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  1. Panty Wetting While Wearing Skirts Or Dresses

    I am one of the disgusting ones. When I need to go, I go to a toilet, then wait around until I really need to go so badly, then I go in the cubicle and sit on the toilet. Then I wait until I lose it and wet myself on the toilet. Then I lift the lid and sit really low, when I flush it will go to my skirt. Then I dip my clothes into the toilet so the WHOLE thing is wet and go. Another story: I was in a work meeting. I really needed to go and we had 1 hour left. I thought, forget it. I went in my skirt and it was nice and warm. Then I pushed down into the chair so my skirt soaks up more wee. Next, at home I couldn't get out from the side door, the back door was locked and I needed to get to the front door. I needed to go, I was jumping abd crossing my legs to hold in. But I failed and there was a massive puddle on the floor. 1 min later I needed to go again. I leaked AGAIN and let another massive puddle appear. Then I decided to climb over - I needed to get out to open the front door and change. I weed myself whilst climbing, though, looking to see 3 large puddles on the floor.