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Let me tell you an almost true story! Me and my wife had been married for years. Our kids were all grown. We still loved each other but sex had gone out the window when the kids were growing up. Life happened you know busy, busy, busy! Oh I still worked out went to the gym even in my 50's, people thought I looked late 30's early 40's. My wife has always looked youthful she was only 2 years younger but I often got accused of robbing the cradle.  Well getting older and trying to lift weights with the young ones doesn't mix!  I developed a hernia. I thought I had appendicitis. Same spot as my appendix. I got the surgery got the mesh implanted. About a year or so later I would get pain where the surgery was. That is sometimes normal, but when I felt the pain I would sometimes wet my bed! That was embassing, to say the least I'm 50 something years old bedwetting is for kids and teens not a grown ass man like me! My wife was wonderful, I expected her to berate me, yell at me, whatever. I don't know if I could of been as kind if the tables had been turned. 

Fast forward a couple of years. It was getting so that if I had a major pain I was wet, even just a minor twinge where I had the surgery I would wake up wet. I started buying Abriform L4 they are pretty expensive I was diapering myself every night just in case. There were nights that I hadn't wet and basically wasted a diaper. As there were nights I slept dry and pulling the white tabs off the blue ones still tore the diaper a bit. The biggest nag I got from my wife was the nights I was dry and basically wasted a very expensive diaper from not using it. On days I would wake up dry I wet it on purpose just to justify the use. I guess I'm old school as that still felt like a waste to me. Along the way I found out I liked being a bedwetter, it was kind of a turn on for me. I thought I was nuts, what grown man likes to wet his bed. I started researching adult bedwetting and holy crap, I found out I'm not the only one! I'm not nuts after all.

I wanted to be wet every night but it wasn't happening. I had another surgery on my shoulder torn rotator cuff. They catheterized me I was watching the bag fill and I wasn't even realizing I was loosing urine. Light Bulb! As Gru says. Why don't I just get a catheter and wet inside my diapers I mean I don't have to use the collection bag. Easier said than done I ran into you got a prescription for that? No.

I was looking on Wish.com low and behold catheters. I started waiting for the little window to pop up asking for a perscription. There wasn't any and they arrived. Unfortunately, they didn't come with a syringe to pump the bladder ball. Tryed using them without and they kept sliding out. Disapointment! I ordered a syringe. 6 weeks later it arrived . I had my catheter in me and it was staying.

I diapered myself and went to bed. I awoke in a puddle my diapers couldn't handle everything my bladder sent their way that and my junk had moved and was in the wrong direction. I started thinking. You know but it's weird woman's panties would keep my pee pee down. I bought my first  nylon woman's  panties. It kept it pointed in the right direction all right but I still was soaking my bed as I was totally wet! I started buying diaper doublers, plastic pants anything I could think of to contain my urine. My diapers made me waddle I was so thickly diapered. I was happy I was waking up soaked every day without having to worry about wasting diapers.

My wife usually watched our grandkids at night at their house. My daughter and son in law both work overnights. I could indulge and not have to worry about my wife thinking I'm weird. My daughter got sick and we were together as my daughter was home with the kids and my wife was home with me. I was usually cathed and diapered before her coming to bed. My wife was still supportive she knew that I had a bedwetting problem and as long as I cared for it. She never said a negative word to me. One night in in the process of cateterizing myself. She walks in with my catheter half in and half out.  Whoops! What are you doing she asked? Uhmmmm, I came clean told her about the past few months how I had been cathetered and I have been wetting my bed without any type of recollection. She asked me why. I told her it makes me feel naughty.

She thought about it for a moment. Could you make me feel naughty? I think the smile on my face said it all. I let her start the catheter as I didn't know what hole it went into. The next thing is she is spraying urine. I got a diaper and contained most of her urine. I said you haven't gone potty have you? No she said I was going to go pee in a few moments that's why I came in was to go. She said it felt weird but I loved it it was like no control at all like when I was little. She had the catheter in her. I diapered her thickly like I was!

