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Hi everyone! This will be my first attempt at a story. I've had most of this rolling around in my head for some time now, and finally decided to get it out. It's written in a pseudo script-like fashion. I realize I will probably be using some common tropes at first, but I hope to veer off in some other directions. The youngest characters are mentioned as being in high school. I imagine them as being at least 18. The earlier chapters will set things up for what is to come, so don't be surprised if there isn't a whole lot of diaper stuff mentioned at first. I do plan for it to get pretty graphic, though it will also have a softer side as well :). I hope you enjoy it. Thanks!
--------------------------- Chapter 1: Panty Theft Regret
Derrek always thought of himself as pretty average. He was clean shaven, about 6 feet tall with brown hair, green eyes, and an average build. He was a bit of a geek, but not the brainy kind… more like the kind who spend their weekends watching Star Wars and playing video games. He did have friends, but he never really hung out with them outside of school. And one thing he never claimed to be was a ladies man. He was just a shy guy, and had never been able to even ask a girl out. To make things worse, he was at the end of his junior year of high school, so prospects were not looking great.

This year had proven to be drastically different than the one before. His father had married Amanda, the nurse at his High School. She officially adopted Derrek shortly after the wedding. Then tragically on the drive back from their honeymoon, their car was hit by a drunk driver, and Derrek's dad was killed. The only family he had left was his new mom. They had bonded strongly over their loss, but they were still trying to grow and strengthen their relationship.

On the last day of school before Summer break, Derrek was having lunch with his friends Rob and Jack.

Rob: So you put the moves on Nurse Amanda yet?

Jack: Yeah man, you tap that shit?

This wasn't the first time anyone had ever asked Derrek that question. Amanda was a beautiful woman. She was fit without being too muscular. A bit taller than average. She had short black hair that she typically at least partially dyed pink. Her eyes were a bright green. Vibrant arm tattoos accented her otherwise creamy white skin. And she always wore tight fitting scrubs to work. All of the male students were not so secretly attracted to her, and admired the position Derrek had found himself in.

Derrek: Wow, you guys are dumbasses! And no, I'm not going to tap that shit. She's basically like my mom now, so…

Rob: That's cool man. You know we're just fucking with ya, right?

Derrek: Yeah, I know...

Rob: That said... Garry from my Bio class told me he would pay you $500 for a pair of Nurse Amanda's used panties. And he wasn't joking around. He actually showed me the money!

Jack: $500!? Wish he wanted to buy my mom's panties!

Rob: He probably wants to wank off to them, Jack. Your mom's crusty granny panties would just scar him for life.

Jack: Haha! Fuck you, dick!

Rob: So what do you say Derrek?

Derrek: Hmmm... I don't know about this.

Rob: Dude just think about it. She probably wouldn't even notice them missing. Not to mention, it's $500!

Derrek had dismissed the thought at first. Amanda really was officially his mother now, and it would be straight up weird to sell your mom's panties. Being the geek that he was though, there was always a new gadget or game he needed money for. The idea floated in and out of his mind for the rest of the school day.

Later that night Derrek was watching TV in the living room when Amanda walked in with a big smile on her face.

Amanda: What would you say to a couple pizza's tonight for dinner? I could run out to Antonio's down the street.

Derrek: Heck yeah! That would be awesome!

Amanda: Annnnnnnnnd! Sally loaned me a copy of that new movie. The one that takes place before Harry Potter.

Derrek: Fantastic Beasts?

Amanda: Yes! That's it! We could watch that while we eat.

This was one thing Derrek loved about Amanda. She had a geeky quality of her own. It wasn't a constant with her, but when it popped up, it always made Derrek smile.

Derrek: Sounds like a plan to me!

Amanda: Alright, I'm going to run out and pick up the pizzas. Why don't you get the movie queued up and ready. I'll be back in a few.

Derrek: Sure, where's it at?

Amanda: I left it in my room, on the dresser near the bathroom.

Derrek: On it!

Amanda: Thanks, Sweety! I'll see you in a bit.

Derrek finished watching his show as Amanda grabbed her car keys and purse and then headed out the back door to the garage. Once she had left, he got up, walked into her room, and spotted the movie on the dresser near the bathroom right where Amanda had said it would be. As he grabbed the movie, he saw Amanda's whicker dirty clothes basket positioned right next to the toilet in her bathroom. His mind was once more invaded with thoughts of what Rob had told him. $500 for one pair of Amanda's panties. She wouldn't even notice them missing... He tossed the idea around in his head until he couldn't talk himself out of it. He did really need to upgrade some things on his computer, and $500 could go a long way toward that. He'll do it just this once, he thought.

His confidence began to waiver as he walked into the bathroom. It was a very pink room, which seemed to have the effect of continuously reminding Derrek that he didn't belong there. He felt his heart begin to pound as he lifted the lid to the dirty clothes basket. He couldn't help but feel nervous. This was the first time he had ever stolen anything from anyone, much less a family member. He began sifting through the pile of clothes until his hand glanced against something slick and satiny. "Bingo!" he thought. He grabbed at the item and withdrew his hand from the basket. There in his nervous grip was a very dirty pair of black satin panties adorned with little pink bows. They were inside out, and Derrek could see every stain that told the story of the active day Amanda must have had while wearing them. He was about to shove them in his pocket when he noticed… it. The scent. It was faint, but noticeable. Derrek had never considered himself a panty sniffer, but he found himself drawn to the scent. Again his heart pounded as if it was trying to warn him. Trying to tell him not to do what he was about to do, but he couldn't fight the urge. He brought the crotch of the panties to his nose and inhaled deeply. His eyes began to roll back in his head. As he exhaled, it was like he was breathing out pink smoke. It was the best smell he had ever smelled. It wasn't roses or strawberries, it was distinctly human, but the fact that it was Amanda's scent made it heavenly to him. Her most intimate of areas came together to produce this dirty little secret that they now both shared. Derrek suddenly took notice of how erect the smelling of Amanda's panties had made his cock. His mind and body were suddenly screaming for sex, and he was helpless to resist. He unbuttoned and unzipped his pants and began to touch himself. His heart was pounding like crazy. He flung open the pink toilet seat in an effort to contain the future product of his mounting excitement. Repositioning himself in front of the toilet, he grabbed his cock again and began rubbing it, as he buried his nose in Amanda's panties. Her special perfume made it so intense. As Derrek's masturbating kept building in intensity, he couldn't help but want more. He didn't just want Amanda's scent, he wanted to experience her with every one of his senses. He pulled the panties away from his nose and looked at the intimate stains again. He could see where her pussy had clung to the fabric; held in place in part by her personal secretions. Further down he could see where here asshole had kissed the satiny seat and left marks and a scent contribution of it's own. He didn't find it gross or disgusting at all. He just kept thinking of how it was all created by Amanda, and this drove him wild. This typically perfectly kempt woman had filthy panties. Again the intensity built up even more as Derrek could smell and practically see Amanda's most intimate secret, but he still wanted more. He still needed more. His heart raced again and he nervously gulped. His hand was shaking, as he shoved the dirty satin panties into his mouth and began rolling his tongue over them. The taste was almost more than he could handle. He was in ecstasy. His cock was sopping wet, and he felt he might cum in any minute. There was one thing he knew right then and there; there was no fucking way Garry from Bio was getting these or any other pairs of Amanda's panties. This was Derrek's treasure now, and he wasn't willing to share. The intensity was more extreme than it had felt even the first time he had ever masturbated. It felt as if his penis was crying pre-cum as he kept pumping it against his hand. The taste of the panties filled his mouth so completely that he could practically smell them on his breath. His eyes rolled back into his head again, and just at that most extreme moment.

