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first, i must say I'm completely new to this site but I have posted this story on 3 other sights. this story is still ongoing and has (at this point) 11 chapters so far. also, im not the best writer and I'm using this story to help with that. the first 3 chapters are a bit slow but they get a lot better from there. 

Chapter 1

“FUCK!” I yelled as I ran true a sea of trees.

Behind me was a pack of beasts chasing me.

“They're catching up!” the small girl strapped to my back yelled.

“I know that Bab!” I yell at her as I continue to run.

The beasts aren't that strong but fighting a pack of them is a different story. They could easily surround us and kill us before we could do anything.

“Why in the hell did you attack the whole pack!” I yelled to Bab as I jumped over a log.

“I thought there was only 3 of them,” she told me “left!” 

“FROST!” I yelled extending my left hand to blast the beast with cold ice magic. It was only knocked back and soon was chasing us again. “Any ideas?”

“Ya don't stop running!” she yelled which really didn't help.

It wasn't long however before I had to stop in front of a cliff. A raging current below us and a wild pack of beast behind us. We were out of options. I didn't have my sword.  Our mana was getting low. And I can feel Bab’s diaper leaking on my back again!.

“You trust me?” I asked bab.

“Right now? No!” she told me already knowing what I was going to do.

“Good, neither do I,” I tell her before jumping off the cliff.

Both Of us screaming on our way down, the only thing I could think about was how I got here in the first place.

I was just some average guy. Single, working and saving anything extra to start college in a year or two. The luckiest thing to happen to me in the last 3 years was getting a ticket for a hiking trip my friend won in a contest. Sadly his grandma passed away and was going to her funeral. So as to not waste a ticket he gave it to me.

And to be honest, while I was having fun I really didn't pack well for it. I didn't know much about hiking and the clothes I bought weren't the best. Just 3 t-shirts, pants, socks, underwear, and a warm jacket.

Luckily I did get myself some hiking boots but I also brought my regular pair for when we set camp and I could be more comfortable.

The rest of the gear I got from my friend who was already prepared for himself.
Camping Travel Cooking Utensils Set (cooking scissor, blender spatula, meat knife, cutting board, soup spoon, stainless steel turner, cook fork and a tongs,)
TETON Sports Mountain Adventurer 4000 Backpack
Double Sleeping Bag
Sundome 2 Person Tent
SURVIVAL Traveller First Aid Kit
Magnesium Flints Scraper Stone (3)
Pocket knife
12 Survivors - Hand Pump Water Purifier
Extra rope
FiveJoy Military Folding Shovel Multi-Tool

I was all set for the trip. But after the second day, something strange happens. A freak storm hit us in the middle of the hike. None of us knew what was going on until suddenly I saw a flash of light and the storm was gone.

When I opened my eyes I was inside what looked like ruins. Behind me was an altar with some glowing dust scattered all around it.

I was too freaked out about all of this that I ran towards the only exit I could see and into a small town. People who looked like they ware from a renaissance fair just stared wide-eyed at me.

To make a long story short, I freaked out. It took the townspeople 2 days to explain to me what had happened and why I was here.

I was no longer on earth but a place called Caruma.  Here everything we know about fantasy is from here.

A long time ago two gods fought over an empty world but their fight always lead to a draw. So they decided if they couldn't decide on the winner with their power they would use something else. They created 15 castles and hid them around Caruma. Each crystal summons something from another world.

Poruma the black god summoned monsters.

Rilla the wight god summoned warriors.

Each crystal could summon 1 warrior every 10 years. And the first to destroy all the crystals would be the winner. Over the next 3000 years, the world was populated by man and monster. Humans built towns and temples around the summoning crystals. 

Out of the 15, 7 white crystals have been destroyed. While 5 dark crystals have been destroyed. 

When I asked about how I got here they could only give a guess. 31 years prior the town was attacked by monsters and they destroyed the crystal. But because it was already about to summon a hero the remaining pieces must have spent the last 30 years collecting power to summon me here before the crystal died.

They then told me who I could go back. The crystals work as a two-way door. On this side, they gather energy and in 10 years they pull someone over. However, if you bring enough magical energy to them you can have them send you back home.

The problem with this, it normally takes a lot of magic to do so and there aren't many people who have that type of magic here. So they suggested I go to a city and see if I could find any magic users to send me back.

That's when we reached our final problem. I had no way to get them. When the village was destroyed all those years ago most people left and the ones who stayed are now too old or too young to take me. The only exception is a farm boy named John who was 16 2 years younger than me.

But in order for him to take me, I had to first make a contract with him.

In this world, the heroes learned how to tap into magic but it came with a curse.

Each person had to wear a special bracelet and form a contract with another person. This unlocked the power to use magic. However, both people were cursed to never be away from each other long.

Should they be away from each other for 6 hours they both will die. If one dies the other has 6 hours to find someone else to form a bond with or they will die as well. The curse can be lifted once the pair completely one of 3 quests and the bracelets can be removed while still granting the person to use magic.

The reason he wants to form a bond is that it would make traveling a lot easier through the woods. He said there aren't many strong monsters here but it's better safe than sorry.

I had to wait 3 more days before the contract could be made. During that time I the people let me stay with them knowing I had nothing to offer other than some small work.

On my final night there I was staying at an orphanage. There were only 5 kids there. 2 boys 3 girls and women who took care of them. She asked me to stay with them for the night as the kids wanted to see what a person from another world looked like.

The kids staying here are from parents who either died, left for adventure, or was just left with no idea who the parents were.

It was sad but the kids enjoyed playing with me. All except one who only stared at me. The women later told me Ema was the girl's name and that while she was 14 her body was short and looked more like a 10-year-old. Also, she had some problems. For one she couldn't speak. Anything that came out of her mouth sounded like gibberish. Next, her hands couldn't hold onto things well. So she's been forced to use baby bottles. And lastly, she had to wear diapers. For some reason, her bladder was just too weak. 

I honestly felt bad for her. By the sounds of it, she would have to be taken care of for the rest of her life.

Later that night I said my goodbyes to the kids and followed John into the woods. The contract could only be made during a full moon and when it’s made it will make a bright flash so were in the woods so as to not disturb anyone.

“Ok this should be good,” he said as we were pretty far from everyone. “Now then let's begin.”

He then began to chant something and soon both of our bracelets were glowing. We both raised our hands to form the contract but stopped when we heard something. The contract stopped as we looked around the forest and heard something.

Upon investigating we found one of the kids spying on us. Behind them the woman yelling for the girl. Apparently, she chased after us after we left without telling the women. 

After a brief talk with the women, she was taking the Ema girl when she ran up to me.

“be jvy ruwvj ox jvy woz, gy bojv hog c bozupw.” Ema said. As she grabbed my hand wanting me to kneel in front of her.

“What’s wrong,” I asked her.

“wuhy ik jvy nogyl op oil toilpye cpz gy xuwvj xol jvy luwvj.” she said.

suddenly my bracelet began to glow again. 

“NO!” John yelled. But it was too late.

A bright flash hit my eyes and for a few moments, I couldn't see. I just heard the same thing be repeated.

“YES YES YES!” a girl cried out in excitement.

“EMA! What did you do!” the women yelled and when I could finally see I saw the Ema girl jumping up and down with excitement.

“I finally did it! I'll finally be free!” Ema said until the women grabbed her by the hand.

“What did you do!?” the women yelled at Ema.

“She just formed a contract. How did she even do that?” John asked.

That's when I looked at the girl's arm and saw a smaller bracelet on.

“Yep and now I can finally get out of here,” Ema said.

“How did you even get a bracelet in the first place. And how did you activate the spell?” John asked.

“I stole it from miss dumb cunt here.” Ema said and nodded at the women. “And anyone who knows magick knows that spell.” 

“I think the bracelets mine.” the women told John. “my husband was an adventure.” 

“But that still doesn't explain how she knew the spell.” he replied. 

“Wait, didn't she just say she already knew the spell?” I asked and everyone looked at me.

“Wait you can understand me!” Ema yelled.

“Of cores I can, you're not speaking gibberish anymore,” I tell her.

“What are you talking about?” the women asked.

“She’s still talking the same,” John told me.

“The bracelets! You can understand me because of the bracelets!” Ema yelled.

“What do you mean? How can the bracelets do that?” I asked and looked at John who looked very confused.

“Enough of this nonsense I'm taking you home Ema and you're going to be grounded!” the women grabbed the girl and started pulling her away.

“Stop! My name isn't Ema it's Bab! And I'm not going anywhere!” she said as she tried to resist the much bigger women.

“Wait I need to figure this out,” I tell the women.

“I'm sorry but she needs to go home. I think all this stimulant is just being too much for Ema.” she tells me.

“IM NOT EMA!” the girl screamed as the women jumped when electricity popped out of the girl's hands. Once let go she ran over and got behind me.

“She can already use magic!” John said in amazement.

“Ema it's time to come home.” the women told her again.

“I'm not Ema, I'm Bab. tell her!” the girl said to me.

“She said her name’s not Ema but Bab.” I tell the women and Bab nodded in agreement.

“Could she be speaking another language and it's only after the contract was formed that you can understand her.” John asked me.

After this, it just became a back and forth discussion about me understanding her. We had to prove I could understand her and after a long time, we finally came to the conclusion that I could. But shortly after that, we got into the main and biggest problem. I was now connected to a tiny child and I still needed to leave!

After a long discussion about everything, it was finally decided I had to take Bab with me. Because of the curse, we couldn't be more than 40 feet from each other for more than 6 hours and I couldn't stay in the town. I had to find a way home. 

So, I wound up adopting Bab and forced to take her with me on my journey. Sadly because of her, John could no longer come with us. The plan was to use the magic to get through safely but without it, it just becomes too much of a risk when he would have to come back alone.

In the end, this is where our adventure of began dropped in a new world.


**** ill post more in a little while.


CH 1.2

********************* i wrote this chapter after i wrote up to chapter 9 on the other sites. that's why its ch1.2**************

After dealing with a lot of paperwork on the adoption I was lead back upstairs to the children's room.

Bab was being bombarded with questions from the other kids but she just tried to ignore them. She was too busy packing clothes is what was a pink school backpack. It wasn't that big but amazing she fit 3 pairs of pants, 3 shirts, and 3 pairs of socks. Along with a spare blanket and a pillow. 

“Are you sure that's all you want to bring?” I asked Bab.

“Ok kids, it's time for bed,” Alice the caretaker of the orphanage told the kids.

I watched as she went to each kid and tucked them in and saying their goodnights before her and I went downstairs to have a little chat.

It was now the early hours of the morning and because of everything that happened, the kids stayed up far later than they should have.

“Are you positive you have to go?” Alice asked me.

“If I don't then I can't go back home. I have family and friends I need to get back to.” I tell Alice who made us tea.

“But going out there with a child, I still think it's too dangerous,” she told me.

“I know that. But what am I supposed to do?” I asked Alice and took a sip of my tea and nearly spit it out. I really don't like tea.

“I know this village isn't much but you could still have a good life. Just you and Ema,” she told me.

“It’s Bab, remember. And I do know that. But I still need to go. How would you feel if you suddenly went to my world and you could never see your friends,  family, or kids?” I asked her.

“I would do anything to get back to them,” Alice told me. “But Bab is still small and helpless.”

“I know she has her problems. Which is why I'll do what I can to protect her.” I tell Alice who just shakes her head.

“It's not just protecting her. It's everything else. I don't even think she thought it out when she formed this bond. No one else can understand her but you. Her hands are messed up and can barely hold objects with 2 hands. She small body means she can't walk or run as fast as you can and she gets tired more easily.” Alice told me.

“I can translate for her, I can feed her, and I don't mind walking slower, or I can just carry her,” I tell Alice but again she shook her head at me.

“There's still one last problem,” she told me.

“What's that?” I asked.

“You'll see,” she told me before she went to bed.

I slept in the guest room again and luckily it was still in the safe within 20 feet from Bab that the curse wouldn't affect us.

I was awoken the next morning by a knock on the door.

“Are you decent?” Alice asked. I was and she came into the room with Bab.

“Whats up?” I asked with a loud yawn.

“It's time to see the big problem,” Alice said. 

Confused I looked over to Bab who face was bright red and didn't want to look at me. Alice then grabbed Bab’s Pants and had them fall to the ground exposing her Full diaper. That's when it hit me that I would have to be the one to change this girls diapers and my face got red.

“If you still insist on going you are going to at least know this much,” she told me and places a small mat on my bed and had Bab sit on it.

Bab was then forced to lay down and she covered her face in embarrassment. I guess she really didn't think this threw. Alice then told me I had to be the one to change her diaper, telling me she would walk me thru it.

First, I unfasten the tabs on the dirty diaper and pulled down the front half of the dirty diaper. There the sight and smell nearly made me gag. I was then told to use the front half of the diaper to wipe the bulk of the mess off of Bab's bottom. Next to fold the dirty diaper in half under her, with the clean side up. I was then handed a damp cloth and told to wipe from front to back as this helps keep bacteria from causing an infection. Then I took the dirty diaper and wrapped it up and placed it off to the sided. It really stinks but at least the worst was over. finally, I placed a clean diaper under Bab and sprinkled the baby powder over her area before taping the diaper shut, Alice even told me the diaper should be snug but not so tight that it pinches. 

Bab was now in a clean diaper but looked like she was close to crying after having her diaper changed by a not only a stranger but a guy.

“What do you say to Alex for changing you?” Alice asked Bab how for the first time today finally looked at me.

“Thank you,” she said in a meek voice before running off somewhere.

“My offer still stands. You can still stay here if you want and I can still help with taking care of her.” Alice told me.

“I know this is going to be hard but I think we will be alright,” I tell her

Alice could only sigh and give me a diaper bag full so suppose I would need for Bab. with enough diapers to last us quite a while. I strapped the diaper bag to the bottom of my own to make it easier to carry.

After a nice breakfast, we said our goodbyes. The kids were crying that Bab was leaving and even Alice looked like she was about to start crying.

“Please be good now Ema, sorry for of habit, I mean Bab,” Alice told Bab before embracing her in a hug.

“I will,” Bab told her and I translated.

They watched as we walked away from the orphanage before disappearing behind the trees.

“Please stay safe.”

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I want more!  love it so far and will be impatiently awaiting another chapter.  Thank you for sharing it with all of us here.

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chapter 2

My first time I fought a monster I was nearly killed.

As bab and I traveled Bab helped to explain things to me. Such as stats. By holding up the bracelet I can see a stats board.

Alexander March
Stats- lv1


partner-Bab Ados
Stats- lv1

Skills-potion maker

“Wow,” I say as I look at everything.

“Yep now let me explain. Those stats are basically what you are like as a normal human but with the bracelet, you can absorb energy from monsters you kill to increase your strength.” Bab explained.

“This feels like a video game,” I tell her.

“I have no idea what that is but if It's your equivalent then it makes sense. The magic makes it look in a way that will make the most sense to you,” she told me.

“I guess that makes sense. But why are our stats so different? Why is you mana thing so high,” I asked.

“None of your business. Just know that I'm stronger in magic so I have a higher mana,” she told me.

For a kid, she keeps a lot of secrets. For starters, she still won't tell me why she formed a contract with me. Just that she needed to get away. Next, she won't explain why everyone can only hear gibberish from her. Only that it doesn't matter now that I can translate. And now this mana thing.

“Ok, then can you tell me about Class, skills, and elements then?” I asked her since she already knew this.

“Class is just that. The type of class you belong to. Warrior, archer, mage, etc. There are a lot of different classes and most have their own specialties. You'll see more of them when we get to town. The skills come with the class. For example, as a mage, I can make potions a lot easier than if I was anything else. And if I become a higher class I will be able to use alchemy.” she told me.

Note to self I'll have to look into the different classes later.

“Finally the element. Everyone has one. There is fire, water, wind, earth, lightning, ice, dark and light. Based on those 8 everyone can use magic based on the type they have.”

“Wait I can use magic!” I stopped to exclaim. “How!”

*sigh* “do you see the monster over there.” Bab pointed to a small blob of the ground no to far from our path. “That's an earth slime. Very weak and no attack. I want you to walk over to it and think of shooting ice at it.” 

Excited I ran over to it. The slime didn't even move when I got close. I raised up my hand and thought about shooting ice. Shooting ice, shooting ice...

“Why isn't it working?” I asked as I turned around.

“Magic isn't that simple. You have to focus on the magic and use your mana to make the spell appear,” she told me as she began to climb a tree.

I had no idea what she meant but I tried again. Trying to focus, to feel the mana in me and expel it….. I was standing there for 10 minutes before ice suddenly shot out of my hand and froze the slime.

“Congrats you can use a simple frost attack. Now a quick tip, name it frost and try to remember the feeling you had when you used it. It'll make it easier to use the attack later.” she told me from in the tree.

Just as she said that another slime monster appeared and I decided to test it out.

“Frost!” I yelled and just like she said it was a lot easier.

Bab was even clapping her hands. Soon more slime appeared and I used it again. But then I noticed more slimes appearing and soon I was surrounded.

“Frost!” I yelled to get rid of them but nothing happens. “Frost! Why isn't it working!” 

“you're out of mana. That spell only uses 2 mana, you only have 5 mana and 1 regen. Regen restores your life and mana every 5 minutes. So you'll have to wait 10 minutes before you can use it again.” she told me.

“Then how do I get rid of them!” I yelled at her.

“You have a knife, use it!” she yelled down to me.

I pulled out the pocket knife I had and began slashing and stabbing at the slimes but the more I did the more they seemed to pop up. Soon they were latching onto me and crawling on me.

“What are they doing! I yelled

“There slimes. While they can't attack they swarm onto creatures to immobilize them and wait for them to die before slowly digesting them.” bab said with a sly smile on her face.

I suddenly began to panic and slash more at them but they just kept coming.

“HElP ME!” I yelled to Bab who was laughing her ass off. Until finally she raised her hand and fired electricity at me.

When I opened my eyes they were all gone and I didn't feel a thing. Bab was still laughing.

“You tricked me!” I yelled realizing she already knew what was going to happen. 

“Of course! But It's still too funny!” she laughed. “The way you were freaking out! Pirseles! Wow!” 

Because of the laughter, she leaned a little too far back and fell out of the tree. I fan over to see if she was ok. 

“Are you ok? I asked her.

“Ya I'm fine,” she said to me as she started to get up but stopped. “What the?” 

We looked behind her to see a slime on her hand, This one yellow. Bab then raised her other hand and shot a bolt of electricity at it but nothing happened.

“Whats wrong?” I asked.

“This one's an electric slime. They're immune to electric attacks,” she said before turning to me with her hand raised out. “Give me the knife.”

“Ow no. I thought you were such an expert on slimes. You should be able to get out yourself.” I tell her in a little mock.

“Haha very funny you made fun of a little girl. Now help me…” she began so to say before she suddenly got a confused look on her face before it went to pure terror and she screamed!

“What is it!” I asked frantically looking around and seeing nothing before looking back at Bab how was desperately trying to remove the pants she was wearing but was having trouble with the one hand.

“HELP ME!!!!” she screamed and caused me to jump a bit before I crouched down and helped her with the pants.

I helped pull them off and I saw why she was screaming. A sime was going into the back of her diaper. She had landed right on top of another slime and it found its way into the back of her pants and into the now expanding diaper.

“Git it out! Git it out! Git it out! GET IT OUT!!!!!” she screamed.

“Aw is the baby filling her diaper?” I teased now knowing it was harmless and to get her back for earlier.

“I'm sorry please help me!” the girl pleaded with tears forming in her eyes.

“Ok, I will,” I said but stopped when I noticed more slimes started to appear.

So I stabbed my knife into the yellow slime freeing her hand before scooping the girl up and running away.

“What are you doing! Get it out!” she yelled at my face.

I ignored her for a moment and kept running.

Once we were away I put the girl down. By know, she was balling her eyes from the slimy feeling in her diaper. I quickly yanked it off and pulled the slime away from her before stabbing it. After a few more minutes of crying while I helped clean the slime off and taped a new diaper on her, she finally stopped crying.

From that day on she gained a big fear of slimes.

Alexander March
Stats- lv2


partner-Bab Ados
Stats- lv2

Skills-potion maker

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Chapter 3

*********sorry if the story is going a bit slow and not a lot of stuff happening. I'm using these first few chapters to set up the world so I won't have to do much of it later. Next chapter will have more action and among other things.”****************

As fun as it was playing with slimes. We decided to stop and have lunch. I pulled out 2 sandwiches that we packed and poured 2 cups of water. I set bab’s down right in front of her while I took a bite out of my sandwich.

“Whats wrong?” I asked after a minute of her just staring at the food.

“I can't eat that,” she told me.

“Why whats wrong with it?” I asked as I looked down at the sandwich.

“I can't pick it up,” Bab said with her face blushing a bit.

Ow right, she can't use her hands for some reason. So I moved closer to her and picked the sandwich up and held it in front of her. She was still blushing from the humility but took a bite anyway.

The hardest part, however, came with the cup of water. I tried to hold it up for her but that only ended up with us spilling a bit of it on Bab’s shirt. Luckily it wasn't too bad of a wet spot but we had to think of a better way then cups. That's when I remembered I had a baby bottle with me. Bab’s face blushed even harder when I got the bottle ready and held it up for her.

“I can do this!” she said as she took the bottle out of my hands and began to drink from it. She had to use both hands and looked like she was about to drop it at any moment.

“So can you tell me what happened to your hands?” I asked.

She ignored me and finished her bottle. I decided I'll bring it up later.

With lunch finally over we decided to fight a few more monsters on the way to town. After a few hours, we had foughten different types of bugs and slimes. The slimes Bab would never get near again. By the end, we gained a few levels.

Alexander March
Stats- lv5


partner-Bab Ados
Stats- lv5

Skills-potion maker

“Hay Bab, if I'm doing most of the work how are you gaining levels as well?” I asked.

“The bracelets splits the energy gained by killing monsters between both people.” she explained.

“Well, in that case, get your but over here and help and we'll get levels faster,” I tell her.

“But I don't want to get my cloths ditty. Besides if you get surrounded again then I'll use my magic to save you.” Bab told me. Which reminded me of something.

“Hey, earlier you shot lightning at me and the slimes, why didn't I feel anything?” I asked.

“Energy magic can't hurt the partner of the caster because of the bond.” she told me.

We decided to stop after that and finish walking the last few miles to town. When we got their Bab looked like she was going to collapse from exhaustion. To be honest I'm surprised she even made it this far.

“Excuse me, but might you be a warrior from the outer world?” a slightly overweight man asked.

“Um ya?” I said not really knowing what to say.

“Excellent! I've been waiting for someone like you!” he said as he came closer to shake my hand. “You people always bring with you some interesting things. Might I be allowed to see what you have?”

The man was starting to creep me out as he tried to reach for my backpack until Bab shot a little electricity near him.

“How dare you brat!” he yelled at bab.

“He’s a scammer. He’s trying to look at what you have and tell others so they can steal it from you later.” bab told me.

“What nonsense are you speaking? You really need to keep brats like that in line, she almost hit me!” the man said as he scowled at Bab who also scowled back.

