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This is a story about college roommates who discover the wide world of corporal punishment and diaper discipline. It starts out with lots of spanking (F/F and F/M), and the age play elements unfold much later. Hope you enjoy!

Ted was about to start his senior year at a small urban college. The school had limited housing, so dorms were reserved for freshmen and sophomores. Having spent most of his junior year in a study abroad program, Ted had missed out on the flurry of leases that his friends had secured in the spring, and he was struggling to find a place to live for his final year. 

It was early August and the fall term was set to start in just a couple of weeks. Ted was very anxious, still at his parents’ house for the summer but knowing he had to get to campus soon. He had put feelers out to find a place, but kept coming up empty. Ted couldn’t afford to live alone, but he also didn’t want to live with a bunch of random guys. 

One evening, his phone buzzed. It was a text from his friend Lara. 

“Hey Teddy! Hope you had a great summer. We missed you on campus last semester - some great parties at the end of the spring! Anyway, I heard through the great vine that you might be looking for a place to live in the fall?”

Ted’s eyes widened. Finally! A lead! And it was great to hear from Lara. She and Ted were close - they had a great rapport and could really make each other laugh. Many of their other friends wondered why Ted and Lara had never had a fling, but it seemed each valued their friendship too much to risk getting romantic. 

“Hey! Yeah I had a blast in Europe, but definitely missed partying with the crew. Looking forward to being back in a few weeks. Yes I need a place to live! I am getting desperate. Do you know some guys who need a roommate?”

Lara wrote back right away. “Well… not some guys… actually Stacey and I need a third for the house we rented. Ashley bailed on us at the last minute and we can’t afford the rent with just the two of us.”

Ted hesitated. Room with girls? The thought had never crossed his mind, but why not? He and Lara were such good friends, and Stacey was super cool too.

And a whole house? Think of the parties they could throw! Might make for a spectacular senior year.

His hesitation worried Lara. She sent another message quickly while Ted was still in a daydream about a raging kegger. 

“Sorry if it’s weird. We’ve tried all the girls we know and everyone already has something lined up. It’s a really great house, fully furnished so no need to bring a bed or any other furniture. And it has two bathrooms so you’d have plenty of privacy. Stace and I are kinda desperate, but we talked about it and we think you’d be an awesome roommate. What do you think??”

Ted snapped out of his daze and furiously texted back. 

“Wow thanks for thinking of me! That sounds great, I’d love to live with you ladies.”

“Awesome!! You’re a lifesaver. You’re gonna love the place, I know it. We get the keys tomorrow, so you can start moving in anytime.”

“Amazing! YOU are the lifesavers! I’ll start packing up and be there in a few days.”

“Great. Can’t wait.”

Ted collapsed back on his bed and let out a huge sigh. He felt like he could finally breathe. Not only had his housing crisis been solved, he would get to live with two great girls in a party palace. 

His mind wandered to his two new house mates. Both of them were great friends and had similar personalities to Ted - they worked hard and played hard, got good grades and loved to laugh and party. They were also both very easy on the eyes. 

Lara’s long black hair was cut with cute bangs in front, giving way to her warm brown eyes. She had exquisite tits and a full figure that would make an hour glass jealous. She wasn’t quite taller than Ted, but her long slender legs were a marvel. 

Stacey, on the other hand, was in fact taller than Ted. She was curvy with wide hips, ample breasts and an ass to match. Her blonde hair and blue eyes were very inviting, though she did have a somewhat domineering side - not mean or stern, almost maternal. 

Laying on his bed imagining the faces of his new roommates - faces he hadn’t seen for several months - it dawned on Ted that some sexual tension could arise in this new living arrangement. There had always been a bit of that anyway with Lara, but now sharing close quarters, Ted worried it could get awkward. 

But nothing he couldn’t handle. Any tension would be well worth it to be able to spend his senior year with these two lovely ladies in a house that was sure to be the envy of the rest of his friends. 

A smile spread across Ted’s face. It was going to be a great year. 

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Lara furiously texted her best friend and sorority sister, Stacey, with the good news. 

“Ted is in! He says he’ll come down in a few days to sign the lease and get moved in.”

Stacey grabbed her phone anxious for an update about their living situation. She smiled when she read Lara’s message. 

“Fabulous news! What a relief. He will make a great roommate I’m sure.”

“Yeah I think so too. Except… we’ll have to be pretty discreet about… you know…” 

Lara and Stacey had a secret between them. Their friend Ashley was in the know, and it was actually the reason she had opted out of the house. Lara was worried about how the dynamic would play out, and if they would be able to keep their secret from Ted. 

Stacey felt a smirk spread across her face. She and Lara had been roommates since sophomore year, and over the years they had developed a rather unorthodox way of resolving household conflicts, and ultimately maintaining their unbreakable friendship. 

“Yeah, well, it will be fine. Don’t worry. I’ll see you tomorrow and we can talk through how to handle all that before Ted shows up.”

“Sounds good,” Lara wrote back. “Can’t wait to see you tomorrow!”

“Me too!” said Stacey. “Goodnight!”

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Stacey lay in her bed relieved that they’d found a third roommate and wouldn’t have to give up the lease on the house. It was such an amazing property, great location and had tons of space. 

Her mind drifted to Lara’s apprehension about their secret. It would be difficult, but she was sure they could keep it from Ted. 

Of course, she thought, maybe they wouldn't have to…

Stacey recalled the fateful day when her friendship with Lara had almost been lost, but instead was cemented forever. The girls had moved in together at the start of their sophomore year, having pledged their sorority together and making fast friends as freshmen. 

But by the end of September, they were already driving each other crazy. 

The constant stack of dirty dishes was one thing, and piles of laundry yet another. They had begun arguing over petty shit like whose turn it was to take out the trash. Communication breakdowns were rampant, causing major issues with the shared bathroom. 

Finally, one day, Stacey had enough. Lara came home from class that afternoon, and Stacey was waiting for her. 

“Why the hell are there still dishes in the sink?!” she barked at Lara, the minute the door opened. “We talked about this yesterday. You were supposed to clean them last night! What the hell?!”

“Oh well hello to you, too,” Lara muttered sarcastically, dropping her bag on the floor and taking off her shoes. She absent mindedly left them in the middle of the door way. 

“Don’t give me that!” Stacey yelled, raising her voice further. “And don’t leave your fucking shoes right there!!” She could feel the heat in her face as her temper soared. 

“Jesus, Stace,” Lara said rolling her eyes and picking up her shoes. “If I wanted to be nagged all the time, I’d go back and live with my mother!”

Stacey’s blood was boiling. She was about to let loose with a long tirade when she caught sight of the decorative sorority paddles hanging in the entryway. The organization had long since banned paddling pledges during initiation ceremonies, but paddles were still part of the Greek life culture, often decorated and given as commemorative gifts. 

Lara had just accused Stacey of acting like her mother. Maybe that’s exactly what the girl was lacking - some firm maternal discipline. 

As Lara bent over to put her shoes away on the shoe rack, Stacey quickly walked up behind her and threw an arm around her waist, holding her in position. The taller Stacey easily held Lara down, her round butt well-presented. 

“Hey! Let go of me!” Lara yelled, struggling in vain. “What the hell do you think you’re doing??”

“Something I clearly should have done weeks ago,” Stacey said, removing a paddle from the wall. “You think I nag you like your mother?? Well then I should get to punish you like your mother would when you misbehave!!”

Lara finally realized what was about to happen. “Nooo!! Put that down you bitch!! Don’t you fucking dare!!”

Her profane protests only served to steel Stacey’s resolve. She held the paddle over her head and cracked it over Lara’s ass, expertly landing the blow across both of the smaller girl’s cheeks. 

“Owww!!! Ahhh! Stacey!!! What the fu-”

The paddle smacked her again. Though intended just for decoration, the colorfully painted paddle was a serious punishment implement. It was a half an inch thick, about a foot long, and four inches wide. Lara had an ample backside, but the big paddle was able to cover most of it and deliver a searing sting across her whole bottom. 

Stacey rhythmically spanked her roommate, not even noticing as Lara’s tone changed from profane indignation to contrite pleading. After nine swats, Stacey looked up to realize Lara was crying. 

“I’m sorry Stacey! I’m sorry!” she sniffed. “I’ll go do the dishes right now! Please stop!!”

Stacey spanked her again. 

“Owwwww aaaahaahhaa!” Tears were streaking Lara’s face. Her ass was on fire. 

Stacey paused. 

“I’m going to give you five more,” she said, almost surprising herself with the dominant tone she struck, “and THEN you can go do the dishes.”

“Please no, ple—  OWWWWW!!!”

Stacey was done listening to Lara complain. She brought the paddle down with ferocity five times in rapid succession, making her roommate blubber and bawl like a child. 

When she released Lara, the girl fell in a heap on the floor, grabbing at her butt and trying desperately to rub out the sting. Stacey let her be for a moment, feeling a little sorry for the abuse she had just doled out. But her anger quickly kicked back in. 

“Go do the dishes,” she ordered. “Now!”

Lara pulled herself off the floor and scurried down the hall to the kitchen, still sniffling and rubbing her bottom. Once she heard the water running, Stacey retreated to her bedroom.

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Gently closing the door behind her, she shut her eyes took a deep breath. It was only now just registering what she’d done: in a fit of rage, Stacey had just spanked her roommate as though she were a misbehaving child. She opened her eyes and caught sight of herself in the mirror, still holding the heavy sorority paddle. 

The image was striking. Her anger had not totally subsided, and she wore a stern look with rosy cheeks. With her fingers wrapped tightly around the handle of the long heavy paddle, Stacey thought she looked a bit like an old timey school teacher or principal, ready to dish out discipline. 

She brought her gaze down from the mirror to inspect the paddle. Painted in bright blue and yellow, the colors of her sorority, she recalled the night she had received it as a gift after completing her initiation. Stacey remembered thinking it was cute, but worrying that one of the older sisters might use it on her as part of the ceremony. She was relieved to learn later that paddling was no longer allowed. 

Since that night, she had never again thought about the paddles being used for anything other than decoration. Until now.

Stacey turned the implement over in her hand, inspecting the back side and feeling its weight. She ran her fingers over the smooth wood, then tapped it twice against her palm. Feeling a slight tingle in her hand, she looked back at herself in the mirror and silently stared for a moment. 

Then, slowly and somewhat robotically, Stacey turned and pointed her rear end a the mirror. She bent her knees slightly and stuck out her bottom. Turning her head so she could see the mirror, she raised the paddle a few feet and quickly snapped it against her broad ass. 

“Oh!” Stacey let out a yelp. That hurt! And she hadn’t even swung it very hard. 

Rubbing her bottom rapidly, she immediately felt guilty for beating her friend Lara. Stacey had spanked her much harder, swinging the paddle with serious anger and intent. Poor Lara might even have a bruise on her ass. 

Stacey sat on her bed, guilt and shame weighing on her. She spent the next hour or so restless in her room trying to think of a way to make it right. Deep down she knew: there was only one way. 

It took some effort and courage, but Stacey finally peeled herself off her bed and stepped out of her room. She walked down the short hallway toward Lara’s room where she found the door closed. Stacey could see into the kitchen from there, and noticed it was spotless. 

Again mustering her courage, Stacey knocked gently on her roommate’s door. 

There was no answer. 

She knocked again. “Lara? Are you in there?”

“Yeah…” came a muffled voice. “What do you want?” Lara said, a little snippy but trying to mind her tone. Her ass was still throbbing and she wasn’t about to risk another paddling. 

“I… um…” Stacey voice cracked. “I just wanted to apologize.”

Both girls were silent for a moment. Finally Stacey spoke. 

“Can… can I come in?”

Lara hesitated. She was still upset about what had happened, but if Stacey wanted to apologize, she thought maybe she should hear her out. 

“Ok…” Lara said tentatively. 

The door creaked open slowly. Stacey entered the room to see her friend face down on the bed. Lara had her head buried in a pillow, and her ass pointing at the ceiling. 

Stacey took only a few steps into the room, wanting to give Lara some space. 

“I’m really sorry, Lara,” she blurted out. “I don’t know what came over me. That was really out of line and I shouldn’t have done it.”

Lara muttered something into the pillow. 

“What…?” Stacey asked, her voice cracking.

Lara lifted her face for a moment. “Yes you should have.” Her head flopped back down on the pillow. 

Stacey was in shock. Did she hear right? Lara thought Stacey was right to paddle her?

“What?? No no, I hit you. I hurt you. That was not ok!” Stacey stepped forward and sat on Lara’s bed. She extended a hand and placed it on Lara’s back. 

