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Lucy held the position of local manager at a highly esteemed multinational corporation specializing in early childhood products, generating millions of dollars in revenue annually. Through years of dedication and hard work, she had earned her place within the company. However, she faced a significant challenge in the form of her less-than-competent personal assistant. Despite Lucy's patience, the assistant's repeated errors, some of which were grave, had caused serious issues within the company. Following a severe reprimand from her superiors due to a mistake that jeopardized a $17 million deal, Lucy decided to address the situation. During lunchtime, she summoned her assistant to her office and calmly instructed her to take a seat.

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Kayla was eighteen and felt like she was on top of the world she had freedom!  She was able to break free of her step mom who was strict with her but she let her real daughter get away with everything..

Kayla was just happy to be away she got a great job so she left Nebraska and moved to California.. 

How how how could I have fucked this up Please please don’t fire me!l she yelled in her head at she turned the knob on the door.

Kayia felt like she was much shorter then her 5’3 height and she felt like her hair was even more frizzy then normal as she was freaking out so much all day when she was shocked and scared for this very moment..

”Hi Lucy you wanted to see me?” 

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Lucy recently concluded a phone call with her superiors, who had been berating her for the incident. She was already feeling quite anxious about the situation. "Please have a seat," she uttered in a chilly tone. "Somehow, I was able to salvage the deal with milk & yummies industries, so at least we avoided that problem," she informed the individual standing before her. "However, this doesn't absolve you of the trouble," she added, casting a disapproving glance.

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Kayla smiled as she sat down.. Oh good i might not lose my job after all as Lucy told her the good news they did fix the account..

”Well that’s great again I’m sorry.” Kayla said hoping that was it she just wanted to get rid of this feeling like she was in the principals office..

She listened as Lucy went on..

”Um ok pl- please don’t fire me it was a honest mistake!” She said begging to keep her job and to get another chance.. 

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"I want to be honest with you, unfortunately, the situation doesn't stop there," Lucy informed her secretary taking a big breath. "Given the series of errors you've made, such as accidentally deleting crucial emails meant for me, the higher-ups are doubting your capability to fulfill the responsibilities you were given. I'm at a loss on how to advocate for you in this situation," Lucy expressed to her employee. "they are really furious"


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Kayla did remember being scolded like she was a little by Lucy’s boss but she thought that was taking care of… Those words echoed in her ear that she can’t handle responsibility and she’ll let Lucy deal with her..

I guess this is the dealing with me..

”Please don’t fire me pl- please suspend me or anything just don’t fire me!” She was near tears as she wanted to keep her job! She didn’t wanna move back home feeling like a failure.. 

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"Regrettably, I do not possess any authority in this matter," he expressed with a hint of sadness, casting his gaze downwards. "However, maybe I can propose an alternative," he added, a mischievous smile gracing his face as he unlocked a drawer in his desk. From within, he retrieved a neatly typed piece of paper. "This is a confidential agreement solely between us, with no involvement from the company whatsoever. There's no need for her to even be aware of it," he clarified to the young girl, extending an A4 sheet towards her "You have 24 hours to make a decision before the offer expires. You have the rest of the day free" that's what it said:

  • In this agreement we will refer to the undersigned Lucy Powell as User 1 and we will refer to Miss Kayla Carlson as User 2.
  • The following contract will be activated the moment user 2 delivers it signed to User 1
  • User 2 will transfer his residence to the domicile in (Lucy's address)
  • User 2 will address User 1 as: Mommy, Mom or similar.
  • User 1 will unquestionably decide the outfit of user 2 in every aspect of her.
  • User 1 will be responsible for powering User 2, taking into consideration any food allergies and intolerances
  • User 1 will be responsible for the health conditions of User 2.
  • any punishments to which user 2 will be subject will be entirely up to User 1
  • User 1 reserves the total right of access to the entire body of User 2.


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Kayla was ready for the guillotine to drop as she was handed some papers but then she realized she wasn’t being fired..

”Oh wow thanks so much I promise you won’t regret it I’ll be the best worker ever!” She said excitedly as she was handed the papers..

She didn’t care what they said she just figured it was some forms saying she messed up and apologizes and that her boss went over stuff with her..

Kayla was naive and innocent so she didn’t care about anything but keeping her job..

”There.” She said with a big smile.” Handing her the papers..

”Since I’m suspended I’ll just go back home and see you Monday.” 

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Lucy issued a cautionary statement, halting the woman just before she approached the exit. She proceeded to present the document, urging her to peruse it attentively. "Perhaps my explanation was inadequate," the woman responded. "I must clarify that I lack authority over managerial choices, and the document you signed does not guarantee the preservation of your employment," she elucidated.



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Lucy was confused she didn’t wanna read it.. After being given the folder she sat down uneasily rolling her eyes she began reading what she just signed.. Kayla sat there and skimmed over the documents impatiently but a few things were catching her eye..

She began to get nervous and confused..

”What do you mean move and Wh- what is this mommy shit!” Kayla was so confused as she really didn’t need to read much more.. 

Kayla didn’t know what to do..

”This makes no sense.” She sat down so she didn’t get fired but she thought to herself mommy move in with her and the other line was she gets to pick what I wear..

The only thing all that describes is a baby. she thought..

what the hell I keep my job but somehow I got promoted to a baby..  


