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Found 2 results

  1. Chapter 1A Trip to Phoenix Pharmacy. Katie was a pretty average girl. She got good grades, reached all of her community service requirements and a fine looking 18-year-old blondie. There was only one small unique thing about her. “Crap, I really need to pee.” Katie thought riding on the bus. It was really raining outside and as usually she forgot her umbrella. But she never minded getting wet. She hadn’t gone to the bathroom in over 5 hours and she had plenty to drink since then. When the bus came to her stop she just rushed outside into the pouring rain. Within seconds Katie’s entire body was covered head to toe in water as some freshmen laughed at her. She didn’t mind. She crossed her legs together as she waited for the bus to get out of sight. With people out of sight and with herself alone with her thoughts, she just stood up, relaxed and let out a calming sight. Her flood gates immediately empty as she went pee pee in her panties. The quick flow spread until her panties were a wet mess and leaked to the rest of her dress. The urine continued to flow down her legs as it formed a puddle over the puddle she was already on. Katie: “Mmm.” She went with a smile on her face. She didn’t care she just wet herself like that. In fact she had been meaning to all week and it was worth it. Her clothes were already wet from the rain and nobody would be able to tell. She was only a few blocks away and she would change clothes after getting in.You see Katie was an omorashi. It wasn’t that she was turned on by peeing herself. She just wanted a zen lifestyle where she had moments where she could leave all of her worries behind. This even included not having to worry about the bathroom. That moment of letting completely go was like reaching Nirvana for the young adult. She took every opportunity she could. Letting go to pee in the shower, peeing in the ocean, peeing through her swimsuit while lounging at the beach. Heck one time she was taking a nap in the back yard and just let go because she was too relaxed to move. It wasn’t like she was hurting anybody and she always got cleaned up afterwards. The only thing that she hated was that she had to hide it. It created some negative energy that she didn’t want. She wanted to be calm.Her mom, Mimi, on the other hand was the complete opposite. She was very high maintenance and extreme workaholic. Everything Katie did just had to be wrong. When Katie opened the door to get inside, it was likely she was just waiting for her.Mimi: “Katie!! Why are you soaking wet?!! Don’t just drag dirt in mud in the house.”“Yeesh mom, take a chill pill” Katie said wiping her feet on the doormat and shaking her hair like a poodle. “It’s pouring outside and I simply forgot my umbrella. It’s only water.”Mimi calmed down a little bit. “Oh. It’s raining outside. It didn’t notice.” Mimi was a single parent who worked at home designing websites for other companies. She was quite good at it and absorbed her on some days. She kept full custody of Katie when she divorced her father at age 7. He was rarely heard from these days. “Still I keep telling you to pack umbrellas just in case. I don’t want you ruining your clothes and making it my problem.”Katie: “I’m perfectly okay with doing my own laundry. This will just dry off easily”Mimi: “After the way you folded your laundry and left sweat stains in last week’s load I think not.” She walked up and looked a bit suspicious of the crotch. Katie was very nervous at her mom snooping there and felt it would look very suspicious to take a deep zen breath to calm down. “Did you pee yourself?”Katie eeped: “What? No. I mean why would I even do that. Like I said it’s raining outside.”Mimi: “…It looks a little strange. Anyway, I have no time for this. Big X, LLP just called me an hour ago and needs me at a meeting tonight. I prepared dinner already that just needs you to heat up. I won’t be home until 11 pm.”Katie: “11 pm!! Mom you’ve been going nonstop all week. You need to just relax.”Her mom was ignoring that and grabbing her laptop, umbrella and briefcase. “Oh not that zen hogwash again. You need to join a better club like the computer graphics. It will help you so much career wise.” She hands her a note and an umbrella. “I need to grab some stuff at Phoenix Pharmacy. It’s a new in at the edge of the shopping district. Just grab these items before I get back.” Katie: “Okay. Just be okay.” She reached her arms out to give a hug to her mom, but she just passed by. “Be sure to change clothes or you’ll get hypothermia and use an umbrella!!” She closed the door. This confrontation was normal. Some could argue that Mimi just didn’t want to get wet, but this wasn’t the first time Mimi got denied her mother’s attention like that. It was always work