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Found 1 result

  1. Kimmy's Note: Okay, this is a roleplay compiled into a document between Maya and I. It is arguably not a story, though it can be enjoyed like one. Because it's an RP done via email, there are going to be grammatical and spelling mistakes that are not normally in either my writing or Maya's writing. This was not thoroughly proofread, this does not have a "plan" for the plot, we're both literally making everything up as we go, so there may be some logical inconsistencies and dropped narrative threads. We did this as a fun activity just between the two of us without intending to post it for consumption. We do not promise that it will ever be finished, nor do we promise that it will have any degree of consistent quality. The only reason this is being posted at all is because people expressed an interest in reading it. Right off the bat, I'm sure you'll notice that there's a LOT of tense changing. Maya writes in present tense by default, I write in past tense. We're not going to fix this. If these sorts of inconsistencies and rule-breakings bother you, stop now. If you can put aside the fact that this WILL NOT be up to our usual quality standards, read on. It's a lot of fun, I've read it like 12 times. Feel free to comment, we'll respond as per usual Maya's Note: Kimmy basically covered most of it, yes, this is a roleplay we've been doing, it's been quite a bit of fun. Just as Kimmy highlighted, this is an unorthodox post and not edited anywhere near what a story chapter usually would be, nor is it modified into a chapter by chapter format, as the full effect is better when you get both perspectives here. We understand this may not be for everyone and will not be the new normal, but this play doesn't fit well as a story, so it's posted this way or no way, I'm afraid. We decided to post after a few people expressed interest in seeing it and began requesting us to do a play in the rp forum here. That second request is unlikely to happen, since I prefer email for playing, especially because I cannot access the site from work and school and such, but email is far easier to log into just about anywhere, so it's much more convenient. I don't want to ramble too much, but I do want to point out that this isn't going to be as regularly updated as most of Kimmy's stories either. These are back and forth posts of an ongoing play done as we have the time. Kimmy juggles work and family, I have school, work, and Kali to give attention to, so it will only be updated as there's enough new content to warrant a post and we'll try to backlog as much as we can, but we make no promises. So, if you're able to deal with lower quality and an odd format, the posts are color coded based on who is writing; you'll find Kimmy's in purple and mine in blue, and with the fact that the update schedule will be random, then I encourage you to read on. It's been an interesting story and we hope you do enjoy it. Post One Gloena presses a button on the massive control panel and watches the screen flare to life with an image of the outside world. The most prominent color of the planet is blue, with some green, brown, and white landmasses dotted on its surface, veiled in a thick atmosphere. Earth. The name flashes in her mind. So this is where Nakil got that lovely little pet of his. An earthling might be just the creature for me too. Closing her eyes, she could picture it now. Nakil's Earthling, a Human as it apparently called itself, as small as a newborn, with silky smooth skin and a lovely little thatch of fluff atop it's head. With big eyes and the cutest little vocalizations, she knew she wanted one of her own. What a lovely little pet it would make. Activating the cloaking system, Gloena slips easily through the atmosphere. She'll remain out of sight, undetected. There's no need to frighten the primitive little creatures. Cute as they are, they can spook so easily. She'll wait until she finds the perfect one while alone, and pluck it up. In and out. Oh, it will be so lovely to finally have a little company. It was the perfect day. Everything was going great. Jen had just made partner at the law firm, her boyfriend was showing all the signs that he was going to propose to her, they had just finished moving into his recently deceased grandmother's rent controlled apartment and redecorating was her favorite hobby. Nothing could go wrong. She felt like she was walking on air as she jogged through Central Park. Mark was out with his friends from the finance firm he worked at and it felt like she had the whole of Central Park to herself. This was her city, she didn't feel threatened in the dark - she knew several self-defense disciplines and any mugger would be in a heap of trouble if they tried. She felt great as she pumped her legs, feeling the air in her lungs and just feeling alive. Nothing could go wrong. Gloena smiles at the sight of one of the Little earthlings. All alone at night, she really ought not to be out like that. A bigger animal might pick her off. And she thought the Little critters were pack animals. Oh well. Pressing a few buttons on the panel, Gloena activates