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Found 3 results

  1. hello all, im new here, but i wanted to try and maybe... reach out for some encouragement? ive wanted to be diaper dependent for well over a decade, but bad experience after bad experience had left me with a severe distaste for them for a period of years, being disgusted at my own desires. its honestly only been in the last year that ive begun REALLY coming to terms with what i want, and that its genuinely okay to want in the first place. when i had my bottom surgery back in 2017, i was unfortunately one of the cases where the surgeon fucked up real bad, and among other lingering effects, i have always struggled with leaking a little bit when i do things like excersize rigorously, laugh too hard, or do things of the sort, so my brain is already aware that this would be a "good thing for me anyways" the setup so far is that ive tried to be 24/7 once or twice in that year, and each time felt like home, but for some reason or another that i cant remember, i kept falling off. this time though, im determined...DETERMINED, to make it happen. i have ordered my first full case of megamax's, and set it up to autosend to me, so that i dont even have to think about not using them because theyre coming anyways. i have lots of supportive friends, and a close one who is acting as my primary "coach" or biggest confidant and encourager. so i wanted to ask, if you have any tips for a newbie, what would you suggest? and any kind of positive reinforcement is really appreciated
  2. Who do you think you're kidding? Do you really think you're big and have control? Mommy knows precisely who you are and where you belong. In DIAPERS!! You may show you're big on the outside, but we know who you really are on the inside. Maybe you're a baby needing the comfort and security of soft, thick, thirsty diapers, or maybe you're a diaper lover wanting or NEEDING the comfort and excitement of a diaper to make you feel like you. All your dreams and goals are possible, and you can live the healthy, well-balanced life you always dreamt of. Never be afraid to be the person you truly are. We're here to help. My little one and I have developed an interactive, 24/7 diaper-dependent training program using the Virtual Master program. This interactive, virtual diaper-dependent training script of over 1300 pages leads you through the latest natural systematic conditioning and behavior modification techniques to facilitate diaper dependency and incontinence. It's a lifestyle script that takes you on a journey toward your goal of diaper dependency and a well-balanced lifestyle through daily interactions. YES! You can be diaper dependent! YES! You can wear and use diapers in any and every situation. Millions of others do it every day, and you can be one of them IF you decide this is truly who you want to be. You CAN create the life you want. It takes effort. It takes time. And it takes the guidance you need when you need it. Our program uses a reward and punishment system that is customized to you to ensure you are compliant. You can fully customize the script to meet your needs and desires. Customized options include the type of incontinence desired (bowel, bladder, or both), adult baby or diaper lover, gender, gender preference, your current bladder capacity, your level of privacy, sexual or non-sexual content, adapts to your personal work schedule, home tasks, marital status, the availability of a helper to keep you accountable, diet restrictions you have, weight loss goals if you wish, the level of exposure risk level you're willing to take and much, much more. This is truly a one-of-a-kind program. There is no other comprehensive, interactive program like this available. So let Mommy give you the 24/7 guidance you need to meet your goals. The programs require Microsoft Windows; however, instructions are available for its use using Linux Mint 20.1 Mate if needed. You will receive an encrypted version of the script/program that can not be viewed or altered. The Virtual Master program and scripts are beta programs and will contain errors. Every effort to eliminate the mistakes is made. Assistance is always welcome to identify errors and inconsistencies or aid future script development. Visit https://mistresssebrina1.gumroad.com/l/diaperdependenttraining for details. Let me help make your dreams come true... Mistress Sebrina
  3. Recently there have been a lot of great discussions regarding the desire to wear diapers permanently and diaper dependency. Many of us share these desires and thoughts amongst our community which has led to the twelve month diaper program and mulitiple guides of how to unpotty train oneself. I will share with you my own personal experiences of wearing diapers permanently as I continue towards my desire of diaper dependany. To begin with I do not like the phrase "24/7". In this post I will use words such as "permanent" and "full-time" to describe being diapered. There are no right or wrong choices when it comes to YOUR decision to persue wearing diapers permanently. You are the only person that truly knows what diapers mean to you and how strong those desires are inside of you. Before you decide to wear diapers full-time I recommend you ask yourself some questions. "Why do I want to wear diapers for the rest of my life?" Your mind is telling you that you desire to wear diapers all the time but why do you have these thoughts. Maybe it is as simple as you are experiencing some physical control issues with your bladder or bowels and you want to save yourself from the embarrassment of having an accident in your pants. Are you running to the bathroom all day and you are just tired of the potty marathon? Is it the wetspot that forms in your pants with the untimely sneeze or laughing hysterically? Choosing to wear diapers permanently for a physical reason is why adult diapers were designed and this is a great