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Baby Dawny - Part 01 - Chapter 01 - Chapter 03

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So Babesindiapers is doing The Most Embarrassing Survey Ever and he posted it on his Tumblr too.  A woman claims she has been turned into a baby by her husband and two daughters, even though I find it a very good story, I don’t think it’s true but since reading it I thought how good would that be for a story so I started writing it on my Patreon. This story will only be about the two days mentioned but with my take on them. Enjoy

Part 01

Chapter 01

Dawn let out a large sigh of relief as she heard the door close which left the house empty for such a very long time “Finally” she said with a smile as she waited to hear the car start “I love my husband and girls but with them out for the day this means I can finally get into little mode, I hardly slept a wink last night thinking about this” she giggled as she heard the car start up and drive off down the street. She stood up from the sofa and practically skipped into the laundry room, she opened up the cupboard and looked down at the vacuum cleaner “I knew this would be the perfect place to hide them, nobody else uses this cupboard for any of the cleaning its all down to me” she sighed “Well when I get changed I won’t have to worry about any of that” she smiled and pulled a large backpack out from behind the vacuum cleaner and walked back to the living room.

She placed the backpack on the floor and opened it up and giggled to herself as she saw the bright pink baby style dress staring up at her, she quickly pulled it out and placed it on the sofa. She then pulled out a pair of pink mittens and pink booties, pink plastic locking panties, a pink adult-sized pacifier and finally two white plastic covered diapers, she placed all the items on the floor as her heart began to vibrate in her chest “Should I really be doing this?” she thought as she stared down at the baby items. Dawn looked up at the clock and rolled her eyes “Yeah I have plenty of time the girls are playing in an under 21 soccer tournament and Steve is going to be there all day watching them. Thank god I didn’t go this year, last year they got to the finals, we were there for almost six hours watching” she sighed “Well not this time, they can play, Steve can watch and I can go into little space” she smiled once again.

It’s been so long since I have had the chance to do this, I love Steve but I could never tell him that I want to be a baby, to have no responsibilities and to just spend my days playing with toys. I always thought he could be my daddy, he’s taller than me and much stronger but when I brought it up just after we got married he shot the idea down straight away and I’ve been too afraid to mention it again. That was twenty years ago and since then we have had two beautiful girls, Grace 20 and Karen 18 they both like to keep fit and love to play soccer. I try to keep up with them when they go to the gym, I don’t think I look too bad for my age, I turned 40 last week but I always get mistaken for 30. But anyway stop procrastinating its time to get back into little space”. She thought with a smile.

Dawn grabbed hold of her baggy shirt and quickly pulled it off exposing her slim body, she took hold of her pants and pulled them down and kicked them across the room “I won't need them for a while” she giggled. She looked down at her matching black bra and panties and scowled “Nope these will never do, to grown up for me” she smiled and quickly removed her bra and her breasts fell slightly as the support was removed, she grabbed her panties and pulled them off, she stood for a moment naked. Smiling down at her hairless body she nodded “Yep I still look good for my age” she said to herself as she dropped down onto her round bottom.

She picked up one of the diapers and unfolded it and placed it under her bum as she shivered with excitement “Yes, finally” she said as she pulled the front of the diaper up over her and taped it tightly in place. She smiled down at the diaper and rubbed her hands over her plastic covered crotch and it sent shivers through her “Yes, this is what I’ve been missing but is it big enough?” she thought as she bounced up and down on her padded rear, she quickly shook her head “Nope, I need more” she smiled as she grabbed the remaining diaper. Quickly she placed the diaper under her bum, lifted the front up and taped it around her waist and she let out a giggle as she looked down at her expanded groin “That’s better” she said through giggles.

She grabbed hold of the pink plastic panties and examining the frills that went across the back “I have missed these” she said as she quickly threaded them up her legs and over the bulky diaper. She looked down at the pink panties “I forgot how thick these are” she giggled as she tried to put her legs together but the diaper stopped her, she quickly grabbed hold of the chain that ran around the waist of the plastic pants and pulled it tight, she then took the padlock that was attached to it and locked it in place “Almost there” she cooed to herself. Dawn quickly pulled the mittens and booties on her hands and feet and then turned towards the dress resting on the sofa, she rolled onto her hands and knees and crawled the short distance towards the sofa and then sat on her knees in front of it.

