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Chapter One: The Drive

Dad drove down the highway with meholding my hand between my legs. I had to pee and being stuck in a car definitely didn't help. A sign up ahead said that a rest area was only ten kilometres up ahead and I could certainly hold it. I could ask for my father to stop yet there was somethig else.

“Something wrong?" Dad suddenly asked without looking at me.

“Weird,” I replied. “ Dam weird  you know.” He certainly did know why I felt weird. This was his plan. “I'm wearing an adult nappy,” I groaned.

“You better be, Vicky,” Dad replied. “You don't want to be found out as a faker and lose this scholarship.”

“Yeah,” I said. “That's the problem; I'm not really incontinent. They are going to find out.”

“No, they won't. Just act natural. Show the letter I faked again.”

I rubbed the padded material between my legs .“This is certainly not natural," I protested.

“Well, get used to wetting yourself often,” he said. “You probably should show up in a really wet nappy. That way you won't look like a faker to the other girls who are used to wetting their nappies.”

“Why did I let you talk me into this?” I whined.

“You got a scholarship. The bank lost most my money, remember? This is your last chance to go to university,” he answered.

I sighed. I don't understand how things got so weird. My father put away enough into my university fund to pay for all  years of school. HMRC investigated my father recently and caught him for insider trading and fined him heavily and he eventually used up my university fund to pay for the fine. It was the summer before the start of uni and I had no money. So I search for scholarships. None fit me but after intesive search there was also a scholarship for only urinary incontinent girls who were studying any subject at my chosen university.  Unlike the  others, it was not listed on the university's website but on a discreet form for disabled students.  It was the only scholarship and it was generous. It paid for everything including a monthly allowance. I remember distinctively getting the phone call.

“Is Victoria Stevens there?” the woman asked.

“Yes, this is she,” I gripped my mobile tightly.

“This is Elizabeth Jones from the Urinary Incontinent Girls scholarship programme. You have been chosen.”

My mouth was opened in shock. I had though my university dreams were over.

“The last girl didn't meet our requirements. She was clearly bluffing her urinary incontinence just to get the scholarship while your doctor's letter appears genuine. I made this scholarship so incontinent girls can have the full university experience, including living in the halls. To do that we want to make sure that we pair you with another girl in the hall that is also incontinent for moral support. You will still have your own room Will this be a problem for you?”

“No problem,” I replied, elated.

“Good. We are having a summer camp to get to know the other girls. Attendance is mandatory.”

I didn't tell the rest of my wider family. Dad thought it was perfect and had been a big help in getting me loads of adult nappies. They do sell nappies in stores like Boots, but the tape-o kind that real incontinent people wear is only found online and he helped me order Tena Slip Maxis online.

Back to the present,  the road sign indicated we wear near the camp. Dad said an incontinent girl would show up in a very wet nappy. I relaxed in my seat and pretended I was sitting on the toilet. As I started to pee in my nappy, it was so warm as the wetness spread around my crotch and under my bottom. I was shocked at how good it actually felt.

Chapter Two: Fitting in with the Group

Dad pulled into the lot and right away I spotted the group. After giving me a kiss, I head to group which consisted of five  teenaged girls and a young lady stood around the van.

“Are you Vicky?” the lady who was clearly Liz Jones, asked me.  She wore torn jeans and a T-shirt. There was a bulge around her butt area, most definitely indicated she was wearing a nappy definitely wet.

I said yes and opened the back door of my car and got my bags when she stopped me.

"May I see your doctor's letter again?" I unzipped one part of my main bag and handed it over. Hoping the forgery work, she quickly smiled and nodded. "Can you remove your skirt? I want to see if you're wearing and adult nappy and have used it."

I slowly unclipped my skirt; I tried many jeans but the bulge of the nappy always showed as well as the top. I can't remember how much I peed in the nappy earlier but Liz came closer, walked around and was satisfied.

“Good. You're the last girl to arrive, so let's get going. You can put your stuff in the back of the van.”

The wet nappy I had on now felt thick and I felt that I could use a change now. “Do I have time to run to the look real quick?” I leaned closer to her. “I'm quite wet.” Was there a loo nearby?

“Uh no, do you think we can hold yourself?”

I nodded though not sure if the nappy could.