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Lucy, with a mischievous smile, stood up from her chair and walked around the desk to lean on it in front of the girl. "It's exactly as it's written," she said playfully. "But first, you'll need to move to my house." She then asked the girl, "Do you have any beloved animals or cherished belongings that you'd like to bring along?" She reassured her, saying, "Don't worry if you have pets. I have a spacious garden, and I absolutely adore animals. I'm certain they'll get along well with my two dogs." Lucy's enthusiasm was evident as she continued, "Oh, I hope you're not afraid of big dogs," she added with a hint of concern.

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“M- move into your hou- house?!” She stuttered nervously and anxiously.. 

So many thoughts were running in her head.  

“Pets n-no I don’t have any pets is th- this real why would you want me to move in with you?” 

“No but I’m confused about this whole thing!” She said shaking her head back in forth closing her eyes to try to wrap her mind around this.  


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Would it pose a problem?" Lucy casually asked the girl, as if it were the most natural thing in the world “We can discuss this when we're at home," she said with a smile, while tidying up her desk. "I'm done for today. Shall we return home?" Lucy asked, still smiling, before retrieving her smartphone to call her chauffeur. "Alright. He should arrive in a few minutes," he replied, taking her hand and guiding her out of the office and the building, where they patiently awaited Lucy's chauffeur.


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“Um no I guess not b- but I have to pay my rent and let the landlord know thirty days in advance… Kayla was so confused… 

Kayla started thinking maybe it would be ok moving in with Lucy least she was keeping her job! She thought to herself then she remembered a part of the contract that she was most confused about..

”wsup with this mommy thing and you deciding what I wear I have a nice style so I don’t need any help thank you.” 

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Lucy reassured the girl that they would address the matter at the appropriate time before placing her cell phone back in her purse. After a brief wait, Lucy's driver arrived to transport them. He courteously opened the back door for them, prompting the woman to comment, "Let's go," as she settled in the back seat with the girl on her lap.


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Kayla sat there patiently as Lucy held her hand… Why is she holding my hand does she think I’m a little girl! Does she think I’d run off what the hell!  Is this what the mommy thing was all about..

She was broken out of her thoughts as Lucy’s limo pulled up.. 

She frowned as Lucy insisted on buckling her in..

Kayla rolled her eyes as they made their way to her new home..

As they were driving she was wondering what all this was.. why did she want me to move in with her and call her mommy… She sighed deeply and tried to relax and think at least I still have my job.. She smiled 

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The journey in the car felt lengthy as they departed from the city and drove towards the peaceful countryside. After a while, the car turned off the main road, going through an automatic gate that opened up to a picturesque tree-lined path leading to a stunning villa. "We've arrived, dear," Lucy said warmly to the girl sitting on her lap. They were greeted by two friendly Maremma shepherd dogs who approached Lucy and then turned their attention to the visitor of their owner. "Don't worry, they're friendly," Lucy reassured the girl as she stepped out of the car, with the dogs curiously sniffing around her.

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Kayia couldn’t believe the house Lucy lived in it was really big and nice.. She wondered what her room would look like, what kind of food she would now eat and how big her tv wound be… Wow I can’t wait to Throw some parties she smiled starting to think there would be a lot of benefits to living here..

”Wow it’s really nice.” She said shaking her head from her daydream..

Ow no!” She said as the dogs jumped on her then they smelled and and waged their tales like she was accepted..

Once Kayla looked at the place it was so nice.. So when it said she decides what I wear she just probably wants me to dress nice.. No big deal at all. She thought 

“Can I see my room!” She said excitedly short of jumping around.. 

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Lucy took the lead and exclaimed, "Let me show you around!" She began by showcasing the garden, complete with a sparkling swimming pool, a flourishing vegetable garden, and a bountiful orchard. Moving inside, she guided her guest through the well-stocked library, which also doubled as an office. Next, they explored the spacious kitchen and dining room, followed by a visit to the luxurious bathroom with a relaxing hydromassage feature. Finally, Lucy proudly entered a stunning bedroom, announcing, "And here is our room!" as they crossed the threshold into a beautifully decorated space with a cozy double bed.


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Kayla was stunned at how beautiful the place was and how big it was.. She loved the pool thinking she could have some pool parties.. She imagined some hot girls as she was into girls.. 

“You have a really nice place.” She said actually happy to be here.. Things might be different with that contract..

Once she entered the house it was immaculate.. 

She was excited to see her room..

”Wow this is my room?!

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Lucy expressed her joy at the girl's approval, "I'm glad you enjoy it," she said with a smile. "No. This will be our room," she declared playfully, taking the girl's hand and giving it a gentle caress.


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“Um what?!” Kayla said not sure what was going on she never knew Lucy might be like that… She did find her attractive but she never thought about her and Lucy.. 

“What do you mean our room?! She asked nervously.. 

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"I couldn't help but notice the way your eyes lingered on me during our time in the office," she mentioned with a playful grin, as she settled herself on the luxurious bed. With a gentle touch, she began to caress the girl's belly, a mischievous glint in her eyes.


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“Wh- n- no I- I didn’t!” She said nervously as her boss touched her she didn’t know what to do..

”Um pl- please Lucy I- I didn’t mean.” That’s all she got out as Lucy knew how to push her buttons. 

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In a mischievous tone, she questioned, "Oh, are you suggesting that I fabricated everything in my mind?" Taking a seat on the bed, she placed the girl on his lap. Playfully lifting her skirt, she gently touched her panties and whispered in her ear, "And let me ask you, am I also imagining how turned on you are at this very moment?" Her caresses persisted, exploring her intimate areas.


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