“I'm so sorry, my sister really doesn't like strangers,” I tell him just trying to defuse the situation.

“I demand compensation for this trauma!” the man demanded witch made Bab mad.

I could see she was charging up another electric attack and if I didn't do something know this could get really bad.

“Marvo! What are you doing!” someone yelled as we all looked over.

There were two nights in armor walking towards us. One was a woman with long black hair. The other was a man who was just slightly shorter than the women with dark hair and was carrying a staff with a blade at the end.

“Marvo, don't tell me you are causing more problems now.” the women said.

“No ma’am I was just getting compensation from this fine gentleman,” Marvo said.

“Compensation for what?” she asked him.

“This child fired off electricity at me.” he replied.

The women looked at me and Bab who was behind me. Then she looked back at the Marvo guy.

“I don't see any injury, and based on past behaviors I'm to believe you were trying to scam these people,” she said. Similar to what Bab said earlier.

“I was doing nothing of the sort!” Marvo exclaimed.

“Ok then, then let's just settle this by going our separate ways.” the women said with a smile on her face.

“But my compensation!” Marvo tried to say but the guy in armor pointed his staff at Marvo.

“We know who you are. Now seeing as you're not physically hurt you can either leave now, or we can take you in on suspicion of scamming tourists.” the guy said. 

Without another word, Marvo left, altho I could see he was really unhappy.

“Sorry, you had to be a part of this. Marvo is a well-known scammer. He’ll try to take a look at young travelers belongings and sells the info to local thieves who will try and steal your belongings.” the women explained to us. “By the way I'm Sherry and this is Noah” they introduced themselves.

“I'm Alex and this is Bab,” I tell them.

“It's nice to meet you both,” Noah replied. “I'm actually glad I got to meet an OWH.” 

“A what?” I asked.

“OWH, its short for outer world hero,” Bab explained.

“Ok, that now makes sense,” I say to her as I look down at her.

“Wait you can understand that gibberish?” Noah asked.

From there I told them the story thus far, excluding the slime monsters and Bab’s other problems.

“Dame, that explains why you showed up. Ever since the crystal was destroyed this side of Misae doesn't get many travelers.” Sherry said.

“I'm sorry but I've only been here a few days.can you explain what Misae is?” I asked them.

They agreed but we decided to move to a different location. We went to a local bar close to us and got a table. Once their Sherry began to explain the world.

The world is divided into 2 continents. The one we are on is Misae and were currently on the southern point of it. Below Misae, there are 2 islands. On the other side their Guadalupe. Between the 2 there is a small island.

On Misae, there are currently 6 light crystals and 2 dark crystals. This is why there are a lot of low tier monsters here while the stronger ones are far north where the 2 dark crystals are.

Guadalupe is another story. As it has 8 dark crystals and 2 light. Over their, theirs nothing but powerful monsters. As it stands the white is slowly starting to lose this battle.

After explaining that I asked them a few more thing. One being class change and what they can do.

There are a bunch of different classes and as a base, I can change into any number of them. Once I turn into a class they will branch off into stronger forms of that class with different strength and abilities. But once I become a class I won't be able to change to a different one until I complete certain tasks to become them.

The classes are
Fighter- they are normally meant for strength and can turn into things like a knight.
Bow- they use long-range weapons and can turn into archers.
Mage- they use magic and can turn into things like sorcerer or Wiccans.
Roge- they are more for stealth and small weapons. They can become ninjas.
Tamer- they can actually tame monsters and have them fight for you. But is very risky.

Each class also will level up stats differently, and specific gear can only be used by people in that type of class. Such as heavy armor only being used by heavy nights.

Noah suggested I become a fighter as it's the easiest. They use most weapons and they have the most class branches. They also told me that it was possible to combine classes. As long as I meet the requirements of 2 different classes like a knight and archer I could become a bow knight. Also while it's rare there are chances to get unique classes by beating powerful monsters. Such as killing a dragon can grant you a chance to become a dragon knight or such. I was fascinated by it all. 

They tried to suggest rogue for Bab as they are stealthy and tend to be out of battle. They were surprised she was already a mage. Mage is very hard to use. They can use a lot of powerful spells but use a lot of mental strength and mana to use them. Which without telling them she already has. I think?

“Well if you positive on the mage then let me give you something,” Sherry said.

She raised her hand into the air and I watched as it disappeared! Her hand then reappeared and in it was what looked like a hair clip with a small flower on it.

“What the hell was that!” I yelled and cased the bar to look over at us.

“Ow, you must have never seen that spell yet. It's called ‘storage’ it's like a pocket dimension you can use to store some of your gear. Thow it can only hold so much. You get it as soon as you become a class.” Noah told me.

“Here this is for you.” sherry told bab as she held out the hair clip. But Bab didn't take it. “It's an item that helps boost your regen.

Upon hearing that she took it and placed it in her hair making her look even more like a little girl.

“Is it really ok to just give her that?” I asked.

“Ya, I got it as a gift when I first started out and even when I got something better I held onto it thinking it might come in handy one day.” she explained.

“By the way, I want to ask you something,” Noah said to me as he also reached into his storage and pulled out a little bag. “I'm guessing you don't have any money. So I want to buy something off of you.”

“Wait is this like with Marvo?” I asked and even Bab was glaring at him.

“Nonono! He was just going to look at what you had and have someone else take it. I legitimately want to buy something.” Noah said as he pulled out a few gold coins from his bag. I looked over to Bab who calmed down and gave a slight shrug.

After thinking about everything I had I laid out one Magnesium Flints Scraper Stone, Flashlight, and my shoes. Out of everything I had those 2 were the only thing I could think of to sell. I already had 2 more scrapers, I'm hoping I won't need the flashlight, and I still have my boots which are better to travel with.

After looking at everything I had to offer. Noah gave me 1 gold for the scraper, 4 for the shoes, and 6 for the flashlight. 

I was quite shocked by how much I was given. I had to ask Bab if it was even a good deal or not and she told me it was.

“We don't get things like this from your world often. So when people like you show up this is the best way to get rare items from another world,” Noah explained.

With this Noah began to explain this world's currency. gold, silver, bronze, and copper. Copper being compared to coins. They're the smallest and it takes 100 of them to make bronze. Bronze being like dollars and takes 100 to make silver. And 100 silver to make gold.

With this, they decided to show us a shop to get some better gear than what we already had.

I got an inter basic gear set. A new protective shirt, pants and even gloves. I would have gotten boots as well but they didn't come with any special buffs like the rest did so I stuck with the ones I had.

As for Bab they had nothing for her. She is one of so far 5 kids to ever wear a bracelet so they don't have anything her side. But they did have some expensive accessories she could wear that would work just as fine.  We were told if we ever get to a bigger city we could get a taller to make her special armor but for now, the accessories will do. She got a bracelet, a necklace, and a ring. 

All together we spent 6 gold and 50 silver.

After that, we went to get a weapon. After trying everything out I learned I liked swords the best. After taking a lot of time to think I used the 50 silver I had to get a cheaply used sword.

Bab tried to say I was stupid for getting something like that but I reminded her about our levels. Were still low levels and even if I were to get the strongest weapon I could get which wouldn't be much better. We would then be out of money. Plus I don't know how to use a sword so at least by getting this one I can practice. The sword was 20 silver.

All gear and weapons are divided into different classes as well. D, C, B, A, and S. thanks to the money we got all our gear is at least C class.

It was now getting dark and I could here Bab’s stomach growling.

“Come on let's find an inn and get some food,” I tell her. Ready to get a good night's sleep. Completely unaware of what was to befall us soon.

Alexander March
Stats- lv5
HP-35 (+4)
Attack-7 (+3)
Defence-7 (+5)
Speed-5 (+2)
Regen-2 (+1)

Weapons-old sword (C)

partner-Bab Ados
Stats- lv5
HP-20 (+10)
Defence-2 (+10)
Speed-2 (+5)
Regen-2 (+3)

Skills-potion maker

Money ----
gold  3) 
silver  80)
bronze  0)
copper   0)

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Chapter 4

A night at the inn was 30 copper. 20 for the night and 10 for the meal they sent to our room. After our meal and after making a mental list of everything we had, we had to decide on who got the bed.

Bab’s argument was that she was a girl so she should have it.
My argument was that I was the one doing all the fighting I should get the bed.

This went on for about 10 minutes before we decided on rock paper scissors. Bab one best 2 out of 3. I'm just glad the sleeping bag is still comfortable. Bab had me get out of the room while she changed, which I don't see why considering I've already have cleaned her diaper area 3 times now. One was just a few minutes ago.

When she finally let me back in all I could do was arch my eyebrow as I saw Bab all balled up under the blankets.

“Good night,” she said under theirs.

“Um ya, good night?” I replied before getting undressed in just my underwear and climbing into the sleeping bag before blowing out a candle.


“I need to pee,” I say out loud in the middle of the night.

I sit up and in the dark, I can barely make out the outline of Bab sprawled out on the bed. I slowly get up trying not to disturb her as I grab the candle and leave the room. using a match I light the candle and make my way to the bathroom. 

It's only now do I realize that the toilets in this world are the exact same as the ones in mine. Well, it does make some sense. With how many people come here there's bound to be at least one person that knows how they work. Guarantee they got a lot of gold for that idea.

When I finally made it back to my room I was about to blow out the candle when something hit my nose. I looked over at Bab and saw something else that was puzzling. Bab was in a messy diaper sprawled out on the bead with a pacifier in her mouth. 

I don't remember having the pacifier packed. I'll ask her about it later. For now, I have to decide on something. I either try to go back to sleep with a window open for the smell or I change her while she still slept.

I opened the window before I grabbed Bab’s bag and pulled out the changing mat. Going as slowly as possible as to not wake her I put the mat under her and began un-taping the diaper.

Suddenly her head bobbed up off the pillow as she sleepily looked at me.

“Um I'm just changing the diaper, go back to sleep,” I whisper to her.

She said something but the pacifier muffled the sound as her head hit the pillow again. With that out of the way, I began to wipe the girl down before taking the diaper and throwing it in the trash and placing something over the trash to block off the smell. I then proceeded powder her then put the diaper on.

And not a moment too soon as she rolled over and began to shiver slightly. I closed the window as the smell was now mostly gone before pulling Bab’s blanket back over her and tucking it in.

“Good night little girl” I whisper before I go back to sleep.


“No way!” Bab yelled and I shot up from my sleeping bag.

“What!” I shouted back and began looking around the room. Nothing was there and I looked at Bab who was now staring at her diaper. “Whats wrong?”

“I'm not in a messy diaper!” she shouted with a smile on her face.

“Of course not I changed you in the middle of the night. Now let me sleep a little longer.” I tell her as I plop back down to go back to sleep.

Bab on the other hand just stared at me. Her smile slowly fading as her face blushed from realizing she was wrong. Reder when she realized I changed her while she was asleep and doesn't remember waking up, redder still when she realized she just freaked out over nothing, and finally bright red when she realized I saw the pacifier she was hiding from me for some reason.

So in frustration, she jumped right on top of me.

“What the hell,” I tell her half an hour later as I check the giant bruise she left on my side as we walk down the street.

“You deserve it,” she told me with a pout on her face.

“And you needed a change,” I tell her and watch as her face went red again and she kicks me in the leg.

Today we decided on doing a little training with our new gear. With it, I was finally able to fight more than just insects and slimes. But also a few wild beasts. Bab had to show me the difference between a Beast and a regular animal. All monsters seem to have a very tiny jewel somewhere on their body. 

every time I killed one Bab would run over and pull the jewel out and place it in a small bag she had with her.

“What are those?” I asked. 

“Their just Jewel the monsters have. They have a small amount of magic in them. Magic users use them in all types of ways and are always looking to buy them off, hunters.” Bab explained.

Well if we can sell them later than that should help us out quite a bit later. 

By the time lunch came around I was exhausted as I checked the stats.

Alexander March
Stats- lv8
HP-47 (+4)
Attack-12 (+3)
Defence-12 (+5)
Speed-9 (+2)
Regen-3 (+1)

Weapons-old sword (C)

partner-Bab Ados
Stats- lv8
HP-29 (+10)
Defence-4 (+10)
Speed-4 (+5)
Regen-4 (+3)

Skills-potion maker

I was pretty happy with the number of levels we got. We might even get to lv10 before tonight,

We had just finished eating and I was giving Bab her bottle when we heard something behind us.

“What are you two doing?” Noah asked.

Bab immediately popped the nipple of the bottle out of her mouth and rushed behind me in pure embarrassment. Man today just isn't her day.

“Noah? Why are you here?” I asked hoping to dodge the question.

“I came here to train a bit but got sidetracked when I noticed some moron left a ton of monster unpicked. Man what an idiot.” Noah said.

“Um, what's that….” I asked already knowing it had to be me by the blank stare he was giving me.

I was lucky Noah was nice and gave me most of the items he picked up and explained it to me. All monsters have what games would call drops.  Beasts, for example, have fangs and tusks that can be removed and used for later. If I had the skill I could even skin the beasts and sell the fur as well.

Out of everything Noah kept two out of four silver fangs I had. It was payment for not only gathering the items, explaining what they are and that I could sell them, but also giving them all back.

For the next few hours, Noah joined us as we trained and showed me a bit more about gathering items and even helped me with fighting with a sword.

“You're really starting to get the hang of this,” Noah told me as he and Bab watched as I killed another monster. “Hay Bab, do you think you can do me a faver?”

“What?” Bab replied.

“With that confused look, I'm guessing that was a ‘what’. Ok, do you see those flowers over there?” Noah asked as he pointed a few yards away to a clearing full of flowers. “they can be ground up and made into an awesome drink. Since you're not doing anything can you go pick them?”

“Fine.” was her response as she walked over to the flowers.

“Whats she doing?” I asked when I walked over to him.

“I asked her to pick some flowers for a moment while I talked to you,” he said.

“About what,” I asked.

“Why were you giving her a bottle?” he asked. I was really hoping he forgot that.

“It a weird story,” I tell him.

“Weird as in you have her call you daddy or?” he asked and my face blushed from that statement.

“Ow no no no, she has a few things wrong with her body. One of them being her hands. She cant hold things right and spills cups. She can barely hold the bottle.” I explain to him.

“Ok now that makes a lot of sense,” he said now understanding some of the weird shit. I'm just glad he didn't see a diaper change. “Man, that must be rough on a 10-year-old.”

Just then we hare a scream come from Bab and look just as she shoots a lightning at what looked like a fucking huge bear.

“Fuck!” Noah yelled as he bolted into action with me following him.

The bear was at least half my size and I'm 6’. The bear seemed not even phased by Babs electricity as it roared and began to charge at her.

Noah got right in front of it and slashed at it with his bladed staff as I ran and grabbed Bab.

“Get her away first then come help!” Noah yelled. I had no problem with that as I pick her up and run as fast as I could with her in my arms

“Why didn't your lightning do anything? I asked.

“It must be an ability, something to resist electricity,” Bab said as I sat her down ways away.

turning back to see Noah fighting the monster. Thanks to his weapons range he was keeping his distance and slashing at it when she could.  Its back was towards me and I had a slight idea.

“Bab charge up your strongest attack you can and blast it when I give a single,” I tell her as I charge into the fight with my sword drone.

The monster had finally gotten close enough to Noah that it swiped away his staff disarming him. Noah then shoved his had into his storage ready to pull out another weapon when I jumped on the monster's back and stabbed my blade into its back.

“Frost!” I yelled before jumping off onto the ground. 

The Monster just turned to me with pure hatred in its eyes as it began to rise up to attack me while I was still down

“NOW!” I yelled as loudly as I could as a loud crack filled the air and the monster stood motionless. 

Suddenly the bare collapsed with a loud thud, dead.

“What the hell happen?” Noah asked looking at me and Bab.

“Lightning rod,” I told him.

“What?” both he and bab said as she came closer to us now that it was safe.

“Metal conducts electricity. I thought since the bear was immune to lightning on the outside it's inside might fry.” I told them.

“And since its back was towards you, you stabbed it in and froze the blade to keep it there so she could attack with lightning.” Noah finished as he looked at us and gave a smile. “Quick thinking”

“But why was something so strong here?” bab asked as she got a little closer to the bear.

“What did she say?” Noah asked me.

“What is that thing?” I replied.

“It's called an Onikuma. It also called a territory boss.” Noah told us.

“Explain?” I asked.

“In different areas all around there are some very rare monsters that are stronger than the others. Their called territory monsters and if you're not prepared to fight one then try to get away as fast as you can. Noah explained. “Were lucky you thought of that attack when you did or we might not have beaten it.

After we defeated it there was both good news and bad news. The good news was that we got a lot of very rare items and a lot of exp. Plus I got a new hidden class I can now turn into. The criteria to use it was either kill 100 beasts or kill an area boss. I got the hunter class.

Noah told me that normally people don't unlock it until after they've already become a different class. While it might not be that great a class, later on, it still has great abilities especially early on.

The bad news, however, was that my sword was completely destroyed. It was already an old sword and after being frozen before being struck by lightning it just couldn't handle that. Guess I'll have to suck it up and by something a little stronger.

Noah was walking a little was ahead of us as we walked back to town. Without my sword, I wouldn't be able to train much. Just as we got into town bab grabbed my hand and made me look down at her. She was messing with her hair and blushing a bit. At first, I didn't know what she wanted until I realized the time.

“Hay Noah, could we meet back with you later? Bab seems a little tired after everything that happened.” I asked him.

“Ya how about we meet up at the sword shop in 2 hours?” Noah asked as he looked over at bab who went along with my story and gave a yawn. 

With that bab and I went back to the inn so I could give her a much-needed diaper change.

“So want to tell me about the pacifier?” I asked in the middle of changing her. Her already blushing face became redder.

“I grind my teeth in my sleep.,” she said and gave a little pout as I taped the diaper on.

“So why hide it? I asked.

“It's already bad enough I have to wear diapers, be fed, and drink from a bottle. I just wanted to keep at least one piece of maturity left. Even if only a secret.” she told me, and I just started lagging. “Fuck you!”

“Hay potty mouth!” I told her as she just glared at me. “Look, I understand. Your body is messed up. I'm not laughing because your less mature, I'm laughing because you're trying to hide it from someone who doesn't care.  I'm not going to make fun of you for problems you can't help but have.

Bab just stared at me in confusion not expecting me to say something like that. But it's true. If she could choose she would use the toilet, feed herself, drink without spilling, and now I know she uses a pacifier to keep her teeth from grinding.

Bab didn't say much to me after that as we left to get a new blade. I asked Noah to help me pick one out in hopes that I could get one that was better than my sword yet still cheap as to not waste money.

But as luck would have it he wasn't there and the shop was closed.

“What know?” bab asked.

Personally, I don't know. Did we miss him or something? I'm sure we're on time, I think? Without a watch, it's really hard to tell time. Without any idea of what to do, we decided to head back. 

“Well this sucks, guess we'll have to wait until tomorrow,” I tell bab.

“Hopefully it won't take long,” she replied.

“Why?” I asked.

“I want to leave tomorrow,” she told me. 

“To where? Besides looking for a way to get me back we have nowhere to go,” I tell her.

“I think I might have an idea?” Bab said.

“Were?” I asked but was interrupted by someone behind me.

“Excuse me.” the guy said as I turned to look at him I felt something hit me right in the chest and knocking me a few feet away.

“Alex!” Bab yelled before turning to the guy who hit me with a large hammer. 

She was about to shoot lightning when she was hit in the back of the head with something that released a cloud of dust all around her head. She began coughing loudly before turning to another guy who threw it. She raised her had to fire but nothing happens.

“Fuck this is too easy.” the man with the hammer said as he grabbed Babs hand and picked her up by it. 

She was flailing about and tried to kick him but nothing worked.

“Let go of her!” I yelled as I was finally able to get back up. Amazed that hammer didn't kill me. 

There was two of them. Bab can't use her electricity and all I have is a knife. Shit. I pull out the knife and devise the only plan I can think of. I rush the big guy holding Bab and use frost on him. I don't think it will do anything but it might cause him to drop her. As long as I can grab her before the other guy racks I might be able to run away.

However, my luck wasn't with me today as the moment I charged I was tackled by someone else to my right. As I landed on the ground he got right on top of me and blew that same dust in my face.

“Frost!” I yelled but nothing happened.

“Sucks for you, that dust seals magick for 10 minutes.” the guy above him said.

“What the fuck do you want!?” I asked.

“We want that bag of yours.” the guy told him. 

“Then take it!” I yelled.

“Sorry, if we could we would. But you see inns have a special magic put on them so items and belonging can only leave with their owners. So we want you to go get that bag. And if you don't….” he pointed at Bab.

As I looked over I watched as the big guy shoved something into her mouth as his friend picked up my knife and place the blade on her exposed arm. I watched as they tased her repeatedly. Her screams muffled by whatever they gagged her with.

“STOP!” I yelled.

“You got 5 minutes to grab the bag and bring it back or she’ll get worse,” he whispered in my ear.

“Well, this looks like fun.” I heard Noah say.

The guy on me looked over at Noah just as a rock flew over his head and hit the guy with the knife.

“Shit how are you here!” the guy yelled.

“Your friend really needs to plan his ambush better. Now, why don't you all just give up now before someone gets hurt.” Noah asked.

“Ya no. there's still 3 of us.” the guy said as he got off me and kicked me in the stomach. “What makes you think you can hurt us?”

“Me? Oh no, I'm not the one who's going to hurt you. She is.” Noah then pointed at a roof above us. standing up there with a sword drawn and lit on fire was sherry. “Attacking someone in the middle of the street, you guys are dumbasses.”

I couldn't even follow as she jumped down and threw a fireball at the big guy forcing him to drop Bab. Next was the guy who was sitting on me. He dodged out of the way and pulled out his own blade to fight. 

“You look fucked up,” Noah said to me as he crouched down and grabbed my arm. Having our bracelets meet. “Night god hears our bond, grant us access to new heights.”

Suddenly both bracelets began to glow.

“What did you do?” I asked.

“It's a temporary bond. Both groups are tied to one another for 3 hours. Heal!” Noah said and suddenly all the pain that I had was suddenly gone. “Healing magic only works with a partner.”

Speaking of partners I turn to see Bab still on the ground not moving. I didn't bother with the fighting going on between Sherry and the bandits as I ran over and picked Bab up.”

“Ha, ha! Wake up!” I yelled at her. All she could do was lit out a soft moan. At least she wasn't dead. 

“Heal,” Noah said as he walked over and healed Bab. When she finally opened her eyes I finally let out a breath of relief.

“Glad to see you both ok,” Sherry said a moment later sheathing her sword away.

Behind her, all 3 guys lay motionless on the ground.

“Wait how did you know we were in trouble?” I asked.

“Their dumbass friend tried to lead me out of town so he could jump me. When it didn't work he said that Marvo hired them to steal your bag and they were just trying to get us away so they could.” Noah explained. Before helping me up.

Bab tried to stand up but after the shocks, she took her body didn't want to work. Heal does work wonders but after effects of attacks, it can't heal. So I wound up giving her a ride on my back. 