“Good. Then we got to go.” She led me in through the sliding door of the van and I took a seat beside a bored-looking girl with a sarcastic nerd phrase on her shirt. She wore black cargo jeans with all kinds of metal hanging from them. She whispered, “So, what's your story?”

Before I could answer, Liz hopped into the driver’s seat and started the van. “Girls,” she called out through a speaker. “My name, as you all came into contact with, is Elizabeth Jones but you can call me Liz. I am the scholarship coordinator and founder of the Scholarship for Incontinent Girls. When I studied physics, I was embarrassed about having to explain to my hallmates, coursemates and friends that I had an incontinence problem.  I realized that another incontinent girl would make a good hallmate and thus this scholarship came about. This camp is for several reasons. Mainly so you can get to know each other and find out who you to be paired with for moral support. The other reason is, unfortunately, to screen out people who are liars. I had to replace one girl earlier on who was not incontinent.”

Minutes later, Liz continued. “So, get to know each other during this week. How about introducing yourself to each other now as I drive to the camp.”

“My name is Kerri Kensington," the girl next to me began. "I am long tired of being teased about my incontinence. Having a mother who is not so discrete about it means everyone at school and my neighbour knew about it.  This scholarship sunds great. I worried so much about uni and having to hide my nappies from others but I feel think group will give me support. I am excited about studying electrical engineering.”

The girl who sat beside Kerri also wearing jeans spoke up. “My name is Michelle.” Her voice was softer and didn't give her surname. “I don't really have friends due to incontinence and will be studying Art History.”

In the rear seat, a girl spoke up. “I'm Vera Horton. I'm just as normal as anyone else, or I was until the car accident where some drunk ran into me. The drunk doesn't have to wear nappies and it's not fair. Instead, he only got thirty days in jail. I instead have to spend the rest of my life in nappies.” She pounded her fists on the seat beside her. “Because of this, my boyfriend took someone else to my Year 11 and Year 13 prom. Will be reading Chemistry.”

“My name is Bethany,” said her neighbour who had just looked up from a book. She wore all black with tight leggings. Even her nail polish and lipstick were black. “People already though I was weird with my love for black, so knowing about my nappies really made things worse. Will take modern history."

The fifth girl introduced herself as Cath never Catherine. She worn a shorter skirt than myself. "I'll study my favourite subject biology and don't nappies to destroy my uni life.”

I cleared my throat. “I'm Vicky Stevens. Am urinary incontinent birth since  and my promised uni fund went away, so I thought I couldn't go to uni. Will be taking mechanical engineering." I hope that worked. The silence told me they accepted it.

Chapter Three: The Meal

About noon, Liz stopped at a local pub. I really wanted a fresh nappy.

“Okay. Here is the plan. Cath, Vicky, and Michelle will go into the bathroom and change. Vera Bethany, and Kerri and myself will order our food. When you three return we will go change while you order your food. Then we will eat together.”

In the toilet stall, I removed my skirt and looked down at my wet nappy. It was really wet - I did wet it a second time. I peeled off the tapes, rolled up the soggy nappy, then wiped myself off with baby wipes. Once finished, I put on a new Tena Slip like I had practiced many times by leaning against the wall of the stall. Back at the counter, I ordered a medium coke and a burger.



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Chapter Four: Unplanned bonding with Cath

After lunch, we arrived at the camp just after one. The camp consisted of four log cabins that sat on the edge of a forest. A simple gravel track ran between the cabins and a large meadow. We pulled right up to one cabin and we unloaded stuff. The first thing I did was to choose make my bed. The cabin was quite small. There were about ten of them more than needed. A twin bed sat near the door and Bethany claimed that one.  I claimed one on the edge, but Cath took the one next to me. She said she didn't want to be near Michelle who had taken a bunk in the centre. It was funny as everyone picked bottom bunks. When we were all unpacked, Liz finally called a meeting and passed out sheets of paper. I looked and saw we it was a planned agenda. There were nature hikes, a swimming session at the lake, and sports. I hated sports.

“You see I have lots of activities planned,” Liz announced. “After all of them, I want each girl to choose their partner, their 'sister' so to speak. I want you to spend time with each of your fellow 'sisters'. Any questions?”

“Um, what's with the swimming today?” asked Vera. “I can't swim well and we're urinary incontinent. How's that even going to work?”

