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  1. This is my first post on the site. I read all the site rules posts I could find. I hope this is posted in the correct place, that the tags are correct, and that my short story conforms to all appropriate standards, some people find my writing a little dark, but it is all reflections of my personal experiences, like this short story. Stitches "Ohhh, that is big", I could hear the playful seduction in her tone. From just hearing him talking to her on her phone, I knew he liked pressing his crotch against her butt. More playful giggling, "Him? No, he can't". Immediately, I knew she was talking about me, but I couldn't make out his voice over the television. The only choice I had was getting out of bed and listening at my door. She was laughing, "It's not cuz of that", there was a pause, "He kinda sorta has a small penis, like really small". He laughed, "It's really that tiny" "He can't even get inside me. Nevermind being able to feel him inside. The poor thing has a micropenis" "A micropenis?", he was incredulous. I felt like back when I was eighteen in my last year of high-school, still so pathetic, sneaking out of bed, quietly getting on my knees, one eye trying to look through the keyhole on my door, hoping to see one of my older sister's friends coming out of the shower, frustrated little dick straining against a damp diaper. But just like back then, I never saw anything, except for the one time the door wasn't exactly shut and I fell flat on my face in front one of my sisters friend's in a towel. And I'd fallen right in front of her, face down, t-shirt doing nothing to hide the bulky white diaper covering my backside, as I looked up at her body with stars in my eyes. I'll never forget this, cuz it was the first time I saw a vagina that wasn't related to me. When I realized I was looking straight up her towel, seeing everything, soft brown public hair, and most of all, her holiest of holy's . I couldn't even speak, I was in a form of shock staring up at her towel, mouth hanging open, eyes wide and alit in ecstasy. She didn't scream. She laughed. She laughed with the confidence of a girl with nothing to fear. "Hey Clarissa! Your brother is perving out on me" Clarissa came storming out of her room, I could feel the vibration of her footsteps before i saw her door open. And then, here Clarissa came, blonde pixie cut bouncing with each step, in just boy shorts and a sports bra, "Julia, I'm so sorry. This exactly why I sent him to bed early!", Clarissa sounded so calm and reasonable talking to her friend. Then turned to me, her hands balled into fists, pressed into her hips and all that amicablity ran out of her voice, "Whadd'you think you're doing? Why are you outta bed?", these were rhetorical questions that were more preformative, setting the stage for her next line of questions, letting me know I'm in the wrong and about to be punished. To this day Clarissa will talk to me like a stern babysitter, nevermind that, her and her husband won't even allow me in their house, unless im wearing "my protection" because of one tiny accident on their couch. "Why are you trying to see my friends naked you little perv? What? Have you gone through all the porn on the internet? Did they take all the pictures of women in diapers off the internet?". Two more of my sisters friends were now watching from her doorway. Clarissa looked at the situation, me lying on the floor, my room door open, the light off, Julia in a towel walking from the bathroom to Clarissa's room. A smile crossed her face, as she look to Julia, and pointed at my door, then looked down to me, "Were you.. were you... peeping on my friends again? Why don't you get a girlfriend? Oh that's right, mommy still changes your Pampers!". The girls all laughed at this. A voice of a girl whose name I don't remember asked, "Why? How old is he?" Clarissa had her hands out, like Vanna White presenting me to her friends, "He's a senior in high school" "He looks like he's twelve! How is he a senior? Does he wear those to school?", Clarissa never said anything just turned and looked at her friend, giving her all the information she needed By this point, my diaper had gotten wetter. Confrontation was never my strong suit. I get so overwhelmed and nervous, my body feel like a anaconda is squeezing me. I'm not even fully aware it's happening because I'm so scared. And Clarissa has no problem using this to her advantage still. She squated down next to my head, i still hadnt moved from where id falled. Again she asked, "How did you end up in the hall with Julia in a towel?". Having to explain myself to my sister in front of her friends, was embarrassing enough, they'd all known I had a problem with bedwetting but they didn't know I was literally in diapers. After two nonsensical explanations i didnt even understand, I looked up at my sister, face burning red, knowing the back of my diaper must be visibly wet, tears starting to blur my vision, I looked up at her and said the only thing I could think of, "I had an accident!", and the words came out much louder than I meant for them to. Clarissa bent lower inspecting