good job girls!” The Condesce commented, giving each of their diapers a squeeze, the padding making a respective sloshing sound. “But, you know I won’t change you until you both completely use them!”. She said, pushing the stroller across a busy street. Both of the humans looked at each other, sucking on their pacifier gags in worry and in reflex. Jane's stomach gave a gurgling noise which cause the troll to smile widely, unzipping the diaper bag she had with her just in case. It was going to be a long day and she knew it. ----------------------------------------------- Let me know if I should do a follow up to, or continue this story, any ideas or feedback would be appreciated!
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