“I love to swim,” remarked Michelle. "I've got swim nappies."

“I'm not wearing swim nappies,” protested Vera.

“There are many ways to deal with swimming,” snapped Liz. “Swim nappies are one of them. I have plenty of extra swim nappies of various sizes for those who don't have any. You can wear them under one-piece swimsuits which I also have. We are here at this campground where there is a beautiful private  small river just to the south of us.”

“That's what I'll wear,” said Bethany. “No one really knows. They do swell a bit though.”

“So, we’re are going swimming,” said Liz firmly. “We have the whole campground to ourselves as I said, so no one is going to see you in any your nappies.”

I was actualy disappointed. Out of habit, I had brought a bikini but if I just wore the whole piece that wouldn't be right.

“You guys are just so stupid,” said Cath. “Stop arguing.  We are here to bond. Let's not get into an argument about one activity.”

“That's a very good argument, Cath,” Liz remarked.

Suddenly, Cath started fidgeting. “Toilet,” she croaked. Everyone stared at her.

Was she faking her incontience? I  suddenly had to go bad as well for number two.

“Do you need aother nappy change?” asked Liz with a weird look since we’ve all change much earlier.

“No,” she whispered. “I...” She stood and held a hand tightly on the back of her jeans. "Where's the damn loo?"

“Oh, yeah,” said Liz. “I should have mentioned that. It's right behind cabin one. Are..."

"I need to go too. Number two." That was partly the truth. I wanted to know if Cath was lying about her urinary incontinence.

We both ran out and I spotted cabin one and we rushed around to the back. The bathroom was just around the corner. My heart sunk when I saw it. It was a tiny wooden building.  I made it just time into the stall, nearly ripping my skirt and tearing away the wet nappy. There was very little toilet paper left in my stall.

"Vicky, I..."


“Do you have any toilet paper on your side?”

I gave a negative call.

"There's none here," I heard her cry. I responded with a 'hang on', cleaned up as best as I could then  re-taped my nappy. The tapes weren't strong yet still held. Quickly, I checked the other stalls but there was no toilet roll in sight.

"There aren't any more toilet paper." I heard Cath cry again and without a clear reason I pushed again her stall's door - it was unlocked. Cath was still sitting on the toilet seat, her skirt down and her nappy stuck halfway up her thighs.

"This is just like when I was a kid at the orphange. No or hardly any toilet paper. Every child would dirty themselves." This was the first time I heard Cath's background.

"Cath, I know it's sucks with no toilet paper. Maybe if you nappy  up, we return and you can change and clean up."

"Uh, I can't re-tape myself well."

"You can't?!"

"I was never trained well. At the orphange, at the foster family, with my adopted mum." She had a painful look.

I immediately offered to help her then just as I was going to tape up her nappy, I stopped. "Cath, there are showers here, why don't you take one to clean up?"

Cath paused then agreed. Just as she flushed the toilet, she explained she's always wasn't good at eating extra oily food and shouldn't have ordered deep-fried chicken.

"There's no soap here," Cath commented as she removed her clothes.

"You'll have to make do Cath."

"You could go and get my...never mind," she started the shower. Out of curiosity, I started asking her on her  background. I learnt her father died in combat while her mother died from excessive drug use. There were no relatives to take her in so she was placed in an orphange. It wasn't the best place to grow up in.

"Then there was Lorraine?"

“Who's Lorraine?” I asked.

“She was the French-English mum who finally adopted me. Intially she was nice then I didn't like her. She raised her son more than mysel and cared for her son and German Shepherds more than me. I was afraid of the dogs. I'm glad I'm away from her now.” She would also spank me due to my wettting."

“Cath, that's terrible. Did you tell others how  she treated you? No one should get punished for incontinenced.”

Cath reduced amount of water. "There was no one to listen. While there was spanking, it wasn't excessive. I managed to study hard, got busaries then found this scholarship. It may be the way out for me."

Cath sounded like the sister I could be with through this weird scholarship. She didn't seem like faking her urinary incontinence. As she came out of the shower stall, we met another hurdle.

