LL Medico Diapers and More Bambino Adult Baby Diapers

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    • Order enough cases and you'll get a bad one eventually. It's happened to me several times with several brands over the years. QC on the diaper manufacturing machines is pretty good, but it can't catch everything. If you manufacture 1,000,000 diapers a 0.1% defect rate is still 1000 pieces. That's pretty small in the manufacturing sense but it matters a lot if you are a customer who receives some of those 1000 flawed units. You've got pictures, send them to Rearz. They *should* send you replacements immediately.
    • Alex went pale as soon as Aaliyah said that Alex then shook her head fast and whimper "no I don't wanna " Alex whine dropping her pacifier out of her mouth 
    • I have assembled a bunch of abdl clothing over the years  .oneie where the hardeds   makers come and go.   A couple i have gotten where poorly made and i got rid of them.   Then i found some really good quility ones that fit perfectly styles spot on  and made well.  But the maker also.left the market..... so all i can say is you need to shop around   tuff on a tight budjet...... i have a few footed pjs that are made very well and fit right     but i also recomend none footed pjs too.   I like them for all day where since i can where shoes with them makeing them more practical for household chores ...adult pj are supper easie to find today becauae they recently moved into the mainstream market...... what im really on the hunt for know is a good pear of tottler style overalls.   The work style you find at farm supply are just little enouf
    • Alex I know this may hurt but I want you to talk to me about your time at the home