Lara sat up. She winced as she rested on her bottom. 

“It was more than ok,” Lara pouted, staring down at the bed in embarrassment. “I deserved it. I needed it, needed some sense knocked into me. I know I’ve been a terrible roommate. I’m really sorry. It won’t happen again. I don’t want to lose our friendship.”

Stacey was still stunned. She couldn’t believe her ears. But then, as Lara’s words set in, she realized maybe Lara was right. Maybe she did deserve to be punished for neglecting her household duties. Maybe a firm spanking was exactly what the girl needed to motivate herself and do better. Maybe Stacey had done her a favor. 

But she still felt ashamed for abusing her roommate in such a violent way. She felt like a bad friend, and she needed to deal with the guilt. 

“Well if you deserved it,” Stacey blurted out, “then so do I.”

Lara looked up at Stacey suddenly. This time Stacey couldn’t meet her friend’s gaze and nervously picked at her finger nails. 

“It’s not like I’ve been perfect. And I don’t care what you say, I should never have hit you. I deserve everything you got, and more,” Stacey said sheepishly. 

The girls sat on Lara’s bed for a few minutes. No one spoke. Each of their minds was racing trying to figure out what to say or do next. 

Finally, Stacey could take the silence no more. She dragged herself to her feet, shuffled down the hall and retrieved the other paddle, Lara’s, from its place on the wall by the door. 

Tepidly walking back into Lara’s room, Stacey tossed the heavy implement on the bed toward her friend, turned around, put her elbows on Lara’s dresser and stuck out her big, round butt. She closed her eyes and held her breath. 

Lara stared at the paddle on the bed. At first, she had been so angry with Stacey, aghast at the fact that her good friend would dare spank her like a child. But standing in the kitchen washing dishes with a very sore bottom, dishes she was supposed to have done the day before, she had realized that her friend was justifiably fed up. Lara has been so neglectful, what else was Stacey supposed to do? 

Her gaze moved from the paddle to Stacey’s protruding backside. Lara knew her friend felt bad, and that maybe the air between them wouldn’t be cleared until the score was evened. She picked up the paddle and stood. 

Stacey, hearing movement behind her and eager to take her medicine and get it over with, spoke up. 

“I think I gave you 15,” she said, “so you can give me 20.”

Lara didn’t respond. 

“Or… however many you think I deserve I guess…” Stacey added nervously. 

Lara tapped the paddle against her palm. It was very similar in size to Stacey’s, though a little wider and longer. It would suit Stacey’s bigger bottom quite nicely. 

“I’ll give you 15,” Lara said, shuffling over to the dresser. “Then we’ll be even.”

“Ok…” Stacey said, almost in a whisper. 

Lara stepped to Stacey’s left side. Slowly, she wrapped her arm around Stacey’s waist, recalling how Stacey had held her in place just so. Lara tapped the paddle against Stacey’s waiting bottom. Stacey flinched. 

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Lara asked. 

Stacey took a deep breath. “Yes,” she said firmly. “I need it.”

Lara held the paddle against Stacey’s bottom for another brief moment. 

Turning back to look Lara in the face, Stacey added, “Don’t hold back.”

Lara gave a half smile. Stacey turned her head back and closed her eyes. Lara took aim. 


Stacey gasped as the paddle smacked her. Lara waited for only a second to gauge her reaction, then hit her twice more, harder in quick succession. 

“Oohhh! Aahhowww!” Stacey bellowed. It hurt like hell, but it did still seem like maybe Lara wasn’t giving it her all. 

Lara tightened her grip around Stacey’s waist to gain extra leverage. She brought the paddle down even harder with three more heavy swats. 

Stacey howled and tapped her toes. She was trying desperately to stay in place and take her punishment like a big girl, but her ass was on fire. 

“That was six,” Lara said. “Nine more to go. How you doing?”

Stacey took a deep breath. “I’m ok. Go ahead.”

Lara again tightened her hold on her friend and tapped the paddle against her, taking aim. 


Lara rained down four fast spanks as hard as she could. Stacey lost her breath momentarily from the shock and the searing pain. Once she regained it, she started crying. 

With the paddle resting firmly against Stacey’s bottom, Lara checked in again. “Five more, ok?” she said, almost reassuringly. 

Stacey couldn’t speak. She just sniffled and nodded. 

Lara took her time with the last five swats, making each one count, remembering just how brutally she had been spanked earlier that day. Stacey was sure she had never been in so much pain. She sobbed and howled uncontrollably, tears dripping on to the dresser in front of her. 

And then it was done. Lara set the paddle on the dresser. She rubbed Stacey’s back with one hand and her round, swollen bottom with the other. 

The girls stood there for several minutes, Stacey hunched over and quietly sobbing, Lara gently caressing her. Neither of them had ever felt a closeness like this before. 

Finally, Stacey caught her breath, stood and wiped her eyes. She pulled Lara into a big bear hug. 

“I’m so sorry,” she sniffed. 

“I know you are,” Lara said, tightly hugging her back. “I am too.”

Stacey pulled her head back and looked at Lara, still embracing her. 

“Friends again?” she asked with a dopey smile and tear-streaked cheeks. 

“We never stopped being friends,” Lara said. 

“You’re damn right,” said Stacey, smiling wider. She reached down and slapped Lara’s ass sharply. 

Lara jumped back and yelped. 

“You bitch!” she said, grabbing her butt. Then she lunged at her friend and returned the swat, harder. 

“Ooowwoww hahah aahhowww!” Stacey giggled and grimaced at once. “God my ass hurts so much!!”

“I know it does. Wanna know how I know?” Lara asked sarcastically. “Because mine fucking hurts more!”

The girls giggled. An awkward silence ensued. 

“Do you want a little alone time?” Lara asked. “I know spending some time in my room just now really helped me calm down and feel better.”

“Ok, yeah, I think you’re right,” returned Stacey. “Maybe I’ll go lie down for a bit.”

“Good. I’ll come check on you in a little while. Then maybe we can order a pizza? That way no dishes…”

“Hahaha. Sounds great,” Stacey smiled. 

“Ok. Now go to your room,” Lara playfully scolded, wagging a sarcastic finger. 

Stacey snickered and hurried out of the room. She collapsed on her bed, on her stomach, of course. 

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Later that evening, over pizza and beers, the two best friends discussed the spankings they’d given each other. Shifting uncomfortably in their seats at the kitchen table, they both noted how painful it had been receiving the paddle, but at the same time, how good it felt to clear the air and wipe the slate clean when it was all done. 

Lara was the first to suggest maybe this shouldn’t just be a one time thing. 

“It’s kind of embarrassing admitting this,” she said blushing, “but I think maybe getting spanked more often would be … kinda like… good for me. I mean not like a LOT more often, but…” Lara trailed off. 

Stacey waited a moment before finishing her friend’s sentence. “…when you’ve earned it?”

Lara blushed profusely. She couldn’t believe she was actually asking her roommate to spank her. 

Stacey could sense Lara’s anxiety and reassured her. 

“I’m sure you won’t need it that often,” she said. “And I won’t need it too often either,” Stacey added with a smirk. 

Lara looked back at her smiling. “You mean you want to get spanked again, too?”

Stacey let out a loud laugh. “I think WANT is a pretty strong word. My ass hurts a ton and I am not eager for another dose of the paddle.”

Lara blushed again and quickly tried to backtrack. “No no, yeah, right. No, I don’t WANT to get spanked either. I just… I think maybe it will help for me to have some accountability.”

Stacey smiled widely at her friend. “Me too. It will help me too.”

A quiet pause ensued as the girls munched on their pizza. Stacey broke the silence. 

“So.. maybe we should have, like, some rules or something? So we know what merits a spanking? And,” Stacey shifted in her seat and winced. “does every spanking have to be with the paddle? Maybe that’s only reserved for the worst offenses…”

“Ohhh yeah!” Lara said, grabbing at her own bottom. “That thing is vicious. I’m pretty sure I have a huge welt on my ass right now.”

“Yeah me too,” said Stacey. She paused a moment and bit her bottom lip. Looking at her friend tentatively, she said softly, “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours?”

Lara put a hand to her mouth and giggled loudly. She nodded and stood. Turning around, Lara faced away from her friend as she unfastened her pants and wiggled them over her hips. She hesitated a moment before lowering her panties. Even just a few hours ago, Lara would never have dreamed she was about to show her bare bottom to her roommate. 

But so much had changed between them. And it now seemed rather likely that this would be far from the last time Stacey would see her naked backside. 

Lara tugged down her pink cotton panties and exposed her sore bottom. Stacey gasped. There was a paddle shaped redness covering both cheeks, but on the right side where the implement had the strongest impact, Lara wore a dark purple bruise, raised up off her skin. 

“Oh my God! Oh honey. I’m so sorry! You have a huge bruise!”

Lara ran her fingers over the tenderest area and craned her neck to try to see. She could feel the welt, but couldn’t get a look at it. 

“You’re turn,” Lara said bluntly. 

Stacey slowly got to her feet, turned and bared her bottom. Lara let out a gasp just like Stacey had.

“Holy shit!” she yelled, giggling slightly. “Ohhh wow, I can’t believe I did that to you. That looks like it hurts!”

Stacey looked over her shoulder, but like Lara couldn’t get her eyes around to assess the damage. She looked up at Lara. 

Their eyes met, and they smiled. At once, both girls ran down the hall giggling and tripping over their pants which remained around their knees. 

In the bathroom, they bent over side by side, their backsides facing the mirror.

“Holy crap, look at those bruised butts!” Lara gaped. 

“Yikes. Yeah, you definitely got even with me.”

“No way!” Lara teased, hip-checking her friend playfully. “My bruise is way darker!”

“Is not!” Stacey said indignantly, returning the hip-check. The girls laughed and pulled up their pants. 

Back at the kitchen table, they started making a list of spankable offenses and degrees of severity. Stacey wrote as they chatted, making three escalating categories of rules - hand, other implement, paddle. They also noted that the paddle could be used for repeated rule-breaking in the lesser categories. 

“This is a pretty good list,” Stacey said, looking over her notes. “But this ‘other’ category is a little ambiguous. What else are we going to use?”

Lara blushed a little. “When I was a kid, my mom spanked me with the back of her hairbrush one time. I definitely learned a lesson from that thing.”

“Hairbrush,” Stacey said aloud as she wrote. “What about a wooden spoon?”

Lara’s cheeks got redder. “Yeah I got it with that a few times too.”

“Geez, your mom was tough,” said Stacey sympathetically, as she wrote ‘wooden spoon’ on the paper. “My mom only ever spanked me with her hand. My dad threatened me with his belt a few times, but he never followed through.”

“Oh yeah, a belt. Write it down,” said Lara. “I think I have a good one we can try.”

“Got it. Anything else? I think this is a pretty good list for now.”

“Yeah that should be enough. We can always add to it if needed.”

“Ok, great. Now,” Stacey said with a little apprehension, “I can only think of one more variable…” she trailed off. 

“What?” Lara asked eagerly. 

Stacey waited another moment, unsure of herself. “Pants up or pants down?” she finally asked. 

“Ohhhhh.” Lara blushed again, as did her friend. “Umm… down?” she said meekly, raising an eyebrow. 

Both girls felt awkward, but they both knew if the spankings were going to be effective, they’d be much better done on a bare bottom. Stacey nodded, nervously tapping her pen on the table. 

“Panties too?” she clarified, giving a slight nod to indicate her opinion. 

Lara swallowed hard. “Panties too,” she said confidently. 

Stacey let out a nervous giggle. Then, at the bottom of the page, she wrote in all caps “ALWAYS ON THE BARE.” Lara read over her shoulder.  

She giggled too, and hid her face in her hands. Pulling them back and locking eyes with her best friend, she nodded. 

“Always on the bare!” she said.

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Lara arrived at the house near campus in the early afternoon. Situated on Columbia Ave, it was a quieter part of the neighborhood, not near any dorms, eateries or bars. It was still a very convenient location for getting to classes, but a bit off the beaten path with more yard space than most of the off campus housing.

Lara’s mom had driven her to the city with her things and planned to help her get settled. Stacey saw them pull up and ran outside to help with Lara’s stuff. 

“Heeeyyy!” she called as she came charging out. 

Lara wrapped her friend in a huge hug. “Hiiii! I missed you all summer!”

“I missed you too,” Stacey beamed, squeezing Lara tightly. She turned to Lara’s mother. “Hi Mrs. C. How was your summer?”

“Hello, dear. Summer was great,” Lara’s mom replied. She squeezed Lara’s shoulders. “It was so nice having this lady home for a few months. I can’t believe you girls are seniors! Where did the time go??”