Amanda: WHAT THE FUCK!!!

Amanda was standing in the doorway to the bathroom. A look of shock and fury was painted on her face. As soon as she let her presence be known, Derrek awoke from his sex crazed fog, and his head snapped to her location. He was like a deer in headlights, and was unable to move or think. His cock seemed to abandon him, as it tried to slink back to the safety of his boxer shorts.


Derrek felt as if he must be beet red now. He was sweating heavily, and knew there was no way out of this. He quickly pulled the panties out of his mouth with one hand, and pulled his pants up with the other. Nervously he stuttered…

Derrek: I, uh…

Amanda leaned forward and ripped the panties from his hand. For a second she eyed the area he had been tasting, and then she resumed her furious glare at him. She held the panties away in a tight grip as if she were trying to protect them. Then she forcefully pointed at the bedroom door.

Amanda: Get in your room and stay there.

She wasn't screaming anymore, but her tone was low and filled with fiery anger. Derrek could tell something deep was broken that could not be fixed by anything he could say at this moment. He held on to the waist of his pants as he hurried past her, and practically sprinted to his room. He spent the rest of the night in there trying to think of how he could explain it away. Even when his stomach started growling for food, he dared not leave the safe confines of his room. It wasn't until 4:00am that he finally was able to fall asleep.

The next few days were awkward at best. Derrek would wake up, and wait until he heard Amanda leave for work. Then he would come out and get some food, and watch TV. He would do that until right before Amanda returned home from work, at which point he would retreat back to his room. At first it seemed like Amanda was pretty much staying in her room too, but a few days after the event, Derrek started hearing her hanging out in the living room again. By this point Derrek had thought of a few things he should say to her, and felt she might actually hear him now. Hopefully her rage had died down enough. He just needed to work up the nerve to look her in the eye again. After all, she had caught him masturbating with her dirty panties in his mouth. That's about as awkward of a situation as you can be in… or so he thought. As Derrek sat on his bed contemplating how he should approach Amanda, he heard a knock on his bedroom door.

Amanda: Derrek?

His face flushed red as he opened the door. Everything he had thought to say disappeared in his sorrow swollen mind. He began to sob as he saw her standing there.

Derrek: I'm sorry. I'm just so stupid! I'm sorry. I nev…

Amanda held up a finger as if to silence him. She didn't seem mad at all now. She just looked serious, and like she had something to say.

Amanda: It's going to be all right. I was pretty angry when I walked in on you the other day with my… well... I just thought our relationship was stronger than that. I thought I could trust you more than I feel I can right now. I have had time to think about it though, and I believe this is fixable. It's not going to be a quick fix, and it's not going to be easy for either of us, but I'm willing to put the work in. Are you, Derrek?

Derrek still had tears streaming down his face.

Derrek: Yes, I'll do anything. I'm so sorry! I nev…

Amanda's finger shot up again to silence him once more.

Amanda: Shhhhh it's alright. Everything is going to get better.

As she looked at him, she could see how stressed out about this he truly was, so she pulled him into an embrace and hugged him.

Amanda: Everything is going to get better.

He had no idea what plans she had come up with to fix their relationship, but he figured his future would be dominated by therapy sessions and counseling. He didn't mind that though. He had fucked up, and this special woman was willing to look past it in order to be his family. He felt truly lucky to have her in his life.
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Interesting so far.  Question:  What is the school nurse's job during the summer?  

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4 hours ago, ELLIE52 said:

Interesting so far.  Question:  What is the school nurse's job during the summer?  

Thanks! In my haste to post this, it seems I typed theif instead of thief for the title ☹. That's going to annoy me to no end... To answer your question, I figured she would have some post semester prep and meeting days. There should be mention of a Summer job in one of the future chapters. I'm planning on posting two more tonight!

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That's great on more updates coming.  I already used up my points for the day though.  But it also looks like it let you correct your title.

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Great story line . Love the femdom theme. 

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That was a fantastic start and to top it off, I was able to give another like which was actually #4 for the day. I was pretty sure Derrek was going to be caught, I just didn't expect it so soon. I am waiting for more. 

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6 hours ago, Benjy said:

Great story line . Love the femdom theme. 

Thanks! There are some super strong femdom parts coming up. It's one of my favorite themes too!

2 hours ago, CDfm said:

That was a fantastic start and to top it off, I was able to give another like which was actually #4 for the day. I was pretty sure Derrek was going to be caught, I just didn't expect it so soon. I am waiting for more. 

Thank you so much! He might have gotten caught already, but he has no idea what's in store for him :).

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--------------------------- Chapter 2: The Notary
It had been several days since the night Amanda and Derrek finally began speaking again. Derrek's thoughts were still invaded with memories of the scent and taste of Amanda's panties, but he tried hard to just ignore them. This was actually proving harder than he thought. Sometimes, while talking to Amanda, he would just randomly think of the incident and instantly begin to blush with embarrassment. The worst of all was when his eyes caught a glimpse of her panty lines or a waistband peeking over the top of her pants. These instances usually led to an erection, and required some quick thinking on Derrek's part. He just didn't want to give Amanda any more reasons to think he needed therapy.

Largely, he felt his efforts to ignore things were paying off. Their relationship was back on track as far as he could tell. They were hanging out like they used to, or maybe even more than they used to. He suspected Amanda kept her bedroom door locked now, but he wasn't about to test that theory. He was just glad it seemed his past transgression had been erased. They never discussed it since that night, and both of them seemed fine with that. He hadn't even heard Amanda mention anything about counseling or therapy. He naively figured she must have noticed improvement in him in this short amount of time, and just decided to let the whole thing go.

Late in the day, Derrek and Amanda were talking about his plans for college, and dreams for the future. Derrek had always wanted to go to school for illustration, but he wasn't sure if it was a stable career choice.

Amanda: But it's what you're passionate about. Why not pursue it?

Derrek: I know, but the field is like very competitive, and I heard it takes the joy out of it when you turn your passion into your job.

Amanda: You could minor in illustration, and then do freelance work on the side.

Derrek: Yeah, I might do that, but then I have to figure out what I want to major in.

Amanda: You could always become a nurse like me, Sweety. You can handle working with peoples bodily fluids right?

Derrek couldn't help but think briefly that this might be a mention to the panty situation. Amanda didn't seem to notice the connection though.

Amanda: Have I ever told you about code browns?

Derrek: Oh god! Yes you've told me plenty of times!

Amanda: Follow in my footsteps!

Derrek: Nooooooooo!

While they were busy chatting away, the doorbell rang out of the blue.

Amanda: Oh! I almost forgot. I asked a notary to come by. We need to sign some more papers for your adoption.

Derrek: Oh… I thought everything was official already.

Derrek was genuinely sad at the thought that Amanda might not officially be his mom.

