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    • Ben put Nick on the bed as well. He sat ob the bed, making sure the boys did not fall off. "This might be harder than we thought." He said. "We expected jealousy, not this."
    • The smell, sound, look, and feeling. 
    • Looking to be diaper friends with someone. I got a bunch of diapers. I live with family so hosting may be hard. Don’t think I can host. I use my diaps of course and I have a huge fetish for farting as well. Anyone wanna have some stinky fun?
    • Other than a small spelling error(ince instead of once), all I can say is it is a start to a story.  I will withhold judgement on the quality of the story until I can read a little more.  
    • Why is that asked the ? Well because I have a daddy and a mommy, they don't yell like my old mommy, I have sisters, all I had before was brothers and they would do things, then blame me and my mommy believed them. I got in trouble for things they did, maybe mommy will find out I didn't do everything they said I did. Chris had to wait while Lisa was given tests. She came out and have him a hug. That test was pretty easy! What do you want for lunch asked Chris? Chicken McNuggets, was her answer! What is it with kids and McDonald's, he wondered?  Mr. English said as they were getting ready to leave. You got one very bright girl there Chris, she scored real high on the academic part of the test! Nothing glaring from the physical. We won't hear anything from the psych for a couple of weeks yet. But I think she is pretty well adjusted as far as children go. Did you know I knew your daddy here when he was your age? Really, she asked? Yes and he was a lot like you. I always knew he was going to be successful. He was just that kind of kid. Now when I see him play football I tell people I'm with I knew that kid when I was bigger than him!