"There's no towel to dry off." That was the truth. I quickly thought then said we could exchange clothes. She could use her clothes to dry herself off. I wasn't really keen on wearing her wet stuff but we appeared to be around the same size. Cath again paused then used her top and her skirt to dry herself as best as she could. Her clothes were damp as I dressed in them.

"Can you a again help me tape on my nappy?" Cath asked as she pulled on my top.

Nodding, I did so. It was a different brand from my Tena Slip Maxi but the tapes were stronger than mine.

“We better hurry back. They might think we playing a fool,” I said.

We walked back and just as  we approched our own cabin. an angry Liz stood in front.

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  • Jennynappy changed the title to The Weird Scholarship UK version up to Chapter 4

Some how Chapter 3 disappeared here it is.

Chapter Three: The Meal

About noon, we stopped at a local pub. I really wanted a fresh nappy. We all grabbed our nappy bags and as Liz lock it up.

“Okay. Here is the plan. Cath, Vicky, and Michelle will go into the bathroom and change. Vera Bethany, and Kerri and myself will order our food. When you three return we will go change while you order your food. Then we will eat together.”

In the toilet, I removed my skirt and looked down at my wet nappy. It was really wet - I did wet a second time. I peeled off the tapes, rolled up the soggy nappy, then wiped myself off with baby wipes. Once finished, I put on a new Tena Slip like I had practiced by leaning against the wall of the stall. Back at the counter, I ordered a coke and a burger.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Chapter Five: The explanation, the swim

I don't know much about swim diapers or swim nappies so excuse me.

“You two are in big trouble.  You wandered off from the group for dam long. You two were supposed to come right back after using the restroom," Liz glared. “Where were you?”

Cath started to tremble so I quickly explained what we were did. "No toilet roll eh? You sure?"

"Yes," as I answered, Cath was trembling more so I quickly squeezed her hand.

"You took a a shower?" Liz asked, directing it at me. I repeated my story and why we two exchanged our clothes.

"Really no toilet paper? Wait here." Liz sound like one of my school teachers as she ran towards the toilets.

"Cath? Cath?"" I called and Cath finally snapped out of her shock. " She thinks we're faking it."

"No, she's just suspicious," I replied, patting Cath's back.

"I hate people who don't believe me or accuse me. I want this scholaship." Tears fiiled inher eyes.


Just then, Liz returned. "I owe you two an apology. Sorry with the lack of toilet paper; just called the estate people to deliver. Let's get changed to swimwear."

Entering the cabin, we were met with a chorus of 'where were you'. I gave yet reason. All had already changed. Kerri was in a red one-piece with surely a nappy on. Michelle was in a halter dark brown bikini, the nappy top protruding from her bottom piece. Vera, who did say she was opposed wearing swim nappies, did show a  face wearing her one-piece purple suit. Bethany as with her intial clothing, was in a sheer black bikini and I think her swim nappies were the same colour.

Liz quickly handed Cath and myself swim nappies which appeared thick that my current one. "They are the rare swim nappies that absob pee not poo. Hurry up." I immediately removed my exchanged clothes then looked at the swim nappies again. There was no way my lower piece would fit over it. Sighing, I picked out a one-piece blue one Liz brougt along. Cath however, was just in her bra and nappy.

"Cath, you need to  change," I told her,

"I...I hate chaning near strangers, even girls." Quickly,  I asked the rest to exit and I turned around and hear her finally changing. It was the same colour one-piece as mine. With clothing and towels, we all followed Liz to the lake. The swim nappies, unlike my Tena Slip made me waddle like ducks and most of us did so.

"The water is chilly!" Vera screamed.

"It's not too bad. Once you get moving you feel warm," Liz shot back. "Follow me girls." Every one did with Michelle moving fast and Cath taking slow breast strokes lagging behind. Vera was also slow but like me used freestyle. I'm fine with swimming in rivers but the swim nappies change my kicking and I found my myself at the same speed at Cath. We past by ducks and some reptiles I couldn't identify. Lucky animals I thought, they can pee anywhere and dont have to use nappies. Nor do they have to fake incontinence.

We all eventually reached a deeper part of the river. Vera whined again she couldn't manage that area while Cath also called it looked challenging.

"Ok you two you can rest there or swim rounds," Liz remarked.