reason to make the decision to do so. It releives the mental anguish and stress of the potty monster and provides comfort and security. Maybe the reasons are more in your mind. Where diapers provide security for those with control issues they also can provide a secuirty blanket for one's being. Does being padded relieve your anxiety or mental stress? Does being in a diaper all the time take away your worries and fears? Maybe they regress you back to a simplier time and help to relieve the stress of everday life. If wearing a diaper all the time makes you fell better on the inside then put a diaper on and be happy. Is this need fueled by sexual desires? Are you an exhibitionist and seek a constant form of sexual excitement from being in diapers permanently? Maybe the humiliation and degradation of being forced into a diaper drives you to want to wear them all the time. The sexual component of wearing diapers that many of us experience can and does fuel a lot of the desire to put a diaper on and never take it off. Do those desires remain after you have experienced sexual release or do you rip your diaper off and throw it away? For some of us the answer of "why" is complicated and complex. For me personally it is physical, mental, and sexual. Physically I have an over active bladder and sometimes experience anal leakage. Mentally wearing diapers full-time greatly reduces my stress and makes me happy. Sexually, diapers leave me with a constant since of humilaition and helps to actually control my sexual urges. "How will my life be effected with the decision to wear diapers permanently?" Your life WILL change once you decide to put diapers on and leave them on. Some changes will be positive and some will not be so fun. Your attitude towards those changes will be what determines if you stay in diapers or decide to take them off. You wanted to wear diapers full-time and now they are going to become a focal point of your day to day life. Here is an example. Before wearing diapers full-time I would wake up in the morning and simply go potty in the bathroom and be done. The biggest concern for me then was did I leave the seat up. Now you will wake up and make sure your diaper did not leak through the night. If so that becomes your first problem of the day before it has even began. If I feel the urge to pee pee I do so in my diaper of course which will be generally very full from overnight use. Your diaper may leak or it may not leak. Something I hope you do not worry about when going potty in a toilet. Before wearing diapers permanently I did not always shower in the morning but now it is an absolute necessity after spending the night in a used diaper. Next, you go to simply rip the tapes off of your sagging diaper and jump in the shower. But will my children hear that sound? Will your roommate or family member hear that sound? The sound of untaping your diaper is unmistakable unless you work at a packaging company. Now you are in the shower scrubbing your private parts, trying to rid yourself of the stale pee pee smell. I get out and grab a towel. I may be leaking pee pee onto the floor as I do so. Something else to think about and another mess to clean up. Now I am right back into a clean diaper and protective briefs. Is everything all cleaned up? Leaving the bathroom....oh wait a minute, I left my used diaper in the linen closet...but why is it in there? Well obviously so that if one of my children for some reason came into the bathroom they would not be greeted with a used pink Rearz Princess diaper on the bathroom floor. It definately is something that can not be thrown away in the bathroom trash. Getting dressed is now much more complicated since I started wearing diapers permanently. Once I am diapered I almost always wear a pair of GaryWear Active briefs which are essentially my plastic panties made of PUL material. Next comes a pair of Abena fixing pants. Once those are in place I reach inside my diaper and make sure everything is situated. Lastly, I put on my all black onesie with a snap crotch and then finally my work clothes. The days of throwing on a pair of jeans and running out the door are over. I now leave for work trying to focus on relaxing my bladder sphincters to help maintain a constant drip into my diaper. When I first get to work every morning I have a bowel movement. Luckily for me I am one of the first to arrive at work so I simply slip into the private restroom, shimmy my fairly fresh diaper down, and do my business. Because hardly anyone is at work yet I do not have to be so quiet pulling my diaper back up. If I have a bowel movement throughout the day I have to be much more cognizant of the sound I make. I hope this accurately shows you how much my life has changed in just the first fifteen minutes of my day because I chose to wear diapers permanently. Planning and logistics becomes an absolute necessity. The things you do, the people you visit, and even the clothes you wear now will revolve around your diapers. When can I change my diaper? Where will I change my diaper? How will being in a diaper effect what I am doing? How I will I date? How do I explain this to my significant other? These are questions that would you do not have to answer when you wear panties or boxers and this is why your life changes forever. "Am I going to use my diaper as a potty?" A lot of people think in order to be in diapers permanently then you have to use them for their intended purposes but that is not always the case. You can still wear diapers all the time and simply remove or pull them down to take care of business. You still have the comfort and security of the padding between your legs but not the mess. Some may have no choice but to make your diaper your potty because of control issues. For those that do you have a very big decision to make. Are you just going to pee pee in your diaper or poo poo too? This is a very big decision and one that MUST