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More than she expected

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“Do you have to bang?” detective Antonio Dawson sighed as he looked over to his niece.


Eighteen year old Victoria who was sat on the windowsill continued knocking the white blinds cord against the window. Victoria sighed and looked at the rain bouncing off the street down below out of all of the places Victoria wanted to be spending her half term being stuck in a police station wasn’t one of them. “I’m bored” Victoria whined as she saw her uncle glaring at her. 


“Well nobody's forcing to be here why don’t you go round to see Leah?” Antonio replied.


Victoria rolled her eyes as she placed her hands in her pocket. “No she’s going though some breakup thing.”


“Well what about Samantha?” Antonio suggested. 


Victoria looked albeit a little confused but then she realised who her uncle meant. “Oh you mean Sammy, I can’t she’s gone to some army or marine base to see her dad” Victoria sighed as she pulled her phone out. Victoria sighed to herself as she started to look at people in adult diapers, for as long as she could remember Victoria had always wanted to wear a diaper she’d often have fantasies and dreamed of being made to wear a diaper as a form of punishment, although all Victoria ever received was more chores or groundings but she would sometimes be placed over her moms knee and revive a very hard spanking if she was very naughty. Victoria wasn’t sure why she had this fantasy she thought that it might have been because she was adopted but that idea was immediately dismissed as fast as it entered Victoria’s mind after all millions of children get adopted all over the world and they probably grow up without wanting to be in diapers. “Hey uncle Antonio?” Victoria quietly asked.


“What’s up?” Antonio questioned. 


Victoria bit her lip she didn’t want to tell her uncle she wanted to wear diapers but it was driving her crazy not being able to talk to anybody about her feelings. “Can I talk to you about something?”


Antonio span round in his chair and looked slightly confused. “Talk to me as your uncle or talk to me as a cop?” Antonio asked. 


“As in my uncle” Victoria asked as she took a last look at a picture of a woman about her age in a diaper. “If I was to ask mom if I could try something do you think she’d let me?” Victoria timidly asked. 


Antonio looked on slightly confused because of the odd question. Antonio knew his sister extremely well but he couldn’t really say yes or no because he didn’t know what his niece was wanting to try. “Depends your eighteen so your practically an adult what did you want to ask her?” Antonio replied. 


As Victoria was about to speak her adoptive mom Gabriella Dawson still dressed in her paramedic uniform appeared up a flight of stairs. “Ask me what?” The light brown skinned woman asked as she looked as she looked straight at Victoria. 


“Hey mom it doesn’t matter” Victoria replied as she grabbed her things. “Is it OK if we stop off at the supermarket?” Victoria asked. 


“Sure thing honey listen go sit in the car I need a word with your uncle” Gabby replied as she handed the keys to Victoria. 


Some time later and Victoria found herself down in the diaper section of her local supermarket. Victoria was twiddling with her fingers as she looked at the various diapers on display. Victoria eyed a pack of medium attends that would probably just about fit her. Victoria squatted down and pulled the attends diapers towards herself. Victoria was now seriously thinking about buy a pack of diapers but her thoughts were interrupted when a voice spoke to her. 


“I’d personally go with Abena they tend to hold more or you could try pull-ups” the female voice  suggested. 


“I don’t wear diapers!” Victoria embarrassing spoke as she turned to face a friend of her moms. The friend was doctor Natalie Manning and she was very surprised to see Victoria down in this part of the store. 


“Look it’s OK don’t be embarrassed” Natalie spoke as she rubbed Victoria’s arm. “Listen I’m not judging you because I’m wearing a diaper right now” Natalie spoke as she pulled the tip of her red doctors scrubs down to expose a plastic backed diaper. Seeing Natalie in a diaper came as a little bit of a shock to Victoria. 


“W-why are you wearing a diaper your not worried people will think your weird?” Victoria stammered as she was totally amazed that Natalie was openly saying she had one on.   


Natalie who was now picking up a pack of pull-ups and a pack of diapers shrugged her shoulders. “It doesn’t bother me what people think look working at the A&E department we sometimes get rushed off our feet so wearing a pull-up or a diaper can help if your busy” Natalie replied. Natalie brushed a strand of hair out of her face as she strolled off to pay for her things. Once Natalie had paid for her things she walked out and saw Victoria’s mom Gabby sitting in her car. “Hey Gabby” Natalie smiled. 


“Oh hey Nat” Gabby groggily smiled as she rubbed her eyes. Working twenty four hour shifts was really taking its toll on Gabby so since Victoria was in the store Gabby had decided to try and rest her eyes for five or ten minutes. 


“Hey Gabby look I know it’s not my place but I think Victoria might be in need of her mom” Natalie spoke she didn’t want to openly tell Gabby she caught Victoria looking at the diapers but being a mother herself Natalie was just going off of her motherly instincts. 


Gabby rolled her eyes “what’s she done now?” Gabby sighed with great annoyance in her voice. 


“Well I think it’s best if you look for her she’s down aisle twelve” Natalie said before leaving. 


Gabby soon got out and went straight into the store and headed straight for aisle twelve. When she got there she saw Victoria holding a pack of diapers. Gabby stood watching Victoria looking at the diapers. Gabby was now totally confused as to why Victoria was even looking at them she thought herself and her adoptive daughter had a great relationship but Gabby couldn’t connect the dots as to why Victoria was here, she waited till Victoria put the diapers down before making her move. “Hey honey” Gabby smiled. 


“Oh hey mom” Victoria smiled awkwardly. 


