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The reason I went to wearing diapers 24/7

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My name is Julie. I am 26 years old, 5’4”, and about 100 pounds. I grew up in
a normal house with 6 other siblings. There are 4 girls and 3 boys in my family. I
am the second oldest of all the kids. My brother Bryan is the oldest and he is 28.
Most of us were originally potty trained between the ages of 2 and 5. Yeah my
mom got lazy with the youngest 3 and just kept them in diapers until it was time
for Kindergarten. Then she would push it hard that summer before school started to
get them potty trained. That led to some issues as by the time school started the
younger ones were still not making it through most nights dry, and thus were still
in diapers at night. When I was about 9 years old I remember waking up one
morning to a very wet pee soaked bed. My pajamas, mattress, sheets..everything. I
still remember I dreamed we were riding home in the car and I had to pee really
badly. I remember dreaming that we pulled in the driveway, and I ran into the
house, up the steps, pulled my jeans down and sat on the toilet and oh what sweet
relief. The problem was I never actually woke up till morning….but I sure did have
the relief. Mom helped me change the bed and myself and I got into the shower
and cleaned up. We thought at that time that it was a once in awhile dream and it
was nothing. But that was not the case. I ended up having similar dreams to this
every few days….which turned into every couple nights. Mom and Dad took me to
the doctor, and they said it was emotions and stress related. There was not much
they could do and advised they put me back in diapers at night until whatever was
causing my stress left. I was questioned about 1000 times as to what was stressing
me out, my final answer was “being asked this 1000 times is what is stressing me
out now”. LOL They finally stopped. To be honest though, the first night mom put
me back in a diaper I thought it felt kind of soft, but I knew something was
different down there. I found myself over a short period of time not minding at all
waking up in a warm wet diaper. The nights I did not wet my diaper, I would run
to the bathroom, take the diaper off and pee in the toilet.
When you live in a house of 7 kids and two parents with only one bathroom, I
found quite often I would get up having to pee badly, and someone was in there.
Soon it hit me…”hey dummy, your wearing a diaper”. More and more I found
myself waking up if i was not already wet and just relaxing and wetting the diaper
in the morning. I would get up and come downstairs and mom would ask if I was
wet and I would answer yes or no. After a couple weeks the answer was yes every
morning because if I did not pee in my sleep, I peed as soon as I woke up still in
bed. On weekends and holidays from school, I would wear and use the diaper until
it was full. Sometimes I had it on until almost lunch time before I peed enough
times to fill it. I honestly found it quite nice to be able to do that. Just watch tv or
play a game...or even play outside in the yard and when I had to pee, I just let it
out. My younger sister Leanne started also wetting the bed at night, and mom and
dad ended up also keeping her in diapers. I ended up both legitimately wetting in
my sleep or purposely peeing my diaper every night or morning for many years. I
remember one summer when I was 15 mom and dad had planned a vacation to
West Virginia. We were going to visit an amusement park, and stay the night in a
hotel. They reserved a big room and we all brought along sleeping bags. Mom
made us all including my older brother wear diapers on the way down, and at the
amusement park. No one really complained too much as it really was easier with so
many of us in the stationwagon with food and drinks etc. to not have to stop every
20 minutes so someone could pee. By the time we got to the hotel every single one
of us was pretty wet. Mom and dad only stopped once on the trip to pee and get
fuel. Thinking about it now, Mom might have been wearing a pee pad or diaper
too, but I have no idea as I never thought about it back then. Now that I know what
having 7 kids can do to a woman's body, I can’t believe she never wet herself in
that long of a trip.
Anyhow, this vacation gave me some idea’s about wearing diapers other places
and times besides just to bed. I found myself without my parents permission soon
changing once wet on days off and weekends into another diaper instead of
panties. I found it quite comforting and pleasant actually.
At the same time as the vacation we took, I was able to babysit for a couple
families 3 nights a week for a couple hours and make some money. The first thing
I did was go to Target and buy some Large for older kids diapers. I put them in my
backpack and got them to my room. Now when I would go baby sit I could wear
my own diapers. I would come home from school and change into a diaper, and
then head over to baby sit. I would sometimes even bring an extra diaper with me
and when I changed the babies, I would also change my own diaper. I would then
bring my wet diaper home with me in my backpack so as not to leave any evidence
around. I would throw it in the dumpster behind the restaurant I walked by every
night. Soon I found myself getting brave and I would wear a diaper to school in the
morning. I put a couple pair of panties in my locker in a plastic bag incase I filled
the diaper too full, or we had to do something like gym class. I could quickly grab
them and go into a stall like I was pooping and remove the diaper, put it in my
backpack, and then put on the panties. I found myself buying quite a lot of diapers
and within a couple weeks, I was wearing diapers and changing diapers at school
every day that I did not have gym. This worked out very well until one day I was
standing in the hall at my locker chatting with a friend of mine and I felt I had to
pee. I relaxed and let it out. At first it felt good but then……..instead of the pee
running up the front of me and under my rear……...I felt it on my thigh, and down
my legs. I panicked and squeezed my bladder muscles tight. Oh My God what is
wrong with this diaper was my first thought as I looked down and my crotch, pant
legs etc. were soaked and there was a puddle on the floor. I had totally forgot today
was a gym day and I was not wearing a diaper. My face must have been 3 shades
of bright red. My friend stood there looking at me with her eyes wide and put her
hand on her mouth. I was speechless. I closed my locker, and she walked me to the
office where they called my mom and excused me from class the rest of the day.