the seat on my diaper, lifting my t-shirt to accommodate her investigation, "How are you wet? You haven't even been in bed an hour? It was forty-nine minutes ago, I sent you to bed? How do you already need to be changed? Even babies can last a few hours" I got up to my knees, revealing the crotch of my diaper was yellow and swollen with pee. Julia chimed in, "I thought your brother was a Peeping Tom, but he's really a Peeing Tom". This got a laugh from all the girls. Clarissa standing back up, "I don't care. You're going back to bed! If I see mom, I'll tell her", and with her finger in my face, "I don't want to see you outside of your room again tonight! You understand me, Piss Stain?". Clarissa helped me stand back up, my diaper heavy with pee hung down between my legs and Clarissa smacked my backside "Don't worry about it, Burton. We all know your bed got plastic sheets on it! So me or any of my friends, better not catch you anywhere near that door!" "Go", she ordered and I turned and waddled back into my room at my older sister's command, climbing back into bed in a soaking wet diaper, knowing the likelihood of Clarissa telling my mother was about the same as me keeping the bed dry tonight. Here I was, over ten years later, still in damp Pampers, kneeling at the door, listening to the closest thing I'd ever had to a girlfriend flirting with a much more masculine and sexually capable man. He was still laughing about my micropenis, when she freely offered, "Well, after I showed him how much bigger yours is....", she giggled, but I knew what she was about to say and tears were welling up in my eyes and the heat burned my cheeks, "He started having little accidents" "Accidents?!?", hearing him say that word stung so much more. "Don't say anything", she confided, "but he's kinda been wetting his bed", followed by her awkward giggling.. And his reply, "What the fuck are you talking about? You mean he's pissing on himself!?!" "Shhhh! Not so loud! He's gonna hear you!", Sonja forcefully interjected In a now hushed, but just as shocked voice, "You mean he's pissing in his bed?!? Like a little fucking kid? So that little pansy is in there pissing in his sheets, now? What do you see in that pussy?". Hearing him talking about me was so much humiliating, not only, because he was right about everything. But just him knowing, nevermind that I'm on my knees, in not an exactly dry diaper, peeping on him seducing my almost girlfriend. I heard my sister's friend, "Peeing Tom, not Peeping Tom". "He's sweet! And it's not his fault. He can't help it!", she was flirting with him over my bedwetting and that was somehow as hot as it was humiliating. "So you're sleeping with this pussy and he's fucking pissing on you! I didn't know you liked getting pissed on!", his laughter still stung. "Ewww! No! He had to get diapers!" He burst into laughter! "Shhh! You're gonna wake him up!" "What's he gonna do? Pee on me?" "You're so mean! Besides it was when i showed how much bigger your cock is, he felt so insecure, he can't help peeing his bed But finally I could see her through the keyhole. Her lacey pastel blue panties clinging to her upper thighs, hips and butt came into my view, as she sat down lowered herself on to his lap "Maybe I'm gonna put you in diaper?" "I have been a bad girl", she taunted him, grinding her crotch down on his lap, on his cock, and I was watching it live. I could see his hands lifting her white t-shirt up, squeezing her tits "Does someone need a spanking.", with a quick tug, he pulled her to the side, laying in several hard thwacks on her backside. Her shirt was still up above her breasts and her tits bounced with every smack. I could see the wince of pain every time his palm connected, she exhaled air in this sexual moan. She pulled herself back over straddling his lap. She took one hand of his hands to start rubbing herself, "My pussy is dripping". He pulled her panties into a wedgie making her back arch as her panties pressed against her clit. I may have been more excited than she was. Watching her begin to undo the fly of his jeans her movements radiating anticipation, pulling her panties to the side, as she slide the tip his hard cock into soaking pussy, i realized my diaper was heavily sagging. For the first time I understood why the called the sexual position cowgirl, she was riding his cock like a horse, the motion she made looked exactly like a jockey in the Kentucky Derby. She was slamming herself down on his lap. I couldn't even see their heads and I still ejaculated immediately seeing fucking like that. I was going to cum anyway, from just witnessing that spanking and picturing Sonja in diapers, immediately my mind thought up a million scenarios, but none were ever meant to be I had to get back into bed with a diaper completely saturated with pee. Doomed to be diapered cuckold, I started drifting off to sleep hearing Sonja orgasming on his shaft. Waking up the next morning to the sounds of movement, I got up and left the room without thinking. Sonja was wearing her little shorts and a baggy sweatshirt, up on her tip toes, her head turned, "So youre just walking around like that now?". Looking