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    Once everybody starts looking at each other as a brother, a sister, a human being; beauty will spread like wildfire...
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    This site is such a wild ride. I came here as an incontinent person who was interested in the idea of AB and now not only have I been pretty much convinced that I'm a baby by several people; I have also taken on the cutest lil' online baby of my own for funsies ! You guys are a bad (read: good) influence on me!!! xxxx
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    Joyeux anniversaire à moi!
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    Today is my birthday!!!! 26 years old <3 <3
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    Road trip to get my new fish tank today! Yay
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    Just been invited to my first house party in like 7 years! I feel 21 again
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    So I'd originally tried to upload more pics on my last update and wasnt able to get them to load some of them still won't but I found one other that would. So here is pic of the DC Amor after just a couple of hours. Hopefully I'll get the tapes right on my next one so it's not so weird on my booty.
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    Well it's been YEARS but I am finally back in adult ab style diapers, YAY! I decided to bite the bullet and order a sample pack of the DC Amor. They arrived on Tuesday and I've got the whole house to myself today, WHAT?!, so I'm all crinkled up. I have to say the feeling of spreading out a full size cute dip is just as thrilling as I remember. I'm so glad I decided to finally get them. They are super cute I love the little kitties on the tape zone. I must admit I am just a bit out of practice in getting myself taped up. The smallest size is medium so they're kinda big on me. No problems there just hafta get the tapes good and snug which I didn't quite do on the first one. Oh well I know now so hopefully the next one will be better. As far as the fit goes, outside of the awkwardness from the one tape I didn't get quite right they are pretty good so far. Anywhoser I'm just totally excited to finally have some cute and proper diapers again. I believe that I'll definitely be trying some samples of other brands I've been eyeing for a while in the weeks to come. To close here's a picture of the end results after wearing all day. Tutle loo folks
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    HeyLookItsGemma is my Mummy and she's training me to become a bedwetter
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    After put them in the dryer for 1 min on tumble dry on low to cool heat. the one on the left is after it comes out.
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    Just woke up soaking wet. so put clean disposable nappy on with my white rubber pants....
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    So happy to say that ever since my Daddy (fiancee) we moved into our new apartment, we feel like finally we have privacy. I get to be my baby girl self and the only time I'm a "big girl" is at school or work. Or in public at the store, etc. I have worn my pink dress from Hot topic. A few questions, ever since I moved into this apartment, as soon as im home, I immediately go into baby girl mode, I change and shower, put on my diaper and either my baby dress/nightie and booties, when. Daddy is home he makes me meals and takes care of me. He has never crawl around apartment and I have my own "play area" that I sleep in too....have a few stuff is to play with too but when Daddy gone I usually fall asleep and nap. Daddy says I take nap at 2 and 6, (usually) bed time around 12-1 am. He tells me that I don't go to bed til he tucks me in and puts my binky in my mouth....is this normal to slip away as soon as you arrive home? An I regressing
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    The side effects of an antibiotic made me glad I was padded today! And had some diaper cream on hand.
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    Don't be afraid little Carebear, we got you here.
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    Hurricane Irma: I just want for all of you to pray with me and hope that people like my uncle, bug her daughter, and everybody else that lives in Florida will be able to survive this horrible hurricane that will bring so much destruction to all those people. I wish you all the best and you will be in my thoughts and in my prayers. Your Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman
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    I love taking care of my sweet princess and never thought i would feel the happiness in having my very own diaper girl.
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    Omgosh! Apparently I 'won the day' for most liked content on my birthday! ^.^ Anyone wanna explain how that works? Thank you everyone who liked my content! Xoxoxo
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    Lockable Nappy storage cupboard complete today. Happy Hannah
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    Live *your* dream, hon. Explore the things that will tell you who you really are. Don't regret any choice–even the bad choices we make contribute to becoming who we are. And don't take the advice of others over what is in your heart to try. Anyone who says they could never forgive, simply cannot forgive nor can they ever be satisfied by what you do. Be loved for being who you really are.
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    my new naptime blanket arrived so love it
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    Hi Baby Rexi, Just a short message. In my long message earlier today I nade serious typos about Don's USMC career. He started USMC ocs at Quantico in January 1955 and was released from active duty 1 February 1959. He entered the USMC Reserves in September 1959 and retired as a LtCol on 1 Feb 1985. Here is a photo of me doing Corner Time following a punishment spanking from Don administered with just his hand during the summer of 1991, before we were married. BTW, Don dislikes using a hairbrush. We have several spanking implements, including a stiff leather paddle with holes and a small martinet, which I find very erotic. Angela