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1 hour ago, redwelch2222 said:

vullaby because its wearing a diaper :)

thank you for the suggestion ^.^

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I don't know why it happened. Why was I running?

Did I really just see that? Was she really…. Was he really….

Before I knew it, I was home.

“Moon? Are you ok?” Mom asked me as I walked inside.

That's when I finally snapped back to reality.

“Y-ya I'm fine,” I told her with a smile on my face. “The festival was so fun. But I'm a little tired right now.”

“Well, that's good to here. Well, I need to go to the city for a little bit to pick something up and I'll be back late.” mom told me as she walked over and kissed my head. “Do you need a change before I leave?”

“N-no, mom. I'm fine and I can do it myself,”I tell her.

She gave me a smile as she walked out of the house.

As soon as she was gone, so was my smile.

I walked into my bedroom and collapsed right on my bed.

“What the heck is wrong with me?” I asked myself.

I rolled over and felt something strange in my pocket. As I pulled it out and looked at it I suddenly realized I still had Litten! 

I quickly called out the little cat and started to apologize to him for forgetting he was here.

The cat just meowed and purred as he jumped on my lap and curled up to take a nap.

“Thank Arceus mom isn't here. She would just take you from me if she saw you,”I commented to myself as I pet my cat.

Looking down at my pokemon, I started to feel tired myself. I picked up my pokemon and got into bed with Litten curled up beside me. 

His warm body quickly heating up the bed as I gently pet him. One night like this won't hurt…


“Moon sweety, wake up. Your new friend is here.” mom said as she woke me up.

“Who?” I asked sleeplessly as I turn to my open door where my mom was standing.

“Lillie I think.” Mom said with a smile. Suddenly Litten let out a meow yawn. “What was that?”

“Meyoooon, i-'ll be there in a sec.” I quickly tell her as I try to play it off and hope she doesn't notice.

My mom gave me a look but shrugged and let the room.

I suddenly threw off the blanket to see my cat stretch and meow up at me.

“SSSHHHHHHHSSS!” i tell it. “You have to be quiet, mom can't see you or will be in big trouble.”

I grab Litten's Pokeball and returned him to it before I started getting dressed. Thankfully my diaper wasn't wet yet. Surprisingly.

Once I was fully dressed and went out into the living room I was suddenly hugged by my mom.

“Moon. I want to tell you how proud I am of you,” she told me. “I know this move was hard but I'm happy to see your making friends!”

“Y-ya,”I tell her as she kisses my head. 

“Now, don't keep your friend waiting!” my mom said as she pushed me out the door. “Have fun!”

As soon as the door was shut, I suddenly found myself face to face with Lillie. Her face blushing profusely. 

"Oh. Um... The professor said ’Hey there, Lillie! Bring me that great new Trainer. Woo!’” Lillie told me suddenly as she tried to interrupt the awkward silence between us. "So I'm here to show you the way to his Pokémon lab if you'll come with me. It's, um... It's this way."

Lillie turned and nervously started walking away without any warning.

“U-u ok,” I reply as I start following her.

The walk was very awkward. Neither one of us not wanting to speak about what happened yesterday. 

"You...have a very nice mother, don't you?” Lillie commented out of nowhere. 

“Y-ya. she can be….” I reply nervously.

That just made it even more awkward.

As we walked all I wanted to do was ask her. ‘Why are you in diapers?’ ‘way was sun changing you?’ ‘why didn't you tell me when you know I wear them?’

But I just couldn't. Every time I wanted to, it felt like my mouth was filled with sand and I couldn't say anything.

Eventually, we made it to a house near the beach that looked like it was hit by a hurricane by how many patched up holes it had.

“T-the professor is inside,” Lillie told me as she started heading up the steps to the front door.

“AWWWWW YEAH!” I heard from inside and jumped in surprise. “HARDER! THAT'S IT!”

“P-professor?” I said nervously as I look at Lillie who could only shake her head

"Ahh... There they go again..." Lillie let out a sigh before giving me a small smile. “I-its ok, this is normal. It's fine to go inside.” 

“THAT'S GREAT! NOW SHOW ME WHAT ELSE YOU CAN DO!” I heard the professor shout.

I gave Lillie one more nervous look as she gave me an ‘its ok’ nod.

I slowly reached for the door handle. 