down, the sagging, yellow, pee soaked diaper was still on, but I really hadn't thought of it. Having wet the bed most of my life, I wasn't really a stranger to being in a soggy diaper. "Uh oh! Someone had a rough night", I could see her ass perfectly through her tiny shorts. Images of her butt ramming into his lap flashed through my mind, followed by the embarrassment causing me to feebly try covering the soggy diaper with my hands to little success. Sonja bounced over to the sofa with her coffee mug, "Well, I had a pretty rough night too", but she said it with a smug tone that indicated she meant another kind of rough. "I'm just joking. Calm down. Besides, you should put something on over that before he gets out of the bathroom..." Looking over at bathroom door with absolute terror. A fresh flood of urine flowed all through my diaper as I grabbed the sides of my diaper to keep them from falling "You are such a baby!", her voice really emphasized the word baby, "I'm just kidding, there's no one even in there, you big baby!" When she saw pee streaming down my legs as my head turned to her, she just shook her head, putting her hand against a head, with two snorts of laughter, "Really? Really?", she held her hands out as if she were presenting the audience at home with our situation, "You're that scared of him? You're so intimidated you'll just potty in your pants if he's even in the next room". I had to pull up on my diaper harder so the pee stopped leaking, feeling the intense embarrassment, "I'm not scared", I mumbled, "I just couldn't hold it anymore". "What? What did you say? I couldn't hear you", laughter lessened the disciplinary tone of her words "I need the toilet", I hurriedly waddled for the bathroom hearing her cartoonish laughter behind me "Yeaaaah, you're a rock! Don't forget! You're cleaning this! I'm not having you leaving piddle puddles all over the floor like some little puppy", as I got in the bathroom, I heard, "You're bed is already covered in them" I had to stand in the tub when I let my diaper down, pee came splashing down into the tub. Then, there's Sonja in the with her phone out and a smile on her face, in a tone of abject defeat, "You're not sending that to him, are you?" "No. Don't be silly. I'm sending it to your mom to ask how she dealt with you wetting the bed" "No, please! You don't have to do that! I'll stop. I can get it under control! I won't have accident! I promise" "I don't think you can make that promise. You have a plastic sheet on your bed and leaky diaper on your butt! I just wanna know what I can do to help you with this, sweetie. Don't worry about it" I gave in and accepted Sonja would do. What she wanted" Still in the tub, I could hear her on the phone with my mother "I'm sorry to bother you, Mrs. Beck, but...well you saw what I'm dealing with. When Burt was little how did you handle his accidents?" "Oh! Oh wow! The whole time?!? So all through school? Even high-school? Oh, so that's when it got bad? Wait! He had to wear diapers to school? He told me he stopped wetting his bed at thirteen!" The laughter was the worst part. I didn't even want to get out of the tub. "Ohhhh! He didn't stop wetting the bed, he started wetting pants. You gotta make sure to check him? He hates changing. He does try to get to the toilet, it's just he's already wet", more laughter, "He's hiding in there right now. I really appreciate you taking the time to tell me all this. We should definitely talk again. I'll let you know how it goes, Mrs Beck". When I came out of the bathroom, Sonja was sitting on the couch with her legs crossed, but the one on top was bouncing with energy "You didn't tell me you were still wearing Goodnites to high school", even though it sounded like a question, it wasn't. Holding my towel up, I could only say. "Uhhhh..." "You told me, you'd stopped wetting the bed when you were thirteenth! But really you weren't getting out of bedwetting, you were actually getting put in diapers by your mommy! Ha ha ha!", Sonja was obviously enjoying this little exchange. "No wonder you've still wetting the bed! You just got out of diapers for the first time in your life a few years ago! She said you couldn't even keep your pants dry! Ha ha ha!" There's no way to deny the embarrassment, even ignoring the obvious cuckold situation that had just happened the night before, but having the entire bedwetting/diaper story exposed was deeply humiliating, especially right now, when she's thinking of her date as a man and me as the baby in a pee soaked diaper in the next room. "I wasn't that bad", trying to salvage the little dignity I could. "Did your mom have to go to your school and put a diaper on you, your first day of your senior year?", excitement had filled her voice, her eyes were bright, and her teeth came out when she smiled because she already knew the answer. The images flashed to life in my mind, memories of getting beat up in high school. Everyone still remembers. On the first day of my senior year, a guy who had no business being in a high school, who was almost twenty after staying back countless times, saw me talking to his ex girlfriend. He walked up to me, didn't