We cuddled in bed for the first time in months. I felt her move and she was feeling the inside of her diaper. I'm soaked she said with a smile I feel naughty! Just like I used to feel when I was a little girl of 5 and wet my bed still. You never told me you used to wet your bed, I said! I didn't I thought I did, why do you think I never threw a fit about your bedwetting? I did until 7 years old. I missed it sometimes I like feeling babyish, not having control like this. Do you understand? Perfectly i said! We went into the bathroom and started. Getting out of our wet diapers and when I got to my panties. Wow she said I love you can we get me some whitie tighties! I've always wanted some. She blushed. Of course we can get you anything you want! After we were scrubbed, all disposables disposed of, washables washing, she led me to our bed naked we spent the morning making love to each other. If I had to admit it,  I believe it was one of our best sessions in all our years of marriage. It Was great. That day we got her whitie tighties she got me some cotton panties. She told me they turn a golden yellow from your pee especially the crotches! At least they did when I was a kid! 

I was not surprised that night when she came and wanted a catheter, she said I already went pee! This time I got her ready and she got me ready. While she was doing me she said I can already feel my pads inside my boys undies getting wet! I knew what she meant! 

The next morning she was all smiles! Daddy I'm wet she said! I felt my manhood come to life. I said me to mommy. I saw her shiver she was turned on. She got on line most of the day, I didn't know what she was doing she spent over $300 dollars on things, was all she would say. About 3 weeks later all kinds of packages arrived.  It was mostly onesies. Pacifiers, baby bottles  with nipples the size I've never seen before. Other things she didn't want me to see.

That night she got me naked after I went pee. Now I'm not the biggest guy down there. Porn stars will never have to worry about me putting them out of a job. After my catheters was in I felt a cold band around my testicles, then something went over my penis she had to smash it to get it to fit, I looked and I had a metal contraption over my penis. What's this I asked as I saw the tip of my catheter poking out around hole in the end. It's called a chastity cage she said! What for I asked, I've been faithful to you. I know, I know but I want to have you wear it! That's fine I said but.. But what? It's made of metal and I have to pass through a metal detector every morning to get to my office! I work in the courts system I'm a records keeper. Oh Pooh she said I seen it was important to her. How about nights and weekends, vacations. The smile returned to her face deal, just not daytimes at work. Deal I said! She said I got something for you for me. She brought out an egg looking thing she put some lubricant on it and stuck it in her kitty. She handed me a little thing that looked like a car alarm but had a display. She turned it on and said move that side up! I did as I was told and she looked like she wanted to collapse!  You okay I asked! I hadn't made the connection that the higher I moved the dial up the more distressed she looked. I saw her leaking fluids they were running down her legs and dripping on the floor. That's when I realized the egg was a vibrator! I quickly turned down the volume, intensity and she began to breath again. Sorry, I said I didn't realize what it was at first. Quite alright she said I kind of enjoyed it! Again? She asked? I was more than happy to oblige I didn't go as high as last time I saw her shudder and knew she was having an orgasm!  I turned the tone down she looked more comfortable but said your no fun! This time I moved the dial up quickly she leapt 6 inches in the air! A moan escaped her mouth. Slowly I moved the dial down as she came off her tippy toes. I turned it off and she pulled the string out which brought the egg out as well. She smiled I love it she said! Me too I said! I was ready for sex but with the cage on me that was out of the question. She put my panties on and gave my cage a little pat. Now you got a clit like me and your wearing panties woman's panties! She got me dressed in my diapers and pads. She put new pink plastic panties on with pink ruffles and I heard a click they locked. I was locked inside my plastic panties. I dressed her and she had dark blue plastic panties that had light blue ruffles. Hers locked as well. Then the Onesies came out the pink one that I thought was hers was mine and the blue one was hers. I was given a pink baby bottle with milk. It had been a while but soon I was suckling like an old pro. After that she stuck a pink pacifier in my mouth and clipped the pink to strap you my pink onesie. Hers was blue. Next day when I awoke I said morning. Morning who she asked? I was confused morning mommy he said! Okay morning mommy! How is my little sissy this morning? Sissy  I thought then yep I'm pretty in pink I thought I'm good mommy I said in one of my best little girl voices. She gave me a smile. Is my little girl as wet as her mommy? Yes mommy I am! Another smile. She led me to our bathtub in the outer hall she removed everything. She undid my cage and slowly pulled out my catheter. Then relocked it. She ran some bathwater and but some bubble bath in the tub it was very effeminate smelling. She got me in and began scrubbing me like she would a child. She said I got to clean your clitty.  She washed around my cage cleaning my testicles. She said your clitty is all clean she got me out and dried me off after rinsing the excess suds of. She had me undress her and called me daddy to let me know I was in that role now I cleaned up my little girl. I was dressed in pink womans undies again these were the softest I had felt. She used garters and slipped up pink nylons then a pink dress and a blonde wig with pigtails. She put her boys undies they were green and had the incredible hulk on them then a blue shirt that said play ball and had a baseball on it. Then Levis and a Indians baseball cap. Other than her hair she looked like a teen boy today I'm the man. And your the girl got it. Yeah I got it we spent all day just playing different roles it was an eye opener just to see how the other half lived. That night my princess dress was removed as well as my cage and I got to be the man again. She became my wife again we made love well into the night. 