Amanda: Oh Sweety, everything is official. I didn't mean to worry you. We just have some other minor papers we need to sign. Nothing to think too hard about.

Relief flushed over his face.

Derrek: Oh, ok.

When Amanda opened the door, there stood a tall athletic looking woman. She was wearing a black tailored pinstriped suit and heels which made her appear even taller than she naturally was. Derrek felt tiny in her presence. Her long straight black hair framed her smooth face, which wore a serious, almost pissed off expression. Then her eyes met Amanda's, and she lit up with, as Derrek thought, the weakest smile he had ever seen. It was as if she dared not smile too hard for the fear that the action would shatter her tight face.

Notary: Amanda, hi! I brought the paperwork we had discussed the other day.
Her eyes then focused on Derrek.
Notary: This must be Derrek. Nice to meet you. I've heard a lot about you.

She thrust a sturdy branch like arm out to shake his hand. Derrek was taken aback by how firm her grip was. He also thought it was interesting that she had heard so much about him. For Amanda to speak highly of him it must mean their relationship was pretty darn solid. Though he was barely conscious of it, it further helped set his mind at ease regarding his relationship with her.

Derrek: Thanks! Nice to meet you too!

The notary shifted straight into business after that. Derrek thought that must be her natural state of being. She seemed like a workaholic for sure. The type of person who is always connected to their job and can't shut it off.

Notary: Amanda, is there a table we can use?

Amanda: Absolutely. Right over here. Just let me move these.

Amanda scooped up all of the college info packets that were laying on the table, as Derrek and the Notary pulled out chairs.

Amanda: We were just looking over Derrek's college options. Sorry about the mess.

Notary: Oh don't worry about that! I've seen way bigger messes than anything here. I can promise you that.

The notary seemed to smirk lightly to herself.

Notary: Well then, let's begin.

She popped open her briefcase and shuffled through some papers talking as she did so.

Notary: So Derrek, nothing too scary here, basically these are just follow-up documents that add on to your adoption by Amanda. They give her more rights as your mother and legal guardian.

Derrek: ok

Notary: Would you like me to go over it all with you, or do you have any questions about this?

Derrek: Not really. I mean, I thought she already had all the parental rights anyway, so I don't mind agreeing to that.

Notary: Ok, then if you'd like to extend those rights to Amanda, all you need to do is sign this very last page. Then just initial and date on each of these lines.

Derrek started to read the legalese at the top of the page, but then he felt something. Amanda had put her hand on his and squeezed it. Derrek looked up to see her smiling at him.

Amanda: Are you ready for this?

Derrek returned the smile and nodded. With that he signed, initialed, and dated everything. After he finished, Amanda went through and did the same. Once she had completed her part, the Notary stood up and began gathering the various papers. She stacked them up neatly, tapped them on the table three times, and laid them in her briefcase.

Notary: Well, that is that then. We have a perfectly legal and binding document. Amanda, I'll send you a copy for your records.

She slammed the briefcase shut, and used her thumbs to close the latches, which gave off satisfying clicks as they set. She then crossed the room to the front door, and turned back toward Amanda.

Notary: You're all set?

It was a question, not a statement, but Derrek hadn't read too deeply into it. She asked it as if she were asking about some preparations for a trip or something. Amanda just smiled and nodded at her, and then opened the front door.

Amanda: Thanks for getting this all ready so fast.

Notary: Don't be silly, it was my pleasure. Just be sure to let me know when you need me.

Amanda: I will. I promise.

Derrek again hadn't really thought too deeply about this exchange. He figured they were talking about something else entirely now. The notary began taking steps out the door, but she once again turned back, and this time faced Derrek.

Notary: Derrek, you be a good boy for your mommy now.

Derrek thought it was a really weird joke, but he laughed anyway. The woman then shot a subtle smirk at Amanda, and with that she climbed into a black Lexus and drove off.

Derrek: She was a little different, huh?

Amanda: Shhhhh that's not nice!

Derrek: Ok "mommy".

They both started laughing heavily. Derrek thought things were really looking up for him.
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Another interesting chapter.  I'm hoping you will get the other up tonite too?  Don't you just love it, when someone signs a contract without reading it?

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--------------------------- Chapter 3: Supplies, Surprise!
The next day, Derrek joined Amanda on some errands she needed to run. It was all mainly just running to different stores to pick stuff up or return clothes that didn't quite fit right. One stop she needed to make was particularly interesting to him though. Amanda needed to pick up some boxes from her friend Becca's house.

Amanda and Becca had been friends since high school. They both actually worked at the school they had attended when they were teens. While Amanda was the school nurse, Becca was the home economics and child development teacher. Derrek had taken one of her classes in the past, and always found Becca to be a sweet lady, and kind of a babe actually. She was a little shorter than average height, and was fuller figured with blond hair and a kind smiling face. Derrek always thought she was the stereotypical preschool teacher type. Always cheery with very exaggerated actions. His friends use to rib him for "having the hots for the home ec teacher".

Aside from his attraction to Becca, Derrek was also curious about her daughter, Annabelle. Becca was a single mother to her daughter, and with working fulltime, she hadn't always had time to keep after her. A few years back Annabelle had gained a reputation around campus for being a stoner. She was curvy and beautiful like her mom, but she always dressed in black, and hung out with the goth and stoner crowds. Throughout freshman year, she was in trouble more often than not, but when she returned after Summer break, she seemed… different. She just kind of kept to herself and didn't really associate with anyone. Derrek always thought it was odd, but he was never very close with her anyway.

As they pulled up in the driveway, Becca came walking out the front door to greet them. She had a big smile plastered on her face. Amanda instantly started smiling at the sight of her friend. Becca walked over to Amanda's car door and tapped on the glass.

Becca: Hey bitch!

Amanda burst out laughing as she climbed out of her SUV. They hugged and pecked each other on the cheek. Derrek was starting to unbuckle his seat belt when Becca leaned over to peer in at him. She gave him an exaggerated flappy wave.

Becca: Hiiiiiii Derrek!! Bet you weren't expecting to see a teacher during your Summer break, huh?

Derrek chuckled at her enthusiastic welcome.

Derrek: It's all good, Ms. M.

Becca: We're not in school now sweetheart. You can call me Aunt Becca if you'd like. Me and your mom are practically family. We go way back.
Derrek thought it was a little odd to call one of his teachers "Aunt", but he really didn't have much family, and welcomed adding another member. Especially a hotty teacher like Becca.

Derrek: Ok, Aunt Becca!

Becca: Well, you two come on in! I have some snacks and, oh Mandy, you have to try that wine I was telling you about the other day.

Amanda: YEAH! I almost forgot. I need to get the name from you again.

The two of them were chatting up a storm and making there way for the house with Derrek following from behind. Becca only paused for a moment to turn to Derrek and say...

Becca: Derrek, Annabelle is in the living room watching TV. I told her you were coming over. I'm sure she'd love for you to join her.

Amanda glanced back and winked at him.

Amanda: Yeah, why don't you go see what she's up to?

Derrek: Uh, sure.