"Uh, may I take a break as well?" I thread and waved. I actually want to spend time with Cath. Liz nodded and the others dipped in and followed her. Cath started threading but didnt do it well so I swam over and taught her. We two headed to near the shore while Vera soaked in the water.

"Thanks for that help Vicky," Cath reached and touched my wet face.

"No prob."

"I can swim, not to well. Was always scolded or teased due to that," she added.

"That's horrible," I held her shoulders. "I hope university life won't be as terrible as that."

Cath looked at sky then at me. "You think? Look at me, yourself. We are fully time in nappies anywhere on land and in the water."

I ironically peed in the swim nappy  at that moment. "Cath, we shouldn't let incontinence or nappy wearing affect us. I didn't, " I lied as I try to comfort her.


"Just ignore people who teased or bully you. Walk away. Or tell them of its like any disability. Just..."

Vera came over and I greeted her. "Sssh, " she placed a finger on here lips then with her other hand pointed  behind us. There was large nest of eggs then suddenly one of them cracked with a duck's beak popping up.

"Oh..."Cath started but Vera tapped her shoulder. Ever so slowly, the new duckling broke more and more of the shell and the new duckling got out. Within minutes, other ducklings hatched and the mother duck appeared and nuzzled her newborns.

"Pretty cool huh?" Vera finally spoke up loud. "I always like watching nature. If I didn't chose Chemistry I would have study Enviromental studies or Geography." Cath was about to answer then i saw her grimaced. Something wrong? I then suspected she probably was peeing like I did. I looked at Vera. I am a nature novice and would like to know more through Vera. Cath is a nice person to be with but I wasn't sure if I wanted to constantly change her nappy and help her. Just then, the others returned and we recounted what occurred. The ducks however slowly moved out of sight. "Oh, the clouds aredark, let's swim back," Liz announced. As I did, I found my freestyle curbed by the thick swim nappy. Oh, the drawbacks of pretending to by incontinent.

Out of the water, we got our clothes and headed to the showers which I visited earlier. As I removed the borrowed swimsuit, I shook my head at the sight of the quite soaked swim nappy and discarded it in the provided disposal bag. The shower was actually welcoming; my first since I arrived here. Cleaned up, back in another Tena Slip Maxi, I exited and saw Cath in a white bra struggling to get her nappy on. I offered to help but on condition she learnt how to tape herself standing. After a succesful second try, she looked at my eyes. "Vicky, will you be my partner?"

"I'll consider," I said truthfully.

We all made it back just as rain pelted down. Liz however did not give us any rest and made us go through indoor games like human twister and an indoor mini-football three-aside game in a connecting hall. I may hated sports yet not all of them. Dinner was catered food and thankfully after thank it was rest time. Without any Internet, I opened up a romance novel, Kerri also was intensively reading, Michelle was playing a game on her mobile while Bethany and Vera were chatting over clothing. Cath just played with cards.

At 10:30 pm, Liz called lights out. "What?!" Kerri protested  "That's far too early."

"It's the first day and some have travelled from far." There was a heated argument but Liz rule was fixed. Kerri stayed up trying to read via the light then quickly gave up.

I looked around at the other girls. Vera wore shorts over her nappy along with a shirt with some boy band  printed on front but Bethany only wore black nightie with a black nappy - what brand was that?. Kerri had changed to a shirt and nappy while Michelle was in a blue bra and nappy. Cath was in full pyjamas. I loved sleeping in just a shirt and knickers but the latter was definitely out so it was shirt and nappy for me.

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  • Jennynappy changed the title to The Weird Scholarship UK version up to Chapter 5

It seems I wrote a very similar story to this one.  I'll have to eventually post the unreleased chapters.  I'm a few chapters away from the end, although I paused on writing diaper stories for a while.  I'm actual trying to get something legitimate published.

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20 hours ago, WriteAndLeft said:

It seems I wrote a very similar story to this one.  I'll have to eventually post the unreleased chapters.  I'm a few chapters away from the end, although I paused on writing diaper stories for a while.  I'm actual trying to get something legitimate published.

Yes except its more a diaper lover version. I contacted you but you didnt reply. Waiting for your completed version.