“YES YES YES! MY BODY IS READY! WOO!!” I heard him yell as I opened the door and saw something Long and hard spray out a sticky white substance all over Professor Kukui!

“PROFESSOR!” Lillie shouted as she saw what happened.

“Oh, Lillie, moon, how are you girls doing?” the professor said with a smile as he turned to us while holding a metapod

“I had just washed that lab coat and finally gotten it clean, too!” Lillie shouted as she walked over. “Now it's all sticky!”

But the professor just laughed.

“Sorry about that Lillie. Just got a little too excited testing out Metapods moves,” he told her.

They both turned to see my completely stunned and shocked face.

"The professor... He never stops researching moves. Not even...inside the lab itself." Lilly commented.

“HA HA! Best way to learn about pokemon moves is to use them on yourself!” the professor proclaimed, “no matter where or when!”

“Professor? You here?” someone asked as they opened the slightly open door I forgot to close.

I turned around and my face went red as Sun entered the house.

For a moment we were both stunned to see the other. 

“Sun! It's nice to see you too!” professor exclaimed happily.

“P-professor? What the heck happened to you?” Sun asked as he saw the sticky white substance covering the professor. 

“Just testing out moves with metapod WOO!” the professor yelled happily.

How this man became a professor I might never know….

“Anyway, now that the two of you are here I want to tell you some important things you need to know about the island challenge." the Professor told us. "The island challenge is your chance to become the strongest Trainer around—the island challenge champion. Woo! It's a great adventure for you and your Pokémon to go on together!"

"There are four main islands that makeup Alola, and a kahuna for each one of them. If you wish to be recognized by the kahunas as worthy, it's said you must clear seven trials." Lillie told us.

"That's why I want you and your starter Pokémon to get out there and give it a shot! You were able to fully use your Pokémon's moves in your very first battle. I think you must have a talent for drawing out Pokémon's strengths, yeah."

After hearing all of this, for the first time ever, I grew very nervous. What if my mom was right and I wasn't ready for this? What if I go and make a fool out of myself?

"Um...I'm not really sure...:”I say nervously as I think of all the bad stuff that could happen.

"Come on! You've gotta do it! You did just come to Alola, yeah, so I guess it's hard for you to relate to our customs, huh? But as someone who's dedicated my life to studying Pokémon moves, I really want to see you out there meeting all kinds of Pokémon on your island challenge. C'mon and give it a shot, cousin!" the professor said proudly with a big smile on his face.

Just one look at him made all those thoughts go away. Here was someone who didn't look anything like a pokemon professor, someone who didn't act all smart and did crazy things like being covered in Metapod’s string shot, and someone who didn't care about what people thought of him this way.

“O-ok I'll do it!” I tell him.

“You can count me in as well,” Sun told him.

"Here! Everybody on the island challenge gets one of these island challenge amulets." the professor said as he handed us a multi-colored amulet. “These are needed in order to take on the challenges, so don't lose them!”

“Thank you,”I tell him as I place it in my pocket for now.

"The island challenge... So this is how the people of Alola connect with the world around them." I heard Lillie mumble as I turned to see she had a sad smile on her face.

"Lillie!” the professor said knot knotting Lillie’s expression.  “Could you take care of Moon, yeah? Until she gets used to Alola, help her find her way around!"

“Y-yes professor!” Lillie told him before giving me a shy smile.

Suddenly the door flew open as someone ran inside.

“I thought you guys would be here!” Hau yelled with a bright smile on his face. “Did you guys get the Amulet as well?

“Hay Hau, and ya. The professor just gave us one.” sun told his hyperactive friend.

“That's awesome!” Hau yelled as he started jumping around like an idiot. That's when he started to take a look around the lab. “Hey! Is that a loft? COOL!” 

Hau’s attention feel on a ladder leading up to a small loft above the lab. 

Suddenly Lillie rushed forward. Face blushing brought read as she got in front of the ladder. 

"No, it's not! It's private! The professor has been kind enough to let me use it..." Lillie told him.

Wait, what?

“Oh, that's cool! Anyway, since we all got our amulets, let's go celebrate with malasada!” Hau exclaims before grabbing Sun’s and Lillie’s hands and pulling them outside.

“Hahaha! That hau, still as hyper as ever.” the professor commented. “You should probably catch up with them, wouldn't want to be left behind now would you?”

