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The Diaper Museum


Welcome to the Diaper Museum! Here we will explore, preserve and document rare and classic incontinence products for babies, kids and adults. If you have info to share on a product, please let us know!

  • Chux (1961) - One of the first true disposable diapers with a plastic backing.
  • Depend (1990) - Hard to believe now, but Depend used to be absorbent, comfortable and fun to wear!
  • Dryper by Playtex (1951) - 1950's diaper system consisting of a washabe panty and disposable liner.
  • Huggies Little Movers Santa Pants (2011) - Limited Edition Christmas Diapers
  • Kleenex Diapers (1961) - Absorbent, disposable diaper pads worn inside a vinyl panty.
  • Pampers (1974) - A true classic, all-white plastic pampers with tabs imprinted with the Pampers name.
  • Sears (1978) - A Sears Catalog page from the late seventies showing child and adult diaper products of the day.
  • StayDry Panties - An exclusive look at the original bedwetter pants of the the 1950's
  • Valex Baby Panties - Vinyl Pants by Tampax.

Rare and Unique Diaper Photos

Huggies Little Movers Jeans

United Colors of Benneton

Goon Extra Big

Designer Pampers Cruisers
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