the capture beam to draw the girl up into the ship. Once the AI has informed her that the little thing has been properly contained in the holding chamber, she squeals with glee. Then the fourteen foot alien makes her way down to the chamber to collect the little darling. She walks on two feet, with skin a bluish purple tint, a wide violet eyes. She has chin length tendrils that glow in the dark in place of hair, a long tail that trails behind her a little, and a tendency to walk on the balls of her feet with her heels off the ground. Hesitating behind the door to the chamber, Gloena waits a moment, out of sight, simply observing how the girl is going to react. Nothing made sense. One moment she was jogging, just enjoying the exhilaration of the run and the next moment she was standing still. She had seen a flash of bright light and had been surrounded by warmth, but now the park was completely gone. She was standing in some kind of clear plastic cube, and the ceiling seemed forever away. "Hello?" she called, pressing her hands to the plastic and banging on it. "Hello? What's going on?" It just didn't make sense. Did I fall and hit my head? she wondered. The air was cold in the cube and she shivered, banging on the plastic again. When no one answered, she began to get really irritated, banging harder. She looked around again, pacing the edges of the room, feeling around for some kind of seal or door. "Hello? Come on, I don't know where I am and I can't find the door! This is bullshit!" The little creature makes Gloena's heart flutter. It's little chirps sound angry, but even still, they're entirely adorable. Striding into the room, she stoops to pick her new little pet up. She sits the Earthling on her forearm, which she draws to her chest and keeps her free hand on the girl's back to keep her steadied against her. Despite the small creature's squeaking, Gloena can't understand a word of the tiny thing's language, just as she knows her pet won't understand her. She knows they can be taught, with patience, to understand a handful of words and phrases, but they'll never likely be totally fluent. "Aren't you just the cutest little thing? Oh yes you are! We're going to have so much fun playing together, I can tell. Come on, let's get you all cleaned up." Turning on her heel. she makes her way from the chamber and out into the rest of the ship. She's already set it on autopilot to leave this solar system behind, so she's plenty of time to worry about her little pet. With no warning, Jen found herself being lifted into the air. She froze - it was a personal failing. Everyone said "fight or flight" were the danger responses, but when Jen got really truly scared, she froze. It's why she spent so much time in martial arts training... if she was prepared for a situation, she didn't freeze - she reacted. She had put a mugger in the hospital not two weeks ago with a broken jaw, she was ready for that kind of attack. But nothing could have prepared her for the giant blue monster. And she froze. She barely processed everything as she clung to the monster's arm. It made strange warbling sounds at her, its disgusting tendrils in place of hair hanging down near her face. Slowly, her muscles began to relax and she blinked - it wasn't trying to eat her, it was just... carrying her somewhere. The sounds it made were bizarre, like it had two voices going at the same time, clicks and trills interspersed in its speech... at least she assumed it was talking. "Hello?" she asked, staring up at the creature. She was so big - everything was so big. Jen watched as what could only be chairs and tables went past - though the chairs were different, they had openings down the middle for the creature's tail. "Where am I?" I must be dreaming, she thought. That's the only explanation. I was running in the park, I tripped and fell and cracked my head open and I'm laying in a hospital in a coma. It was the only thing that made sense. She caught her reflection in a window as they moved along, her in her maroon jogging suit, her long brown hair pulled back in a ponytail and her makeup immaculate over her perfectly tanned skin... but on the other side of the window was the Manhattan skyline, like she was seeing it through the window of a plane. Please be a dream? One soft little coo, almost a confused sound, resonates from the tiny creature's throat and Gloena looks down and offers it a small smile. She rubs two fingers against the bit of fluff on her new pet's head. "It's okay, little one. Don't be frightened. I won't hurt you." They're rapidly ascending now, and Gloena can feel the pressure shift as the artificial gravity kicks in. They've left the Earthling's home planet behind. Pressing a button to open the first door in the corridor, Gloena carries her pet inside, where she's set up a little glass box to bathe it in. Her own tub being much too large to put the critter in by herself. The container has already been filled with a cleaning fluid. Her people don't use water for anything other than survival needs, it's too precious a resource. The liquid is green, but will bring no harm to her pet, though according to Nakil, it does have the side