He shrugged and followed the ladies inside. Becca and Amanda continued catching up as they walked toward the kitchen. Derrek slowly made his way down the hall. He could hear the sound of SpongeBob reruns coming from the room ahead. As he got closer, he started to feel kind of nervous. How was he supposed to do this? How was he supposed to have a conversation with this girl he knew basically nothing about. This was going to be painful… He gulped hard as he approached the entry way. If things were weird, he thought, maybe I can feign an illness or something.

The first thing he noticed upon entering the room was the smell. As soon as he crossed the threshold he was overwhelmed with the scent of a nursery. He thought it smelled a lot like the baby aisle in a grocery store. Powder for sure, but there were hints of thick lotions and wipes, and something else. He could almost swear he smelled a faint musky odor that he could only describe as poop. It wasn't strong enough to be off-putting, but he noticed it for sure. The décor and furniture of the room even resembled a nursery. At first this seemed really weird to Derrek. After all, Annabelle was his age. She hadn't been little enough for this kind of a room for years. Becca was a child development teacher though. Maybe she needed this kind of setup for work, or who knows, maybe she babysat on the side as well.

The room looked like it had survived a pastel explosion. There was a TV mounted to the far wall, a playpen fence in the center of the room, a giant rocking horse near another wall, and various bean bag chairs on the floor. One whole wall was even painted with chalkboard paint. Derrek also spotted a toy box, a pile of folded blankets, and what he assumed was a diaper trashcan… that would explain the faint poop scent, he thought.

Annabelle: It takes some getting use to, huh?

Derrek: What!? What does?

He was startled until his eyes met Annabelle's. She was sitting on a big beanbag chair near the center of the room. She had her mother's blond hair, though she wore her's up in twin oriental looking buns. It made a nice contrast to the black clothes and nail polish she was wearing. Her eyes were a pretty lavender color, and her lips had a natural pink tone, which would make lipstick manufacturers jealous. Derrek always thought she had such an innocent looking face, but she never shied away from speaking her mind, even if it would offend someone.

Annabelle: Oh, you were just… you were looking around the room. My mom does a lot of babysitting, so it was just easier for her to convert this room into a nursery. It was pretty damn weird though when it all first happened.

Derrek felt kind of proud that he was able to guess why the room was this way. Maybe he should go to school for criminal justice and become a detective?

Derrek: Yeah I bet this would take some getting use to.

Annabelle: Dude, you have no idea…

Annabelle seemed to realize just then that Derrek was still standing awkwardly in the doorway.

Annabelle: You can sit down you know. You don't have to stand there in the doorway like a loser.

She smiled a devious grin at him. He smiled back and walked over to the nearest beanbag chair. He looked like a total dork trying to sit in it. After several false starts, he finally sank down into it and was practically swallowed whole. This made Annabelle laugh until she snorted, and then that in turn made Derrek start laughing.

Annabelle: I can't believe you'd make fun of my snort! And after I offered you a fucking beanbag and all.

Derrek: More like you offered me a deathtrap! How the hell do you get out of this thing?

Annabelle: You don't. You just relax in it, loser.

They both laughed some more. Derrek felt his nervousness leave him entirely. Annabelle actually seemed pretty cool. It really kind of made him sad that he had never hung out with her before. They talked about school and teachers, and where they wanted to go after they graduated. They talked like they had been lifelong friends. In a lot of ways they seemed like Amanda and Becca; chatting non-stop to catch up on everything.

Derrek: So, taking a leap here, if I asked you out for Prom next year like preemptively, would you say yes?

Annabelle: Whoa, whoa, whoa there Romeo. What makes you think I'm the kind of girl that would be caught dead at Prom?

Derrek: Well I didn't necessarily say we would go to the dance!

Derrek offered it like a defense.

Annabelle: Wow, straight to the hotel then?

Derrek turned bright red.

Derrek: No I didn't mean… I was jus…

Annabelle: I'm just fucking with you, Derrek! You need to learn to relax a little.

Derrek: Hey, I am still sitting in the beanbag chair aren't I!?

They both laughed some more until Annabelle snorted again, and then they really laughed.

Annabelle: Oh my god, you're going to make me pee my pants!

Derrek: Well, if that was going to happen this would be the room to do it in!

Annabelle seemed to sober up after that comment. Derrek thought maybe he had said something wrong. One joke too many?

Annabelle: Hey Derrek, have you met Aunt Lydia yet?

He was really confused by this question. Why would he have met her Aunt? He looked at her quizzically and shook his head no.

Annabelle: Well, look, I could get in big trouble for talking about this, but when you meet her, whatever you do, read everything before you..

Just then Amanda and Becca came walking into the room. Annabelle quickly shifted her attention.

Annabelle: Aunt Mandy!!!

Amanda: Hey Belle! Come give me a hug!

Annabelle jumped off the beanbag and threw her arms around Amanda. Derrek was kind of whiplashed from the sudden end to his previous conversation, but he figured it must not have been as important as it had seemed.

Becca: You two seem to have hit things off pretty well. We could hear you laughing all the way in the kitchen.

Derrek: We weren't laughing, we were snorting!

Annabelle shot him a wicked glare as Becca started to laugh. Amanda then turned her gaze toward Derrek. She was jingling her car keys in one of her hands.

Amanda: I think it's time for us to take off Sweety.

Derrek: Do you need help loading boxes into the car?

Derrek rocked himself free of the beanbag chair's death grip.

Amanda: No we got it all loaded while you guys were chatting.

As Derrek and Amanda were having that exchange, he saw Becca walk over to her daughter and clip something to her shirt. He couldn't really make out what it was, but he didn't think too much of it.

Becca: Say buh bye to Derrek, Belle.

Annabelle looked somewhat shocked. She turned to her mom and then to Derrek, but instead of saying anything, she just grabbed him in a big bear hug. He returned the favor of course, and then he even hugged Aunt Becca. As he and Amanda headed for the door, he pivoted around one last time and said to Annabelle…

Derrek: Think about what I asked you about for next year!

She blushed slightly and gave him a thumbs up. It was then that Derrek recognized the thing Becca had clipped to her daughter's shirt. It was a pacifier.
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I guess it's too late to read what Aunt Lydia put before him.  Thanks so much for getting 3 chapters up today!  I really enjoyed reading them, and am very curious on the forthcoming ones.  Ellie

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I really like this, excited to see what's to come! :)

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Two amazing new chapters. Never sign anything you haven't read. We still don't know for sure what the papers contained but we have a good idea. I suppose it would be a good thing to have such a contract in place but even at 18 in some places it may not be considered binding because he isn't an adult. I think that in all states you are required to be 21 to enter any establishment that deals with sexual content, because ABDL is considered a sexual fetish I would be concerned about how that would be taken. As a cop, I would definitely remove Derrek from the situation and then consult with the DA on where to go from there. That would be a sticky one for sure. Always lean on the side of caution though. Even if he is 18 make those who make the really big bucks make the final decision. Your first reaction needs to be for the protection of the youth. Still loving your story and am looking for more. 

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I just got caught up on this story; thanks for taking the time to write and share it. As for the contract and all that wasn't read before signing, I'm ok suspending belief when reading an obvious fictional story. 

However if you were trying to past the story off as a "true" story. I would have obvious questions, but I don't think that's the case here.