“Anything I can help you with?” Gabby asked as she walked down the aisle and looked at the rows of diapers in front of them. 


Victoria bit her lip she wanted to try diapers and her mom was right here so she could easily get a pack now. However it dawned on her that her mother might think she was a freak and a weirdo if she said she wanted to go back to wearing diapers. “I needed some more tampons just looking fir them” Victoria tried smiling. 


Gabby raised an eyebrow at what she thought might be a lie. “Well there in the next aisle” Gabby said as herself and Victoria left the diaper section. 


Victoria and Gabby were soon back home and Gabby was busy talking to her housemate and fellow paramedic Sylvie Brett. “So I don’t know what to do seriously do I confront Victoria and ask her why she was looking at diapers or do I let her explain in her own time?” A slightly worried Gabby asked. 


“Well you should talk to her you might be over reacting don’t you think?” Sylvie suggested. 

“Your right I’ll go talk to her” Gabby sighed as she walked to Victoria who was sat on the couch listening to her music.  


As soon as she saw her mom sit down Victoria took her head phones off. She’d been thinking about telling her mom that she wanted to try diapers again so she decided to bite the bullet and just ask her. “Hey mom can I talk to you about something?” Victoria nervously asked. 


“Sure” Gabby smiled. 


Victoria breathed deeply before speaking. “Mom you said you’ll always love me no matter what” Victoria began. “Well I want to try something but I’m afraid you’ll say no or you’ll think I’m a freak” Victoria worryingly spoke. 


Gabby let out a little warm laugh as she rubbed her daughters hand. “Oh sweetie don’t say that no matter what you say I don’t think you’ll ever be a freak so what do you want to try?” Gabby warmly asked although she had a rough idea of what Victoria was going to say.


“Well ok then” a nervous Victoria spoke. “Well I want to go back to wearing diapers!” Victoria cried as she brushed away a few tears. 


Gabby sat there trying to act surprised but in actual fact because she saw Victoria with them earlier it started to click into place. “But why?” Gabby spoke softly. 


Victoria shrugged her shoulders. “I don’t know I just keep having dreams about them one dream even had you putting me back into diapers” Victoria cried even more. “Am I a freak?” Victoria asked. 


“No-no your not a freak Victoria but here’s what I’m going to do I’m going to think it over and if I agree to let you try diapers then I’ll pick some up for you deal?” Gabby asked. 


“Deal” Victoria spoke as she hugged her mum. Gabby looked out of the corner of her eye at Victoria who was blissfully unaware of what her mom had planned. Gabby figured if Victoria wanted to wear diapers then she’d have to agree to her moms terms but first she’d have to talk to Sylvie.                                                                                

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I really enjoyed this. I wish I still had a like to give it. Hopefully next chapter. It’s really different with the main character actually being brave enough to get ask to be allowed to wear diapers. I am looking forward to reading more of this. 

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Sorry it’s been a while 

A little while later and Gabby was sat in Molly’s bar a quiet little bar that she co owned with a few of her work colleagues. It had been plaguing Gabby as to what might have caused Victoria to want to be as she put it to be “put” back into diapers. Gabby sipped a coke little from her glass before noticing that she’d completely ignored what Sylvie was saying to her. “I’m sorry what were you saying?” Gabby asked as she gave an apologetic smile. 


“I said did you find out why Victoria was you know” Sylvie started but began to whisper, “did she say why she was looking at the diapers?” Sylvie asked.        


Gabby sighed as she looked at Sylvie. Gabby had been friends for about five years now so she knew that they could talk about anything that was partly the reason Gabby was friends with Sylvie because of how laidback and kind she was. Sylvie was known to never judge people and would always consider her friends as family in-fact Gabby and Sylvie considered each other more as sisters because of how close they where. “This stays between me and you nobody else ok?” Gabby quietly spoke.


“Sure thing” Sylvie replied.


“Well Victoria said she wants to start wearing diapers again” Gabby explained. “Before you ask I haven’t said she can or can’t I’m still trying to wrap my head around why an eighteen year old girl would sooner wear diapers over panties, and I don’t think she’s wetting the bed or having accidents during the day” Gabby sighed. 


Sylvie rubbed her friends hand as she wasn’t entirely sure what how to respond. Both women sat in silence for about ten more minutes until Sylvie's blue eyes met with Gabby's brown eyes. 


“What?” Gabby curiously asked. 


“Look Gabby if Victoria was my daughter I’d say she could wear them admittedly wanting to wear diapers is rather different. Look she probably just wants to experiment try new things besides it’s better than drugs or anything illegal. I say you let her try diapers but you set down some conditions if she does wear them. Like if she does she’s to use the whole pack of diapers I mean adult diapers aren’t cheap but it’s just a suggestion, seriously what harm could having her back in diapers do?” Sylvie suggested.


Gabby smiled as she got up. The bar was starting to get busy so Gabby decided to pitch in at the bar even though it was her night off. As Gabby walked behind the bar she decided she’d take Sylvie’s advice and let Victoria try wearing diapers but Gabby decided that if Victoria wanted to wear diapers then she’d be wearing them under strict conditions. “Hey Sylvie thanks” Gabby called as she started pulling a pint. 


It was now the following morning and half term had ended. Victoria was now getting ready to attend her local college. Victoria was drying herself off in the bathroom before slipping on her leopard print bra and blouse and reluctantly pulling up a set of matching panties and a black and white tartan skirt this was something she hated and that was having to wear a uniform because the college didn’t want people bullying others just because of the type of clothes they wore. Victoria sighed to herself as she really wanted to be in a diaper right now and she was worried that her mom would say no to letting her wear diapers and if that was the case then Victoria didn’t know what she’d do. As she walked out of the bathroom she could hear her mom and Sylvie talking and the conversation that was coming to a close sounded like it was about her.