first, Katie second. Sure there were good times, but strangely Katie wanted a more bonded mother-daughter relationship. Katie took up meditation and zen training to help her cope with it. Still it was a low blow. She decided to take a shower first. She felt a little more pee squirt out into the drain. She dried up and changed into a new outfit. It was a Friday night so she decided to put her homework off until tomorrow. After having a quick and dissatisfying dinner she went to the living room and played one of her meditation videos. She sat down and relaxed keeping up with the mantra of inner peace and happiness. “Remove all negative thoughts. You are in charge of your happiness. No external love is needed, needed, needed.” She twitched on that last phrase. “Aaaaah!!” It was no use. She wasn’t feeling very zen tonight. She figured she might as well get the errands over with. Her mom made enough money to afford two cars, but Katie wasn’t allowed to drive to school to save gas money. Also, because of one speeding ticket, her mom kept the key hidden. The Pharmacy wasn’t that far away. It was larger than the average CVS or Walgreens, yet still not intimidating like a Walmart. A sign on front mentioned that the place was open 24/7 and that they had a sale on diapers.The atmosphere was very warming. It gave a very zen feeling to the young girl. So relaxing. Heck, even the cashier looked chill with arms stretched out and head resting on the counter.“Wow.” Katie thought. “She is so Zen.” Suddenly the most beautiful woman in the world was rushing from what appeared to be stocking shelfs to relaxed cashier. “Pardon me, pardon me, pardon me. Hee hee hee.” She started shaking her coworker while inappropriately giggling. “Hahaha. Gretel. Haha. We have acustomers. Wake up.” The young woman’s beauty came with an innocent appeal. A little ditzy and odd with her continuous laughter. Based on the name tag it looked like her name is Lola. Gretel: “Yawn, five more minutes mama.” Lola: “Come on. Gwen said we have to at least look busy.” Gretel: “Ugh fine. She lifted herself up to stretch herself awake.” The girl was actually pretty short. Less than five feet tall that she could be mistaken for a child if not for the bags under her eyes. Not from lack of sleep, but ironically too much sleep.“Hello and welcome to Phoenix Pharmacy. We’re open 24/7 for all of your needs. Unlike normal convenience stores we guarantee that we can get you what you need.” Gretel said with the voice of a salesman. She had a shine from behind, that was actually just Lola waving a flashlight behind her for cheap special effect. It was apparent that they were really close friends. Katie: “Wow. Just wow. You are like so Zen. I am just in awe.”Gretel: “Thank you. What is Zen?”Lola: “Hee hee hee. I don’t know.”Katie: “And you able to laugh like an innocent child at anything. Your exhale of negative vibes is so unorthodox, but revolutionary.” Normally this kind of talk weirded people out, hence why Katie only had friends in the Zen club, but there was no judgment from these two. Lola: “Are you a new employee that the manager hired? Hee hee.”Gretel: “Lola. We’re not getting anyone new. Trust me I would know. Although you do look like you would fit right in.”Katie: “Well I always wanted a part time job, but I figured I’d wait until summer. I am amazed I never noticed this store before.”Gretel: “That’s the way it is. You never know us till you come, but when you do you’re hooked. And we’re always busy when you’d least expect it. Yin-Yang in reverse, but I’m pretty sure our owner is a millionaire. We have a few other branches. That makes me the manager.” Lola giggled at Gretel saying that. “We also opened this branch last week.”Katie: “You’re the manager? But you’re so young.” Lola can’t control herself and bursts out laughing, pounding her fists on the ground.Gretel snorts: “I’m 23. Like judgie.”Katie: “I’m sorry. That was really rude of me.”Gretel: “Like what-evs. Anyway, what can we help you with?”Katie apologized and showed the list that her mom made. Lola was very helpful to help out when she wasn’t laughing. Turns out she had Tourette’s Syndrome that made her laughing at random times. Very livable although it did make her prone to a heightened sense of humor and laughing at the most inappropriate of times. She was a nice person and very helpful in getting the stuff on her list. Katie wanted to look around more so Lola agreed to take the stuff to the counter when she was ready to pay. The Pharmacy was a lot bigger than expected in the inside. It was pretty fun to look around the place. She found a small arcade filled with a few arcade games. She got really hooked on a clay machine where she won cat ears after ten tries. She put them on immediately and giggled. “Now I’m a kitty cat. Meow! Meow!” After words she played a few other games like Dance Dance revolution, skee ball, and Zombie killer. After words she enjoyed some generic Slurpie rip off from what was called a ‘Phoenix Machine.’ Lemon flavor was always rare that it broke her heart whenever 7-11 discontinued it. After placing on star shaped sunglasses she kept exploring. In additions to all the fancy cosmetics, food, and medical equipment of a normal pharmacy, they seemed to have a bit of everything. Souvenirs, books, movies, toys, everything except for clothing. She even enjoyed an hour on a very relaxing massage chair. “Like so zen.” After some time, Katie was pretty sure she was lost. She wasn’t sure how, but she ended up in aisle filled with diapers. They looked cute like baby diapers and on closer inspection it turns out they were adult diapers. Katie was confused about who would purchase such cute diapers although she wasn’t one to judge after peeing herself earlier today. Speaking of pee, she really had to pee. She looked at the clock on her phone, cause like who uses wristwatches these days, and the thing said 10:45 pm. “Holy crap” Katie thought. She lost track of time and had been her for hours. She had to get out of her, but first a quick trick to the bathroom, wherever that was. Suddenly three birds swooped down from the ceiling and starting chasing Katie. “Aw! Birds, stop chasing me.” Katie was running down the aisle with her bladder aching with each stop. Hearing the noise, a new employee was walking up. She was a young lady in her mid-twenties with dyed purple hair. Her uniform was a purple pollo shirt with dot art of a phoenix. She was also wearing a black short shirt and long black socks to match. Her nametag said ‘Gwen.’ She was on her phone apparently making a business text when the two girls collided. Katie: “Ah!!Gwen: “What the!?” Falling sounds. It was not a pretty sight. Katie fell really hard on her but. The shock let loose her as her jeans were ruined and a small puddle of pee formed on the ground. Katie felt like crying like a baby from embarrassment. It would suit the diaper aisle. Her mom was gonna kill her for this. Then she noticed something interesting about the woman she bumped into.“Jeeze, at least buy me a drink first if you want to get rough.” Gwen said massaging her head. Her skirt was unadjusted revealing a bulky diaper underneath. It made Katie a little envious given her accident, but also surprised how someone her age would be wearing them. It calmed the zen girl as she smiled and exhaled the vices out of her body. The release attracted the birds as they perched themselves on her shoulders (one each) and head. Their talons were clipped so it didn’t hurt. Actually, it felt enjoyable to be one with nature. Like a toddler petting a new family puppy. She couldn’t wait to brag about this to her Zen club next week. She had a giddy smile on her face. Gwen responded: “Um sorry. Are you okay?” This broke Katie 50% out of her Nirvana to realize that she was still sitting in her own piss. “Oh. I’m so sorry. I really fucked up.” She clumsily tried to get her bearings while covering her crotch.The young woman seemed understanding. She up and helped Katie stand back up.Katie: “Thank you. This normally doesn’t happen. This is really embarrassing.” She was still covering her crotch. Gwen: “No no accidents happen. I’m just sorry that you ruined your nice jeans. But I must say you sound very calm. Especially with Tweetie, Ringtone, and CookBook perched on you. They are never THAT friendly with newbies.” Katie: “Yeah I get that a lot. It’s just how I normally sound. Also, these are your pets?”Gwen: “No they belong to the manager I assigned. That animal hoarder. Anyway, I’m Gwen Phoenix the owner. Let’s get you cleaned up.” She reached out her hand.Katie: “Okay. I’m Katie by the way. I know I was in the diaper aisle, but I don’t normally have accidents.” She got dragged by Gwen.Gwen smiled: “Oh honey. That doesn’t matter one bit to the girl who wears diapers for fun.” She lifts up her skirt again to show off her diaper. “Let’s get you cleaned.” She talks into a walkie talkie. “Gretel, we need a clean up in aisle 28.” With that the birds flew off of Katie. In the bathroom Katie was trying frantically to clean up her panties and pants to no effect. She really was bad at laundry! A blow drier was really ineffective in drying off urine. At least she was able to clean her crotch off so that was something. To calm herself, she decided to start off a conversation.Katie: “So diapers. That’s neat.”Gwen: “I know you’re confused, but one day I just realized that I loved wearing them. It’s not that uncommon especially if you check out the internet. The stories you’ll read. So, I started wearing them all the time.” She pats her crinkle butt. Katie: “Well it would certainly save trips to the bathroom and this.”Gwen: “Yeah. And don’t knock it till you try it. You might find it relaxing.” Katie liked the sound of that. “Anyway, I’m sorry to say that I don’t sell clothing in this branch yet. It’s a huge design flaw.”Katie: “That is bad because I have a curfew, I think, getting close and I can’t go out like this.” Gwen: “I think I have a solution.” She takes off her skirt revealing her diaper. It had a yellow stain from a recent wetting. Katie: “Wow. I know I’m legal and free love is so beautiful, but I’m not into girls so…”Gwen: “Pfft. This isn’t a romantic bathroom booty call you doof. I’m lending you my skirt to wear.”Katie shot out with glee at this saint’s generosity. “Really!! Thank you! But won’t you just be walking around with nothing to cover your, well dirty diaper.”Gwen: “Girl that would not be the first time. However, there is a catch that you may or may not love. Although I really really hope you like the idea. You’re gonna have to wear a diaper underneath.”Katie: “Um okay. Why?”Gwen: “Girl. I have knack for examining people’s character. I learned it from the last owner before I branched out. I only hand them out to people who may enjoy them. Also, you just peed on my floor and no way am I sending you out commando underneath. Not with marital arts training.” Katie didn’t know what to say about that. Honestly, she enjoyed the occasional peeing herself, but never once considered wearing diapers. It always felt like something for babies. In the end she agreed because she didn’t have any time to argue. Gwen pulled out a diaper from her purse along with paper powder and lotion. Despite resistance, Katie agree to let Gwen tape it on her from experience. It felt strange to be diapered for the first time in 15 years. It felt childish and also soothing. Like she could let her guard down and let the universe move her in the flow. The diaper was comfy and despite the thickness was surprising flexible. Strangely it did not feel so weird to be wearing it.Gwen: “Okay cutie. Now is no time to be enjoying it. We need to get you going.” She helped get the skirt on that barely fit once adjusted. “Now you’ll want to be careful with this hon. I like to show the diaper off sometimes so make sure you don’t bend over or whoo-boy that’ll be a shock. Now come on. “She spanks Katie’s newly diapered butt. “Let’s get you to the counter. The diaper is on the house, but I still need money for the merchandise up front. But come by anytime for a membership. You’ll get a 10% discount.” They got to the counter and payed for the stuff with the cash that her mom left her at the house. Gretel was happier now that her birds were close by. Katie drove back home as fast as legally possible. When she got back home the clock in her car said 11:10 pm. “Crap!!” Katie thought. “Okay, calm down. Relax. Mom’s car is visible, but the lights are out so must have just crashed.”Unfortunately, when Katie walked in her mother was waiting for her in the darkness like some employer of a secret organization that does it for dramatic effect. Mimi: “Young lady, where have you been?! I was worried sick!!” Katie: “I’m sorry mom. I was getting your errands done at the Phoenix Pharmacy and I guess I lost track of time. So, how’d the meeting go?”Mimi: “Don’t ‘how’d the meeting go’ with me Katie. My errands shouldn’t have had you out so late. You were clearly running crazy with other teenagers.”Katie: “Now why would you say that?” Mimi: “Those cat ears on your head.” She pointed to the cat ears that Katie won at Phoenix’s arcade. Katie: “Oh that. Well there was arcade and I sorta lost track of time. You’d really like the place. They have so much stuff in such a small place and the staff is totally zen. I might work there this summer if they’re hiring.” Mimi: “Not with your car privileges revoked. I have too much work on my hands to worry about reckless driving. And you clearly weren’t smart enough to just call me. All that zen crap is rotting your brain.”Now Katie was a pretty zen and calm girl, but she was still a teenager. And teenagers sometimes lose their patience. She dropped her bags and marched towards her mom. The diaper under her skirt gave off an audible crinkle. Katie: “Maybe I take up zen because I don’t want to be a cunt whose miserable all of the time!!” Katie felt really ashamed of herself after saying that, but she felt like she had to let it off her chest.Mimi was stunned. Instead of words she did the next worse thing and dragged Katie to the couch. She laid the confused teenager on the couch and proceeded to spank her relentlessly. After ten slaps, Mimi noticed a soft material on her daughter’s butt. Despite heavy resistance on Katie’s part, Mimi was able to reveal her skirt to reveal the diaper Gwen had taped on her. Mimi blushed heavily because she was in a diaper being spanked by her mom. Katie: “Uh, I can explain.”