even say a word and punched me in the stomach as hard as he could. The punch knocked me to my butt, but I know I was already peeing before I hit the ground. I remember sitting on the floor looking at at him smiling down at me, the girl that I had been talking to was holding her nose with her thumb and forefinger and she was looking away her face filled with doagust. I was so shocked at what had happened, I hadn't figured out what was happening, I could only hear a high pitched squealing noise filling my head, i could feel the presence of a crowd tuat had formed around us and everyone was laughing, i didn't realize I was just sitting on the floor making a soft grunting noise I kept pushing the mess into the seat of my pants, and all the other kids could actually me straining as I was pushing poop in my pants. After thirty seconds, I started piecing together what had happened, that I'd been punched in the stomach, fallen down and messed myself. My face felt like it was on fire and I started coughing out little sobs, followed by little hyperventilation noises and falling into full on bawling like an extremely young child, sounds completely inappropriate for a senior in high school to making. I hadn't yet connected this whole time, I been peeing my pants and that since I had messed my pants so bad that poop had even been forced all over my butt cheeks, up my back and even into the front of my underwear. The puddle under me was getting spreading outward. The kid who'd hit me had to step back from the smell being so bad he wretched. And for reasons i can't fully explain, through my tears the word, "mommy", kept being repeated. Some teachers broke the thing up and walked me to the nurses office, but she made me sit on the toilet in her bathroom until my mommy got there, but it was gonna be too hard to clean me there, so my mom just put the diaper on over my dirty underwear, wrapped a towel around me, put my dirty pants in bag and walked me put of the school I still had answered Sonja, I'd just been standing in towel, eyes staring into the wall, as I remembered, what I was certain she was talking about, because that was the reason I had to wear diapers or Goodnites to school after. "So you were still wearing diapers as a teenager!" "It was a long time ago" "It was this morning you were in soaking wet Pampers. This morning was long time ago? It was like an hour ago?!? Now, could you please clean the pee off the floor?" After the floor was cleaned, Sonja had gotten dressed into tight jeans and a pastel yellow top that looked like a sports bra, but wasn't, a halter top maybe. "You really should be wearing diapers. I don't want you making any more messes" "It was an accident!" She laughed, "An accident? An accident! Did little baby have an uh oh? Any three year old can walk around and not pee in their pants! But you can't even get toilet trained. I'm telling you, you need to be in diapers, but if you think you can do, I'm not gonna be the one peeing in my pants". Sonja had decided she was going to the gym, as she was leaving she hugged me, pressing my face into her cleavage, which after twenty-four hours of constant humiliation, having my face against her warm flesh was terribly exciting, exciting enough to make me cum on the towel wrapped around my waist, but she must have felt me tense and released because she immediately pushed me away holding me by the shoulders and looked down at the little damp spot forming in my towel. "You didn't? Is that all it takes to for the little baby to make a mess?", the smile on her face was of a babysitter humoring a child, as she turned me around and smacked my butt, "Go get dressed and don't 'forget' to put your Pampers on! You understand me, mister? Believe me, you're better off in diapers, if you're gonna cum that fast.". Later that day, after Sonja had gone and come back, I was lying across her lap, while she stroked my head with one hand and scrolled her phone with the other. When she got a text. This time, I felt her body tense. It was him. And when I heard his voice, I may have peed a very little bit. And within ten seconds of it happening Sonja asked, "Hang on one second. Burton what's that on your pants? You didn't do it again, did you?" I had already jumped up, feeling my butt for wetness with both my hands and I answered her really soft, so her new lover wouldn't hear and think less of me than he already did, but Sonja took care of that "What! I couldn't hear? Did you pee in your little undies? I told you to wear diapers! You see what happens when you don't listen?! Now what did you do?", hands planted on her hips, I felt like she was ten feet tall Head down, looking at the floor, trying to stop the thoughts of being beaten up by her new lover, then remembering my underwear was actually really wet. "I need to change my underwear" "I didn't ask, what you need to do! I asked what you did", her voice had become more authoritative and demanding and she pointed to my crotch this time. "Oh sorry", she was speaking into the phone again, "No, not you", she laughed, "you know who pissed his little panties the moment he heard your voice. I think you mighta' scared him. His