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Found 4 results

  1. Wearing 24/7 brings its own set of challenges, and one unexpected issue can be the difficulty of urinating while driving. Let's dive into some reasons behind this: Body Position: Sitting in the driver's seat puts specific pressure on your pelvic region, impacting your urine flow. This pressure might come from the ureter being compressed or changes in the bladder's position. Standing up or adjusting your position can ease this pressure, making it easier to pee. Pelvic Muscles: Incontinence can affect how you control your pelvic muscles. In certain positions, like sitting, these muscles might not relax fully, making it harder for urine to pass. Changing your position can involuntarily relax these muscles. Intra-Abdominal Pressure: Sitting can increase the pressure inside your abdomen, pressing on your bladder. This heightens the urgency sensation and might complicate urine release until the pressure is relieved. Bladder Spasms: If you have an overactive bladder, sitting can trigger or worsen spasms. Standing up can change the dynamics of these spasms, allowing for a more natural urine flow.
  2. Today I went to our local area ABDL munch and after leaving the munch to head home, I realized I needed to pee after I got on the road. I've tried many times in the past to wet my diaper while driving and even at traffic lights while waiting for them to turn green and haven't ever had much success in the past, unless I was parked. I was wearing a fairly well used Abena Abri-Form Premium XL4 for the first time in public since I had my surgery in late October (pressure of the diaper would cause a lot of pain in that area, early on). Although I had to concentrate on releasing my bladder while also navigating the road and encountering bumps on the road, I found I was successful in voiding my bladder during the trip home. Most of the trip I was "edging" (if that term can be used in regards to peeing). I mean that I was on the verge of release and could feel it right there but it wouldn't flow. While on the edge a little push got things flowing for an ounce or two at a time, until the road vibration caused me to tense a bit. I'm marking 12/1/2019 as the first day I have ever been able to pee in a moving vehicle under my own control. I don't know if this means that I'm becoming more accustomed to using a diaper in unusual places or if it's a sign of progression of some condition (OAB, Urge Incontinence) or simply successful conditioning.
  3. I am 20 and a male. So I went on a 6 hour long car ride a few weeks ago. I was visiting a city in Southern California. I didn't bring any ABDL supplies like diapers or anything on the trip (even though I was only traveling by myself). I was there for a while and midway through my stay there, I decided to order diapers through Amazon. I have Amazon Prime so they should arrive the next day and they did. So my plan was at the end of the week to check out of the hotel and wear diapers the whole way back home. The drive is a long 6 hours but more like 7 including stops. I bought a pack of Abena M4 diapers because they had Amazon Prime. Now, these diapers are not discrete at all! They are bulky and crinkly, but they were the cheapest. I didn't want to spend a ton of money and a pack of like 12 was only $20. I ordered baby powder too. So, it is the end of the week and I was heading home. I decided not to diaper myself in the hotel before checking out because I still had to interact with people in public. I just packed the diapers and powder in my suitcase. There are many rest stops throughout the drive so I figured I could just change there. Now! Note that I've never really worn in public, maybe once or twice in a tiny pullup but that's it and now I'll be trying with a huge diaper. But it's fine because I'll be in the security of my car for the most part. Sorry with all the background information but this is where it gets interesting. So I stopped by 7-11 and picked up large drinks and snacks for the ride back. I actually missed the first rest stop back and the next one wasn't for another 2 hours so I decided to stop by a gas station. This is nerve racking because these restrooms are not individual rooms. I got a backpack and slipped a diaper in it. I was wearing slim jeans so I hoped it wouldn't show too bad. I got in and I went in the big stall in the back. The toilet had no lid so I had to like sit on one side of the seat. I honesty thought I might slip in. Anyway, I pulled out the diaper and proceeded to quietly unfold and spread out the diaper. I think it was pretty loud but I tried doing it when other people weren't in the restroom. It was really hard putting it on but I eventually did. I pulled up my jeans and even flushed the toilet to make it seem normal. There weren't any mirrors so I honestly had no idea if it was just like totally noticeable or not. There were a lot of younger people and kids there so I was even more anxious. I walked all the