“Oh, um, right!” I say as I run after them. 

When I got outside I found Lillie waiting for me.

‘H-hau and Sun went on ahead.” Lillie told me. “I stayed behind so I could show you the way.”

“T-thank you,” I tell her as the nervous tension between us came back.

Neither of us said anything as we walked. Both to nervous to bring up what happened.

"You know... I was really impressed seeing how you battled with your Pokémon yesterday.” Lillie told me.

“T-thank you,” I replied. 

Lillie was just a few steps ahead of me and I couldn't help but look down at her butt. Thoughts of seeing Lillie in a diaper filled my mind.

Just looking at Lillie, you would never think she was wearing a diaper, but once you know, you start to notice all the little things.

Her walk was a little off, not by much, but as someone who wears diapers, you can see how her legs are slightly pushed out. Her bottom also looked slightly bigger than you would expect from a girl her size. And if you focused carefully, you could even hear the slight crinkle of a diaper under her dress.

“L-Lillie, about yesterday…” I started when Lillie suddenly spun around.

“P-please don't tell anyone!” Lillie almost yelled as she grabbed my hands with tears in her eyes. “I-i'm sorry I didn't tell you even though you have one too b-but it was too embarrassing!”

“I-its ok Lillie! I promise I won't tell anyone!” I tell her as she gave me a tearful smile and suddenly hugged me!

“Hey! What are you two doing!” Hau yelled as he ran over to us. “Your both taking so long! Come on!”

Without any warning, Hau grabbed both of our hands and pulled us along to the malasadas

I might not have been able to ask Lillie about her diapers, but I could just feel the tension between us lift away. We both wore diapers, and we both were going to keep the others secret. 

Maybe coming to Alola wasn't so bad after all.

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Very good addition. I think that now that both know that they both wear diapers they can grow their relationship.  I wish I still had a like to give but ran out. I am looking forward to reading more. 

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5 hours ago, CDfm said:

Very good addition. I think that now that both know that they both wear diapers they can grow their relationship.  I wish I still had a like to give but ran out. I am looking forward to reading more. 

yep and i look forward to many more bonding moments ^.^ 

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“I-i did it!” I screamed and jumped around as I finally caught my first pokemon with Littin!

The little cat also cheered with me as it jumped around my feet excitedly.

“See I told you.” sun said with a smile as he picked up my Pokeball and tossed it to me. “I knew you could catch something.”

I was smiling like crazy as I called out my new little pokemon, PICHU!

“P-pi?” Pichu said a little confused as it looked around a moment before looking at me.

“Aww! You're so cute!” I cried out as picked up the tiny mouse to admire it. “From now on we're going to be best friends!”

“PI!” the baby pokemon cheered as it seemed to vaguely understand what I was saying before it static came out of its cheeks and shocked me! “OW!”

The shock caused me to drop Pichu, but luckily not very far to hurt it.

“I-i'm so sorry. You just shocked me.” I told the little mouse.

“Pi-pi,” Pichu said and looked apologetic.

“Pichu can't really control their static shocks very well so it might be best to refrain from too much cuddling without protection,” Sun told me.

A few hours ago after we had our little celebration, we decided to split up to do our own things. 

Lillie and Hau decided to go check out the local mall after hearing about a special deal. 

Sun and, however, decided to try a little training and trying to catch a few pokemon.

Sun made it look easy as he caught an alolan grimmer, a magnemite, and an Abra with such easy with roulette. 

Where I took a bit longer to get the hang of throwing a Pokeball, but I finally caught Pichu!

*Clap clap clap*

We turned to see a pink haired boy apologizing us.

“What a fine show.” the boy said as he walked over. “It's always nice to see young trainers learn how to catch there first pokemon.”

“T-thank you,” I said nervously as I stood up.

“I'm sorry if I was rude. I am Captain Ilima.”


“Oh? You don't know?” Ilima said slightly shocked. “ A Trial Captain is a person who designs and presides over a certain island challenge trial and gives guidance to participating Trainers.”

“R-really!” I said stunned. “That's far different then what I know back in Kanto.”

Ilima laughed. 

“Yes, I suppose it is.”

“Yo yo yo, check it! Whenever, wherever we meet you, team skull don't even greet you!” I heard someone shout over some weird music as two wannabe bunk looking duds came strutting over.