Dawn placed her hands inside the bottom of the dress and wriggled around until her hands popped out the short frilly sleeves she then lifted her arms up into the air as the dress fell down around her, she poked her head through the collar and looked down at the baby-style dress and smiled. The dress clung tightly to her chest and gathered with a single row of white lace on each arm, just below her breasts began a comically large white tutu. The bottom of the garment just barely stretched to the somewhat high waistline of Dawn’s plastic pants leaving her diapers visible.

She let out a giggle as she stroked her pretty pink dress “Perfect” she squealed as she turned around and saw the pacifier still sitting on the floor “Mine” she said and quickly grabbed the pacifier and placed it in her mouth. She quickly sucked on the nipple of the pacifier feeling completely stress free she slowly slumped down onto the floor “Me want cartoons” she said and looked around the room for the remote, when she spotted it at the far end of the sofa “There it is, me found it” she giggled and quickly crawled over and grabbed it. She sat down on her padded rear and turned the TV on and turned it onto the baby channel she turned the volume up loud as she smiled from behind her pacifier and dropped the remote on the floor. She got back up onto her hands and knees and crawled towards the TV, stopping less than a meter away from the large TV she sat back down on her large diapered bum and began to watch the show.

Dawn continued to watch the show when she felt the urge to pee, she looked down at her crotch and smiled “Me go weewee” she said and straight away she felt the warm urine enter into the diaper and surround her, she giggled as she continued to suck on the pacifier. Slowly she fell back and lay on her back, still watching the show she grabbed hold of her feet and moved them around in the air when suddenly she heard a bang come from behind her. Her chest tightened and she turned white as a sheet “No it can’t be! I must have imagined it!” she thought with terror as she began to shake, slowly she turned her head to see her two daughters and husband staring down at her.

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good start

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Nice start. I like your take on this. I read the survey results too, and have a bit of skepticism about its veracity as well. However great start, and I hope to read more soon.

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Chapter 02

Dawn couldn’t move as she stared back at her family in utter shock, her oldest daughter, Grace with her bright red hair shoulder-length hair and her red-haired unshaven husband Steve both stood with there jaws open while Karen, her dark brown short hair like her mother’s laughed and pointed at her. The adult-sized pacifier fell from Dawn’s mouth which snapped her out of her frozen state she swallowed hard as she began to sweat “Why are they back so early? Why did I do this? How am I going to get out of it?” she then realised she was still holding onto her feet and blushed bright red, she quickly released them and sat up facing away from her family, she looked down at her diaper and cursed under her breath “They defiantly saw the diaper, they saw me sucking on a pacifier, wearing a diaper, watching baby shows and acting like a baby” she let out a long breath “Oh god I have even wet the diaper, how am I going to get out of this?” she thought with dread.

Steve cleared his throat “Karen stop laughing” he said as he walked towards his infantile wife “What’s going on Dawn? Why are you dressed like a baby?” Dawn’s chest tightened and her head span “Do I tell him? Do I admit that I want to be a baby? Will he stop loving me? Will he leave me and take my girls?” she felt dizzy and suddenly she began to cry. Steve walked over to the remote that Dawn had dropped on the floor and turned off the TV “Well?” he asked in a demanding tone, Dawn shook as she slowly turned and looked at her husband with tears still rolling down her eyes, she opened her mouth to speak but no words came out and she just shook her head. Steve sighed and turned to Grace “Get your mothers laptop, if she won't tell us the truth then maybe we can find something on there” Grace nodded and quickly left as Dawn shivered with fear “No, not my laptop, it has so much adult baby related material, stories and videos of woman being forced to be a baby, oh god and even my own story that I wrote, if they find that I don’t know what's going to happen” she thought as fresh tears ran down her face.

Grace quickly entered the room with her mothers laptop and handed it to her father “Now are you going to tell the family what is going on or do we have to go through this?” he said and Dawn shook her head, she wiped away the tears from her face with her mitten hands and sighed “I will tell you” she said between sobs. She calmed down slightly and took a moment to think “If I tell them snippets then they might be happy with that and it keeps them off the laptop and knowing the full truth” she thought with a sigh. She closed her eyes unable to look at her husband as she spoke between sobs “I erm like to dress up as a baby” she said while turning bright red “I can’t believe I just told my daughters that” she thought as she continued “It helps me relax, to not worry about anything just to be in the moment” she finally stopped sobbing “I don’t know when it started but its just something I like to do to help me get through” she blushed again “This is so humiliating, I can’t believe I got myself into this mess, how will my daughters ever respect me now” she thought.