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For the record:

I don't know if there are any spelled-out rules about it on this site, but I do know that attempting to contact someone and receiving no reply for a couple of months is not equivalent to tacit approval of your notion of rewriting her story. This is WriteAndLeft's story; she invented it. If you had written your own version to test your writing skills or just to have a bit of fun, that's one thing, but publishing it here is an attempt to claim the plot as your own. I'm sure that you didn't consider this plagiarism, but it is. (Trust me: I taught English for 38 years.)

My suggestion? Take it down and just continue it on your own as an exercise if you really want to. I'm sure, though, that you could come up with your own that might well be more fulfilling for you.

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  • Jennynappy changed the title to The Unusual Scholarship up to Chapter 5

I spotted the group. They were not hard to miss. The parking lot was empty except for a livery van and four cars. Five late teen-age girls and a woman stood around the van.



right away I saw the group I was looking for.  They were not hard to miss.  The parking lot was empty except for a livery van and four cars.  Five college age girls and two women stood around the van.   I pulled in and got out.



said yes and opened the back door of my car and got my bags, a pillow, and my sleeping bag. I had brought two bags. One was usually sufficient for camping. The extra bag was my nappy bag.

“Yes,” I said.  I opened the back door of my car and got my bags, a pillow, and my sleeping bag.  I had brought two bags.  One was usually sufficient for camping, but not for this trip.  The extra bag was my diaper bag. 


6 hours ago, Jennynappy said:

This is not a copycat it is a  UK version.


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This story, I believe, used to be marked with "UK Version".  I believe that, in order to separate the real one (the original) from the copy (this version, which includes parts that are re-written), this version should have "UK Version" appended to the name, or the story's name should be changed.  Just my two cents/pence.  EDIT: Sorry, just realised the UK Version is "The Unusual Scholarship", and the original is "The Weird Scholarship"

Also, wouldn't a road sign in the UK show miles?

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6 hours ago, baby664 said:

Also, wouldn't a road sign in the UK show miles?

It would show an endless line of random consonants alternated by W's to show the name of each town.  Names like Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch.

I wish she would have kept it as The Weird Scholarship UK Edition, but just removed the direct quotes from my story.  When she finishes filing off the serial numbers on her previous chapters, I look forward to seeing what she comes up with.

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  • Jennynappy changed the title to The Unusual Scholarship up to Chapter 6

Chapter Six: The night out

I woke up as something felt was out of order. Was it because I was wearing nappies? I did practice sleeping wearing nappies beforehand. While I fingered my nappy, I opened my eyes, looking around and the moonlight made the cabin's interior clear. Vera was in deep sleep lying on her side her shorts thick indicating her nappy was wet while Bethany was back down with her legs quite open exposing her black nappy, I couldn't tell how wet it was. Kerri was also facing up with her hands over her padded crotch which wasn't so thick. Michelle was at her side as well, one bra strap down, nappy thick. Our sponsor, Liz was at the opposite end of the room, dead asleep and I could tell her nappy state. Blinking, I raised my head higher and re-scan the room. Every girl was present, however, didn’t see Cath.

I sat up straight on my padded bum and thought quickly. Maybe she went to the loo for no 2. That was one main explanation. We did that earlier today finding a lack of toilet paper. Was it stocked that fast? I was going to sleep again until I paused. I recalled Cath sleeping near me and I could have heard her laving. As the rest were in slumberland, I pulled on my closest jeans, tied my shoes and tip-toed towards the door, noticing my step. The cold air immediately gave me a freeze and I decided immediately that if Cath wasn't in the loo or nearby, I wanted to head back.

The artificial light of the moon was enough and checking the toilets, I found no soul there. My heart raced and my mind wondered immediately where Cath could have gone. I walked in no direction until I heard a pattering sound coming from behind a tree. I walked over to investigate and spotted Cath lying front down on a field. The moment she spotted me she did look like a deer caught in headlights.

“What are you doing out here, Vicky?”

"I should you that question. I found you were out of your bed, checked the loos. We're supposed to be asleep."

"You sound like a teacher Vicky. The stars are out tonight. I can't miss the chance." I looked up and indeed the sky was supposed to clear and there were stars scattered in various places. Cath yanked me down and started naming the various stars. I was a novice in astronomy and was amazed by Cath's knowledge.

"How you know all this?"

"Well, the orphanage I was in had some basic books on astronomy and more at the foster home. Although my foster mum frowned on me reading them, I wasn't forbidden. Her house also had a great rooftop that I lay on many nights to catch the stars."