They were both wearing matching outfits with a black shirt and shorts with a weird looking hat and a bandana covering there face.

“So, cap, just give up the pokemon yo.” one of them said as they both struck a pose and tried to look intimidating. And they probably would, if we were 5…

“So have you thought about what you would name your new pokemon?” Ilima asked me while ignoring the two wannabe thugs.

“Y-ya I was thinking of naming Pichu, Kala. and Litten, possibly Safara.

Being ignored seemed to shock both of them as the rushed closer to Ilima.

“What, what? Why you trying to act hard when were already hard as bone out here, homie” one said before the other replied. “Yo, let's check these fools.”

"Oh, my... How terrifying..." Ilima satiated sarcastically. “I'm sorry to ask, but I really don't feel like dealing with these two idiots. Would you two mind taking care of them?” 

He didn't need to ask as Safara was already ready to battle along with Sun’s Rowlett.

And to be honest, the battle wasn't even that hard. Pichu wound up charging into the fight before litten and knocked out one of there zubats with ease while roulette OTKed the other.

“Let's get out of here B, nobody has to know about this! We don't need your wack pokemon anyway, Ilima!” one of them said before they both started running off.

“Again? Oh, my... How terrifying..." Ilima sighed before turning to us. "My thanks to you and your Pokémon. As a reward, how about you allow me to see if you're ready for my trial?”

Both Sun and I accepted as we got ready for another battle.

"Behold the magnificent Pokémon of the one and only Captain Ilima!" Ilima yelled as he called out his pokemon. A yungoos and smeargle.

Kala tried to charge into battle again but this time I returned her to her Pokeball. she wasn't ready to take on a real trainer just yet.

“I got the smeargle, go after the yungoos,” Sun told me before he started commanding his pokemon.

“R-right!” I said as I did as Sun suggested. “Safara, use scratch on yungoos!” 

My cat charged into the fight and was ready to attack the yungoos when it leaped out of the way.

“Your litten is going to need to be a little better than that,” Ilima commented. “Yungoos, tackle!”

The little rodent spun around and charged right at Safara!

“Safara, ember!” I called out as my pokemon used its fire attack at point-blank range before jumping out of the way of the tackle. “Now scratch again!”

This time Yangoos was to hurt by the ember to focus on dodging in time and was knocked out with the scratch.

I wasn't even paying attention to anything else as I just started cheering and jumping with excitement! We beat a trial captains pokemon! But I soon stopped jumping when I felt a worm squish between my legs and realized I peed myself during that battle.

Luckily I didn't have to wait long for Sun to finish up his battle as despite smeargle hitting roulette with a water attack, it didn't affect the grass type and it knocked out the smeargle with ease as well.

"Yes! You have emerged victorious!" Ilima congratulated us. "You—or should I say you both and your pokemon— make quite the interesting team! I do hope you'll come to Verdant Cavern and attempt the trial—the trial of Ilima! You can get there from Route 2 and the trial begins at midnight every night,”

“W-wait, at night? Why?” I asked.

“That is just how my trial is done,” Ilima told us with a smile. “Now I hope to see you there. I bid you Alola!"

He then began walking away, presumably to go get the trial ready for us.

“I-i don't think I could do that,” I told Sun as I sat down. I heard and felt an obvious squish of my wet diaper but for a moment I didn't care. “There's no way my mom would let me out late like that.”

“Why not?” sun asked as he sat down next to me. “I mean, you're a trainer now. Shouldn't you be able to take on the trials yourself?” 

“M-my mom doesn't know I'm a trainer.” I told sun. “s-she doesn't want me to become one.”

“Why?” sun asked.

“It's a long story,” I tell him as I hug my legs awkwardly because of the diaper.

“We got time.” sun said as he called out his pokemon. “You guys go train while we talk.”

I give sun a slight smile before calling out Pichu.

“Littin watch over Pichu while we talk,” I told Safara as she meowed in understanding.

Then I told sun what happened.

Team Rocket, my dad’s death, my mom’s fear of pokemon, why she moved us here to try to prevent me from becoming a trainer.

“Wow,” Sun said stunned. “I-im sorry.”

“It's fine. It took awhile but I've moved on and I still love pokemon, despite the problem they cause.” I told Sun as I gesture to my diaper.