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I Liked this story, even though it nwas more for diaper lovers than Adult Babies. I may need to read a few more storiesby you to get a feel for your technique.

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Brenda asked me have you thought about being cathed and diapered in the day time? I really hadn't as my problem was a nocturnal one. She said just think how naughty it would be to uncontrollably wet yourself in the day time. I told her it would mean a lot more diaper changed so you wouldn't leak. She said daddy I want to be your daytime bedwetter. Can we do it today? It was a Saturday I knew which hole to use on her now. I had her cathed in moments almost as quick I had her in a diaper and extra pads and plastic panties.  She put a pair of sweats she started doing house work. 

She said OMG I can feel the urine going through the catheters. She had a mini orgasm. About 45 minutes later she had her first daytime diaper change since she was a child . She was soaked. We need to up the frequency  of your changes. Which we did.

That night I took her out to dinner she wasn't cathed but I did diaper her. I also added a little something extra. We were out at dinner at a  crowded restaurant. I took something out of my suit coat and started raising the intensity very slowly. At first it was verily a whisper she hardly noticed it.

Then a few moments later it became more intense! She stopped eating and looked at me with a look I'm sure was meant, I'm going to kill you! Other than that smile on her face!

By that time I had edged it up a notch. I began to see her squirm a bit. She gave me a wry smile like is that all you got? I raised it another two.

She dropped her fork on the plate making a noise that made others around us look at her.

She blushed red! Her look at me had now gone from is that all you got to please no more.

Me being somewhat an asshole I wasn't done! I raised it another notch! She visibly jerked. She gave me a smile that told me she was having fun!

In the next raise she kind of let out an audible squeal!  The display told me that the batteries were at 33% on her egg inside her kitty. We could only play this game a little while longer.

I turned it down to a way lower setting. She took a breath that I knew was a cleansing breath. 

A couple of more times I would go from 0 to 60 without warning. She did her darndest not to look like she had something in her crotch that was vibrating and sending her into sensory overload! She would squeal, and stop what she was doing. Other than that she tried to act normal as she could under the circumstances!

Like the saying goes, all good things must come to an end! I payed the bill for our food, and left a generous tip.

We got in the car and next thing I knew she was all over me. Kissing me rubbing my chastity cage. She wanted sex right here in the parking lot!

I at least got her home first. Her diaper said it all it was soaked but not with urine. She got me out of my cage and we made love well into early the next morning. We were both spent we didn't bother with catheters.

We looked like two babies in our diapers. Other than she had a nice rack and I was covered in hair.

The next morning believe it or not we were both wet. Neither of us remembed when we wet in our sleep.

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Our relationship had changed we both liked where it was going. Brenda at first was a little upset at the fact she had wet her bed without knowing when it happened. I knew how she felt, I reminded her I had gone through the emotions when I first c started wetting my bed about two years earlier. She asked me how I hand led it? I told her I had the support of a good woman she never got on me over the fact that I was wetting my bed. I can at least return the favor. Because I love that woman with my heart! She gave me a smile and said boy you sure are corney! Brenda, I said it may be corney but that's how I feel. 

I reminded her that when we first started together you wanted to feel naughty. How do you feel now? She thought for a moment I feel like I did when I was 7 and still wetting my bed. When I stopped I felt like apart of me was missing, my best friend Monica was the only one that knew I wet my bed outside of my family. She was my next door neighbor! As bad as my mother used to yell at me it's a wonder everybody didn't know! In a way I was glad I stopped bedwetting, it got my mom off my back but it was still a part me, it made me different not ordinary. I would wet maybe once or twice a year on purpose but it wasn't the same. When you started wetting your bed. I was a bit jealous of you. Then you were soaked every night. I was mad at you not for wetting your bed, you was leaving me behind!  Then I find out about your catheters.  I had never been catheterization before . 