“Do you think she’ll accept the terms your going to set?” Sylvie asked. 


“Well if she doesn’t then it’s a no deal, but are you happy about helping and with regards to the other things we talked about?” Gabby asked. 


“Sure thing and besides I can always move in with my boyfriend if it gets slightly awkward” Sylvie replied. 


Victoria then appeared and looked suspiciously at her mom and roommate. Victoria sat at the small round table and studied them before helping herself to a slice of toast. 


“Gabby I’ll see you at the firehouse don’t be late you know what this new chief is like, have a good day college Victoria” Sylvie smiled before leaving. 


Victoria looked at the clock on the wall it read 07.30am and realised her mom was probably going to speak to her because Sylvie and Gabby would both take it in turns to drive each to work and they’d always leave at about eight fifteen in the morning Victoria braced herself.


“I spoke to Sylvie about you wanting as you put it be put back into diapers” Gabby spoke as she looked at Victoria who was shaking her head in utter shock. 


“Now she’s going to think I’m a fucking freak!” Victoria cried. 


Suddenly Gabby grabbed Victoria’s hand and held it tightly. “Hey Sylvie doesn’t think your a freak she was really understanding about it when I spoke to her and don’t swear it’s not lady like” Gabby warned. Gabby understood her daughters sudden outburst and wasn’t actually warning her about the outburst just the swearing. “Right then here’s what’s going to happen then I’m finishing early today so I’m going to the supermarket and I’ll be picking up some diapers and tonight Victoria when you get home from college I will be putting you back into diapers” Gabby explained as she cupped her hands. 


Victoria let out a little smile as she couldn’t believe what her mom was saying. It seemed sort of like a dream. “Wow so I get to spend the evening and night in diaper?” Victoria asked as she started blushing. 


“Not quiet” Gabby spoke. “You see you’ll be spending the week in diapers and if you take a liking to it then I’m willing to let you stay in them” Gabby said. 


Suddenly Victoria grabbed her mom and gave her a really big hug. “Thanks mom your the best.” 


“However there are going to be conditions rules if will” Gabby explained as her daughter raised an eyebrow. “Right so when I put you back into diapers then you have got to wear them 24 hours a day for a minimum of one week” Gabby explained.


“But why twenty four hours and for a week?” Victoria nervously asked as this wasn’t something she’d planned on. 


“Simple I can’t buy individual diapers so I’m not buying a case of diapers only to use one or two of them. Plus I think by making you go twenty four seven you’ll get an idea of what it’s like for people who suffer with incontinence and have no choice but to wear diapers any other questions?” said Gabby. 


Victoria sat thinking she couldn’t believe what her mom had replied with but then it dawned on her that since she would be wearing twenty four seven for a week then that could possibly mean attending college in a diaper. “What about college?” Victoria asked. 


“Twenty four seven means you'll be wearing diapers when you go to bed, when you have breakfast, lunch and dinner even when in college bottom line is this for exactly one week you’re  wearing nothing but diapers panties will be banned no exceptions” Gabby warned.


“But I’m worried people will see what if someone sees it and asks me why I’m wearing them? and what about Thursday I have gym class” Victoria pleaded. 


“Tell them whatever you like seriously or put a pair of black pantyhose on nobody will notice a diaper underneath them and as for Thursday wear a pair of shorts over your diaper but underneath your skirt. Look Victoria your over reacting nobody will know unless you make it obvious” Gabby suggested. 


Victoria figured her moms suggestions wasn’t that bad but in her dreams she wasn’t wearing diapers twenty four seven for a week. However Victoria figured that if she decided to back out now then the chance of her having the courage to ask her mom to let her wear diapers again probably wouldn’t happen. “Ok fine I’ll do it there’s no point in thinking about the what if's if I don’t at least try” Victoria enthusiastically said. 


“That’s my girl” Gabby smiled. “Now there’s a few other rules that your going to have to follow” Gabby explained. “Like I said before you’ll be in diapers twenty four seven so that means you have to use them for there intended purposes that means wetting and unfortunately messing as well so the bathroom is out of bounds. Obviously the only exception is to brush your teeth and get showered but that’s only when me and Sylvie give you permission.” Gabby slowly spoke. 


“Wait what’s Sylvie got to do with me wearing diapers again?” Victoria asked. 


“Sylvie will be helping me which brings me on to something I know your not going to like but it’s happening. You won’t be changing yourself me and Sylvie will be doing that and your diaper will be getting checked regularly” Gabby warned. “Look sweetie we’re keeping things realistic so your just going to have to accept it just pretend that and Sylvie are your live in carers” Gabby suggested as she could tell Victoria didn’t like that idea.


After hearing her moms rules Victoria was now unsure if she really wanted to go back to diapers. “I know I said I’d try them mom but it’s not what I’ve dreamed about” Victoria admitted.

“Well I’m sorry sweetie but it’s up to you those are the conditions you either accept them and I’ll get your diapers if you don’t then you don’t get your diapers” Gabby warned. “If you’ve changed your mind then I’d completely understand after all when I was your age wanting to be put back into diapers wasn’t exactly on my list of stuff I wanted to try” Gabby sighed as she studied her daughter. 