“Well then, I think this is even more of a reason to do this trial,” Sun told me.

“Huh?” I replied.

“You got to show your mom you're ready to become a trainer. Handicaps and all!’ Sun said as he stood up and held out his hand. “And I'll be right there to help you.”

“B-but if she finds out, shell try to move me somewhere else again!” I yelled out. "how am I supposed to be a trainer if my mother moves me again!? 

“Then we won't tell her until we've beaten the island challenges!” Sun said almost with fire in his eyes. “Will sneak you out so so you can do your trials and will do whatever is necessary. No matter what I'll help you with your dream.”

“But why! What's in it for you?” I asked sun who smirked.”

“We both started at the same time, and despite Hau being a great friend, he doesn't take anything seriously. Which is why I want you to be my rival and help me get stronger. You might not be that good right now, but I have no doubts you'll become much better and will help push me into becoming stronger as well.” Sun told me as he shook his hand. “Now, will you accept my help or give up now and forever be your mom’s, little baby?”

That last line I knew he used just to rile me up, and it worked. I grabbed his hand and he lifted me up.

“From now on, we help each other and when the time comes, we'll battle for the title of champion of Alola,” Sun told me.

“Deal,” I told him with a smile on my face as we shook hands.

After checking the time, I realized I should probably go home to rest, and get a diaper change.

“Could you still keep an eye on my pokemon for me?” I asked sun.

“Ya, no problem.” sun told me as he took my pokeballs. “You head home to rest, I'm going to stay here and train some more.”

I thanked him and went on my way home.

On my way, I ran into Lillie.

“Sorry I cant hang out more, but I need to go home,” I tell her as I apologize.

“I-its ok. B-but um.” Lillie looked a little nervous and was blushing. For a moment I thought she might ask me something about diapers.

But instead, she pulled something out of a bag.

“T-this is for you!” Lillie said as she handed me a little makeup kit and eye contacts?

“What are these for,”I asked.

“T-there my a-apology,” Lillie said before bowing her head slightly. “I-i upset you with keeping my secret and I want to apologize.”

I just hugged Lillie right then.

“You have nothing to be sorry about. Were friends now so it doesn't matter.”

Lillie was slightly shocked but soon smiled.


With that, we said our goodbyes as I ran back home to prepare for my trial.

Lillie on the other hand now needed to find Sun. that huge surprised her and she leaked into her diaper again...

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i like it. a nice plot chapter with just a little bit of diapers thrown in. 

also, love the names you gave them.

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Ok, even though i am completely lost on a lot if the lingo i am enjoying tgis stary

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12 hours ago, Aries said:

Ok, even though i am completely lost on a lot if the lingo i am enjoying tgis stary

if its anything with team skull, I'm also completely lost on it... lol

but im glad you gave it a shot and like it sofar.

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53 minutes ago, PinkTheDinosaur said:

if its anything with team skull, I'm also completely lost on it... lol

but im glad you gave it a shot and like it sofar.

It's that and them yelling out the moves, I don't even know what moves their Pokemon have, but they sure seem to. Even without that understanding, the story line is very good and well written.

I actually had started to read this story a while back, i read like the first and second chapter. Somehow I forgot about it and ended up reading other stories and lost track of this one. Now I doubt  I will forget it lol.

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I enjoyed it and particularly liked the battles. The problem I have is that I know nothing about Pokémon and when you start talking about specific ones, I have no idea what you are talking about. I can still read the story and enjoy it but it would be better if I understood what you were talking about. 

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New chapteris done, gust need to do a spell check to fix any problems. Should have it posted in a day or two.

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(some people here don't know or haven't played the most recent Pokemon games.  so for them, to help visualize some aspects of what is going on, I will be adding some picks with the chapters. I clam no ownership of the picketers and they are only here to help those who don't know who, or what, certain pokemon or character are.)


I had to lie to my mom. 

I told her my new friends and I just went out to eat and did a little window shopping. 

My mom was super happy when I told her that and nearly started crying because I was making new friends and most of them were accepting of my diapers. (Hau still doesn't know, thank Arceus) 

Thankfully because we already ate, I was able to excuse myself to my room and concentrate on getting ready for the trial.