I nodded and was going to tell her to return when she started naming more stars and constellations that appeared. As she did, I noticed her crotch was thickening and quickly peed in my nappy, less she question me. As clouds hid several stars, I declared, "Cath, you gotta return and sleep. Liz will be fuming if she finds you, us out here."

"I know, I know, just a while more. Clouds don't hide all stars that fast."

Her statement proved wrong in a few minutes and she sighed a got up. "Actually Cath, how did you manage to sneak out? I didn't hear a single noise."

"I am like a mouse, move really quietly. " We proceeded back then Cath said to enter one by one to reduce the risk of detection. Instead of entering through the door, Cath effortless lifted the window and climbed over. Amazed, I wanted to try that then chose the safer option of the door. Did anyone hear us? Thankfully not. I lay down and removed my shoes, jeans and patted my Tena Slip. It wasn't too wet so I turned and slept.

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  • Jennynappy changed the title to The Unusual Scholarship up to Chapter 7

Chapter Seven: The hike, the final choice


"Aw, she's wearing a nappy! Vicky is wearing nappy!!! Vicky oh, Vicky!"


I woke up sweating from that nightmare and suddenly saw Liz shouting the last words at me.


"Wake up! All the girls are showering or out of the shower!"


I pattered my cheeks and pulled on my nearest shorts. At the same time, my hand touched my nappy and found it damp. Wow, I actually peed in my sleep and failed to notice! Well, that aids my cover story. After taking my toiletries,  clothes and clean nappy, I rushed out. I indeed found the five others finishing showering or dressing. Bethany was donning mid-thigh black skorts which just covered her padded bum. Michelle had turned off the water in her stall and after a quick towelling, she expertly taped on a purple-coloured nappy from a packet reading Moliciare. Kerri already pulled on her black sports bra and grabbed her T-shirt from a hook. Vera was helping a naked Cath tape up her nappy.


With cries of 'Vicky, you're late!' I darted into the nearest stall and drew the curtain. It was simply a shower area, a bench and two hooks at the opposite side. I quickly placed my bag wtih a spare  nappy and undressed. The night nappy was damp not soaked. I tossed it in, thankfully, a disposal bin almost like those for sanitary napkins. After athe fastest and not-so-welcoming shower, I dried myself, especially my pussy then sat on the bench and taped up the new Tena Slip Maxi.


Returning, I found the others in the larger cabin  eating. "Vicky, there's sandwiches, tea and coffee," Liz pointed. Half of the sandwiches were finished so I grabbed a tuna one, not exactly my favourite and poured tea from the tumbler into a Styrofoam cup. It was bland but I drank quite  alot to ensure I would pee. We six talked about how urinary incontinence would affect our university life or how it we would attempt to get used to it. As th only one not incontinent, I let the other five lead and listened to Cath tell more about her life in the orphanage and under her uncaring adopted mother and how she struggled with incontinence. Cath seemed like a girl who needed much caring and I knew she would often stretch or break rules. Was I ready to partner her through university?


Liz broke our conversation returning saying we had to leave the whole site by late this afternoon so we had just limited time. "I've arranged two separate bonding activities. First is indoors, you can play any ball games in the sports lodge. The second is oudoors; you can hike up a nature trail. Who's taking which?"


"I'll go for the sports activity, just love netball, floorball, etc," Bethany answered.


"Same, though I'm better at basketball," Michelle added.


"I'll join you two inside, not keen on hiking, "Kerry remarked.


"Oh, I'll love seeing nature," Vera said which I knew from yesterday's swim. I was also started to like Vera so I said I'll join her. "I'll join  you guys, " Cath said and I knew she was really drawn to me. Vera had to change her clothing and I took the time to just pee in my nappy, less someone question her butt or front. Vera appeared rather fast, armed with a walkie talkie and map Liz gave her.


"Oh, do I need hiking boots?" Cath point at Vera's feet.


