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Site Update for 11/28/2015

I hope everyone in the states had a safe and happy Thanksgiving. My family enjoyed a small dinner since there are just three of us. Smoked turkey, mashed potatoes and dressing. It was delicious! Hard to believe it's almost time to order the Christmas ham, time moves so fast!

Flu Shots! If you haven't had one, get one! The flu has been bad the last few years and the one year I skipped the shot I ended up in the hospital, a mistake I won't make again!

If you're like me and don't have a lot of "real world" friends and family, but want to give and recieve a little extra Christmas Cheer this year, join out Christmas Card exchange to send out 10 Christmas cards to other ABDL's and get some sent to you to enjoy! No obvious diaper/baby cards, but fun and silly holiday cards are welcome!

This coming week (probably Monday) we will be moving to a brand new server with twice the speed and four times the resources to allow us to continue to grow! We hope these new resources will fix some of the issues we've been having with the forums and speed up all of the site's features as well. Downtime will be minimal, but you may need to refresh your browser pages during the move to get the new feed from the updated DNS server.

Finally, as is tradition these days, we have some special Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals to share:
Forum Members: Get the 2016 Member badge for just $20
DiaperMates: 1 Year gold membership for just $20
TeenAdultDiapers: Classic White Pocket Diaper just $9 - Join for just $5 and stay a member at a discount rate for as long as you wish!

Join our Mailing list further down this page to be notified when deals like these are announced, and we'll also let you know when the site is updated with fresh photos and stories for you to enjoy!

PhoneAMommy28 new Photos Added!
03 New Stories Added!
08 New ABDL E-Books spotlighted.
03 New videos uploaded to!
10 New Diaper Prints/Colors at TeenAdultDiapers
78 New Forum members - Now 33,360 friends to play with!
05 Photos added to MegaPics, Now 29,572 FREE photos.
153 members added to DiaperMates - now 30,122 members.
19 new members joined PlayMate Friends - 5,866 diaper fans.

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