As the three women piled into the house with bags and boxes, Lara noticed immediately that the two sorority paddles had already been prominently hung near the front door, similar to their position in their previous two apartments. Lara blushed slightly and felt a little twinge in her bottom. 

Stacey and Lara had been texting all summer and had agreed that they would each get a paddling to start the school year. After a few months without correction, they both felt a good spanking was in order. After all, throughout their junior year each of them had been spanked at least weekly. So they were both overdue for a good blistering. 

Lara’s mom came up behind her, startling her daughter somewhat. 

“What cute paddles!” Mrs. C. cooed. “A lovely decoration for your new place.”

There was a momentary awkward silence.

“Of course, back in my sorority days, those were used for more than just decoration.”

Lara’s face flushed and her mouth went dry. She was not eager to have this conversation with her mother.

There had been more than one occasion throughout Lara’s upbringing when the phrase “never be too big” was referenced in regards to going over her mother’s knee. Lara didn’t want her mom getting any ideas. 

Stacey, on the other hand, became intensely curious. Her fascination with and enjoyment of spanking had grown considerably over the last two years, and she wanted to hear more.

“Wait..! They still paddled the pledges back then??”

“Absolutely they did. But not just pledges. Any sister was subject to the paddle if needed.”

Lara wanted the floor to open below her so she could disappear in embarrassment. Stacey’s curiosity grew. 

“What do you mean ‘if needed?’ What would you get paddled for?”

“Oh geez, anything. Bad grades, missing chapter meetings or other events. Really any kind of bad behavior could get you spanked.”

“Wow…” Stacey said softly. “And the older girls too? Not just pledges?”

“Oh yes. I remember getting a good smacked bottom a few times even when I was a senior. Just like you two!” 

Lara jumped as her mom slapped her butt loudly. 

“Owww hey! What the hell!” Lara was indignant as she rubbed her butt. 

“Oh quit your whining,” her mother chided, laughing. She added, “You’re lucky I don’t take one of those down off the wall and show you what it was like in the good old days!”

Lara sulked. Stacey giggled. 

“Like I used to always say, you’re never too old for a good spanking. Even if you’re a big college senior.” 

Lara fumed as her mother further embarrassed her. “Mooommmm!!!”

“And that goes for you too, missy,” Mrs. C. said, ignoring her daughter and wagging a teasing finger at Stacey who stopped laughing and turned bright red. 

The older woman continued her lecture as she began unpacking a box. 

“Greek life used to be a source of structure and discipline. Now all you girls do is just party. But I can tell you, after I cut class only one time freshman year, my big sister made sure I had a hard time sitting when I did attend class the next day. There’s no better reminder to do the right thing than a bruised bottom.”

Stacey and Lara looked at each other. If only Mrs. C. knew just how right she was. 

The awkward moment subsided, and they finished bringing in the last of Lara’s things. Mrs. L. gave both girls big hugs as she said goodbye. She squeezed Lara a moment longer. 

“Ohh I’m gonna miss you sweetie!”

“I’ll miss you too, Mom,” replied Lara. “Thanks for your help moving me in.”

“Of course, of course. I had to make sure my big girl was all settled for her last year of college!!”

Lara didn’t appreciate her mother's infantile tone, but she indulged her. 

“I know, I can’t believe this is it!”

“You’ll do great,” said Mrs. L. “I’m so proud of you.”

Lara smiled and blushed. “Aww thanks Mom.”

“Well I’d better get going. You girls be good. No skipping class,” she playfully scolded, wagging a finger at the paddles as she walked by them. She laughed loudly, “Or else.”

Lara and Stacey laughed too. 

“Good byyyyyee Mooommm!!” Lara whined. 

“Hahaha, goodbye. Love you sweetie.” Lara’s mom pecked her on the cheek, tapped her on the bottom, and she was out the door. 

Lara rolled her eyes dramatically as she closed the door. 

“Sorry about that. She’s so annoying!” Lara said to Stacey, still feeling embarrassed by the way her mother had spoken to her. 

“Ha, don’t worry,” Stacey said, pausing a beat. She smiled wryly. “I mean… she’s not wrong is she?”

Lara blushed. “No,” she said meekly. “No she’s not.”

“Speaking of which,” Stacey slowly took both paddles down off the wall, “should we get down to business?”

Lara gulped. She nodded silently, took the paddle from her friend and followed her into the bedroom. 

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Later that evening, the girls were sharing a pizza each nursing a very sore bottom. They had each given the other 20 bare bottomed paddle swats to atone for any and all misbehavior over the summer. It was a lot, and both girls had a serious welt to show for it, but neither of them would have wanted to start their senior year any other way. 

“So should we talk about our friend Teddy?” Lara asked. 

“Hmm yes, I’ve been thinking about this. We’ll have to make sure we know his class schedule so we can pick our moments for punishment times,” said Stacey. 

“He already mentioned something to me about a night class on Wednesdays at least in the fall semester. Maybe we could have a standing weekly ‘appointment’ those nights?” Lara suggested. 

“Oh yeah, that could work,” Stacey said. “I actually like the idea of a regularly scheduled check in. Could be good for us.”

Lara smiled and shifted in her seat. She agreed that a scheduled spanking might be a good addition to her weekly routine. 

“But we might have occasion to need a spanking outside of Wednesdays,” Stacey continued. “I can recall more than a few times that one of us -ahem- needed more than one spanking in a single week.”

Lara looked down at her plate, ashamed. It was true that she wound up being spanked far more often than Stacey. Not that Stacey never earned a punishment, but Lara found herself draped over her friends lap with much more regularity. 

“Yeah… well… I’ll just have to be a really good girl…” Lara said with a nervous chuckle. 

Stacey laughed loudly. “Oh I’m suuurre that will be the case.” They both laughed heartily. 

“But seriously,” Stacey said, “we’re going to have to be careful if one of us - myself included! - needs to be spanked when Ted might be around.”

Lara sat quietly for a moment, thinking. Then she offered another suggestion. 

“We don’t … necessarily… have to keep it a secret…” 

Stacey stared at her friend silently. It would definitely make things easier if they could be open about their discipline structure. But could they trust Ted? Wouldn’t he find it weird and off putting?

She recalled the day last spring when their friend Ashley found out. Ashley had been over at their apartment, and while looking for something in the kitchen, stumbled upon the hand written list of rules and punishments. The one that said ‘ALWAYS ON THE BARE,’ across the bottom, leaving no doubt as to its meaning. 

Since the three girls were planning to live together in the fall, Lara and Stacey decided to just explain their agreement and its merits to Ashley.

Ashley found it all rather strange, but reserved judgement. She promised to keep their secret, as long as she didn’t have to participate. Stacey and Lara agreed, but ultimately, Ashley backed out of moving in with the girls, thinking it would be too awkward to be around when her friends were spanking each other. 

Stacey was worried Ted might be similarly apprehensive. “I don’t know…” she said. “What if we scare him off the way we did with Ashley?”

“Yeah…I know. It’s risky,” said Lara. “I guess better to just try to keep it from him. But we might want to be prepared with a game plan if he happens to find out on his own.”

“Good point,” Stacey agreed. She chuckled. “Maybe if he has a problem with it, I’ll just toss him over my knee!”

“Oh ho ho, now that I would like to see!” Lara laughed and bit her lip.

She felt a warmth grow between her legs as she imagined Ted getting his bare butt spanked  

“Who knows, maybe you’ll get your wish. I say, if Ted ever finds out what’s going on, we just explain everything and invite him to participate,” Stacey proposed. 

“Interesting…” mused Lara. “I guess he is likely to forget to do his dishes or leave messes around at some point anyway, and I wouldn’t mind the opportunity to paddle his ass when he does.”

Stacey snickered. She too was a little excited about the idea of giving Ted a good hard spanking. He was a really sweet guy, but she knew he would still benefit from regular discipline, just as she and Lara did. 

“Yeah we might want to have a talk with him when he moves in, just about our expectations for cleanliness and helping out with household stuff,” suggested Stacey. “And if he has trouble following the rules, we’ll just have to find some ways to ‘motivate’ him to do better.”

Lara giggled. “Ok, so we’re decided. We’ll try to keep Ted in the dark, but if he happens to find out, or he turns out to be a slob, we’ll just be straight with him and encourage that he might want to join us.”

“Perfect,” Stacey answered. 

“So… With that settled, I have a little something for you.”

“What? Aww honey, that’s sweet! What is it?”

Lara jumped up from the table and returned with a long slender package, neatly wrapped. 

“Here,” she said beaming at Stacey and handing her the box. 

Stacey smiled widely and tore open the package. Opening the thin box, she revealed a wide leather strap, engraved with the letters ‘B-F-F.’ There was also a note in the box. 


Thanks for being not just my BFF, but my accountability partner too. I can’t imagine how I would have make it through college without you. 

Kisses and Spanks,


Stacey’s eyes got misty. 

“Oh Lara this is so thoughtful! What a sweet note!” Stacey picked up the strap by its handle. “This thing looks like serious business though…”

She tapped the heavy leather against her palm. 

“Yeah…” Lara demurred, blushing. “I guess for the most serious infractions?”

Stacey smiled. “Yeah. For the baddest behavior,” she giggled. “But I think we’ll need to give it a test drive.” She glared at Lara.

Lara’s face when white. “Not yet!! You just finished bruising my ass!!”

Stacey laughed. “No, you’re right, not right now. But maybe we can take turns with it for our first Wednesday night appointment?”

Lara relaxed, but clearly harbored some anxiety about the heavy duty implement she had just gifted her friend. Still, she smiled and nodded eagerly. 

“Thank you, Lara. I love it. Can’t wait to try it out.” Stacey gave her friend a big hug and briskly rubbed her sore bottom.

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A few days later, Ted was due to arrive. Stacey and Lara busied themselves that morning straightening up and getting the place ready. They wanted everything to be spotless, hoping Ted would notice how clean the place was and that he’d then keep it that way. 

Stacey hid her new strap in her bedroom closet. Part of her wanted to hang it on the wall next to the wood paddles, but she knew she had to be more discreet. 

The other implements didn’t need hiding. The paddles were obviously ok to leave out, seemingly innocuous decorations. Stacey’s flat-backed hard wood hairbrush, which had become a mainstay in the girls’ spanking sessions, sat innocently on the bathroom vanity. The wooden spoons were nestled neatly in a kitchen drawer. 

Finally, Stacey double checked that the list of rules and punishments was safely hidden among her school notebooks. 

The only remaining evidence of any spanking was the bruises each girl wore on their bottoms. Of course Ted wouldn’t see those, but Stacey and Lara would have to be careful to hide their discomfort when sitting, something they’d become good at doing the last couple of years. 

“All set,” Stacey said to herself, finishing up her chores. She rubbed her bottom slightly, feeling a sharp tingle. The bruise from the other day’s paddling was fading, but was still proving a good reminder to behave herself and be a good roommate.

A while later, Ted’s parents dropped him off. The girls were very excited to see him, and eagerly helped him get settled into his room after he said goodbye to his folks. 

Lara led the way. 

“Here you go,” she said guiding him to the first floor bedroom. “We figured you could take the downstairs bedroom since there’s a bathroom down here too. Stace and I will share the one upstairs.”

“Cool, great,” Ted said, dropping his bags in the bedroom. “What about the backyard, though, and the deck? I wanna see the party pad!” 

He went charging down the hall, blowing right through the impressive kitchen and out the sliding glass door. 

“Aw hell yeah!” Ted proclaimed, stepping out on the deck. He surveyed the back yard. “This place is perfect for a kegger. When are we having a house warming, welcome back party?”

Stacey and Lara exchanged a glance. The girls liked a good party as much as anyone, but both wanted to keep a neat house, get good grades, not lose their security deposit… Ted’s eagerness to throw a rager was a little concerning. 

Stacey, being the slightly more mature and maternal roommate jumped in. 

“Woah woah, who said anything about keggers? Lara and I were thinking of a smaller thing this weekend before classes start next week. Just a pregame with the core group then hit the bars.”

Ted laughed. “Ha, yeah good one.” It took a moment before he realized his new roommates weren’t laughing. “Wait, you’re serious?”

“I mean, you know we like to party…” Lara said, “but that’s a lot of cleanup. Plus we have to consider our security deposit…”

“Oh come on! What happened while I was in Europe? You two went soft?”

Lara was kind of torn. She did want to party, but she really hated the thought of waking up hungover with a trashed house to pick up. 

Stacey, meanwhile, was getting a little irritated. She was reconsidering their plan to hide their spankings from Ted, already feeling a desire to put the boy over her knee right then and there. 