Slowly she opened her eyes and her jaw dropped open as she saw Steve wasn’t looking at her but at the laptop, Grace and Karen were now sitting on the sofa they both had blank expressions on their faces as they looked upon there mother sitting dressed as a baby. “Why is he looking through that? I’m telling him like I said I would” she shook as Steve cleared his throat again and closed the laptop and then looked up at his infantile wife “Well after having a look on here, I think you are telling me porkies and for that you need to go into the naughty corner” a wicked smile crossed his face as Grace and Karen began to giggle. Dawn shook her head “What?” she spluttered out “I, I’m not I, I..” she was interrupted by Steve standing up off the sofa and frowning down at her “You want to be a baby right, well when babies are bad they go in the naughty corner now go or do I have to give you a smacked bottom” he smirked as Dawn blushed “Would he really do that? Should I go into the corner, Would he really spank me if I didn’t” her head span with conflicting emotions when Steve pointed to the corner and shouted “Now!” Dawn jumped and tears welled up in her eyes “Oh god this is really happening” she thought and slowly she stood up not facing her family and slowly waddled towards the corner of the room “I can’t believe I’m doing this, why am I doing this?” she thought as she reached the corner and stared at the wall.

Steve looked at his wife standing in the corner with her huge padded rear on display then turned to his shocked daughters and sighed “I think we need to have a family meeting about this” he said and his daughters looked over at there infantile mother and then back at him and slowly nodded. Steve shook his head “Well I….” he stopped as he saw the adult-sized pacifier sitting on the floor “Well first things first” he said as he stood up and walked to the pacifier and picked it up and then walked towards his wife, he stopped behind his nervous wife, his height and presence making her feel tiny. He said softly “You're not involved in this family meeting, this meeting is just for the grown-ups, you stand here and suck on your pacifier, we don’t want to hear a peep from you” he then reached around and placed the pacifier in front of Dawn’s mouth. Dawn swallowed hard as she stared at the pacifier “I’m a grown up in this house, I’m the one that does all the cleaning around here and now I’m not involved in family meetings” she thought but then Steve began to pat her padded rear gently and it sent cold shivers through her “Open up baby and accept the pacifier and then the grown-ups can talk” Dawn had tears rolling down her face as she opened her mouth and accepted the pacifier. Steve nodded and walked back to the sofa as Dawn sucked on the giant nipple “I am a grown-up” she thought and then blushed “A grown-up standing in the corner in a wet diaper sucking on a pacifier, I hope they don’t find out I’m wet I would never hear the end of it” she thought with a shiver.

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heh,it's getting interesting now.

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Chapter 03

Dawn felt so humiliated standing in the corner wearing her pink mittens, booties and dress with her large pink diaper sticking out for all to see, she slowly sucked on the pink pacifier as her husband sat back down on the sofa with there daughters “What are they going to discuss? It’s obviously about me but what are they going to say?” she thought when her mind raced with all the horrible possibilities “Will they decide they want me to leave? Will they want to leave? Will I be left all alone” tears continued to roll down her face “I wish I could talk but if I talk then I’m sure Steve will give me a spanking, Oh god how embarrassing to be spanked in front of my daughters like I’m a baby” she sighed as she shook her head “Well with what I’m wearing its hard to argue anything else” she thought as she heard Steve begin.

Steve looked at his daughters and shook his head “I guess we didn’t expect to come home to this when we found out the tournament was postponed” Grace nervously laughed and looked over at her mother “Defiantly not, Never in my wildest dreams would I thought of this” Karen nodded “It’s strange but what are we having this meeting for?” she asked. Dawn stood listening to every word nervously “I hate that they are talking about me like I’m not even here, I’m still their mother but Karen is right what are they going to talk about?” she thought. Steve stroked his ginger beard and looked over at his wife’s padded rear “Well as I said, she was telling porkies, her laptop is full of fantasies of becoming a baby full time, she doesn’t just do it to feel less stressed she wants to be a baby all the time” Grace shook her head “Really? Like a full-time baby?” Karen giggled “Right? Well... I’m confused?” she said as she quickly looked at her mother then back at her father “So we just let her?”.

Dawn’s eyes opened wide “What did she say? That would be completely humiliating to be treated like a baby around Grace and Karen, Yes I want to be a baby as a fantasy but I don’t want it to happen for real, well I did when I was younger and it was just me and Steve but things have changed” she closed her eyes “I wish I could say something” she sighed as she continued to suck on the pacifier.

