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  1. I see a woman every now and then who ties me up by putting me in a straitjacket and diapers. One thing that I really enjoy doing while I am tied up is struggling my hardest to try and break free of the confines of my restraints. The more I struggle and realize that I'm stuck and can't get out, the more I am turned on. Last time I did this, I had two orgasms in my diaper from the friction of rubbing against the wet padding. It is a wonderful experience and a huge fantasy of mine. The problem is that when I finish the session and remove my diapers, my genitals are very red from the friction of rubbing against the diapers. Even when I apply moisturizer beforehand, it still gets very red. I want to know if there is anything else I can try that is safe to reduce the friction. I want to enjoy the experience and attain a few orgasms each time, and not worry about redness or potential scarring afterwards.