way to my car and the crinkle was really obvious but luckily it was pretty loud outside. The feeling of walking with a thick padding in your pants was definitely weird. But, anyway I made it to the car and sitting on the diaper was surprisingly soft and comfortable. Off we go again. I'm driving and I've already drank a lot of water so I just start wetting whenever I feel the urge. It was actually A LOT of pee. I'm surprised I didn't leak at all. So I was sitting in this for about 30 minutes but then I had to poo. It must've been something I ate or drank earlier. I lifted up my butt a little bit from the seat and out some a moderate amount of poo. It smelt pretty bad. I sat back down and realized the situation I just put myself in. The next rest stop was sure to be an adventure. I arrive at the next rest stop and there is a surprising amount of people there. And up pulled up too large buses with kids so I just sat in my smelly car waiting for the amount of people to lower. It was fairly dark out too so at least it wasn't in bright daylight. So my car smelt super bad! My diaper was nearly about the explode I felt. I dug through my suitcase once again, grabbed another thick diaper and slipped it in my backpack. I looked at the restrooms and realized they were communal and not individual. But I had to do it because I couldn't show up at my house being like this. So I began walking to the restroom and I could feel my butt moving like I had a huge messy diaper on. I pulled down my shirt a lot to make sure it wouldn't ride up above my waistband. I got to the restroom and got in on the stalls. I sat in the same position as before and wow was that a lot of squish. It smelt bad too but I hoped it was blend in with the men's restroom anyway. Anyway, I acted like before and tried being as discrete as I could. I unstrapped the messy and wet diaper and it had squished around the entire diaper so I was practically covered in poo. Luckily I had some facial cleaning wipes that I shoved in my bag or else I would've been screwed. The toilet paper was thin and kept ripping so I was making a lot of noise. I used a lot of the wet wipes to wipe as much as I could but I was still making a complete mess and the smell was getting worse. And there was a constant flow of people in and out of this restroom. I rolled up the diaper and put it to the side and continued to try and wipe myself clean. I was making so much noise in addition to the crinkle of the diaper! I was sooo anxious! But I cleaned myself as much as I could but my body still smelt really bad. I grabbed the fresh diaper and powdered it before putting it under me. I then powdered my legs and butt and everywhere a lot to try and cover up the smell. But if the poopy diaper smell wasn't already a dead giveaway then the baby powder smell was because I put on so much! The diaper is so crinkly too OMG! So I waited when there was a brief period where no one was in the room so I quickly wrapped myself and tapped it on. I forgot how stiff and bulky a fresh diaper is on your body. But anyway, I puled up jeans once again over my thickly padded butt area. I packed my backpack but now I had to discard of the messy diaper. I tried rolling it up in some toilet paper but the paper kept ripping so that was no use. I decided to make a run for it for the trash can which was just outside the door. Luckily nobody entered the restroom at that moment so I was in the clear. So, I washed my hands Thoroughly and starting walking back to my car. The diaper under my jeans must've been so obvious. Regardless, I made it back to the car without any confrontations. Furthermore, there was about 2 hours left on the ride back and half was spent in another wet diaper. It was all the water and Poweraid I drank earlier. I didn't mess this time and figured I could hide a wet diaper at home easier. But I still filled it up pretty good anyway. This is a long story. I eventually made it home without any problems and to my backroom where I could change and shower. I went to bed that night thinking about how babyish I was and was thinking about uncontrollably messing and wetting myself like a little baby who wears diapers and needs a pacifier. I wish I could wear 24/7 but wow, wearing and changing in public, especially in a messy diaper is nerve racking. If I can't wear 24/7, I hope to be a bedwetter someday. Anyway, that's my true story! I hope you all enjoyed although it was quite a long story. Thanks for reading!! Please feel free to comment any of your stories of wearing on road trips or changing in public! Note: I didn't grammar or spell check this so please forgive my errors. I just wrote this quickly because I wanted to share and didn't have time to edit.
  4. Are there any padded truckers out there who'd like to team drive? I drove by myself a while back but couldn't take the loneliness. I want to try team driving, but I wouldn't want to have to hide my diapers from a potential teammate.
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