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  1. Mark gingerly pushed the door open, creeping inside the apartment. Kate hadn’t been expecting him, but she never minded a surprise drop-in, and he’d made it back into town almost half a day early. More than that–he had to pee. The surprise hello could wait, first things first, he needed to get to the bathroom. Besides, it seemed like nobody was home, the lights were out in the apartment and he couldn’t hear much–he might have arrived while Kate was out with her roommate, hitting the town. Hurrying across the living room, he pushed open the bedroom door, fumbling in the darkness with the button on his jeans. He was bursting, and– “What the hell are you doing here?” Claire’s voice cut through the room, and Mark froze, looking around. A light flipped on by the bed, and he saw Claire–Kate’s roommate–half naked on the bed, straddling Kate herself, who was completely naked, except for a rubber gag in her mouth and a thick, white pair of–no, a diaper taped between her thighs. Mark’s eyes widened, hand still lingering on the button of his jeans. “Um–I–” (Bathroom.) “I just needed–” “What? To watch?” Claire snapped, turning to face him. “Did Kate set this up? Because let me tell you, she’s in enough trouble as it is–I’d hate to have to punish her more.” Spinning on her knees, she moved to the side of the bed while Mark tried to stammer an explanation. “I just–sorry, I didn’t mean to intrude, but–” Stalking towards him, Claire’s smile spread to predatory levels. “I know, dweeb. I’m not mad, but you have to admit–you kind of liked the surprise, didn’t you?” Mark’s emotions were all mixed up–Claire had jumped on him, and seemed more ready to deal with the sudden intrusion than he was. She’d always been confident, but– “Mmh?” Kate asked from the bed, looking up. Shooting a dominant glare over her shoulder, Claire snapped, “Quiet, I’ll use you when I’m ready. You haven’t even used your diaper yet, pet.” When Mark’s expression turned horrified, she added with a casual shrug, “She knows her safewords. But you–what to do with you is the question.” “I–” he began, eyes darting between his girlfriend, laying prone on the bed with nothing to cover her up save for a bulky diaper, and Claire, looming over him. He didn’t even notice that the pressure had vanished from his bladder until Claire’s eyes tracked down and her smile grew. “Oh,” she said. “I see. You just needed the potty, did you? Well–that’s alright. Little boys don’t need to worry about grown up games.” “I–” he started for what felt like the hundredth time. “Claire…” Her tone dropped, and she looked him in the eye. “Okay, are you not up for this? I figured you were coming by for a booty call, but if you’d rather just borrow some pants and get out of here, that’s fine.” Mark almost started another sentence with, ‘I-’, but managed to form a new word. “Can you catch me up a bit?” “Kate’s been a naughty girl, and asked to be punished,” Claire explained. “So that’s what I’m going to do. You don’t get to participate, you’d just get in the way, but I think it’d be okay if you stay and watch.” He thought about it for a moment–despite his shock and embarrassment at the accident, he couldn’t deny the erection that’d formed beneath his damp jeans. “Erm…if Kate’s okay with it, I mean…yes? Please?” Claire’s smile grew. “Alright, but we need to make sure you won’t make any more puddles first–and that you won’t cause any more distractions.” Over her shoulder, she asked, “Pet, are you alright? Can you hold it a little more?” Mumbling over her gag, Kate made a sound that vaguely resembled, ‘Yes’, and Claire’s smile only grew. “Alright, potty pants–if you’re going to see what it’s like when grown ups have fun, you’re going to need to take it all off.” Mark didn’t protest–he could have, at any point he could have objected, but each element came one by one, and by the time it’d all built up, he felt too deep in to back out. He stripped–that hadn’t surprised him. Then came cuffs for his hands, restraining him spread eagle to the dresser so that he sat on the ground with his arms in a T. ‘So you don’t try and get up to anything naughty during the show,’ Claire had explained, smirking down at the erection he was incapable of touching. When she spread a diaper and slid it beneath his hips, (‘since you already had once accident,’) he’d almost–almost–balked, but by then he could hear Kate’s desperate moans, and he wanted to see what Claire would do to his girlfriend enough to deal with an embarrassing undergarment. She didn’t tape it up right away, though. Instead, Claire raised a small object, no larger than the tip of her pinkie finger, holding it up for him to see. “I don’t want you complaining in a few minutes that you need to get up and use the potty,” she explained, “So we’re going to settle this right now–if you need to go, you’ll use your diaper. And you will need to go.” She waited for just a beat, long enough for Mark to object, but he held his tongue, inhaling sharply when he felt the suppository inside him, inserted deeply enough to do its work. The diaper folded nicely between his hips, and he was left there to squirm, unable to free himself, unable to do anything but watch and feel the pressure build. Once he was trussed and left behind, abandoned to his humiliation, Claire left him, crawling back onto the bed. He could just hear her purring into Kate’s ear, whispering sweet praise. “Good girl–you didn’t move an inch, did you?” Kate shook her head, legs spreading so that Claire could grab the front of her diaper, rubbing firmly against it. “I bet it’s so hard to hold it in,” Claire whispered. When Kate nodded, gasping desperately, she continued, “Then don’t–just let it all out, and we can start your punishment.” Nodding quickly, Kate gave up the fight, and from his vantage on the floor Mark could easily see the seat of her diaper swell, all the while Claire continued to finger her through thick, damp padding. “Not bad,” Claire said, a little louder. “You lasted almost fifteen minutes before you ruined your diapers–such a good girl.” Kate gasped, nodding repeatedly. Claire shot a wicked smile over her shoulder, making eye contact with Mark. “Now–let’s see how many times I can bring you to the edge before you start to cry. Trust me–by the time we’re done, no matter how full your diaper is, you’re going to be desperate.” Mark swallowed, feeling the gurgling in his own belly already beginning to build. He couldn’t be sure if Claire’s statement was directed at Kate or at him. Either way, he knew she was right. ... Written as a commission. If you'd be willing to support my writing, I'd be quite grateful! https://reamstories.com/peculiarchangelingabdl https://subscribestar.adult/peculiarchangeling
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