“Why don’t you come inside,” said Stacey in a measured tone, “and we can talk through what our expectations are.”

“Uhhh, ok…” said Ted, dripping with snippiness. 

Stacey rolled her eyes at Lara as Ted marched past them back into the kitchen. Lara too was starting to feel like their new roommate could do with an attitude adjustment in the form of a welted backside. 

The girls sat at the kitchen table and invited Ted to join them. He sat and crossed his arms, looking more than a little like a pouting toddler about to be scolded. 

Lara started gently. “You know I like to party with the best of them. But we really want to keep this place looking nice. We’re kind of, like, almost real adults now, so Stacey and I were thinking we’d treat the place more like a grownup house than a college party pad.”

They were all silent for a moment. Ted let the motion sink in. It was definitely not what he had in mind for his senior year, but maybe Lara was right. Maybe he should start acting more like an adult than a reckless college kid. 

Stacey jumped in. 

“There will be plenty of partying this year, don’t get us wrong. And we can definitely host some fun here - you’re right, that backyard is phenomenal. All we’re saying is we don’t want to have to deal with the mess, the potential damage, the complaints from neighbors, the - ”

“Alright, alright,” Ted cut off Stacey’s litany. “I get it, you’re right. We can be more mature…” Ted added a sarcastic tone to the word mature. 

Lara ignored his attitude and acknowledge his acquiescence. 

“Thanks, hon. I knew you’d understand. We’re not saying ‘no parties,’ but probably no massive ragers with half the school here either.”

“Ok,” Ted grumbled. 

“And as long as we’re on the subject,” Stacey pressed, “Lara and I have had good success managing household chores by setting some agreements up front.”

“Basic stuff, like, don’t leave dishes in the sink, make sure to rinse them and put them in the dishwasher,” Lara chimed in. 

“Sure, sure, I can handle that,” Ted was growing tired of this conversation. He was always pretty tidy, so didn’t think he needed to be lectured on doing his dishes the moment he moved in. 

“We also usually pick one Sunday a month to do more deep cleaning, like mopping and dusting. Of course, since you have your own bathroom, you’ll be responsible for keeping it clean,” Stacey explained. 

Ted finally had enough and let his tongue loose. 

“Geez if I knew I was gonna be assigned chores maybe I would have just kept living at my mom’s place,” he sniped. 

Lara let out a laugh. Stacey was not amused. They both remembered Lara striking a similar tone the first time Stacey spanked her. 

Stacey knew it clearly now: Ted needed his butt spanked. It would only be a matter of time before she had to take the boy in hand, just as she had done with Lara two years ago. 

But not today. Today, they all needed to make this work. 

“Look, we’re not trying to nag,” Stacey said, diplomatically. “It’s just that we have gotten used to a certain cleanliness and certain routine. And we hope you’re on board with that.”

Ted felt bad about his nasty remark. The girls had offered him a place to live when he was desperate, and now he was being rude about helping maintain the house. 

“Sorry. You’re right,” he said, adjusting his tone. “I’m really grateful you two let me live here, and I’ll be a great roommate, I promise. I’m really glad to be here.”

Lara beamed. She reach out and touched his arm. “We’re really glad you’re here too. We’re gonna have a lot of fun this year.”

“Damn right we are,” said Stacey. “Who wants a beer?” She opened the fridge and produced three cans. 

The friends sat and drank and caught up on their summers and Ted’s trip to Europe. With his beer can empty, Ted rose from the table. 

“Well I need to go finish getting settled in,” he said, cheerfully adding “Thanks for the beer!”

“No problem,” Lara said. “Let us know if you need help with anything. Welcome home!”

With Ted out of earshot, Lara turned to Stacey. 

“Well that wasn’t too bad,” she whispered. 

Stacey raised her eyebrows. “That boy needs a spanking!” 

Lara giggled loudly. “He’ll get one. Don’t worry. All in good time.” She winked. 

Stacey smiled. Her friend was right. It was only a matter of time.

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With the semester underway, things had normalized at the house on Columbia Ave. The three roommates all got busy with their studies and other school activities. Stacey and Lara were especially preoccupied during their sorority’s rush week, vetting freshmen who wanted to join. 

Stacey couldn’t help checking out a few of their butts, wondering what they would look like under the force of her paddle. The conversation with Lara’s mom had been ringing in her ears and left her pining for the “good old days.” 

Stacey had developed a bit of a dominant streak over the last two years. While she certainly relished the accountability and nurturing she received when Lara spanked her, Stacey had come to enjoy having her roommate over her knee, watching her bottom go from pale pink to bright red.

The thought of initiating pledges into her sorority in a similar way was very titillating. 

Meanwhile, Lara had been toeing the line, really trying to be her best self in her final year of school. She and Stacey had traded blows with the strap during their first Wednesday night session as promised, but otherwise Lara had thus far avoided any serious punishment. 

And Ted was none the wiser about the whole arrangement. He blissfully went about his routine, working hard in school during the week and going wild on the weekends. He still lamented that he couldn’t organize a huge event in his backyard, knowing for sure it would be the best party of the year, but he made do finding plenty of house parties and bars to drink in. 

He had also managed to stay on top of his household cleaning duties, certainly not maintaining the tidiness that his roommates did, but holding his own. 

Overall, conflict had been at a minimum, and the housing situation was working out perfectly. 

During the first week of October, Ted’s night class let out early. The professor sent his TA, and said students should work together on their group project. Ted’s group met for about 15 minutes, divided up tasks and agreed to reconvene on Friday morning. 

With an evening suddenly free, Ted scurried home to drop his books so he could meet his friends at their favorite bar. With classes every Wednesday, he has been missing their standard outing for the 10 cent wing special. 

Coming through the back door of the house, just off the kitchen, Ted noticed a pile of dishes in the sink, which was unusual. There were also dirty pots and pans on the stove, with sauces smeared on the burners. 

It was odd to see such a mess in the kitchen, but Ted didn’t think much of it, eager to get to the bar. As he stepped past the foot of the stairs, he heard a loud noise that stopped him in his tracks. 

A distinctive, rhythmic slapping noise was coming from one of the two upstairs bedrooms. Ted was puzzled at first, and took a couple of steps up wanting to make sure everything was ok. But then he froze when he heard Stacey’s voice. 

“How many times have we had to talk about this?” she said. 

The slapping continued. 

“Why do I always wind up reminding you to clean up the kitchen after you cook?”

More slapping. Ted was starting to understand what was happening, but couldn’t bring himself to believe it. 

Stacey’s voice grew louder and more stern. 

“And how many times…” SMACK SMACK SMACK - the slapping got louder too, “have I had to put you over my knee…” SMACK SMACK SMACK “and spank your bare little butt…” SMACK SMACK SMACK “over the stupid dishes!!”

A flurry of smacks followed, and Ted finally heard Lara’s voice. 

“Ooowwwww!! I’m sorry I’m sorry!! Aahhoowww!”

“Holy shit…” Ted whispered. He silently mouthed the words “spank your bare little butt??”

His mind flashed to an image of the scene upstairs. He pictured Lara sprawled over Stacey’s lap, her bare ass up in the air while Stacey spanked her relentlessly. 

Though he couldn’t see actually it, the sound did not sound quite like flesh against flesh. He wondered what Stacey was using to spank Lara. 

His cock stiffened. Ted was shocked by what he was hearing, but the idea of his Lara's bare ass getting slapped was definitely arousing. He stayed glued to the floor while the punishment continued upstairs. 

Lara continued begging for it to stop. After a few minutes, it did. He thought he could hear Lara sniffling. Both girls’ voices became low and indistinguishable. Ted could hear footsteps creaking on the floor along with some muffled voices, and he started to backpedal down the stairs. Just as he reached the bottom…


A loud smack erupted from above, far louder than before. 

“Ohhhh ahh!”

It took a minute for Ted to realize, that was Stacey’s voice. Another loud CRACK echoed down the stairs. 


That was definitely Stacey howling. They were taking turns spanking each other!! Ted crept back halfway up the stairs. 

A third smack fell, and he heard Lara’s voice. 

“Now before I give you these last three, are you going to miss any classes next week?”

There was silence, then a flurry of loud slaps, sounding just like a hand slapping someone’s face. Ted knew it wasn’t Stacey’s face being slapped. 

“Oooaawwww!! No no no, I won’t miss class again at all owww!”

“Good,” Lara answered. 




The slaps came one after the next, louder and harder, not fast, but not giving Stacey any time to catch her breath in between. Ted could hear her burst into tears. 

He could hear Lara shushing and reassuring her. He imagined Stacey bent over the edge of the bed, her pants at her ankles, Lara gently rubbing her bare, red backside. 

His dick swelled, and he began gently rubbing it through his pants. 

Knowing the spanking had ended, Ted silently retreated down the stairs to his bedroom so he could relieve the tension that had grown between his legs. 

On the way to his bedroom, he passed the entryway, and doubled back. He was sure there had been two sorority paddles hanging there all semester, but now there was only one.

A smile spread wide across his face as he realized what Stacey had just been spanked with. His member ached, and he rushed into his room to attend to it. 

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A little while later, Ted lay in his bed, pants at his ankles, basking in his self pleasure. He still couldn’t believe what he’d heard coming from his roommate’s bedroom. The situation had aroused him in a new way. Ted had never been very kinky, but there was something extremely sexy and titillating about Stacey and Lara spanking each other. 

Ted realized that this seemed to have been a regular thing for some time. Stacey had asked rhetorically “how many times” had she spanked Lara for not doing dishes.

Ted wondered what they would think if they knew he’d overheard them trading spankings. 

Just then, he heard footsteps in the hall way. He froze. Though his door was closed, the lights in his room were on, so anyone happening past would know he was home. He panicked when he realized he had also left his backpack and his shoes in the middle of the floor outside his bedroom. 

The footsteps stopped. There was silence for a long moment. Whichever of Ted’s roommates had come downstairs surely saw his stuff and knew he was in his room. He lay there motionless, naked from the waist down praying the girl would just quickly move on so he could sneak out the front door. 

Suddenly, he heard clattering on the wall. It sounded like wood connecting with drywall. The noise was brief, then the footsteps quickly started again and faded down the hall. Sensing his moment, Ted pulled up his pants, slipped out of his room as quietly as he could and grabbed his shoes. He snuck out the front door and hurried down the street. 

But before he left, Ted had been acutely aware - there were once again two paddles hanging next to the front door. 


Lara hurried back upstairs after replacing the paddle on the wall. She knew she was supposed to go do the dishes straight away, but she just had to go tell Stacey that Ted was home and likely heard their discipline session. 

Bursting into Stacey’s room and closing the door behind her, Lara whispered loudly to her roommate. 

“He’s home!” she said breathlessly.

“What??” Stacey looked up from her text book. She was laying on her bed on her stomach studying, wearing just a t-shirt and underwear, her sore bottom skyward and partially exposed. 

“Ted. He’s here. When I went to put the paddle away, I saw the lights on in his room.”

Stacey gaped. “Maybe he just left them on…”

Lara shook her head and cut Stacey off. “Nope. His backpack and shoes were on the floor in the hallway.”

“Shit…” Stacey sat up in bed, wincing slightly. “You think he heard us?”

“I don’t see how he didn’t.”

The girls were silent for a minute. Then Lara tried to stifle a giggle, but failed. Stacey stared at her. 

“So what if he heard us?” said Lara smiling. “Maybe it’s the opening we’ve been looking for.”

Stacey remained silent. She was embarrassed that Ted knew their secret. But maybe Lara was right. Maybe the time had come to incorporate Ted into their rituals. 

Lara continued. “I mean, he left his stuff in the middle of the floor downstairs. That’s one of the first things you spanked me for.”

She had an air of indignation with her last remark. Almost, ‘it’s not fair!’

A smile curled in one corner of Stacey’s mouth. She began imagining Ted splayed out across her ample lap, his cute bare bottom turning red as she slapped him with her hairbrush. 

“You’re right,” Stacey said, climbing out of bed. “It’s time for Ted to get his.”

She grabbed her hairbrush from atop her dresser and headed for the door, not bothering to put any pants on. Lara followed behind her, giggling excitedly. 

The two friends marched downstairs, their conviction steeled by their freshly spanked bottoms. Stacey could feel the cool air against her nearly-bare butt, causing a tingle to grow in her reddened cheeks. She didn’t mind being exposed like that - after all, Ted was about to be similarly exposed, she thought. 

But when the girls reached Ted’s room, he was nowhere to be found. The lights in his bedroom were off, and the door open. His backpack was still in the middle of the floor, but his shoes had disappeared. 