be given a lot of thought. When I first decided to wear diapers permanently I wanted to lose control of both my bladder and bowels. Physically I had less control of my bowels with anal leakage than I experienced with overactive bladder. Mentally I just felt it was something I wanted and needed. Sexually I new I would be excited from the humiliation of knowing I just messed my diaper uncontrollably. I communicated this with my wife and she was adamant that I do not loss full control of my bowels. She said, "What if we were out on a nice dinner date and in the middle of eating you uncontrollably shit your pants?" She said she would be horrified, disgusted, and embarrassed. She also felt that it would be impossible to hide a messy diaper from our children and we both agreed and accepted that I would only try and lose control of my bladder. That choice has made my life a lot easier and wearing diapers full-time much more manageable. What is my life like while unpotty training my bladder. First and foremost you will not start wetting uncontrollably overnight. It takes a lot of mental focus to constantly keep your bladder sphincters as relaxed as possible. Changes to your bladder occur slowly and for me started with a lot of post void dribbling. After a bowel movement I would drip a fair amount of pee pee without out even knowing. After that I began to experience bladder spasms which felt like butterflies swirling around inside of my bladder and at times would have pee pee leaking from my urethra. Urge incontinence sooned followed. At this point I have yet to wet uncontrollably at night. If you decide to use your diaper for all your potty needs it will be almost impossible to hide unless you remian isolated in your house. It does not mean that it is the wrong choice to make but it does mean that a lot more people are going to find out that you wear diapers. You can mitigate how much your mess smells by taking charcoal activated pills or a chlorophyll pill such as Nullo and regulating your diet. Despite taking these steps a messy diaper is still going to have an unmistakably aroma that will not be able to hidden at some point. If your bowel movements are fairly regular that may give you an opportunity to mess your diaper in some privacy. Just remember you may eventually reach a point when you have no control over your bowels and you will fill your diaper uncontrollably no matter who you are with and where you are at. "Who are you going to let know you wear diapers permanently?" Many people believe it is just inevitable that if you decide to wear diapers permanently that everyone will find out. I respectfully disagree with this based off my personal experiences. Work and your family does not need to know assuming you take the necessary steps to be discreet and are always diligent to keep things hidden. I have worn diapers and had diapers around my children now for over ten years. They do not know I wear them. Many people have told me that if they did find out they may not say anything about it. Trust me, that is just not the way my children are. Something would be said to my wife or I if my children found my diapers or if they thought I was wearing diapers. We are just a very open and comfortable family. Despite working a job that makes it hard to change my diaper at times I still have managed to keep the fact I am diapered to myself. Often times I feel as if I want to give in and just tell work as things would seem so much simplier but I have refrained from doing so. If anyone knows, I am unaware. My wife and best friend know everything. My wife and I work together as a team to keep my life in diapers hidden from the family and my best friend is a person I can talk with about anything, including my diapers. Some people may find it easier to let the world know as it does simplfy things as you do not have to be as discreet all the time. Only you can decide what is best in your own personal situation. Wearing diapers permanently is not something you should start on a sudden whim. It takes a lot of time, commitment, planning, and patience particularly when just starting out. The cost of diapers is the biggest reason people do not stay diapered. I am not familiar with cloth diapers but since they are reusable they would of course cut down on cost. Since I only wear disposables I will only speak here from a disposable diaper perspective. I can promise you I budget for about $300 a month for just premium disposable diapers. That cost provides me with at least four premium diapers a day and I rarely ever need more. Take advantage of memberships and holiday deals as much as possible as this will save you a lot of money. You can never have too many diapers since you are going to be wearing them the rest of your life assuming you have a safe place to store them. Aside from diapers you will also have cost with plastic panties and protective briefs. You will need diaper supplies which I buy in bulk to save money. If you are going to be diapered full-time you will use everything so do not be concerned about quantity. For those inexperienced wearing diapers you need to gain the experience so that you can determine what is the best diaper to use. Not all diapers are equal and not all diapers are good for permanent use. Things such as fit, capacity, discreetness, cost, and comfortability are all factors that have to be weighed when preparing to wear diapers the rest of your life. The best diaper for you can very easily not be the best diaper for me. You need to experiment with many diapers both in private and in public before you really truly know what works for you and which diaper is optimal for full-time use. For me, Rearz Princess, Inspire+Incontrol, and ABU Simples are my diapers of choice for daily use. I also love DC Amor and My Diaper Princess diapers but they are not my everyday padding. The best diaper exercise to test which diaper works for you is to get out and walk