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Alex and Alice's Vampire,diaper,enema story!!

This story has been flagged by the automated processing system as potentially being very hard to read. The main causes of this flag are that the story may be very badly formatted or where a NLP program was unable to intepret an unambigious and consistent plot in the story.

Alice was a normal 16 year old girl living in watford in london in the united kingdom she was always having fun and she was addicted to sweets like any girl is she has lovely brown eyes and very nice legs which compliment her bottom very well , 1 day alice is walking down to the train station to meet a boy she had been chatting to for over 2 years she was so excited she liked him so much they totally clicked when he arrived she flung her arms around him and kissed him on his lips, they started chatting and walking he told her he would be staying in watford for a few days she was glad he would be staying when they walked back to alice's house her mum was waiting outside and when she saw alice she shouted to her

"ALICE COME HERE NOW" alice thought to herself

"great what does she want now " she went over to her mum and alice's mum said quietly " hunni i hope you have packed a fresh nappy if you will be staying out " she turned red in the face hoping Alex didn't hear her mum , as they walked off to go to his hotel room where he would be staying he asked her " so what did ya mum want probably told you not to have sex without protection " alice laughed "haha yeah ..." she turned her head away in embarassment when they arrived at his hotel room alice asked alex if he needed any help un-packing he quickly ran over to his suitcase and said "no no no no i'll be fine " alice was like "ooook" wondering what he had to hide she waited until he went into the bathroom and quickly unzipped the suitcase to reveal 6 tena slip maxi alice's face lit up she couldn't beleive alex of all people would wear nappies like her she was completely stunned and fell back onto the hotel bed and sat down when alex popped out of the bathroom to ask if she minded if he had a quick shower he face dropped when he saw what she had found he tried to explain but before he could alice got up and undone her jeans and they fell to the floor to reveal her abri form x-plus they were both completely stunned about each other , when alex pulled hiself together he grabbed a fresh nappy ran into the bathroom put it on and came out and sat on the bed they started chatting and alice was like "oh my god alex this is so weird " and he was like "yeah i know i never would have guessed you wore nappies to!" and alice laughed and said " yeah at first i only wore for bedwetting but then i thought i might aswell wear all the time " and with that sentence alex laughed and replied "fair enough " alex couldn't beleive his eyes once more when he looked at her nappy and she was wetting herself whist she was chatting to him he quickly cut in and asked " do you just wet or do you mess too ?" she paused for a few seconds ".....why what do you do in your nappies " she asked and with that alex pulled out from his suitcase a water bottle with a hose on the end and passed it to alice "it's called an enema it makes you mess your diaper without control and it also helps clean your insides " she was a bit confused and asked "how do you work it " alex replied " ok let me go an fill the water bottle up and i will show you ok " she was excited now and said "YAY...ok" so whilst alex went to fill it up alice started getting undressed first she finished taking off her jeans the she slipped off her nice linkin park t-shirt then she sat on the bed in her nappy and bra when he came in he saw Alice on the bed and his willy went hard inside his nappy and alice saw this and started giggling alex asked her " what's wrong ?? it's not my fault you look so gorgeous is it ??" she said in response" ummmm..... so how does it work ??" alex said " well maybe i could show you ohh ermmm... you mean the water bottle hahaha ok well first of you need to lie down on your left side " without question she layed on her left side as told then alex took the hose and inserted it into alice's bottom alice flinched a bit because she had never had anything inside her bottom before when he was done Alex said to her " right now what im going to do is start pumping this warm water into your body now ok try not to move because it make you get cramps ok ??" so she stayed still until he was done and when alice stood up she felt a little weird knowing that a fair amount of water was inside her where her poop was supposed to be then alex washed off the hose and asked alice is she was ok and she replied "errrmm i think so i dont feel anything coming out yet " and alex laughed and said " good we can't have that yet " and with that he inserted the hose into his bottom and started pumping in the rest of the warm water when it was empty alex pulled out the hose and washed it off then sat back on the bed with his nappy on with alice then alice switched the tv on and started watching tv and she asked him " so when will we know when we should start pooping it out ?" and alex explained " since it's warm water it shouldn't come out to quick besides you can poop it out whenever you like , i sometimes do that " alice started thinking "hmmmmm maybe i should poop it out now so i see how it feels ? and with that she grabbed alex's hand pulled him off of the bed and started squatting on the floor and she wanted alex to join her so he crouched down beside her and said " are you sure you want to let it out now ?" she nodded her head whilst smiling "ok on 3 " alice said "1..2..3" she said and then they started filling there nappies with nice warm watery poop she put her hand on her bottom to feel it filling up and when she was done she stood up and she got this very strange feeling she couldn't stop touching her bottom and alex started laughing "hahahahaha something tells me you like it " she turned to him and smiled and then she said quite softly to him "alex i want you right now please stick your cock inside me please?" alex stood up with his massive poop filled nappy walked over and started caressing her breast whilst kissing her soft cherry flavoured lips they layed on the bed and started feeling each others areas then she stuck her hand inside alex's nappy and pulled his willy out of the side of his nappy and stuck it into her nappy and into her nice soft vagina and then she started moving up and down very slowly enjoying every second of the moment they were both sharing they both started moaning with the sound of the nappies crinkling whilst they moved then they started moving faster and alice started shouting "OH YES ALEX..ALEX..ALEX GIVE IT TO ME PLEASE HARDER HARDER" they started moving quite rough then she came closer to his neck and starting biting his neck and alex got more aroused by this and started biting her then she drew blood from his neck and started licking it then alex almost came there and then but he held it in lobg enough to keep biting alice's neck and drawing some blood from her aswell then she flung her head up with relief "YUMMY" she said and alex all of a sudden came inside alice and then they started slowing down but alice wanted alex to speed up so he tried so hard to speed up the all of a sudden alice came aswell after a gigantic fantastic orgasm she came into her nappy after alex had pulled his cock out of her soft wet vagina . TO BE CONTINUED . IF YOU WOULD LIKE ME WRITE SOME MORE PLEASE EMAIL ME AT [email protected] OR [email protected]

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