Nonetheless, it's your story to write. I'm just a ab/dl enjoying the read. Thanks again


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Hey, I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for taking the time to read my story so far. I really appreciate it!

On ‎9‎/‎19‎/‎2017 at 10:35 PM, ELLIE52 said:

Another interesting chapter.  I'm hoping you will get the other up tonite too?  Don't you just love it, when someone signs a contract without reading it?

I always think about that when I blindly agree to software eula terms. :) I'd like to think I'd be smart enough to read a document presented to me in this fashion at 18, but I was a pretty apathetic 18 year old. Lol, don't think poorly of me!

On ‎9‎/‎19‎/‎2017 at 11:09 PM, ELLIE52 said:

I guess it's too late to read what Aunt Lydia put before him.  Thanks so much for getting 3 chapters up today!  I really enjoyed reading them, and am very curious on the forthcoming ones.  Ellie

We might get another glimpse at the papers in a future chapter, but for now, Derrek isn't too concerned about it. Thanks! I hope you like where it goes :).

On ‎9‎/‎20‎/‎2017 at 1:17 AM, Skylove27 said:

I really like this, excited to see what's to come! :)

Thank you so much! :)

On ‎9‎/‎20‎/‎2017 at 2:59 AM, CDfm said:

Two amazing new chapters. Never sign anything you haven't read. We still don't know for sure what the papers contained but we have a good idea. I suppose it would be a good thing to have such a contract in place but even at 18 in some places it may not be considered binding because he isn't an adult. I think that in all states you are required to be 21 to enter any establishment that deals with sexual content, because ABDL is considered a sexual fetish I would be concerned about how that would be taken. As a cop, I would definitely remove Derrek from the situation and then consult with the DA on where to go from there. That would be a sticky one for sure. Always lean on the side of caution though. Even if he is 18 make those who make the really big bucks make the final decision. Your first reaction needs to be for the protection of the youth. Still loving your story and am looking for more. 

You know, I hadn't considered everything you mentioned, but I did have some twists in mind that might help get around that... or might at least make it a little easier to believe. 

I know things are different nowadays, but back when I was a kid, I was forced back into diapers as a punishment. I know my parents probably wouldn't have done what they did had they known how it would impact me. That's the thread of truth I'm trying to pull at. Amanda is more troubled by the event than she is letting on, so she turns to a punishment she thinks will fix things. She isn't particularly in the know when it comes to ABDL. 

But I've said too much already! Shhhh!

Thanks for reading, and for the feedback!

On ‎9‎/‎20‎/‎2017 at 8:27 AM, ppbenn said:

I just got caught up on this story; thanks for taking the time to write and share it. As for the contract and all that wasn't read before signing, I'm ok suspending belief when reading an obvious fictional story. 

However if you were trying to past the story off as a "true" story. I would have obvious questions, but I don't think that's the case here.

Nonetheless, it's your story to write. I'm just a ab/dl enjoying the read. Thanks again


Thanks!! I surely hope most of what is to come has never happened to anyone. My hope is to aim for Christopher Nolan Bat-Man level of believable :). It looks like the real world, but creative liberties are being taken here and there.

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Loving the story and looking forward to more!

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--------------------------- Chapter 4: Movie Night
Once they got home they began unloading the car.

Derrek: What all did you get from Aunt Becca's? Some of these boxes are heavy!

Amanda: Just some clothes and household odds and ends.

Derrek noticed the boxes from Becca's house smelled exactly like her living room. He thought it was interesting, but mainly took notice because it reminded him of Annabelle. She had been an unexpected surprise. Derrek couldn't wait to see her again.

Amanda: Hey what do you say we order some pizzas and have a movie night?

This took Derrek off guard. It reminded him of the last attempt at a movie night, which had ended with him succumbing to a pervy weakness and nearly ruining his relationship with Amanda. He didn't want things to get weird though, so he buried the feeling.

Derrek: Yeah that sounds great! What do you want to watch?

Amanda: Well, we still haven't seen Fantastic Beasts. Want to watch that?

He started to feel a flush of nerves again, but tried hard not to let on.

Derrek: Sh, sure... I heard it was good.

By this point they were nearly done bringing in the boxes from the car.

Derrek: Where do you want this one?

Amanda looked around for a second.

Amanda: You know what, lets just put that one in my room.

She walked over to her door and flung it open. Then she dropped some bags she was carrying onto her bed.

Amanda: Just go ahead and sit that one against the wall over there. I'm going to go grab the last box. I'll be back in a sec.

This was the first time Derrek had been in this room since the incident, and he was not just in the room, but alone in it. Amanda must have regained a lot of trust in him, he thought. He turned past her bed and set the box on the ground, but as he was turning around to leave, he saw what was lying on the floor right next to one of the posts of Amanda's bed. A dirty pair of panties and a vibrator. Derrek could see that the crotch of the panties was exposed in his direction. The vibrator was laying across them. Beads of sweat formed on his forehead. He knew he had to get out of there fast. The last thing he wanted was for Amanda to think he was at it again. As he moved he realized his penis was very errect once more. Just thinking about the smell and taste of her panties again was turning him into some kind of horny Gollum. He moved as fast as he could, and tried to clear the images from his mind. By the time he reached the door, Amanda was coming in with the last box. Derrek did his best to cover the bulge in his pants.

Amanda: Thanks sweety! Could you go ahead and order the pizza's for us? I want to take a quick shower before we get our movie on.

Derrek: Yep. I, uh, will do that. No problem.

Amanda: You know what I like.

Derrek: Huh!?

Amanda: Pizza! You know what I like on my pizza.

Derrek: OH, haha, yeah!

Amanda: Are you ok?

Derrek: Yeah, I was just... thinking about something else. Sorry.

Amanda: Alright, well I'll be out in a bit.

With that, she disappeared into the room closing the door behind her. Derrek was almost certain she would see the panties and suspect him of sniffing them again. He wished things weren't so awkward.

Sometime after the pizza had arrived, Amanda emerged from her room dressed in a comfy shirt and yoga pants. She didn't seem to have anything on her mind but pizza and the movie, so Derrek's nerves were calmed.

Derrek: Are you ready for this?

Amanda: Sweety, I was born ready for this! I'm a huge HP fan you know.

Derrek: I've always been more of a Dell guy. Heh!

He paused for a reaction that never came.

Derrek: You know, like the computers? Because HP is also...

Amanda: Oh I got it. I guess this pizza's not the only cheesy thing in this house, huh?

They both started laughing. Amanda set her plate of pizza down on the coffee table and then went back into the kitchen.

Amanda: Hey, let's celebrate!

She held up a bottle of champagne as if presenting it.

Derrek: What are we celebrating?

Amanda: It's been a busy day, and we're finally getting to the good part. How about that?

Derrek: Ok, yeah, I'm good with that!

Amanda popped open the bottle and poured two glasses. She slid down onto the leather couch next to Derrek and handed him one.

Amanda: To the good part!

Derrek: The good part!

They clinked their glasses together and drank the champagne down. Then they settled in to enjoy their movie and pizza.
The night drifted on...

Derrek's eyes were so heavy, he felt like he might have fallen asleep for a little while, but he could still hear the movie playing. He turned to look toward Amanda. She was staring at him with an emotionless expression.

