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(Last Update: 24th May 2015)

PhoneAMommy 28 new photos added!
More diaper colors in stock now! White, Brown, Butter, Grape and more!
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24th May 2015 - How To Spot a Dating Scam!
An important article on spotting the rising number of scammers on ABDL dating sites!
5th December 2014 - Holidays and Diapers
Being an adult in diapers can be difficult at times; especially around the holidays when extended family is around and many of us will be travelling. With that in mind I wanted to offer a few tips...
10th March 2014 - It's Diaper Time!

DailyDi-Mike shares his goals for DiaperTime magazine, plus sample pages from the book and a discount on getting your very own copy!
1st January 2014 - Happy new Year!

The staff at DailyDiapers wishes all our diaper lovers, adult babies and mommies and daddies a very happy New Year. May your diaper bag be full and smiles plentiful!

Dreamtales Comics presents the story of Mike - a self-confident guy who has it all going for him and knows it... until - that is - he gets bonked on the head by a "chance" encounter with a mysteriously sweet and innocent girl.

A lovely full-color comic tale, well plotted and fun to read. Watch and read as Mike becomes more and more entranced with Tina and begins to learn her truth... that sometimes it's not your blood that a vampire is after!

I enjoyed reading this comic book very much and putting myself in Mike's place. A wonderful tale for little boys at heart.

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