“What are you going to do now?” I asked and looked at the bodies lying on the ground.

“We're going to arrest them and then go pay Marvo a visit,” Sherry told me. “As for you, go back to the inn and rest, she looks like she could use it.

“Ya today just really wasn't her day,” I tell them.

“Fuck you,” Bab said behind me.

“What did she say?” Sherry asked.

“She said thank you,” I tell them before saying goodbye and walked back to the inn.

“Whats wrong?” Sherry asked Noah an hour later.

“You really got to see this,” he told her and had her activate her start screen. “What is it?”

“Take a look at them,” Noah said and pointed to Bab and my names on their state screen.

“What wrong wi…. Wait that's not right, how?” sherry asked finally noticing what Noah saw.

“I don't know, but by the looks of it neither does he,” Noah said. 

“What know?” Sherry asked him.

“Nothing. If it's true then something big is going to happen. If we interfere it might make things worse.” Noah said as he sat back in his chair and crossed his arms. “Let's just hope he’s ready for whatever happens next.”

They then sat in silence as they stared at the name on the screen. Bab Ados.

Alexander March
Stats- lv11
HP-58 (+4)
Attack-19 (+3)
Defence-18 (+5)
Speed-15 (+2)
Regen-5 (+1)


partner-Bab Ados
Stats- lv11
HP-39 (+10)
Defence-6 (+10)
Speed-6 (+5)
Regen-5 (+3)

Skills-potion maker

Money ----
gold  3) 
silver  79)
bronze  70)
copper   0)

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After the day Bab had I gave her the bead again as soon as we got back. 

“If I see Marvo before we leave I'm frying his ass,” Bab said as she slowly began to regain body function.

“Language little girl,” I told her as I took a seat next to her.

“Shut up. No one understands me,” she told me.

“Still kids shouldn't cures,” I tell her

“I'm not a fucking kid.” she snapped at me before rolling over and ignored me.

I just sighed leaving it as is and began sorting the items we got. I then looked over at my bag, all this over a stupid bag?

“I get my stuff might be rare but is it really necessary to go that far?” I asked out loud.

“Gun.” bab replied.


“There have been others who have bought stuff like that into this world. Stuff that can make people feel good when burned. Stuff that can help the sick.” bab explained without looking at me.

“But you guys have magic. You can shoot lightning, Noah held us not too long ago.” I tell her still not getting it.

“Ya, we use magick. How many people in town have you seen wearing this?” Bab asked and raised her bracelet up.

Now that she mentioned it, I have not. The only people I've seen so far has been Sherry, Noah and the guys that attacked us.

“80% of people who get the bracelet die with it. Eather by a monster or the curse. So most people don't risk it.” Bab explained. 

“Why did you put one on then?” I asked her. For me, I want to go home and this is the only option I had, but Bab? She still won't tell me why she forced a bond. Even now she just ignores me again.

She didn't move from that spot at all until it was time for dinner. Which she quickly ate, drank her bottle, and shoved the pacifier in her mouth before laying back down.

I still don't understand why she’s so mad.

I decided to leave the wind cracked a bit just in case before I went to sleep myself. Hoping tomorrow will be a lot better.


The next morning I was greeted with a full diaper and a knock on the door. Bab’s reaction was just full of fear. She really didn't want any more people than necessary to see her in a diaper, let alone a full one.

“Who is it?” I asked without opening the door.

“Its sherry, I came to invite you both to breakfast.” sherry said threw the door.

“Cool, we’ll meet you downstairs in a few minutes, where getting dressed right now,” I tell her hoping that would buy us enough time to change a diaper without her knowing.

“Ok I'll meet you downstairs,” she said and we hard her leave.

After a quick diaper change for Bab and quickly packed my stuff we both went downstairs to meet Sherry and check out of the inn.

Sherry took us to a small restaurant where we meet with Noah. they were even nice enough to pay for breakfast. 

“So we wanted to know what your plans were?” Sherry asked.

“To be honest we don't know. I was told if I can find enough magick users I might be able to go home.” I tell them

“No one's been able to do that in years. But if you're determined to do it that may I make a suggestion?” Noah asked.

“Go ahead.”

“Go north to Omorashi city. There you should be able to find a gild or something to help” Noah suggested. And that actually wasn't a bad idea.

“There's just one problem.” sherry commented. Of course, there was. “The further north you go the stronger the monsters. So I recommend going to Pa’a kingdom first.”

“The what kingdom?” I asked.

“The Pa’a kingdom they are one of the kingdoms of the world. Each kingdom was made after a dark crystal was destroyed making the one who destroyed it, king or queen.” Sherry explained and pulled out a map.

The kingdoms are Pa’a, Parïtet, altabuul, on Misae, and Pariti, and Paridade on Guadalupe.

Parïtet was the furthest south on Misae and directly west of us. Above them was Pa’a and further north than that was Altabuul.

“The kingdoms all have people who are very powerful and Pa’a has some of the best trainers from all over,” Noah told us.

“Trainers?” I asked.

“They are veterans who have been fighting for a long time and have retired. To make money they help train people to get stronger and teach them new ways of killing monsters.” Sherry explained.

“What do you think Bab, should we go to Pa’a?” I asked her. She just nods in agreement.

“By the way have you picked a class you want to be?” Noah asked.

I did actually. I had to think long and hard about what I wanted to be. Out of them all, I took out mage, bow, and rogue. They just wouldn't suit me well. Tamer was a good option since I could possibly get a good monster to team up with. But it would basically be a big pet and right now I don't have the money to take care of one. I was stuck between fighter and hunter for the longest time.

The fighter was the better balance of stats, while hunter focuses on speed and regen. Fighter also has more classes they can turn into later while hunter only has one after it. But in the end, I knew what I had to be.

Alexander March
Stats- lv1
HP-60 (+4)
Attack-20 (+3)
Defence-19 (+5)
Speed-20 (+2)
Regen-7 (+1)

Skills-hunter eyes.

partner-Bab Ados
Stats- lv11
HP-39 (+10)
Defence-6 (+10)
Speed-6 (+5)
Regen-5 (+3)

Skills-potion maker

Money ----
gold  3) 
silver  79)
bronze  40)
copper   0)

I had to go with the hunter for the skills. Hunters main skill is hunter's eyes. This will allow me to locate monsters a lot easier and also shows me what's valuable on them. Also, they have 2 other skills I can learn at lv10 and lv20. Basically, those skills will help us out a lot more than anything else at the moment. I might change classes later on but for now, I'll be a hunter.

“I got to say that's a good pick,” Noah said as I told him. “That class will come in handy.”

“Yep and know you should be able to use storage,” Sherry told me.

Sherry then showed me how it worked and explained it to me. The higher the class the more you can store. right now because my class is still low I can only store up to 10 items. Luckily there's a special trick to the magic. If you were to put 10 coins into the storage that would count as 10 items. But if you put the coins in a bag before you put it in then its only counted as one.

Meaning Bab’s and my bag only count as 2 items! Sweet!

“By the way, couldn't you have used it?” I ask bab.

“No, it only works when both parties are above a base. I had to wait for you,” she tells me and puts her backpack in the storage we shared.

“Ow and I had a few things for you,” Noah told me as he pulled a few things out of his storage.

The first was a book on monsters. It had everything from what they are, to what they drop and what the drops can be used for. Also scribbled in were some of Noah's own notes.” the next was a map of Misae. And finally, he pulled out a sword.

It was a medium-sized sword, about the length of my elbow to my fingers. And it was twice as heavy as my old sword.

“I can't take that,” I tell him.

“You're not, I'm loaning it to you. Right now you don't have the money to get a proper weapon. I want you to use that sword and if we ever meet again I want you to pay me back.” Noah told me. 

I was hard to argue with him. All I could do was say thank you.

Both Noah and Sherry saw us off as we left the little town I only now found out was called Ubunye town.

“Why did you give him that sword?” Sherry asked Noah once we were out of earshot.

“Like I said, he’s going to need it.”

“But you spent months getting the materials just for it.” sherry reminded him.

“Yep and I'm gambling it that I'll soon get something better later,” Noah said 

****************************************4 days later.

Traveling by foot sucks. Traveling with a kid who has to take a break every 2 hours from walking, was worse.

It took Bab and I a day to get to Ubunye town only because I was training on and off the whole time. Normally it would only take 6 hours.

But thanks to Bab being so small she can't walk more than 2 and a half hours at a time with a half an hour break. I tried to have her hidden on my back but because the ground is so uneven it's hard to walk while carrying her. But I did have an idea for something later on. 

During her breaks, I would do a little training of my own. It wasn't much but after 4 days I finally got used to the weight of the sword. 

Even while we're walking I'm trying new ice magic. I now have 2 new spells. Ice breathe, where I blow cold air out. The more mana I use the colder it gets. The other is ice shard. I can form a little ice shard and even levitate it a bit. I can then use it as a throwing weapon.

Bab has also been very pissed at me the last two days as well because I stole her pants. Her diapers are small enough that they can be hidden by normal pants. But with her walking around so much I noticed she was getting a heat rash on her legs around the diaper because of the pants.   

So I took them. Ow, she yelled and complained. She didn't have anything else. (note to self, get her more clothes.) so to cover up the diaper I made her a skirt. I zipped up my jacket, her small body fit thru the head hole and tied the sleeves around her waist to keep it up. 

It wasn't the best looking skirt but her legs could now breath and it made changing her a whole lot easier.

Next was camping. Bab had no idea how it worked and was stunned when we had to share my small tent. She tried to say I had to sleep outside at which point I picked her up and hung her by the sleeves of the jacket skirt right off a tree. 

“Ok, I'm getting tired of that bossy attitude,” I tell her.

“Let me down you ass!” she yelled as she struggled with getting herself down but found I tied the sleeves too well.

“That is MY tent, the food you are eating came from the money I got, if you're going to keep treating me like shit I will stop helping you,” I tell her.

“Ha, you wouldn't be here if it weren't for me!” Bab yelled at me. “I showed you how to use magic, I showed you how…”

I shoved her pacifier in her mouth to shut her up.

“Your right, however, John was the one who was supposed to come with me, he was the one who was supposed to show me those things. The only difference is you've just been a major pain in my ass by not helping with anything while I have to change your smelly ass every few hours.” I tell her. Before walking away.

“Where are you going!” she yelled as she took the pacifier out of her mouth.

“You'll see!” I yelled back and left her up there.

I left for about 20 minutes and going out a little bit. It's here I learned that when you get past a certain limit the bracelets start to sting a bit. But that stopped when I got back.

“I want to make you a deal,” I tell her.

“What time of deal?” she asked while glaring at me.

“I want to prove you're nothing but a spoiled brat that needs me to hold her hand,” I tell her and she got angry. “So I propose you go one day without my help.”

“Haw, that will be easy!” she shouted at me. And I only smiled.

“I thought you would say that so I prepared you something,” I tell her as I pulled out her backpack. “In here there is breakfast, lunch and tonight's dinner. Also in her is your pants, along with a tarp from my pack, my shovel, and everything you already had. You just have to go until we set up camp tomorrow.”

“What do I get out of this?” she asked. 

“You can have everything in the storage right now, including my sword,” I tell her and she was slightly stunned I would offer everything. “But if you lose you must accept my punishment.” 

“What are you going to spank me?” she asked.

“Nope, you'll just have this in your diaper,” I tell her and reveal a slime I caught not too long ago.

In the book, Noah gave me I learned slimes only eat dead things and are very harmless themselves. So Bab won't be in any danger but I wanted to make a point. I watched as her face when per whit as she looked at the yellow slime. 

“If you lose, you must have a slime in your diaper all day,” I tell her. “Or you can apologize to me right now, start respecting me a bit more and only have the slime in your diaper for an hour.”

No matter what she was going to be punished. I had enough of her attitude and this was the best way to do that.

“I except,” Bab told me. Her pried on the line. She knew she could do this.

“Ok then.” I then stabbed the slime with my knife knowing I could find extra later and helped bab down before taking my jacket back.

To be completely fair to Bab I took the tent down as I still had my sleeping bag and I started a fire.

I watched as Bab quickly started hers but I just as quickly put it out.

“Hay!” Bab yelled at me.

“Sorry, this will be my last bit of help. Heres some fire safety tips.” I tell her and pointed out a lot of problems with her fire. And even helped her get a new one ready.

Hay even I don't want to die in a forest fire because a kid didn't know any better.

from then on things went just as I thought they would. For starters, she burnt her dinner trying to cook it. Having it too close to her fire. Next, her fire nearly went out twice because she didn't have enough wood. 

As I got in my sleeping bag she laid out the tarp and wrapped herself in the only blanket she had with her pillow and laid right next to her small fire.

A few hours later I got up and used the rest of my wood to keep her's going while she slept. I can be an ass but I'm not going to let her freeze.

The next morning I watched as she had to get out of her ruined pants. She was so cold she tried to huddle up as best she could which cause the diaper to leak. She then tried her best to get herself clean and haphazardly put the new diaper on. 

We then went out to gather more wood. I even showed her to use the rope I packed to tie a bundle of sticks together and place it in storage to help. She had a lot of trouble just with this because of her hands but she refused to give up.

With breakfast instead of burning her food, she dropped it. So I offered to feed her half of her lunch just so she didn't go hungry. She refused at first but I told her this one was free.

As we walk I almost found myself laughing at her misfortune. She was exhausted from being cold last night, hungry because she only had half a meal and was walking, her diaper felt uncomfortable because it wasn't taped up well and she had to tie a piece of rope around her waist to keep her pants up because she couldn't button them.

To make it worse a few hours later the messed up diaper leaked and she ruined another pair of pants. She was down to her last pair of pants and she spent an hour just trying to clean herself again.

The final straw happened as we stopped to have lunch a few hours later. She sat across from me. Staring at the food she dropped again. Just staring at it. 

“You ok?” I asked as I pulled out my bag. 

She just stood up. Not saying a word and walked over to me. When I looked at her face she was trying her hardest not to start crying right then and there. She had another wet spot on her pants.

“You know what you have to say,” I tell her. 

“I'm sorry,” she whispered.

“Speak up. I can't hear whispers.” I tell her. 

This is when she finally broke down and started crying. 

“I'm sorry!, I'm hungry, I'm tired, and I feel gross!” She told me while she cried.

I know we didn't move much but today I set up the tent early. I then proceeded to take her pants off and had to really get Bab clean from the (pun intended) shity job she did. Once she was cleaned up I fed her and had her get inside the tent and into my sleeping bag to take a much-needed nap.

When she got up a few hours later it was already getting dark. 

“I'm sorry,” she told me again as she sat down next to me. Not even bothering to cover up her surprisingly clean diaper.

“Don't worry about it. I've told you before I don't care about your problems.” I tell her.

“I know,” she replied.

“Just treat me with a little more respect, that's all I'm asking for,” I tell her.

“I will. Thank you,” she said

“Your welcome,” I tell her 

We sat there a moment before pulling the back of her diaper open and shoved a slime into it. Before she could scream I shoved her pacifier back into her mouth.

“You lost, keep it in their twenty minutes and we call it good,” I tell her.

Her face was a mixture of anger, sadness and disgust and a single tear in her eye. I grab her shoulder and pull her closer to me for a hug as we look at the fire and watch Bab’s heavily stained pants burn.

Alexander March
Stats- lv6
HP-67 (+4)
Attack-28 (+3)
Defence-25 (+5)
Speed-32 (+2)
Regen-7 (+1)

Skills-hunter eyes.
Weapons-sword (D) (ability: groth)

partner-Bab Ados
Stats- lv15
HP-44 (+10)
Defence-8 (+10)
Speed-7 (+5)
Regen-9 (+3)

Skills-potion maker

Money ----
gold  3) 
silver  79)
bronze  40)
copper   0)

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chapter 6


Bab was a lot more tolerable after that day, Still mad about the slime thou.

It's been about 2 days since then and we have finally made it to Pa’a. a big castle on a hill surrounded by a city. A large wall surrounds the city with only 2  gates in and out.

Bab was beyond embarrassed about going in town wearing my jacket as a skirt since she already ruined her own pants herself. But no one seemed to notice as we found a store and bought her a regular skirt.

Bab real wanted pants but after a minute of arguing I won out and we got the cheap knee length skirt.

Before we get anything else I wanted to take a look around town and get a feel of what it was like. For starters, what was the better Inn to stay at that's affordable and comfortable? Next, a few shops to check prices and see where I might find good deals. Thread a place to sell my items for more money, forth fins a taler to get Bab at least one outfit to give her a little more protection than just the magic items and to make me something useful for later.

After a few hours, we found a decent inn. It was 50 bronze a night but it was the best we could find. Bab and I decided to rest here for the rest of the day after 6 days of walking. The only time I left was to get food while Bab stayed in the room.

Dinner was 5 bronze but it smelled fantastic. BBQ ribs and smoked veggies. I couldn't wait to dig in! 

The moment I got back to the inn I noticed something on their wall. It looked like a bulletin board with jobs lined up everywhere. 

After taking a look I realized they were all types jobs, and all of them sorted to best reach their target.

The fighter was normally asked to protect something. Such as farms from beasts, or to help join the royal watch on the wall.

Bow, normally were asked to join the wall or join hunters to find specific monsters.

The mage was asked to make potions for sickness. (sadly Bab can't-do that)

Roge was asked to get stolen objects back

Tamers were asked a little of everything, except for potions.

Hunters were asked to hunt specific creatures and items.

And lastly, there were a few odd jobs that didn't really belong to anyone.

After looking at a few and asking people how they worked I grabbed 4 jobs and brought them with me back to the room.

“What's that?” Bab asked as I showed her the jobs I grabbed. She was doing her best to eat the rib by herself and was doing a really good job. Luckily she was above a plate so when she did drop it wasn't a waste.

“I grabbed a few jobs for us to do to make money,” I told her

“Whatcha got?” she asked.

“This one is tracking a pack of dogs that have been attacking the guards at night, 10 silver. find a black fang from a dog, I thought that might go well with the pack, 5 silver. And locate a silver bee’s nest close to the gate, do not kill!. 7 silver.” I tell her.

“What about that one?” Bab asked noticing the fourth job.

“This one is for you,” I tell her as I hold it up to read.

“Ow fuck no!” she yelled. “There is no way in hell I'm doing that!” 

“But it's perfect for you, and look at the reword,” I tell her.

“No fucking way!” she yelled.


“Why are you trying to kill me?” Bab asked as we walked through town to where her job was the next morning.

“Stop exaggerating. The job is great for what we need and we were already going to come here anyway,” I tell her

“Why!” she asked

“Because those magic items you wave won't help you forever. You need something else for when we might be at risk.” I tell her as we enter the taller shop.

“Aw hello, you two. How may I help you” the women behind the counter asked?

“A few things actually, I was wondering if this job was still open?” I asked and handed her the flyer.

The flyer asked for a girl between the ages of 9-12 to be used as models for new outfits. The reward is their pick of any outfit per 5 they try on. 

“Aw yes it is, is she the one?” the woman asked and looked at Bab who was still pouting.

“Yes, she is,” I tell the women.

“Great, we haven't gotten many 10-year-olds.” the women said.

“I'm not 10!” Bab shouted getting really pissed.

“Oh my, what was that?” the women asked.

“Sorry, for some reason she can't talk normal, thanks to our bond I can translate for you if need be,” I tell the women. “And right now she's just a little mad.”

“Is she an early bloomer?” the women asked.

“I don't know what you mean but I don't think so. No, it's something else. By any chance is there anyone else in the store?” I asked.

“Why?” the women asked and gave me a strange look.

I looked at bab then back at the women and whispered in her ear about Bab's condition.

“Ow, I'm so sorry dear. Hold on just one sec.” she said as she got up from behind the desk.

She was an older woman and a little on the bigger side but from the way she acted she seemed like she had a good heart as she turned her open sign to closed.

“Come this way dears,” she told us and led us into the back room. 

The room was cluttered with clothes all over the place. In the center of the room was a small platform. And behind it was a curtain to change.

“Ok so I'll have you go up on the platform for some measurements.” the women told Bab who stepped up. The women then took a tape measure and started her measurements. “So what brings you two into town?” 

“We're looking for a way to send me home,” I tell her.

I then proceeded to tell the women our story, as she sends bab behind the curtain to change.

“That quite the tail,” she said.

“Um, can I get something else?” Bab asked from behind the curtain.

“What's that dear?” 

“She wants something different.” I translate.

“This is part of the job dear, I just need to see what it looks like so I can make adjustments,” she told bab.

There was a moment of silence before Bab finally came out. She wore a long sleeve light blue t-shirt with a skirt that was above her knees and she was having a problem with that.

The women just praised how cute she looked and helped her to the platform. Here Bab was looked all over to check out the design. Anytime she saw a flaw she tried to fix it. 

“That's weird. It seems the back fills out a little more than I thought.” the women said as she then lifted Babs skirt. “Ow, my.”

Babs' face was in just shock, as it got red again. Yet another person found out her secret.

“That's what shes so embarrassed about,” I told the women. “That's why I asked for the job to be private. I'm hoping this won't be a problem”

“Ow no problem at all dears, in fact, this is a great opportunity!” the woman said excitedly.

“What?” Bab asked.

“What do you mean?” I asked 

“She is something special, someone, that need special clothing. This is a great way to gain a new experience!” the women said as she happily fixed the skirt a bit. “I'm so happy your daddy brought you to see me.”

For a second Bab and I didn't really process what she said then at the same time we started to tell her she was wrong.

“She’s not my daughter! She’s just someone I have to travel with ma’am.!” I try to tell her and she just laughed at us.

“First please call me Fran, and wasn't it you who said you adopted her?” Fran asked as she pushed Bab back behind the curtain and gave her a new outfit.

“Yes but that's only because she was in an orphanage and because of the bond I needed to take her with me,” I told Fran.

“So you don't take care of her?” she asked me already knowing what I would say.

“Yes I take care of her, but I see her more like a sister than anything,” I explain.

“I need some help” bab said behind the curtain.

“What she say?” 

“She needs help, her hands are messed up so if you gave her anything with buttons or zippers that might be the problem.

“I see.” Fran then giggled to herself before going behind the curtain and helping Bab into the next outfit.

Bab soon found herself enjoying the experience. A lot of the clothes she wore she would never wear at any other time but here, in a locked room and away from everyone else. She could feel a little normal. 

One outfit had a very short skirt that the bottom of her diaper even poked out of. I even joked that Fran should use that for the adventure outfit. Bab just gave me the bird.

After 3 hours we were finally done. Most Bab didn't like but she did try on a few that she really did like.

“Because of your little problem, I would like you to come back tomorrow for the outfits. I want to make a few adjustments,” Fran told us and we agreed. “Also one last thing, the outfit you asked for will be ready by then as well.

“Thank you.” we both told her 


The rest of the day was just as good. After lunch, we went hunting for the bee’s nest. It took a long while but thanks to Noah’s notes we were able to locate a nest. Silver bee’s honey produced an effect that acts similar to coffee and the bee’s only make the honey in the wild.

After turning in that job we went to the gate entrance and waited for the dogs to attack. The moment they did we fought them until they tried to run off. Thanks to the hunter's skills I was able to track them. Bab and I soon finished them off and even got the black tooth.