Amanda: Derrek are you still there?

Derrek: What? What do you mean "still here"?

It felt like he was in a foggy echoy hall. Sounds were far away. Everything was vibrating tightly.

Amanda: Derrek remember last time we tried to do this. Remember we tried to have this same night, but when I went to get the pizzas, I had forgotten my wallet, and I came back early and found you in my bathroom?

Derrek felt really weird. Kind of like he was drunk, but even so, hearing Amanda mention that night was making him really embarrassed. He kept trying to look away from her, but his head was too heavy to move now and there seemed to be four of her.

Amanda: You had my dirty panties in your mouth.

Derrek closed his eyes tight in embarrassment.

Amanda: Look at me.

She said it sternly, and Derrek knew she meant business. He used all his strength to open his eyes again.

Amanda: You had my dirty panties in your mouth, and you were masturbating while you were sucking on them. You violated my trust that day, and what made me even more angry was that I felt like you… violated me as well.

Derrek felt tears well up in his eyes. He hadn't realized his actions could have made her feel that way.

Amanda: You know what my vagina smells like and tastes like now. That is a deeply personal thing. Do you understand that? You had no right to do that. I want you to know how badly that hurt me. I want you to know that in order to fix things… in order to fix what you did, I'm going to have to hurt you too. I have violated your trust and gone behind your back, and set things up that might make you hate me for a while. But I'm not doing this for revenge, I'm doing this for the sake of our relationship. These past few days have been fantastic, and are a prime example of what I want our relationship to be like. It's all been a sham though, because I can still feel your betrayal. You're still capable of that. Hell, just seeing my panties seems to make you aroused. That's not how my son should react. And that's what we're going to fix. Just keep that in mind. Whatever happens, please try to keep that in mind.

The next little while was like a fever dream for Derrek. He wasn't sure if he was awake or asleep half the time. He didn't even know if Amanda had really said all of that. He was warm and his mind was everywhere and nowhere all at the same time. Then the doorbell rang out bright colors filled with explosions. He saw the notary walk in, but she looked actually happy this time. Derrek wanted to welcome her, but his words weren't good anymore.

Derrek: Crollerp! Susst

This made the notary laugh exposing multiple rows of teeth. Maybe a sharks mouth?, thought Derrek, as his head bobbed like a Jello Jiggler.

Amanda: Derrek stis si Jemima.

Amanda: Lyderrek si Dia.

Adnama: kerreD?

Amanda snapped her fingers right in front of Derrek's face. He felt a glob of drool fall to his chest.

Amanda: I said, this is Aunt Lydia. She is going to help me take care of you.

Lydia. Lydia. Derrek had heard that name recently, but he couldn't place it. He thought of the name until it started to come back to him. Annabelle said he should read something by Lydia. His head continued to bob around as he watched Amanda and Lydia talking. Talking back and forth. Faster and faster they seemed to talk. How did they even have time to think before they began speaking again? His ears were no longer working, but his mind was still trying to think through the fog. Through his blurry pulsating vision he saw Lydia hand some papers to Amanda. THOSE PAPERS! He signed those papers the other day and hadn't read them! FUCK!


He expended the last of his energy to yell out in vain. Then he saw Amanda put her finger to her lips as if to say "shhhhhh", and he was out.
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Oh wow, Derrek is not in a good spot right now. Right between a very angry and hurt step mom and a manipulative woman who seems to specialize in regressing young adults. I can't wait for the next chapter. 

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Please DO continue 

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Great addition looking forward to reading more soon. 

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On 9/21/2017 at 12:28 PM, Forced2wet said:

Good story, please keep going 

Thanks! We haven't even started yet. So much more to tell :).

On 9/21/2017 at 7:47 PM, DLBiker said:

Loving the story and looking forward to more!

Thanks for the support!

20 hours ago, CDfm said:

Oh wow, Derrek is not in a good spot right now. Right between a very angry and hurt step mom and a manipulative woman who seems to specialize in regressing young adults. I can't wait for the next chapter. 

Yeah, he's in for an interesting and rough time ahead. Hopefully he will learn his lesson :)!

17 hours ago, Fulldiaper said:

Please DO continue 

You can count on it! Thanks for the interest!

15 hours ago, ppbenn said:

Great addition looking forward to reading more soon. 

Thank you!!

15 hours ago, ruffledpanties said:

Here it comes, hang on Dereck boy

He's not ready for this at all :)

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An extra long chapter today! I imagine I might lose some of you with this one, so I just wanted to say another "Thanks so much for reading this far".
--------------------------- Chapter 5: Rebirth
Derrek's head was pounding to a beat. He felt like he couldn't get comfortable, and he was so damn thirsty. His eyes opened slowly. They were sensitive to even the low light of his room. He had no memory of what had happened the night before, or how he had gotten in bed. He just had vague dream-like memories of sharks and pizza. He thought he must have fallen asleep during the movie. Sometimes when you sleep while a movie is playing, you have all kinds of crazy dreams, he thought. As his eyes continued to adjust, he looked over to his left. Amanda was sitting there with a bottle of water. Derrek was somewhat alarmed by this.

Derrek: What happened?!

Amanda: Here drink this. It's just water. You're probably dehydrated.

Derrek: Did I pass out or something?

Amanda: Not exactly.

Amanda helped Derrek hold the bottle to his lips. As he was drinking, he thought he would reach out and grab the bottle. It was then he realized his hands were cuffed to the bed. He then tried to move his legs, only to discover that his ankles were also cuffed.

Derrek: What the fuck is going on?

Amanda: Derrek, I need you to remain calm, and I promise I'll explain this to you.

He started to remember bits of what happened the previous night.

Derrek: Did… did you drug me!? What the fuck!? What's going on!! WHY AM I TIED DOWN???

Amanda's eyes began to tear up a little. She looked off in a different direction.

Amanda: I… I don't know if I can…

A somewhat familar voice chimed in from Derrek's right. He turned to see who it was.

Lydia: Yes you can. This is one of the hardest parts, but you can do this.

Derrek: You! Why is the notary here?

Then he turned back to Amanda.

Derrek: Why did you drug me? Why aren't you telling me anything!!!!?? Why the fuck is the Notary here!?

Amanda had regained her composure.

Amanda: Sweety that's Aunt Lydia. She's another of my good friends. She helped me arrange your punishment.

Derrek: What punishment!?

Amanda: Remember when we signed those papers the other day? That was a contract of sorts. You agreed to this.

Derrek: So, what's going to happen? I'm going to be drugged and cuffed to a bed?

Amanda: No, not really. However long you stay cuffed to the bed is your decision. I'm going to explain what I expect from you, and then you will decide where we go from there.

Derrek was still pretty angry, but he knew there was no getting out of the cuffs. He decided to try to hear her out.

Amanda: Are you good?

Derrek: Um no, I'm not fucking good, but I guess I have no choice but to hear what you have to say.

Amanda exhaled deeply and then began talking again.

Amanda: Alright, so it occurred to me that the reason we found ourselves in this situation is because I wasn't around when you were younger. I didn't have a hand in raising you, and you lacked a female influence. You see me not as a mother, but as a possible sex object.

Derrek realized at that moment that Lydia was still in the room. It made him turn red with embarrassment to think Lydia might know something about the incident with Amanda's panties.