“Why do you have a diaper on!” Mimi said given a spank to Katie’s thighs for every word said. A tear came out of Katie’s from the pain. Katie tried to explain what happened at Phoenix Pharmacy, leaving out the part being changed by Gwen. This just made Mimi angrier as she continued to spank Katie relentlessly.Mimi: “I can’t believe my own daughter can’t go to the bathroom like a normal person. I bet you did pee yourself earlier today too. You’re grounded missy. And since you like this diaper so much.” She grabbed a roll of scotch tape and wrapped it around Katie’s diaper. The diaper now felt really snug around her waist and it was impossible to pull down without ripping it. Katie: “Is this really necessary?”Mimi: “For the rest of the night you will wear that diaper and the bathroom is off limits. If I find out you soiled it or removed it, you can bet your punishment will be a million times worse. In this house if you ever have wet pants, then I’m placing you right back into a diaper. Do I make myself clear!?”Katie gulped: “Crystal.”Mimi: “Good. Now march that hinny off to bed.”Katie sat in bed that night hugging her legs and feeling miserable. She never felt like such a freak and to her own mommy no less. At times like these she wished she could just live with dad, but he was thousands of miles away. That night she had a dream where she was in diapers for the entire day. However, nobody made fun of her for it, she got all sorts of complements, and she was more at peace than ever before. The greatest part was that her mother was so maternal. Never angry, no stress, no drinking. Katie didn’t even mind that she was being treated like a baby. It was actually soothing. Maybe that Gwen woman had point. Katie woke up the next morning without any incident. She ended up chickening out of wetting the diaper and waited for her mom to inspect her. After words she was allowed to wear normal panties again. During the weekend she started to investigate online about her new attraction to diapers. It turns out there are thousands of diaper into it with several different categories. It was sexual to many, but also a lifestyle to many others. These people went all out as adult babies and were at the full dependency of their caregiver. “Hmm. Without a care in the world.” Katie thought. “That cannot get more zen than that.” She liked the idea of being cared by her mom and just releasing anywhere she wanted. She read several stories of abdl’s who transitioned to babyhood by faking bed wettings and daytime accidents. That could be fun. However, she also imagined the current mom from last night. Would mom want to take care of someone like that right now in her life. With all the stress. No zen in the soul. Katie noted: “You know there aren’t that many stories where the parent and child both enjoy a diapered experience together. Pff. That would like really awkward.” The more she thought of it that week, the more ingenious it sounded in her head. Selflessly make her mom’s life more zen relaxing to make her happier. That way they can be happy together. And if the solution was diapers then so be it! It was late at night. Katie was used to her mom’s sleep schedule at this point. Mimi was insomniac, so she took sleeping pills that knocked her out till morning. If only Mimi would practice simple meditation to expel the negative chi from her body that she could sleep soundly without the need for drugs. It was 2 am and Katie was currently balancing a bowl of warm water as she headed towards her mom’s room. Even knocked out she was still worried that the slightest sound could wake her up. From creaks in the floor or opening the door. There was no backing out now. She looked her mom right in the closed eyes and hated that it had to come to this.“Remember you’re doing this for her” Katie thought. She dipped Mimi’s hand in the bowl of water. It was such a silly premise that this could make somebody wet the bed. One minute passed then nothing. 5 minutes, ziltch. After ten minutes Katie was worried that this plan was hopeless. Mimi groaned: “ugghh.” Katie eeped and nearly dropped the bowl. Luckily, she smiled upon hearing a familiar hissing sound coming from her mother’s crotch. The bed sheets were becoming a darker shade whose wetness filled the equivalent of a huli-hoop’s circumference. “Mmm.” Mimi sighed with relief in her sleep. Katie was so happy to see her mom smiling even though it was just in her sleep, she had just wet the bed, and would likely be miserable in the morning. Still it was a successful night that would get easier in time. For now, Katie proceeded to remove evidence for the night to make it seem like she was never there, even though she totally was. Katie smiled about what she was going to do tomorrow.To be continued.
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