mommy told me he had to wear diapers the whole time he was in high school from getting bullied". She laughed out loud, "I swear, I'm gonna be putting him in diapers before next week" I stood in place like a child waiting for punishment. I was frozen in place the feeling of cold wetness from my underwear clinging to my skin, perfectly matching my feeling of fear. "I told you! Go, put, your, diaper, on!", I had no choice, I had to go put a diaper on. When I came back, Sonja was already off the phone and she was back to being nice, "See, that looks more your speed diaper butt". I came back and cuddled up against her and Sonja patted my butt, "Little boys like you need to wear their peepee pants or they have accidents" After maybe an hour passed, a knock at the door and Sonja jumped up, jolting me out of sleep. She pulled the door open and it was him. I was frozen on the couch watching them passionate embrace, seeing his tongue penetrating her soft lips, and flooding my diaper like some horrible dream. When they turned Sonja put her hand over her face as she saw the yellow spreading across my diapers. "Could you tell him, you're not gonna beat him up or he's gonna keep peeing himself every time he sees you" "Oh?", he stepped forward, I flinched and pulled back against the couch, "Cuz I am gonna kick this pants wetting pussy's ass. It'll be just like high school", and laughed. With both of them staring at me, I started to cry, I slid off the couch landing flat on my butt, with a wet smack as my soggy diaper splatted on the floor and the room shook, which didn't help the situation, because getting jarred like that only made me start to really cry, they said i sounded like a little kid noticing they are bleeding, but i dont think it was that bad, i may have mumbled "mommy" and try to keep him back kicking my legs out, but the sight of me sitting on the floor in a visibly wet and yellow diaper, wiping away tears, kicking my legs and sobbing, looked so pitiful, Sonja saved me, "Poor widdle baby fall down? Did you hurt your widdle bum?" While her date was not as kind, "He stinks like piss! Can you get rid of him or something or at least, shut him up. I didn't come over here to babysit this pussy!" Even through my blurred vision, i could make out her man taking another step toward me, towering over my helpless form, but i could still kinda make out what he was saying. Still thinking he might hit me, all I could do was crawl away on my hands and knees with my diaper sagging off my butt, I could feel how heavy the thing was, crawling to my room. I heard Sonja saying, "Oh my gawd!", like she was experiencing vicarious humiliation from me, "ive never seen him like this. I talked to his mother and she said..." "I fucking told you! Look at him!", the excitement in his voice knowing he had won Sonja over to his side completely, "He can't even walk on his feet! How can you see that as a man? Diaper hanging off his ass! What aren't you gonna go change your boyfriend's Pampers," And ad I escaped to my room on all fours, I heard her say, "He's not my boyfriend! We're just roommates!" I had been lying on my floor crying for almost an hour when my door opened, but to my horror it wasn't Sonja. It was my mother, who sighed out loud, "I thought you were finally over this! You had been doing so good the past few years! But Sonja wasn't lying! You're a mess! You didn't poop, did you? I asked you a question!" In the silence that followed my mom's voice, I could hear Sonja and her lover giggling "No", was all I could get out before she pulled me up to my feet, "Lemme check your bum", and squeezed the back of my diaper, "At least you didn't make a mess, but my word are you are soaked, mister! I guess it'll be fine. We don't wanna keep interrupting Sonja's date. I can change your bum when we get home. Now put some pants on or everyone's gonna see you had an accident". Having my mom show up to change my diaper was something I'd never even imagined. It was a moment, i couldn't believe what was happening. I wiped away tears, but never moved to put pants on. "Fine! Then everyone can see you in your diapers. You still look like a ten year old anyway", as my mother dragged me out of my room, I might have been crying a little harder, but not bawling like baby, "Now, say byebye to your little friends", I could only look back at Sonja and her new lover as I was led from the apartment with soggy Huggies drooping off my backside, with my mom speaking to me like a child. My mom sat me in the backseat in just a t-shirt and diaper and this wasn't ideal. But at least only people in trucks or vans could see inside the car. This is a woman who has been changing my diapers most of my life, ever since she had adopted me as a baby. In situations like this, it was best to do whatever she said. Besides, I wasn't in much of a position to be resisting. "I knew you still wet your bed once and awhile, but your diaper is so full it's falling off your butt. You look like you've never been toilet trained!", the whole time she's talking while watching the road. But even though she was older, she was still an attractive woman with large breasts who took good