Amanda: To fix our relationship we need to change how you see me. I need to be more motherly toward you, and you need to become more dependent on me. That's the only way you'll ever learn to honestly respect me the way you should. We could do traditional therapy, but there's another method that I believe would produce better results. So here's what we're going to do…

She exhaled once more. It seemed as if she was trying to work up her nerve.

Amanda: From now on, until I feel significant change has been made, you're going to be… my baby. I'm going to treat you as if you are an infant, and I'm going to expect you to act like one.

Derrek: What!?

Amanda: You will have no possessions of your own. You will only have what I provide you with. I will dress you, feed you, and I'm going to… change you as well.

Derrek: Change me??

Amanda seemed to get a little red just saying it.

Amanda: I'm going to be putting you back in diapers for the extent of your punishment. And you will be expected to use them for their intended purpose.

Derrek: FUCK THAT! I'm not wearing diapers, and I sure as shit am not p…

Lydia grabbed Derrek forcefully by the jaw, and then shot him a look of ferocious angry.

Lydia: Listen to me you little shit, if you were my son, and I caught you sucking on my cunt stained panties, you would be lucky if diapers were the worst part of your punishment!

She then forced his head to look in Amanda's direction.

Lydia: You see that woman? She did nothing but love and care for you, and what did you do in return? You hurt her deeply, and you're lucky she loves you enough to try to fix things. Do you think this is easy for her? Do you think she's going to enjoy changing your dirty diapers for the foreseeable future? Now, you can listen to what she has to say, and accept your punishment like a good boy, or you can stay cuffed to this bed and wallow in your own pathetic loneliness until someone else who gives a shit about you happens along. What's it going to be?

Derrek had actually listened to what she said. Looking at Amanda's face, he knew it was all true. He had screwed up epically bad, and Amanda was going out on a limb to try to fix things for him... even if it was a very unconventional approach. If she was willing to go through all of this, she must really care for him. The least he could do was try.

Derrek: I'm sorry Amanda. I… what I did was so… I didn't realize it would hurt you so bad. I shouldn't have done that to you. I was horrible.

His eyes brimmed with tears.

Derrek: I love you, and I know I'm lucky to have you as my mom.

Amanda's eyes were starting to well up with tears now too.

Amanda: I love you too Sweety. We can do this, right? You and me, we can make this work?

Derrek was fully crying at this point, but through his tears he managed...

Derrek: I'll do anything to fix it! If this is what you really want, then I'll do it. Please don't give up on me!

Amanda: Never…

Lydia released her grip on Derrek's face and settled back to her original position. Amanda then wiped her eyes and continued with her explanation.

Amanda: There are going to be a lot of changes with this that we're both going to have to adjust to. The truth is, I don't have the experience to really help you get where you need to be, so I've had to make a difficult choice. You're going to be staying with Aunt Lydia for a little while. It's just until you have adapted to your role in the punishment. After that, you'll be back with me. Do you understand?

Derrek was a bit taken aback by this, but he tried to remain calm. He felt an overwhelming sense of duty to Amanda right now.

Derrek: Yes…

His voice was barely audible.

Lydia: Speak up!

Derrek: Yes, I understand.

Amanda lightly smiled at him.

Amanda: Your punishment is going to start with an "initiation ceremony" of sorts. Like the rest of your punishment, this part is going to be hard on both of us. It's going to be embarrassing, and you're not going to enjoy it. We need to get used to… seeing each other in our respective roles. This is the first step…

With that, Lydia pulled down the blankets that were covering Derrek. To his horrified surprise, he was completely naked. At first he started to protest, but as he faced Amanda, her gentle gaze calmed him. He kept trying to keep in mind that he was doing this for her. Still, he turned bright red with embarrassment knowing that now Amanda and Lydia knew every inch of his body… and could clearly see his penis, which was currently small due to the circumstances.

Amanda: Derrek, since this is a new beginning for us, I would like to start it with a symbolic birthing. My hope is that it will help bring us even closer. I'm… I'm medically unable to have children of my own… I don't know if you knew that about me. When your father initially told me about you, I thought it would be my chance to do something I had never been able to do before. You were already so grown up when I met you though... I... This is kind of a big deal for me, Derrek. Would you be ok with doing this?

Lydia sighed impatiently.

Lydia: You don't have to ask him. He's bound by the terms of his punishment.

Amanda: I know, but this part means more to me.

She looked at Derrek with a sad and honest look on her face.

Amanda: Look, I really want you to want to do this Derrek, but if you don't, we can skip it and just move on.

Derrek could see that she was trembling. He thought it must have been difficult for her to even bring it up. He had no real idea of what to expect, but again, he felt he owed it to Amanda.

Derrek: If this is important to you, it's important to me too. Whatever it is, I'll do it.

Amanda began to tear up yet again.

Amanda: Thank you...

She wiped her eyes.

Amanda: It's going to be very…. Intimate. Just so you know. This isn't something I would do if I didn't honestly think it would be good for us. I'm actually kind of nervous myself.

Lydia hurried over to the bedroom door and then looked back toward Amanda. Derrek could tell she wanted to hurry things along.

Lydia: Should I get her?

Amanda: Yes… I think we're ready now.

Lydia disappeared into the living room shutting the door behind her. Derrek was really confused now. He didn't know if it even mattered anymore though. He was cuffed to a bed, butt naked, about to be a part of some ritual, and there was apparently going to be yet another woman who would see his little flaccid penis. This was shaping up to be another interesting day.

Just then the door reopened, and this time Lydia was accompanied by Becca. Derrek had mentally prepared himself for another guest, but he wasn't quite ready for this. Now one of his teachers had seen him naked too… and to make matters worse, it was the teacher he had always had a crush on. He blushed so hard he could feel his scalp sweating under his hair.

As Becca entered the room she immediately made eye contact with Derrek. She smiled kindly at him.

Becca: Hi Derrek.

She said it in practically a whisper. After that, she turned her attention to Amanda. She walked over and hugged her friend tightly, rubbing her back as she did.

Becca: You're ready for this, Mandy?

Amanda: I'm ready.

Amanda walked over to Derrek. She brushed his hair back with her hand, and then kissed his forehead.

Amanda: I'll see you on the other side of this, Sweety.

She then began going over things with Becca and Lydia by the foot of the bed. They were whispering to each other. It seemed to Derrek as if they were working out some last minute details. Becca was apparently the leader for this part, as the others seemed to wait for her approval each time they asked a question.

After a few seconds, Lydia came around to Derrek's right again. She wore her usual scowl-like expression. She pulled a black blindfold and a gag out of her pockets, and fastened them onto Derrek's head. He couldn't see or say anything at all now, but he was hearing some very odd sounds. Sounds of plastic and tape, and the rustle of someone removing their clothing. Then he felt Lydia insert earplugs into his ears, and the sounds became less distinct.

Not being able to see or hear made time go by slowly for Derrek. He had no idea what was going on. Then after what seemed like a lifetime, Derrek felt another odd sensation. His body was being covered in what felt like Vaseline. Head to toe. Even his genitals were covered. He thought this might be arousing under the right circumstances, but in this situation it felt like he was being prepared to serve as a sacrifice to some beast or monster. Next he felt plastic wrap being wrapped loosely around his body. His whole body was covered except for his head. His thoughts during all of this were in a continuous state of WTF.