“Dammit,” Lara cursed, picking up the bag. “He was definitely here. He must have snuck out when I went upstairs.”

“Hmmm…” Stacey furrowed her brow and tapped the brush idly against her palm. “We’ll have to catch him another time. Maybe we should make a plan.”

“Yeah,” Lara said eagerly. “We can lay a trap for him. Then give him an ultimatum: move out or get spanked.”

Stacey smiled. “Yes. Absolutely.” Her smile widened. “I have something in mind already. We can talk it through, but first,” she smacked Lara’s butt hard with the brush, “you need to go clean up the kitchen young lady. Unless you want another dose?”

Lara yelped and grabbed her bottom. She dropped Ted’s backpack and hurried down the hall to the kitchen.

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Ted’s mind was swirling as he walked to the bar. Blinded by his arousal, the notion had not fully set in. Stacey and Lara were spanking each other! Ted had so many questions. 

How long had this been going on? How often? Were they really spanking each other’s bare asses? Was it just for punishment? Was anyone else involved? Did all sorority girls spank each other?

Ted was distracted the whole night. He eased his nerves with plenty of cheap beer, staying at the bar later than he normally would on a weeknight. He was apprehensive about going home, not very eager to see his roommates again considering at least one of them would suspect he had overheard them that evening. 

Finally, when the bar closed at 1 am, he stumbled his way home. Grateful to see all the lights off, Ted tried to be very quiet. His drunken state made that difficult, especially when he tripped over his backpack which still sat in the middle of the hallway floor.

Clambering to his feet, Ted bolted for his bed. He kicked off his shoes and passed out without bothering to disrobe. The alcohol coursing through his veins put him into a deep and motionless sleep. 

Ted’s dreams were filled with bottoms being spanked. Hazy images of his roommates’ naked asses being whacked by thick paddles were shrouded in the sound distant scolding, just like he’d heard earlier that night. 

“I will put you over my knee,” Stacey chided. 

“You need your little bare butt spanked,” he heard Lara say. 

Just before he awoke, he saw his own ass, naked and bent over. A paddle connected with a loud smack, and Ted jolted awake. 

“Oowww!” He said aloud, grabbing his butt. 

It took a moment before he realized it was his head that hurt, not his butt. His temples throbbed and the magnitude of the hangover set in. 

His bladder also ached. A small spurt of pee escaped into his boxers as he darted out of the room to relieve himself. He made it to the toilet just in time to avoid a major accident.

Stumbling down the hall, he ambled into the kitchen to find some coffee. 

The caffeine took hold and the haze began to lift around him. He saw the clock on the wall, and his stomach lurched as he realized he had slept through his first class of the day.

Looking up, Ted noticed the kitchen was spotless, a complete change from the night before. Remembering the mess, he also remembered that Lara had been thoroughly spanked for leaving it so. 

He then also remembered that Stacey’s spanking had been because she missed class. His bottom tingled, realizing he was missing class that very moment. The image from his dream flashed in his mind, the heavy paddle cracking against his bare ass. 

Ted was a bit surprised as his cock began to stiffen. He had been so turned on by the sounds of his roommates spanking each other the night before, but he had never considered that he might be on the receiving end himself. 

Letting his mind wander while he gulped his coffee, Ted’s cock grew harder and harder. He pictured being held down across Lara’s lap, his dick pressing into her bare thighs. He imagined Stacey fondling him from behind as he awaited the paddle on all fours atop her bed. 

He had always had a thing of dominant women, though he had never fantasized about being dominated in this way. The door had been nudged open and there was no closing it again. 

His hand made its way to his crotch, rubbing himself through his pants. 

Realizing he was home alone, Ted hurried back to his bedroom to pleasure himself again. He lay on his bed, pants at his ankles, stroking his stiff member while imagining his bare bottom being thoroughly spanked. It took only minutes before he moaned loudly spurted ropes of cum on his stomach. 

Ted cleaned himself up and quickly passed out again.

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The next couple of days, Ted and his roommates didn’t see much of one another. All three kept busy with class, homework, and social activities. By Friday afternoon, Lara and Stacey were packing up to head away for the weekend on their sorority’s annual retreat. Ted would be home alone for two days, and he was looking forward to having the place to himself. 

As he left class on Friday morning, one of his buddies, Jeff, came running up to him across the quad.

“Hey! Finally having that party tomorrow huh?”

Ted looked at his friend, puzzled. “What?”

“I heard about the bash at your place tomorrow. That amazing backyard…” Jeff was almost wistful. “We gotta get beer pong set up on the patio table!”

Ted was dumbstruck. He was definitely not planning a party. He knew his roommates would disapprove. It was unclear to him where this was coming from. 

“What time should we come by?” Jeff continued eagerly. 

Then, like a lightning bolt, Ted remembered his roommates would be out of town all weekend. He and his friends could party their asses off, and as long as he got everything cleaned up on Sunday morning, Stacey and Lara would be none the wiser. Maybe he could even show them that the place could tolerate a party or two. The wheels in his head started spinning full speed. 

“Wanna come by around 5 and help me go get the kegs? We can tap them nice and early and get a head start.”

“Hell yeah!” Jeff high fived him and sped off to his next class. 

A wide grin spread across Ted’s face as he crossed the quad. At last, a rager worthy of his killer apartment. 


On their way out of town to the retreat, Lara read her text messages aloud to Stacey who drove down the long country road. 

“It’s on,” Lara said. “That’s three different people who all said they’re planning to party at our place tomorrow night. Jeff says they’re going to get kegs.”

Stacey couldn’t contain her satisfaction. She smiled widely. 

“Worked perfectly. I knew that little brat wouldn’t be able to resist once we planted the seed. He’ll be in for a rude awakening when we show up bright and early on Sunday morning.”

Lara giggled. “More like a RED awakening!”

Stacey laughed too. “Oh man. His butt is gonna be soooo red when we get through with him.”

The girls continued laughing as they drove and laid out the final steps of their plan to give Ted the spanking he so richly needed. 


The party was epic. Ted had procured three barrels of beer, and not a drop remained when the last of his friends left in the wee hours of Sunday morning. Completely obliterated, Ted stumbled to his room past piles of empty plastic cups and cigarette butts. He collapsed on his bed fully clothed, managing only to kick off his shoes before passing out. 

Only a few hours later, around 9 am, Stacey and Lara arrived home. They were appalled at the state of the place. Both had expected a mess after they set Ted up to host a party, but this was beyond what they had imagined. 

Shocked by the mess, Lara made a quick, angry charge toward Ted’s bedroom. Stacey caught her by the arm, stopping her in her tracks. 

“Steady…” she said calmly. “Stick to the plan.”

Lara looked her roommate in the eye. “Look at this place! It’s out of control!”

“I know,” Stacey answered. “I didn’t think it would be this bad either. But just remember. Ted will clean it all up. And if we stick to our plan, he’ll be doing his cleaning with a very sore bottom.”

Still holding Lara by the arm, Stacey slapped her bottom twice, sharply. That got Lara’s attention, and she took a deep breath. 

“Ok ok, you’re right,” she said, rubbing her butt and grumbling, “You don’t have to spank me!”

Stacey smiled. She let go of Lara’s arm and tapped her butt again. “Just wanted to make sure I had your attention.”

The girls wandered into the front room, passing Ted’s bedroom. The door was wide open, and they could see him sleeping still fully clothed, his legs hanging off the edge of the bed.

Lara sniffed the air as they walked by. The whole house stunk of stale beer, but she thought she caught a whiff of something else emanating from Ted’s room. 

“Did he…?” she whispered.

Stacey looked at her quizzically.

“Don’t you smell that?” Lara asked. 

Stacey sniffed. She covered her mouth. There was a faint odor of urine that she had not smelled when they first walked in. And it certainly did seem to be coming from Ted’s room. 

Lara stifled a giggle. “Did he wet his bed?!”

Stacey just smiled. “I guess we’ll find out…”

The girls sat down on the couch and turned on the TV. With his door wide open, it was only a matter of time before the noise woke Ted from his drunken slumber. 

Sure enough, about five minutes later, they heard stirring in Ted’s room. As he came to, the room seemed to spin around him. The events of the night before came flooding back. The party. The mess. His roommates would be home soon and he needed to get cleaning. 

Despite his hangover, Ted rallied the strength to pop out of bed. It was only then that he realized he was still wearing his jeans from the night before… and they were soaking wet.

“Ohh no no no no…” Ted said aloud, pulling at the wet blankets on top of his bed. He had been a chronic bed wetter as a kid, so it was a familiar feeling. But it had been a while since he’d had an accident. The cold feelings of shame washed over him. 

Then, another realization set in. He heard the TV on in the next room. Ted figured it likely just got left on the night before, but he wondered… could Stacey and Lara be home already…?

He tiptoed to his doorway and peered around the corner. Sure enough, there sat his two roommates, facing away from him watching TV. 

He quickly slammed the door shut. “Shit!” he whispered. He assessed his predicament. 

He had gone back on his promise to not throw parties in their shared space. The house was a tremendous mess. He had thought he would have had time to clean it up, but his roommates were home earlier than expected. 

And now, he was trapped in his bedroom, panicking about how to explain himself. On top of it all, he wore pee soaked pants, having wet the bed like a small child. 

Just as he was thinking about trying to climb out the window, there was a loud knocking on the door. 

“Ted!” It was Lara. 

“Uhh…” his voice cracked, “just a minute!”

Ted started unfastening his pants, looking around for something, anything, else to wear. But the door swung open. Lara stepped in with Stacey right behind her. 

With a hand on her hip, Lara eyed him up and down. Ted stood frozen, his jeans with an obvious, dark wet patch all the way down his front side. 

“Well that’s cute,” Lara said sarcastically, “looks like somebody forgot to go potty before he passed out last night. It stinks like pee pee in here.” There was a twinge of baby talk in her voice. 

Ted blushed. 

“And it stinks like stale beer and cigarettes out there!” Stacey practically yelled, pointing into the hallway. 

The girls stood staring at Ted. He was silent, blushing profusely and trying in vain to cover his wet crotch. 

Finally, after several moments, Lara spoke. She could feel anger rising inside her. She couldn’t wait to blister Ted’s naughty little backside. 

“Well? What do you have to say for yourself?”

“I… I don’t… it wasn’t… I just thought…” Ted stammered. His head throbbed. His thoughts were clouded as he desperately tried to think of a way to talk himself out of this situation. “You got home early, I was gonna have everything cleaned up, I swear. I just…”

Stacey cut him off. “You will absolutely clean everything up. You can start by cleaning yourself up. Strip those wet sheets before you ruin the mattress. Put everything in the wash, get some clean clothes and meet us in the living room. We have to talk about this.”

Ted still just stood dumbstruck. He felt about two feet tall as he was ordered around by his roommate. He stared at the girls blankly, still trying to obscure the dark wet patch on his jeans. 

After a moment, Lara lost patience. 

“Now mister!!” she yelled at him. 

That had the desired effect, as Ted sprung into action pulling the blankets and sheets off his bed. With the mattress bare, Stacey stepped in to inspect it. 

“You’re lucky,” she said eyeing the bed. “Since you passed out on top of the blankets, it looks like your little accident didn’t soak through to the mattress.”

Lara clicked her tongue. “Still unbelievable to me that we’re even having this conversation…” she said, rolling her eyes dramatically. “Now get those sheets in the wash, put on some clean clothes and meet us in the living room.”

The girls turned on their heels, closed the door and returned to their perches on the front room sofa. 

With his head still swimming, Ted robotically complied with the directive he’d been given. He stripped naked and felt a chill as the cool air hit his damp skin. Again, it was a familiar feeling that transported him back to his childhood. 

Not wanting to further piss off Stacey and Lara, Ted pulled on some sweat pants and a tee shirt (not bothering with underwear) and stumbled out of the room with the bundle of sheets and his pee soaked clothes. 

As he closed the lid on the washing machine, he took a deep breath. He thought about how stupid it was to break his agreement with the girls. Even there in the laundry room, he saw stacks of used plastic cups. He and his friends had trashed the place and now he had to face the consequences. 

Ted walked slowly back to the living room. Would they make him move out? Where would he go? He knew the girls had every right to kick him out, but he couldn’t afford an apartment by himself. He had to talk his way into staying. 

Slowly shuffling into the room, Ted found his roommates sitting on the couch. They had placed a wooden chair from the kitchen table in the middle of the room, facing the sofa. 

“Sit down,” Stacey said calmly, pointing to the chair. 