care of herself. When she stopped the car in her driveway, she got me out of the car, seeing me standing barefoot in yellowed soggy diaper, she couldn't help laughing, "We gotta get you changed. Let's get you inside", I was so upset, I didn't care if the neighbors saw. She pulled me in and up the stairs, the way she could pick me up with ease was always surprising, she sat me down with a heavy splat and waved her hand in front of her nose, "You'd be in for such a rash if i hadn't come and got". She pushed me back on to the changing table, and undid my diaper, "You think you're man enough for a woman like Sonja. You're crawling around in Pampers, and she wants to be alone with her new friend, not changing your little weewee", softly pinching my micropenis between her thumb and forefinger and shaking it back and forth. "You're lucky she cares enough about you to call me! What would you have done, if mommy hadn't come to save? Just lie there crying on the floor in leaky diaper? You know how you get, once the damn breaks, you can't control bladder at all! You've always been that way! Thank goodness, Sonja had the sense to call me" I can't lie, still getting saved by your mommy in your twenties didn't make me feel too great about myself, but I was so grateful to be pulled out of that situation, I instinctively reached out to hug her, "Nope, nope, I'll hug you in a second. Lift your bum", peeling my diaper off and rolling it in to a big squishy ball, she hefted it in the palm of her hand, "You really did a number on this thing! I'll never understand how such a tiny weewee can make so much peepee", she tossed my diaper into the trash and it made a wet splat as it landed, "Have you gone number two, today?" I didn't reply, "Do you want me to call Sonja and ask her or can you be a big boy for one second?". She held my hand as she walked me to the bathroom and sat me on the toilet. She didn't even leave the room, she just stood there with her arms folded while I made number two, stood me up, wiped my bum for me without even asking, flushed the toilet, washed my hands with her hands over mine, "I should give you a bath, but we can do that tomorrow. Let's just make sure we're not gonna have any leaks tonight" and she picked me up and sat me back on the changing table while I reached out trying to hug her, but she pried herself away with ease, "I gotta clean your little weewee and bumbum. Now lie back and lift your legs", the baby wipes were cold making me flinch and then putting a fresh diaper under me with one word, ",Up", she smeared diaper rash ointment all over my butt and privates, then sealing the fresh diaper on to me and ran a finger inside each leg band making sure the leak guards were in place. The moment she sat me up, I locked my arms around her and buried my face in her armpit "Okay, okay mommy's here. You embarrassed yourself and needed mommy to come and save you. You weren't even responsible enough to call me yourself. You need to thank Sonja. She must really care about you. Most girls would have been focused on their new boyfriend and left a big baby sitting in his droopy peepee diapers, but she called me to come save you", her hand came down quick slapping my padded backside before coming to let her hand rest there and chuckled, "Let's get you in bed". This was the first time I'd actually spoke since getting home, "Don't go!" and buried my face harder, "Nooo" "Awwwww", again she chuckled, "Baby doesn't want mommy to leave him alone. You want mommy to sleep with you, honey", she accentuated her words by squeezing my diaper with a hooked hand, pull me against her body."Okay, okay, can you be a big boy and wait here while mommy changes or are do you need to come with mommy?". She peeled me off her body with ease and ordered me to answer her. I just shook my head and clung both my arms around one of her arms. "I guess, that's a no to bring a big boy for mommy" laughing as she spoke. "Okay, come with mommy, little guy". In her room, she laughed, "You have to let go for me to change, honey", and she pulled her arm free. I never let go. I watched her pulling her shirt off over her head, turning her back as her black bra became visible. Then watched as her pants came down exposing black panties that had see-through material on the butt and front, like lingerie, unconsciously my thumb went into my mouth staring at her butt. I watched her hands undo her bra and saw her large breasts go free. Looking down to see if my tiny erection would be visible which is one of the only benefits to wearing a diaper, they will hide little erections, when she pulled a long t-shirt on. As soon as her shirt was on, I wrapped my arms back around her. There was a strong smell on the shirt, a man's smell. Then it hit me. The lingerie, the man's shirt, her quiet frustration with me. She had been with a guy when Sonja called her and told her I'd turned into a giant baby and couldn't stop crying. She'd canceled her plans to change my diapers and I'm sure, just like Sonja, she'd rather be with a man than a big baby with zero bladder control. When she turned my head rested on her breasts and she squeezed me against them, "You're