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Found 1 result

  1. My own self-bondage time-lock

    Hi all, just in case anyone's interested, I've made a custom self-bondage time lock. It's easy to build, use, and I think it's relatively secure. (Use this at your own risk!) Here's the idea: I disabled the lock-screen of my laptop, and wrote a small application. If the lid closes it goes to stand-by automatically; the program detects this (because the program doesn't run for a while). Whenever the lid opens again the program automatically continues. If enough time has passed since the start of the program, the program terminates. Otherwise, a file of your choosing is deleted. Now, all you need is a flat key that you can use to break free, put it inside the laptop (in my case, in my mouse pad), start the program and close the laptop. You shouldn't be able to get the key unless you decide the file will be deleted. (There probably are ways around this, but trying it out will put you at risk of the file being deleted, so just make sure you don't know whether such methods work when you start) So you can pick your own stakes (the file can be however important you want it to be). If there's an emergency you can get yourself free at the cost of the file. Here's the code, for anyone to try (it's simple, written in a matter of seconds). It's PHP, so if you install that it should run on any OS. Set "$duration" (now 10) to the number of seconds you want the timer to set (it starts counting at the start of the program, not when closing the lid, though that's an easy change). Set "$file" (now "...") to the file you want deleted when the lid is opened too soon: <?php $duration = 10; $file = "..."; $startTime = time(); $endTime = $startTime + $duration; $curTime2 = time(); do { echo "Waiting...\n"; $curTime = $curTime2; sleep(1); $curTime2 = time(); } while($curTime2 - $curTime < 10); echo "Started...\n"; if(time() < $endTime) { echo "Failed\n"; unlink($file); } Again; just in case anybody's interested, and use at your own risk! Note: I'm not responsible for any bugs. Test on an unimportant file first. Also, if your computer happens to freeze right after starting the program, there's a good chance the file will be deleted. So always make sure it's not extremely important; but important enough for you to care.