Now I had to come up with an excuse because mom will want to know what
happened. Sure enough soon mom came and brought me some dry clothes to wear.
Mom asked what happened and I said I am not sure. I was standing at my locker
and I just started peeing. She said do you feel ok? She felt my head for a fever. I
feel fine mom I answered. Lets just go home ok?
Mom hugged me and said sure, come on. She thanked the secretaries for taking
good care of me. We headed home. Mom said maybe you should think about
wearing a diaper tomorrow at school...you know a pull up kind so you can use the
potty if you have to, or you are protected if you have another accident. I looked at
her and said...well, I guess that would be a good idea. Mom said I will buy you
some and you can keep them with you. This was awesome though I am not a fan of
pull ups, this did give me an excuse to be in diapers way more often now. We
stopped at the store and mom went in and bought me some pull ups.
We got home with my new pull ups, and I went upstairs to try one on. Mom had
bought a case of XL Goodnights and they fit very well. I had to try them out so
sitting at the table eating dinner with the family, I had to pee and just let it out. It
held every drop, but was very full and thick. No way was this going to work for
more than one pee. But I could bring several with me to school a day, and just
change every time I wet it.
Mom ended up letting the school know I might need the bathroom more often than
normal and that I was wearing a diaper that I could change myself. They alerted
the teachers. I even got out of having to change for gym class into shorts. I could
wear sweat pants and was allowed to change after the class started so no one would
see my diapers. I kept this up well into high school. Doctors could not find
anything wrong. A Urologist pumped my bladder full of liquid and I peed all over
his office after he told me to hold it the best I could. I was 17 then and knew how
to fail a test I wanted to. Ha ha. He put on my medical record that my bladder
muscles were weak and I needed to practice Kegel exercises 5 times a day. I said I
would but never did. After all I was not really having issues. I just wanted to be in
Well when I turned 19 I was asked to go out with a really good looking guy to a
ballroom dance and dinner. I knew there was a chance of me getting lucky with
him that night, so choose not to wear a diaper. I was dressed in adorable white lace
panties and bra. A long white dress that was down to my ankles, and I had my hair
down. My makeup was perfect and he was to wear a tux.
He picked me up and we headed to the place and as we talked in the car, he was so
kind and gentle with me. He opened the door for me, he held my hand as he drove.
I was melting inside. This guy was a dream and I was a princess with him. We
arrived at the place and he got out and opened the car door for me. Helped me out
of the car and we walked hand in hand through the doors. The place was
spectacular with crystal chandeliers on the ceiling, and candle lights on the walls.
Soon I had to pee, and asked where the ladies room was. He walked me over there
and I went in. Did what I had to do and when I came out he was waiting again to
take my arm and walk me back to the dance floor. We danced to several songs then
sat down to rest and order some food. I had several glasses of water as I was
thirsty. He ordered dinner for us and it was really good. When finished we went
back to the dance floor for some slow dances. He held me so tight, and kissed my
cheek, and then my neck. He then said that I was the most beautiful woman he has
ever met in the world. I said thank you, and decided for some reason that I wanted
to know what his lips tasted like. I leaned my face to his and he responded by
giving me the most passionate kiss I have ever had in my life. I felt my entire body
tingle. There were feelings and emotions in me that I had never felt
before…...including one pretty familiar. Somehow I had also peed quite a lot in my
panties and down my legs. I panicked. Now all of the sudden out of the blue I felt
like I had to pee bad...But I had felt nothing during the heat of passion with him. I
tried to stay calm and pray there was no pee on the tile floor under my skirt. He
must have seen the look on my face and asked if I was ok? I said yes. I…….I...I
need the ladies room real quick, I will be right back and I took off for the
bathroom. I got into the stall, and pulled my dress all the way up to inspect the
damage to my panties. It was pretty bad. They were wet clear up my rear end and
front. Now what do I do…..Oh wait, finish peeing dummy I said as I pulled them
down and hovered over the toilet. I now think it would have been easier to explain
to him why I have a wet diaper on instead of why I have wet panties on. Now if I
leave them on they will dry….but if I sit down before they dry i will have a wet
dress. What do I do? I decided to try to dry them out on the hand dryer. I took them
off, walked out and started the hand blowdryer. It worked after some time and they
were just barely damp and put them back on.