Her measured tone was unnerving. Somehow Ted wished they would just yell at him. He sat down, fidgeting slightly and staring at the floor. He felt like a small child about to be scolded. 

Stacey let him stew in silence for a few moments. She had the boy right where she wanted him and was enjoying watching him squirm. 

Finally, she spoke. 

“What do you have to say for yourself?”

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Ted’s mouth was dry. His hangover was certainly making him feel ill, but glares his roommates wore were enhancing his discomfort tenfold.  

Stacey was calm, but stern, staring daggers right through him with her piercing blue eyes. 

Lara looked absolutely pissed. Her brown eyes showed a fire Ted had never seen in her. He knew the feeling was inappropriate, but he felt oddly attracted to her in this agitated state. 

Ted had a hard time meeting either girl’s gaze. He felt ashamed, and mostly stared at his feet as he shuffled them nervously. He did not speak. 

“I asked you a question,” said Stacey, still measured, but sternly raising her voice slightly. “What do you have to say for yourself?”

“I… I’m…” Ted stammered. “I’m sorry,” he said softly. 

“What was that??” Lara barked at him. 

“I’m sorry,” said Ted, firmly and looking Lara in the eye. He felt her stare soften a bit, as Lara recognized that he was genuinely regretful. 

“I’m sure you are,” Stacey said authoritatively. “You have quite a mess to clean up here. I expect it will take you most of the day. But the mess is only one part of this. We’ll need to take a walk around and make sure nothing was damaged. You’re very lucky your mattress wasn’t ruined by your little accident.”

Ted blushed profusely. He again averted his eyes in shame. Stacey continued. 

“When you moved in here, we had a big talk about this. That was only a couple of months ago, when you agreed to respect our home and not throw outrageous parties.”

She paused for dramatic emphasis. 

“And now, you’ve proven that you can’t be trusted. The minute Lara and I left town, you disrespected our shared space. As I’m sure you know, actions have consequences. So what do you think should be the consequences of your actions?”

Ted once again felt like a little boy being scolded for misbehavior. He was fairly sure his mother had used the exact same phrase about consequences when he was younger. 

He shrugged. “I’ll clean everything up,” he murmured, “and pay for anything that got damaged.”

“You’re damn right you will!” Lara cut in. Stacey put a hand on her friend’s leg and gave her a look that said ‘take it easy…’ Lara nodded and took a breath. 

Turning back to Ted, Stacey said, “Yes, you absolutely will clean the entire apartment and pay for any damage. But what about the breach of trust? How can Lara and I be sure this won’t happen again?”

Fidgeting in his seat, Ted pleaded. “Please don’t make me move out. I’m really sorry and I truly promise it won’t happen again. I’ll clean everything now, and I’ll do extra cleaning all week to make up for it. Please. I can’t afford to live on my own. Please…”

Stacey worked hard to suppress the smile curling in the corners of her mouth. Lara, too, was feeling satisfied with Ted’s groveling. 

Stacey continued to take the lead. “We would be very justified in kicking you out. You obviously know that. But I think we can give you a chance to earn back our trust. 

“Doing some extra chores this week sounds like a good start. Maybe a little childish, but you acted in an immature way, so perhaps a childish punishment is just what you need.”

Ted’s heat sank when he heard the word ‘punishment.’ He was suddenly reminded of the ‘punishments’ he had overheard a few nights prior. Across the room, he saw the paddles hanging on the wall, neatly framed between his two roommates. He swallowed hard, almost an audible ‘gulp.’

Lara cut in. “I don’t think extra chores are enough of a punishment to earn back my trust. Since we’re considering about childish punishments, I think you should be grounded next weekend too. Just sit at home while everyone else is out, so you can think about what you did.”

Ted hung his head. He did not want to miss a whole weekend out drinking with his friends. But he couldn’t think of a way to wriggle out of this. It seemed he would have to do whatever Stacey and Lara said in order to avoid being forced to move. 

“Hmm… it seems maybe Teddy doesn’t like that idea.”

Ted blanched when Stacey used his childhood nickname. She prodded him further. 

“Don’t you think you deserve to be grounded? Or is there some other type of punishment that you think would be more appropriate for your behavior?”

Now Lara had to suppress her smile. She couldn’t believe how neatly their plan was working out. Stacey had the boy wrapped around her finger, and it was only a matter of time before he was bare bottomed, getting his overdue spanking. 

Ted shifted in his seat. He suddenly felt the hard wood of the chair very acutely through the thin fabric of his sweatpants. He did not answer Stacey, as he debated internally. 

Being grounded did not sound fun. It was senior year, and there were a finite number of weekends left to party. Missing one of them because he was being punished like a teenager would be devastating. 

He considered the alternative. If he suggested taking a spanking instead, it would be painful no doubt, not to mention humiliating. But it would be quick. When it was over, he would be forgiven. 

Ted then recalled the excitement he had experienced listening to his roommates paddle each other. His cock stiffened and rubbed delightfully against his soft pants. 

How bad could it be?

“Well?” Stacey’s voice broke him from his daydream. “Extra chores and grounded? Or do you have another suggestion?”

Ted’s eyes were fixed on the paddles hanging on the wall. His mind was made up, but he couldn’t bring himself to ask for it. 

Stacey turned and looked over her shoulder to glance at the paddles. She turned back to Ted, whose line of sight did not shift. His lip quivered as he struggled to speak. 

“Are you looking at those paddles?” Stacey asked bluntly. 

Ted didn’t move. 

Lara snapped her fingers. “Hey! Stacey asked you a question. Speak up, mister!”

Ted looked back and forth at Stacey and Lara. He slowly nodded. 

“Do you think you deserve a paddling?” Lara asked.

Again, Ted nodded. 

“What a great idea,” Stacey chirped. “I think a being spanked like a little boy will teach you a good lesson about acting like a grown up.”

The room was silent for a solid minute. Ted’s heart was racing, his bottom and genitals tingling. 

Stacey turned to Lara. “What do you think, hon? Should we give this young man a good spanking?”

Lara and Ted locked eyes. She smiled at him warmly. Her sweet look made him relax slightly. 

“Absolutely,” she affirmed. Ted hung his head. His fate was sealed. 

“Good. Teddy, please go choose one of the paddles from the wall over there,” Stacey commanded. 

Ted didn’t move. 

“Right now mister!” Lara yelled. 

Ted jumped from his chair and hurriedly crossed the room. The girls turned to watch him. He inspected each paddle, suddenly realizing how heavy they were and how much they were likely to hurt.  
He hesitated only a moment before choosing the one that appeared to be slightly thinner. 

Lara giggled with glee. “Oh goodie he chose mine!”

Stacey stood from the couch. “Ok then. I get to give the warm up, and you give the swats.”

Ted was puzzled, walking slowly back to the middle of the room, as Stacey took his place in the kitchen chair.

“Please hand that paddle to Lara and come over here,” instructed Stacey. 

Still confused, but eager to get this over with, Ted complied. Stacey took his hands and stood him directly in front of where she sat. 

“Now here’s what’s going to happen,” she explained. “I’m going to put you across my lap and spank your bare bottom thoroughly with my hand. Once you are nice and red and warmed up, you’ll bend over the edge of the couch and Lara will paddle you.”

She let her words sink in. Ted couldn’t believe this was about to happen. He hadn’t been spanked in years, and he had definitely never been hit with anything as heavy as the paddle that Lara now held, tapping it against her thigh. He was scared. 

Stacey continued. “This is just the beginning of your punishment. After you’ve been well spanked, you can begin cleaning. Once this place is spotless, the three of us will sit down and discuss whether any additional punishments that may be needed.”

Again she paused. Squeezing his hands tightly to reassure him, she added, “We’ll also have to discuss your little bed wetting problem.”

Hanging his head in shame, Ted felt tears well in his eyes. Stacey took his chin in her hand and lifted it so she would look him in the eye. She felt a surge of maternal energy, comforting Ted before she disciplined him. 

“It’s ok,” she said with a warm smile, her blue eyes glistening. “We'll get it all figured out, and we’ll make sure we can all trust each other again.”

Ted felt an odd calm wash over him. Stacey was being so caring. She was being firm, but fair. He knew he had to earn her trust back. He knew he needed to be punished.

“But, I’ll give you one more chance to change your mind,” Stacey said. “Before I take you over my knee, you can choose to not be punished. You can instead choose, if you’d rather, to pack your things and find somewhere else to live where this kind of behavior is tolerated.”

Ted remained silent. No way was he moving out. He was ready to take his medicine. 

Still holding his chin, Stacey asked directly. “So? What’ll it be? Pack your bags, or get your bottom beat?”

Ted took a deep breath. He found his courage. 

“I deserve to be punished. I’m sorry. Please give me a spanking.”

Stacey gently slapped his face. “Gladly.”

She hooked Ted’s arm and tossed him in a heap across her knees. Manhandling him, Stacey adjusted him into just the right position with his bottom perfectly primed for her hand. 

Patting him over his sweatpants, Stacey asked Lara, “What do we say about bottoms during a spanking, Lara?”

The two girls sing-songed together, “ALWAYS ON THE BARE!!”

Stacey hooked Ted's elastic waistband and yanked his pants down. Ted gasped as the cool air hit his backside. His cock, too, took note of his naked state in front of the beautiful girls. It stiffened and pressed into Stacey’s thighs. 

She ignored it, knowing it wouldn’t last once she got started. She slapped him once, hard, her long fingers covering plenty of ground. She rubbed him gently. 

“Ok little boy. Are you ready for your spanking?”

“Yes…” he said meekly. 

Stacey started in. She held Ted tightly around the waist, and let him have it. 

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Ted’s ass quickly went aflame. He was astounded by how hard Stacey could hit him with just her bare hand. As she expertly spread her spanks over every part of Ted’s cute backside, the boy began to wriggle on her lap. 

As much as it hurt, the spanking was sending vibrations through Ted’s most sensitive areas. Despite being treated in such a humiliating way, he found blood rushing to his cock. Overall, he was very aroused by the situation. 

Stacey was well aware of Ted’s excitement. She too felt a warming between her legs. The dominance she exerted over him was thrilling and titillating. And she took note of how firm and round Ted’s ass was. 

Much as she was enjoying herself, she was also determined to teach him a lesson. Stacey brought her hand down with force, crisply smacking his reddening bottom again and again. She began scolding him, hoping to add to his embarrassment. 

“I hope you feel ashamed of yourself. We made our expectations very clear when you moved in here.” Stacey continued her rhythmic barrage as she lectured, alternating cheeks. “And you failed to meet those expectations. Now you have to face the consequences.”

The scolding was having the desired effect. Ted did feel ashamed. His shoulders slumped and his body relaxed. He gave into the punishment, knowing that he fully deserved it. 

“I’m sorry,” he muttered, feeling very small. 

“You will be,” Stacey barked ominously. 

She stopped spanking for a moment, but held Ted firmly across her lap. She let her hand rest on his bare butt, feeling the heat she had created. 

“What do you think, La? Is his butt warmed up enough for the paddle?”

Lara jumped up from the couch and circled around behind to inspect Ted’s bottom. 

“Let’s see,” she said, extending a hand to gently rub and pinch Ted’s naked backside. “It’s a nice shade of pink, but I think this butt could be redder before I take my paddle to it.”

Lara reared and smacked him hard three times on each cheek, making Ted flinch and grunt. She too was turned on by the young man’s muscular backside, and by his submissive wriggling over Stacey’s lap. 

“Ok then,” Stacey said, resuming the spanking. “Let’s add some color to this tushie.”

Ted’s discomfort was growing, both from the sting in his butt and the intense humiliation. The way the girls talked about him as though he wasn’t right there, inspecting his bare bottom, made his face blush just as red as his butt. Stacey’s infantile mention of his “tushie,” made his face turn just as red as his butt. He truly felt like a misbehaved little boy who was being taught a lesson. 

Stacey spanked Ted hard for another five minutes or so. Finally, just when he felt tears begin to well in his eyes, she stopped. 

“Alright buster,” she said with a final smack to his rear. “Stand up.”

Ted stood and immediately reached behind to try to rub out the sting in his ass. Stacey quickly smacked his hands away. 

“You stop it bad boy! That smarting bottom is there to teach you a lesson. Don’t you try to rub it out.”

She grabbed his wrists in one hand and spanked him again, hard, with the other. Ted yelped and jumped in the air. 

“Now get over there and take the rest of your punishment,” Stacey said, pointing to the edge of the couch where Lara stood tapping the heavy paddle against her thigh. 

Ted’s heart sank. 

His ass was already very sore. He felt truly contrite, and he knew he’d never again try to throw a party behind his roommates’ back.