With that done we finally went back to the inn to relax and have dinner.

“That was fun,” I tell Bab as I feed her.

“Ya, I was terrified at first about the clothes.” bab told me.

“Ya, but you really started enjoying yourself there. And don't lie, I saw the smile you had trying on the clothes.” I tell her and she gave a slight blush.

“Fine yes I liked it. I liked feeling normal for once,” she said as she took a bite out of the spoon I was holding for her.

“So what do you say?” I asked her. She just gave me a puzzled look. “I found the job, and you enjoyed it.”

“Ok thank you, daddy,” Bab said sarcastically and we both started laughing.

“Ya, no I still think of you as a sister,” I tell her when we both stopped laughing.

“I've been meaning to ask, what's your family like?” bab asked me.

“I'm an only child. Dad left while I was a kid so it was mostly me and my mom.” I tell her.

“That sucks,” Bab replied.

“Not really, yes there were hard times but we got through them. Mom started dating and one of her boyfriends had a daughter how I treated like a sister.” I explain before laying back on the bed. “Sadly they broke up and I haven't seen her since.”

Bab doesn't say a word after hearing that.

“Hey Bab, what about you?” I asked.

“I don't want to talk about it,” she told me not even bothering to look at me.

“Hey, I want you to know I'll be here when you're ready to talk,” I tell her as I reached over and gave her hand a slight squeeze.

She didn't say anything to me. Just got up, pulled her skirt down and crawled into the sleeping bag to go to sleep.

“Good night,” I tell her.


The next day we meet back up with Fran who already had the shop closed for us. 

“You're going to like this,” she said as she pulled out 7 different outfits. 5 casual, 1 for bed, and the last was for when we adventure.

The casual outfits were a mixture of long skirts, pants, shirts, a long dress, socks, and a few hair accessories. Next was the sleepwear, a big pink onesie with a weird looking black design over it and a flap on the butt.

“You will look so cute in these, and the onesie will keep you nice and warm at night!” Fran told Bab with excitement.

I was quite amazed at how everything looked. And everything was designed with Bab’s diaper in mind, easily concealing it.

Fran then took Bab into the back room and asked me to wait and see what the adventure outfit looked like. I could hear a bit of a struggle behind the curtain and was really hoping this worked out.

“Introducing the latest in young teen adventure fashion BAB!” Fran announced before pulling the curtain away and having Bab walk onto the platform.

At first glance, it just looked like jeans a t-shirt with a jacket and some boots.

But upon looking a bit closer you notice the extra padding in the pants and jacket for extra protection. The boots looked like regular hiking boots and would work great for the amount of walking we’ll have to do. The t-shirt, on the other hand, looked a like a regular shirt. Except there was something different with this one…

“Are you wearing a padded bra?” I asked.

It here I learned something, her magick might not hurt me, but a boot to the nuts will drop me to my knees easily.

“The outfit has been well equipped with defensive buffs just like you asked. And yes that is a bra and it has special magic items to help with the defenses,” Fran told me.

“That's…...good…..” I chook out.

After a few minutes, I was finally able to stand back up and proceeded to get out my money.

“I'm sorry if this isn't enough but if we could I would like to pay the outfit off in payments if that's alright with you,” I tell Fran and pulled out the gold coins.

“Wait, this outfit cost more than 4 gold!” Bab asked stunned. But yes. Its lined with magic. Her defense will jump up a lot.

“Ow put that away, I have a different payment in mind,” Fran told us and looked at Bab. “come back here and model for me again a few more times and we'll call it even.”

“Wait but the outfit was custom made, and has a magic in it. That's wort nearly 10 gold.” I exclaim, 

“Yes, 8 gold to be precise, but let me tell you both something. You gave me a challenge yesterday. In comes a girl who has to try and hide a diaper under her clothes when none are made for that. When you get as good at your job as I am then you start to look forward to jobs like that.” Fran told us.

And so we made a deal. Bab would come in and model for Fran whenever she could while we were staying here.

With Bab new outfit we were now one step closer to our goal. And I no longer had to worry so much about her getting hurt out there.

Alexander March
Stats- lv7
HP-69 (+4)
Attack-29 (+3)
Defence-26 (+5)
Speed-33 (+2)
Regen-7 (+1)

Skills-hunter eyes.
Weapons-sword (D) (ability: growth)

partner-Bab Ados
Stats- lv16
HP-45 (+20)
Defence-8 (+40)
Speed-7 (+9)
Regen-9 (+3)

Skills-potion maker

Money ----
gold  4) 
silver  0)
bronze  80)
copper   0)

“Ow and Alex, I'm not yet finished with that special order yet but I will have it for you soon” Fran whispered in my ear while Bab was getting changed.

“Thank you, that one will be a great help,” I tell her.

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Chapter 7

Bab absolutely loves her new outfits. Hell, she even started to get involved in fighting monsters with me on jobs just to test out how strong her defenses are.

“These clothes are amazing,” Bab told me as we made our way back to the city.

“I bet. Youll have to thank Fran for them later,” I told her.

“Ow, I am. So what are we doing for the rest of the day?” Bab asked me.

“Well, I've checked our supplies and theirs a few things I want to check out,” I tell her.

“great, shopping,” Bab said sarcastically.

“What's wrong with shopping? I thought girls liked shopping?” I replied.

“Ya but those girls also have money to shop, this is just supply shopping,” Bab told me and I stopped right there.

“You know what, you're right,” I tell to Bab, as I reach my hand into the storage and pull out our money bag. “You've been working hard as well so you deserve to get yourself something.”

I pull out 20 silver coins and give them to Bab who just stared at them in disbelief.

“I know it might not be as much as you deserve but we still need to save as much as possible. But that should be enough for you to get whatever you like,” I tell her. 

“Thak you!” Bab yelled at me and gave me a hug.

Once we got into town Bab and I split up under the rules that we would meet up in front of a special building when the bracelets start to burn us. This gave us plenty of time to look around. 

First thing I started looking for was food. While we do eat at the inn a lot it's always good to have a backup just in case. 

Next was something for Bab. during our trip here all she has was a blanket and pillow that she brought with her. So I decided to look into some mats and a warmer blanket. These, however, I'll wait to get until we're about to leave. I might find a better deal than what they have here.

Once I was done with this store I meet Bab outside to reset our bracelets and went into another store.

This one was to look at different armors and see what I can upgrade. At the moment I think I'm good on everything but I think I might get an accessory for more defense for myself later. 

Next, I looked into other weapons. This time not for me. I know Bab can't hold any weapons but there might be something she could use. but sadly there wasn't.

When I left the store I looked around for Bab for a moment and seen her throw something away before she noticing me and came running towards me.

“How was shopping?” I asked her.

“Great! I got 3 books and a bag of treats.” Bab told me as she reached into storage and pulled out a bag of hard candy before putting it back. “I also got you something.”

She surprised me as she then pulled out a little necklace. It was just a simple red crystal tied to a string. But it was still a great present.

“It doesn't do anything but I thought you might like it,” she told me.

“I love it,” I tell her as I put it on.

This, however, wasn't the end of Bab being nice, she also had us go out to dinner where she paid for it! This I was very stunned by. She ended up ordering a lot of food and was just having a lot of fun having her own money to spend.

“Remind me to teach you about overspending,” I tell her as we were eating.

“I already know, but it's my money, I should spend it how I want,” she told me.

I could only laugh and remind myself she is still young. Might as well let her have her fun while she still can.


“I'm so full,” Bab told me when we got back to the inn.

“Same,” I replied as I plop down on my sleeping bag and close my eyes.

“Thank you for today Alex.” bab told me as she undressed and pulled out her onesie.

“I think that's my line, you're the one who treated us.” I remind her.

“Ya but you gave me the money, so thank you,” she repeated.

“you…(yawn)...deserve it,” I tell her before I fall asleep on top of my sleeping bag.

Bab just looked down at me and smiled. Even pulling out her own blanket and throwing it on top of me before whispering goodnight and blowing out a candle before crawling into bed. Happy for what tomorrow will bring.


I could only give a slight giggle when I woke up this morning to find Babs blanket on me. Bab still sounds asleep sucking on her pacifier in her onesie. If she was a little smaller she could be confused for a toddler. But there was something I found odd, the room didn't smell. 

“Bab, it's time to wake up,” I whispered to her and gave her a little shook.

She opened her eyes a bit and groaned before turning over and groning. She really was not a morning person. With her back towards me, I noticed the onesie's butt flap open and decided to check something.

I slipped my finger into the back of her diaper and checked to see how bad it was. Bab just spun around and slapped my hand when I did. her cheeks slightly flushed.

“Just checking if you had a messy diaper,” I told her.

“I don't have accidents every night!” she told me and while it was somewhat true, out of all the times I've checked her in the morning her diaper has only been clean twice in the morning. even when that did happen she always made a mess shortly after she woke up. Guess this is just one of those days.

“You're right, you're right. I'm sorry.” I tell her as I get up and stretched.

I decide not to bother changing her yet until after breakfast as to not waste a diaper. But even after a quick breakfast, however, she still hadn't gone.

“Are you starting to control it now?” I asked her as I untaped the diaper. 

“I think I am!” Bab told me excitedly.

“Well if that's the case, go use the toilet real fast before I tape on a new one,” I tell her hoping that maybe I won't have to change any more diapers, or at least not messy ones.

Bab happily jumped off the bed and ran her half-naked butt into the bathroom and shut the door.

As I waited for her I began to look at our supplies and checking what we had when I noticed the sound of a flush and Bab walking out.

“You clean yourself?” I asked.

“No, I just peed a little. I don't need to go yet,” she told me.

Something seemed off but I decided it was nothing and taped on a new diaper onto Bab.

The rest of the day was just like normal. We checked out a new job, went out of the city for the job. Had lunch and a diaper change. (still no mess?) When we got back to town we went to Fran’s and Bab tried on two new outfits for Fran before we looked around town and had dinner.

“Are you ok?” I asked Bab at dinner noticing she didn't eat much.

“Ya, I'm fine. Just a slight stomach ache,” she told me with a slight smile.

“Are you positive? You seem a little sick.” I tell her as I place my hand on her forehead to feel if it's worm but she smacked it away.

“I'm fine Alex!” she tells me with a slightly stern voice as she got mad at me.

so I left it as is. If she’s fine then she’s fine. Nothing I can really do about it.

The next day, however, I was getting a little worried. She still hadn't gone yet. But still insisted that she was fine. All day, saying she was fine. That night, however, she was anything but fine as she constantly had stomach cramps all night long.

When I woke up in the morning I could here Bab awake and in the bathroom mumbling to herself. she had stayed up all night from stomach cramps.

“Bab, this is enough. There's something wrong.” I tell her as I open the door to see Bab on the toilet holding her stomach while her face was pouring with sweat. She didn't bother to yell at me for coming in. she just looked at me with pleading eyes to make the pain in her stomach go away.

“Please Bab, tell me whats wrong,” I asked her as I knelt down beside her and rubbed her back for a moment.

“I….i don't know! I used….(stomach cramp)...some medicine. But it's not working…..right.” she told me.

“Wait, what medicine?” I asked.

“The...potion shop,” she told me and clenched her teeth.

I immediately ran to Bab’s backpack and grabbed out a random outfit and helped Bab get dressed before noticing she could barely walk with the pain. so I picked her up and carried her in my arms.

I had no clue what to do. I still didn't know where a hospital was in the city. Bab was in pain from something and I was terrified of not knowing what to do. So I took her to the only person I knew that could help us.

I cradled Bab in my arms as I ran through town. Bab's skirt flashing the diaper she had to anyone at the right angle. I continued to run until I rushed into Frans taller shop.

Fran was already with a customer and was about to ask us to wait outside until she saw the sick Bab in my arms. Without any hesitation, she asked the women she was with to hold on a minute as she leads me to a door leading to Fran's house connected to the taller shop.

The place wasn't that big but Fran lead us into a guest room where I placed Bab down and quickly explained whats wrong.

“She sounds constipated to me,” Fran told me. It would make sense but it's been two days.

“She said she took some type of medicine. Do you know of any that would do this?” I asked Fran

“Not a clew,” she told me and my heart sank. 

“Then what am I to do? She is in pain and I can't help,” I ask Fran.

“Why not try going to the potion shop, maybe they might know what she took and how to help,” Fran told me. 

Without thinking I rushed out of Fran's house and into the street. I ran all over two just trying to find the potion place. When I did finally find it I rushed in.

An older man greeted me at the counter but I just rushed over and grabbed him by his collar and looked him dead in the eyes.

“Two days ago a 10-year-old came in here and bought something. what was it!” I yelled no longer thinking state.

“I, I, I don't know!” the man stammered. I then pulled him over the counter and threw him on the floor.

“Bab is in serious pain right now after drinking something from your store!” I yelled at him before I reaching into my storage and pulling out my sword. “If you don't tell me what you gave her I swear to your gods I will kill you!”

“STOP!” a teenage girl screamed.

I look over and for the first time, I noticed a girl about 15. How long had she been there?

“Margret stay back!” the man yelled.

“I don't want her all I want is to know what you gave a little girl two days ago that made her very sick!” I yelled at the man.

“He didn't, I did!” Margaret yelled and my attention turned straight to her.

I pushed the man to the ground as I got up and walked over to the girl, the man yelling at me to not hurt her but I paid him no mind.

“What did you give her?” I ask her through my clenched teeth. 

“I..it's a...potty training medicine. I..it’s sup...supposed to help toddlers control themselves,” she told me.

I just stared at the girl. Fear rushing through her until I took a step back. I then placed my sword into storage and took 3 deep breaths.

“Explain,” I commanded the father and daughter.

It's a weird type of medicine to help kids learn how to use the potty. By taking it the child will hold it in and use the toilet more often. It's meant as a last resort type of thing and you're supposed to only use a small amount in water for a short effect. 

When Bab came in here the other day Margaret was watching the shop for her father. When Bab came in she immediately went to the medicine and bought it. Margaret thought she was just some kid doing an errand for her parents and getting it for a younger sibling or something.

Not only did Bab grab a special long lasting one. But she also drank the 2 oz bottle state without diluting it first! 

After a quick apology from all sides, the shop owner was kind enough to give me something to help Bab. Telling me how it works and even saying that if it was his kid, he would have done the same thing I did.

When I got back to Frans I quickly explained what had happened and had to ask Fran to do something for Bab. something that I personally don't want to cross.

We both walk into the guest room where Bab was laying, still in pain from the cramps she was having.

“Bab. I got you something,” I tell her as I crouch down right beside the bed. “But it might be a little uncomfortable.”

“any…..thing. Please…..stop the pain,” she told me with clenched teeth.

So Fran and I got to work. First, we took off Bab’s diaper and placed a towel on the bed. Then we had bab get on all fours on top of the bed with her butt facing Fran.

“Frans going to give you the medicine, Just take my hand,” I tell her as I stayed right beside Bab. she didn't understand why I had her take my hand or why I suddenly had her pacifier be put into her mouth. 

“This will help you, dear,” Fran told her as she put on a glove and rubbed a special lotion onto Babs butt. 

Bab had another cramp right then as squeezed my hand for a moment until it passed.

“Ok, here comes the medicine,” I tell Bab as she looked at me for a moment before clenching as hard as she could on my hand and screamed into the pacifier as Fren shoved a little pill as far as Frans middle finger could reach into Bab’s butthole.

“That was a very strong laxative. It should help counter constipation you have,” I tell her and turn her back over.

here Bab was re diapered by Fran, however, Fran cut open one of the diapers and placed the second one over that one for leaks. 

Bab didn't bother asking for the bathroom. she knew that she wouldn't be able to stand, let alone walk to the bathroom in time.

so in front of Fran and I, Bab began to fill the double layer diaper. we watched as it soon expanded as nearly two days worth of poop filled the diaper.

"do you feel better?" I asked her and she nodded. "ok then. in a few minutes, Fran will help get you clean.

Bab had to walk a little funny as she wasn't used to such a thick diaper, let alone one so full.  she followed Fran into the bathroom were Fran preceded to clean as much of the mess from the diaper as she could before having Bab get into the tup to was the rest off.

when she was clean Fran put her into another diaper and got her dressed again before telling her I wanted to see her in the guest room.

When Bab came into the room she saw me sitting on the edge of the staring at the wall.

“Alex, thank you for getting…” Bab started.

“Shut up,” I tell her. “I'm done.”

“What do you mean?” Babs asked as she took a step closer to me. “Alex I'm really sorry for what I did but....”

“No your not,” I tell interrupted her again. “I told you already. The only thing I wanted from you was a little respect, and you still don't show it.”

“But I do respect you,” Bab answered.

“Really? Because I don't think it respectful to lie to my face multiple times,” I tell her as I finally look at her. “You nearly poisoned yourself and continually lied to my face that you were fine.”

I then got up off the bed.

“Over and over and OVER YOU LIED TO ME!” I screamed as I walked towards Bab. every step I took she took one back until she was up against a wall with me right in her face. “YOU SCARED ME TO DEATH!”

“I'm sorry!” Bab started to cry, her legs became weak and she nearly falls to the floor but I grabbed her arm and forced her to stand up.

“I THOUGHT YOU WERE GOING TO DIE! ALL BECAUSE YOU WANTED TO TRY A MEDICINE YOU DIDN'T UNDERSTAND!” I yelled in her face. that's when I noticed the silent hissing sound coming from her and the front of her diaper started turning yellow. so I let her go and let her slump to the floor. “So I'm done. I'm taking you back to the orphanage.”

With that, I walked out of the room and slam the door shut behind me.

I decided I needed to cool off a bit and took a walk outside, hoping the cooler air would clear my head. After walking around for about an hour and a half I finally took a seat on a park bench.  The anger and frustration still in my head.

“Mind if I take a seat?” Fran asked me about 20 minutes later.

“Ya go ahead.” I gestured to the spot next to me and the women sat down.

“You want to talk about what happen?” she asked me.

“I'm sorry for yelling and slamming a door in your house.” I apologized.

“After what happened I think you have a right too,” Fran told me. “But are you serious about taking her back?”

“Sadly yes,” I tell her.

“I think that might be taking it a bit too far Alex, I know she did something beyond stupid but you shouldn't punish a child like that,” Fran told me.

“Punish? Fran this isn't a punishment. This is me finally realizing I'm way in over my head.” I tell her.

“What do you mean?” Fran asked.

“I'm 22 and not only was I brought here magically but I also wound up taking care of a small handicapped child. I tried my hardest to look after her, to make sure we both were taken care of. But this incident made me finally realize I have no idea what I'm doing.” I tell Fran

"you seemed to be fine to me," she told me. 

“When I woke up this morning and saw Bab sick the first thing on my mind was me screaming ‘what do I do?’ over and over again. I want to be mad at Bab for lying to me, but I hate myself more for even putting her in that situation. If I was just watching her like I should have then maybe this wouldn't have happened. I'm not sending her back to punish her I'm taking her back to someone I know can take care of her. because I don't think I can now” 

“Alex you can't be this hard on yourself. It was a mistake yes but that's all it was. I've seen how much you care for her.” Fran told me.

“You're right, I see her as a sister. it's because I care that I don't want my irresponsibility to be the thing that one day kills her. She needs someone better than me,” I told Fran.

"Alex. I think you are putting way too much stress on yourself. you are doing a fantastic job. she doesn't need anyone else but you to be there for her." Fran tells me as she gives me a pat on the back and leaves. 

As she is leaving she takes a look over to see Bab sitting behind a tree listening to the whole conversation they were having before running off back to Frans house.

Alexander March
Stats- lv9
HP-72 (+4)
Attack-30 (+3)
Defence-27 (+5)
Speed-37 (+2)
Regen-7 (+1)

Skills-hunter eyes.
Weapons-sword (D) (ability: groth)

partner-Bab Ados
Stats- lv17
HP-47 (+20)
Defence-8 (+40)
Speed-7 (+9)
Regen-9 (+3)

Skills-potion maker

Money ----
gold  4) 
silver  36)
bronze  67)
copper   34)

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CH 8

Bab and I really haven't spoken much since then. I looked into any possible solutions to the curse but sadly we couldn't use any of them without going further north. So I had to accept it that I couldn't get rid of it for a while. Maybe when Bab gets older we'll try to remove the cures then.

We are currently still in Pa’s only because we still have a debt to Fran. once that's paid I'm taking Bab back and we'll stay in the village where it's safer and there are other people that can help me.

I've become so paranoid about her safety that I don't bother taking her with me on jobs anymore. I take Bab to Frans who made her into an assistant while I go on the jobs. I also make sure I'm always back within 4 hours.

“Alex I know you're scared of having Bab hurt but that curse is hurting her more,” Fran told me when I got back for a job.

“It's for her own safety,” I tell Fran who just gave me a weird look.

“Look I love that girl, and I love the extra help but this fighting between you two has to stop,” Fran told me.

“We're not fighting,” I tell her and had her release my arm.

“Right, you just don't bother talking to each other anymore, it's no different,” Fran told me. 

Sadly she was right, it is no different but I don't know anything to say to her know. What can I say to her thou? After what happen what can I say to her?

“Look why don't we make a deal.” fan told me as she took a seat behind her counter. “As you've probably seen there's a festival coming up right?”

Fran was talking about the posters up all over the place. But because I've been busy I haven't paid much attention to them.

“I've seen the posters but I don't know much about it,” I told Fran.

So she explained it to me. When Pa’s was made it was placed right on top of a special monsters migration route. The Pylons are a monster that looks like a type of Gripin without wings or eyes and follows a strict migration route. Every 3 years they come running into the city from the south gate and exit the east. No one knows why they do this and every attempt at stopping them has lead to failure. 

Then the kingdom had an idea. Instead of stopping them, why not make a path for them? Now every year walls of ice and earth are made to make a path in the city for the Pylons to run thru. Now it has become a festival held every 3 years.

“Ok, so what does that have to do with me?” I asked.

“I want you and Bab to sign up for ‘Guard Duty’,” Fran told me.

While the walls help lead the pylons they are still whiled monsters who on occasion have jumped over the walls. Under normal circumstances, the royal guard would be able to defend the citizens on this day they will be stretched thin and placed in places where they would be of more use. So the royal guard asks advertisers to help fill in any gaps and help civilians should any Pylons break thru.

“If you take the job and take Bab with you then we can call your debt to me over,” Fran told me.

“But what do you get out of this?” I asked very curiously. 

“Nothing. But if you're so set on taking Bab home then make this the last adventure she will get for a while,” Fran told me.

“But this could be dangerous! I don't want her going through that!” I tell Fran with my voice rising a bit. I don't even know why I'm even getting mad about?

“Just as dangerous as the trip back to the village!” Fran yelled back.

We both stared at each other. Both mad over Bab who was in Fran’s house waiting for me. I didn't want to see Bab hurt. But the more I thought about it the more Fran was right. No matter what I do it will still be the same when we leave. Best to just do this job and leave as soon as possible.

“Ok Fran, you win. Bab and I will take the job.” I tell Fran.