Victoria’s mind was racing now. A major part of her was saying just go for it you've wanted this and her mom had effectually given her the go ahead to try diapers. However it was the fact that she’d be kept in them for twenty four hours a day and for a week that was putting her off, but it was also the thought of having to wet and mess in them that was the main issue. Then there was also the issue of people finding out as it would be the ultimate embarrassment for her. Still there was no point in worrying about things that might or mightn’t  happen.


“Well am I putting you back into diapers or not?” Gabby asked. 


“I don’t know mom really part of me wants to but the other part doesn’t” Victoria admitted.


“I’m going to say this I think your scared but you don’t really want to admit to it.” Gabby said. 


Victoria sat amazed at how her adoptive mother was able to read her. Victoria nodded in agreement. “To be honest I’m terrified” Victoria reluctantly admitted.


“Well I say you go for it because your half way there it took a lot of courage to tell me you want to wear diapers and knowing you like I do I know for a fact you wouldn’t have told be about wanting to wear diapers unless you really wanted to, so it’s just one more hurdle to overcome and that’s to just try it” Gabby suggested. “So I’ll ask you again do you want me to put you back into diapers or not?” Gabby asked. 


Victoria sat looking at her mom it was now or never. Victoria wanted to wear diapers and this was her chance. If she backed out now she wasn’t sure if she’d look back in years to come and curse herself for not even trying. “Ok mom I’ll do it your to but me back in diapers” Victoria admitted. 


“Right then are you absolutely sure because once I’ve got your diapers then your going to be put into them for a week, do we have a deal?” Gabby asked. 


“Sure thing mom” Victoria replied who was now nervous and excited at the same time. 


“Great I’ll pick up your diapers later, now go on your going to be late for college” Gabby replied.                     









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i love this story so far, keep up the good work

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Gabby Dawson managed to finish her shift early and was now sat on the couch in her apartment waiting for Victoria luckily she didn’t have long to wait as she heard the key in the door. 


“Hey mom”


“Hey sweetie good day at college?” Gabby replied. 


“Meh boring double maths, double English and double history” Victoria dully replied. 


“Unlucky but hey it’s Friday and you got off lightly when I was in college we had triple maths” Gabby joked as she studded her daughter. “Seriously though I think we’ve got something to take care of haven’t we?” Gabby hinted. 


Victoria stood slightly confused as she put her bag away. “Sure don’t let me stop you can I watch some TV?” Victoria smiled. 


“No not yet because what we’ve got to do this involves you only after our little talk this morning well your wearing panties which your banned from wearing so come on I think it’s time I put you back into diapers” Gabby softly spoke as she took her daughters hand. 


Victoria swallowed hard she couldn’t believe this was actually happening for real now. Of course Victoria knew she’d be in diapers from tonight but to realise it was now starting to her even more nervous. “Ok then quicker we start the quicker it will end I suppose, where am I going to be diapered?” Victoria said with a tinge of excitement in her voice. 



“Exactly and I did plan on putting you in them as soon as you got home, you’ll be changed in your room all the stuff is set up” Gabby replied. 


Gabby and Victoria walked down to Victoria’s room Victoria seemed slightly confused as to what her mom meant by everything is set up. “What the hell is that?” Victoria cried as she noticed a large piece of wooden furniture. 


“This is your changing table this is were your going to have your diapers changed, I’ve had this  unit since I adopted you, after you grew out of diapers I decided to keep it in my room as a storage unit but I figured it’d be better placed in your room, your uncle Antonio and a friend moved it in here for you” Gabby smiled, “What’s the matter.” 


“Erm uncle Antonio doesn’t know I’m going back to wearing diapers?” A panicked Victoria asked. 


“Don’t worry I said you needed some storage space in your room he was non the wiser” Gabby replied to a relived Victoria.   


Victoria looked at her wooden changing table and the large pink changing mat before turning her attention to four shelves underneath one of the top shelves was stacked full of white diapers while the second top one was filled with an assortment of lotions, creams and baby powder. As Victoria moved closer to table she noticed that the changing mat had balloons of all colours printed around it. Victoria could feel her cheeks going red with embarrassment as she stood looking at the mat and realising she was eventually going to have to lay on it. 


“Well what are you waiting for climb on up there’s a small footstool at the end to help you up” Gabby suggested as she patted the crinkly table.


Victoria then climbed backwards onto the little plastic footstool and sat her bum down on to the soft but very crinkly padding. She then wriggled back enough so that her entire body was on the changing mat before laying down.. 


Gabby looked down at her daughter who was on top of the changing mat she and had to bite her tongue to stop herself from laughing at the whole situation. It did feel slightly funny to Gabby knowing that her eighteen year old daughter was going to be put back into diapers although Gabby knew she couldn’t say anything to Victoria as this was something that she knew her daughter really wanted to try. 


“Right then the first thing I should do is explain how this whole operation is going to work” Gabby slowly spoke. “Now since your spending the week in diapers I’ll need to make sure you don’t get a nasty diaper rash trust me that’s something you won’t want, so when me or Sylvie change your wet or messy diapers we will be using baby wipes on your private area that’s what the lotions and wipes are for, don’t worry if it feels weird at first you’ll get used to it well actually you’ve got no choice in the matter” Gabby sternly warned just as she pulled a small plastic container out from underneath the table.  


“Can’t I wipe myself?” Victoria nervously asked. 


“Sorry honey you can’t if I was to allow to wipe yourself then you might as diaper yourself” Gabby sweetly replied. 