He stared at Lara, his lip quivering slightly. A tear streaked his cheek, and he burst. 

“Please! Please don’t paddle me! I’m so sorry. I was so stupid. It will never happen again, please. I’ll clean the apartment for the rest of the semester! Please please!”

Lara felt a smile curl in the corners of her mouth. A brief wave of sympathy rose in her. Ted had already been thoroughly spanked, and she did believe him that it wouldn’t happen again. She considered whether to let him off this time. 

But only for a moment. The hard paddle felt good in her hand. Many times she had fantasized about applying it to Ted’s bare butt. No way was she passing up this opportunity. 

“I don’t think so, my friend,” she said. “I know you heard this paddle in use the other night. It’s time for you to fully understand what it feels like to break the rules around here.”

Ted silently wiped his tears and hung his head. He stood frozen on the floor, his sweatpants still hanging just below his bottom. Despite his shame, a large erection held them up in the front. 

Lara pointed to the arm of the sofa. “Bend over and take your medicine.” 

She noticed the massive bulge in the front of his pants and felt her own arousal multiply. 

Ted shuffled over toward the couch, both hands gripping his waistband in the front hoping to protect some level of modesty. 

Turned on by both Ted’s hard on and his childlike submission to her, Lara couldn’t help herself. She cracked him gently on the knuckles with the paddle to move his hands away, then quickly yanked his pants to his ankles. 

Ted stumbled and fell forward. Lara caught him by the arm and guided him over the arm of the couch. His face buried in the cushion, ass straight up in the air, Ted was in position.

Lara moved to his side. Placing her left hand in the small of his back to steady him, she tapped the paddle against his bright red bottom. She paused a moment, then took Ted by the hips to adjust him. Squaring him up evenly, she pushed him forward so that his toes barely touched the hard wood floor. 

Ted heard Stacey move around behind him, seemingly to get a better view. Humiliated, he turned his head into the the back of the couch to hide his face. 

Lara took aim again, and Ted flinched as the hard wood tapped his upper thighs. 

“I’m going to give you fifteen swats,” Lara said firmly, “the same number Stacey and I got the first time we spanked one another.”

The words sunk in for Ted. The scene he had been visualizing - dreaming and fantasizing about - was real. And he was about to find out just how real. 

Lara slapped him a little harder, bouncing the heavy paddle off his left cheek.

Ted gasped and jolted. Lara pushed down hard on his back. 

“You hold still. If you move out of position or try to cover up your butt, the swat won’t count. Understand?”

Ted nodded slightly, unable to speak. 

Lara cracked him hard across both cheeks. 


“Owwww!! Yes!! Aaahhh!!” Ted wailed into the couch cushion, trying desperately to hold still. 

“Good. Now you go ahead and cry if you need to. This is going to hurt, young man.”

The force of the first spank took Ted’s breath away. He arched his back, pulled up his head, and dropped his jaw. The searing heat explodes across his entire ass. 

Lara waited just until she saw him inhale and let out a muted squeal, then hit him again with all her strength. 

The loud spank was nothing compared to the wail Ted let out. Finally finding his voice, he howled. 


Lara took aim. 

“Remember to stay still. You know you deserve this, you bad boy.”

Ted buried his face in the couch and began to sob as the third smack landed. Seeing his will break, Lara got on with it. 

“That was three,” she said pulling the paddle back above her head. “And here is FOUR! FIVE! SIX! SEVEN! EIGHT!!”

Lara expertly spread the swats to every part of his backside. Both cheeks bore the beginnings of bruises. 

The boy wailed and bawled as the paddle fell. He couldn’t remember a time he’d felt this kind of pain. He kicked his feet, his toes tapping the floor. 

Lara wrapped her free arm around his waist. 

“Hold still. More than halfway there. Seven more.”

She tightened her grip, both around Ted’s waist and on her implement. She felt an adrenaline rush, and the warmth between her legs continued to grow. The paddle rested against the naughty boy’s sore bottom. 

“Nine! Ten!” Lara called out as she hit him in quick succession. She felt Ted’s body go limp as he wailed sobbed uncontrollably into the couch cushion. 

“Five more,” Lara chided, releasing her grip. “I want you to think hard about why you’re being spanked.”

She smacked him hard. He cried out. 

“You are being spanked,”


“because you”


“broke your”




Ted could only sob and kick his feet as Lara abused his backside. He had lost every ounce of pride. He just wanted it to stop. 

Lara made the last one count. She brought the paddle down with such force, Ted fell to his knees. He collapsed into a puddle on the floor, tears streaming down his cheeks and snot from his nose. 

The girls let him lie there, standing over him, until he caught his breath. 

Finally, through his sniffles, he murmured, “I… I… I’m… s…sorry…”

Immediately, both Stacey and Lara knelt down and put their arms around him. 

“We know you are,” whispered Lara. 

“And we know it won’t happen again,” said Stacey, rubbing his swollen bottom. 

Ted continued crying softly as the girls held him. The three of them basked in the tender moment. 

Finally, Stacey tapped Ted’s butt. 

“I think some time in the corner will help you calm down. Then you’ve got quite a bit of cleaning up to do, buster.”

Ted shifted to his feet and wiped his nose. Lara took him by the elbow and led him to the corner of the room. Ted stumbled with his pants still around his ankles. Lara guided him face first against the wall and put his hands on his head. 

“No rubbing,” she warned, with a sharp smack. “Or else.”

Ted whimpered, but stood perfectly still and said nothing. 

Stacey took out her phone. “I’m setting a timer for ten minutes. I want you to think about your bad behavior and the consequences of that behavior. Then you can pull your pants back up and get to cleaning.”

“Ok,” Ted croaked, still sniffling. 

As the timer started, the girls stood for a few moments to admire their handiwork. Ted’s ass and thighs were deeply bruised. They felt quite pleased with how soundly he had been punished, and they were ecstatic with how willingly he had taken it. 

At last, they left him there, propped in the corner like a naughty boy with nothing but his thoughts and his smarting bottom. 

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  • 2 weeks later...

Ted stood in the corner sniffling, his hands on his head and his bottom throbbing. His mind was a blur, recounting what had just happened. He had been spanked, thoroughly. Punished like a young boy by his roommates. 

It had been a long time since Ted was spanked. Spanking was not a regular occurrence for him growing up, both because his parents usually deployed other punishments like grounding, but also because Ted was generally very well behaved. 

He recalled one time when he was about ten, his mother had been very angry with him for something, he couldn’t really remember what it was. She was sitting on the couch lecturing him while he stood in front of her, clearly not listening. Without warning, she had quickly tossed him across her lap and slapped the seat of his pants five or six times, then sent him to his room. 

It didn’t hurt very much, but he remembered the spanking getting his attention. That was usually the case - a spanking let him know he had gone too far, without inflicting any serious pain. 

Now, standing in the corner with his bruised butt on display, the same message was sinking in that he’d crossed a line. But the lesson was far more painful than when he was ten. 

He badly wanted to rub his aching backside. But he didn’t dare. 

Upstairs in Stacey’s room, the girls sat on the bed gushing about the experience of punishing Ted. 

“Then he just plopped himself over my lap. I still can’t believe it!” Stacey giggled. 

“Oh my god, when he begged me not to paddle him, I thought I was gonna melt.” Lara recalled. “That big tough guy reduced to a blubbering little boy!”

“Hahaha, I know!” Stacey laughed. “I thought for a minute you were gonna let him off the hook.”

“I must say, those little puppy blue eyes almost had me. But he got everything he deserved.”

“Did he though?”

Lara put her hand to her mouth. She giggled. 

“You think he needs another dose??”

“Well not a full one… but I think when we introduce him to the rules, we can also introduce him to the strap.”

“Oohhh hohoho!” 

Stacey paused a little apprehensively. “Is that ok with you? I know it was a gift and it can stay between us ‘BFF’s’ if you want.”

“Oohhh hohoho…” Lara continued with a big smile. 

“Yes?” Stacey asked. 

“Ohhh yes. How about one stroke from each of us.”

“Yeah. Just a taste. Then he’ll know what to expect the next time he misbehaves.”


They laughed hysterically as Stacey pulled out the vicious implement from her nightstand drawer and tossed it on the bed next to the hand written list of rules.

“That’ll be for later,” she said. “Only one minute left in his timeout. Let’s go make that boy clean up this disgusting mess.”

Ted nearly jumped off the floor when he heard the timer ring behind him. He had been so lost in thought that he hadn’t hear the ladies come back in the room. Regaining his composure, he stood perfectly still facing the wall with his hands on his head. 

“Ok, you can come out now, naughty boy,” Stacey said, dialing up the maternal authority in her voice. She was really enjoying herself.

Ted turned around and stared at his feet where his pants still sat bunched up. He covered his manhood in embarrassment with both hands. 

“Pull up your pants and come over here,” Stacey ordered. 

He did as instructed, wincing when the elastic waistband slid across his tender backside. His member, though, got a rush of blood.

Shuffling over to where the girls stood, he was still unable to meet their gaze, completely broken and ashamed. 

One by one, Stacey and Lara pulled him into a hug. With his arms trapped at his sides, he couldn’t hug them back even if he wanted to. He just rested his head on their shoulders and enjoyed each warm embrace. 

Lara spoke first. 

“You took your punishment like a good boy and we’re proud of you,” she said with her hands on his shoulders. “But now it’s time to clean up. We’re going upstairs to do homework.”

Stacey cut in. “No breaks for you until this place is spotless. Lara and I will check on you every so often to make sure you’re making progress.”

“And if you need any extra motivation to keep at it,” Lara added, “we’ll be happy to provide it.”

Stacey smacked his ass hard.

“Oowwwww ohoho, please no more, I’ll clean so fast!” Ted howled. 

“Ok then,” said Lara, “get to it.” 

She patted his bottom three times, not very firmly, but hard enough to make the boy wince in pain. He staggered into the kitchen to find some garbage bags and started picking up. 

Lara and Stacey retired to their bedrooms to get some studying done. They both had trouble concentrating, still very stimulated from the morning’s excitement. 

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Hours later, finished with his chores, Ted lay on his bed reading from a text book, on his tummy of course. The ache is his backside was still strong, but he had managed to get lost in his studies nonetheless, and was no longer dwelling on his sore butt. 

After a while though, he became distracted by the sound of footsteps in the hallway. Hearing one of his roommates reminded him of the morning’s events. A flash of heat rose in his bottom as he recalled his punishment. 

There was a soft knock on the door. 

Ted was silent. He dropped his head and pretended to be asleep. 

The knock came again. 

“Teddy?” It was Lara. After another moment, she quietly twisted the knob. “Ted, are you in here?” she said softly, entering the room. 

Ted remained motionless and silent, hoping she would leave. 

Lara sat down on the bed. She gently put a hand on Ted’s bruised butt. He tried not to flinch. Lara rubbed him softly over his sweatpants, noticing he still wasn’t wearing any underwear. The caress, though a little stingy, felt good and made Ted’s cock stir. 

He opened his eyes and looked at Lara with a pout on his face. 

“Good morning sleepy head,” Lara cooed, still rubbing his butt. 

The sensation was delightful, and Ted’s cock now pressed firmly into the mattress below him. 

“Did you have a nice little nappy?”

Ted was annoyed with her infantile tone, but with her hand primed and available to strike his upturned bottom, he didn’t dare show it. He simply nodded, still wearing a scowl. 

“Good,” Lara said. “Stacey and I are pleased with your cleaning. You did a very thorough job!” She patted his rump for emphasis, making Ted wiggle and wince. 

“We’d like to have a little talk with you,” she continued. “I’ll give you a few minutes to wake up, but then please come see us in the kitchen.”

She slapped his butt and was quickly on her way down the hall, leaving no opportunity for Ted to try to talk his way out of the house meeting. 

Ted lay still for a moment, dreading what was coming next. The girls had mentioned a list of rules, along with hinting at other punishments that might await him. His fear of what the girls would do next made his erection subside. 

Finally, Ted dragged himself off the bed and shuffled down the hall, rubbing his sore bottom. He entered the kitchen and found his roommates sitting at the table patiently waiting. 

“Hi Teddy, please have a seat,” Stacey said invitingly. 

Ted groaned as his tender bottom connected with the hard wood chair. He shifted around, trying to find a comfortable way to sit, but it was no use. 

“That stings a little doesn’t it?” Stacey said, taking command of the conversation. I think sitting on that sore butt in your classes the next few days will be a good reminder for you that actions have consequences.”

Ted once again felt like he was about five years old. All he could do was nod. Stacey continued her lecture. 

