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    California is a great diaper state right now, Lots of Flooding.
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    Random thing happened this morning. So I woke up with my stuffed animal tucked under my arm. I don't remember going to sleep with it. I woke up my wife to let the dog out to pee last night. I remember that, briefly. Then, according to her, when she let the dog back in, I sleepily said "Thank you, Mommy" and she gave me my stuffie before I drifted off. I don't remember any of this, yet this does not surprise me. I have a habit of talking in my sleep and sleep talking etc. Subconscious is a weird thing, huh? I am so never sharing a hotel room with anyone who doesn't know about my little side.
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    My first feature length screenplay started and completed of 2017. Huzzah!
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    Finally decided to join FetLife, under the same name of course. Hope that pans out for me as contact with my "Daddy" has stifled to a halt. I also have dozens of new diapers and diaper tapes! I just gotta stop being so lazy and post some new pics, lol :-P
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    I would like to start a role play about a girl who becomes a baby for a couple.
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    kept dressed as a baby girl 24/7 by my two sisters
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    back from a LOOOOONNNNG unexpected hiatus. so. Hi. *Waves*