Thankfully no one came in while I was doing that. I went back out and joined him
again. He asked if everything was ok and I said yep, all good. I just had to pee
again. I smiled and he took my hand and led me back to the dance floor. He said
let's go for a drive? I said sure. I thought to myself, I will go anywhere with you.
He paid the tab, and we headed to his car. We talked about things and got to know
each other. He pulled into a place along some woods and asked if we could go for
a short walk to enjoy the night air. I said that sounds wonderful. He opened my car
door and held my hand as I got out of the car. We walked about 500 feet down a
path and there was an over look to the city below. It was so pretty. I looked up and
the stars were shining bright in the sky. Just the most romantic perfect night in the
world. He put his arms around me, and pulled me tight to him. I did not resist as I
let my body go limp to settle into his arms. He turned me around and pulled me to
him again, this time wanting to kiss more. I was melting again. He held me in his
arms for quite some time as we talked and kissed. I was noticing I had to pee again,
and it was getting quite bad. But I did not want to leave his arms. I held it and kept
kissing him and enjoying the view. Soon my bladder decided it did not care how
cute this guy was, It was too full and starting to hurt. I started to put my legs
together to try to relieve some of the pressure, but that did not work. Soon I found
the pressure getting to be more than I could bare without moving and I started to
fidget a little. What was I going to do. I don’t want to tell this guy I have to pee,
and I don’t want to loose this mood we have. I held on hard and kept trying to
ignore it. Soon I felt a spirt shoot into my panties and knew if I did not hold myself
soon I would be in trouble. But I could not just hold myself. I pulled away from
him and walked to the railing to look over. I looked back and smiled at him as I
tried to figure out what to do. I had my legs pretty tight together so I could hold
it…...and he walked up behind me, straddle my feet with his one foot on each side
of me, Pulled me back against him by putting his hands on my lower belly and
pulling tight. That pressure on my bladder was the end. As he pulled me back and
started kissing me, there was a full on stream of pee running down both legs to the
Because my legs were together there was no splashing or sound he could hear. At
this point I gave up the fight, relaxed and kissed him as I continued to pee my
pants. I was hoping the skirt would not get wet and puddle would not be seen as it
was dark out. I finished peeing, and then actually pushed a little with my muscles
to make sure I totally emptied my bladder into my panties and down my legs. I
then turned and led him to the other side of the overlook so that he would not see
my pee puddle. I collapsed back into his arms totally relaxed now. Soon I felt his
hand slide down my belly and toward my crotch. God I wanted him to go there so
bad but now I had just peed my pants. I reached for his hand to stop him but it was
too late. Next thing I know, I felt him rubbing my pussy with his hand and it felt so
good. Then I thought shit, He is going to know now I peed my pants and probably
make me walk home myself. Instead he said, wow baby. I really like it when your
wet like this! I was shocked….I said really? He said yes…..He pulled my dress up
and began to play with my pee soaked panties and my body sending shivers and
chills through me. I was so turned on he made me cum in my panties with his
fingers right there in his arms. I then returned the favor to him. We headed back to
the car and he said wait. He got in the trunk and pulled out a beach towel and laid
it folded up thickly over a plastic trash bag on the seat for me to sit on. He said just
incase you have to pee again! He kissed me on the lips and helped me into the car.
I pulled my dress up in the back so as not to sit on it. I was amazed at how he
handled this. As we drove back to town I thanked him for not being a jerk about
me peeing my pants. He said I like girls that pee…….he said, You will probably
hate me for saying this, but not only did I get really turned on when I held you
against me and felt your pee hitting my pant leg and making me all wet, but I also
love a woman who wears diapers. I am into that kind of stuff. Not children mind
you….only adults. I said do you wear diapers? He said sometimes I do yes….I said
are you a DL? He looked at me with a shocked look in his eyes and said yes I am. I
admitted to him that I wear quite often myself and that is why I could not hold my
bladder tonight. I am too used to wearing diapers. He said, well then…..I guess if
we are going to be dating, I would like to ask my girlfriend to wear diapers 24/7 so
she does not have any more embarrassing accidents.
I said your girlfriend? He looked at me and said…..if you don’t mind me being
your boyfriend? I said but it is the boyfriends job to change the wet girl when she
needs it! He smiled and said challenge accepted. As we drove home I did end up
having to pee again and I just peed in my pants on the towel he put on the seat for
me. He dropped me off, Kissing me and playing with my pee soaked pussy driving
me up the wall. I put my hand down his pants and noticed he had also peed his
pants sometime either in the car driving or once he got out to get me. I told him his
girlfriend demands that he wears diapers 24/7 also. I kissed him, and walked into
my house.
We have been married for 3 years now, and both of us have been in diapers
24/7 ever since that date night. Honestly now..I don’t think I could stay dry in
panties now if I wanted to. I don’t even know sometimes when I am peeing. It just
comes out, and I don’t mind at all. I have the perfect husband and we have a
beautiful 4 year old daughter who will be in diapers the until she moves out too.

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