Victoria couldn’t help but give an obvious roll of the eyes. Victoria had for the most part put diaper changes and all the other bad things into the back of her mind. However it was now the thought of Sylvie who Victoria classed as a big sister despite them only being roommates touching her most private and sensitive parts of her body made her feel slightly creeped out. 


“Don’t worry about Sylvie it’ll be me that’s mostly changing you” Gabby reassuringly said as she reached for a small jar. “This is Vaseline again this will help with preventing diaper rash but it will be placed in some awkward places but again you’ll have no option but to get used to it” Gabby said as she placed the jar away before pulling out another bottle. “This is baby powder it’s used to help prevent diaper rash and it’ll make you smell nice it’ll be sprinkled onto my special babies bottom” Gabby joked. Gabby placed the bottle back and crossed her arms to try and think if she’d left anything out before looking down at her daughter. “So now do you have any questions?” Gabby asked. 


Victoria started thinking her heart was racing as she looked up at her mum who was now smiling at her. Victoria started feeling slightly worried but excited at the same time because she realised that her dreams were going to sort of start coming true. “Erm-erm” Victoria stuttered because of how nervous she was.


“I’ll take that as a no then, right let’s get started” Gabby smiled as she could tell Victoria was now more nervous than ever. Gabby then told Victoria to lift up her bum before she started to pull Victoria’s skirt down before reaching for Victoria’s panties and swiftly removing them. “Oh one last thing sweetie I’ve taken all your panties and hidden them somewhere safe just incase you get tempted” Gabby winked as she placed the panties into the back of her jeans pocket.                     


Knowing that she was naked from the waist down Victoria quickly placed her hands over her crotch, but slowly started to remove her hands and placed them back on the table. The more Victoria thought about it the more she realised there was no point in being embarrassed because her mom would be changing her for the next week. “Sorry” Victoria muttered. 


“Don’t worry about it” Gabby replied as she knew Victoria was apologising for covering herself. Gabby then reached underneath the table and pulled out a plain white diaper. Gabby opened the ends of the diaper before grabbing hold of Victoria’s legs and holding them in the air before sliding the diaper underneath Victoria’s bum. Once the diaper was underneath Gabby picked up the little jar Vaseline and placed some onto her fingers before moving to rub it onto Victoria’s inner thigh. Once that was done Gabby then moved onto Victoria’s bottom. Gabby couldn’t help but laugh when Victoria jumped at the sudden coldness. “Nearly done now, maybe I should get you a baby bottle to drink from when I’m done changing you” Gabby winked. 


“Really?” Victoria asked suddenly asked with a little excitement in her voice.  


“I’m joking Victoria, but if you’d like to regress to being a baby I’ll get you a bottle” Gabby suggested but didn’t get a response. Gabby then grabbed the front of the diaper and pulled it up between Victoria’s legs. The diaper seemed to fit just right as it was spread out. Gabby then pulled open the two tabs on the right and quickly pulled them shut and she repeated the same process on the left. As Gabby finished checking the leg guards she smiled to herself as she observed her daughter in her large white diaper. “So how’s that not to tight or loose just let me know and I’ll adjust the tapes” Gabby asked. 


Victoria looked down at herself and couldn’t believe her mom had actually kept her word and put her back into a diaper. The diaper wasn’t very thick but it did prevent Victoria from fully closing her legs. “It’s just right mom” Victoria replied as she came back down to Earth. “Can I have my skirt back?” Victoria asked as she held her hand out. 


“No your just going to wear your diaper with either your blouse or you can swap it for a t-shirt besides when you were a baby you loved nothing more than just running around the apartment in just your diaper” Gabby joked as she grabbed hold of Victoria’s skirt. 


“Except I’ve got breasts so I’m not going around the apartment without a top on plus I’m not a baby” Victoria quietly spoke. 


“I don’t know you certainly look like one” Gabby laughed. “Seriously though when your here in the apartment you're only wearing a top, look having you back in diapers is one thing but changing you is another see I might forget your in diapers thus you won’t be changed it’ll make life a whole lot easier if I consistently see your diaper” Gabby sternly replied. 


“Fine” Victoria spoke a little disheartened. “Can I watch Spongebob squarepants?” Victoria quietly asked as she watched her mom putting everything away. 


“Erm such you can no need to ask” Gabby replied. Hearing this slightly odd request made Gabby hop up onto the changing table and wrap an arm around Victoria’s shoulder. “You can watch what ever you want I won’t judge and neither will Sylvie if you want to watch cartoons then you watch cartoons, and if you really want it I’ll get you a baby bottle how’s that sound?” Gabby suggested.


“Maybe” Victoria replied as she climbed down off of the table. As Victoria was walking she instantly stopped as she heard a rustling noise. Victoria shrugged it off as she thought it was just her mind playing tricks on her. As Victoria turned the TV on she soon realised it was her diaper making the rustling noise because it was plastic backed. Victoria assumed she get used to it so she then sat on the floor to watch cartoons but before her show started Victoria placed her thumb in her mouth and began to think what her week in diapers would be like. 



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I like small regression you're doing from the start just a diaper and mother making a comment on other baby thing daughter could do is a really nice touch. Keep up the good work and hope more regression develops over time instead of just diapers.

