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  1. Hi all. I have not been on here for a while but just happened to be passing by for a start of course I remember you Dude and pwy_ydyr_tad (or the welsh guy) is still around, I'm sure, although to my shame I have not kept in tutch as much as I had intended to can't say much more than that.
  2. Well I live in Manchester but I am newer to Manchester than you by about a week Kind of a private joke. Maybe I will explain one day.
  3. Hi all as I hope most people that pay attention to my Munch will have worked out I will not be running the Birmingham munch as I now live in Manchester (still getting used to that idea). Unlike the Leicester age-play munch no one has said they plan to carry on the Birmingham one and the Leicester one is staying as a bi-monthly event. So if anyone does feel like carrying it on or starting your own thing in its place you are more than free to do so. But if no one feels like doing so you can consider the munch finished. I Just want to say thank you to every one that did make it along to any of the munchs, I had a good time meeting and talking to you all. And to all those that didn't make it, it is a shame we have had the chance to meet so far... but when we do
  4. Yeah sorry every one for not posting soon and sorry to you to Junior just to clear up any confusion, Junior is running the munch this month and there after for as long as he wishes as I no longer live in Leicester. I may still come along myself now and again as I still have family in the area so still hope to see some of you there from time to time
  5. ---------------------------------------------- new Munch ------------------------------------------------ Well after the relative success of the last Leicester Munch and the many (all be it hazy) message of intent to come this month. I thought I had post here already but maybe not The next munch will be at the Dragon Inn (Hurst St, Birmingham B5 4TD) again. Same time, 12:00 o'clock. and same rules as normal. It will be on the 18th Feb Are normal table mascot will be there so you can tell it is us http://us.muttpop.com/var/us/storage/images/lucha-libre/toys-comics/tequila/tequila-2.0/49815-1-eng-US/Tequila-2.0.jpg
  6. Hi all, it is posting time again... well from now on I am going to try to post at least a month in advance but been a little slow this time It is a new year and hopefully a new and reinvigorated munch. Things seem to die down quite a bit towords the end of the year for a few reason. But I have already had a few people asking about this month so hopefully it will be a good one. We will be in normal place at the at the normal time. For those that don’t know, well read the post above lol. Ok ok it will start at 12:00 o'clock so feel free to come any time from then onwards and there is not really an end time it is just when everyone leaves. It will be at Revolution, 6B New Walk, LE1 6T And is going to be on 28th of Jan Are mascot and marker will be http://us.muttpop.co...Tequila-2.0.jpg
  7. I am very sorry to say that due to the fact that I have had no one saying they are coming and I am going to find it quite hard to get there as it is this week so going through that get there to likely sit on my own in a pub. None of the regulers can give a clear yes for once unfurtantly. So sorry to cancel at such short notice... hard to make a call on if anyone is going to say they are coming a few days out... but I have had a word with the guy that runs another munch in birmingham on the same day how is also into the whole Age-play thing. so if any one has already made plans to travel he would be more than happy to see you there. I know this is not the grateist situation and I am very sorry. https://fetlife.com/events/81485/v2
  8. hi all as it has been a long time since I posted the info about the next munch so just posting to remind you that it is happening... like you could forget I have a few plans to make this munch a little more christmasy. It would help if you let me know if you are coming so I can plan for the turn out better. hope to see some of you there.
  9. Hi Timmy yeah Pwy ydy'r tad is right, the next one will be on the 17th of Dec. I don't think it is so close to Christmas that it needs to be changed. Plus it give people a chance to nip into birmingham on the way to pick up a few late gifts so same place, the Dragon Inn (Hurst St, Birmingham B5 4TD). same time, 12:00 o'clock. and same rules as normal. I hope you can make it Timmy. And also I am glad to hear you made it to the last one Alan and very much hope you had a good time. it is a shame I missed you this time but hope you can come again
  10. Hi there all. I am sure most of you know the format of this things by now There is going to be another munch this November on the 26th. as normal it will start at 12:00 o'clock so feel free to come any time from then onwards and there is not really an end time it is just when every one has to leave, so I think 8 has been the latest so far. it will be at the normal place namely Revolution, 6B New Walk, LE1 6T I am thinking of bringing a pretty fun french board game, called Dixit, as a way of braking the ice if there are any new faces and adding something new if there isn't. Just wanted to get a little fed-back as it if people like that idea. Any questions on what to expect etc feel free to ask
  11. I guess it really depends on what kind of AB you are and where your childish side comes from. Talk from my own point of view not being able to have diapers does not mean I can
  12. just to clear up the slight air of mystery about why I am not going to be there this time it is just that I am going on holiday nothing sinister hope you all have a good time and hope to see some of you at the next one
  13. Hi there, I have kind of droped the ball on promoting this one, life has not been going too smootly of late so not got around to a lot of things. but the munch is still going ahead, next week so Sat the 24th same time and place as normal. And if you are thinking of coming but worried that because of the short notice no one else will be there... that shouldn't be the case as I have had a few private messages from people that missed the last one saying they are planning on coming. It may infact be are busyist for a while, maybe I will have to drop the ball more often look out for this guy so you know it is use http://us.muttpop.com/var/us/storage/images/lucha-libre/toys-comics/tequila/tequila-2.0/49815-1-eng-US/Tequila-2.0.jpg
  14. Hi there all, Just to say that the next munch will be Oct the 15th starting at the same time and same place as the last two not much more to say than that as it is all in the last few post. any questions or ideas of fun things to do at the munch let me know see some of you there.
  15. Hi all and sorry. I thought that I had already post about this month but aparently not. But there are a few people that are saying they are coming so even at this sortish notice if you can make it you will not be alone. and just to say are calling card is now http://us.muttpop.com/var/us/storage/images/lucha-libre/toys-comics/tequila/tequila-2.0/49815-1-eng-US/Tequila-2.0.jpg not the A-z although I will still use the A-Z any just in case. and we should be at table No1 and if not we will be somewhere to the right of the bar.