such a cute boy! You not only smell like a baby and dress like one", and gave my bum another swat, and then she noticed, "Are you sucking your thumb? Wow, when you get scared, you really do just turn into a big baby. You can't help yourself! You need me or Sonja for that", for a few seconds her words hung in the air without a sound, "Okay, I'm not even gonna change my underwear, let's get you in bed", she held my hand and I waddled behind her still sucking my thumb, mystified at the masculine smell on her body and still turned on from everything, i kept trying to sneak another peak at her see through panties. She pulled back the covers on my bed, got in first and laid on her back, then patted her leg and said, "Come on, baby. Nitenite time", I climbed on her leg and my face came down on her breast like a pillow still sucking my thumb, as she started stroking my head and cooing words at me, "Poor baby. You musta been really upset to end up back in your peepee pants like this" I was glad to be in a dry diaper, and not getting my ass kicked, but lying here, she wasn't just talking to me like child, she actually saw me as a little kid. I'd spent, at least four years since wearing diapers and now, bring back in diapers, not pull-ups, full on diapers and changed like a baby and the situation was a little humiliating, nevermore what Sonja is gonna say next time I see her. I didn't wanna think about what her boyfriend would say and thoughts of high school came back. "You did the best you could, honey. At least, you didn't mess yourself this time. And don't worry, Sonja isn't gonna think any different of you. She's already seen you in your potty pants. How can she think any less of you?", I don't know how she knew exactly what I was thinking, but having my face against her breasts and my diapered crotch pressing against her smooth legs, "Burton!", her voice was loud snd offended, "Stop! You're not supposed to hump mommy's leg! Babies do that. You're too ol....". Her voice paused, "I guess you're not. You're literally running around in dirty diapers, bawling your eyes out, because a big boy made you do peepees in your Pampies. Is this what you wanted to do with Sonja but you're a widdle baby, so you have to do it with mommy instead? Do you wanna see mommy's tits?" Her question shocked me to the point I froze in place looking up at her, as she slowly pulled her new boyfriend's shirt, "Go on, it's not like you're a man. You're a little baby. You can't even do man things with your widdle bitty weewee. Take you thumb out of your mouth. You shouldn't stick your fingers in your mouth", and my mouth latched around her nipple and I kept pressing my diaper into your bare thigh wearing the plastic covering over my diaper crinkling, she put one hand down on my bum and started patting with encouragement, "But I'm not changing you after you make your little mess. You can just sleep it. Don't look at me like that", she laughed, "I changed your diapers and pull-ups all through school. You think I couldn't tell you were spunking in them? But it's not like a man doing it. Is a man gonna be humping my leg in Pampers?", again she laughed at the comparison, "Like you're not sucking on my tit, you're nursing like a baby does, which you can't get out of diapers, so it really shouldn't be a surprising. Clarissa always said, youd never get out of Huggies and to just keep you in them all the time. And here you are at twenty-five, needing mommy to pick you up your friends house after you scared and had a major peepee accident all over yourself" I hadn't really known this was my mother's and sisters true thoughts about me. But they did always baby talk me or treat me like a little kid. And having your little sister order you to go brush your teeth and get your diapers out for bed, didn't inspire confidence in me, but a person can get use to anything. And even though I was adopted, I still my mommy's nipple in my mouth, unconsciously humping her leg while I kept picturing Sonja's little blue panties as she came down on her dates cock faster and harder, moaning and almost if on que, my mommy moaned from me sucking on her nipple and squeezing her breast with both hands everytime I sucked, making my little thing start to spurt and me start to grind against her leg. She laughed and said in a sing songy tune, "I think someone made a mess" and patted my diapered butt. The nursing was hypnotic though and I never stopped, even once I stopped humping her leg. In another two minutes I was starting to fall in sleep, as my nursing became weaker and both her hands held my head and the last thing I remembered was her making the, "Shhhh", noise, until I woke up the next morning alone under the covers, feeling my diaper heavy with pee and knowing I'd done it again and would have to go see Sonja today with her knowing I'm a wimp who still pees his pants if he when he gets scared. A girl finding out I'm still wetting my bed is nothing compared to seeing her face when she realizes I lost control over my bladder because her ex showed up. I guess that's just life when you are a loser still stuck in diaper
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