That first might I had butterflysome in my stomach. I woke up wet, soaked as you it was like I was 5 again. Only this time I didn't have my nag of a mother telling me what a failure I was if I wet, I lovedit! I started looking at things on line my mother one of her punishments was if your going to act like a baby I'm going to treat you like a baby. Believe it or not I felt closer to my mom at that time. She was a nurture not a yeller! I felt closer to her than ever before. That's why I bought all that stuff so I could get closer to yu u. It worked we have a great relationship now it's stronger than than its ever been I love you to death as well. So if wet my bed like you its fine. I kind of want to call Jean up and tell her I'm pissing my bed again. Just so she can yell at me again. It might even cause her to stroke out, like I thought she was going to do when I was a kid! I laughed at that as her m OK m over reacted to everything Brenda was always telling her to not have a coronary! 

I told Brenda when I first started wetting my bed I thought it was the end of the world! After a while I found out its not even close. I never wet as a child like you. I don't know how 8 would of handled being 16 and still wetting my bed. I'm glad it happened as an adult where I was a bit more mature about it. I understand completely she said. I wished that when I got to be a teenager that I wished I wet my bed now that I'm a bit older and can process those feelings better. Let my mom pull the crap she had when I was 5 now that I'm 15 I would kick her ass!  I thought I was tough and knew everything in those days, she smiled. I was a teenager! 

We went to the living room after we showered and I sat on the couch, she came and sat in my lap and we began kissing that led to her putting my hand in her crotch. She wasn't wearing panties, how did I miss her not putting panties on. She put my other hand on her breast, she hadn't put a bra 9n, wait a minute I remember seeing her put one on! I asked her about her nudity under her skirt and dress, I thought I saw you in underwear, upper and lower, you did she said but it's a woman's perogative to remove her undies when she wants to get closer to the man she loves. 

I carried her to our bedroom like I had carried her across the threshold when we first got married. We made love for hours. It ended when her mom who has a key to our house,  came in and caught us having sex. Talk about a mood killer!

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Brenda's mother was something else, she had as much tact as a Sherman tank. She couldn't understand what we still saw in each other that would drive us to having sex like... rabbits, I'm sure she wanted to say dogs in heat. Well your lucky I said I haven't kicked her to the curb yet like Kevin had Heather. Heather was Brenda's sister that was three years younger. Menopause hadn't been kind to Heather. She had ballooned up to almost 325 pounds and it had left her incontinent.  Her husband kicked her back to mommy. He was screwing anything that would let them screw him. I still loved Brenda. Well she dint have much of a life starting out? What do you mean I asked? Well if you don't know Brenda started out as a bedwetter. Yeah I know I said. Heather seemed to grasp things faster than Brenda. This was a barb thrown at Brenda. Toilet training, school work you name it Heather ran circles around Brenda! Gaining 200 pounds getting divorced from her playboy husband, yep way ahead I said firing the warning shots back. I was never one to back down from a debate. I was a clerk for the courts only because my family didn't have the money to send me to Law School! I loved a good debate. The only problem was I was facing her mother, she wasn't an armed person. It's a problem with her Thyroid gland said Wilma that was her mom's name, even funnier was her husband was Fred! Before her dad died I was always saying Hiya Fred, in my best Barney Rubble sounding voice. Either he was just to polite or he was kind of thick but he never got the referance. That also causes her incontinence! Your right looks like Heather still is ahead of Brenda, at least she was a kid when she was wetting her bed not a full grown woman! That was getting on dangerous ground as we both had shown that we were both grown ass people that had wet our own beds last night. Wilma didn't need to know that. That shut her up she went to say something and immediately shut her mouth again. The reason I am this way with Wilma is that she has always been critical of Brenda, Brenda just never seemed to stack up to Wilma's expectations of her. I love Brenda her sister Heather was always snobbish she tried to talk he out if marrying me. Our marriage had always been better than hers . Whenever Wilma would visit I got tired of seeing Brenda almost in tears after she left I started to be her knight in shining armor and I started to slay the dreaded  dragon named Wilma. Wilma never got smart her nitpicking of Brenda never ceased. I was never good enough, our kids were never good enough. Nothing Brenda did was as good as Heather and her family. I've never strayed and screwed several other woman like Heather's Kevin had while still married to her. Our kids had never ended up in Juvie like 4 of her 5 had, two in adults one still in prison. But we're not the good family. It's time that Wilma take the rose colored glasses off and smell the manure she has been shoveling about her precious Heather. Brenda loved the way I got her mom to shut up! With me debating her it took the pressure off Brenda and focused it on me. She had always been thankful for that. If it makes it easier I'm okay with that I really still do love love her like the day I married her! 

