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  1. Tom Gets a DIaper

    Oh. I totally didn't notice that thanks. And I understand the bold thing. I'm trying to fix that won't be like that anymore. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using Tapatalk
  2. Tom Gets a DIaper

    Chapter 2 Tom walked through his doorway and up the stairs to do his homework. When he walked past his little sisters room he wafted in the wonderful smell of baby powder. He always wanted to grab some diapers out of her sisters room. He used to do it as a little child, but got caught early and often. There was a time for a while where diapers didn’t interest him, but it came back with a force. As he walked past the diapers he thought to himself whether or not he should grab some of the diapers that were covered in princesses and disney characters. He decided not to as he didn’t want to get caught by his parents. He would wait until his family was gone before he would take some. So he shook the want out of his body and waddled his way up the stairs to do online school. He was sitting there when his brother Will burst through the door. WIll said, “Hey you want to come with us to the movies. Were going to go and watch the new movie the Wall.” “No,” Tom returned as he thought, this would be a great time to go and grab a diaper. He walked down the stairs with WIll to see his family out. This is going to be great he told himself as he watched them leave through the window. He walked upstairs to his sister’s room, and grabbed 2 diapers out of the bag. He walked up to the bathroom, staring at his now naked body and contemplated putting the diaper on. Then he put the diaper on.
  3. Tom Gets a DIaper

    Chapter 1 Tom was just a normal high school teenager. He was 16, and wasn't the most popular kid that was at his high school, but he had fiends. There was more than meets the eye with time though. The one thing that people didn’t know was Tom’s fascination with diapers. He has had it ever since he was a little boy. He was the oldest of 4 children. His family consisted of his parents John and Jenny, his brothers Jimmy and Will and his sisters Tristan and Susan. He had a loving family, and wonderful parent who loved him very much. What do you guys think of the setup? Should I keep going? The feedback would be really appreciated thanks.