Steve bit his bottom lip as he thought things through when Grace nervously laughed “No wait, what? Are you thinking of letting it happen? Our mother to be a full-time baby?” Steve clicked his tongue and slowly nodded “Yeah” he said flatly and both his daughters let out a short gasp and they both asked “Really?”. Steve sighed and looked over at his wife again “We all love your mother and we want her to be happy, if she wants this then we will….” he trailed off as he looked back at his daughters shocked faces “Do you love your mother?” he asked them and they both nodded slowly “Well lets do this then”

Dawn was trembling with tears in her eyes “They don’t want to leave me, they want me to be happy” she smiled from behind the pacifier as she faintly heard her family continue to talk “I can’t believe they would accept this about me, to let me do it” she blushed “I still don’t even know if I want to do it, its so embarrassing but it makes me happy. Why am I wired this way” she thought with frustration when she heard Steve call her name.

“Baby Dawny” he called again and Dawn blushed as she nervously turned around to face her family for the first time, she quickly looked down at the floor as Steve cooed “Come and stand over here baby” he pointed to a spot in front of them all, Dawn wiped the tears from her face and slowly waddled to the spot “Good baby” he cooed as Karen giggled “Look up at a grown up when they are talking to you baby” he said and Dawn blushed bright red “I’m a grown up to you know” she then shook her head “Oh whatever” she looked up at her family and straight away stopped sucking on the pacifier “This is so humiliating” she repeated in her head as they stared back at her.

 Steve then folded his arms “So you want to be a baby?” Dawn paused for a moment then without thinking she slowly nodded “Why did I do that?” she thought as Steve laughed “Well obviously you do, look at what you’re wearing well we have discussed it and we have decided that’s what you are now. Dawn’s eyes widened as she looked at her daughters faces “What do you mean?” she asked from being the pacifier and Karen giggled as Grace leaned forward “Well that means from now on and forever you are no longer our mother, you are Baby Dawny and we are your...” she looked puzzled when Karen quickly said “Your nannies” she smiled as Grace and Steve nodded there heads, Grace continued “Yes that will do, I will be Nany Grace and Nanny Karen and...” she trailed off as she blushed and looked at her father, Steve smiled and said “I will be your daddy” Dawn’s heart was beating a mile a minute and her legs felt weak “What have I got myself into?” she thought as Steve continued “You will follow every order given from me or your aunties, or you will be punished. The girls have full authority to punish you as they see fit, including spankings” he smiled as he Dawn’s jaw dropped open and sweat poured from her face “What? No way!” she thought but Steve continued “You will crawl, you will only speak baby talk and most importantly you will use your diapers fully, you will never again sit on a toilet, and someone else will change you when they see fit to do so” he smiled as Dawn turned white as a sheet, Grace and Karen blushed at the thought of changing her mothers messy diapers, Dawn opened her mouth to speak but nothing came out, she looked at her daughters who slowly nodded with awkward smiles on their faces when Steve said with a wicked smile “This is your life now and there is no way of getting out of it”.

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I really like this, keep going. 

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Dawn didn’t know what to do as she stood in front of her family in her wet diaper, her life had been turned upside down she had such conflicting emotions as she shifted uncomfortably on the spot “I’m going to be a baby forever? Are they going to treat me like a baby? Will I get any time to be a grown-up?” she blushed bright red “I’m going to have to use my diapers and oh god my daughters might change me, no I can’t have that, it’s too wrong” she thought when Karen stood up.

Karen smiled wide as she stared at her mother, she slowly walked over to her mum and held her arms out “I think you need a hug” she cooed Dawn felt slightly revealed “I defiantly need that right now” she thought as her daughter wrapped her arms around her and embraced her in a comforting cuddle. Dawn smiled from behind the pacifier and closed her eyes as she returned the cuddle when suddenly her eyes shot open, she felt Karen’s hands move down her back towards her padded rear “Stay away from the diaper” she thought but suddenly Karen began to pat her pink covered bum.

Dawn blushed bright red as Grace snickered from the sofa “I don’t think baby likes that” she said which made Dawn close her eyes as Karen shook her head “Well she will have to get used to it, we are going to do a lot more than pat her diaper bum” she giggled when she moved her hand lower and she suddenly stopped and released her mother, Dawn stood puzzled as her daughter stood in front of her. Karen turned to her father blushing bright red “Her erm...” she giggled nervously “Her diaper is warm, I think she needs changing” Dawn turned white as a sheet “Oh god they know I’ve used it” she looked at her husband nervously “No I can’t have Steve change my diaper, it’s so humiliating” she thought when Grace snorted “What? Really?” She quickly stood up and walked behind her mother “Has she really used the diaper?” she laughed.