I know if I was caught, I would be in deep shit with my mom but right now I didn't care. I needed to do this. This is for my dream and I'm not going to let my mom hold me back from it.

So, after my mom came in to help me with my diaper and tuck me into bed, I waited for 2 hours for her to finally go to sleep before I snuck out.

As soon as I thought it was safe, I ran all the way to the trial. I ignored everyone as I ran to route 2 to met up with Sun. 

I was running so fast I almost ran into 2 funny looking people who looked to be wearing space suits.

“Sorry! I'm in a hurry!” I yelled to them as I ran past them.

They just waved back.


I was panting hard as I finally reached route 2 were Sun was waiting for me.

“About time you showed up. I was thinking you wouldn't show.” Sun said with a slight smirk.

“No….way…” I panted as I tried to catch my breath.

Meow! Littin cheered as it pawed at my leg happily.

“Good...kitty…” I panted as I pet my pokemon happy to see it.

“Your pokemon are doing great. They have grown very strong.” sun told me as he handed me my pokeballs. “As have mine.”

“That's great,” I tell him as I catch my breath.

"Greetings. Captain Ilima here!" Lima called out to us as he walked over. “I am happy you both have decided to take on my trial.”

“We wouldn't miss it!” I told him excitedly, even litten mowed in excitement!

“Were ready, now when does the trial begin?” Sun asked.

"My trial..."  Captain Ilima said dramatically before striking a pose, "begins mere steps from here in Verdant Cavern!"

Captain Ilima then pointed to a nearby cave where we would be doing our trial.

"Note that the Pokémon living within Verdant Cavern are quite fierce. I wouldn't venture in unless your prepared. Through attempting the trials during the island challenge, one can exceed his or her own limits. ...That is what the Alolan people believe." Captain Ilima told us. "Once you enter Verdant Cavern, you will not be able to leave until you have completed the trial. Are you prepared for the trial?"

“YES!” Sun and I yelled.

“Good, now, collect the treasure from the cave and you pass,” Ilima told us. “ "I'll be waiting for you!"

Sun and I looked at each other and nodded before going inside. 

The cavern was dark and mossy, but there was a hole in the ceiling that let in the moonlight that allowed us to see.

It was honest, it was very beautiful to see the dew on the moss sparkle in the moonlight.

As we made our way through the cave, I had Pichu help me deal with the zubats and noibat while litten took care of the yungoos.

While Sun’s rowlet took care of most of the pokemon that he took on. 

Eventually, we saw an exit to the cave and made our way there.

“Must be where the treasure is,” Sun commented

“Let's just get it and get out of here as fast. The longer I'm out here, the more likely I'll get caught,” I told sun.

“YO, YO, YO!” someone yelled behind us.

Sun and I both jumped and spun around to see the same team skull morons run up to us.

“Why the hell are they here?” I asked Sun.


“Who are they?” Sun asked me. “Do we know them?”

Both the goons and I looked at Sun in confusion. 

“Oh, I see…” one of the goons said as they swapped places. “Just ‘causes we switched places, you couldn't tell who we were anymore?” one of the goons asked.

“No, I just don't remember annoying people.” sun told them.

“Who cares about that anyway!” one of the goons said. “We’re here to mess up their trial, yo!”

“Oh yeah, that's right! Yo, let's get that treasure, homie!” the other goon said. 

Suddenly both of the goons rushed at us and called out there pokemon!

 And just like before, we beat them with ease…

Both goons just stared at us in total shock as there knocked out pokemon laid before them.

“What's up with that?” a goon asked.

“For real though? I cant get my skull around it! These guys are strong, yo!” the other said

“Naw, it ain't even like that. There straight up dangerous, homie!” the first told his friend.

They both looked at each other then returned there pokemon before running off.

“The hell was that all about?” I asked now completely confused. “Why take on someone who already easily beat you before?” 

“There mormons,” Sun commented. “Come on, let's get that treasure before they try something more stupid.”

I nodded and followed behind sun as we went to the exit.

As we exit the cave, we are surrounded by rocky walls with a large open space in the center. 

In the center of that, there was a stone slab with 2 shining crystals on top.

“Hey, that was easier than thought it would be,” I said as Sun and I walked towards the stones.


“What the hell!” Sun yelled as we heard two different roars grow louder.