"There may be some slopes but no, I think trainers are alright." Cath wore dirty ones. We headed off nice that the weather was welcoming. We thus made nice progress and as we entered the forested area, Vera started naming the various trees, plants, birds  and animals that we encountered. Cath started asking loads questions a Vera tried to keep up then suddenly held her hand. Towards our left were several squirrels eating and some were cuddling. "They are mating," Vera explained in a soft voice. We three continued to watch until they scampered off. "Drat," Cath commented but Vera said they would discover other creatures. Nearly a few hundred metres ahead, we saw various mushrooms - some on tree trunks others on the ground. Before anyone could speak, Vera clutched her stomach.


"I need to poo, hesding to the loo I spotted earlier," Vera handed me the walkie-talkie and rushed down.


"Why not use her nappy?" Cath wondered.


"That's gross, do you..." Cath answered me that growing up she had to poop in her nappy only twice as she couldn't hold it in time. "I'm clear now," and she changed topic asking me to be her partner. "Well, don't run away at night again and frankly, you have to learn taping up your own nappy," I answered.


"I'll still need assistance with the latter," Cath said and Vera returned a minute later. "Phew, lucky I had a a pack of tissue. But I need a nappy change soon." Vera didn't know much about the mushrooms so after watching them, we moved on. There was nothing unusual and the clouds turned grey so we decided to head back. Vera as stated, went to get her nappy changed. The other girls had finished a netball game and some were showering. Lunch was served -sandwiches again with Liz cakes that she bought. That done, she called us to a side saying it was time to decide  who we would be paired with.  She handed out cards and pens. "Write down two names, the second is in case someone else picked the same girl."


I contemplated my choice. Did I want Cath and always have to tend to her antics and help her tape up her nappy? I finally wrote down her name as my first choice and Vera as my second. After collecting our cards and read out our first choices. Cath squealed as my name was called out. Vera chose Michelle while Kerri was paired with Bethany.

"Alright!" Cath squeezed me but Liz held up her hand.


"Do get to know your partner very well; get over any differences. Across your university years, treat her like she's your sister. Now, you'll get the same accommodation hall, single en-suite rooms but I'll try to get the hall staff to allocate each 'sister' to nearby rooms. Now, we have an hour or so before we have to leave the whole campsite. I've already contacted your parents. Do pack up, don't leave anything behind."


We all rushed to the sleeping cabin but Vera and Kerri headed to the toilets and I assumed they needed a nappy change. I padded my front and it wasnt bulging and I felt it wasn't that damp. As I caught up with Cath, I asked her how her  nappy was. "It's around half full," she replied, "I think I'll change after packing up." Myself, Michelle, Bethan, and Cath furiously packed up then the other girls returned. Michelle then suddenly left, telling Vera to watch over her bags. Cath then pulled out a nappy and also told me to watch or her belongings.  I sat and then recalled what I saw.


"Uh, Bethany, what brand of nappies do you wear?"


"In Control," She held up one after seeing my puzzled look. "Yeah, you have to get them online from the site. They are great for nighttime wear bbut I wear them all day as they are my favourite colour. If I can't get them, I’ll get Molicare."


"I wear Molicare as well, " Vera added. "They are pretty good."


Kerri added she would buy any brand but was currently in Abena Abri Form. "The tapes can be readjusted. Vicky, maybe you should try them." I gave a pass but mentally noted the different brands. Michelle and Cath then returned, with Cath rushing towards me. "I think I got the hang of taping up," She lowered her shorts and indeed her taping was proper. We ladies chatted with our new 'sisters' then as a group, discussed how we'll manage our incontinence and hiding our nappies at university. Finally, Liz knocked and told us to take our stuff to her van.


As she drove back to the entrance, she told us where to meet at the Uni to finally register and enter accommodation. Vera's parents were the first to arrive then Kerri's mother can ten minutes after. Next was Michelle's father and Bethany's parents who arrived at the e same time. "Oh, I can't believe it's ending here and I wont see you till Uni," Cath complained. I held her hand then quickly exchanged all contacts - she didn't have Twitter or X which was fine- then suddenly a car screeched to a holt. "Bye, Vicky," as sh entered her adopted mum's car. I was left alone and suddenly peed. Do I need to change? Liz had already driven off. Was there any spot to change?  How soaked was I? Walking to a shaded tree, I lowered my shorts. The indicator read just over half full. Ok, I must not pee anymore. Dad hurry! my wish came twenty minutes later and was relieved to sit in a familiar spot. Just must not wet my nappy till we reach home.

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