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Super Dry Kids - Size Large (Ontario, Canada, But Will Ship)

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$10 (Canadian) (plus shipping)
Come in bags of 10.

Super Dry Kids, Size Large (37"-42")
Retails for $32.99 U.S. ($38 Canadian) for a package of 10.

My cheap price is because I'm concerned about shipping.  Ideally, this is great for Canadians but I'm more than willing to ship these anywhere in the world.  Buyer pays shipping.
If you provide me your shipping details through private message, I'll go to the post office and check.  Will still be significantly cheaper than retail.
I'm hoping to save some members some money!

Throwback to the 90's with this cute vintage design! Featuring improved colors and a plain white diaper with an adorable tape panel these diapers are sure to bring back the nostalgic feeling of the original super dry kids!

Diaper Details:
2 Tapes
Tall Leakguards
Quick Absorb Core
Plastic Backing
Back Elastic Band (not front)
Absorbency unknown (I believe these are an older model, to the current)
Landing Zone Print
Ink Layer Inside

More details are on the AB Universe Website.

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