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A Cold Winter Night

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Just another one of my short blurbs!


~ I sit in my room alone. It's a dark winter night, but here in my room it's nice and warm. I lay under a pile of blankets with a mountain of plushies and pillows on either side of my head. Hidden from the world, my diaper grows warm. My heart softens as I feel it grow wet, and I feel a sudden urge. I quickly get up and waddle to my dresser. ~It's cold and I shiver a little as I open up the top drawer. I rummage through my p ile of clothes and grab my pacifier, immediately jumping back into my bed. I readjust, making sure all my plushies are still on the bed ~ *Neneee, Aliiice, Aarooon*~ I go through them all. Finally I relax again and plop my pacifier into my mouth, once again feeling my heart melt at the cuteness of...well... me! I close my eyes, starting to suck as my mind wander. ~ I'm in a playpen, crawling around happily, playing with toys, and feeling as happy as can be. I sprout a devious little smile and crawl to the center of the room. I start to push -- WAIT! My eyes open quickly. I... ~ I glance around nervously~ I've never pooped myself. I sit there thinking about it. Do I really want to do this? Will it be too messy? 5 minutes of anxious thinking later, I start to push. Nothing happens... I feel the need to poop but in this position it's near impossible. A bit shyly, I get up and get on all fours... just like a baby. ~Hnnnnn~ I start to push, feeling a mess peep out a little bit. With a final push, I feel a small but warm mess fall into my diaper. I feel the diaper bulge a little bit. It's an odd feeling, but definitely not enough to understand it fully. Relatively new to the messing game, though, I feel... proud. I cup my hand and squish the small mess a little bit, but oh boy does it feel like the biggest poop ever. I slowly get up from my crouching position and instantly start to remember why I'm doing this. I glance at my plushies and, like a wave, I feel myself getting more babyish. I suck my dum dum. I jump in my pile of plushies. I play with them mindlessly, feeling my mess. Then the fire alarm rang.


As always comment what you think and feel free to message me!

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