effect of causing the fuzz on their bodies to fall off. After plucking off the silly little garments the creature has donned and lowering her into the warm liquid, Gloena is careful to ensure her pet's head stays dry as she scrubs it down. "Wait, stop... " Jen protested and twisted as the monster began stealing her clothing. What kind of fucked up dream is this!? "Stop it!" she demanded, pushing the blue hands away again and again futilely. Her eyes widened as she was carried naked toward a vat of green liquid. "What are you doing?" She froze again as her eyes caught the big TV at the end of the room... and there was Manhattan, shrinking away. Then New York. Then America. Then the Earth. The blood drained from her face as her brain struggled to comprehend. She hated science fiction. Mark and his stupid Star Trek always just irritated her, she'd never had a dream about spaceships or aliens in her entire life. But now she was watching the Earth slip away as the monster rubbed two giant fingers through her hair, popping her ponytail holder and causing her locks to flow freely. When her freeze ended, she was being scrubbed down. It's bathing me! she realized. "Please stop," she begged. She pointed to the TV, not understanding the strange warbles that came from the monster. "Earth. Home. I want to go home." There is no fucking way I'm getting abducted by aliens, she fretted. The stories were always sexual violations or bodily invasions... she had no interest in any of that, but it was seeming less and and less likely that this was a dream. Gloena frowns, not quite sure what it is the tiny creature wants, but it sounds rather distressed. Glancing up, she notes the viewing panel, there's one in just about every room, save the corridors, makes for a good change of scenery when crossing light years aboard the ship. "Yes, it's very pretty, isn't it? Don't worry, Little one. You'll be taken good care of. You little critters are supposed to be pack dwellers, but you were all alone. Did you lose your pack? I'm very sorry about that, but don't worry. This is your home now and I'll keep you plenty company," she assures it as she continues washing the creature down. Once satisfied with the clean, Gloena lifts her pet out and stands her on the bench to rub a sanitizer through her fluff patch. That will need to be kept clean too, and she'll have to look into how to counteract the fur loss effects that emvisca seems to cause, despite being a virtually harmless cleaner besides that. Standing the creature under a pipe, Gloena taps a button to turn on the air blast. It's just one pipe of hundreds used to dry herself, but she holds the creature steady anyways in case the blast knocks her off balance. Jen stared down in horror at her now-hairless body - she had been almost completely shaven to begin with, she was meticulous about her body hair, but now even her pubic bush was just... gone. The fine hairs on her arms were gone. She had to admit that the goo the creature was rubbing in her hair felt nice... but she wasn't going to enjoy it. She wouldn't let herself. As the monster moved her around, Jen wished that that she knew what to do, how to handle a giant assailant, but all of her training was useless. When the blast of air hit her, she screamed, dropping to the ground and curling into a ball, instinctively trying to protect herself. It was loud and terrifying and cowering was infinitely preferable to being blown away. She slipped through the monsters fingers, wrapping her arms around herself and burying her head as best she could. Gloena turns the air off and gently strokes two fingers down her little pet's spine, scratching lightly. "Hey now, it's okay little one, there's nothing to fear. It's just a little blast of air to dry you off. Poor thing, probably never encountered something like that, huh? Your planet certainly grows some strange metal forests, but you probably haven't the slightest idea how to work any technology. I wonder what you use to hunt? Perhaps spears or something? Maybe you don't eat meat? We'll get a little peek at your teeth a little later and see if we can't find out, hmm?" Picking the creature up once more, Gloena carries the Earthling from the cleaning racks and further down the hall to her sleeping chamber, where she's been storing supplies for her little pet. The bed is an emvisca filled mattress, the blanket woven high quality fibers. Gloena's people, the Venisia originate from a planet Giana, and are one of the more advanced species in this galaxy. They are also meticulous about preserving resources. Gloena herself is wearing a gown of sylphia fibers, a rippling substance soft and flexible, and metallic looking, but stronger than steel. It has a tendency to bond with its wearer and grow with them. Gloena's worn the same gown since she was young. It's color can change, and suits her well, she's never felt the need to alter it. Her little pet, however, will need some different articles better suited to her. Setting the critter down on the bed, Gloena waggles a finger in her place and taps the spot in front of her pet twice. "Stay," she instructs slowly and firmly. "Stay." The monster sounded soothing