around in them. Go to the mall. Walk a nature trail. Some diapers will start chaffing you almost immediately and others may not irritate you all day. The ones you are both physically and mentally comfortable wearing are the diapers to wear day to day. You are going to get diaper rash. It is inevitable. What will you use when you do? If you can not answer that question I highly recommend you do not wear diapers full-time. For me I use both Calmoseptine cream and Balmex Multi care Healing ointment. I did not settle for these creams after wearing diapers only once. Remember, if you are going to be diapered permenently your diaper is going right back on after you apply the diaper rash cream. It is absolutely imperative that you find something that will work and work fast. If your diaper rash becomes too severe you are almost guaranteed to remove your diaper. Another thing to expect is fungal infections. Yes, I have been to the doctor wearing a diaper and had to pull the waistband down so she could look at the Ringworm I had. This is not such a big deal, a little jock itch cream and you are on your way. I do not even recommend going to the doctor unless the over the counter medicine does not work. I do not share this to scare anyone away from wearing diapers permanently. I still need to be in diapers and love being in them despite the occasional diaper rash or ringworm. Changing your diaper regulary and applying baby powder and barrier cream liberally almost completely mitigates these problems. After being in diapers so long sometimes you just get lazy and do not take the proper prevention measures and you end up paying for it. The same can be said for diaper leaks. Your diaper is going to leak at some point no matter the steps you take to prevent it. It could be that you were lazy and did not change your diaper when you should have. It could be that you were unable to change your diaper because you were in a meeting or at a family get together. Maybe your little guy was pointed off to the side and that is why. The bottom line is if you can not accept and deal with the potential embarrassment of a diaper leaking then you do not need to be in them all the time. You need to have a leak plan in place. For me I have Leakcon 1, 2, 3, and 4. Leakcon 4- No leaks at this time, my diaper is new or barely used. Leakcon 3- No leaks yet but my diaper is getting full and there is a potential for leaks especially from sitting down (press out leaks) Leakcon 2- I am experiencing an active leak but it is small and contained by my protective briefs or plastic panties. A trip to the restroom is required to determine further actions ie. diaper change, re-situate my wee wee etc. Leakcon 1- Emergency leak situation. Risk of exposure to co-workers or family is imminent and leak needs to be addressed immediately. This leak will almost always require a diaper change and will require a change of pants. In your diaper bag you should ALWAYS have at least one spare set of clothes should you experience Leakcon 1. This includes pants and a shirt or a onesie if you wear them. You should also have a roll of packing or duct tape to repair the occasional diaper failure like a faulty tape or a tear in your diaper. If you can not change your diaper in public then the decision to wear diapers full-time will be very challenging. This does not mean that you have to leave the stall door open and throw your used diaper down onto the floor however. It is actually quite easy to change your diaper when out and about particularly in today's world. More and more family restrooms are available at airports, malls, and amusement parks. Smaller, private restrooms are all over the place to include many gas stations and Starbucks. For the most part, unless you are in a Leakcon 1 emergency situation you have a lot of options that gives you plenty of privacy to change in public. What if you have to go into a multi-stalled bathroom? Can you rip the tapes off without being ashamed? Can you throw your diaper away without being embarrassed? The more you change in public the more confidence you gain. At one time I would have to wait for other people to leave the restroom and then stop and sit on the toilet and wait if someone new came in. Now nothing matters. I walk into the restroom with a spare diaper in hand, go in to any stall regardless of how full the restroom is and change my diaper. When I am finished changing I walk out with my dirty diaper in hand and simply throw it away. Everything is about planning and being prepared. At first it may seem overwhelming and insurmountable but it really is not. Eventually what was unknown becomes routine and what once seemed like a pain in the ass becomes tolerable. For majority of the day you live life normal, simply living it while diapered. Wearing diapers permanently for me was the best decision I have ever made. It has made me a much better person both inside and out. My need to be in diapers no longer controls me as I am in them all the time and my need is met. There are challenges to this lifestyle. To stay diapered you will need to be patient and have a positive attitude. You need to accept that uncomfortable and embarrassing situations will arise due to you being diapered permenently and you need to be prepared for them when they do. I do believe that this decision requires a lot of practice and planning before you become padded for life. The best part about making the choice to wear diapers permanently is that you do not become incontinent or diaper dependant overnight. It takes months or years before signiificant control is lost. This should give you an ample amount of time to help you decide if being diapered permenently is truly what you want. I hope this will help some understand what it is like to wear diapers permanently and please feel free to message me at anytime with individual questions you may have.
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