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Information for Parents of Diaper Lovers

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Why does my son or daughter wear diapers?

A difficult question to give a complete answer to. It could be a sexual interest (fetish), or it could just be something that provides them with a sense or comfort and security they crave. It could even just be a "fun" activity for them to experiment with. The important thing to know is that wearing diapers has nothing to do with one's sexuality (doesn't mean they are gay, or 'into' kids) nor does it mean they are mentally ill. The best thing to do is to talk to your child - from a place of love with the aim of understanding them.

Important questions to ask:

There is a small chance that regressing can be the result of trauma or abuse, and you should of course gently ask about this to ensure your child's health and safety. You should also ask if they are experiencing uncontrolled wetting that may need to be checked by a doctor. Are they wearing diapers to hide bedwetting? While diapers can be a useful tool to manage bedwetting, they should be employed only after an evaluation by a doctor to rule out any serious health concerns.

Aside from their health and safety, you can ask them WHY they like wearing diapers. But understand that some adult diaper lovers don't know where their interest in diapers or regression came from, so be understanding if "I just do" is the most they can say! Avoid calling their interest "weird" "strange" or "perverted." It is none of these things. While it is certainly not "normal" it's not as unusual as you think, and it's really not that different from other quirks (such as a guy wearing girls undergarments; or a tomboy preferring more manly clothing.) It's something that makes your child unique, but not a freak.

Don't do it!

Don't try to put a blanket-ban on diapers. Forcing someone to repress this part of themselves can lead to depression or acting out and could drive your child to risky behavior to obtain what they need to feel comfortable in their own skin. If you are uncomfortable with this "diaper thing" it's okay to ask them to keep diapers out of your sight by only wearing them in the privacy of their bedroom and disposing of them immediately after taking them off so you don't stumble on a wet diaper in his or her room. Diapers can be a passing phase they need to work through; don't turn it into an obsession by trying to push back to hard on an activity that isn't hurting them. But also know that diapers are often a life-long interest, So don't be surprised if they seem to outgrow the interest, only for it to return later.

But don't get too involved in it either! Diapers, like any underwear, should be a private thing. Don't wear one to see how it feels (or at least don't let your kid know you did) and don't buy them baby things you think they might like. If a child needs help paying for diapers, that should be accomplished through an increase in their allowance - exchange for additional chores or responsibilities. Diapers are a luxury item and should be a choice they make, over spending the money on other things. The exception of course is if there are medical reasons for wearing, such as bedwetting. Then you could provide the diapers in a quantity suitable for the medical need (i.e.: one a night for bedwetting.)

Don't tell family or friends. This is a secret for your child, and a source of much embarrassment if you blab. Even if you are just trying to seek support or advice by telling a close friend or family member, it can do harm to your relationship with your child if they find out; especially if they hear a "joking" comment from one of those adults such as "Hey diaper boy" or "How's the baby doing?" If you need to talk to someone, talk to a counselor with experience in parent-child relationships.

Further Reading:

Understanding Infantilism is considered by more diaper lovers to be the definitive guide to all things diapers. Far more in-depth than I can provide here; and written from many perspectives by adults who have asked themselves all the questions you and your child have thought about.

So, your teenager is wearing diapers! is an eBook on Amazon that's written in a conversational style and is an easy read at 58 pages.

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