After some time, he felt added pressure on the bed. Someone was walking around on it. The person settled right above Derrek's head. He could feel another piece of plastic wrap added at the top of his head now. This one was being held tightly in place by the person perched over him. Things stayed like this for a few more minutes, and then Derrek felt movement again, and could hear something muffled through the earplugs. It sounded like Amanda was screaming in a rhythm, while Lydia and Becca were yelling "PUSH!". the person seated above him was applying pressure to his head with the plastic wrap, but they seemed to be cognizant of his ability to breath. He heard it again. "PUSH!".

After what felt like hours, Derrek's head burst through the plastic wrap that was being held tightly over it. Once that happened, he felt a stream of warm liquid splatter all over his face. Then in one synchronous movement, the blindfold was ripped off his head, the earplugs popped out of his ears, the plastic wrap was unsheathed from his body, and he was left staring at Amanda's gushing vagina. She was pulled backward down the length of his body by Becca and Lydia. Her stream covered him as she was carried along. He heard her exhausted moans as she reached the end of the bed. His body was now dripping with a mixture of Vaseline and whatever had come from Amanda.

Amanda herself was pretty messy now too. Her bare legs were covered with the Vaseline that had been on Derrek's body. She was drenched in sweat, she had tears streaming down her face, and there was still a small river flowing from between her legs. Becca was toweling her off and comforting her, as Lydia made her way over to Derrek.

Derrek was in shock. He had just experienced the weirdest event of his life. He had no idea how to process this, so he just laid there stunned, and covered in what he now assumed was Amanda's pee.

Lydia began wiping Derrek's face off. He could see that she looked exhausted too. The whole ordeal had been long and messy for everyone, but it was nearly over now. Once his face was wiped clean, Lydia started doing the same for the rest of his body.

Becca: You did so good, Mandy. So good. You were beautiful.

Amanda shined an exhausted smile.

Amanda: I need to be with him. Can I hold him now?

Becca turned to Lydia.

Becca: Lydia?

Lydia finished toweling Derrek off before she answered.

Lydia: We need to do the next part first.

Becca looked back at Amanda. She studied her friend's appearance.

Becca: She's pretty worn out. Maybe we should take a break first?

Lydia dismissed the statement.

Lydia: It's important that we continue.

Becca let out a somewhat irritated sigh. She handed Amanda the towel she had been cleaning her off with.

Becca: I'll grab the diaper bag, Mandy. You just stay here.

Everything was happening so fast now for Derrek. He was still severely shocked from the "birthing". He barely had time to process what Becca had said before she returned with a wide baby blue bag covered with little cartoon ducks.

Becca plopped the bag on the bed and began pulling items out of it. First was a bottle of baby powder. Next was some kind of cream. Then, finally, to Derrek's further horror, a very girly looking pink diaper.

He wasn't even sure what shocked him most about it; the fact that they were actually going to put him in a diaper, the fact that it was an adult sized diaper that looked like a baby diaper, or the fact that it was clearly designed for girls. He thought about expressing concern, but then he realized he still had the gag in his mouth.

Amanda unfolded the diaper and sprinkled some powder into it. She then had Becca and Lydia lift Derrek's butt, so she could position it under him. Next she took the bottle of cream, and squirted a glob into her hand. She rubbed her hands together and then began smearing it on Derrek's diaper area. She covered his penis and balls, his leg creases, and finally applied some around his anus. The cold cream being rubbed on Derrek's sensitive areas made him flinch a little. Amanda finished with another sprinkling of powder, and then she taped up the diaper as snugly as she could.

Amanda: That should do it.

She wiped her hands off on the towel, and then patted the front of Derrek's diaper.

Derrek was feeling thoroughly humiliated at this point. His adoptive mother had just diapered him in front of two other ladies. To make matters worse, he was pretty sure he was wearing the diaper equivalent of panties. On top of all that, he was still thinking about the birthing situation, and the fact that this wasn't even the full extent of the punishment. He still had Lydia's house to look forward to. His mind was racing with all of these thoughts when…

Amanda: Ok… Sweety, the last thing I need you to do for me is… I'm afraid I'm going to need you to wet your diaper.

Derrek's mind had had enough now. It reached maximum load. There was only one thing left it could think to do. He began to cry.

Amanda: Awwwww, shhhhhhh, I know, I know...

She started rubbing his tummy.

Amanda: I promise though, the sooner you do this for me, the sooner we can move on and take off those cuffs.

Derrek was still crying. His tears and the drool from his gag were pooling and soaking into the bed sheets.

Amanda looked toward Becca and then Lydia.

Amanda: Can I hold him now?

Lydia nodded to the ladies.

Becca: Yeah, let's get you up there. You need to be with your baby.

Lydia wrapped some blankets around Derrek. Then she and Becca helped position Amanda right behind him so that his head was resting in her naked lap. Then they decided to give Amanda and Derrek some time alone, so they stepped out of the room.

Amanda: My beautiful boy. I love you so much, you know that? I know this all might seem weird, but this is for you. It's all for you.

Amanda stroked his hair, as his cries started to taper down.

Amanda: I love you so, so much.

She kissed his forehead.

She was right, this did all seem very weird to Derrek. He wasn't even going to try to understand it right now. He just wanted to get it over with. He wanted all of this to be over.

Derrek had already needed to pee pretty badly, but he hadn't peed laying in bed since he was a child. He seemed to have a mental block now, which wouldn't allow him to do it. His eyes were closed and a look of intense concentration was on his face. He was chasing the tingling feeling in his penis, but it was evading him at every turn.

Amanda could see he was struggling with it. She leaned over and began gently rubbing Derrek's tummy again.

Amanda: You can do this, my sweet boy.

She began blowing air on his tummy while rubbing it. Derrek stopped concentrating so hard on trying to pee, and instead was swept up in the calming feeling of Amanda's breath on his stomach. His breathing slowed and he became more and more relaxed. The tingling feeling in his penis was coming back. As he breathed in and out, the feeling grew in intensity. Amanda's gentle blowing and rubbing was just distracting enough to keep him from holding back. Slowly in and out his breathing continued. The tingling was mounting to a peak. He inhaled once more, and as he was exhaling, his bladder let go.

A steady stream flowed into the diaper making it swell with pee. Derrek's bladder was in a state of complete relaxation now, and he was helpless to resist it. The warmth of his urine enveloped his genitals and butt, as the stream continued.

Amanda: Good boy.

Amanda whispered to him, as she noticed the wetness spreading across the crotch of his diaper. She continued rubbing his tummy.

In that instance, Derrek was very confused. He was a mixed bag of emotions. He was extremely embarrassed, but also relaxed. The warmth of his pee combined with Amanda's calming efforts made him feel… oddly comfortable. He nestled into her lap as his stream tapered down and eventually stopped.

Amanda kissed his forehead again, and held him in a gentle embrace. She rocked back and forth with his head snugly in her lap. Derrek fell back into a deep sleep once more…
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Nice, good chapter.

I hope he gets some frilly plastic pants over his pink diapers :)


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