Two days later Bab and I found ourselves in a large alleyway with 4 people in front of us. After picking up Bab from Frans the other day we signed up for the job. We were assigned a location to look after and we were to work with another team as well.

“Excuse me sir, but I must ask you take your child and find a better spot to watch the migration.” one of the 4 told me.

This guy was a member of the royal guard and was assigned to this position to make and keep up an earth wall.

“Were actually assigned here, were adventurers,” I told the guard and showed him our paperwork proving we were who we said we were.

“Wait you're really an adventurer?” a boy about 13 asked as he walked up to Bab before looking at me. “Why would you partner with some kid?”

“Danilo! Don't be so rude.” a woman scolded the boy.

“I'm sorry for that. He’s still young. My name is Enedina. Danilo is my son and Alan over there is his partner.” she told me and gestured to another guy sitting on a few boxes.

The 3 of them were far different than me and Bab. all three of them had top of the line gear by the look of it. Even the boy had specially made armor on.

Enedina then told me who they are. They are in part royalty, with Danilo being one of the late king’s son’s. The king had 3 sons with 3 different women. And with the king's passing over a year ago the 3 are trying to seize the throne. 

The oldest tried to take it for himself, believing because he was the oldest the fight belonged to him. However, the throne disagreed. The magic on the throne is special. When the ruler of the kingdom dies then a child of the ruler of the same gender will become the next ruler. However, if there is more than one then the three must either prove themselves worthy of the thrown or fight to the death for it. If there is no heir to the throne then it will be left vacant until it finds someone it finds worthy. If it doesn't then it will place a curse on them forcing them to leave the city and to never return. 

With the oldest prince baring this curse it was decided that the two younger brothers will fight for the thrown. They have one year to prepare to fight or somehow be deemed worthy of the thrown.

this choice was made just as the crystals summoned the new warriors and prince Danilo decided to have Alan form a bond. Should he become king he promised to use his resources to send Alan back home.

Enedina was once an Adventure when she was younger before she meat the king and had her son. She had planned on forming the bond with him to help make him stronger but he didn't want to be stuck with his mother at all times. But she does act like a guard for her son until he becomes king.

“Shouldn't you have guards with you or something?” I asked them. If the boy was royalty then they would always be protecting him.

“Normally yes but because today is a special day they were reassigned to protect the people,” Enedina explained. She then whispered into my ear. “This ally is special as it has never had a Pylon come thru here so we are still very safe. This is most likely we were placed here.”

Hearing that I felt a lot better. This means it was a lot easier to keep Bab safe.

“Hay want to go see when the Pylons will get here?” Danilo asked Bab who at first tried to scoot away from the boy.

“It's ok Bab, go play with him for a bit.” I smile down at her and she gave me a worried look that said she really didn't want to go. But the prince had already grabbed her hand and pulled her towards the wall to look out for the monsters.

“So I take it you're also from the outer world?” Alan asked me.

“Ya really wasn't expecting all of this,” I tell him and decided to tell them some of our adventures. But was stopped halfway thru when we heard Bab scream followed by a loud slap!

“You disgusting pervert!” Bab yelled followed by the boy's mother yelling her son's name and rushing over to him.

“How dare you hit a prince!” the women yelled at Bab not even hearing what Bab had said.

“Bab, what happened?” I asked her.

“That fucking pervert grabbed my chest!” she yelled very mad.

“What type of language is that?” Alan asked.

“She said your son grabbed her chest I told Enedina who was helping her son up. Is face bright red from the slap.

“LIES!” he yelled. “She just slapped me for no reason!”

“That girl needs to learn some respect,” Enedina said, her eyes like daggers staring at Bab.

“Bab wouldn't just hit someone without reason, did anyone see what happen?” I asked and none of the adults responded.

“Ok then, seeing as no one saw what happen let's just keep them separate,” Alan suggested as he got between the two groups.

“But she slapped me!” Dan yelled.

“So you're telling me that one slap from a little girl is enough to really hurt the next king?” Aron asked the boy clearly knowing how to manipulate the boy a bit.

So we stayed separated in the alley. The guard was on the earth wall he made keeping a lookout for the pylons while Bab and I leaned against one wall of the Alleyway and the outer 3 were on the other side.

There was tension in the air. The prince and his mother just stared angrily at us. While Bab stared angrily back.

“Why did this have to happen,” I whispered to myself.

“Just our luck I guess,” Bab replied to me.

That was probably the most she’s said to me all week.

“Are you ok?” I asked her. 

“As well as I'll ever be after being touched by a pervert,” Bab told me.

“I'm sorry about that,” I tell her.

“Not your fault. I just wish I fried his ass instead,” she replied. “And thanks for believing in me.”

“Bab when this is over….let's talk about what happened on that day,” I tell her, finally ready to actually talk and possibly apologize a bit.

“I'd like that,” Bab said to me as she flashed me a small smile.

“HERE THEY COME!” the guard yelled as he jumped off the wall and back on this side.

Immediately we all rushed to the wall to take a look.

The wall was about 8 feet tall but thanks to some crates and boxes we already stacked we were able to get a quick view of the monsters.

It looked like a wave of black was rushing into the city. The Pylons had long black feathers covering their bodies, the only part that wasn't black was the pale beak and claws they had. I couldn't even tell how many there were as they rushed towards us.

For a moment I was actually enjoying myself a bit as I watched the monsters. That is until the screaming started.

“DANILO!!!!” Enedina screamed as I looked over and saw that the boy had somehow jumped over the wall and was now holding a medium sized sword out and ready to take the Pylons on!

“Fuck!” Alan and I yelled and we both jumped onto the wall and rushed over to the boy.

But there was nothing we could do know. The pylons were too close and we had no choice but to try and fight them while trying to get the prince to safety.

“Grab the boy!” I yelled to Alan as I grabbed my sword and used it to slash at the first of the pylons that came rushing toward us. 

Alan did grab the boy and yanked him off his feet forcing him to drop his sword. Alan then tried to run back to the wall where he saw the guard jump down ready to help but was soon jumped on by a Pylon.

I didn't know what they were doing and at the moment I didn't care as I continued my slashing. Most of the pylons soon moved to one side to go around us but there were still plenty rushing at us.

Behind me, Alan set his open hand on fire and punched one of the pylons that came close to him but he was blocked off on all sides with nowhere to run. He only had one option, he dropped the boy.

“STAY DOWN!” Alan yelled as he lit his other hand on fire and began punching at anything that got too close.

“Whats going on!” I yelled to Alan behind me hoping he had gotten the boy to safety by know so that I could try to get back over the wall as well.

“There's just too many!” Alan yelled as he hit one away from him and the prince. Not noticing the prince trying to crawl to the wall.

I was in mid-attack when a pylon had finally pounced right on top of me and my sword went flying through the air as I was pinned down. The pylon screeching in my face, before it was blasted off.

I quickly looked over at the wall. Both Bab and Enedina were on top of it. Enedina using a whip to snap the neck of the pylon on the guard while Bab was the one who blasted the one off of me.

I gave her a big smile before I jumped back onto my feet and yelled out ‘FROST” blasting anything near me with ice magic as I quickly looked around for my sword. But I couldn't see it. 

Then we all heard the loud screech and looked at what was coming. This pylon was much bigger, even other pylons were keeping their distance from it. This one also had two bright red eyes and I could vividly tell this was a territory monster that Noah told us about.

I could see the monster's eyes target me as I was the closest to it.

“RUN!!!” I heard Bab yell but there were still too many pylons rushing by to do that. 

I tried desperately to think of something when something caught my eye. It was the boys shiny gold sword was lying just off to my right. With the boss monster getting very close know I had to jump for the sword.

The monster was nearly right on top of me as I grabbed the hilt of the sword. Immediately my arm felt like it was on fire as I gripped it tightly and slashed at the boss monster. the sword admitted a powerful slash attack that immediately drained me of all the manna I had. But that one attack was al that was needed to kill this boss monster.

That's also when I noticed that the arm holding the sword really was on fire and I immediately dropped the sword. I started to quickly try to put the flames out until my arm was soon encased in a water bubble.

“That sword is meant for those of the highest class such as paladins and royalty!” Enedina yelled at me from the wall using water magic to put out my flames.

“Thanks!” I yelled to her before I noticed Bab was no longer on the wall.

Frantically I searched around to find her and saw that she was standing over the cowering prince and blasting off Pylons to protect him.

Because of the weird effect of the boss monster, the pylons began to run around it, not even noticing that it was dead and creating a type of invisible wall. Protecting us and finally allowing us to run back to the wall.

Alan and I quickly hoisted everyone back over the wall before we helped each other over it.  The 5 of us all out of breath and exhausted. The Guards armor was completely torn apart but amazingly still alive. Alan and I were covered in scratches all over but nothing too serious. My burned arm was so far the worst. Then there's Enedina and the kids who also came out unhurt from all this.

“Hey, I think you dropped this,” Alan said to me as he reached into his storage and pulled out my sword. “It landed right next to me.”

“Thank you,” I tell him as I take the sword. Suddenly it began to glow brightly before changing shape. “What just happen!”

“That sword has growth!” the guard exclaimed as he came over to examine my sword. “Some weapons have special abilities and grow makes the weapon grow stronger with the wielder”

I just looked at my sword. Before it looked like any other sword. Now the hilt felt better in my hands, the blade grew a little longer, and in the center of the hilt was a small red gem.

“Congrats.” bab told me as she walked over and gave me a hug. 

I smiled down at her and embraced her as well.

“Thank you for having my back,” I tell Bab

“anytime.” she looked up to me with a smile on her face. “Just as long as you have mine!”

“Always.” I laughed and put my new sword away for the moment.

Finally, after everything that has happened. I feel like we are somewhat closer than we were before. And for the moment I didn't want to think about anything else.

Alexander March
Stats- lv12
HP-80 (+4)
Attack-39 (+3)
Defence-35 (+5)
Speed-46 (+2)
Regen-8 (+1)

Skills-hunter eyes. (new: beast vision)
Weapons- Yoake (C) (ability: growth)

partner-Bab Ados
Stats- lv20
HP-53 (+20)
Defence-11 (+40)
Speed-10 (+9)
Regen-11 (+3)

Skills-potion maker

Money ----
gold  4) 
silver  45)
bronze  37)
copper   28)

I then look over and see the Prince being checked over by his mother just glaring at Bab.

“Hay prince, what don't you say thank you to Bab for saving you?” I asked him.

Everyone looked at him. His jaw was clenched but he slowly walked over towards us. Until he was right in front of Bab.

“I never asked for your help,” he said. And in that quick moment of confusion, we all had he reached down, grabbed the sides of Bab’s pants and yanked them down…….

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ch 9


It felt like the world had gone still, all eyes on the little girl wearing a diaper with her pants around her ankles.

I watched and reacted as fast as I could to grab Bab’s know raising arm. 

“Bab stop!” I told her as I gripped her open hand into mine. 

She looked up at me with a face of pure rage. As if demanding I let her hand go so she could use one of her powerful lightning attacks to kill this brat.

“It's not worth it,” I tell her before crouching down and pulling her pants back up.

“Is she really wearing a diaper!” the prince laughed 

“Yes, she has a small problem that doesn't need you making it worse for her,” I tell the prince standing right behind me. “Come on Bab, let's go home.”

“Aw does the baby need to go home to get her diaper changed?” the boy said mockingly. “I'm amazed that a moron who can't use the toilet could ever be an adventure!”

“Boy, I would shut your mouth now if I were you. If it wasn't for me kneeling in front of you she would kill you,” I tell him and noticed that no one else was going to interfere with what was going on.

“Ya, I bet the smell of her dirty diaper could kill a dragon. Hey, maybe one day when your daddy here gets tired of taking care of you come find me. I'm sure my maids would just love taking care of a worthless bitch like you.” he told Bab. 

“Bab look at me,” I told her and we looked into each other's eyes, both now pissed. “Do not copy me.”

I swing my arm and body as fast as I could. Using the momentum of my body to give my swing more power, connecting the back of my fist to the 13-year-old prince’s face. The force strong enough to lift the boy off his feet and be sent flying backward. 

I immediately knew what I had just done was beyond stupid. So I quickly grabbed Bab and threw her over my shoulder and booked it out of the alleyway. The only sound we heard was a mother screaming.

“Where are we going!” bab yelled at me.

“We need to get out of the city fast!” I yelled back. “If royalty is anything like my world then if we're caught we're dead!”

“They're following us!” Bab told me and I gave a quick look back and sure enough, Alan and the guard were chasing us.

Bab then raised up her hand and tried to shoot lightning at them but because she was on my shoulder she missed.

“Bab no lightning! There are other people here!’ i yelled.

“Then what are we supposed to do about them!” bab asked as I took a sharp turn down another Alleyway.

This one had two groups fighting a Pylon in it but I paid them no mind as I ran past them and jumped onto a crate then over an ice wall. 

With just a little bit of luck, the pylons had thinned out know as this was the tail end of their group. (i have no idea what to call a group of pylons) with them so thinned out it's easy to run down the main street. I soon started to see some of the walls start to come down now that the pylons were gone.

“Where did she go?” some guy said as he suddenly walked right into the main street and right in front of me. I wound up hitting the guy and the three of us all crashed onto the ground hard. 

“Bab are you ok? I asked as I looked up. 

“No! I think I sprained my foot!” she yelled and was holding her foot in pain.

“That fucking hurt!” the guy I hit said as he slowly picked himself up. “Why were you running like that?”

Before I could answer I took a look back and seen that Alan and the guard were still chasing us. Alan was currently dealing with one of the last pylons that attacked him however and the guard was getting closer to us.

“Please I know we don't know each other but I'm begging you, please just grab her and take her to the main gate!” I asked the guy who just gave me a weird look. Here was someone who just ran into him begging him to take some kid to the main gate. The man then turned around and noticed the guard running towards us.

“I hope I don't regret this,” he said before he quickly grabbed bab.

“Alex!” she called to me as she was being taken away.

“I'll catch up soon!” I yell to her before turning to the gurn who was now very close so I pulled out my sword.

“You are under arrest for assaulting a member of the royal family,” he told me before taking out his own sword. “Now drop your weapon and come quietly or well have a problem.”

“You know for a fact that brat deserved that punch,” I told the guard.

“That I know. But it still is an assault on a prince. I must take you in.” he told me.

“I know, you're just doing your job and I respect that. So no hard feelings if I tell you I won't come in without a fight?” I asked.

He smiled at me before he charged at me with his sword and began his attack. His speed and strength were easily greater than my own. I guess being in a higher class with more experience really shows. If it wasn't for that pylon jumping on him then he would have easily held his ground much better than I did.

I was only just barely able to dodge his swings or use my sword to block them. I was strictly on defense just trying to think of any way to stop him. Currently, my mana was very low since that sword drained it all but it has been about ten minutes and I should have enough for at least one attack.

When I finally thought of something I went on the attack and slashed down onto the guard who easily blocked it. That's when I looked behind him.

“Pylone!” I yelled and backed off slightly. The guard quickly turned to see my bluff before turning back to see my hand in his face “FROST!”

He was temporarily blind in that moment and I took my chance to smash the but of my sword into his face, knocking him out. And possibly giving him a concussion?

“Guess it's my turn,” Alan said as he walked over to me.

Both of us were exhausted. And I could see his arm was cut by the pylon he was fighting earlier.

“Come on, even you?” I asked. Alan was a lot like me and should at least see I was in the right.

“Sorry, I might have a way home with him. Even if I wish I could punch him too.”Alan told me.

“So no hard feelings no matter who wins?” I asked and raised my sword.

“That's fine,” he told me and his hands caught fire again.

“Ok, one sec, why do you keep fighting with just your hands?” I asked very curiously.

“I'm a skilled fighter, it's part of the fighter class. They don't use weapons and all the stats they get, go to attack and speed. I used my fire magic to give my fists more damage. I'm only using this class until I get the special skill I want” he explained to me.

“Ok then.” I shoved my sword back into storage and lifted my fists ready to fight. “I won't use a weapon on an unarmed opponent.”

Alan laughed before stopping his fire magic and making the battle even. We just stared at each other for a moment before Alan finally charged at me. I Then I broke one of man's secret rules. I kicked Alan in the nuts.

“Sorry! You can get me back for that later!” I yelled at him as I started running again. I really had no time to waist and while that was a cheap move it was literally the only thing I could do to end the fight right then.

It wasn't long before I finally caught up with Bab and the other guy already waiting for me at the gate. The other royal guards still busy with other things at the moment.

“Alex!” bab cried happily as she seen me coming. She was leaning against the gate trying to stay off her hurt foot until it healed.

“Thank you for watching her,” I tell the guy between pants and I tried to catch my breath.

“Why were they chasing you?” the guy asked.

“I hit royalty for being an ass,” I told him the most simple version.

“Well if that's the case you might want to leave know. It won't be long before more people start to come looking for you.” the guy told us. Bab and I couldn't agree more.

“If we ever meet again we owe you one,” I tell the guy and held out my hand. “Mister?”

“Blake,” he said and shook my hand.

“Alex” I replied before picking Bab up and ran into the woods to try and get a head start.


About twenty minutes later and I was already exhausted and I had to put Bab down.

“Are you ok?” Bab asked me before reaching into storage and pulling out a bottle of water for me.

“Just exhausted,” I tell her before chugging the entire bottle of water. “We can't rest long thou. How's your foot?” 

“It still hurts but I think I could still run if I had too,” she told me.

“No it's bad to stay on a hurt foot like that, it could wind up getting worse,” I tell her before I finally remembered something and smacked my face.

“Whats wrong?” bab asked, surprised that I would hit myself.

“I completely forgot something.  I wanted this to be a surprise for later but know is as good as any to show you.” I tell bab and reach into storage and pull out the thing Fran made me in secret a while ago.

It was a baby carrier specially made to fit Bab. (if you don't know what they look like a link on the bottom will show you.)

“What is that?” Bab asked in disbelief.

“Look don't get mad. Your slow and need to stop and rest a lot. I had Fran make this so that I could carry you when we travel to make it easy for us both.” I tell her “it's not to make fun of you at all, I sware.”

It was the truth. If it wasn't for Babs constant stops we would have been in Pa’s a lot sooner. With this carrier, it should make traveling a lot easier.

Bab was very hesitant about it at first but eventually agreed to at least try it. She was soon strapped in and was on my back with ease. Thankfully she felt like I was carrying my pack and made running a lot easier.

To be honest I had no idea where we were or really what to do. We were still running nearly an hour later. No longer in the forest but surrounded by a mountain terrane.  We knew we were still,  as we were attacked by long-range magic that only just barely missed us. Which means we are just barely staying ahead of them but with my exhaustion, I knew we wouldn't be able to go on much longer.

“Alex, I think I have an idea,” she told me 

“What's that?” I asked.

“Let me use a special attack I have. It won't hurt anyone but it should make it so we can rest a moment,” she told me.

With no other option I stopped and unstrapped Bab and she stood up ready to fight. Her foot no longer in pain. I then began to look around. 

Currently, we were hiking up a cliff which made it very hard to run. But at least we had the huge ground to fight off anyone who would try to fight us.

Sure enough within a few minutes, we saw more royal guards show up ready to fight and take us in.

“You are under arrest for…” one of the guards yelled at us but I finished.

“For smacking a royal brat and possibly knocking out one of the guards!” I yelled down to them. Before grabbing my sword and getting in front of Bab.

Bab folded her finger together and began chanting something I couldn't here. 

“Come on you fuck heads bring it!” I yell and suddenly they all started running towards us.

“Pulse!” Bab screamed as a wave of energy was emitted all around us and each of the guards falls to the ground.

I looked back at Bab who was know panting.

“It's a paralyzing spell that uses all the mana I have. They won't be able to move for 30 minutes. If they are under the curse the would have to retreat or run the possibility of dying if their partner isn't around.” she told me.

“That might have worked if we weren't here.” I heard a women say and turned back down to see Enedina and Alan. both of them not affected by the attack.

“How?” I asked.

“Our armor was made to resist all kinds of magic,” Alan said. “Now give up.”

“Bab run!” I yelled to her and pulled my sword out. 

With Bab out of mana she’s of no help, I just got to buy her enough time to use magic again but it's now two on one. Bab did as she was told and started running uphill while I charged down.

Alan was the one to engage me as Enedina ran past. I tried to stop her but Alan just hit me repeatedly. Forcing me to focus on him.

I don't want to hurt Alan so I only used my sword to defend myself as I tried to use my magic on him. Sadly fire resists ice and wasn't affected by it. 

That's when I heard Bab scream. Suddenly I don't care if I hut Alan as he now tried to stay away from my swing. Then I saw it. It was just a slight opening in Alan's defense that I was finally able to connect one punch onto him. Alan only staggered a bit but that was all I needed to run away and up the hill.

Bab and Enedina couldn't have gone far and sure enough the moment I turned a corner I saw Enedina using her water magic to incase Babs head in a water bubble and lift her into the air. I saw Babs struggle breath. She tried to use her magic but not even a spark would come.

“Let her go!” I yelled.

“Don't take one more step,”  Enedina told me. “Unless you want to see if your daughter can suddenly sprout gills.” 

So I stopped. My eyes only on bab.

“Enedina what are you doing?” Alan asked when he caught up a moment later.

“What I must. Now drop your sword now,” she told me and I complied.

“Ok I give, just please stop hurting her.” I pleaded and watched in horror as Bab stopped producing air bubbles!

“Fine. you want her so badly, fetch!” Enedina said and threw Bab.

I immediately started running at Bab. reaching as far as I could to grab her. I leaped into the air and finally caught her as we both feel of the edge.

Alexander March
Stats- lv12
HP-80 (+4)
Attack-39 (+3)
Defence-35 (+5)
Speed-46 (+2)
Regen-8 (+1)

Skills-hunter eyes.
Weapons- none

partner-Bab Ados
Stats- lv20
HP-53 (+20)
Defence-11 (+40)
Speed-10 (+9)
Regen-11 (+3)

Skills-potion maker

Money ----
gold  4) 
silver  45)
bronze  37)
copper   28)


Blake had spent the last few hours traveling from one gate to the other before he finally found who he was looking for.

“Eva! Where have you been!” Black yelled at the teenage girl who ran up to him and gave him a hug.

“I've been chasing pylons! It was so much fun!” she exclaimed before she noticed something.

She then proceeded to smell Blake’s shirt for a moment before looking at him in confusion.

“Why do you have my sisters smell on you?”


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ch 10


I'm in a lot of pain, I'm cold and I'm wet. That's the first things that came to my mind as I slowly open my eyes. Above me is a cave ceiling.

When I turned my head I see a small fire right next to me and Bab sacking right next to it trying to get worm.

“Bab?” I say. My mouth very dry at the moment and my voice sounded rough.

“Alex!” Bab yelled and crawled over to me. “Are you ok!?” she asked.

“I hurt but nothing I can't handle,” I tell her as I slowly try to sit up. “What happened?”

“You saved us,” Bab said before explaining what had happened.

Enedina had just thrown Bab over the edge of the cliff and I had jumped after her. The fall was about three stories high and I had to work fast if we were to survive. Below us was a single tree, I used my frost magic to nudge Bab and I just slightly so that we would hit the tree which greatly slowed our fall but knocked me out cold.