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So,why is Gabby living with Sylvie if she has a daughter?lol

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7 hours ago, babytom2 said:

So,why is Gabby living with Sylvie if she has a daughter?lol

They are mates and work with each other that’s all 

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Great story. Thanks for sharing

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Cheers for the follows/likes/replies. If I'm slow uploading it’s only because I'm trying to write good chapters and I’m not uploading half assed chapters 

Gabby stood in small hallway that led to the bedrooms watching her daughter who was laying on her stomach on the floor with her diaper fully on show while laughing and giggling at the TV. Gabby had to cover her mouth because of how amusing it was but she figured as long as Victoria was happy that was the main thing. Gabby came walking over and plopped herself on the couch and couldn’t help but let out a little laugh that caught the attention of Victoria. 


“What’s so funny?” Victoria asked as she climbed and cuddled herself right up to her mom before resting her head on her moms lap and continuing to suck her thumb. 


“It’s just funny seeing you diapered you look really cute especially the way you were laughing and giggling and sucking your thumb” Gabby replied as she rested a hand on Victoria’s leg. “Oh before I forget when you’ve wet or made a mess in your diaper your not allowed to tell me or Sylvie” Gabby casually warned.    


Victoria who still on had her head on her moms knee rolled over onto her back and looked up shocked at the news her mom had just delivered. “What do you mean I can’t tell you?” Victoria nervously asked.


“Well babies can’t tell their mommies when they need to be changed so you’ll need to just wait to be checked and if you tell us you need changing it’ll just fall on deaf ears and it’s not up for discussion” Gabby sternly warned in a tone of voice that Victoria instantly recognised as a you can cry and moan but I’m not budging on my choice. 


“But what if I ‘really’ need to be changed?” Victoria muttered with emphasis on really. 


“Don’t worry about I think it’ll be pretty obvious if we smell something,  stand up” Gabby replied.      


Victoria stood up looking at her mom as she rose to her feet. Suddenly Victoria shrieked as she felt her moms hand in-between her legs before reaching right underneath her. “Mom stop it what are you doing?” Victoria cried. 


“It’s a diaper check honey don’t worry mine or Sylvie’s hands won’t physically enter your diaper we'll just be giving it a good feel and this is something your going to have to get used to” Gabby replied.          


“Sorry mom but I can tell you when I need to be changed” Victoria replied but quickly realised that wasn’t going to be the case as her mom didn’t even acknowledge Victoria’s suggestion about being changed. 


After a brief moment of silence Gabby spoke. “Look if your going to make a fuss then you can be checked less often then by all means but that will increase your diaper rash risks” 


“But mom!” Victoria cried. 


“Victoria!” Gabby shouted angrily. “Look sweetie when I agreed to put you back into diapers one of the conditions where that either myself or Sylvie change you besides come here and sit on my knee” Gabby said as she patted her knee. 


Victoria raised an eyebrow but complied. Victoria sat on her moms knee and wrapped an arm around her moms neck and continued to suck her thumb. 


“Look Victoria I know your probably finding this whole diaper thing strange but you’ll get used to it I promise, now on a more serious note do you really want me to make a baby bottle up for you because I was only joking about it” Gabby spoke as she saw Victoria blushing. 


“Sorry I guess I got caught in the moment” Victoria quietly replied. “Can I go round and see Leah?” Victoria asked. 


“Sure thing go put your pants on and remember use your diaper if you need to” Gabby replied. Gabby watched as Victoria left to go and get ready to go to her friends. Gabby was thinking if she should nip out and buy some baby bottles after all Victoria was back in diapers so it mightn’t hurt if Victoria wanted to be treated like a baby.  


Leah Manning's house was just a five minute walk from Victoria’s. Victoria and Leah were the best of friends partly because Leah’s mom was Dr Natalie Manning. Since Gabby worked as a paramedic she’d often see Natalie in the hospital and also at the bar she co owned so it was inevitable that Gabby's adoptive daughter would become friends with Natalie’s daughter. 


Victoria had slipped into a pair of jeans and a pink t-shirt. The jeans managed to muffle a majority of the rustling the diaper made but it was still audible if there was quietness but Victoria knew Leah would never shut so the chances of her hearing the rustling was slim but it did make Victoria worry a bit incase Leah did hear anything. Victoria was pressing the bell on Leah’s front door Victoria decided she’d worry about Leah hearing her diaper when the time came. 


“Oh hey there Victoria please come in” Leah’s mom smiled. Leah’s mom was Dr Natalie Manning the same doctor that had caught Victoria looking at the diapers.         


Victoria smiled and blushed as she entered as she was sure Natalie was able to hear her diaper. “Hey Mrs Manning is Leah in?” Victoria asked. 


“She sure is go on up you know where her bedroom is” Natalie who was still in her red doctors scrubs replied. “Oh Victoria before I forget if you ever need advice about diapers and you don’t feel like you can talk to your mom then you can talk to me” Natalie warmly spoke. Natalie didn’t actually know that Victoria was back in diapers but she did remember seeing Victoria looking at them in the supermarket.  


“Thanks but I don’t wear diapers” a blushing Victoria said. Victoria knew that wasn’t actually the case but she didn’t want anybody apart from her mom and Sylvie knowing that she was back in them. Victoria said her goodbyes and went up to Leah’s bedroom. “Hey Leah it’s only me!” Victoria called out as she made her way up stairs.  


“Hey Vic come in” Leah shouted over the noice of her death metal music. 


Hearing the music made Victoria breath a heavy sigh of relief because the music would kill any sound her diaper made and Victoria was going to make sure the music stayed on. Victoria walked into Leah’s bedroom and threw herself onto Leah’s bed. 


