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Found 2 results

  1. So, here's the story. I put my Rearz Inspire on last night before bed as usual. And as usual I had wet in it several times during the night. I wasn't counting but know is numerous. I woke up the next AM, and was really enjoying the super fat and puffy diaper at that point. I felt the front of my diaper and it was really bulged out. It was still in good form, and felt so good, that I decided to just go ahead and leave it on. I had used some skin moisturizer the night before so wasn't too worried about a diaper rash. I pulled my jeans on and stood there looking in the mirror at the bulge. Of course I had to waddle to walk, but it was so amazing. So here I am sitting here in my soaked diaper and have wet a couple more times, and enjoying it so much. Hard to describe how I feel about wearing diapers any more. I started out a few years ago enjoying them after I tried my first one and now it has become an obsession with me. I either want one on or am thinking about putting one on. Am I a weirdo or what???????
  2. I seem to be leaking around or through my plastic pants at night a lot. I'm looking for any advice. I'm on the heavy side at 330lbs (but it is dropping.) This tends to work but can be uncomfortable: Nothshore XL diaper. These work well if my penis is properly positioned to allow flow between my legs if I'm on my back but that no longer works. My penis tends to retract when flaccid so I tend to have sideways flow and that is not trapped by the disposable diaper. I already know my plastic pants need to be high-rise and my current set are not. This tends to leave a gap at my lower back. I have one pair(?) of diaper underwear that I wear over the disposable. This does a good job of capturing side overflow but can add too much bulk and lead to lower back pain. With high-rise plastic pants, this should prevent leaks. I have also tried a combination of the Northshore diaper and a plastic backed underwear liner worn out side of the diaper inside of some large underwear. Plastic side out. This works but there is the added cost. I'm thinking what I need to try is a 1 layer thick contoured velcro pre-fold flannel diaper instead of the diaper pants. (Pins are a no-go.) Has any one else, especially if obese, tried anything like this? I just received a new set of hi-backed plastic pants so the gaps should be gone tonight. In addition to this, I have the full mattress cover and over that I have an area cover that covers my side of the bed and over that I have 2-3 absorbent pads from North Shore. Then the top sheet.This way if I soak the bed, I can easily remove the absorbent pads and then just place a thin flannel pre-fold diaper over the damp sheet. (As I am large, the pre-fold diapers are freaking huge.) I can't do cloth diapers as I can't sleep if I feel wet. The whole point of the diaper is so I can sleep and not get up 4 or 5 times a night. Any other suggestion would appreciated.
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