Luckily for Bab, the fall knocked the water out of her lungs and she was able to breathe again but was too hurt to do anything for a while. I geas Enedina and Alan saw us down here and thought we couldn't have survived and left without checking on us.

Bab remained on me for about 40 minutes until she finally felt strong enough to move, she tried to wake me up but nothing she did would work. By now it was getting late and with no other choice, Bab slowly dragged my unconscious body 30 yards to a nearby cave.

I really don't know how she did that but I was certainly impressed. Once in the cave she pulled out the extra wood we collected a while ago and used her lightning to start a fire. That was a few hours ago.

“Why haven't you changed out of those wet clothes? I asked Bab noticing she was still wearing her wet Adventure outfit.

“I can't…” Bab told me and looked away.

“Why?” I asked.

“I left my backpack at the inn,” she explained. Even though we have storage she didn't see the point in always putting it back if they were still staying at the inn.

“Shit. ok, take off your wet clothes I got an idea.” I tell her and turn away from her. She hesitated for a moment as she watches me grab my backpack out before she decides to do as I asked. 

I then hold one of my shirts behind my back and have her take it. A moment later I turn around and nearly bust out laughing. I can wear XL size shirts but I don't feel comfortable unless there 3XL. Bab looked like she was going to slip right thru the head hole. 

So I tide the hole close and the shirt was now an oversized nightshirt on her.

“How is it?” I asked.

“It stinks.” bab replied. But I could tell it was a lot better than the wet cloths. Speaking of wet I also had to change her diaper as well and noticed a small rash forming. I would have to take care of that latter.

Once she was all taken care of it was my turn. After changing into a new set of clothes I noticed Bab was still shaking from being cold, already wishing she had her onesie. It was already dark outside and unsafe to try to look for more wood. 

So I pulled out my sleeping bag. It had 2 straps on the side that when undone turned the sleeping bag into a double. Ther Bab and I both got in and slowly relaxed as the combined body heat slowly wormed the sleeping bag up.


“Ya,” I replied. Both of our backs to each other.

“I'm sorry,” she told me.

“For what?” I asked. Not knowing what she was apologizing for.

“For being a brat,” she told me.

“I'm sorry too,” I tell her.

“Why?” Bab asked.

“For being so overprotective.”

“That's just who you are,” she told me.

“Still, I went too far when I stopped having you help me.”

“I forgive you,” she told me.

“Thank you,” I replied. A little happier about that.

I felt the bag shift a bit and Bab then tried to give me an awkward hug.

“What are you doing?” I asked laughing a bit.

“I wanted to give you a hug,” she told me not really understand why she wanted to do this. So I rolled over and raped my own arms around her for a better hug.

We just lay there. Hugging each other and trying to stay warm as the fire began to die out.

“Alex, I think I'm ready,” Bab told me.

“About?” I asked confused again.’

“Me,” she said and I suddenly realized what she meant.

“Bab, you don't have to force yourself to tell me,” I tell her.

“No, I trust you, you've been there for me from the beginning. You treat me as normal as you can. You don't pity me because of what I've become. You do treat me like a kid but I can't blame you when I act like one.” she told me. “You still trusted me even when you were mad at me,  even after I lied to you. You're the only person I know I can trust.

I didn't say a thing. I just laid there and listen to her as she took a few deep breaths. 

“I don't know how much you will believe me, or even how to start explaining. I am a witch and 4 years ago my sister tried to kill me.” bab said before going into her story. The entire time all I did was listen to her.

Bab’s story.

In the beginning of this world, my mother was a powerful mage. She was apart of the first group that destroyed the first Dark crystal. Using her power she helped the early heroes grow stronger. She helped form the basis of all magic used today. But her greatest achievement was being granted immortality by one of 5 sacred monsters.

This, however, became a curse under her as the years went on. She watched as the people she grew to love grew old and died. She tried to find new meaning in her life but as the years went on she slowly lost herself. Nothing excited her anymore. Nothing brought joy into her life. It was said that she even found the location of all the crystals on the planet but because of boredom she never did anything to them.

After so long she finally had enough and tried to kill herself. Over, and over. But her curse wouldn't allow it. So she asked another sacred monster to kill her. The monster instead told her that in order to die she must first give life.

And so she did just that. She gave life to me and my sisters. My mother could not give birth, however. So she learned of another way. She learned to offer up her soul to and merge it with a monster's sole in order to create new life.   

I was born of my mothers sole and that of a Raijū the beast of lightning. Thus I was later known as the witch of storms. 

When my mother finally passed she left me and my sister to do as we wanted and we all left. Never really found the need to see each other often. Out of my sisters, I was the 3rd strongest of them but my magic power exceeded them all.

It was over 4 years ago when it happened. One of my sisters attacked me. She leads an army against me for reasons I still do not know. The battle went on for 4 days, my sister using a barrier to keep me from leaving. The battle was only ended when I was tricked. 

My sister placed a bracelet on me and had one of the soldiers force a bond on me. Then my sister killed the solder. With the curse activated I had to use all the magic I had to use one of my mother's emergence spells to break the curse.

The spell was meant to create a new body for me. But without the proper amount of magic, I made a body that of a 10-year-old. My sister had known that would be the only option I had to break that curse, leaving me with no mana and no way to fight back.

She then proceeded to place different curses on me. The first was the inability to use my hands. Without them, I wouldn't be able to use my potion master skills to fix my body. Next, because she was sick of hearing me yell at her she stole my speech. Making anyone who hears me unable to communicate. And finally, just to humiliate me further she cursed me to never be able to tell when I needed to go.

My sister thought she had won and she took her barrier down. That, however, was her mistake. I had tried to use a teleport spell in the beginning when the barrier was made. Now that it was down the spell finally activated and I was taken to a random village. Unable to communicate. Unable to use my hands. And unable to use the toilet 

For the first time in my life, I felt weak. But that's not where it ends because the new body spell wasn't complete it won't age. For 4 years I have been stuck in a child's body but no different then if I had become a toddler.
“That now explains a lot,” I say out loud.

It explains why she was already a mage with such a large mana stat, also why she distrusts a lot of people, also why even though Alice said she should be 14 she still looks 10. Why she hates being called a child. 

“So now you know,” she told me.

“But there's something I still don't get when you formed the bond with me the fact that I could understand you shocked even you. Why did you force a bond in the first place?” I asked.

“I just wanted to be able to use magic again. Because of the unfinished body, my power was also locked away. I was planning on using you, to force you to take me with you and find a way to separate us. Then I would go on my own to reclaim my body myself,” she explained.

“So what's your plan know,” I asked.

“I don't know. I never planned on telling you, I never planned on having fun, on trusting anyone, on you ever giving you respect, your compassion, trust…” she stopped.

“Then how about we make a deal,” I tell Bab and she looked up at me. “Let me help you get your body back.”

“No.” bab told me and turned around. “Your job is to find a way home. Getting my body back could take years.”

I just laughed and hugged her again.

“No my job is to look after the little orphan girl who stormed into my life and took me prisoner in her own game. You might not understand it, but until you turn into an adult I have to be looking after you. Which as you said might be a few years. But I think my family can wait that long.” I tell Bab. “I've already told you before. You are like a sister to me, and like any good older brother I will always be looking after you.”

“You do remember I that I said I'm older than you right?” Bab told me. A smile growing on her face.

“Ya, but until the day I see that you are still my little sister,” I tell her and rub her hair playfully making her giggle a bit.

“So you're not taking me back anymore?” bab asked.

“No” I sighed. “Knowing what's going on know I won't take you back. But now I'll have to think of a different punishment for you later.”

“That's fine, just, please. No more slimes.” Bab commented and we both laughed. 

After that, we laid in the darkness talking about nothing. The fire was now just a pile of dying embers in the cold night. The two of us holding each other for warmth. As they both started to drift off to sleep. The final thing Bab thought of,

‘I never thought I would be jealous...’

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“GOD DAMN IT!!!!!” I screamed the next morning when I got back to the cave.

“was the sword really gone?” bad asked still in my t-shirt waiting for her clothes to finish drying by the fire.

“Ya, and after it transferred to!” I yell in frustration. “I didn't even have it for a day before I lost it!”

“Should we head back to Pa’s to get it and my backpack?” she asked me as I sat down next to her.

“We can't right now. they most likely think were dead from that fall. And even if they didn't, they would still be on the lookout for the people who assaulted a prince.” I explained.

“Shit,” she said disappointedly. She really wanted her new clothes back. Especially the warm pajamas for the cold nights.

“Ya. now we basically have to start over again. get me a weapon and you some clothes.” I tell her. “I just hope we can make it to the next town with just my knife and your magic.”

“Can't you do what that Alan guy does?” bab asked.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“He doesn't use a weapon, just his fire magic around his fist. You should be able to do that with your ice.” Bab explained. She then held up her own fist and had electricity flow all around it. “Give it a try.”

I was a bit skeptical about it but if this works I might not need a weapon for a while. So I raised my arm and tried. But nothing happened, so I tried again, nothing happened. A third time and only a few ice shards appeared.

“This is harder than it looks,” I say out loud before I try again.

“Just keep practicing, you'll be able to do it soon,” Bab told me. 

After a few more tries and using half my mana I finally got an idea. I stood up and walked out of the cave.

“Frost breath!” I yelled and began blowing on my arm. It took a large chunk of my mana but soon my entire Arm was covered in ice and I didn't feel it at all! “Bab look I did it!”

“I guess that's one way to do it,” Bab told me as she laughed.

The ice made a type of gauntlet that felt a little wired but even as I hit the cave wall it only chipped a little bit. It would make a decent weapon until I can replace my sword. but it also has a few downsides. 

First, it takes a lot of time and mana. It takes about 20 seconds just to freeze my hand which is not good if I'm already in battle. Second I can't move my hand as it's frozen solid by my attack. And lastly, I have to use the fire to melt the ice just to get it off….

“So what's the plan?” Bab asked as I stuck my hand as close to the fire as possible to get rid of the ice.

“Your clothes are almost dry so I say we leave in about an hour,” I tell her.

After an hour I gave Bab a change and released her stash of diapers were almost out. Just add that to the list of problems we already have. 

With Bab was fully dressed and strapped to my back we departed south to Parïtet.

After about 4 hours of walking, Bab asked me if we could take a break since she wet her diaper and needed a change. This was as good a spot as any so I put her down before changing the wet girl. 

Once she was taken care of we had an early lunch and relaxed a moment while I checked out our stats. After what happened yesterday we should have leveled up a bit.

Alexander March
Stats- lv12
HP-80 (+4)
Attack-39 (+3)
Defence-35 (+5)
Speed-46 (+2)
Regen-8 (+1)

Skills-hunter eyes. 
Weapons- knife

partner-Bab Ados
Stats- lv20
HP-53 (+20)
Defence-11 (+40)
Speed-10 (+9)
Regen-11 (+3)

Skills-potion maker

Money ----
gold  4) 
silver  45)
bronze  37)
copper   28)

After seeing this I grew very excited, we were getting much stronger and I even got the new skill Beast vision.

Upon activation, everything I saw turned a dark blue. Looking around a bit I saw multiple Blobs of red all around us. A was like I was seeing thermal imaging.

“Hey bab, what does Beast vision do?” I asked her as I looked over and seen she was blue.

“It's a skill to help find monsters. You'll see them in different shades depending on how strong they are compared to you,” she explained.

From weakest to strongest red, orange, yellow, and white. 

I was amazed by this and looked all around just seeing blobs of red.

Just then we heard a loud roar cut through the air somewhere behind us. I tried my new skill to see what it was but I saw nothing.

“Let's get going, I really don't want to meat what made that noise,” I tell Bab before having her get strapped up for me to carry. 

About 2 hours later we reached another problem when we found a river with rushing rapids and no way to proceed. Standing on the rocks by the river we decided just to follow the river in hopes of it leading to a bridge or something for us to proceed.

“Do you think I could freeze the water?” I asked Bab while I walked next to the river.

“Maybe a small stream, but a river no,” she told me bluntly. “You're not strong enough for that.”

“Dame,” I replied slightly disappointed.

“Hey, Alex do you hear something?” Bab asked and I stopped to listen.

it sounded like something big was running. I activated my new skill and tried to look around for it. The moment I saw it I nearly shit my pants. In the far distance, I saw something big glowing white, and running straight towards us!

I immediately rushed to find cover behind a few trees close by and put Bab down as we waited for the thing to show up. We didn't have to wait long before the thing came running past and stopped by the river. 

The monster was a Pylone the size of a truck! It was easily twice the size of the Boss monster I killed yesterday and I only killed that thing with the help of a royal sword! Even if I had my sword I don't think we could ever kill this thing.

“Bab, I want you to do me a big favor,” I whisper to her hoping the monster wouldn't see us.

“What?” she whispered back.

“If that thing sees us I want you to run back to Fran,” I tell her.

“What? No, I can't!” she whispered as she looked away from the pylon sniffing the ground we were standing at just moments before to look at me.

“If that thing sees us there is no way we are surviving. I can hold it off for a moment but I need you to run as fast as you can back to Fran and make a new bond if I don't make it.” I tell her.

“Alex, no. I'm not going to do that,” she whispered.

“Don't argue,” I tell her as the pylon looked right at me. “RUN!”

I bolted from the trees as the Pylon roared, its roar nearly popped my eardrums. It then started to chase after me and away from Bab.

“FROST” I yelled and began to use all the ice magic I could on it. But nothing seemed to faze it.

Within mere moments it was close to me and smashed its head into me knocking me to the ground before stepping on my chest. Its paw covered my chest as it put enough weight to keep me from moving. Its beak grow close to my face and I tried to punch it but that made it mad.

Opening its mouth it roared at me from so close I could see the back of its throat. This was by far the most terrified I have ever been as I began to feel a warm spot across the front of my pants.

“Where is she!” I heard a voice yall coming from somewhere.

Before I could say a word a bolt of lightning hit the pylon right in the face. it roared in a slight pain before turning its attention to Bab who was still standing by the trees.

“NO YOU IDIOT RUN!” I screamed but it was too late, the pylon had its attention on the little girl who just hit it with lightning.

The pylon got off me and charged. I watched in horror as it went after her. Unable to do anything to stop it. I just yelling as loudly as I could at it to stop.

Just before the monster was on top of Bab, a guy ran up and grabbed her before jumping out of the way of the giant pylon as it smashed into a tree.

“EVA STOP!” the man yelled as the monster got back up and looked at him and stopped.

My jaw nearly hit the floor when I saw this person command a monster to stop. But I had to shake that off as I jumped to my feet and ran to Bab. the moment I got to her the monster started to growl at me.

“Eva, stop that, you're scaring them!” the guy yelled at the giant pylon before looking at us. 

“Blake?” I asked. He was the guy that helped us yesterday, but why was he here! 

“Eva?” bab asked but Blake didn't understand she said.

“Where is she!” I heard a voice say again and realized it was coming from the pylon staring us down!

“what, is that thing talking!” I asked now a little freaked out.

“I'm so sorry, but Eva here said she smelled her sister on me and has been going crazy ever since,” Blake told us which still made no sense.

“Eva, is that really you?” Bab asked as she started to walk closer to the monster.

“Bab, what are you doing?” I asked and tried to grab her away from it but stopped when Blake grabbed my arm.

“Bab?” the monster said as it began sniffing Bab, for a moment I was beyond terrified. This thing could swallow her hole! Then I noticed the monster began to shrink.

Its body shrank and morphed until the only thing left was a naked woman nealing down in front of Bab.

“SISSY!!!!!” the women screamed and immediately began to hug and squeeze Bab.

“EVA YOUR KILLING ME!” bab screamed and Eve dropped her.

“Why are you talking funny? And why are you so small?” Eva asked as she knelt down to look at Bab.

“Ok, can someone please explain what's going on!” I yelled.

“I'll explain everything, but first I think eve and you should change,” Black said as he tossed Eva some clothing and I realized I was still in my piss soaked pants.

“Now I'm not the only one with accidents.” bab commented.

After a few minutes Eva was dressed and I was in new pants. we formed a bond so they could understand Bab and soon we all sat down ready to hear what was going on.

“Ok Bab, is she really your sister?” I asked Bab who was sitting right next to Eve.

Just by looking at them the resemblance was uncanny. Eve looked like an 18-year-old version of Bab. just with very long bark shaggy hair. 

“This is Eva Tusa my youngest sister,” Bab told me.

“Hi, Bab’s friend,” Eva said as she gave me a wave and a smile.

“It's nice to meet you. I'm Alex.” I greet her and something popped in my head. “How many sisters do you have?” I asked bab.

“8” bab said bluntly “we don't see much of each other.

I was stunned, I wasn't expecting that many.

“Eva you never told me you had sisters.” Blake chimed in.

“I don't see them a lot so they haven't crossed my mind,” Eva told him with a smile.

“Eva is a bit simple like that.  When she was a little girl she would keep running off into the wild for days on end only to return and act like nothing happened.” Bab told us. 

“Big sisters were always so strict! I just wanted to play!” Eva said. 

Just by watching Eva and Bab I couldn't help but think their minds were in the wrong body.

“Anyway Eva, why are you with a human?” Bab asked her. I just looked at her wondering what she meant by that last part.

“Because he’s my master know!” Eva cheered happily. 

All eyes were on Blake as he facepalmed himself.

“Eva how many times do I have to tell you to stop calling me that,” Blake told her. “Look it's a long and weird story.”

“You tell yours and we’ll tell ours,” I tell him as I point at bab who also wanted to know why her little sister just called him master.

Blake just signed.

“2 years ago I had just joined a guild known as Pyāratā. it wasn't the biggest or the strongest but they were decent. One day we got word of a new monster appearing in the mountains and forcing a lot of monsters away. This was hurting a lot of people who had villages below the mountains so we were sent to kill it. To make a long battle short, we were decimated. None of us stood a chance against it. It finally came down to me and 4 other people as we lead the monster to a cliff. With no other way to kill it, we tried to have it fall off the cliff with us. Somehow it worked and we all fell with the monster. I was knocked out for a few hours but when I woke up my curse was about to kill me. Frantically I searched for someone, anyone to quickly form a bond with. At the time I was so out of it I didn't question why the monster was gone. Nor did I question that all my friends were dead and the only person still breathing was an unconscious naked girl. I just took a bracelet off of one of my dead comrades and formed a bond with the unconscious women to save my life.” Blake told us.

Blake then took a drink of water and continued. 

“When the bond was made however it went weird. The bracelet couldn't tell if she was human or beast. Because of that my class was forcefully changed to a tamer class and Eva was recognized as my pet.” he explained.

“Wait is that even possible?” I asked.

“My sisters and I are part monster, however, Eva was born a 3/4th monster.” bab told us. “Because of that, the bracelet must have gotten confused since she is one of a kind. It must have activated the bond for the human part and compromised the monster part by turning Blake into a Tamer.”

“Yep! And he’s been my master ever since!” Eva said as she got up and sat next to blake who rub her head on his shoulder until he pets her head.

“It's been a long journey. We hated each other for a long time. I blamed her for the deaths of all my comrades and She didn't want to be tamed. luckily she couldn't hurt me without being hurt herself, and because I feared of what she would do if we unbonded I couldn't risk breaking the curse. Eventually, we both learned that she was only protecting herself and that she was hurting others by forcing other monsters away. after a while, we eventually grew to like each other.” Blake explained.

“Your turn now,” Eva told bab and me.

So we told them most of what happened. Such as how we met and our journey thus far but Bab refused to tell at least Blake what happened to her. Instead, she asked to speak with Eva about it in private.

“Don't take it the wrong way, I've been with her for a while and only just learned her secret yesterday,” I told  Blake as the girls walked out of earshot.

“It's fine. Hay can I ask you something?” Blake asked.

“Go ahead,” I replied.

“Are all witches hard to handle or is it just mine?” he asked.

“Funny, I was going to ask the same thing,” I tell him and we both busted out laughing at the situation we were in.

A bit further away Bab finished telling Eva the rest of the story.

“But why would she do that?” Eva asked Bab.

“I don't know. But I want you to keep an eye out for her. If you see her the just run away. If you see any of our other sisters please tell them that as well.” bab told her sister with a stern look. “And don't tell anyone else, not even Blake.”

After their talk was over they sat back down with us and another question popped into my head.

“How did you guys find us?” I asked.

“I tracked your sent!” Eva exclaimed proudly.

“After I finished helping you guys I went back to looking for Eva. Because of the festival, she got so excited that she began chasing the pylons and I lost her. When I found her she smelt Bab’s scent on me from when I carried her. Eva then began rushing all over town following her scent and causing mayhem. Eva even broke into someone's taller shop and trashed the place looking for bab.”

“That was most likely Frans shop,” I told him. “We'll have to apologize to her if we ever get the chance.”

“Ya, we're going to have to apologize for that later too. After that, she went to the inn you both were staying at and found something.” Blake told us and just now remembered to reach into his storage and pull out a bab’s pink backpack.

“Wait how?” I asked. The inn was supposed to have some type of magic that prevented anyone that wasn't the owners to take stuff out of the inn.

“Eva has an ability to cancel out magic,” Blake explained as he handed the bag to Bab who thanked him greatly for it.

“Ok, what exactly is Eva?” I asked. The more I thought about it the more her powers seemed different from Bab.

“Eva is different from me and my sisters. My other sisters and I are masters at controlling the element we were born with. However, because she was born more monster she doesn't have elemental magic. She instead was born with what we call beast magic. She is able to transform into any monster she wants and can cancel out any magic that isn't elemental like the inn’s” bab explained.

I was completely amazed I wanted to ask a few more questions but noticed Eva sniffing the air and moved closer to bab.

“Sissy, why do you stink?” Eva asked and giggled. Bab’s face flushed red as she didn't notice she messed her diaper. “You smell really bad.”

“Eva.” Blake said as he gave her a light tap on her head. “you're not one to talk. It took me a year and a half just to get you potty trained and out of diapers yourself.”

“But that's not my fault! I never saw a toilet before then!” Eva told us and we laughed. 

So after giving Bab another diaper change, I wanted to ask some more stuff but it was time for Blake and Eva to leave.

“Master do we have to goooo!” Eva wined.

“Yes Eva, we were supposed to meet someone for a job back at Pa’s yesterday. We need to go back and do our job.” Blake told her.

“But I want to play with tiny Bab!” Eva whined more.

“Don't call me tiny!” bab told Eva sternly.

“Eva, Bab and I will be in Parïtet for a while. So how about when your job is done you meet us there.” I suggested.

This immediately perked Eva up as she ran over to give me a thank you hug. Nearly killing me again in the process!

It's here we said our goodbyes as Eva stripped naked and turned into another monster. This one looking more like an ox. Blake got on top of her and set off to do the job he was hired for,

“That was a bit unexpected,” I told bab as we continued our own journey.

“Ya, I really wasn't expecting to see Eva.” bab told me,

“I was really surprised when she turned out to be that scary monster,” I commented.

“Ya and you peed your pants.” bab reminded me. “I think you might need diapers too.”

