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What a night!

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One warm Saturday afternoon Jess was out playing with her friends on the field. Jess was an ordinary 14 year old girl who loved make up and unicorns but there was one thing that made her different...

Jess sat down under a tree at the edge of the field, tired out from playing so much. Her best friend Rose sat down next to her. “Wanna come round mine for a sleepover tonight Jess?” Asked Rose. “Ummm sure, but I’ll have to message my mum and ask!” She replies, reaching into her pocket to fetch out her phone. She opens it up and messages her mum:

Hiya mum, wondered if I could go and sleep round Rose’s house today? 

Please? Love you, Jess.

Soon after her mum replies: 

I guess you can, so long as it’s alright with her parents and you come home soon to pack.

Love Mum x 

Jess quickly told Rose that she could come round and dashed off home to pack her bag. When she got home she went straight to her room and pulled out a rucksack. Into the rucksack she placed some pyjamas and some clothes for the next day. Plus a packet. 

Then she left for Roes’s House.

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So far so good!


And then...

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I'm not trying to be negative, but I recommend posting larger chunks of a story. By having segments this minuscule, it's very hard to get into them. Just a seed for thought. 

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@CynthiaCM thanks for your comment this chapter is by far the smallest of all the ones written and waiting! Just a bit of backstory/ start up really. 


Aim to have next next section up on Monday!

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