LL Medico Diapers and More Bambino Adult Baby Diapers

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    • So far rearz safari , so comfortable and super exorbitant. Mind you I have only just worn one so far but it lasted 12 hours. I'm planning on wearing my last one tonight. And I'll order a lot more next time. I love them.

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    • "No guys. Daddy just bought more diapers for you guys. He also bought another Diaper Genie for your dirty diapees." Ben said as he walked over to his wife and kissed her. "I'm tired. How's my pregnant wife?" "Daddy, we dwaed ptchers!" Nick said pointing.
    • being honest is best with long term relationships. i told my g/f i like to wear and wet diapers within the first year of us dating and i would like her to explore it some herself. she encourages and supports me and my diapers because it is another facet of what makes me her favorite teddy bear! diapers are just extra fluff! lol i encourage her to try them out more and also to explore the "little" aspect of this all. she seems hesitant, but curious about it. however i am not pushy or insistent about it, and when she wants to she will. there isnt any pressure or anything.  
    • DL4LIFE, ABDL only exists because of the first amendment, (and similar laws) and people having the right to say what they want without getting punished for it.  I'm quite sure that there are enough people out there that think even the thought of putting a diaper on past age 1 is disgusting, but they can't take down forums such as this one because of the first amendment.  Now I'm not saying that internet crimes are good and that victims don't deserve help, but your course of action that reveals everyone's internet activity would be a much more disastrous blow to the ABDL community than would Elfy's inaction that you berate him so badly for. The second part of your post was also completely inappropriate and was a personal attack against Elfy; Elfy is an individual, please treat him like one. ~FlamingCreeper Diaperedanime.com Moderator