“I'll let you have that one. But if you bring that up again I'll shove another slime down your diaper,” I told her and Bab immediately went quiet.


A butler walks into a room where a boy sits at a table looking over a mountain of paperwork.

“Report.” the boy tells his butler.

“The adventure you hired could not make it yesterday or today. Based on a note he sent, he should be here by tomorrow.” the butler said.

“And of my older brother?” the boy asked.

“He has a matter to attend to at the moment but has agreed to meet you there.” the butler told him.

“Let them know I will be ready to depart Pa’s in one week for Parïtet.” the boy told his butler.

“Yes prince Lauren.” the butler told him before bowing and leaving the prince to his work.

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Couple of typo’s, but nothing major. I’m not a huge magic person, but this story kept me reading it all the way through to the end of what you wrote! Please continue!

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ya sorry, spelling isn't my strong suit. I am trying to get better at it. I will definitely be continuing it lol. in about an hour ill post the most recent chapter. I have the next few chapters planned out but I would love to hear any suggestions anyone may have for the story. 

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chapter 12

We finally reached Parïtet late at night. 

Bab was strapped to my back and passed out, I could feel two wet spots on my back. The first was her head drooling on my shirt. The other was where her diaper leaked onto my back.

I knew her diaper was full a few hours ago and I probably should have changed her then but 3 things stopped me. First Bab was fast asleep and I didn't want to wake her. Second I saw the lights of the kingdom and guessed it was only a few hours away, and lastly, I knew if I stopped then I wouldn't be able to move again for a while.

I didn't even care that I got a few strange looks from people walking around at night. Staring at a guy carrying a kid on his back with a huge wet spot just below where she was.

All I wanted to do was go to an inn and get a room with a nice bed.

Once I got the room, and a few more stares, I finally was able to set Bab down and relax a moment. I really just wanted to go to sleep at that moment but I knew I couldn't leave Bab still all strapped up. So I slowly got her out of the harness and onto the bed.

Bab’s skirt and shorts were soaked so I took them off along with her wet diaper before gently getting her clean. Being careful as to knot wake her up. After getting her taped into a nice clean diaper I scooted her over and under the blankets before placing her pacifier into her mouth.

Now I was too tired to even bother with the sleeping bag and just got in the bed with Bab. we already slept in the same sleeping bag yesterday. Sharing a bed tonight won't kill us.  I blow out the candle and went straight to sleep.


I felt a small hand smack me and I opened my eyes to see why. Bab was sprawled out across the Bed and she accidentally smacked me. Yesterday the sleeping bag kept her nice and raped up that she couldn't sprawl out. 

Just then she rolled over onto her side and hit me again with her other hand. I knew I had to do something or else she was going to kick my ass in her sleep. So I gently moved her into a position where I could wrap my arm around her and keep her in one spot, hopefully.

For a moment I look at the sleeping girl. Her pacifier moving slightly, either from her sucking on it or chewing on it. Eather was she looked cute like this. It's here I finally came up with a punishment for her. I smile at her and give her a goodnight kiss on her forehead before I fall back asleep.


When I finally woke up I was looking at Bab who was wide awake and staring at me. Her face was slightly blushing with the pacifier in her mouth.

“Good morning.” I yanked before Bab pushed me off the bed. “HEY!”

“You scared the hell out of me!” Bab yelled as she popped the pacifier out of her mouth. “I wake up to your face in front of me!”

Bab then got out of bed and walked to the Bathroom, her soggy diaper hanging low, as she went to take a shower.

I wanted to get mad at that but decided to let it go. I would probably freak out too if I went to sleep and woke up to someone's face in front of me. But with Bab in the shower for the moment I got her punishment ready.

About 15 minutes later I heard Bab yell at me asking why only a towel and one of her t-shirts were in the storage.

“Just put it on and come out,” I tell her.

Confused she does as she’s told and comes out wearing a t-shirt with her blond hair still a little wet and her towel wrapped around her waist.

I had her get on the bed for a diaper new diaper. I rubbed some Baby oil I got not too long ago before adding the Baby powder and finally the diaper. When Bab tried to get up however I pushed her Back down before taping another diaper over the first.

“Wait why are you putting two on me!” Bab cried out in confusion.

“This is your punishment,” I told Bab before grabbing a skirt and putting it on her.

“What do you mean?” Bab asked as I helped her off the bed and let her walk around a bit. 

She was not used to the extra padding and made her waddle slightly but she was still able to walk nicely. Her skirt, however, was small. Just barely covering her diapers. She tried to pull them down lower but that would just reveal the top of the diaper.

“I might have forgiven you for scaring the shit out of me not too long ago but I still think bad kids deserved to be punished,” I tell Bab. 

“But I'm not a kid!” she shouted at me. But I just shoved her pacifier into her mouth to hush her up.

“At this moment that irrelevant. Now I'll make you a deal right now. If you're good for the day I'll get you something nice. If your bad, however, your punishment will be worse.” I tell her before grabbing our jackets and placing them in storage for later.

I then opened the door to our room and gestured for her to follow. Bab just stared at me, she thought this had to be some type of joke. There's no way I would take her outside wearing a skirt so short that her diaper might show. But I was serious as I walked over and took her hand. 

“Come on little girl, today your punishment is to be treated like the child you act like,” I tell her as I give her a slight smile and drag her out the door.

“Pwez no!” Bab said with the pacifier still in her mouth as she grabbed the door frame to keep herself from going leaving.

“Bab, this will be your only warning, I still have stuff to do today in town. So you can be a good girl and come with me, or I can carry you over my shoulder kicking and screaming with your thick diapered butt on full view of everyone.” I tell her as I pull the pacifier out of her mouth with a slight pop and place it in storage with the rest of the goodies I have for Bab.

“But, but…” Bab began to say. Her face bright red and little tears started to form.

“I'll count to 4, if your hands not away from that door frame you'll be over my shoulder,” I tell her. 

I didn't even count as she let go just from the threat.

“Good girl,” I tell her before rubbing her head and grabbing her hand again.

“You don't have to hold my hand,” Bab mumbled but dared not to let go for fear I would make good on my promise.

The first thing we did was go get breakfast. A waitress commented how cute Bab looked casing her to blush more as we sat at the table. After filling up on eggs, sausage and toast I took Bab Back to the room for a moment for a bottle of milk before left the inn.

Bab hated being seen in public like this. A short skirt, and holding my hand. Over and over people commented how cute she looked or how nice it was to see a dad take his daughter for a walk with him. That one even I got embarrassed about.

After looking around a bit we found a weapons shop where I spent 40 silver on a new sword. It was C rank but it was nice, just not as nice as my old one.

Next came buying some supplies, such as a mat for Bab at night. Some food for later, and I got myself a few new shirts since Bab ruined one of them last night. But I won't tell her that. 

Lastly, however, came the diapers. This time I let go of Bab’s hand and gave her the biggest box of diapers they had. She nearly burst into tears when the clerk asked her if they were for her.

“No, I Babysit a lot and my supply was running low. She’s just embarrassed because I had her carry the box while my arms are full.” I tell the clerk cheering Bab up that I wouldn't expose her secret that way.

Once the supplies were in storage again I took Bab’s hand again and we walked around town for a bit.

The streets were bizzy now and it made walking around a lot harder. I'm actually glad I had bab hold my hand or else I might have lost her in the crowd.

Our final destination was to look at a few accessories for us. I was hoping to find something to increase my defense but had no such luck here. Bab, on the other hand, did find a red cape and hood, it looked like something from ‘Little red riding hood’. But it gave a slight defense buff and would look decent with her adventure outfit. So I got it for her.

By know, it was time for lunch but Bab stopped me. Her hand still in mine as she grabbed the front of her skirt. 

“Whats wrong?” I asked.

“I'm wet,” she told me as she looked down ashamed.

“Don't worry, that's what the double diaper is for,” I tell her. thanks to the extra padding the diaper didn't sag under the skirt.

Bab was even more embarrassed than before as she was scared someone might notice the wet diaper at any moment and repeatedly asked me to change her. Until finally she got annoying.

“Ok Bab. here's a deal. You can spend a few more hours in that diaper, or you can pop your pacifier into your mouth and walk all the way back to the inn right now for one.” I told her.

She picked to stay in them.

After a nice lunch, we continued to walk around town for a while. Until we found a park. Unlike Pa’s which was just one big city. Parïtet was on the side of a cliff with its walls protecting the cliff. It even cut off part of the forest making a few nice parks to walk inside the city were monsters weren't there. 

So Bab and I took our walk there the park. We didn't see anyone at all as we followed the trails. Finally, at the end of the trail we were on we found an old bench looking over a cliff and out to sea.

The water sparkled as the sunlight hit it. The sound of crashing waves echoed down below us. It looked like a great spot to just sit down and relax.

We decided here was the perfect spot to take a rest as I sat down on the bench. When Bab tried to sit on the bench, however, I grabbed her and sat her down on my lap.

“Alex, please stop,” Bab told me as she squirmed.

“Nope, this is the perfect spot for a little girl like you,” I tell her. Making Bab slightly mad until I pull out an apple for us to snack on.

I used my knife to cut off slices and feed them to Bab.  continually calling her a good girl as I did. When we were done with the apple I took out Babs bottle and tried to give it to her.

“No, Alex. I'm sorry for what I did. Just please stop treating me like a little girl!” Bab cried out but I still stuck the bottle into her mouth. 

She didn't want to, but she didn't drink anything during lunch and she was thirsty so reluctantly she began to drink from the bottle. 

I moved Bab into a slightly different position to where she was lay on me like a real baby as I gave her her bottle.

“You're a good girl Bab,” I tell her when the bottle is emptied and I replace it with Bab’s pacifier before rocking her slowly. 

Bab wanted to protest, she wanted to spit the pacifier out and get off of me but just like an infant, she grew drowsy. 

“Shoosh, little girl, I got you,” I whispered to her as I watched her eyes grow heavy, he tried to say something to me but she fell asleep before she could finish. “Good girl.” 

I don't know how long I stayed there on the bench with Bab sleeping in my arms. But once the air around me began to stink I knew she had just messed her diaper. 

Slowly I picked Bab up and had her resting on my shoulder. Next, I grabbed out my jacket and threw it over her like a blanket and used the hood to hide her face so no one would see her diaper or pacifier.

Bab slept thru the entire walk thru the park. On the way back I did pass a couple who stopped me.

"excuse me, but by any chance do you know were an old bench around here might be?" the guy whispered seeing the covered girl in my arms.

"yes, just follow this path, it's about a 10-minute walk from here," I whispered back.

"it's so cute to see kids fall asleep like that," the women said, "they look so peaceful."

"ya, but only when they're asleep, otherwise they can be a handful," I tell them as I gave Bab's diaper a slight pat.

we said our goodbyes as I made my way out of the forest.

I only woke Bab up when we got to the edge of the trees and asked her to walk the rest of the way back.

she was a little groggy from the nap but complied. I took the pacifier out of her mouth and began to walk when I noticed the diaper was now sagging below the skirt. I quickly threw my jacket over her to help cover it up.

Hand in hand she walked beside me and she rubbed the sleep from her eyes as we walked back to the inn.

The thick diaper helped cover the smell and add my jacket wrapped around that you couldn't really smell her as we went to dinner that night. 

The entire time I watched the girl squirm in her dirty diaper. Always thinking someone would smell her, or somehow notice the thick messy diaper. But no one did. 

Once we were done we headed back up the stairs to head to our room when I stopped. Bab was slightly ahead of me while I was on the stares. From this height, she was the same height as me.

“Bab there's something I forgot. Would you like to go with me or go back to the room?” I asked.

“Back to the room please,” she told me, just wanting to get out of view of anyone and hopefully out of the diaper soon.

“Ok, you go to the room and sit on the bed. I'll be back in a minute.” I tell her. “But first.”

I then grabbed Babs skirt and pulled it down. She was so surprised that I did that she forgot to even scream or hit me as she tried to cover her diaper to no avail.

“The doors unlocked,” I tell her as I walk away with her skirt in hand as I heard her run down the hall and heard a door slam.

I just giggled to myself as I shoved the skirt onto storage and walked to a store.

I wasn't gone 15 minutes when I returned to the room to see Bab sitting on the bed. Her lip quivering as she tried not to cry after what I did.

“I hate you,” she told me.

“No one was there, I knew you would be fine,” I tell her.

Bab then lay down and without asking I got her out of the very dirty diaper. 

“Bab, I have a question for you. Have you been a good girl today?” I asked her as I began to get her clean.

Bab said nothing but did nod her head yes.

“Yes, you were. So for being a good girl, I got you this.” I tell her as I pulled out a teddy bear and set it on Baby's chest as I grabbed a new diaper and got Bab taped up.

Bab just stared at the toy for a moment before she busted out laughing.

“All that embarrassment, for a toy?” Bab asked while laughing as the tears she was holding back earlier came out.

“No the embarrassment was for scaring me, the toy was for being good,” I tell her as I set down next to her and pet her head. “Next time will be far worse.”

Hopefully, now she will have learned her lesson and won't have to have me do anything worse than this.

Alexander March
Stats- lv12
HP-80 (+4)
Attack-39 (+3)
Defence-35 (+5)
Speed-46 (+2)
Regen-8 (+1)

Skills-beast vision
Weapons- sword (C)

partner-Bab Ados
Stats- lv20
HP-53 (+20)
Defence-11 (+45)
Speed-10 (+9)
Regen-11 (+3)

Skills-potion maker

Money ----
gold  4) 
silver  4)
bronze  11)
copper   22)

The couple I had passed earlier looked over the cliff by the old bench, looking down at the waters below. It was dark now as they finished getting their supplies ready.

“You know how dangerous this is right?” the woman asked.

“Aeva you know what we're heading for. If we don't get this done our plan will be for nothing.” the guy said before jumping off the edge.

“Master Chet you're going to be the death of us all one day,” Aeva said as she followed behind him.

finally got caught up on this site lol ill post the next chapter in a few days.

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I like it so far and want to read more when you get it posted.  Should be interesting to see where this goes.  Reminds me of a manga called "The Gamer"  Please don;t keep us waiting too long for more and keep up the good work.

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Dont worry, im 80 % done with the next chapter and should have it up by tomorrow. Never heard of that manga but ill have to check it out. Glad you like it

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Ch 13

For the next two days, Bab and I spent a lot of time not only on jobs but on ways to get ourselves stronger.

Looking back on the last few days have really shown just how weak we really are. Falling from that cliff was the only thing that saved us from Enedina and Alan. If I want to get my sword back then I will have to get a lot stronger for it.

Bab, on the other hand, wants to get revenge on them for not only nearly killing us but also for what that prince did to her.

One thing I've been trying to focus on is strengthening my ice magic. So far the spells I know are very basic and need a lot of improvements.

So far the best way I've found to improve my magic is to use them on a giant turtle monster. There the size of a fucking car with crazy high defense, But slow as well. So I've just been hitting the monster with all my magic to improve it. Such as throwing ice shards at it, making the ice gauntlet and ice breath. All of which I have improved slightly.

For starters, I learned that by concentrating on making the ice gauntlet was still hard as hell for some reason, but using that with ice breath like before I can a thinner version that is still as good and even allows for better movement. Next, I'm also now able to make bigger ice sherds and my aim at throwing them is getting a lot better.

This gave me a question that I should ask Bab about.

But Bab was busy with her own training. Just as I learned I needed to get a lot stronger Bab finally decided that in her current state she couldn't rely on her normal big bolt attacks anymore. A lot of her magic consumes a lot of manna and not all of them will go down on the first hit.

By the end of the day, we got a little stronger.

Alexander March
Stats- lv14
HP-85 (+4)
Attack-43 (+3)
Defence-39 (+5)
Speed-48 (+2)
Regen-8 (+1)

Skills-beast vision
Weapons- sword (C)

partner-Bab Ados
Stats- lv21
HP-54 (+20)
Defence-11 (+45)
Speed-11 (+9)
Regen-11 (+3)

Skills-potion maker

Money ----
gold  4) 
silver  14)
bronze  51)
copper   28)

We’ve also learned of a few new monsters that we hadn't seen before. Such as the giant turtle, giant centipedes, gremlins (they look like harles monkeys to me), and even more beasts than I've seen before. 

As soon as we get back to the city Bab immediately takes my hand. The day after Bab’s punishment we went back into town and we lost each other in the crowd within 5 minutes. It took us an hour just to find each other so now we hold onto each other while in the city.

Today there was a lot of buzz around the city. Something about a princess? I really didn't care and neither did Bab. we just walked through town until we got to a restaurant to have lunch. Not noticing we were being followed for a while.


“What do you think?” one of the 3 women asked as they sit at a table away from Bab and me.

“She looks about the right size. Maybe a little shorter then I would like, but we can't be picky about it.” another said.

“The problem is the guy, do you really think he would let his daughter do this?” the third woman asked.

“At this point, he might not have the option. Were running out of time.” the first women said.

 “Ok I'll go talk to them.” the second one said as she left the table.


Bab and I were in the middle of eating our lunch when a cute woman came up to our table. She was probably in her early 20’s with nice red hair.

“Excuse me, but may I take a moment of your time?” she asked.

“Yes?” I ask

“My friends and I would like you and your daughter to please come with us.” the women told me and gestured over to another table where 2 other women were sitting.

“I'm sorry but why?” I asked ignoring the daughter comment, too much of a hassle to correct people.

“We are from the royal guard and we would like to have a word with you,” she told us.

 I looked over at Bab who was most likely thinking the same thing I was.

“Have we done something wrong?” I asked not knowing if this was about the prince or not.

“Not that I'm aware of, we would just like to talk,” she told us.

“I'm sorry but I would like to decline,” I tell her, hoping that would be the end of it.

“This wasn't a choice. Now either come with us or be detained,” she told us with a little sharper voice.

With no other option, I looked over at Bab who practically read my mind.

“FROST!” I yelled and Blasted the women with ice blinding her as Bab and I jumped from our table and ran.

Everyone in the restaurant was surprised and started yelling, for a moment they didn't know what had happened. By the time the other 2 women got up and helped their friend Bab and I were already running down the block.

When I looked back I saw two of the women chasing us with the one who was talking to us jumping to the rooftops using wind magic.

“Any ideas Bab?” I asked as I grabbed and threw her over my shoulder. Her tiny body can't keep up so this was faster.

“Not really!” she told me as she raised her arm to fire electricity but realized there were too many people still around. “We need to find a way out of here!”

“How!” I asked shoving people out of our way.

“Get to the park! There are fewer people and if we can somehow get past them we can circle back and make a break out of the city!” bab yelled.

For a kid, she had a good idea.

It was hard running through the crowd of people but we eventually made it to the park where I put Bab down and looked back at the three women still chasing us.

“You know I always wondered what it would be like to be chased by multiple women, not as fun as I thought it would be.” I say out loud before looking down at Bab. “ok I want you to run to the old bench we went to yesterday and wait for me there.” 

“What! No way, there's no way you can take on three at once!” Bab told me as I pulled out my sword.

“I'm not, I'm giving you a head start,” I tell her.

With no choice, she started running just as the three women stopped about a hundred feet away from me to pull out their weapons.

“You are hereby under arrest for assaulting a royal guard.” the black short-haired women wielding a katana told me.

“Honestly blasting her with ice has probably been the least worst thing I've done this week,” I tell them as I make a few ice shards in my hand.

“This is your last warning, put your sword down and come quietly or we will be forced to take you down.” the blond girl with a sword told me.

“Ya, no,” I tell them before I throw my shards at them.

The katana chick swung her sword however and a wall of ice appeared to take my attack.

“Nice Lexi!” the girl I blasted earlier yelled as she used her wind magic to jump into the air and over the wall wielding a long bladed sword the same height she was.

I had to quickly block her sword with mine, the force of that would easily have killed me otherwise.

“Now Lizzie!” the women yelled as the girl with the sword was at my side and about to strike me down.

But before her attack could hit a bolt of electricity blasted her away.

“Lizzie!” Lexi yelled as she ran over to check on her friend.

“Ice breath!” I yelled taking advantage of the situation and blinding the girl with the long blade again and kicked her away.

I then turned and watch bab run into the woods as I ran in a different direction. Hoping the guards will follow me. If they do I can make a quick turn back to Bab and grab her to leave.

“Gale winds!” I heard the wind women yell when suddenly wind picked me up and threw me into a tree.

“I am Alisha, a soldier of Parïtet, and on my pride, you shall not escape.” the wind chick told me as I got back up.

As I looked over I saw it was only her, the other two must be going after Bab.

“Shit.” I say out loud and pull out my sword.” if we're doing introductions I'm Alexander, a man trying to survive, and I'm not going to be stopped like this.”

Alisha just stared at me, both hands on her sword. Ready to strike me down at a moment's notice. I really didn't have the time to stay and fight, however, it was my only option now. Even if I tried to run she would just hit me with another wind attack and take me out that way.

“Gale wind!” Alisha yelled as she raised her sword up. Her wind magic circling all around it before slashing it down and hauling the wind attack at me again. 

This time I was able to jump out of the way as the attack hit the tree behind me and knocking it over. 

I decided to just charge at her and hope for the best as she raised her sword again. This attack, however, did hit me and sent me flying back yet again, luckily I didn't hit a tree this time.

“Just give up,” Alisha told me. “You're not going to beat me.”

She had a point, even if I did try to attack her she still has much more powerful attacks. I was only able to attack her by surprise and now the only way I'll be able to get past her is if I somehow can stop her. That's when I had a thought that might work.

I immediately jumped up and charged again. Alisha continued to try and blow me away again but I kept dodging out of the way.

“You're getting annoying!” she yelled and finally charged at me herself when I was getting too close.

She swung her sword down just as she did before, expecting me to block her sword again. But I didn't, instead, I jumped out of her way and dropped my sword.

“TUNDRA!” I yelled as I tried to copy what the ice chick did with her katana. I had to use both my hands pointed at her and blasted her with all my ice magic. Alisha let go of her sword and raised her hands to block my attack which ended up freezing her arms together.

With my amount of magic, I guess that's the best I could do as I then shoved her to the ground. As Alisha trashed and cursed on the ground trying to get free of the ice and to stand back up I grabbed my sword and ran. Hoping that she would be down for at least a few minutes.

But I didn't make it too far when I tripped over something and fell on my face.

“Well, if it isn't my friend Alex,” I heard a familiar voice say. “Long time no see”

Looking up I saw Noah walking over to me.

“Noah!” I yelled excited to see an old friend. 

He reached out a hand to help me up, but the moment I took it he placed something over my wrist.

“Sorry Alex, but you're under arrest,” Noah told me.


I was thrown into a cell not long after that, My hands cuffed. Not long after that, I saw Sherry carrying a pissed off Bab under her arm. She was thrashing about and yelling at Sherry as she threw Bab in with me.

“Ok, so from what Alisha has told me, they asked to talk to you and you assaulted them and tried to run, why?” Noah asked us through the bars of our cell.

So we told them how I hit a royal family member, how their guards tried to kill us, how we thought that since they were royal guards they must have known and wanted to finish off the job.

