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  1. ant b

    Want a female freind

    Any ladies in the northants area,fancy meeting up,just for a chat etc,
  2. ant b

    Meet up northants

    Anyone wanna meet up in the Northants area
  3. Hello in most of the diapers I wear,the front round my penis(small)takes most of the pee with little or none going to the back, and as they aren't that cheap I'd like to get the full use out of it and not be forced to change it as the front is soggy and full.
  4. ant b

    Diaper help

    Ok thank you are try cloth then
  5. ant b

    Diaper help

    Hello I've been having a problem for a while now but didn't want to say, Basically I love peeing in my diapers and I buy the most absorbant ones available here,but here's the weird question I have a small penis not allowing all the wee to cover the back therefore not holding as much as it should The front fills up first then the middle bit but never back,I've tried laying on my back to help but it doesn't and when I take it of its complete dry,and it's annoying now