“That’s something that Lara and I have understood for the last two years, isn’t that right La?”

Lara blushed. “Yes, that’s right,” she said meekly. “Stacey and I were not really getting along when we first moved in together sophomore year. Then one night, Stacey finally got fed up and taught me a good lesson with her paddle.”

Lara’s cheeks turned a deeper shade of red as she recalled her first punishment at the hands of her roommate. 

Stacey jumped in. “Yeah and shortly after that I learned my own lesson. And ever since, we’ve used spanking as a way to mitigate conflict and hold each other accountable.”

“And now,” Lara said, staring right into Ted’s eyes, “we’ll do the same with you.”

The girls paused and let the room fall silent for a moment. Ted didn’t dare speak. He was still in shock and taking in his situation. 

Stacey sought to offer some additional detail as well as some reassurance. 

“We have found spanking to be an excellent way to remain close friends. Lara knows I love her, and I know she loves me. And I know that’s just the reason she spanks me, because she cares about me and wants to help me be a better roommate, better friend, better student, better person.”

Ted finally found his voice, but barely. 

“H.. how… often…?” he trailed off. 

“Whenever one of us needs it,” Lara chirped. “We have a list of rules, and when they get broken, there’s a consequence.”

Stacey chimed in. “Yeah… and Lara over here seems to need it a little more often *ahem*.” Lara blushed and giggled. “But lately we’ve been having weekly ‘appointments,’ on Wednesday nights when you’re in class.”

“When you’re SUPPOSED to be in class!!” Lara chided. 

Now it was Ted’s turn to blush. 

“I … I did go to class! She let us out early and I just… I was … I had no idea!!”

Lara chortled. She enjoyed watching Ted squirm, and even felt herself getting aroused. 

“Don’t worry,” Stacey cut in. “We’ll go through all the rules and the corresponding punishments in a moment. We also need to discuss the remainder of your punishment this week for your little Saturday night soirée.”

Ted hung his head in shame. He already knew he was in for extra chores, but he prayed he wouldn’t get spanked again too. 

“But first,” Stacey paused. She waited for Ted to look up at her. She raised her eyebrows. “We also need to discuss your little bedtime accident.”

The boy slumped in his chair. He stared at his hands and picked at his finger nails. 

Lara wanted to scoop him up and cuddle him. He looked so pathetic. It was really turning her on. 

“It’s ok Teddy, it happens,” she said sweetly, reaching out and taking his hand. “We’re just worried about the mattress, if it happens again…”

“I didn’t.. I .. it won’t.” Ted muttered. 

“I’m not convinced,” Stacey said firmly. “Has it happened before?”

Ted was silent. He felt the pit in his stomach grow. 

Lara pet his hand gently. “Hey,” she said, “it’s ok. It’s just us. We won’t say a word. We just want to know if it’s going to be an issue. We need to protect our security deposit.”

Ted looked up Lara. Her soft brown eyes reassured him. He slowly let his guard down. 

“Well, I um, I used to wet the bed when I was a kid,” he said almost in a whisper, again averting his eyes. 

“A lot?” Stacey pressed him.

“Yeah kind of a lot.”

“When did it stop?”

“When I was around 10…”

“Around 10?”

Ted was silent. 

Lara squeezed his hand. 

“I know this is hard honey. We’re not trying to embarrass you. We just need the truth.”

Ted sighed. He shifted in his chair and winced. “When I was 12.”

“Thank you,” Stacey said. “And since then? Before last night, the last time you wet was when you were 12?”

Ted again was silent. The girls just stared at him, waiting for him to speak. 

Finally, he said, “A couple of times when I lived in the dorms.” He added, defensively, “But only when I was really drunk!”

“What’s ‘a couple?’” Stacey demanded. 

“Four,” he muttered. “Well five, I guess, but that time I woke up while I was going and stopped. The sheets didn’t get wet.”

The room was silent. Ted felt humiliated as he heard his words ringing in the room. At his age, he was qualifying that, the fifth time he had wet himself, it was only a little bit. He sounded ridiculous. 

Finally Lara spoke. She was still holding Ted’s hand. 

“Thank you, honey. It’s ok, you can trust us.”

Stacey looked at Ted. “Yes your secret is safe with us Teddy, don’t you worry.”

Ted looked up and allowed himself to smile. He remembered what Stacey had said about the girls’ love for one another. He felt that warmth now. 

“But we’re going to have to figure something out so that mattress doesn’t get ruined,” Stacey said, resuming her authoritative tone. “How did your parents handle your bed wetting as a kid?”

The smile ran away from Ted’s face. A wave of shame crashed over him. He wanted to disappear into the floor, but he knew there was no way out of this. 

“They made me wear Goodnites,” he mumbled. 

“Good nights?” Stacey asked in confusion. 

“They’re, like, well, sorta like… pull-ups I guess.”

The words hung in the air palpably. 

Pull. Ups. 

Ted’s mouth was dry. 

Stacey’s lips were pursed. 

Lara finally spoke. 

“Pull-ups? Like - DIAPERS??”

Ted’s face burned. 

Stacey stifled a giggle, but only partially. 

In a nervous response, Ted let out a laugh. He put his hand to his mouth. 

Stacey laughed again. 

Lara started in. 

Ted let loose, and laughed while he cried. Emotion poured out of him as he giggled uncontrollably while tears streaked his face. The girls laughed with him. 

Finally catching his breath, he said, “yeah, I guess like diapers.” He sniffled and fell silent again. 

Stacey and Lara looked at each other. Stacey raised an eyebrow. Lara closed her eyes and nodded. 

“Well,” Stacey said slowly, “maybe we’ll need to get some of those then. They’re called good nights?” she asked. 

Ted was silent. 

Lara took his hand again. 

“Or pull-ups or whatever. Whatever you need. And just when you’re drinking,” she reassured. Petting his hand, she said, “Our secret, remember? We trust each other.”

Ted looked at her. Her warm brown eyes could melt butter. He did trust her. The smile returned to his face and he nodded. 

Stacey blushed, then continued her lecture. 

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“Good that’s settled,” Stacey chirped, once again finding her authority voice. She knew the matter was far from settled.  

Still, Stacey wanted to redirect the conversation. There would be time enough to figure out Ted’s pull-ups. She wanted to get the rest of the rules straight and make the new expectations very clear. The boy was at his most vulnerable right now, so she wanted to capitalize on the moment and make very clear the new expectations. 

“Now you’ve already had your spanking for breaking the rules about no parties. And we agreed you will do extra chores this week. We expect you to tidy up the kitchen and living room before you go to bed each night. Also clean both bathrooms once before end of the week.”

“Okay…” Ted grumbled. 

Lara still held his hand. When he spoke, she swatted it gently. 

“Hey no pouting,” she chided. “You’re lucky we’re not making you scrub the floors with a toothbrush.”

“Okay,” Ted responded, feigning enthusiasm. 

Stacey lectured on. 

“I said you won’t be spanked again, but that’s also up to you. If Lara or I have to remind you to do your chores, I promise you won’t like it.”

Ted’s bottom twinged against the hard chair. 

“Okay…” he muttered. 

“Then there’s one punishment we have planned,” Stacey paused and looked at Lara. Both of them smiled broadly. “This was La’s idea, so I’ll let her fill you in.”

Lara snickered. 

“Ok since everybody else got to party here over the weekend, but Stace and I missed out… on Thursday we’re having a party with just the three of us.”

Ted’s eyes lit up. They were finally speaking his language! He looked at Lara hanging on her next word. 

“But!” Lara pointed a finger in his face. “You are going to be our bar tender and bus boy.”

Ted smiled. He would gladly make drinks and clean up for these lovely ladies! In fact, in that moment, he felt he would do anything they said. 

“And!!” Lara pointed her finger more sternly and closer to Ted’s face. “You. Will be wearing…. nothing, but your underpants.”

She wagged her finger in his face with each word. They all burst into laughter. 

“Okay okay,” said Ted. “That’s fair.”

“Good.” Stacey retook control of the conversation. “And speaking of fair…”

From below the table, she pulled the list of rules and punishments. She slid it across the table to Ted. 

“This is how Lara and I have agreed to handle disputes and bad behavior.”

The room was silent while Ted scanned the document. His mind was still swimming, but he tried to focus and make sure he knew what he was getting himself into. 

The words at the bottom caught his eye first. He remembered what the girls had chanted at him that morning just before Stacey pulled down his pants. 


The sting in his backside seemed to intensify again, making Ted squirm in his seat. 

As he breezed through the list of transgressions and punishments, a few stood out:

Skipping class was a paddling. He already knew that from overhearing Stacey’s spanking. 

Dishes left in the sink were punished with a wooden spoon spanking. Again, he’d heard the result of Lara’s kitchen mess last week, but now he knew which implement had been in use. 

Other various misdeeds brought out the hairbrush or belt. 

One item caught his eye. To the right of “Missed assignment/deadline or failed exam” the word “paddle” had been crossed out. Above it, in all caps, read “STRAP.” 

Ted stared at the paper in a daze. He was no longer reading, just trying to process his new reality. 

If he ditched class, he’d be paddled. 

If he didn’t clean up after himself, he’d face the spoon or hairbrush. 

And god forbid he failed a test. What was the “STRAP??”

Finally, Stacey spoke again. 

“You can hang onto that for a little while to familiarize yourself with all the rules. Lara and I are very well versed in them by this point, aren’t we?”

Lara blushed. “We are,” she said meekly. 

Ted just stared at the paper. 

Stacey wasn’t sure she was being heard, but she continued nonetheless. 

“Now, you may have noticed the word ‘strap’ written there.”

As she spoke, she produced the strap from under the table where it has been hidden in her lap. It landed on the table with a thud. 

Ted looked up from the paper. 

The implement before him looked absolutely menacing. Thick, wide leather with a wooden handle, it was sure to deliver serious pain. His mouth was dry, his head spinning. Just looking at it, he was already motivated to get his studies done and not have to face a date with the strap. 

“This was a gift from Lara,” Stacey said, snapping Ted out his trance. She pointed at the “BFF” etching. “True best friends know when the other is in need of correction. And when to accept correction from their friend. We can both tell you from experience, this strap provides some real correction.”

Ted continued staring at the strap, now envisioning the girls using it on each other’s bare asses. Blood rushed to his dick. 

Lara pulled him from his brief daydream. 

“Study that list of rules well. Beginning tomorrow, any rule breaking will result in a punishment for you. Stacey and I will still handle discipline for one another, but either one of us will dispense your punishments. Perhaps we’ll take turns,” Lara said, suppressing a giggle. 

“At the beginning of next semester, we’ll have another discussion about whether you have earned the right to ever give Lara and me any of our spankings.”

Ted remained silent. He couldn’t believe what he’d gotten himself into. 

Stacey pressed on. 

“Now then, for last bit of your punishment…”

Ted’s ears perked up. A look of concern washed over his face. His ass hurt so much, he thought there was no way he could take more. 

“At bedtime, Lara and I will each give you one stroke with the strap. These spanks will serve to cement your status, and to give you just a taste of the strap as a deterrent.”

Lara chimed in. “If you earn a real strapping, it’s a minimum of six strokes.”

Stacey forged ahead as Ted sat silently. 

“After you’re strapping tonight, you’ll be done being spanked for the last night’s misbehavior.”

Ted breathed a sigh of relief. He wasn’t looking for to the strap, but just two quick whacks and it would be over. He thought he could handle that.

Stacey continued her authoritative tone. “Why don’t you go do an hour or so of homework,” she said, not asking, “and then it’ll be an early bedtime.”

Sleep sounded so good to Ted. He was completely exhausted from the last 24 hours. He was also eager to dispense with this conversation and go back to nursing his sore bottom. Nodding, he stood and started to leave the room. 

Lara piped up as he did. 

“Oh and while you’re studying, Stace and I will run out to get you some pull-ups. What did you say the ones you used to wear were called?”

Ted flushed red as the subject of his bed wetting came back up. He hesitated, but only for a moment, catching sight of the strap still lying menacingly on the table. 

“Goodnites,” he muttered. 

“Ok thanks,” Lara chirped. “Will they have them at the CVS down the street?”

Ted nodded, his face growing hotter. He had recently noticed Goodnites on the shelf at CVS when he was cutting through the baby aisle. It had brought back a host of memories at the time. He also had seen that they were making an XL size now… surely big enough to squeeze around his slender hips. 

“Sounds good,” said Lara. 

Ted turned to leave. 

“Oops don’t forget these!” Stacey handed him the list of rules and punishments. 

Ted snatched the paper and trudged out of the room. The girls held in their giggles only until they heard his bedroom door close.

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