Noah, Sherry, and the three royal guards all stared at us. 

“We had no idea about any of that,” Lizzie told us.

“We just wanted to talk about a job proposal,” Lizzie commented.

“Wait you guys were the thug and the mentally disabled kid that attacked a prince of Pa’s?” Sherry asked.

“We haven't seen you two in a while and this is the amount of trouble you guys get into?” Noah asked. “By the way, what happened to my sword?”

After telling him I lost it, Noah threw a rock at my head.

“That was a rare sword! And you even lost it after it transformed!” Noah yelled at me and continued too for about 10 minutes.

“Well, it looks like you both done goofed,” Sherry told us before turning to the girls. “By the way what was the job you wanted them to do? Shouldn't you three be with Lord Elroy right now?”

“Lord Elroy asked us to look for a specific child for a special job,” Alisha told her.

“What type of job would need Bab?” I asked.

Before they could tell us a Man and kid walked into the room. Noah, Sherry, and the three royal guards all shot up and bowed down to them.

The man was tall and had short black hair and a clean shave, the kid was a girl with long blond hair and in a beautiful dress.

“I think it would be best if I explained from here.” the man said. “Noah and sherry, You both stay here. The rest of you please wait for us outside.”

“Yes lord Elroy!” the three royal guards said in unison before leaving.

“Great, another royal,” Bab mumbled to herself.

“I am sorry for all the confusion,” Elroy said before giving a slight bow.

“What do you want with us?” I asked.

“Not really you. But the girl. We would like to ask her to help us.” Elroy said and gestured to the girl beside him. “This is prince's Ramonita and she would like the girl to help.”

The Princes was not much taller than Bab, my guess about 11 or 12. She also had a serious expression on her face.

“And what would she want with Bab exactly?” I asked.

“We are to meet with a member of the royal family of Pa’s in a few days. But we have gotten word that someone is planning on attacking both members of the royal family. So as a precaution we would like to ask Bab to take Ramonita’s place on our travel until we can get the royal family members to a safe place to meet.” Elroy explained.

“No,” Bab told them.

“Po?” Elroy asked in confusion.

“She said no,” I tell them.

“Might I ask why?” Elroy asked.

“Well for starters, we're kinda stuck together,” I tell them as Bab and I raised our bracelets. “Next we don't like Pa’s royalty. And lastly, your plan has a big problem, if Bab takes her place how will the princes get there?”

“All good questions. First, let's start with the bond. As members of the royal family, they are all given a special item that can break the curse of the bracelets.” Elroy told us as the princes pulled out up a small necklace. Attached to it was a vial so small it probably only had a drop of whatever was in it.

“This is a phoenix tear. Its powers allow for the spell of the bracelets to be broken.” the princes told us finally speaking for the first time.

“As for meeting the royal family member, you won't have to worry. We are merely meeting them in a special location. We only want Bab to travel to the destination and act as a decoy should the princess be attacked.” Elroy told us.

“That's another thing I'm worried about,” I tell them.

“Don't you worry, she will be in the best of care with our royal guards around. This is just a worst case scenario.” Elroy told us. 

“Bab will be safe with us,” Noah told me. 

“But aren't you both just knights?” Bab asked and I translated.

“Right we never told you, did we. we are actually the heads of the royal guard of Parïtet.” Sherry told us. “We had just finished a mission and were on our way back to Parïtet when we ran into you guys.”

“But your weapons, they weren't much better than the one I have now,” I tell them.

“That's because we were testing out new weapons at the time. You don't just pick up an A class weapon and just start using it without practice.” Noah told us. “Heck I was about to pull out my better weapons to take on the boss when you two killed it.”

Now that I think about it, Sherry didn't even have a scratch on her when she fought those bandits, and how would someone like Noah get such a rare sword?

“As for the princess, one of our royal guards will escort her on a different path leading to our destination,” Elroy told us.

“Excuse me, sir, if I may?” Sherry spoke up upon hearing this. “I don't think that would be such a good idea.”

“Why is that?” Elroy asked.

“All of the royal guards around here are well known. The moment anyone sees one of them with someone that looks like the princess everyone will be talking about it.” Sherry explained. 

“Even if they left at night, if just one person saw them then it would be all for nothing.” Noah chimed in.

“See, even your royal guards think it's a bad idea,” I tell them and Bab nodded in agreement.

“Not exactly,” Noah told me. I only said that if she went with a royal guard their would be problems. I suggest we have Alex here take her.”

“No, he is unknown and inexperienced. The princes wouldn't be safe with him.” Elroy told us.

“I actually agree, Bab is one thing, a princess is completely different!” I tell them.

“But that is exactly why I think Alex is a better solution. No one would think we would trust someone so inexperienced with the protection of a princess. Plus while he wouldn't have defeated Alisha if she was going all out he did hold his own against her.” Noah pointed out.

“And it's not like he doesn't already travel with a kid in the first place.” sherry brought up.

“I agree with them,” Ramonita told us. “That might be the best plan we can use on such short notice.”

“Agin I said no!” I yelled and all eyes were on me. “One you're putting Bab in danger on a what-if scenario, two I'm not qualified to take care of royalty, and three we want nothing to do with Pa’s!” I yelled.

“We would gladly give you any compensation you could want for your services,” Ramonita told us.

“I think we should do it,” Bab said and my head spun around to look at her.

“WHAT!”I yelled. “You can't be serious right?”

“The job does sound risky but a reward like that could help us out later.” bab told me.

‘What is she saying’ Elroy asked Noah who shrugged.

“Can we have a moment to speak in private?” I asked everyone else.

“Yes, we will return in 15 minutes for an answer,”Ramonita told us before they left, leaving Bab and me alone.

“Bab, do you even know the risks? By doing this not only will you be in danger but you will also have to reveal your secret to them.” I told her. 

“I know, and if it means getting closer to our goal I think I can suck up my pride,” she told me.


Once the 15 minutes were up they came back into the room to hear our decision.

“After thinking it over we finally decided on doing it,” I tell them.

“That is great,” Noah said.

“But first we have 3 conditions,” I told them. “First, Sherry must be with Bab at all times.” 

“Why me?” sherry asked confused.

We then revealed Bab’s secret. About her need of diapers and her hands. Out of everyone, Sherry is the only person in their group who Bab would trust to change her diaper.

“Under these circumstances, it shall be,” Elroy told us.

“Next, the princes must form a bond with me,” I tell them,

“No, your job will be to keep her safe, you do not need to have her form a bond,” Elroy told me.

“Correction, my job is to keep Bab safe, and after what we went through with Pa’s royalty I want insurance that Bab will stay safe,” I tell them.

“Elroy it is fine, it will only be for a few days. It won't be a problem.” Ramonita tells Elroy who has to follow what she said. “What is your final condition?” 


Not long later I saw Bab and Sherry walk out of the cell room. Bab was now in the princess dress and looked almost identical to Ramonita. The dress was slightly big on her but still fit nicely, well except for the chest part.

Waddling behind them was Ramonita in Babs adventure outfit and diaper. Bab’s final condition was if they were trading places then the princes must also wear diapers just like Bab. it was something Bab wouldn't take no for an answer. 

“Bab I want you to be good and stay safe,” I told her. 

“U gurr Cryf, urr kyy eoi up c xyg zcek” Bab told me

Without the bond, I can't understand her but I think I understood what she said when she had me crouch down so she could give me a hug. 

I then watched as she and Elroy got into a carriage and drove off.

“Since Bab isn't here I'll tell you this now. You only have to wear them, not use them if you don't want to.” I tell her.

She just ignored me and tried her hardest to walk without waddling. 

“These are going to be a long few days,” I whisper to myself.

Alexander March
Stats- lv14
HP-85 (+4)
Attack-43 (+3)
Defence-39 (+5)
Speed-48 (+2)
Regen-8 (+1)

Skills-beast vision
Weapons- sword (C)

partner-Ramonita Maynard
Stats- lv1
Attack- 2
Defence- 3 (+100)
Speed- 2

Skills-royal blood
Element- dark

Money ----
gold  14) 
silver  14)
bronze  51)
copper   8)


“Well, well, well. Looks like Elroy has a new plan” Chet said as he looked down from a roof and saw Elroy and Bab get into a carriage and ride off before Ramonita and I came out.

“Are you positive that's the real one master?” Aeva asked not able to tell the difference. 

“Trust me, I've known her since she was a baby, that's definitely her,” Chet told Aeva.

“What shall we do now?” Aeva asked.

“The guy doesn't look like a royal guard, but he does look strangely familiar, let's have Monarch test him out,” Chet said as he stared at Ramonita.

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Curiously good story.  Thanks for sharing!

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“How about we go shopping before we do anything else. I know Bab’s clothes are a bit tight so you might want to get something more comfortable,” I suggested to Ramonita.

She didn't say a word to me. She mostly just messed with her skirt trying to make it longer. 

It was getting late and there weren't as many people around so moving thru town was a lot easier. I decided we needed to make 2 stops, First to get Ramonita better clothes.

Thankfully Elroy gave us 10 gold to help pay for anything we might need over the next few days.

We were in the store for about 45 minutes before Ramonita picked out 2 outfits and some pajamas. She was now wearing a yellow t-shirt with a long skirt and a jacket. She looked like a regular teen, well except for the diaper.

Next was a weapon. Unlike Bab, Ramonita can use both of her hands. So in case it came down to it she should at least have something to defend herself with. Out of everything she only picked a dagger. Well, at least it was better than nothing.

With both done we went to get dinner at a small restaurant.

“Ramonita you do know you can talk to me right?” I tell her as we waited for our food.

She just sipped at her water.

I just sighed and decided to leave it alone for a while. When we get back to the room I'll see if I can get her to talk to me.

Dinner was great but Ramonita didn't seem to like it as much. Maybe a status type of thing. I just got her food into a doggy bag to save for later.

It was about 20 minutes later when I noticed something. Ramonita was slowing down.

“You ok?” I asked. She ignored me and tried to keep pace with me again.

We were passing another store when I saw something through the window, a Sleeping Bag. I've been hoping I could find one for a while. So far Bab and I have just taken turns using my sleeping bag while the other uses the mat and blanket.

I quickly go in hoping to grab it before the store closed. Luckily the clerk told us we had plenty of time so I began to look for other supplies we might need.

All the while Ramonita began to grow anxious. She hasn't used the bathroom since she left her home earlier that day and hasn't seen a good time to go. She thought about going to the bathroom at the restaurant but there were too many people and she didn't want them seeing her carry a diaper into the bathroom. She was so focused on her need to pee she blocked out nearly everything else. She was hoping we would just go back to the room fast so that she could use the toilet, but then I had to make that stop.

We walked around the store a bit until I notice Ramonita stopping and began to whisper something.

“Ramonita are you ok?” I asked and knelt down next to her.

Her face was growing red and sweat was starting to pour down her face. When she finally looked at me she finally spoke.

“I have to pee,” she whispered before she grabbed her padded crotch and crossed her legs no longer trying to hide it.

“Ow shit,” I say as I try my best to lead her back to the cashier. “Excuse me, do you have a bathroom here?” 

“I'm sorry but that is for employs only.” the cashier told me.

“Can you please make an exception, my sister her really needs to pee,” I tell them as they look over to Ramonita who is now doing the peepee dance just trying to hold it in.

“I'm sorry sis but it's store policy. We've had women sneak stuff into the bathroom and (ahem) ‘hide’ the items before leaving.” they told me.

“SHE'S 12! DO YOU THINK SHE'S GOING TO DO SOMETHING LIKE THAT!” I yelled. I then looked back at Ramonita, there was no way she would last much longer and no way she would be able to move much like that.

So dropping all the stuff I had I picked Ramonita into my arms, ironically princess carry Style, and ran out of the store. I had no idea where another bathroom was but we were close to the inn if she could just hold it for just a few more moments.

“We're almost there, just try to hold it a little longer!” I tell her.

Luckily someone was just leaving the inn and I was able to slip thru with her and quickly run up the stars. 

I opened my door and ran Ramonita fight into the bathroom. We made!


I stood there, in the middle of the bathroom holding a princess right in front of a toilet were her bladder gave out and flooded her diaper in my arms and a wet patch formed around the bottom of her skirt.


Bab wasn't really enjoying herself. As soon as they arrived at the castle Bab was rushed into the princess’s room.

Elroy had to tell all the staff that because of special circumstances no one was allowed to see the princess for the next few days. He didn't want to risk anyone finding out Bab wasn't really her.

The princesses room was large with a high ceiling. Bab looked at the bed and saw it was covered in stuffed animals. 

“kvy lycrre rusyk vyl kjixxyz cpuqcrk,” Bab said out loud.

“What's that?” Sherry asked. Not understanding a word Bab said.

“pyhyl qupz,” Bab said as she shook her head.

Without the bracelet, no one could understand her. She had to give her bracelet to the prince's earlier. She hoped she and sherry could form a bond so that they could talk but Elroy shot that down.

“The princess didn't have one and if anyone saw you with one they will grow suspicious,” he told her on the way here.

“Well is there something you would like to do?” sherry asked Bab. 

Sherry felt a bit awkward in this position. She never expected to be babysitting anyone in her life. Hell, she never expected to have to put a princess into a diaper in her life. Now she was in the princes's room with Bab who couldn't leave. She didn't know what to do.

“acp eoi vcpz qy qe bcasncas?” Bab asked as she pointed to her backpack that Sherry was holding onto.

Bab wasn't allowed to bring her clothes but she did have some stuff in her backpack. Such as extra diapers, a bottle, her books and something Alex packed for her.

Bab pulled out one of her books and sat down at a table to read. She really didn't have much else to do. 

“Um is there something you want me to do?” sherry asked Bab who shook her head no. “ok then, well I'm going to talk with Noah outside. Come get me if you need anything.”

With that Sherry left the room, leaving Bab sitting at the table to read her book.

After a while, Sherry and Noah came into the room carrying trays of food. They then set them on the table and revealed them as dinner. 

Steak with mashed potatoes, steamed veggies, and corn. 

Both Sherry and Noah took a seat next to Bab as they began to eat their dinner and talk.

“Why aren't you eating?” Sherry asked Bab. 

“u acpj iky qe vcpzk,” Bab told her and shook her hand.

“Ow right, Alex told us you couldn't use your hands. One sec I'll help you.” Sherry said as she cut up the stake and began to feed the girl.

“It must suck not being able to do that yourself,” Noah commented the obvious. 

After a few minutes of eating Bab pulled out her bottle and had Sherry fill it to let Bab drink from it.

“You act just like a baby.” sherry commented with a giggle as Bab then glared at her.

Once dinner was over Noah left as Sherry noticed a faint bad smell and looked over at Bab.

“U pyyz c avcpwy, nrycky,” bab said as she pointed to her diaper.

Sherry had a very hard time with the diaper. Nearly throwing up when she untaped it. She quickly tried to clean Bab up before taping on a new diaper. 

But the diaper felt...off, somehow it just didn't feel right. But before Bab could say anything Sherry was already starting to undress Bab to put her into a nightgown.

“It's time for bed Bab. Noah and I will be right outside if you need anything.” Sherry told Bab as she helped put Bab into the huge bed before turning off the lights and leaving the room.

Bab laid in the dark with nothing but her thoughts. She hated this whole thing. She felt like she was back at the orphanage again. No one understanding her. Treating her like an infant. 

She then got out of bed and using some electricity to see in the dark she went to grab her backpack and walked back to the bed. She unzipped it and pulled out the bear Alex packed for her and hugged it as she curled back up into the bed. 

“u qukk Cryf,” bab said as she hugged the bear tightly looking forward to when this would all be over.


Ramonita’s face was a mixture of shame, confusion, and sadness. it wasn't long before she was bawling her eyes out. 

“Shussh its ok, you're ok. Accidents happen,” I tell her as I set the girl down onto her feet. “You're fine, your safe.”

I continued to comfort her and rub her back until she finally stopped crying.

“Are you ok now?” I asked her. She nodded yes while sniffling. “Would you like some help?”

Ramonita just looked at me in confusion.

“Do you know how to change a diaper or would you like me to?” I asked her.

By now Ramonita didn't know what to do. She didn't know how to change a diaper as she only let sherry put one on her earlier. She wasn't paying any attention to how it was don at the time. Just embarrassed that it was happening to her. With no response I just signed. 

“Come with me, we don't want you getting a rash,” I told her as I stood up and took her by the hand and took her back into the room. 

First I shut the door I left open as I ran into the bathroom earlier before laying down a changing mat on the bed.

Next, I removed Ramonita’s wet skirt. Sherry must not know how to properly tape on a diaper. Ramonita let out a slight squeal as she tried to cover the heavily soaked diaper. 

“You don't have to worry, I'm already used to changing Bab,” I tell her as I help her onto the changing mat. I then pull out all the supplies I had. “Ok, I want you to pay attention to what I do. This way you'll be able to do it yourself later.”

I then proceeded to un-tape the straps and unfold the soaked diaper. Ramonita face was bright red and she tried to cover her face with her hands. 

“I'm going to have you wipe yourself clean,” I tell her as I hand her the baby wiped. 

Once she was done with that I removed the diaper and put a new one under her. Then I gave her the Baby powder and had her apply it to herself while Before I showed her how to tape the diaper up.
After that, I told her to change into her pajamas while I threw away her diaper and changed in the bathroom.

When I got out Ramonita was already changed and in bed under the blankets as she stared at the wall.

“Ramonita would you like to talk about it?” I asked, not really knowing what to do in this circumstance.

 With Bab, she can't change her diaper and is forced to use it. Ramonita, on the other hand, used hers on accident and could have changed her own diaper. Instead, a guy she doesn't really know just watched her pee into a diaper but also was changed by them as well. She must feel like shit right now.

“I'm sorry,” Ramonita told me.

“Excuse me?” I replied not getting what she said.

“I'm sorry because I didn't ask to use the bathroom this all happened,” she told me.

“Why didn't you just go at the restaurant?” I asked as I sat down on the bed right next to her.

“I didn't want to ask for a diaper and have people see me take it to the bathroom,” she explained.

“Why would you need to ask for one?” I asked her. She then lifted up her head to look at me in confusion. “You do know you can use storage to0 right?”

Her eyes went wide before she shoved her face into the pillow and started crying again, finally realizing this entire thing happened because she didn't know she could use storage.

“Hey, it's ok Ramonita, it was just a simple mistake,” I tell her.

“But, but” she stammered as she raised her teary face from the pillow.

“Ramonita, look at me. Do I look mad to you? It was just a mistake and I promise it will never leave this room.” I tell her.

For the next 20 minutes, I continue to reassure her that she was ok and that her secret was safe with me. She even apologized for ignoring me earlier, 

“Um, Alex?” Ramonita said as I pulled out my sleeping bag.

“Yes?” I respond.

“Can I make a request?” she asked.

“what is it?” I asked her.

“I can't sleep without a story,” she told me.

“Really?” I asked. She nodded.

This was a weird request but I figured why not. I did have a problem however as I didn't know many stories. Then I realized I could just tell the plots of tv shows.

“This story is from my world,” I told Ramonita as I sat down on the bed next to her. She moved over slightly and looked at me. “Sugar. Spice. And everything nice. These were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect little girl…..”


Ramonita woke up in the middle of the night needing to pee. I was fast asleep in my sleeping bag as Ramonita got up and tiptoed past me into the bathroom.

Once in there she took off her pajama pants and looked down at the diaper she was wearing. The bulky yet strangely comfortable feeling it gave her. She didn't really understand it but the diaper felt almost good.

She then felt a ting in her bladder and remembered she needed to pee. She was about to un-tape the diaper when a thought popped into her mind. 

‘Why not use it?’

She wasn't sure if it was because she was half asleep or not but that thought did creep up on her.

Earlier she was too busy crying over the fact that she just peed herself that she didn't really notice how the diaper felt at the time. 

After a moment of thought, she placed her hand onto the front of the diaper and let go. She watched in amazement as the diaper drank up everything. Her hand feeling the warmth as it spread across the diaper. 

Without knowing why she decided to give the diaper a little squeeze and actually enjoying the feeling!

“You having fun?” I ask her as she jumped and spun around to see me rubbing the sleep from my eyes and standing in the doorway.

“D-dint a-a-anyone tell y-you to knock?” Ramonita stuttered.

“Has anyone ever told you to shut the door all the way,” I told her and pointed at the door. 

She was trying not to wake me so she didn't close it all the way. What she didn't realize was the door slowly opening and the light from the bathroom shining on my face waking me up.

“I-I'm sorry,” Ramonita told me as she was on the verge of crying.

I just pat her on the head and yanked loudly. Not really caring what she was doing and just wanted to go back to sleep.

“It's fine, just tell me about it later,” I tell her before taking her back into the room and quickly changing her before tucking her back into bead. “Good night princess.” 

I then got back into my sleeping bag and went back to sleep, the princess just looking down at me, with a slight smile on her face.

Alexander March
Stats- lv14
HP-85 (+4)
Attack-43 (+3)
Defence-39 (+5)
Speed-48 (+2)
Regen-8 (+1)

Skills-beast vision
Weapons- sword (C)

Partner- Ramonita Maynard
Stats- lv1
Attack- 2
Defence- 3 (+100)
Speed- 2

Skills-royal blood
Element- dark

Money ----
gold  13) 
silver  14)
bronze  1)
copper   8)

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Love the story so far.  As for the spelling errors, my spelling is horrible as well so I use a spell checker.  If you run windows then download open office.  The writer program has a spell checker in it that helps big time.  It's a free office suite and works great.  Regardless, still love the story and want to see what other kinds of trouble they get into and how they get out of it.  Great story so please continue as you can and I'll gladly keep reading it.

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glad you like it. I don't have windows and I wish I could get that program to help with the spelling. I try to use a combination of a spell checker on google and the site Grammarly. so far it is much better then what it used to look like lol. theirs still lots to come and if you have any suggestions for the story I would love to hear them. hopefully ill have next chapter out the day after tomorrow.

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Hi Redwelch! I finally managed to make my profile here. Although I will probably continue to comment primarily on Deviantart. But if I might make a few suggestions:

#1 I don't know if this would be possible at this point, but perhaps you should organize this story into several pages like most other authors on here do. I read on a cellphone which makes scrolling through 14 chapters to get to the latest one a chore. Mayhaps change it to be like 5 chapters per page? Like I said I'll still be following this story on Deviantart so it doesn't matter to me. But it could deter others from giving this story a try if it looks too overwhelming.

#2 some authors, when they put up a new chapter, change the title of their story to say "NEW CHAPTER UP 10/19" or something like that. It helps readers to know when you actually put up a new chapter or when someone just left a comment. I've fallen prey to that trap many times.

Anyway that's just my 2 cents. Keep up the good work. :)

-sincerely, your biggest fan. :D

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to answer your questions, 1) I'm still going to post on that one page. while some might find it overwhelming others would prefer to keep them all in one spot so they don't have to go looking for them.

2) I think I will start doing that. that seems like a great idea. ill start doing it when I post the next chapter, hopefully, tomorrow. 

thank you again for being such a big fan of my work and I hope I don't disappoint later on. :)

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