as she cowered, stroking her back after the jet-engine's worth of air had finished blowing on her. Before she had a chance to relax, however, she was grabbed and lifted into the air again. The creature warbled and clicked, it was obviously talking but the sounds were so complicated. There barely seemed to be any pauses or consonants and it either didn't understand her or didn't care what she had to say. She was placed down on a wobbly, unsteady surface and the giant face with its freaky glowing flesh-tendrils framing its face, that wobbled as the monster moved. It touched the ground and clicked the same click twice. "What do you want from me?" Jen asked, sitting down on the wiggly, rubbery surface. "I want to go home!" She looked around at the bizarre surroundings. Everything was huge and strangely colored, there was nothing soft or warm or comforting anywhere. She just wanted a warm blanket and a cup of coffee at this point. The creature turned its back, stepping away... she figured this was the perfect opportunity to explore, so she stood up and began walking to try and find the edge of the strange wobbly surface. Gloena frowns when she finds her pet trying to wander off. She reminds herself to be firm but not get cross. The little animal isn't likely to understand right away. Reaching out, Gloena grabs the Earthling and delivers a swat to her bare rump, not enough to truly hurt, but enough that she'll feel it. Then she lifts her off the ground and returns her to the spot she'd originally set her down, and repeats herself entirely, tapping the front of the mattress just in front of her pet twice. "Stay," she repeats before tapping again. "Stay." She maintains eye contact for a moment or two longer for turning away once more, kneeling down to open a storage chest, beginning to riffle through it. Jen yelped as the monster reached out and slapped her ass. It stung! She glared as the creature put her back where she was and touched the ground twice again, making that same click. Glaring defiantly, Jen took two steps forward, maintaining eye contact with the monster and crossing her arms over her chest. "You want me to stay put? Fuck you." Gloena sighs. That time definitely sounded defiant. A push of boundaries. So she gives her pet a gentle push so she stumbles back onto her butt in the same spot Gloena put her originally. Once again, she taps the mattress. "Stay," she allows a cold warning edge to leak into her tone. If she's disobeyed again, the creature will face punishment. Finally finding the things she was looking for, Gloena takes a seat on the mattress beside her pet and pushes her down onto her back. The first thing she needs to take care of is to get the critter diapered. Nakil had a hell of a time training his Earthling to use a waste pad and Gloena has no desire to deal with cleaning up messes, so her pet will be diapered. The diaper is special, made of an advanced nanite tech woven into the fabric. It's puffy, warm and soft, and Gloena can control it's thickness with a remote if she wants her pet to crawl, consequently providing more space for use within the diaper. Within it's folds are several compressed chambers. The diaper will expand naturally as it's used, but will seal off waste products within the chambers. Making it a little squishy once used, but odorless and without risk of causing damage to the dermis if worn. Logically, the creature could go several sleep cycles in the same diaper before it would need to be removed and cleaned. She has two, to alternate between as necessary. She lifts the girl up by her ankles and slides the diaper beneath her before lowering her back down. Lathering her own hands in a slimy, clear oil, Gloena begins to rub it liberally into the creature's bottom and nethers, an added defense to keep her skin free of blemish. It will also keep the diaper from chafing, so she coats the Earthlings hips too before pulling the diaper up and sealing it. It won't be coming off without the remote's command. As her naked bottom hit the squishy ground, Jen began to realize that provoking something four times bigger than she was might not be the brightest idea... but all of that goes out the window when she found herself on her back with her legs up in the air. "Wait!" she cried, trying desperately to flip over. "Stop! Stop!" Her eyes widened in horror as the monster slimed her crotch and hips with a goo, before she brought forth a bizarre looking garment that Jen wasn't sure what it was but she knew she wanted nothing to do with it. "Stop!" Her struggles were futile, however, and in a few short moments she found the thing sealed around her waist... it was soft and puffy and her cheeks burned with shame as she realized what the monster had just done to her. A diaper, she groaned inwardly. The alien put me in a diaper. She scratched at the front of it helplessly, trying to find a tape, a pin, a fastener, but it was as smooth as if it had been pulled on. She tried to hook her thumbs into the waistband and wiggle it off her her hips, but she couldn't find a way to get her fingers inside. It was like the garment was sealed to her skin. "No," she moaned. "No! You can't do this to me!"