Suddenly, 2 large pokemon jumped down from the rock walls and landed beside the crystals!

“What are those things!” I yelled as the pokemon stood up.

They were a LARGE Gumshoos and alolan Raticate! They were easily 3 times larger than the normal pokemon.

“How are they so big!” I yelled to Sun in shock. I had never heard of pokemon like them growing to that size!

“There totem pokemon!” Sun yelled. “There special boss pokemon in Alola!” 

Both the pokemon let out another cry before stepping in front of the crystals.

“Looks like we need to take them on first,” I tell sun as I called out Litten.

“you take the Raticate, I got the Gumshoos!” Sun yelled as he calls out a new pokemon. A Hawlucha!

Litten and I charged at Raticate.

“Litten use fire fang!” I called out as Litten leaped onto Raticate and bit its ear.

Raticate screeched out in pain before sweating litten away.

Once litten was off of it, its eyes began to glow as it used scary face on little. Lowering litten's speed. 

“Litten, growl!” I called out and had Litten growl at the Raticate to lower its attack.

Raticate stared down at Litten before it started to charge with a tackle!

“Doge and use fire fang again!” I yelled as litten leaped out of the way of the Raticate’s tackle and bit Raticate’s tail!

Raticate let out another screech in pain.

“You're doing awesome litten!” I yelled. 

“Moon!” I heard sun yell.

I turned around and saw his pokemon was doing very well against the Gumshoos thanks to the type advantage. 

“Get them closer!” Sun yelled.

I had no idea what he was planning but I went with it.

Raticate managed to fling Litten off of its tail before trying to bite at my cat!

“Litten, doge and lead them over here!” I yelled.

Raticate continued to try to bite Litten as the little cat ran away from the fat rat.

“Ok, Lucha! Tose them!” Sun yelled to his Hawlucha who grabbed the Gumshoos and threw them into the Raticate!

Both giant pokemon lay defeated.

“WE DID IT!” I yelled as I ran over and hugged Sun in excitement! 

MEOW! Litten cried as I let go of sun and give my cat some love too.

“We should probably grab the treasures and get out of here before they wake up,” Sun told me as we saw the giant pokemon stir. 

I picked up my pokemon before Sun and I ran over and snatched the treasures and ran back into the cave.


Sun and I are panting as we run out of the cave and is greeted by Lima.

"What incredible Trainers you are!" Lima said happily. “For you to be able to defeat the Totem Pokémon that I had trained up to such a powerful state... I don't know what I can say! Working in harmony with your Pokémon, you have cleared the trial of Ilima! You're both phenomenal Trainers! Congratulations, Sun and moon! The Z-Crystals from the pedestal is yours now!"

“Z-Crystals?” I asked.

"What you have just received is the Normal Z-Crystal! It is known as Normalium Z! Now if you let a Pokémon that can use a Normal-type move hold that and strike an elegant pose like this one.” Ilima suddenly made a strange pose with his arms in front of him. “then you will be able to strengthen a Normal-type move by unleashing Z-Power!"

“I still don't get it,”I tell him as I hold the gray crystal in my hands.

“We can ask the professor later to help us with it,” Sun suggested.

“True,” I reply.

"Moving right along..." Ilima said as he cut in between our little talk. "Ah, yes. First, there is one thing I forgot to mention. The Totem Pokémon! In every locale where a captain holds his or her trials, you will encounter a particularly strong Pokémon, like Gumshoos or Raticate just now. And during battles against such Pokémon, they may summon allies to shore up their offense. It's not a tactic often seen in other regions. Perhaps Pokémon in Alola are simply more inclined to help one another?"

“Wait, we're going to have to battle more pokemon like that!” I yelled in shock.

“Yes, and fair warning, they won't be as easy as Gumshoos or Raticate,” Ilima told me. “Anyways, it's late and you both should get some rest!”

With that, Ilima walked away from us.

I just looked at Sun who shrugged at Ilima’s weirdness.

“Come on, I'll walk you home.” sun offered as he gave me a smile. 

I smiled back and looked down at the crystal in my hands. One trial down, many more to go.

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This was good and the pictures did help with being able to visualize the battle better. I look forward to reading more. 

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3 hours ago, CDfm said:

This was good and the pictures did help with being able to visualize the battle better. I look forward to reading more. 

im glad you liked it ^.^

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