Leah sat up and talked to Victoria like they normally would. Leah was constantly talking about her so called big break up, but in actual fact whenever Leah and her boyfriend broke up they’d only break up for a few weeks and they’d be back together just as fast. Victoria was getting board of hearing about Leah’s break up so she suggested they go downstairs and watch MTV to which Leah reluctantly agreed. As they were walking down the hallway Victoria noticed that her diaper was crinkling. Victoria was praying that Leah couldn’t hear the diaper rustling but as she looked she suddenly noticed Leah looking right at her bum. 


“Hey-Hey hold up a second” Leah stuttered. 


Victoria’s heart was racing now as the first thing that came into Victoria’s mind was Leah could hear the rustling or she could instinctively knew that her best friend had a diaper on. 


“Did you get new jeans?” Leah asked. 


“No-no why?” Victoria nervously replied. 


Leah continued to study Victoria she knew something was different about her friend but she couldn’t exactly put her finger on it. “You seem Oh I don’t know different” Leah replied as she continued to look at Victoria’s bum. “Meh forget it” Leah replied as they left. 


Victoria felt extremely lucky that Leah didn’t bother trying to dig a little deeper maybe this whole break up thing might been making Leah overreact to the slightest thing. 


Leah and Victoria spent the next hour and a half drinking a few cans of soda while watching Satins Slit Sack Army one their favourite death meal bands. 


Victoria bit her lip as she suddenly realised that she need the toilet. Victoria got up and headed for the stairs but quickly remembered that she was wearing a diaper. Victoria’s stomach was doing summersaults as using diapers for their intended purpose was something that she really didn’t think about. In Victoria’s dreams she pictured herself wearing diapers but never actually using them. Victoria remembered her moms rules and they meant she had to use the diapers for everything. Victoria knew it was a case of when not if she used the diapers. Then it dawned on her of the many things that could go wrong she wasn’t sure if her diapers would hold the smell of her urine but what if she peed that much her diaper leaked. Naturally her potty training kicked in and told her to hold it, but Victoria figured that if she continued to hold it she could do internal damage to her body but the more she thought about it the more she was deciding to just wet her diaper after all what was the point in waiting because she was going to have to use the diapers regardless. To avoid arising suspicions Victoria went to the bathroom while Leah was getting some more cans this way she could effectively wet herself in private. 


Victoria walked into the bathroom and closed the door “Right I’m just going to wet my pants no not my pants I’m going to wet my diaper” Victoria muttered to herself while she tried to relax her muscles. It took a few minutes but nothing happened. Victoria knew she needed to pee but her body wasn’t letting her. Victoria tried running the taps and thinking of waterfalls but still her body refused to even let a trickle leave her body. Victoria decided she’d try and use her diaper at home so she’d leave right now. Victoria opened the bathroom door and saw Leah reluctantly helping her mom putting away some washing she said her goodbyes to them and quickly left. 


Victoria was walking as fast as she could normally it’d be a ten minute walk to Leah’s but Victoria wanted to get home as quickly as she could because she was bursting for a pee. Suddenly Victoria stopped and started laughing at herself. “I’m back in diapers and I’m racing home for the toilet, what’s the point in racing home when I’m banned from the toilet?” Victoria muttered to herself. Victoria stopped where she was and began to breath in through her nose and out through her mouth until she was completely relaxed then her body slowly began to take control for her. 


Victoria had no idea what was going to happen but she didn’t have long to wait to find out. Suddenly Victoria felt the diaper slowly begin to turn warm before feeling the warmth spread between her legs. Victoria was picturing a small puddle forming in her diaper. Victoria continued to stand there as she felt the warmth spread further over her diaper. 


“Wow that wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be” Victoria softly said to herself. “Well at least I know what to expect as far as wetting goes” Victoria said again to herself. Victoria quickly checked herself for any wet patches but was relieved to to see the diaper had did its job and kept the liquid in. Victoria was now slightly excited and happy because she liked the wetting part because it wasn’t as bad as she’d pictured. Originally Victoria thought if she’d pee in her diaper it’d either leak or smell and at this point that wasn’t the case. She continued walking home this time at a slower more relaxed pace but her diaper felt a lot more heavier and bulkier as it expanded between her legs. When Victoria got in she saw Sylvie was home as she noticed Sylvie's work bag as just underneath the coat hangers. 


“Oh hey Victoria your back early” Gabby shouted from the kitchen. 


“I know I didn’t fancy staying late, and Mrs manning sends her love, what’s for dinner?” Victoria called. 


“Your having a pizza” Gabby replied as she stood in the kitchen doorway. “And get those pants off you know the rules” Gabby sternly warned before going back to the kitchen. 


Victoria couldn’t believe her mom was serious about her just wearing a diaper and a top but she  complied and quickly removed her jeans to expose her very wet diaper. Victoria knew she wanted to be changed but there was no point in asking to be changed because her mom would flat out ignore her request so she just decided to stand watch TV and hope her mom would change her before Sylvie showed up from whatever she was doing. 


“Hold up its time for a diaper check” Gabby casually called as she came out of the kitchen. Gabby then began feeling Victoria’s diaper before smiling. “Oh looks like you’ve wet your diaper come on let’s get you changed” Gabby smiled. “Go and wait in your room and I’ll follow you through” Gabby ordered before heading back to the kitchen. 


Victoria was already sitting on her changing table when her mom walked in carrying a small brown bag. 


“Well done Victoria I’m so proud of you so in future just go like you did and try not to hold it” Gabby smiled as she gave Victoria a hug. “And since you’ve been a good girl I’ve got a little treat for you” Gabby smiled as she pulled a small pink baby bottle out of the bag. Gabby waved the bottle in front of a confused Victoria. “You said you wanted a baby bottle so I’ve bought you one so lay down and you can drink the lovely milk I’ve put in it” Gabby said as she gently pushed Victoria down. 