Dawn didn’t know what to do as her daughters stared at her padded crotch “This is so humiliating, I want to just run away and hide” she thought when she suddenly felt the plastic between her legs being pulled away and she felt a finger enter her diaper, she shook with embarrassment as Grace pulled her finger out and nodded to her father with a giggle “Yeah the baby has wet her diaper” Dawn felt tears form in her eyes, her legs felt weak again as she looked down at the floor “Is Steve going to change me?” she thought with dread when Grace continued “But she is wearing two diapers, they will hold up for a long time, she doesn’t need changing just yet” Steve nodded “Good” he said as he stared at his wife, Grace gave her mother a pat on her padded rear and giggled “Baby Dawny does look cute doesn’t she Karen” Karen nodded “Very cute, but she looks a little strange” she said.

Dawn sucked on the pacifier still staring at the floor “I look strange? Of course I look strange I’m your mother and I’m dressed like a baby” she sighed when Steve said, “How so?” Grace walked from behind her mother and stood beside Karen as Karen nodded “Yeah, well she is a baby and she is standing, I don’t think Baby Dawny can stand, just crawl” she smiled at her mother as Grace nodded “Yes I agree, I think Baby Dawny needs to sit down on her diaper bum”. Dawn stood frozen “They want me to sit down? I’m not going to sit down on the floor in front of them” she thought when Steve cleared his throat, Dawn looked up at her husband who shook his head “Remember what I said Baby Dawny, they are your nannies and you must do what they say or you will be punished” he looked at his daughters “Do you want to give the baby a spanking” Grace blushed as Karen giggled while Dawn began to shake “I have to do what they say? My daughters are in charge of me? I never wanted this it’s so humiliating and if I don’t I’m going to get spanked by them?” she shook her head “Would they?” she thought as she quickly looked at her two daughters, Grace was still blushing while Karen was smiling at her, Dawn quickly looked down at the floor “Grace might not but Karen would, If I try and fight back then Steve will just make sure I get spanked” she swallowed hard “I don’t have a choice” she sighed as she slowly lowered herself onto the floor and sat on her wet rear as her daughters both giggled.

Steve nodded “I think Baby Dawny is learning, but she still was naughty and didn’t do it straight away so Baby Dawny goes back into the naughty corner” he smiled as his daughters nodded, Karen giggled “Yes I think your right, do what your daddy says Baby Dawny”. Dawn felt sick with humiliation as she sat on her diaper bum “This is really happening, I’m being turned into a baby by my husband and daughters” she sighed from behind the pacifier as Karen pointed to the corner and shouted, “Now you naughty baby or your daddy will spank you!” Dawn jumped and turned bright red “No I don’t want to be spanked by Steve in front of you two” she thought as she slowly began to move when she stopped “I’m not allowed to walk, I have to crawl around” tears formed in her eyes “I don’t want this” she thought as she slowly got onto her hands and knees and crawled towards the corner, as she got to the corner she sat down on her knees and stared at the wall feeling utterly defeated.

“Grace?” Steve said to his daughter and Grace turned to him “Yeah?” she asked, “Can you go to the pharmacy and get some baby supplies for our new Baby Dawny, we need baby wipes, baby food and any other items to keep the baby happy” Grace nodded and quickly left the house as Steve addressed Karen “Can you go on the internet and find some items that will be the right size for this big baby” Karen giggled and left the room leaving just husband and infantile wife. Steve stood up from the sofa and walked over to his wife and sighed “Well Baby Dawny, you wanted this and like I said even if you didn’t your not getting out of it, this is your new life and I hope your happy with it, I know how embarrassed you are about Grace and Karen talking about your diapers well don’t worry because they won't be changing you until you have fully used it, I won't be getting out of that diaper till your a messy baby girl” he laughed as Dawn began to cry.

Steve walked back to the sofa and turned on the TV as Dawn continued to cry in the corner sucking on the pacifier for comfort “They have done it, they have turned me into a baby and I can't get out of it. How am I going to live my life like this? I don’t want my daughters to change me especially after I have messed in it” she shook “I don’t want to be a baby full time it’s already so humiliating and demeaning but what can I do? If I fight back now I will just get spanked or punished” she sighed.


Part 02 will be available on my Patreon soon

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Sorry to point this out I think you mean definitely not defiantly in a couple places

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