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After the sexual interruption Brenda was eager to get back what we had started. We went to bed and we rocked each others worlds! That night Brenda asked if she could just be diaper ed and no catheter, she wanted to see if last night's wet bed was a fluke or had she got her wish and had she started wetting her bed again? We talked about the possibilities would she be to upset if she hadn't or would she be able to handle the stigma of being an adult bedwetter. One thing we did c agree on was that he mother, Wilma never find out, it would be just another thing to add fuel to the fire! It didn't matter that Heather had no control of her bladder either, since Heather's incontinence started first it would be another attempt that Brenda was trying to be more like Heather, nothing more nothing less!

We went out for dinner I hadn't diaper ed or put anything inside my wife this time. She said I gotta go pee before we go. This c was a common request as I am sure my wife has the tiniest bladder known to man! She can go pee before we leave the house and before we hit the city limits she is begging me to find a place for her to go pee, it's only 20 to 30 minister since we left home! I swear it was worse for her than the kids while growing up. We had 1 daughter that was like her mom and wet her bed until age 12. I always assumed she got it from her mom's side. I had one distant cousin that was a bedwetter last I heard he was still wetting his bed at 17 years old. But that was over 30 years ago. 

Now I knew for sure that our daughter inherited from her mom. Now dad wasn't much better! We got to the restaurant. We ordered our food. My wife informed me very quietly that she had a diaper on and she rocked back and forth in her chair so I could hear the rustle of her diaper. As she gave me an all knowing smile. She handed me the remote to her egg and the batteries showed 100%, she had made sure that the batteries were freshly charged. I hit it at about 50% strength she bit her lower lip but the smile on that lip getting bit said it all. My wife craved public humiliation as long as it was discrete. I hit 75% and she jumped in her chair. I lowered the intensity and let her gain her composure. I then took it to 25% this time she jerked in her chair. She smiled at me giving me that. That's you got and daring me to go higher! Which I did I gave her 85% she stood up then sat back down. Plopping down I heard her diaper scream she hit so hard. The smile was still there. She was having fun!.

The waitress came and I downed it some so she could function but still enjoy herself. After Cammy our waitress left I zapped 100% she let I out an audible moan. I lowered the intensity. But the egg wasn't responding. She was starting to panic and I was to I turned the thing off it still was vibrating inside her. I looked to my left hand and my right hand there was another woman with a device much like ours about 12 feet away. Her partner looked in splender her eyes were closed she looked asleep. I didn't know what to do. I got my wife to her feet and she Frankinstien Wales to the family restroom. We got in and I undid the tapes on her diaper. It had leaked and there was a noticable c wet spot on her dress in the back I reached my fingers into her crotch and yankedo yanked her egg out. My fingers were covered in her juices. She was breathing again and her face was  returning to pink from the purple it had been from her not breathing. She looked at me and I at her we both just burst out laughing. That was fun what happened she asked. I told her about the two females with the twin to ours. When I hit yours full blast she turned hers on for her good friend but ours stayed up as she must of maintained a lower settin. What are the odds Brenda asked? I don't know but how about a little payback? What you got in mind Brenda asked. Watch and learn we returned to our seat I think I was more turned on now her adult diaper was trashed as she was nude under that dress she was wearing! I had gotten familiar with b the remote and I had it in my pocket I turned it on and Wham I hit the girl with the maximum for about 5 seconds. She stood up and gave her companion a glare. She had just sat back down and I hit it again this time counting to 10. Before dropping to zero this time though like Brenda's hers was stuck on, full blast. She stood up and with on ed hand went inside her panties and pulled her egg out hers was lime green Brenda's is purple she threw it at the woman with her hitting her in the head. Bitch was all shecsaid c as shecst I red out. The lady with the red mark on her fore head where the egg had hit her had no clue. The poor lady that had the egg inside her had dropped little droplets of her juices. You could see where she went by following the trail. Brenda gave me a huge grin! I leaned in and kissed my very beautiful wife. Whom I am so lucky to have!

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