“I’ll drink it later, but why are you proud of me?” Victoria replied. 


“You drink it when ever you like” Gabby replied. “I’m proud of you because I thought you’d kick up a fuss about wetting your diaper” Gabby simply replied.   


Gabby then pushed Victoria’s t-shirt up just enough so she could change the wet diaper without it getting in the way before grabbing the wipes and a fresh diaper. 


Victoria lay with the bottle in her hands. She was nervous because this was her first official diaper change. Victoria sighed to herself as she knew she’d just have to get used to it so she turned her attention to her Satins Slit Sack Army posters.


Gabby started to rip open the tapes of the diaper before looking at Victoria and her posters. 

“Next time those guys are in town I’ll try and get you tickets” Gabby said as she reached down and opened up a fresh diaper. She then got hold of Victoria’s legs and held them up and lifted her bum up before sliding the dirty diaper out from underneath Victoria and quickly sliding a fresh one underneath her. 


“You don’t like death metal though” Victoria replied as her mom lowered her legs back down. 


“Well your eighteen so I’ll think about letting you go on your own” Gabby smiled as she rolled up the wet diaper and threw it into the bin. Gabby opened up the box of wet wipes and pulled a few out and started to clean Victoria. 


“Cold cold you could have warned me!” Victoria cried at the sudden coldness.                 


“Sorry honey I should have warned you, you’ll get used to it” Gabby said as she continued to wipe. Once she’d finished wiping she placed the wipes underneath the changing table and pulled out the Vaseline jar. As she  proceeded to rub it in she couldn’t help but laugh as Victoria began to wriggle about as having the Vaseline rubbed in to her made her ticklish. “Oh does that tickle?” Gabby laughed. 


“It sure does mom” Victoria giggled. 


“Well just try and hold still this stuff will really help prevent diaper rash” Gabby cooed. 


Victoria tried her best to stay still and not wriggle about but it was hard. Eventually her mom finished and then pulled the baby powder out and started to sprinkle the powder. Once she’d finished she put the power away and pulled the front of the diaper over Victoria’s stomach. She spread the front sides and held them firmly in place while her spare hand grabbed the back of the diaper. Gabby then ripped open the tabs on the right hand side and gently fastened it and then repeated the process on the left. Victoria was focused on her posters when she felt the diaper tighten and felt her moms fingers tucking in any lose bits. 


“Well honey does my little baby girl feel much better now she’s in a fresh diaper” Gabby cooed. “Hey I’m just messing about calling calling you a baby girl, seriously though how’s it feel?” Gabby asked again in a much more composed tone of voice.     


It became immediately obvious to Victoria the difference of being in a dry diaper felt. It felt nice and fresh and not as bulky. Victoria placed the baby bottle on the changing table and she also noticed that she actually liked being talked to like a baby. “You got it just right” Victoria replied as she sat up and swung her legs off of the table. “It feels like you put it on better than the first one” Victoria said as she eyed the baby bottle. 


“Well I haven’t had to put you in diapers for nearly fifteen years so I’m probably a little out of practice but I’m glad your being honest” Gabby replied as she caught Victoria eyeing the bottle. “If you want to drink from a baby bottle I won’t judge you” Gabby suggested as she was sure Victoria wanted to drink from it but was actually to nervous to act on it.   


“I’m good mom seriously” Victoria said blushing. “Can I please put my pants back on pretty please” Victoria pleaded.


Gabby crossed her arms as she watched Victoria climb off the table. 


“Honey I said one of the rules of you wearing diapers was that you only wear diapers. If your wearing pants myself or Sylvie might forget to check you, besides I’ve already told you this but I’ll tell you again when you were little you used to love running round in nothing but your diapers so bar a t-shirt I’d really like you to wear nothing but your diaper just because it’d be easier to check you” Gabby replied. 


“Well if I gave you the money would you be able to pick up some of the girls Calvin Klein boxers?” Victoria suggested. “The boxers would cover some of the diapers but it wouldn’t cover them all plus their easy to just pull down or even jean shorts” Victoria pleaded, 


“Tell you what I’ll think about it, I’m not saying yes or no to your idea but for now your wearing nothing but your diaper me and Sylvie still need to get used to you being back in them Ok?” Gabby replied. 


Victoria sighed to herself. “Fine” Victoria replied. “Mom?” Victoria quietly called. 


“What is it?” Gabby asked. 


“Sylvie won’t laugh at me will she?” Victoria nervously asked.


“No she won’t I promise I’ll leave your bottle in the kitchen it’ll be there if you want it” Gabby said as she left. 


Victoria then left her room and noticed her diaper crinkling. Victoria peeped around the coroner of the front room and noticed that Sylvie was still in her bedroom. Victoria breathed a sigh of relief but she was still worried about Sylvie seeing her in a diaper and more so seeing the baby bottle. Victoria went and curled up on the couch and placed her thumb in her mouth and waited for Sylvie's reaction to seeing her in a diaper.                                      






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3 hours ago, Cd-Layla said:

“Oh looks like you’ve wet your come on let’s get you changed

missing some words.Also it is falls on deaf ears,not death.

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1 hour ago, babytom2 said:

missing some words.Also it is falls on deaf ears,not death.

Cheers for pointing that out I don’t know how many times I read it before uploading 

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