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  1. parents finding out

    Hey Loki, I know it seems it but it wouldn't be the end of the world if you told your mom about wearing. I actually just a few days ago ending up telling my mom that I wear diapers and she was very accepting of it. so If you do want to tell her maybe I could help. my situation was that after years of hiding it she found some of my diapers and questioned me about it. at first I just appoligized for leaving them out and said it wouldnt happen again and I dropped it at that. but later decided to send her a few texts to explain further, I figured I owed her not only because I had been at her house but also because I was tired of having to be so secretive. And Because just wearing diapers is something I just enjoy and feel comfort in I figured I'd say tell her and hope she supported it.
  2. Still haven't seen in stores but I'm sure it will just a bit. Yea ordering online is great but love being able to just go buy in stores
  3. Fresno